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2012-08-14 | 🔗

In this special episode of Stuff You Should Know, Chuck and Josh tip their hats to Shark Week with an old-fashioned radio play. Join the guys (and a few guests) as they present a dramatization of the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks.

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radio, I know it well, yes, very soon. This is a very special selfishness in honor shark week were doing something different, something that Mr Charles does each other's right put together. A group of radio Irene. I guess you could say yeah. You know I think we touched on the shark attacks, it, the Jersey Shore Matter, one creek and nineteen. Sixteen in a previous pine gas sure detects work yeah. I know the dogs sharks. They reveal the truth because a dog was actually in the water, then the first victim of the day. This is the story that inspire Jaws, Peter Benchley yeah, and it is the famous and there's been a lot of specials on this, like some pretty good ones, was pretty sensational. It's like hugely sensational. I would call the stood the special of all specials Alice. You did a great job, he thinks of the thank you. So we want to give you little backstory signature. Listen.
Do we want to introduce the players to the subtle radio play Argosy Caulerpa cast by air and sea scene over here listening to and what you're listening to? What chocolates? Let's talk about the attacks? What years this ever your anxiety, nineteen sixty year at a time when Beach recreation was, I knew the frozen banana he's been invented, support both, but this is the first time like this is the beginnings of like massive amounts of people going to the beach dude swimming in the ocean. Just starting to show the ankle just happen. There tell in there mainly the men out their swimming in their one piece, weightlifter uniform bathing That's right, and it was just like a beautiful time to be alive in America, and so this is the Jersey short much like the
sure is today where, if you live in New York, Philly this, where you going when it's hot, they also very different. I'm right, but this is the origin of that time. Yet or of that movement are absolutely love, so I this would all comes reach into a halt over the course of twelve days here with five different victims. Afore, which die Yeah, I'm on the Jersey Shore and then to more on a creek and inland title Creek, it's crazy matter, one or medicine, so the first attack takes place on July. First, nineteen, sixteen right, yeah and dumb people thought was a fluke. Yeah was Philly vacation earning Charles Vans and he died five days There was another attack on the shore. So yes, now, all of a sudden, you have the entire nations attention area, because everyone is like got attacked by certain. Never happens totally unusual occurrence in five days.
The same area. There is another one, yes, Swiss Van attacked on the shore and then after that is when there are even now shark or sharks, moved inland. The title creek and my kid swimming in this greek thinking is completely safe. Yeah boy dies, man dies trying to save boy, yet another voice severely injured, and it was pretty nuts after that, like President Wilson got involved, it was like a nation wide frenzy, because no one had ever known about shark attacks before oh yeah yeah is like the things like an anomaly. Ok, so you were basically like a sailor to know about a sharpshooter Lennox. Oh yeah, ok, whilst our lack of an introduction fifth is so that's it.
Going on will introduce the players now. First up, you're gonna hear, and these are lost diaries that we found from the scene right. We should point out. I thought that was given is doctor. Jaunty Nicholls is paid by tax. Jonathan stricken he is regarded as the first american ecologists and I worked with his mentor Dutcher, Frederick Lucas. He was very they're kind of at odds for a while on this, like Lucas's like air, the shark sharks noted at her in so Us Nicholls went to the scene and he was gonna who Matt Hooper was based on. Awesome I've. Just next up, you're gonna hear Louise Vans Aunt, who was the sister of the first victim Charles she was played by Rachel Frank who cool stuff on the planet is doing that if she still do We, of course, here for further and she actually saw her brother like from the beach, get attack in the water. Third up. We Stanley Fisher
and then marry Anderson after that, and they were a burgeoning. Relationship in mattawa between these two Stanley was a local Taylor. Well, loved, Dude and Mary Anderson was a school teacher and they were dislike starting their courtship winner Stanley perished right in front of her face gosh in the Greek. Let me think about it's bad enough to see someone killed by a shark somebody that you care about Cuba shark. That he's got a really leave an impression so in Stanley, fisheries voiced by Robert Lamb stuff blow your minds robber lamp. And Mary Anderson is voiced by the former. I guess she still Katy Lambert here, the former stuff you miss in history classes bright, whose now departed from our work right. I think that was a priority to point it out, Katy still doing great and then finally, we have a Joseph done. He was
