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Was the PMRC censorship in disguise?

2018-12-06 | 🔗

The Parents Music Resource Center in the 1980s was really just censorship in disguise. But it kind of backfired. Learn all about Tipper Gore's crusade in today's episode. 

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The future, is closer than you think in it all starts. In the palm of your hand, you may have heard the news five g is coming in the new. I heart series this time tomorrow, presented by T Mobile for business joint hosts OZ, Walsh in an care, a priest as they lead you through this exciting revolution and mobility is going to change the way we work. Socialized, create, learn and interact with the world around US tuna in here. Just how close we are getting to a more connected future this time. Tomorrow is now available to me. I her radio up or wherever you listen podcast welcome to stop. You should now friend asked for exactly welcome to the podcast time. Josh Clark with trousers, to pry Jerry over there, and this is stuff you should know. I were going to minor appeasing pews, because this is a family show. Somebody took it all
I did like we're. Gonna drop the s word or anything like that snacks or not said. Oh we're going to keep a clean, but we are talking about some dirty dirty stuff stuff. Could never be uttered by anyone and I, for one would like to turn my head. The tipper Gore for being an american hero of all time would it's funny those reading, some of us in this is worth some of the peer mercy, as everyone will soon find out in Ed, put this one together and he points out that, yes, if you look at this the stuff that they were trying to do the parents music resources, they were basically saying like. We need to be able to have a heads up that this bickered album has lyrics there we wouldn't want, or little eight year old kid to listen to this really all were asking for, while this not the thing,
that's not all they were asking for, and it's a slippery slope of doing that. Where a year your base, bringing the the dinner triangle for anybody. Who's got a beef with any. Dirty lyric, sir. Any world view that opposes there's never come out and say yeah. I, like that idea. I'm already let's put him in jail if they dont comply in you like whoa, whoa whoa, but it's too late, the cat out of the bag- and this will happen- in real life in the eightys which, by the way I'm on record as saying the seventies, where the greatest decade of all time, I think that eighty one of the most interesting at least a lot of half way down in the aims you get the satanic panic, the whole back masking thing, those kind of part of it. You ve got this a bunch of stuff happens in the eightys to spatial programme. Was
pretty strong there's a shuttle disaster. Even I mean like it was an interesting provocative decade. Here they have. A check is the intra here. This is this the commission's peace, because I remember very distinctly all of this going on when I was younger in paying pretty close attention, is a music van. What was happening and not getting the as a kid that it was. It meant more than an explicit lyrics label cry you know there was more at stake, but also as a kid you probably worked were exclusively like: hey man. They can't do that. That's not cool it censorship without understanding the new wants of that the other position is well right now I was too young to spout so boxy things like the right, so you just like ripping off like newspaper pictures of tip, go in your bedroom. Now having I was. I was little Oh I'm sorry like eleven or twelve. I wasn't there was
a discerning reader of the newspaper added no to procure was, I didn't know I you are you yeah? We I knew tat, he really or wait years old in our he needs every girl yeah. I mean she was only daughter. You and all of these shows like it was a big deal. She was. The face of this whole for young tipper corps was not. Imply that anymore, discerning and you are as far as reading newspaper me. I knew her name, but I certainly had no idea who she was. What any of this meant that age, while some people say knowing her name in by proxy, her husband, Name was the whole point of all this, but will get to that later near. So the appearance me Greece or centre. Well I mean it was sort of an extension of the that the grand John of adults, saying that new music is bad for kids, sure and that's been happening since there has been there is little goes under the chamber music Amadeus. Maybe him quite got someone, I mean it all
We wish you doing episode just on their being threatened by of four, with getting old threatened by youth. I guess but I think it's your projecting onto you through you're, really threatened by you're eminent mortality New than what it is you just projecting it under the next generation, because it's weird and strange and you're being pushed out of the out of control. Well, this can find the origins of the peer mercy in this case nineteen, eighty four, when Tipper Gore's daughter I think she was eleven turned and her new Prince Album and the song very awesome song Nicky came on with the very famous about masturbation and I remember being a young church get think it MIKE. Woe approbation be listened to this. Here it was a journey dirty sound. Did you keep listening? Yak? Is it's a great song? It is a great song near
and if you put it even further, it's a great song on its own, but in contacts with the movie purple rain that song shows up because princess, trying to humiliate his girlfriend, who he's just struck because he found out that she was working for Morris Day, which was princes rival in purple right right. So I get them it's assigned to humiliate right on its own. It's a great song. It is a rare She saw him, but it also has contacts that tipper gourd didn't have at her finger Tipps when she listened song yeah and she wrote a book a few years after that? I don't remember. I didn't own this book. You didn't read that book when you were left, and I read it when I was eight now. I was sixteen by this point. But I remember I had it for some reason. I might have done up some sort of school thing on this.
