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Venus Flytraps: Plant or Monster?

2021-10-12 | 🔗

After looking into the Venus Flytrap, we quickly moved it to the top of our favorite plant list. Part plant, part monster? What's not to love?

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suit, your style you'll be able to find your perfect fit in a way that fits you well perfectly calm. Acts which should be welcome to stuffy should now a production of I heard radio pay and welcome into the pot cast Iron Josh and there's chalk and there's cherry, and the three of us are easy. Breezy beautiful cover girls in this is that we should now. Are you doing It could have always want to be a clever girl. Well, you are now I D Gay, such fantastic. I'm excited about this one chuck, I'm really because, like a combination of one of our plant episodes with one of our animal episodes yeah, it is It's really hard to not look at Vienna.
why trap inaction on a video and not think it's an animal beyond so I guess regular marred it's just so, like all you can think of all I can think of is That thing is like thinking with a brain. Let me close my mouth and eat this thing yeah tell me Elizabeth, an animal. You know what I mean, that's what it looks like for sure, but the thing is Chuck is theirs. I got there. thread of botany, now, there's a big dispute in the botanical world about just yes about just how much plants think in thinking and not necessarily in ways that we would recognise its is thinking but still having intelligence memory and one of the things that that seems too
kind of emerging as far as studying Venus Fly trips goes, is that plants just like us use vertical action potentials witches electrical transmissions that cells to do different things when their stimulated and right. That is thinking like that, how we think that's how neurons fire so the idea that plants used this same kind of general principle. To do things are to react to things or respond to things are to change the behaviour. Buddy. That's thinking in a lot of ways: what's a beacon to do I know it stimulates a minute tat flight, at the connivance economic at all in debris, the Terence oxygen material. No, that did you know that breather Terrance. I feel, like I've, heard, that I believe it is our. so they don't need anything now faces breathe in entering water, or is that often, I don't even know if they Inquired probably water they'll dead is eventually I'm sure
you will have to do in episode on that gives. I don't know enough about it to speak speaker intelligently, but it is pretty interesting because I know some people at least try. It sounds like a movement that would probably not gain. Much theme. You know right cause are accurate to prostitute about. It sounds like a short stuff. I figure. I think it's a good idea, but we're here to talk about the meanest fly, not the debutante in Cincinnati, DJ quota character. He had a lot of facets play by air. I was named him something right: TIM Reed, how nice? a lotta w care be renounced granted to man. I love that share. That's fine, I remember, I'm already going on a tangent for even get started, but I remember watching that show knows little and seeing Johnny Fever where the grateful dead tee shirts, which
my first exposure and they had like the skeleton and stuff- and I thought they were some kind of like a metal thing. I did I actually heard earlier posters like this ban must be the cause pain of all time. They finally heard them out like this matter at all like them. my name ever the best imagery and then ask didn't atta mutated with it, but talking about the Venus Flytrap the plant, which, if you think sure I've of those things that that's like the one carnivorous plant. No, no, no, there are hundreds and hundreds of plants that actually each other things by attracting things and capturing killing them, but the Venus why trap gets all the press because it just looks like looks in it so cool yeah. I mean a lot of the other plants like die, eaten digest
insects, or even like some rodents, there's a kind of pitcher plant that I saw its desire of a toilet and like if you're a mouse and you fall in that's it for you mouse, but they don't do it. They need this kind of sit there and hope that something falls in the thing that makes the Venus fight trip so fast Meaning is one of only two plants in the world that actually like clauses that actually traps riot in it in traps its prey and like that's, just You just don't see that further ones, the European Water Wheel and it looks like a fern with the very tipps of each fern frond. It kind of like Venus flat happy the very, very small version of it. The Venus fight trap is just beginning to be like wild. It's really neat right, like they would never write a character. Name Audrey after those ferns and put them in Broadway, musicals, NOME and Audrey to technically.
