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Were U.S. citizens in Japanese internment camps?

2011-03-01 | 🔗

During World War II, the U.S. interned more than 100,000 Japanese and Japanese-American citizens. In this episode, Chuck and Josh recount the events that led to these internments, along with the long-term consequences of these events.

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Hi, I'm Bobby Brown. Welcome to my party beyond the beauty, show from Iheart Radio I'm here to be sitting down with different people each week that I think we can all learn from. I hurt rate. Is number one for podcast, but don't take my word for it. Please beyond the beauty, I hurt radio, app apple podcast or ever you get your podcast, because we all have something to learn about. The real me brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry its Eddie. Are you welcome to stop? You should now run housetop works that are you not
cast Iron Josh Clerk, there's Charles the reach a riot, and that makes the stuff we should now be paranoid or something had slipped over. My shoulder for czech prime guess soon after me, the real jack. Don't worry about him with a girl, I could go back to being arm insincerity. Supposedly that was the worst. Whenever Magrini said, I think he forced episode met. You told me once that met greening. It was asked if there is one citizens that he could take em all again, I really do not exist. You told me, I don't think I did because I've never heard that very disappointing. As I love that episode. That's the episode that I based my episode. We ve had this conversation. How you know me? Well, you just make up greening quota. I get so Chuck. Yes, speaking of tv.
You ever see the season three episode of Man and p. I called forty years some sand ion. Yes, now you haven't I've seen em all do tell me what about now verify that but You said yes, farming saw every magnum, so assume I've seen it all. This one starts out in a japanese internment camp and Oahu the same dial up and down. There's a murder, a guard one of the guards murders the sir. This in turn me, I guess I entered so mean she worked at the camp for very good at college credit, although there are some similarities between interment camps and in turn up, but this this internees murdered by this camp guard my hand up. Higgins. Is writing a book forty years later about this incident in some mysterious things start to happen,
somebody's out to whack, I'm so Magnum scatter solve the case. Who was Higgins the guy who killed the person didn't want him years later? No, I know remember how you he learned about it, like maybe from hearsay or something like that news doing. Research Johnny I dont know why he was writing a book on it. I dont remember the episode terror to their forty. You should say analyses and three was a good one, like they really had described by the area, but the crazy thing is the same. Island really existed. Ok, it was a Japanese permanent camp and it didn't make this list strangely, and we are well aware, was lying on Oahu, then I wouldn't hear was now, but it is It was the main interment camp were japanese and Japanese Americans in turn during world war, two, because something that I think, probably especially a lot of our younger listeners, haven't found out. Yet the United States in turned a number of cities. Since unconstitutionally during world war. Two near you know their own citizens
Rather it's the soccer one give me more: well there they go to see the sum, their professional soccer team or whatever the soccer stadium marshalling surrounding us. I can't believe this used to be an intermediate thing. To its gets the here. There are a lot of shelters. Temporary places set up in a lot of people, move through there's a lot of misery and heart ache. Let's talk about it two symptoms and Magnum in the first six minutes is stellar. Yes, let's talk about it. Josh under some sort of nineteen. Forty one very awful thing happen: the japanese deck Pro harbour burglarize. I surprise denounced coming and MIKE obey ultimately made up pretty bad movie about it. What are actually went to see that in left after the attack discuss its that's? What I've? Therefore, I didn't see the love story attached moving on President Fdi.