one of the little boys you actually survived. This is crazy. When you really gonna tell everybody who does just have done anything. So I think we should do sleep. The mystery boy, ok, suggested Dennis she boy who is of legal age to be acting in a podcast play without any kind of like child labour laws being broken right, that's right and Joseph use actually from New York and heinous brother Michael, went to visit his uncle and cliff. Would New Jersey and go swimming in the creeks here with their body Jerry our hand, in things turn pretty gruesome for all of em teeth, so some rotten luck for the german ashore without alone Creek with that, should go ahead and proceed with the S wise guy radio. Ok, what do you call this thing called listener mail from a fan. Canada that's terrible again about the shark diaries with EU one
July. First, nineteen, sixteen european dear die. We're headed to be taken on the train and it couldn't be any Hunter from head to toe and woollen. Cotton- and it is quite tyres, I consider trying the ocean out this time, but fathers, that women should not be besides, That will stockings and seawater go together should be run up. A flagpole led waves the him of the skirt its authority? to drown. Even so it will grants to be at the beach for independence day, my boy beside me making fun of my diary threatened to steal it and shared around his optimism I'm sure that would be quite bored with it, though we must be closed, writing because I can smell the Sultan
July, first nineteen, sixteen five thirty pm dear diary, the result there are for- and I bet have New Jersey and Pennsylvania at the shore. Every fifteen minutes a dream. This that's another thousand people, quite a site who would have the ocean withdraw such a crown. There are young men everywhere playing cards, and keeping an eye out for commerce. Father mr resting up before dinner and I'm sitting on a hot van watching my brother swam to England. Presumably must be a walk on the beach, but befriended a dog seems keen for a swim. Instead, I call him patches. Currently he in patches or swimming out well past the others both doing their best, stop I can barely three of them here but
to be having loads of fun, he's yelling and waving his arms for patents, but it looks like the pooch has exhausted himself and his heading back, I'm beginning to think that Joy. Second, nineteen sixty two p m When I arrived this morning of an attack on a human and Beach Haven, possibly a shark most odd. Naturally, after Lucas has already discounted it, but I wonder experience next Lucas has pronounced. Yet I doubt his resolve test his own hypotheses. Now he nears route, A news of shocks. Feeding on humans is not something that appears to interest him. His lack of investment was striking. I need to go the Beach haven and investigate, but I am bound
to the museum. The fish commissioner said that was likely after a dog in the water, with the victim stripped, the man was born on the right and lost several pounds of flesh on the left. My early is a tiger or perhaps a ball This convince there are no great white round here. The victim was twenty five very young, July. Second, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen three hundred and thirty, a dot m dear diary, I cannot believe the words and I am about right. My brother has died. He was swimming far out in the water when the go around me began shouting I saw, long dark shadow in the water. Just behind him, a man said
it was a shark, but I dont know I've never seen one. It had a tall thin sat high in the water took him by the legs and drew him under a lifeguard swam out to retrieve him, but it was too late. He was gone by the time he reached The water ran red with his blood around my feet and I've never felt so helpless in all my life has left. I was in shreds all the way to the bone. His right leg was hollowed out from waist to knee. His life was faced their skyward July. Second, nineteen, sixteen eight twenty five p M summer, has come upon us fully. It was more than ninety degrees. Yesterday
they may have been even harder to business- has been steady but slow, It was in the spring and the winner before that Mary and I went for a walk down by the creek EM to church. On Sunday he told me about our students. We talk about Madeline. We both love it here Don't desire the bright lights of Philadelphia or New York. It is a close community and we look out for each other. I want to raise a family here don't quite fond of Mary and I believe that it three weeks it can be called a genuine courtship, she's kind. Pretty smart comes from a good family. There's a rumour in town that a man was attacked by a giant fish yesterday in Beach Haven, Captain Control has told us all stories of man Eaters at sea, but that's all. Regaled us with tales of giant squids waves installers for stories is well known to stretch the truth, and his words should be taken with a pinch of salt New York.