Merci cause. I definitely had a copy of this book and it wasn't like because those like this is great and awesome. I got a of for some school projects raising peachy kids in an x rated society and image he talks about how not only was she worried and afraid for her kids, but she was afraid herself about just these images that you seeing on Phoebe Nausea Osborne crawling out of a swamp as a swamp beast, and instead of laughing at that, like everyone else on the planet, sure its character or just taking it as part of the year, formative years that you have ventured to grow out of and don't do it are, aren't brought to worship, Hale Satan. As a result, the cause she was a drummer
meet users version in an old woman being called the wild cat tat. So she now it's kind of a lot of this is surprising, is very surprising, and it's not like she was. You know, she's a Democrat we're in a well, so here's the thing, from what I have seen that if you were on the industry side of this, the opposing side did appear Marcy here at the time you were pretty convinced, and I think some people still are that the whole thing that yes tipper goes with it This is terrible. I can't believe Alison. This is my eleven year old and said something to some other some other people whose friends with around washington- and they were like norway- do something about this. It would probably owls closure of the nation in getting ready for a run at the presidency and that that was actually like this that the the impetus for this whole quagmire- was to make Al Gore prominent national figure out really that
where a lot of people think this interesting and whether that was tipper and our idea or whether they were kind of lead into it right depends on you know who you are, but that some that's that's very much. Out there in the guys that that was the whole basis of this entire think. Well, I don't buy that and in fact the pre p a mercy and since Annetta Ohio, there was a school pda group, the Delta Elementary School PDA, who also her darling, Nicky and also didn't think that it was just great jam and they got all up in arms about it and drafted a state. Wide negotiation letter that basic He said: hey, recording industry, Association of Amerika, called the hour I probably on the show, but Maybe you should have a voluntary system of ratings collection,
stay with mph? What's the big deal, no calls back when I talk about it, never call them back, yet they simply get right on that. Exactly They don't say they want to do it. They were scared of this idea. To begin with, they were really worried. It was gonna, hurt sales. If you have, I got an album that specifically says this is not for kids through some stores parts of the country that we just won't carry that album and you want to be able to sell those albums you wanna either have album. That is why I would be happy to sell or ITALY. Slighted in underhandedly, so the stores don't know at their selling in just the kids do so they afraid of this kind of idea, but they also I mean it's the music industry in the eighties like they could afford to be like be quiet, Cincinnati, school district you're, not listening to you Fisher when Tipper Gore came into the mix with some of her friends from Washington to the dynamics. Changed for a number of reasons, not just because they were connected to government, but because
There are eight hour. I a in government specifically had something going on. Yes, so they the p a mercy and on May fifteen nineteen. Eighty five they got a grant from my love of the beach boys in which is just further cement. Sam is one of the leading jerks. The history music. So what why is he a jerk? Because I saw those I close, my love doing that, and I know I know he wasn't the Manson when that was Dennis. Wasn't it the one who hung out the man some family for low, allow those Dennis Wilson, the camera wise, my club, jerk, because God made him that way There were no me his. He sees a notorious, I mean I can't use words that I want to use, but just Google MIKE love, jerk, ok, and go down the rabbit hole of of stories about this guy did the ally basketball players, cord side and stuff like that kind of jerked. His Jesse Disco reads: amount of life is going to he's just a jerk. I wish I had on
So it does not surprise me that he gave five that's trawlers to kick off the p a mercy. But what you are talking about is is the tape tax, which was very interesting time the record industry was suffering or not suffering, but they were just beginning to struggle a bit with the fact that Cosette tapes were pretty inexpensive yeah or they could be super cheap. You got Grady once you have it, though, the knee on sea through ones, are expensive max else year at the black Maxwell's, the dear members like they see three once they have a kind of fluorescent neon, colors term now like the kind, Emily was to present Charlie Sheen find in a minute work. I've been seeing that is urgent. You never saw many work, no to go one as it. Yes, so they people
you know. If you grew up and eightys you made tapes you'd records of off the radio. You made mixed apes. If your friend had a tape, you a dub that tape you sit in front of your speaker, record your albums. Do you remember, figuring out how to record tapes that had been made, so you couldn't record them There is a go away that you can break off a tape there like these two things who, if they were broken, all other two tabs on top right. If they were broken, often they couldn't be work either recorded firmer accorded onto I can't you mean she can't record over. What's there's, if you make a tape, you really wanted to keep you snap doorsteps. Always that would therefore here ok, but you can put tape over those things, for whatever sense dumb in the UK were cordite overfishing, That's right, but dear remember, being a kid in wondering if you're gonna get in, well for recording a song from the radio like knowing that you are in some
gray legal area that you weren't quite now about our early yet and worry when I worry about getting in trouble for not from my parents, because they could in care, but my my local law enforcement, this is a new government leasing, organs, you know you're coming out simply earlier upstairs bedroom so that that the tape industry, the cassette tape industry, was I'm putting a dent in record sales, and they were really threatened by it and basically want to Congress and said: hey. Listen like you to pass an act that Romania Recording ACT. That puts a pretty heavy tax on these cassettes on these taped. It decks that everyone's buying these days, and then we want all that money. Like hundreds of millions of dollars a year and the in the music industry was like, and we great system worked out percent of all that is going to go to all the artists, the ninety per
it's gonna go the record label here. Some things, never change right, so they had this thing you there was. It was a house bill, HR, twenty on eleven, and it was in the Commerce Committee and the Commerce Committee was going to decide whether the hour I got this tax money special tax just for the music industry to kind of offset some of these perceived albums, assail losses that same committee, the key First Committee, this committee, in the I'm sorry, the Yellow Commerce Committee also was decided to hold a hearing on the p M, our sea in its debts. Desire to start labeling records as explicit So was I mean that was a senator. Your hearing was at the Commerce committee. Specifically, yes, ok, exactly the conflict was the fact that members of the p mercy were married to people on that committee at another.