At the time said, the we're gonna relocate, but a hundred thousand Japanese japanese American? but what he called concentration camps where you gonna use that term today, for these other associate with Nazis exactly and Jane Mcgrath who wrote this went to a lot of length too, to differentiate good for you as a little and a necessarily, I mean that anyone thought of them is the same thing is a fine article J. It was That was not how it started. Is it Josh he started slower in a sort of grew from their yeah. There is apparently intelligence that, even before the attack on Pearl Harbor in the on the Pacific coast, especially in areas like him, Disco, LOS Angeles Seattle, there were spy rings of japanese, japanese american right, I'm being set. Ups are right. After the attack they rounded up about fifteen hunt,
aliens that they suspected of possibly being engaged in espionage and not just Jappy, but also like Italians, Italian away can german Germans and german Americans the people who brought us some liberty, cabbage and stuff like that, so he refuses Evil funds over there all about he hasn't paraded The item is like the galaxy, nothing. Well, it's sort of happen in some of the aliens were released and some were sent to temporary detention camps, Canada, if you think you're off the hook, you are not yet cause. You did the same thing here. Twenty thousand. For that, and I wonder how much, how much of that had to do with Canada bowing to pressure from the? U S, no wonder I wonder which makes it even more shameful for us both. For your air. So are a couple of months after a pearl harbor- and this is I guess, after that, the review of the fifteen hundred right
Yes, that's when he issued the executive order, nine zero, six six, which gave the military the power to create zones. And what it says here is zones if any or all persons may be excluded, so that means they didn't like really indirectly. It's ok, yeah! That's what I thought they basically said like you can't live, here you can't own property here. At the very least, you can't be here right now what has happened? if you're, right, whoops, the military is designated this like as an exclusionary his arm, but of this free housing over here that you can can take advantage of, and I think that's how it was kind of soul that first, but it became very obvious that the Japanese didn't have a choice in moving to these camps. That's the impression I have the impression I have to sell us. Let's talk about and they set up first assembly areas,
which were temporary camps from February until the summer right, yeah, first generation and second generation journeys? Americans say which is first generation and they say, wishes second generation. They actually got folks from both coasts, although it was largely West Coast yeah. I was almost yeah. It was mostly west coast because this much closer to Japan and the EAST coast, of course, and that's what the Intel supposedly said that there were living and they were also. I saw a government propaganda film from when they started this cancer being built, so it would have been made and light nineteen, forty two and am basically they were. They were saying like we just you know, there's just too many Japanese in these in a large population,
not spread out because they left people alone in Atlanta and Dallas and New York generally, because they were diffuse one of the reasons they went off the West Coast, because there are huge concentrations of japanese Americans. My f unease that they're just worried about you know them coming up with problems. Sure, like estimates of propaganda, film said, if this had problems, then is it ok? If that is convey
one of the problems here with how this went down. Was they only got a couple weeks notice it most they had to leave their homes with whatever they can carry and go to these assembly centres. Can I can tell you one more thing from the public from so when there, for they show them putting up signs that might as well say like you didn't get out. It was basically like if you, if you urge japanese or second generation- japanese- you- you can't be here- you have to go meet here at this time and will process you and basically processing met. Here. Are some government enlisted lawyers and they're going to em they're going to help you
basically sell your home in business in whatever for a loss in most cases ran the you, don't have a choice that did they force or that are strongly encouraged them as far as like selling their they forced it. But this propaganda film, which I recommend anybody, see a camera once called, but it's only like ten minutes longer man they path allowed into it. They say like the japanese and Japanese America, we are happy to help out. There are happy to prove their loyalty, thereby in their possession physically they're doing their part by giving off the West Coast it's how this right again fell made. It seems but a lot of them were forced to sell their stuff, often less than market value, to the starting. Often enough that note to begin with. Yes- and this is just what the temporary housing then, in late summer, nineteen forty two- they had finally set up
These in turn camps, ready open for business. The w worry the WAR Relocation Authority put up places in California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, allowing Arkansas and it gets away and why you know that did make, list. Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball because there's is that guy who joined your game He never passes the rock he, instantly bricks theories and who can we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease. The switch and save on car insurance. No, need fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save Geiger it's almost better than sports, say now, and they were guarded. They were barbed wired to had hospitals. They headed, so need to live schools, little forms of government,
There is no there's, no basic They put them in the in the camps guarded em, so they couldn't they weren't. Allow deliver, come in and out freely by sighed. The cancer is up to the Japanese to form their own democratic self government, and they did it. Captains and and things like that, so parking Yet if I even than Debbie, I said that at the time They can my army there. One family for room. You got you caught. You got your mattress, he got a stove and why you get some blankets the problem was one of the funds. Was that these barracks and say there were five apartments. I barracks there are separated by four Walls in the wall thing go all the way to the ceiling, so there is like no privacy in a very private culture. We answer so they started wrecking their cultural heritage right off the bat printing public laundry public bathroom facilities mess hall, so they
small amounts of money for close personal expenditures in the like right, but it's pretty dang low. And so if they wanted a more comfortable life in there, they would dip into your personal savings right so that started wrecking them on the final. Front as well, and the low wages also has a strange, indirect effect chuck and that the parents and the kids who were old enough, the work were made the same amount of money near one of the things that you know that one of the ways parents exert control of their choice. Like I make more than here, not we make the exact same amount of money so that the wreck, the family home for a little bit more definitely eroded authority among pair. And you know I mention that they could dip into their savings, not the case with them first
nation, Japanese cause their assets are actually frozen to. They didn't have the option to spend their own money the easy they earned and put in the bank so I, like you, said they tried their better. Do normal thing set up like baseball leagues, evidently, japanese or baseball yeah, I saw young, I thought and ART Exhibit Smithsonian Renwick Gallery in DC they had. It was called garment the hour of the interment camps really and as a couple of things they had were some like hell. Aid, baseball, jerseys, further leagues that they set up there while yeah as critical. It was very good there's a lot of really interesting stuff there, that is, that was at stolen display right now, our it just needs of January thirty. If I lifted up the entire, where you go, everyone in this house at least flood that also
some round, so keep an eye out for things crop one or the other ways it sort of wreck. The cultural family front was that Japanese, traditionally aid together as a family, family time mealtime, and now that the little boys and girls were living close to their friends. They like we're, really hot, to go over and eat dinner with their friends sure so that fracture the family even more puss. Also, if you don't want people to know, argue as your wife, you better not do it in the barracks because again, walls and go all the way to the top. That's right arm. If there is a lot more insight into your neighbors private life than than the Japanese, wherever comfortable with here, you know the guinea culture be fully comfortable with those conditions. Right, I agree.