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office again July Second, nineteen, sixty seven, thirty, six p M dear diary July oh July. I can't believe I have not written in my diary since the end of the school year summer Break was supposed to be time to catch up on this sort of thing, Albert La Da, I courted by a man. Tall and broad, with blonde hair and blue eyes very handsome, his beloved and on his well his name's reputable is the mare himself, Taylor and has one of only four shots on main street and is consequently quite a snappy dresser. We The walk after church on Sunday and talked about life and our hopes and dreams and our families and our past and our future. I'm just over the moon about it really he loves my want as much as I do and would not give a nickel for the thousand whistles Philadelphia We ran his shop this afternoon and I watched him pursuit jacket
It was really something a true art first thing happened as well. Captain Carter, and by and told us, man and Beach Haven was attacked by fish. Perhaps a shark very odd to hear such a thing July. Fourth, nineteen Sixteen nine fifteen dear diary today's independence day and is very here in New York, his home, because it's a holiday for families, we're supposed to think about free today that I don't know what they mean brother, told me there is a man got eaten by shark in New Jersey, but I think he's just. The scare me because we're travelling to visit my art housing Clifford next week they say a lot of people. The beach now and swim in the ocean, but we only go. Creek and mount along with their friends we're going to free, they are today a brother said he would buy firecrackers, even though man said not, you
putting a picture of New York in his diary, so I can show my friends and matter. One with the city looks like hope to get a good for my diary project when we start school, I like it, July third night, I'm sixteen. Five. Seventeen p M dear diary to take lunch. The Stanley today at his shop, want to run him off by calling too much, but I met him. So I threw caution to the wind shifting I am pleased to see me and we made plans to go to the twin lights lighthouse at the Atlantic Islands on the bay it is going to be splendid and I can hardly contain myself I'll pack a picnic supper watch, the sunset together and then the big fireworks show my favorite Stanley traded a man, a tailored suit for life insurance today, Cecil Stipe, which was far too generous. What on earth his age me, but life insurance, but that is also what I am going to love about him His generosity is only match by his kindness. He play baseball. Children, the absolutely adore him
to bring him by the school house. This fall to meet my students. Listen to me already planning for far with him by my side oh and I just had to clear out the absolutely placed in the model one journal July, fifth, nineteen, sixteen eleven twenty p m dear diary. I met the lifeguard who tried to save my brother at the funeral. He was very kind. I believe that is that everything he could do to save my brother, no as ever been attacked by official before and many the events they occurred. I have long been stories of managers in the sea, but I believe them to be imagined legend. I was there. I know I saw him flung from the water.
I saw his mangled left leg exposed fully to the bone and had been virtually torn from it. The times ran a small story on page eighteen, my brother deserved more so much more July, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen one thousand and fifteen a dot m other shock attack yesterday in New Jersey Spring Lake, the time this morning is already all over this event. So much urging a media circus Lucas. We agree that something is amiss. This no blasted sea turtle. We have eyewitness accounts this time. It's you're that someone should go to spring Lake and examined the body. I feel like I'm most qualified man in New York- maybe even the country lucas- may fight me on this.
Press conference in the morning at the museum, so we had better get our ducks in a row Lucas. The job of shark is not stronger, capable of severing human bone. I have grave doubts, July seven nineteen. Sixteen five thirty p m there diary. It's been almost a week since we lost my dear brother, I found his journal today. Reading his final entry breaks my heart each time my eyes tat, we received word morning that another bay there was killed two days ago, Spring Lake, a Bell hop at a local resort, his attack is John much more attention than our own. Just days ago. I feel terrible for his family. In time. I can reach out to them. No one seems to know what is happening on our beaches that were so different just days ago, what was paid?