we too and Audrey was the guy was Seymour's, love interest that girl that so he named the plant. Audrey too, can I confess something. I know nothing about it. Of course I mean I haven't seen a really long time either, but I am, I went and looked up some stuff on your confessing to death I saw on a Youtube video, this guy from the Carolinas talking about the Venus fighter. Then he said, a more appropriate name for them would probably be. Did you see the sky to the care of the Carolina spider trap ia because two things they are. Basically, we found in about a seven hundred mile area is, growing wild and along the coast of North and South Carolina and then he said they really only eat about five percent of their diet is spiders. Are I'm sorry is that flies? He said they mostly eat spiders and ants, and you can also throw in crickets and slugs and some other
pillory things in their yeah, I mean you know very frequently whatever just kind of happens too to wander onto the planet itself by Germany will take what it get by a guess: winged insects who may be get away faster or more easily yeah mean I get the idea that the flies can get out of their easier. So, with this I mean they're fine to eat disorder. Yeah I'll says I saw I saw. I don't in that same video or not that there's only to meet at one hundred and fifty thousand of these plants in the wild and their entire seven hundred mile, yes, tiny strip along the coast of North and South Carolina, and they look bogs like marshy bog, sometimes salt marshes, sometimes peat bogs, but the interlinking of wetland. That's like always wet that that's where they grow and they like the sun and they like a human, but they can also the cold as will see because it can get pretty cold in the winner North Carolina. So
there is really no way around explaining the origins of the name without it being a little well, it's just a little dicey, because it was named at a time where things were different then, and there They named it because the plant resumed Perhaps men's anatomy, Here I am really enjoying lights and attacking. Well, I mean we ve taught at we may mention it in the folklore episode. The idea of the vagina in Tata, which in any different cultures and nations around the world. There are these folklore legends of these, women, who had the teeth and their vagina act as a trap, keep going Chuck, and that is
this name comes from is named after Venus, the get pagan goddess of love because of that plants resemblance and because of that folklore. Yes, she's good job. May I think you really presented that? Well, I wouldn't give it that today. Can I say that no they definitely one of people are a lot less uptight. When it comes to ass, he acts, you know, I'm sayin, it be the Carolina spider trap. You are right. I also saw that when they it was imported to England for studies around the mid eighteenth century that there was popularly called tippy widgets, this- is they Venus lie traps in England, I thought was fun to and Charles Darwin said that it was one of the most wonderful plants in the world, which I mean: that's it that's a pretty get into but come from him. You know how I bet he loves the meanest. Why trap He really did, and I don't think because he
any kind of sexual proclivities toward it, like some of his other fellow botanists did, who actually named at that. no! I think, because it's a wonder of natural selection and evolution. I would say that's why too, when you know that's his king warn of the herd. Pigs is a natural selection. So one of the other things about a Venus has another name to it: some its tax economic name. Diana Muskie pure yeah. That's right! actually named after Diana a goddess, the roman goddess of the Hunt and Musket Pew apparently means mouse trap So the other name thing you could call it decides Venus Flytrap is Diana Mousetrap stubborn, it's got a lot of really create names remained, Hippy, which it alone is worth you know, celebrating
I think Diana mousetrap might be my new hotel jack and then oh, that's a good one. Now I get near, but at any rate they eat insects and not because they just lead the taste of spiders or flies there. There plants do they work photosynthesis and they do their thing during photosynthesis. Like all plans do and take our energy of the sun and in an converted sugar and oxygen and reviews that stuff as energy but we also need other stuff just like all plants need, but they can yet it because of where they live in that pity me she bog they need these amino acids and vitamins that their land doesn't provide and they get that from these insects gap, because both the plants are able to get things like nitrogen from the soil and phosphorus magnesium? Sol forecasts, calcium potassium, like yes, they need ATP Energy and stored in the former carbohydrates, like all plants, do but there's other news,
Instead, they need to build cell walls to produce dna to transport water throughout that kind of stuff, like that, We need a lot more than ATP and since they can't get it from the soil, they have bald to get it by eating other bugs eating bugs you know, even in some cases like out like those giant pitcher plants like mice, because animals, are really great mobile stores of stuff, like calcium and in sulphur and phosphorus magnesium. That's right in that wet pity acidic soil. They must seek purchase elsewhere and luckily, those little spiders are happy to crawl in there, and maybe we should take a little break. and we'll tell you all about how this trap happens right after this,