Yeah. So let's move for the nineteen. Forty three. When the w array says you know I'd, maybe we should let some of these folks out to go to school and work and let's make a questionnaire and base their release on this, that the results of this year, so you have the questionnaire while there is a lot of personal information like you know, where are you, born. Can you give five character? References five work references there, some other kind of odd quest it's like I'm name, some newspapers that you subscribe to irregularly reed. Ah, what are your Hobbes and interests Would you volunteered for the army nurse corps? Would you do know it's saying four to What are some other Harvey, Xavier interest to you? They just slip that denouncing improve Japan and Korea and a lot of people hop that this operate They saw what it was and they said you sure, totally out
I'm an american citizen anyway, so yeah, that's fine! All denounced the average appear. One thing we think we really touched on Chuck. There was a hundred and twelve thousand people who were relocated to these. In turn. Can seven thousand of them were no doubt out at american citizens? So yeah, a lot of people who were happy to sign this pledge of allegiance, basically, a pledge of loyalty and those who did were released they're alive people who took the opposite while there were released just go to work in school at the time right, they were released, release where they, I think you. I think that, the green them early release are released before other people. Ok, yeah! Well, I think they're allowed to leave for work or school, but they weren't like released release. Ok at that time, it was ok There are some other people who took great offence to these questionnaires and refused to sign up. There is actually a big protest it to a lake
and even if they were citizens, american citizens refuse to yeah there. Actually, people who renounce their citizenship in the face of being forced to sign this loyalty oath, on top of already being a citizen, rapture of actually verbally, renounce their citizenship to a lake. There is a mass protests and there is a guy named Jimmy miracle: Tawny who had a pretty cool documentary made about him tat. They catch America, Tawny, here's to awake, he denounces citizenship. He was finally released from the cancer there closed and basically went to be homeless and he didn't realize that his citizenship had been restored. Nineteen, fifty nine and as recently as like two doesn't he still thought he was like an illegal aliens living on the streets and is almost like a japanese Drexler kind of yes yeah. He was that's exactly what it was like was a japanese, regular, the camps basic right as really interesting. It is worth
but he had ever united love it will you stay in the United States in New York is actually I use. A master artist is really good I'll check it out. I will buy YAP most, if not all, of the people who were in this protest it to a lake and renounce their citizenship. There is one lawyer who went back into the due date. They do this under duress. Fishing ban, the camps in the first place, man, let's restore their citizenship, and I think most, if not all, had their citizenship restored years later, yeah. Well, our age, Ashley, gotta, nineteen, forty four December. This finally comes to an end. After a lot of public outcry, they were allowed to leave, but they can exactly does John back into their regular life in many cases, because a lot of times their business or property taken over or neglected in shambles. At this point, yeah an alarming amount of money. The four hundred million dollars in financial losses by the japanese internees
and two thousand nine. That's about five point, two billion yeah, but I think lower. Now, because I looked up a different calculated for point So maybe they went down since two thousand nine deflation deflation. So what was the problem? Here? Was a big deal. Why should I here is a constitutional, her well yeah. It is with extremely unconstitutional, a panel later found outright and, of course, outgoing facetious with that, but the fire. There is this girl named Mitt SUI Endo, who is a twenty two year old shoes born and raised Sacramento, had never been in Japan. Couldn't I don't think she could speak or reject the,