Firstly, a welcome distraction from the polio epidemic in New York is now a beach awash with the blood of our brothers and sons. Pray for the end of summer, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen one thousand two hundred and fifteen p dot m Word is come tomorrow and that another bay there was Come ashore yesterday, this time of spring leg, not far from here. If this is through. It is most uncommon. We have never heard of a shark attacking a man, and now I have heard some of two in just one week. I imagine that the news will disrupt activity of the shore. Luckily for us all we have to worry about- is the odd catfish living our toes the top Marian coming for a swim sometime, but she said she prefers to watch me from the bank. I think she's just being shy. She said that she would not want Captain
well to see her and a bathing gown, and I think she may have a good point. She smart. She is surely the shark businesses people's imagination getting the best of them of shocks. Jersey, July seven. One thousand. Sixteen to seventeen p m we just found and said the captain could travel reported another shark attack on the shore. They did not believe him at first, but the newspaper confirmed it Spring like this time, which means much more to do about it, I'm sure so that the scientists in the paper insisted that sharks do not come to New Jersey and even if they did they not be interested in humans. I just do not know what to think sharks in people in New Jersey who ever heard of such a thing: Stanley Swenson the creek, but you would not
That's me dead in there. You cannot see six inches into the water besides captain tell us always running up and down in his motor boat, Let me just say that he will never see me in a certain stockings. The very thought makes me pale, July eight nineteen sixty three p M press conference. Where Enough Lucas was met with question straight away. The first blasted quest That's what he would tell the thirty mayors of the Jersey Shore about their beaches. I loathe reporters. Did our best to calm nerves. Lucas's convey Then it was mistaken identity and that the incidences are merely a sad coincidence. He avoid using words. Man eater and does a much better job with the press than Murphy or I could Asbury Park directed wire nothing and that, along with caution, should do for now
It is highly unlikely that we should ever hear of another shark incident on this coast. Even This is rich with opportunity for our records. A man has never been attacked by a shark before in the United States, and I go tomorrow July, ninth, one thousand nine hundred, and sixteen two hundred and fifty five p dot m, just returned from the examination of victim number to Charles Bruder Springlake Swiss, with no family in the state. The time. Was correct. In its story. Both legs were taken, one of the knee one at mid calf. I've guards rode down about this time and pulled his body in one remarked about how light at what not realizing. Initially, the legs were missing, most disturbing the flesh was torn and strips jagged the bone splintered like would. There is no doubt that this was the result of a shock, but what species
Could it be a row great white. The president has mobilise the coastguard. I am reporting news to his men now July night. Nineteen, sixteen twelve thirty p M dear diary. My brother told me today in church that another man was eaten by a shark in New Jersey mom said it wasn't true. She said they both and died sharks only go into the ocean and I don't need scared than model, one mom Supper tonight, she's gonna talk to her on the telephone and my brother, and I can tell our friend and modern, because he has a tell us, now two July Tent. Nineteen. Sixteen a M dear diary, my brother, talk to a friend on a telephone last night. It was really swell mom says it he's a hooligans.
But my brother said he's a good egg and swims go to waste. About the sharks and he said nobody there thought about it, but they are sir. He said we could sneak into the dark at the New Jersey, clay company and no Are you there July 11th, eleven nineteen, sixteen eleven p m dear die. It has now been ten days since we lost my brother. I met him so much. We all do its cars to inform the house. And I catch myself seeing him behind the wheel after the second attack, just two studies: ocean fish came to Spring Lake, he's having a hard time with the local journalists. They ve printed that my brother was written by a giant sea turtle. They ve written that it was a blood.
She woke shark. The scientists makes claims of sensationalism and pleads for patients who says that only a great white has been known to attack. Human and that there are none in New Jersey resorts, have hired armed guards to patrol the beaches. They were erected wire nets for bathing areas. Never want to see the ocean again July, eleven nineteen Sixteen nine fifteen p m dear diary, I don't buy now my brother's teasing me. He said the woman back to matter. One is going to scary He said that last summer he felt something touch him underwater by the Dark and he said it was a sharp, probably I'm supposed to be assessed. Now, because it's my bedtime early in the morning scared of the shock, but
on him to know, because your tease me again- July. Twelve nineteen sixty eight eleven, a m back at the muse last seems like all come now It has been nearly a week since the brutal attack the media has taken a rest for the time being there much research to be done now, Lucas, are keen to hear my account. Everyone look to us now for answers and for now my colleagues are deferring to me as the only if the eligible popular theories abound ship, sinkings and similar deaths in the North Sea or creating a taste for human flesh, nay bombings are driving european sharks. This way, We have even said it was a purposeful conspiracy of the Germans, Dolores into war, tiresome to deal with such poppycock.
My strongest inclination is that there is a specific weather phenomena known as a menu then has shifted. The warm gulf stream closer to shore. This is brought sharks, that ever been to our waters more later July, twelfth nineteen, sixteen to fifteen p m I am famished Mary said she would bring lunch by after she finished or tutoring, and she cannot arrive soon enough. In fact, we ll see you're coming my way now. He told me last night that today marks one month for when I first called on to believe that much time has passed. We should do something special. Maybe I should close the shop early and take her into Philadelphia for dinner. She's closer now son is cast in angelic glow around here. Perhaps that is not the sun. I may curse myself, my by writing. It down, but I believe I might have her.