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going hybrid, with IBM, that IBM Dotcom, slash, hybrid cloud, located, before we go any further. I just want to restate. The course things. I've ever heard the Venus five trap and other carnivorous plants couldn't get news it's from the soil. They grew in, so they learn eight bugs to get those nutrients its astounding, and it also makes them so similar. to the to the animal world, because that's why animals eat other stuff, like other animals or even plants, because we need to get our energy elsewhere. We don't get it from the soil, so it makes them some weird way akin to us as well. Do you feel a kinship a little bit
and you know I'm a little attracted to two like some of those early botanists, not in the doorway and way help or or both these, when both ways share I know I don't know, I don't judge who knew this. I guess we go in this direction right. When I saw that first thing about it being dicey, yes about them, being I knew exactly? Is gonna go so there not the only plan, also that attracts things via their smells or these delicious syrupy saps. I'm if you go out near garden on any day and see butterflies and bees and another insects flying around there are going to these plants in these through using these insects in one way or the other they're, just not cool. Using them up like a vigorous. Why dropped the other using them to help pollinate? That's why they do their yak as they want need a fly away right. They The meanest flytrap does not want anything to fly away. Now, it's has come here. Let me eat you
so here's what happens if you look at a Venus, why trap, when its unfolded and beautiful and has all these little beads of sweet nectar on it? in answer to a land on that and on each side of the worthy called petals, I saw lobes. Ok, then tat the thing that connects them in the middle called the mid rib them not been met Graham made, it is get eaten, get at. It certainly still deeper, each low. We got three little trigger hairs, arranged and little train Miller pattern? And these part motion, detectors in part sort of timers almost because when a little irish spider, any kind of insect that small enough lands in there, and we should say by some if we mean ideally a third of the size of those two lobes, go much bigger than that. No one! There
big there inside a big plain. I saw that they grow to be about five inches tall yeah, there's more the other, fairly small, and then each plan will have you know of between five and ten. I think come fight trapped on it. Yes, like, if you your information from little shop affords you're being misled, and so got these little trigger hairs in once. One of those is is flicked by four my an ant leg or a spider. It sort of sort time, starts and they ve got about twenty or thirty seconds dancer. that thing without hitting either that one again or one of those other trigger ears and once it hits the second one or hits that first, when the second time within that little timer, that is when the trap closes in IT action of a second year, the blink of an eye. Oh yeah, it's super quick Anita one of the things that makes it seem. Animal like is its
really hard to find a nature documentary about the meanest flytrap without some sort of foreboding, orchestral music, when he had got possession so really gonna juices it up a little bit, but here's the deal was they? Don't? They don't know eggs, actually why or Finally, how the mechanism works, since it doesn't have a brain. You know they they trigger that trigger here and then clap shut. But all they ve got is a pretty good hypothesis. Yes, oh, what they think happens. Is that the the I'm? The lobes stay open, like that exist I like him into a mouth, so the mouth is wide open on the Venus Flytrap by this. all around that the low by guess around the mid ribbon, the lower they connect are basically being crumpled and then something about the trigger hairs being stepped on starts to DE crumple that
still light room starts to release a little bit of pressure and then, when that second hairs triggered the pressures fully released in the. What happens is through the use. of burning ATP for energy that the the the water pressure changes in those cells so that they go from in crumpled being plump, and so there no longer holding the flower open mouth open, so it just shuts and all that is again carried, by those action potentials which starts with the trigger hair being stimulated, which somehow creates an electrode chemical transmission that goes through the plant cells Hell it get ready, get ready cause, it might happen again and when it happens again is ok least the water and then the thing snapshot, which is pretty neat, but even after that, even after that second stimulation and the mouth them closes. That's not the end of the whole process, like that's there's still in
their third one, and it has to do with those amazing trigger hairs as well. Yeah like this to me, it's alright. pretty remarkable that this plan can do this in an I knew, a kind of new all that stuff this is when it really floors me, because I even before I got this far started. Thinking like we we're, but How long does it take into like reset the trap like what? If what, if something can afloat, There, that's not an insect, and it just happens to trigger two of those hairs. You know. Does it is open right back up? Does it spit it out like you, I don't want this thing in. There would have some done little kid sticks his finger and their yeah, it's gonna clothes, of course, just checking the trigger AIR Yang. You should not do that by the way. Now you should totally not do that, but you know that was done little kid So what accounts on is a living thing squirming around in there once it's sort of you know, it's not sealed tight, exactly very, very beginning right. It's like shut, ideally