and she was in turn to one of these camps- unbelievable and she basically appealed she. She appeal for a writ of habeas Corpus talked about for my lady got denied. She started appealing to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court got a hold of it and was like this woman should be granted unconditional release immediately and that open the floodgates for. Every other: U S, citizen who was in turn their rent and then eventually that, coupled with the popular outcry against it, because for even while is going on Americans everyday Americans who are saying this is horribly wrong. Yet was pre controversy and so finally, even before the war ended, the camps were shut down yet, but this was in the forest and people died. Why are you talking about the year on the islands? That's different! Ok, we can talk about the whole stock above at the arm. The art exhibit. I was telling you about Renwick Gallery. There was this guy name
you're about her and he did some really cool ink illustrations for one of the ones you did an old man doubled over and there's a dog near by and others the fence in the mountains. In the background, and if you read the cash him beneath a vague explanation, its of an actual event that took place in an old man who is death was chasing stray dog trying to catch it, and apparently a guard was shouting out and forgetting to get away from the fence old man's death didn't hear the guard shot him to death this in one of the camps. Yeah, I mean like if this is unconstitutional. It never should happen, then just that alone is makes it horrific murder, but then there are a lot of other people who died of thumb, just deplorable conditions in the resolution. I Yeah I mean it wasn't just round in the United States, as we found out when we read this Japan was
Apparently we got word that Japan is going to attack. Islands kissed her in a two so before they did so, we said what in there and round up, I guess it was it locals. Yeah, the moon in any the index, using tax earning ex you're. What I understand is why I mean they were happening is american. They were an American. Why did we round them up further on protection? Supposedly, while I think not even supposedly, I think that was the whole thing that that we were pretty sure the Japanese we're gonna catches island, which they did so we were, we evacuated them. From their home. While, sadly, what happened? There was eight hundred and eighty one of these non docks rounded up, and they saw U S. Servicemen burning their houses in their villages down to Japanese can use them for the jabbing and
That, though, is this when they were setting sail for their new home. Where, like you, can't stay here and we're gonna, take you someplace where lotta you're gonna, die okay, so they took him further into Alaska and basically used in all fish cannery. An old fish salting play hearing sultry and then an old mine of some sort goldmine camp there was like riding out, tells me that these were the temporary quarters for these people and out of eight hundred eighty one chuck. Fifty four people died of things like consumption, the damp TB, which are all I think the same thing. Well, they didn't of plumbing. They didn't have electricity, they had no toilets, they didn't have. The food is poor, they did have winner. Clothes in the water was tainted new, and this is where they sent him. Yeah. Unbelievable
in season one of from scratch. I had a blast. I descended into the old cotton awkward, I visited far. I and the chefs- could we did lots of cooking sitting here? sizzling vegetable carmelites mine, it's completely different, now is incredible. Isn't it Michael Susan? One is now completely building work whenever you want to hear any or all of it, if you like it, please rate and or reviewing
Listen to you from scratch, with Michael Room on the ice radio out an apple pie CAS or wherever you get your package so that in an gets a basically said. Okay over his can take matters into our own hands. They build themselves their own quarters. They raise the church there that is pretty inspiring and again this one wasn't like internment against. I guess it was against their will, but it was supposedly for their own safety while there, so they set about the japanese American. Still, we should point out right am we should also- they really talk about that panel. Nineteen. Eighty eight that found that that was not the case at all. Yeah well before we move on out, we should say that the union, the union acts twenty five of the men join the American armed forces, despite the fact that they were rounded up and put in these camps in some of them died. They still supported America to the extent that they would fight and die for the country, pretty maize.