July, twelfth team. Sixteen seven three, I am dear diary. I feel posit really on cloud nine. This morning today, one four months from Stanley. First called every he's going so well. I hate to tempt fate by writing about it, but I think It may be in love. It gives me comes to even write such a thing. To buy his shop yesterday evening and he was going out with me to play baseball with the boys invite to come along and watch and was surprised to learn that I enjoy the game very much. It's very to me, and there is a great level of skill involved, he's so wonderful, but the boys they love him and fight over whose king he should play on it has been a full. We any word of shark attacks. We are all relieved to know that it is over the science. From New York or learning what happened in trying to decide why this occurred. It is largely perplexed. I plan to go to the ocean anytime soon. Even so, I dont like the boy
my class or Stanley swimming much at all, but the creek there's like a much safer option July, twelve, nineteen. Sixteen a deer. I had a bad dream that a giant fish with a big mouth amy- I don't. With. It was a sharp because I've never seen one. It was this big street car and headlong teeth and were read. I was swimming in the car my brother in my friend, but they looked different. The fish bit my leg and put me in the creek but I came up and I was in the ocean. My aunt was beach in a wooden chair, but she hear me scream My brother was in a boat beside me and I tried to cleaner. He laughed in. To me until I fell on the ocean and the big fish bit me again until eight me. I woke up and my brother said our screening. So I guess I really ed stream and I was asleep. I don't
to go to matter one anymore. Maybe I can state second stay in Clifford believe on the nine hundred and thirty train July 13th, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen one thousand two hundred and fifteen p dot m. Shocking used today were then from matter one New jersey of three shots, taxing the title creek. This is very the call to believe- and we also expect that the state has become too shark hysteria matter. One is all eleven miles inland very doubtful regardless stutter Lucas has dispatch reader may I depart on the morning train July Fourteenth night Sixteen three seven
I am dear diary. It is with a broken heart that I write. These words. Stanley is dead, he's gone from me. He was even mine spend two days since the awful event it was a shark, dear God, a shark. It got right in front of my eyes in front of the of many we buried him to today and the pouring rain. I am unable to sleep or eat. I have hardly move from my bed. Father said it will take time, but I will never forget the events of July twelve.
The image will haunt me to my grave July, 14th, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen six hundred and fourteen p dot m. Today, the victim, a man named Fisher, was trying to retrieve the body of another victim, a boy named
Another boy, Joseph Dunn, is the only survivor and is recovering in the hospital. His left calf is torn to pieces. Fisher's injury was similar to the two at the shore. The right thigh had a deep wound in the femoral artery was severed. There was no way to stop the blood he was taken in front of dozens of local, including a new sweetheart Stillwell was not recovered until the following day. His left ankle was chewed off left side mangle from hip to knee his left. Abdominal region was open and his intestines were nearly all torn out. The right hip chest muscle in left shoulder we're, also locked his right leg and face were the only part untouched July 15th, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen nine hundred and forty seven p dot m I've just returned to my boarding house. After two days of chaos, Matawan has turned into a battleground Mendes
eggs of lamb and sides of beef from the bridges there's a near Then barrage of exploding dynamite when line, the banks with rifles, their methods are not safe, but I cannot deny my desire to catch the beast. I believe that the shark is moving north and attacking people on his journey. I suspect it is either a robe white or a tiger shark that straight thousands of miles from its natural invite
July sixteen nineteen sixty eight thirteen p m back at the museum. Again, the shark Junta marijuana seems to be working, but I doubt that any caught so far responsible could be the work of more than one. A local sea captain name control caught a seven fuller and has it on ice. In town, a nickel per viewing, a nine footer was captured in long branch. Three hundred twenty five pounds Lucas informed us that a man drowned at the Atlantic Highlands. Yesterday, people were afraid he was being attacked by a shark. The headlines now reach all the way from London. A parcel was delivered today from the men who captured a seven footer. It contained human
bones taken from the belly and a description dark dull, blue white belly. They said a man's head could fit inside its mouth sounds like a small, great white to me upon examination. However, the bones, while human were from the lower arm, all five victims in New Jersey were attacked. The legs means there's been at least one unreported attack. People will never hear the word shark again without feeling here July, twenty four nineteen sixteen twelve fourteen p m at his band nearly two weeks since I last Stanley, though I can still- now him on my clothes each day brings new promise only to shatter again I feel like the story must be recorded as hard as it is for me to write it. I was at his shop
in the afternoon. On July twelve, when some boys ran down the street by the shop in a panic shouting about a shark in the creek Stanley dismissed. At first, but I saw that the boys were naked and pale is ghosts. They said that a shark could take Lester Stillwell on the Creek Stanley did not hesitate for even a moment. He said at last have the facts and that, if you did not get to him soon, he would be finished. He grabbed red and Arthur Smith and was gone before I could stop him. I arrived at the creek several minutes. After Stanley, he was in a robot with Arthur in Red searching for Lester. They dragged chicken wire under the boat to try and find him. The water was red with blood and people began to arrive in a panic family became frustrated suggested there.