not getting out, but maybe a fly, can slip out of its quick enough or maybe it can work its way out, but all that doing is triggering does will trigger hairs again right and that the signal basically like none are now you ve got a living thing in here. It's not a something the tree or whenever that you don't want so now is the time were you really really close down and locked down tight yeah once the things been inside squirming cause like you're sanity, like it's. Gonna live one here, one of the things I just I found absolutely astounding chuck is when when the Venus Flytrap seals shut, like ok, I've got a bug in here and I want to go ahead and start eating it- the the the things they look like teeth, the sillier they lay together and for in air tight seal and there's a couple of reasons for this one? It keeps the bug from escaping which can really get out after the second. The second hair was tripped like it forms a cage, but then, after
scorns around inside that caged. Then it seals, tight, airtight invented for the bug by the way, and it keeps the bug inside. It also keeps bacteria from entering, because this is not a fast process what it was about to happen. It takes the course of days before its completed and in that time, bacteria can through any like hole in that seal, and so the seal prevents terror from getting into rotting, the bog and in turn, rotting thee. The Venus fly trap, causing the poor little fight trapped, a term by can fall off. So I saw it takes it an hour or two to fully seal it takes about. remember I said earlier like would have some just happens to go. How long does it take to reset the trap right that takes about twelve hours? If there's a I guess we agree something. Some debris abbot out, lookin for a kind of fun. Word fur, that's not sexual! how about a twist
like a false alarm, but my mind, just keeps going to do place like why I have no idea who also aren't bushes collar nursing. What were you gonna think those dirty or even in those third like here I'll tell you later. I guess I can't say it out loud. I gotta figure this out. Oh! I know to me: what do you say it's a fossil arm about twelve hours and then the entire digestive process can take a week or more, Yeah like if there is an actual bug in their it takes about a week to digest it. It doesn't can pleasant way to go for a bug to be trapped in a Venus fighter, because after that, seal is lily silvered. You say it takes about a couple hours and our two for that seal be airtight. Yes, the whole I'm that bug is still alive, chuck in its still just sitting there flippin in flop and against those trigger hairs, This is the other service that the trigger hairs provide that I referred to earlier that when the stimulated again after this thing is sealed what they're doing
he's telling the Venus Flytrap. Ok, this things about this size. It's not a bit thing it's about medium size? So I only need to release you know a little bit of adjusted enzymes. the really great adaptation, because it's really energy intense to produce digestive enzymes? So The fact that it is kind of dolls out just is not enough to dissolve every in their whatever size in sectors in there isn't really sounding in it judges. This sum how some way in a mindless sort of way, by how much those trigger hairs are tripped. While the thing is is squirming around in the ceiling flytrap. It's just awesome that it can do that. Yeah. I mean in this discharge to the and a little bit, but
reason it does. It is because it can only do that so much harm they do. They do recycle what they can from those juices at the end of the process, but I get the feeling each with each opening. Indigestion and many actually, those enzymes and recycling of of what they can of those enzymes. It just gets a little bit less than a little bit less until eventually the lobes do their job any more than they just stay. Open say alright I'll just be irregular plant and soak up. The sun is gonna forest, the sun s brother, I showed my daughter that this morning, when, before she left her school hours, watching these videos sake, I mean she's. Gonna love this end He watched it and got really sad about the fly on three and it's because of the way they shoot these they did. dramatic, music here and she's in addition, in achieving dignified, so it's like babies, mom in their hands, Bambi,
fly mother or its its story sure story, the liver again to show a fly close up. Her have released nor flies episode. She really gonna care the other thing they do? That really kind of is really easy to overlook, but definitely perhaps of Lee Dramatize- is a Venus Flytrap. Shutting on a fly the though very often dubious, like a Panthers, roar rightwing. Right right. It shut and it's you can't. get out unless you're looking for when you are it's six elegant sort them? I think they get about ten to twelve either partial complete closures per lobe set so that's how long they can hang in there before they into retirement. a bad run, and when you consider that
their only eating and insects every like week or two, maybe you're in the wild about three times a month here, sewed multiplied at times ten to twelve and that that your life's and basically, although I did see that they can live when years in the wild workers regenerate new loaves and ensure a yes, so yeah they grow from arise, omen those things pop up, but the plan itself fairly long live plant yeah. What so? Ok, so insides. When one thing I feel is worth like explicitly mentioning here with with the Venus Fight tribute, It is open mouth and then, when it closes it converts into a stomach, is kind of like one of those washers. It's also a dry or once the wash cycles overwrite always wanted. One of those yeah, I think it be pretty cool I where they all that I've never heard if they actually like work or not but may will disappear. we'll go in Dutch on one together and see him