That was an actual commerce committee hearing yeah. I guess it wouldn't have been because it was HR, two thousand nine hundred and eleven. So that would have been the Commerce committee then would have been in the in the house. In your right. This was a Senate hearing, so yeah no conflict whatsoever. Totally fine well, like I said the council, was the fact that four members of the p mercy remarried were married congressmen right. So there was a com, There are basically the record industry wanted something from Congress in Congress now all sudden wanted something from the record industry which was too low. Pull their records as potentially offensive to whomever which is a big deal, and some people say that if the this, if the reckoning had been greedy and wanted the hr. Twenty. Nine eleven out of Congress and they they probably would afford
tooth and nail in a lot of people in the industry, stood up and said, we're not going to take it to make a lot more sense in a couple of minutes and pushed back in like did a lot of media tour and did a lot of interviews and spoke out about this and rally like their listeners to say like this is wrong and they may have successfully fought. Had they not had the industry ultimately wanted age are. Twenty nine eleven to pass this tape tax to pass, and so they do I did that they were gonna play ball yet, and this was but or the very famous hearing, even happened. Nineteen record labels got on board, said yeah. What will do this will figure out a good system and so the very famous hearing on September nineteenth in eighty five, with strange collection of humor, John Denver, Frank Zapper. Indeed, Snyder twisted sister. It was moot at that point.
So that's what, before beginning at the hearing, we got a back up. All of those take a break rocky once you yeah, ok, we'll be right back they don't go anywhere problems its human nature to hate problems, but why is that, after all problems, inspire us to men, things bend things make things better? That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city traffic to ocean plastic, new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety. Smart loves problems, IBM
Taylor and they leukemia and lymphoma society have delivered craft kits and blankets to more than one hundred thousand patients across a nation yeah, that's right. In the past year alone, more than forty three thousand blankets in over ninety five hundred kids were delivered to patients, along with messages of hope, which is pretty nice. It's great to learn more about house. Hey? I got a man something I just said. I can't believe this is so dumb. It's it's possible. The record industry would have fought this, a lot harder than they did have that tape tax not been in existence. Right is a proposed bill, but that's not the same necessarily that they did because we gonna give a little more back on them. The p m are seeing what they did, one of the things that they were able to do because of their connections and because of their visibility. Was he a media, blitz, yeah, we're just a handful of months. They went from meeting in the in a church in Washington DC. I think there were originally like nine members or something to being
Donoghue, the today show editorials across the country they just. They me it's not the same, essentially that they did, because we gotta give a little more background on the album on an album and whether the recording industry should do something about out overnight. They ate it a thing so as a result of that legislation in state among the states started a pop up, saying in a frigate whether fertile garments gonna do it or not. We can do this, our selves. If you want to sell their record here in our state, you have to put a label on it and I think there are at least it some states, overt over a very brief period of time, that that came up with legislation proposed less legislation. First so the peat the hour. I would have had a hard time of fighting this off once the Wednesday cat was out of the bag from the p M or see if they could still tried to fight
the ACL. You is like we're right right here, you guys they are hidden past. And see what happens here, but it still would have been too. A huge enormous problems, so the peer Marcy did start this in some of the states took it up, so whether it was just a tape, tax or not, or whether it was to try to stem off this legislation the hour. I said: ok, we'll play ball and, like you said they said, okay, we'll do this, and then they still held that sentence hearing here which I think goes to further the idea that this this was meant to to bolster where's image, because he was on the Senate hearing. Yes, what the p mercy called for was force. Explicit tags raided exe, you know the kind of all the empty is. Example of a movie ratings retreated a great episode, and that too, is a good one raided acts for explicit sex or foul language.