For him, they'll changed into bathing, sits behind a tree and one by one entered the water they searched for a while, I'm losing hope and cold read, so they should call it off and they all began to come to the bank Stanley decided to take one more dive. He went deeper than before, could tell Stanley surfaced holding what remained of Leicester still on his arms. He was walking toward the ban, knee even water when the beast took him by the right leg. He dropped less during He's got me: the sharks got me. Those words ring in my head. I do not remember what happened after that. Told me that a deputy was able to fight off the shark within or Stanley was aware of. What happened is only one swear. Oh my god, a doctor applied. To try and they took him by train to Monmouth Memorial Hospital he. Their hours later without me by
here's the thing Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up. Basketball There's always that guy who joined your game He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who can neatly hack you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it. The switch and save on car insurance? No, he'd, Facon, ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted switch and save with Geiger it's almost better than sports. August fifteenth nineteen, sixteen five fifteen, Pia Dear diary, I'm in Saint Peters Hospital in a town called New Brunswick.
It has been a month since I wrote in my journal and its because didn't buy shark. My brother feel bad about teasing me now and it's very nice me we were swimming. With our friends in matter one in an old man. Came by an abode, yelling shark. My brother and the others got to the dark and got out, but I was behind him all. The way to the latter, when I felt Invite me very hard. It was a shark in it for me into the water. My brother and my friend jumped in a pull me away from the sharp and they put me on the dot I don't remember anything after that. I woke up in a hospital and my leg hurt very bad I have had three surgeries and my daughter new scan on my leg. He said I'm going to be ok mom cried when she saw me, but I told her. I didn't hurt.
The nurse here is nice and gives me candy, She says I had bad dreams when I first got here about the shark. But now I'm not scared anymore. The people that work here they little Jonah because he was even by a whale August, twenty first eighteen, sixteen six p m dear die. They. Let me walk today with crutches, and it hurts from the doktor said that it would forever. My mom told me today about the other people in matter, one who died because of the shark, a boy named Lester, Stillwell and a man tried to save Lester, I think, is: we're Stanley. That makes me sad for their families they say that I'm brave before people killed by the shark, and I think the least I could do is feel fortunate. I'm ok!
October 15th, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen one thousand and thirteen p dot m It has been three months since the terror matter. One creek Joseph done fully recovered and was released home one month ago. My final, on what happened in New Jersey this summer, sharks in general are more numerous in our waters. This summer than during previous years may be seriously questioned notwithstanding the way in which local fishermen in the car incoming steamers divide and frightening the public stories with a certain foundation and truth will always be forthcoming. When reporters have been ordered to get them, it may be all that the summer of nineteen fifteen, although marked by no such horrifying events, as we have known this year was the less popularly considered an exceptional shark season. So now we must move forward and try to learn from the events of July nineteen. Sixteen a sum,
I believe in the future. Remember not only as a terrible tragedy. Does the birth of modern theology while the cow that was chilling, Chuckie did so good. With this jerry degree, Jerry Sound design, the whole thing: oh yeah, yeah, in Robert Jonathan Katy and Rachel, and the mystery was a mystery boy. Everyone did a great job,
and that was that because enjoyed it, that's a heavyweight rapid values that about the the familiar sign up. What's here for czech drivers, everybody waiting, a writer producer director, ably Jack, is dragging on a triple threaten yeah yeah. Ok! Well, if you want to contact us, you can treat to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join on Facebook that come to tell chuck what a great job we deal with this and you can send the cinema.
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