That is, very rights are now a flash forward. Once again, there are little time machine to nineteen. Eighty eight, when redress payments were basically on the table in nineteen the Congress created on the commission on war, time, relocation and in terms of civilians and they came to their decision and nineteen. Eighty eight right in their decision their judgment on or their nose constitutional or what was the motivation behind? It was that it was racism pure and simple racism in wartime hysteria right near and basically they said. Yes, there was evidence that there was espionage networks on the West coast among Japanese, in japanese Americans, but the people who were calling the shots. The term it didn't know that at the time. So we owe this people a lot of money is what they came up with right. How much was reparation, so I got some stance
Ok, eighty two thousand two hundred and ten people got paid twenty thousand apiece. Now when I said that the financial losses must go back to night and eighty eight at least his ass when they are paid nineteen. Eighty eight that would have been two point: six billion dollars lost one point: two billion was paid out so less than half of what they lost. They ended up getting back so, in other words, a twenty grand didn't cover squat, then curse cloth and ninety. Ninety two, the Super Lit Liberties, active nineteen. Eighty eight was put into effect. They released another four hundred thousand for payments in part of the deal, then was- and I think this is the first Bush sign this one. Ten, the tin interment sites were made the circle and marks and inactive. Eighty eight, the official apology,
as part of the deal was the money and official apology and then funds for an educational foundation is what they wanted. The got it. We were well. Seconds is Abbe ending, I think Polly. The better legacy of it, though, is that we very sadly learned a really hard lesson, and that is that we can't get swept up in racial hysteria, profiling, monarch, citizen, their India, in the midst of an emergency- and I think that on I wonder if that help calm people keep heads cooler following nine eleven. I know one thing there that they never found any japanese american guilty of espionage him over to you have definitions,
camps, probably one located near you, especially if you live in the western states, are Arkansas organs and Island in Oahu. You ve ever been Santa Anita racetrack I have, and that was an assembly camp was really get some money unto ponytail one time they reject these people, who were kept thirty That is true. If you want to learn more about Japanese internally camps, typing intermit, I ain T, R, N, N n T in the search bar has the court's dot com. That means safer listener mail. I Josh we're gonna, go
people up on sergeant John Market, oh yeah, because we deleted of some facebook, but we didn't really do it on the show. So many people might not know that staff sergeant Walker was shot in the line of duty in Afghanistan. Severely is not a flesh wound, as they say, and I won't get into the details of how that went down we'll pick up afterwards with this guy's. The first couple of days after I was in my own coma from shall shock and a concussion, doctors put me on heavy meds due to surgeries and the pain when they went to test my rainfall and on the wonder machine due to the methods. It basically show me his brain dead is my body was not reacting to the stimuli. Don't worry. Folksy slily rang his email to things turned out: ok, which were getting too after hours out of the com? I wasn t much pain, so they put me in a medic
How come I, which basically meant just more meds afterwards they tested the MRI again showed some problems, but they certainly temporary. Through this all my brother, Lhasa, Meteor, Facebook page in. If you remember, I posted this lots of people, I've gone and regardless of political affiliation and how they the war, there were very concerned about Walker. Sprinkle I was not able to finish reading the comments on the post has made a cat tearing up from all the heartwarming com from the strangers. You didn't even know me truly nice guys do this plus really nice of everyone who posted. I found it very kind. People posted outside of that close and kept asking for So moving on he's in states now recovering pretty well he's been promoted again from staff sergeant all the way to sergeant major, and he says he will be promoted to second lieutenant and will receive the purple heart. The army distinguish Service Cross, the soldiers, metal,
Army can commendation Metal Army achievement, Metal Armenia, airforce presidential unit, citation any good conduct, Metal Army service ribbon for me, oversea service ribbon national defence, servicemen she's, gettin loaded up on his chest here for being shot. Mrs have been soda exactly in place on medical leave. My family wants me to discharge, as this is my fourth state, but I will not do it there's you're out there and people need protection will be providing protection. I plan on one more to her and then after the army applying to join alone. For so he's doing. Awesome he's on the facebook page a lot here, your member from any months ago. He was the one who was teaching English to the kids, who spoke a Farsi through our pockets, and he said a lot of these children from the school Cayman visited him and hospital and made him party stuff, and so because there is a great story, though, do we want
If everyone else out there who is not on the facebook page of he's all over the place and resign Twitter is well and he started actually stuff. You should know army page on fish. Facebook is well yeah, he's poaching our peace. Yes, he is very good guy. Thank you for keeping a set. Dates are sergeant Walker, and I would like you pulled through our Thank you for keeping a certain date sergeant, Major Walker, we're glad you pull through. We worry their fellow our way, little pretty scary. Is like right around Christmas. Really you out after and his brother in law was a mailing me, the stuff sand, like we don't know if he's gonna make it at one point, the scary tat was our Gladys fight right recovering. Yes, it's pretty bleak outside still these days, chucks, let's get some nice beach stories yeah. If you ever
story that takes place on a beach. We want to hear, send it to us in an email at stuff podcast how stuff works that car Furthermore, on this and thousands of other topics through the house up works, I come to learn more about the pie cast on the package I can in the upper right corner of our homepage. The House of Ruth Iphone have has arrived download it today, and brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you. You guys the impeachment is happening. The president will be on trial, presided over by the chief justice of Supreme Court and that's workin, while keep up with all the peace minted day, a daily podcast featuring me pays brown world these reporter and editor at full speed news. Each morning, we'll talk to experts and other quarters, to recap the most important news from trumped impeachment in a way that won't leave you didn't side by side in peace
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