A for drugs or alcohol d for violence over recalled, which meant anything. That's not you no good strong christian values and eating weird. In so doing to illustrate this? They trotted out what is now known as the filthy fifteen, and I think we should go through these. Oh yes to list of fifteen songs and what they were tagged for they all the titles. Darn Nicky, of course, was tagged group for sex at the top of the list. From what I understand, I think this is the accurate list and I think, like it may have been in some sort of order of things they were right is like this is the dirt. Of the market, and this is the one I got Tipper Sheena Easton Sugar walls. Remember that tune no and I went back and listen and Jerry's nodding, and I I I didn't recognize it at all. Yet this was her big image change song. Could she was sore
of all a mere, not all american. She was an american, but you know just where that clean image, sir, which came up sugar walls and everyone's, like you know, that's about right here, EAST who knows about think they were ranked as like. This is the dirtiest of them all here. This is the one that got tipper, depending on who you talking to you, but I have to give its consent all Saxon. Alison is really violent. I heard a bunch of these acts a strap on Robbie baby from vanity and I've never heard known. I haven't you, but I can guess what it's about China. You know just where that clean image, sir, which came up sugar walls and everyone's like you know that I didn't know the song, but I looked at the lyrics. It is a rare revenge song. I really it's about a woman like killing me and who will try to labor? There is a really good point here, Chuck and we'll get so this a little more, but I just want to point this out everybody listening right now. I can't wait any longer. One of the great things about
Pierre Marcy is it they provided endless amounts of entertainment to people who opposed to them by grossly interpreting the lyrics of saw Sylvia and and that's a really good example. The aperture and there a few examples of that. A please. Let me put my love into you sweet song about love of my love. You open your heart to my love twisted sisters, we're not gonna take it, which is as for that, and that is hysterical cause, there's nothing violent and that are not at all and by his zero of these nighter. At the Senate, hearings whose like apparently, Somebody saw the video and you're the guy from animal hell. Yeah mistook this cartoonish violence If you want to know this, is I collect cartoons and every single one Acts of violence was taken from some of my favorite cartoons of all time nothing in the song now. What's there would you talk,
about here. Why would there be explicit an explicit lyrics? and I my album when there's no explicit lyrics, adds cartoonish violence in the video, it doesnt, but this was on the list of fifteen that they used to say. This is a good example of what s going on the music industry. Good our interview with him. It was doing in every single one of those acts of violence was taken from some of my favorite cartoons of all time, certain there's nothing in the song. Now, what's the? What are you talking about here? Why would there be best thing confuse them because they looked similar none at all. I mean, I don't think they accidentally got decent eider, but he said at that's gonna who they want. It was meant to kneel, but when they got it, but this was on the list of the fifteen that they used to say. This is a good example of what s going on Well, you're lookin family man, and he throw the little shade the gorse way and he's like I'm still married and
doors are separated in one of their kids, it's busted for drugs and, like he's Yet these even nice about it now he's a good man. Is hard on Wanna make fun of them, but it's just interesting that I'm that they were picking on? I'm still married, my wife. Thirty nine years later, he also call her out because this whole thing started, because she failed to read the lyrics of the Prince Album. She listened to her with her little kid you're in he's, like always read the lyrics or listen to him an album before I shared with my diet as apparent job of always done this and elegy. He goes even like when tenacious these first ELM came out. He said his whole family loved it, but he made he made a version of it without one of the song. I know it's I'll bet you do for his kid, so they can enjoy tenacious Debo interested. They were ready for this thought designers. Basically one of the top heroes of this. If not, the top hear of this whole thing here
you're. In dear remember, we met him kind of said hi. How wait? Where was the whatever show with Alexis and Jennifer going on at the same time as us? That's right, yup, because in rock of ages. So I totally fucked about that it was, it was wonderful. One of them was Martha. Stewart daughter crisis was ok. Interesting totally forgot about the whole thing. You did Madonna dress you up! Yeah madonna! If you re quotes from her about this, is that yet would from like a Tuesday for me, the ban wasp few remember them We are sex perverts as what was stands for a really there a protocol glory kind of in. Please don't kill me if you're Goin fan and I'm way off it makes sense to outsiders. Did it really stand for the latter was that, like kids and Satan service? No that's what it's too, for they were like. There's a big stick:
show and like human Langley, lawless right. Yes and who I remember, he worry a cod peace that shot. It was wired to pyrotechnics, unlike shot sparks. Is also cod. Peace with, like a saw, I think, a chainsaw on it. Ok, I kind of, like a sure, pre sage, that whole horrible seen in seven. The one. The way he was approaching was a little more funding and this kind of light hearted them the seven one large there, a song, animal sex, language and violence. It covered all three, but not a cult no no, no call deaf leopard. In dry parentheses, Saturday night is about drinking gay and they even said that gets about drinking people like to have fun on Saturday night. Sometimes, rail merciful fate into the cabin- and I think that was king diamonds,
band originally. Yes, he was merciful, fates here, so they theirs was call, and it was like overtly a cool stuff like come? Come sir, say with me, a deadline, kill barons, kind of thing, don't really your idle psychotic sixteen year old. This is done for real, that's just music and I'm trying to sell records by that cleaning. My face puss also one of the other points They think a lot of people made too was you're, not gonna. Find merciful fits into the coven on Casey Caissons top forty, ever like. You would really have to go find this thing there. There were no songs on the radio and even if you do find it well, then, if you Listening to merciful, they have a conversation with your kid about what their listening to what mirthful fate saying and just how real or non real it is engaged gauge your child and also you not be the one parent in the history of the world that stop your child from listen,
two are watching something that they want to listen to or watch a year. When went in Basel when licence the ill came out. I knew like every word church on the album front back and one of them. I was singing it out loud to my parents about smoking that dust at seen, Anthony's faced and they were like it was funny insane immediately, but they did look at each other in like a day or two later. They approached me like Josh. You know that song that BC voice on whether talking about smoking dust or they talked about Angel dust, PC p Like I don't know, probably they like you, can't listen to that anymore hooker. Yet, and but that's one of the points, though, that it makes in this article, is it like It probably doesn't know- and I think research has even shown that lyrically people, prone to bring their own experience something especially kid. What also I'd? Will Judah meetly? Remember I can put myself back at that time.