shaded often under the money, well, will read I don't have room for it. Neither do you weren't a storage space, yes and wars via a little. Go you. It will hire an electrician and a plumber to come out and out fit it for a wash. Your gyre combo right in our bunk bed from the old days will be moved in there. Just for this, on the other. This time will be able to wash your sheets so as to give way So in this, in this woods went from the mouth. Now the stomach does digestive juices. Just enough to to melt because the bug that's in their based on its size and its score me ass. They this thing and again, over the course of like five to twelve days, it's going to bed break down all the soft tissue inside that bug inside his exoskeleton
basically liquefied into goo until it is kind of mixes in with the digestive juices right and then in this mouth, that's now become a stomach. The nutrients that fly or that spider that aunt carried around with it. That became liquefied, are broken down into like really tiny basic particles like amino acids and Stuff Niven like proteins, are given more basic than that, and then absorbs just like you do in your gut rain, and it uses those new yes, you do things like build cell walls or repair its dna or to transport water throughout its body. Just not so stop fright. and then there is one other trigger. There's one other signal that happens. Where win the digest, Steve enzyme is basically all it's in there all the nutrients have been sucked out. Somehow it is able to to analyze the
ratio of digestive juice to nutrients and when there's basically nothing but digestive juices, left array absorbs the digestive juice and that acts as a trigger for those cells to compete. again and the mouth to come back open and then, ideally, a gentle breeze will blow away what's there's all exoskeleton an area and then dreams ready again You know again about a week to twelve days. It depends on how big it's a little aunt. It's gonna be quicker. we mention that the juices get weaker. So if it's an older US trapper set of low it's gonna take a little longer and then the temperature can actually speeded up little benefit. that's warmer and there's more heat yes should in there should be a faster breakdowns that also speed along just raising man I mean I knew gonna be an amazing like topic, but I
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dot com, slash, stuff ring dot com such as see you F, F,. All right. If you If in a Broadway org, evolution or Charles Darwin, or ancient folklore, or just freaking out your neighbors kids. Here kids are grandkids anyone of Venus, a drop in your house, you can do that you don't have to live in the Carolinas you just have to set up an environment that is like you're in the Carolinas in your home somewhere. Yes, you have to become a tar, heels fan or outside your home yeah, because I you know, I mean I'm sure in the Atlanta Piedmont in probably parts of it, Burma in North Florida, you can play
Billy grow these things in a pot outside, probably so, but if you like and say a much koehler area. You know above the Mason it's a mine, probably drawer stronger area like the South West you're gonna have to gonna, have to unnaturalized little bill. for example, if you live in a low humidity area, you'd want probably put this thing in a temporary him here, and it's I've always wanted to marry him. I think their fun so to give it your area make it well. there, you're gonna have a you know. I think I think about a forage part is a decent starter. Yeah and you may not need anything else- actually has a really another big like you said yes and you gotta keep in that soil. You don't want it when it swimming in water, but you definitely wanted to dry out at any point. Yeah you all
I don't want to water it from above. I didn't see why, but I suspect that it might like a raindrop could conceivably is it to em to close accidently. If you got enough water spluttering on in triggering those those trigger hairs. I wonder They grow in the wild under more densely covered areas near that its possible, but thou So what you do is you the water them from the bottom up. You place him in a pan of a little tray of standing water about a third of an interest centimeter. Let us avoid Virago what what watering tips and listen there's one others something else you want to keep the mine. I think most people in realises, like ya, can't you can't water these guys with tap water. Have oh, I just got reference year, making them standing or doing like a million feet or water like you, be basically want to make sure that your house is completely free,
a little bit more to make these things live. No, you bring a good point, though it needs a kitten. tap water is no good and in probably must have, filter water using, is probably no get either. No, because those salts and nutrients will build up in the soil in these things have evolved not to use that stuff in my it will actually harm them the same reason that one use fertilizer either they don't need fertilizer. They need Boggs, basically yeah. They said, and I thought this is really cool, just collecting rainwater. That's that's your best bet if you can't collect enough, if you know live in Phoenix and you want to grow a Venus Flytrap, you're, already kind of throwing up but you may not be able to collect rainwater either so at least it's the eye eyes, water, maybe some distilled water or if you ve, got a reverse ass, most system which he might in Phoenix. Then you can use that.