In hearing that I wasn't, like an angel sound Amelia averted. Try have a quick, then rocking the great idea. I really didn't think like that now, but I think most people don't, ironically, if you're, under the influence of Angel Dust and lyrics, are super suggestive protests by you I have to do. The angel dust person sabots trashed, so about drugs and alcohol. Let's not Osborne or Dios everything not either one of those who was even give them now, and even though I do look em up fine, it sounds a bit like gum a little more melodic motor head thinker, gets Us Motor Hetty. It's not my kind ass ever Mary, Jane girls in my house on a knowing about food, that's whom I had all day yet another think it so that in my hand, is it wrappers it in my house? Mother?
pluming anymore. You further style for its rapid Mary, Jane Girls, um. Never like a girl girl group that Rick James put together now super eighties. Like sexy S, fine like that like it, wouldn't you would not bat an eyelash over it today. Right, venom possessed, never heard a cult and then finally, this is great. Cindy lover there very famous masturbation song she bought. So you know is about masturbation. Now, ok, until I read the words they hung like a well that's about masturbation gets. You said that she feel like going Ali Baba Day, kept the die. Your way, so she was recommending. It naturally made this up. I got the impression is a little embarrasses, an adult for having. About alone that song but apologetic sheets, and you offer Just you know, man? We saw a show of hands once good concert
yeah. I am you know into that crystal that Halloween Party of hers on time No in the nineties. My A big halloween, basher reared or place in New York friend John Abraham was a member, the fan club and I think he could get like early tickets or somethin. Oh that's cause let us all tickets. We went limits and develop early school already there Halloween Party, which was so much one, sees them like she spends a lot of time and money like helping out algae BT, Q Youth have been kicked out under the street by his grants cycle. Jude, Emily great person, yeah, she's, totally and talented too, very much. She Bob Cindy Sheba, that's right so that Filthy fifteen, that's where they trotted out This is when I guess we need to get in a little bit to the fact that it seem sort of okay. Even me as apparent now to be like we know, there's nothing wrong with a rating system, because it
You want to know what's going on in that, just helps us as a bit of shorthand for sure, but it wasn't a voluntary thing, because very soon what started happening is they started peoples doing interviews and on the pier mercy people in the government? and it was clear that they were trying to get get be rid of this stuff. Well, yeah. I get it out of doors, Ed puts them out of business gear kind of they're, like that. We have today different views in hours. We don't like it yet they considered themselves the moral majority which was ascendant thanks to a basically packed with Ronald Reagan. They helped got Reagan. Get Reagan, elected and Reagan like made the Christian right very prominent in it in powerful in american politics in the eighties and there I read this. What one of my first
things that each Accra researching stuff like this is the real contemporary articles at the time. Like they dont know the outcome and they also new tundra details. It get lost time over history browser this, like long form Ellie times already about this whole thing. Written right smack tab in the middle of it and dumb they coated this guy, who is like this part of them movement like everybody's, looking at it like it's just about censoring Brazil like no. These same people tried to rid of the last temptation of Christ right they tried to get funding for the national and our for the humanities year. This is like part of a larger thing that they're trying to do in their trying to sanitize american popular. Walter to their tastes and what you are I think that in interviews and at the Senate hearings some of the people the p M our sea side, including pearmain, appear Marcy. Members basically said like you were trying to censor this, which
one thing: if you go into a saying that because then the people who are opposed to know where you stand there, but the p m or see their whole position, they Both sides are their mouth, and one of the sides decide that they said the loudest was war not trying to censor anything. We're trying to the record industry to do his voluntarily. Yet we just happened right. A group right. We just happened to be married to these senators in these congressmen and likeness cabinet members in the house nothing to do with anything. But if you look at the context of everything, it was its voluntary sorry, but if you don't do it or going to put you out of business or we're gonna have the government to it, and that is censorship, it's also on constitution. When the government gets into that. That's unconstitutional impact every single law like this one and thrown right out by the Supreme Court yet well, which is one big reason why this wasn't a law knows. Never. Legislation proposed was always voluntary from a private group to Corporation but Frank Zap at those hearing said: oh wait. A minute