You can use, I serve, and if you don't have a reverse osmosis system, you can buy usually at any aquarium store. They sell em so the water is very important. What kind of water use again don't use fertilizer and appeared Lee because they grow in areas they get cold in the winter. If you are growing one in a tree area from November. Two February you gonna, take it out of in like put it in a window in your garage or something like that like let it actually get cold and you're gonna get freaked out, because the plant likely die back to the rising and ITALY like you lost it or something like that. But then come March, you're gonna be pleasantly surprised when it comes bouncing right back yet you can treat it like, any plant that you over winter, that kind of goes dormant. You can click off the dead, detritus and it'll grow back
how many, how many those who we gonna get power plant like four or five, I think it's a far out his hand somewhere o five to ten. Even ok, that's what I saw, but I could be made Amanda, there's large numbers flying around in this one. But about the feeding, you know, sir, if you the thing in your house or in a interfering you're not just going to count on a Rando fly that got in for a la cucaracha to to walk into its midst. So just like, if you have a constrictor and you got a Nino, go to the pet store to pick up some ice the feed. This thing yeah, apparently you can feed it live bugs, but you know there's problem, with my bugs apparently live meal. Worms can we borrow their way out of the plant which is not pleasant for the plan. I'm sure crickets Kin,
really get to bigger, can stick a leg out which will keep that seal from getting airtight. So they can. They can to decompose from bacteria that gets slipped in that can actually make the plant decomposed tooth Your best bet is to get some freeze, dried meal, worm, bloodworms or crickets polo water on their sturm up and then put it drop it on the the plant in its mouth. Basically, and so you get a closure response from just dropping in their cause. It might hit a couple a silly, but dont forget like it's not going to start releasing digestive enzymes until it sillier The little trigger hairs are stimulated. Once it's closed, so you actually have to have like a little toothpaste. they like that and is very lightly very gently kind of rub those sillier so that it We fully and released as I just of enzymes right.
like you said earlier, don't invite your neighbors kids ever to trigger this thing for fine? because it only gets ten or twelve of those closures, and here here. You know your literally shortening the lifespan of that lobe, if you're doing so for fine right, so you got a drop in insecure price. Be able to catch any flies, even if you're good with those chopsticks mean very few, can accomplish that feed. Sure you have to be friends. Pet Merida in the gallery. Smaller remember about a third the size. I told you. I worked with that Merida ones right, the music video one whose men I want to say it was just one Emily produce and I worked for him was, I think it was alien ant farm and they did a karate kid send up, can and Pat Merida STAR and I was pattern-
read guy that data to get him when he needed in his trailer, and he was as nice as he could be, our ip God rest his soul, and I don't think it's a big deal to say that Pat Merida loved sipping on chardonnay during the day on a shoot oh yeah, I didn't get placer anything, but he he wanted a bottle of wine and I spent what's your name. He was just a lovely guy, how positively cultured it now, I heard Mister t like to drink huge, observe know what it was he was drinking, but he would he like to drink on said as well. During the day, I really interesting idea why cliff video in time and he and his his crew? They really drank area here, but I mean sometimes is music videos that was just sort of their lives to sort of a party atmosphere. like they would use it as an excuse to be like are all my friends are coming right, where I offered twenty four hours and we're gonna get down here.