if this has nothing to do with legislation. If this has nothing to do with law wire, we holding Senate hearings on a private group trying to get a private action. Voluntary action undertaken. What are we doing here? Any really revealed like the the theatre behind one thing. I got rid of all the set dressing and showed it for what it was, which was a stab at censorship. The sky, Jeff Ling part of the p mercy so do I think it should be out of stores. Sure I do Think labeling will do that European Marcy member Sally Nebulous said, we want the industry to police itself. If they refuse we're going to look into legal ways to stop what we feel is contributing to the delay its use of minors, pat boom, very famously said: that's what constitution had mind self imposed, majority approved censorship. So I mean they were blatant about it about the fact that,
not only were they tried to legislate morality. If it came pushed games they would try and do that right, but pets to Pat Boon straight up, saying like yeah. If the majority wants it sure since her art with discreetly scary. It I'd is scary. There, a woman named Judith, tough, who introduced situation in Maryland, fur record labeling and she apparently told francs at stop worrying about civil rights. Yeah which is not a phrase you wanna go down in history, as is famously saying yes and Examples. The last person to say that in opens probably would be like our eye. Fine, sir, we're Jack Daniels and even though the Senator Democratic Senator their named James Exxon of Nebraska, and he even said like what are we doing here? Well, ok- and I was like here
Gaza hero for saying that now not a hero who saying that he wanted to know because he was in favour of of censoring yeah. But how, he was like there was no, decision on the floor like why Is it here in front of the commerce can write. I took it to mean like like what order this is this is this is inappropriate. Then this is not right. But now he is like all. I thought we were here to censor the hymns. It turns out you watch the Frank zapper testimony happens in the first couple minutes the whole thing area. I watched a lot of this row. I watched it back in the day, I'm too, but some of it? John dimmer was great. He was thought you had the most impact of everyone does. I think they thought John dinners. Come in there, a boon, Mr Squeaky, clean, Pat wounded up and he came out hard on a couple of things. He was like. First of all, you think my son Rocky Mountain eyes about smoking dope. It's not like you're wrong. I wrote
it's about feeling the euphoria of nature in the Rockies unequivocally in the Rockies in Colorado Not only that, but You shouldn't be doing this and they were like wait. We called you in here just we thought you might be friendly committee aid to Denver and he said hey. I am firmly I'm John Denver, but you shouldn't be doing this. They clapped is funny if you watch the Franks output testimony, they sure, do some in my brain was like waiting for applause and like cheers in I areas the Senate here right. Do there there, then we applaud themselves, but so Let's pause for a second here in in point something out Chuck we just starting the Senate hearing where John Denver, Frank, Zapper, Andy Snyder from twisted sister testified, that's a pretty significant sent here and the aid is it is it really is. I think it is. I think it's landmark now
So you won't talk a little more about the hearings and I will take a break in the wall that yeah sure, ok, so that the guy who's most equally, actually all three of them are with Frank, Zapper, really kind of laid down, he bright moon unit and weasel with them, and they Were I dont know if they got the testify, but they came so that they could testify as concern teens who are worried about their free speech, yeah and francs it really pointed it out. He said that, first of all, I think this is the parents concern not the governments concerned and that I've got fortune Two of them are here those Munoz dual eyes like say, both of their names. I want them to grow up country, where they can think what they want to think big. They want to be, and now add some his wife or somebody in government makes them be, which is pretty pretty wise words here, although he does say the watchword in their wife.
Got thrown around a lot during this from the opposing side. It it just danced along the edge of being denigrating. I think, like you're, a Washington wife go stay in your lane. Right, don't worry about big stuff. Like this almost Kenneth smell save it. Whenever it came up, Washington wives are wiser. Ladys, it does seem just just the kind of death reading here, they're gonna, listen your fear. I heard it but I'd I'd that a different take than you did juncture in France. Have actually was Miss labelled do later. He had a word lyric free, instrumental, album that was tagged with explicit lyric, because Somebody in a record story was like: oh yeah, you ever hear testify against appear Marcy, so sad was gone out with his family was gone out with his family gis.
Fighting really divided side suing each other, oh no, yet awful our money in weasel on the same side are opposing sides. I believe Manawyddan hold on this not too long ago. I think the weasel at Y know. Dwindling met are completely on opposite sides and I think a met in the mom have control of. I think the moms dead. Now now think they're in control of the catalogue and were like you can't play dad's music anymore. So, I think the weasel and moon, I think, are on one side. There is another sister, but yet I waited to complete House divided. That said, it's really sad here. Oh yeah, some money I'll figure because unbundled now
I met in the mom, have control of, I think the moms dead now oak now think they're in control of the catalogue and were like you can't play dad's music anymore, and so I think the weasel and moon, I think, are on one side, there's another sister but yeah. I wait. It's a complete house divided that sad, it's really three bucks month, all in you get unlimited data messages and minutes on Verizon's forty LP network and visible doesn't do annual contracts. They also don't do shady hidden fees or foot long phone bills, either when they say forty bucks a month. They mean thirty bucks a month yet when they say unlimited data. That means unlimited data. They also don't have physical phone stores. That means no waiting. A minds are dealing with annoying salespeople with visible. You can sign up by a new, or bring your own device, get help. That's a tap away, be a chat text or tweet and get better phone service all from their app or website. Without ever
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things first of all what we ve been talking about with misinterpreting these lyrics, you got somebody else deciding well. This is what this person meant when they wrote it, so it deserves a sticker, whether its John Denver or twisted sister, with their song under the blade, was about The guitar us for that band was having throat surgery and was scared a decent. I wrote a song about that being scared. In the surgery and going under the blade right, and they thought it was a song about killing people the knife. Exactly so that's a big problem. The big problem in himself why you get past that by training. Somebody right I mean you. Do you mind area in a league group of P all who have all studied comparative literature extensively, probably of doktor it's in it and pay them a significant amount of money to work at each record label to go through the songs they come out and decide which
We deserve a thirty forty thousand songs that come out each year. Right, that's what you do and that's what they did right now if he did know new, they did now and it's funny to go back there under the blade thing. Decider very faint he was like that. That's not about the ESA, and that is all in Tipper Gore's mind apparently well in our got mad. He really man- oh dear, oh yeah, he was living in the area in this hearing area. I didn't see that part yeah. He was really take off these Niger Yet these night or so then it became kind of a talking point on the opposing side was like basically painting Berger is like this lascivious, like I did lady, like parents house why, through like couldn't couldn't couldn't stop herself from talking about media salmon there and then not just not just tip but also some of the other people, they were kind of pain, it is people who were oh just basically getting off on talking,
the stuff funded through today shower good morning. America, which, like just brings them right up to the line between like earnestness in performance, art and They were. They were almost saying like these people are, I'm putting you on almost a year, because I mean idea that somebody's walking round getting off on to such a cartoonish Freudians sketch of a person, but this is this: where the talking points were on both sides the princess, Tajima, darling, Nicky masturbating, all you do- is talk about masturbating in the in the in the media right basically verbatim quotes is what I just said. Well, ES irony of it all is the word. Masturbated probably never been used that much in public like ever right, then, because these hearings, and certainly not only nothing good morning, America or anything like that, it was the very people who were decrying, who are the ones who were bringing it to the masses.
A few more songs of Aziz, suicide solution, song, witches, anti suicide, about alcoholism was promoted by the Pmrc is as suicide, encouraging all right, so there's it all wrong. They are so ok, so you ve got a subjective thing by finish in judging lyrics in interpreting them is pretty subjective. One hundred percent you're not gonna, go to the trouble of of training people to do this job correctly right at least you're going to come up with a set of coherent criteria and guidelines that can be applied across the board right now. Now they didn't do any of that and it wasn't applied across the board because, the end, and this was of a survey important
or again only nineteen. Ninety four bullets say we get extrapolate this across the country. Eight percent of cities in cassettes Total had parental advisory stickers. Fifty nine percent of rap albums thirteen percent metal, one percent mainstream pop and no country albums had stickers, which is pretty rich consider, there's a guy named David, Alan CO in Hank Junior again, walk talk should all that, while they sound sing about was drinking and doing drugs again and fights and stuff. Yet let the sex violence and drugs and drinking yet and they had zero perennial advisory, so that smacked of light again, it's an extremely narrow sample good stores in Portland Oregon by EVA, gets across some people's points on the posing side like know this, isn't this isn't bout like values, it's about what they are threatened by yet threatened by like rap music in heavy metal there. Okay, with everything else in this is proof
that is, of that they probably didn't even run the country songs through the process. Should that be my guess, I'm sure they just targeted groups so. Finally, well, like we said they already are, I had already decided pre hearing that they were going to do this and they said alright. Organised figure. This out should just take us about five years and what The plan may have been was like. Maybe this allowed us go away, I think that yeah? That was part of it, but I think also they realise that, like they were gonna they're gonna have this. They would stem off there desolation and worked there. If you read some of the in temporary reports with legislators who brought in relation to their state houses, they say the same thing, to play ball were were sending our bill. But
got it over here if they don't and playing ball. After all, we're really did work, but they did it like a couple of days or a couple of weeks before thee. The committee, the Commerce Committee voted on the tape tax there and our I didn't get their tape tax now they tonight But what did happen was the stickers and March of ninety ninety started. Come I'll, remember going to the store in seeing those for the first time yeah, I thou. Well, it's gonna. What happened do in some This is, do you know what the first album that had the first occur was? Was their first album? If you can guess? Yes, if you can guess what out. They came out and ninety ninety just guess who would have gotten the first explicit, lyrics, manicure, Canada, James Addiction, to live crew.