And I also had one of the cruellest experiences of the music your life on that Michael of Job and that I was standing kind of right next to Asia and I'm just so square, dont, know what it's called when their improv wrapping and like dissing each other like that competition style, That's called it's called a mile here, his golden a mile face off. That's what I said. I would eyes. Nice ate my visa, but I got to can a witness one of those in person- and I was like homelike I dislike- the talent is to stop the chart was so good can sometimes the things are really not good. Now I mean these, were these were proves how good man of us I was called the sea. It was fun, but they were there if I do do we say everything there is to say about visas fly traps? I also had to put it.
right in buster rhymes lips? I think I told that story but surrounds, didn't pie, smokes marijuana, believe it or not, because he was in a in the video. Forgive me somehow. He was fake tide the train tracks and ones in so he was. could move ground and he would always ask me: I would stand by and hold the burning blood and I would put it in his lips. Every Nino, probably eight seconds good luck It was great like those of the fun things you can do is happier. Sometimes I recommend does there's some cool stories. Chuck it can really get in the next year is not- there has been a spy traps are, but it does now I was you, I know more about Venus fly traps go by one you can buy when online. Although supposedly you should probably go to a nursery that specializes in carnivorous plants because they actually know what they're talking about start there. Ok, can you go from seed? You can you can guarantee.
did you can also divide them? I guess they get to be adult size right before they come out of their winter. Dormancy is a good time to divide them, so they make great gifts, I loved it and since Chuck said, he loves it. Of course everybody it's time for a listener. We call this Clark me a listener. Male did you see this sounds familiar from a few weeks ago. hey guys just want to tell you that I've been subtly leaving Clarke is a verb in the conversations with my family for the last three weeks. This is Leslie. This is mom is doing this at first. I did it just to be funny and see what they would say. None of them had heard that particular episode and don't even know about clocking, but no question it, I asked my husband Clark me: it's a dollar bill. It's all my son. I would Clark him a note book for school
one of my daughter's that someone could clark her phone chargers. Everyone just proceeded, if I had said nothing out of the ordinary and it was totally surreal anyway it is sad to see that these guys, because I feel like I have a hilarious inside joke with no one to laugh about it. What did he do this on the air and how could we not please shut out. My husband, Clint in my kids Jackson looks like In Greece there may be em the Mme thanks. What you do the long term was there. Let me show so much it's perfect for those like me who have of learning and laughing, and that is from less We and her family. Just sound, wonderful and I'll hit It says something about how much there listening to you, as I hate to break it here, that's pretty great or their dislike. Mom's car Iraq or, I guess, we'll, go with it Ma am a break. Many great email I mean again
The middle kids name is Emmy. Ok, so we ve got Amy and Emma. I think we can miss Chuck of investors. The artist formerly known as well, thanks again Leslie. That was a great email. One of all time great, if you ask me, and if you want to throw in your two cents and see if you can compete with less lazy male we'd love to hear it, you can send it to us at stuff. Part ass. I hurt radio dotcom stuff. You should now is a production of Iheart radio. From our past my heart. Radio visit that I hurt radioactive apple had passed. we listened to your favorite shows among the stars. Is us
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start someone's running towards us gets it about. Now has near the edge of my see every one hears me listening to. It stops to listen and then subscribes themselves. You owe me, after what she did. You owe me the truth: hearts and ass, I can't wait for more strapped us in and makes us think we're coasting along really racing to an abrupt end. Come with me and we are going to take you apart by these aftershocks dying, sorrowing Kelly's David harbouring Jeffrey dean. Martin comes the island and binge series. Everyone is talking about. Following on the eye, her radioactive apple pie casts or wherever you get your pipe cast. Our votes taken from actual user reviews. I everyone its Katy correct at there's. Something big brewing for the new season my podcast next question my memoir going? There comes out October, twenty six eggs, so this ball I'm taking you behind the making of the book and the maid
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