Of course, banned in the USA was the first seven days to get an explicit lyric, sticker, yeah and so Now these sticker started coming out and ahead of head of a ripple effect in a big way. But in a lot of ways, everything from Stephen I'm getting onstage and saying. Thank you Tipper Gore, because you throw some four letter. Words on an old man. Now you're gonna get another million sales. Kids were looking to buy those records, it is, is forbidden fruit all the way to the other side of the coin, witches, Walmart or certain stew. Saying we're not even gonna carry these records. That was part of it and stores also became an easy target for local law enforcement that decided that they were going to enact their own laws bright, like gum in Brown, county Florida, which is around Miami Miami? Is the bar county sheriff, send out some deputies with their badge
for uniform to go by wreckers, swords and said aid just want to give you a friendly, low heads up here, sell anymore those to live crew, elms we're gonna arrest, you we don't want to, but we want to give you a heads up first to live through out about it and we're like that's prior strain, on free speech, and they won. They won in the Supreme Court actually, but this kind of thing it was like, as as the grabs, your put it this serve more emboldened by the the route. The the the response. From the peer mercies, area for sure and these labels war- hey go after these guys and not just the records like when art came to town, they would get arrested for their performances in nineteen. Eighty nine nine percent, murders were arrested in Georgia alone, for their concert from Bobby Brown to Jean Simmons yeah. That's what decider in that that sort of thirty years later thing said, is you know, I worked in one way because they sequestered,
which is maybe all they wanted, was they sequestered a certain group of artists from the rest yet and that sequestration, like you, said, range now they can they're following where they're touring and cops are going to show up there, two walmarts and not going to carry this unless you change this album cover, or this lyric or the song title something ridiculous. Like Nirvana Song, rape me was very famously changed on the album, the title to wait for me nothing about the song, but and change the site itself. But if you look on the back that in utero covers as waif me repetitive, like crossed out in the written our people, wait it's not, but it should have been so it you know. It had a big ripple effect. A lot of ways. People and Anna Guess for this, they had always had radio, safe versions of some songs. Will you
just one can get radio play right, but now it's like the albums need to be like radio, safe right. You in your home, pearls warmer one sounder. When events a big retailer was even back then yeah. So there was a negative that slippery slope that the p our sea had had carried the nation across. So we started to slide down it and actual legitimate censorship took place as a result and The way that all this happened, the way was able to happen was because there was a gatekeeper. There was a funnel for the record industry to the public in the peer mercy was able to go to them and say you ve got something we got something you want. You got something we want we're gonna make this happen here and just by the fact that the record industry is not like. It was back.
And there are no longer the gatekeepers like. If you make music in cell directly to hear your fans, you ve got some. You know a few digital platforms that that do some kind of experts. Its stuff and in or labeling or something you they're still there it's there and I think if you still can buy record, I didn't know anybody still bought like physical cities or whatever, but it can still come with dial a sticker, but it's just changes is different and if you listen to stuff today- and are you listened a filthy fifteen you're, like your give gotta be kidding me so it's almost like the the PM, our sea. When put their finger and a dyke, they didn't even really need it, and in doing so they exploded in the floodgates the fudge came and overwhelmed them here and just by the number of of of songs that were released and the amount of just filthiness powers, and in those songs is just it became normalized,
rather than the exact opposite, which is what the peer mercy was, was working for yeah what didn't happen is our generation, which was the generation of the seventies and eighties. It turns out. We did not go up to just be a bunch of degenerates; well, there was gonna, be the ruin of our country and its true, though as of music, and I think that that is ultimately like what what parents tell themselves there really worried about. Is that the their kids going to be? morally unhygienic in the country we'll go down the hill one way or another. But I mean it distancing the pan out ever near spite. Being such an ongoing in old worry jazz, it's gonna be the end of moral society, then Rock n roll stream although I have to say the Peer mercy D, give us glendinning exalt mother is apparently an ode to Tipper, Gore and P a mercy.
I really should go and read the lyrics. Like okay, Pmrc was in a bunch of songs, I mean those those four letters appeared in a lot of rock and roll songs, hip hop songs, yeah, a lot of attention and maybe that's all they wanted? While we just gave him some more no longer around the note there of the banned in the nineties, and do you know when de knowing tipper quit ninety five? No ninety two area became vice president yeah and then can see her sitting in with the grateful dead on drums, smoking grass endeavoured to also talks about his grasp. If you want to know more about the Pmrc will well, I don't think there is anything more to know but go look around. Read contemporary articles, it's fun and since I said contemporary articles is time, Phyllis We call this short and sweet.
Number in the olive oil, a persona said something about Greeks and Italians. Like what's the difference, I got support on that from a greek gentlemen, Apparently, it's a thing he said think you'll be pleased to find out You didn't offend anyone when he said Greeks and Italians are the same. In fact, there is actually a phrase Una Foxier, Rosa or in Greek MIA Thoughts, Miata, meaning one face. One race often used to express the perception of close cultural affinities between Greeks in italian sounding keep up the good work, guys that from a Nick contests, done Chuck and obliging the contest. This Greek doesn't matter then, or thanks a lot nick, those very nicely mail sent to support chuck because I live hang in high and dry if you are again touches us.
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