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Wetlands! Wetlands! Wetlands!

2020-09-10 | 🔗

It’s time to get jazzed up for some Earth science of the waterlogged variety. Join Chuck and Josh as they tour some of the most interesting ecosystems on the planet and learn why we need to stop destroying them post haste.

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welcome to step. You should now production of Iheart Radios house. Now, where are you awake into the park care storm? Josh nurse Charles Jerry's, over there in this stuff? You should know the dripping wet edition do these wetlands and you do not get that. Is it a Seeger preference oh gosh, while you have to say Seeger when you always mean Springsteen, was a spring. Seeing is badlands. Ok baby. These wetlands are born to run sure run water like myself anymore, run harder. Those great save chuck thanks. So we're talking well, I guess I have to say we have to give a shout to Tom, Peter men found out
wetland biologists to keeps asking us to do this episode that where this came from there was a Tom Peter, mink suggestion other I had already want to do it anyway. So yeah me, we live! Our science is man. This one was. I was just smiling from ear to ear this. Can you imagine watching a blacksmith Ford, something in land, in a flooded woodland. Now, right there. So we're Talkin, wailings everybody and Dave Ruse, helped us put this one the euro and a divisive popping jokes every once in a while in the USA? Does he said what makes wetland, wet water, and then he says in all seriousness. That, basically,
is it that the water has to be largely present. At least some parts of the year in the soil in such amounts that you would call something wetland, Amene think of the name wet land, it's about his earthy, it a term is science gets yeah and he promoted this with a few stats and I will go through all of em, but I'll go through a few. That kind of our instructive as to why, I love wetland so much. Here's one! other wetlands make up only five percent of the land surface, the United States. They are home to thirty one percent of our plant species. Bad one. Third of America's threatened or endangered species, species live only and wetlands. I would propose that this slightly miss I think they're endangered because they live and wetlands and wetlands are endangered, as will see think about a chuck I don't know I took it more. Is
There are hiding out in the wetlands arable place to hide out. No, it's not bad, because he's got thirty one percent of the plant species em, it's a pretty rich biodiverse area, eleven, if you're an endangered species for sure uses NATO, as they demand law, will have to hear from Thomas Pearmain the foul mouth wildlife, wetland biologists, you can, let us know what does he say like do? Esben at lands already. Yes, that anything like this guy, I think that's inexact- Quote- he's not gonna dude, So another step that I thought was pretty interesting. That will would just kind of needs to form the basis for the undercurrent of this whole episode is that so we keep talking about the. U S, there's wetland found all over the world of different types of varieties: indifferent, climates, indifferent, different, TK, in its every continent except Antarctica, but in the United States particular we have a long history of filling in in draining.
Wetlands for other purposes the air. So much so that the sea see, I believe I dont know how much we ve lost, but in the sixteen hundreds, the lower forty eight stew, its were covered with two hundred and twenty million acres of wetlands, which is eleven percent of the total surface area of the lower forty eight states, and I think, starting The fifties we were doing away with wetlands at a rate of about sixty thousand of those acres per year. Yet it's gotten better since then, but yeah in the boy up the clean water act. It was just like hey, you know, look great there, a a resort right with like three golf courses in a bunch of tennis, that's In such a driving force like it's. It's like looking at lander ecosystems be like. Are humans making money off of it? No organ drain every purpose. It said it fiery purpose: it stop from burning reinterprets it like. If we can make money off of it, it can't possibly be useful, and luckily, since
environmental movement really started in the seventies. We realise it. That's not necessarily true that, even if you are just a heartless me, there's still a lot of benefits that humanity's given from things like wetlands that seem, Romantic or non productive Vienna yeah. That was one of danger fields, big lines in the Caddy Shack as EL serve. It was a golf courses and cemeteries. The two biggest waste of prime real estate. That's a good one! So, let's talk about wetlands, he said that there are only Some of them are only wet for short periods, sometimes when their snow melter just brain, yet physical, ephemeral. Wetlands, which is a cool term, puts a great term. More, where all the time and the key part. Being a wetland or the key characteristic is that it's either permanently or periodically, flooded or wet and the soil is got hi. It's called hydra, soil
when is dominated by anaerobic processes, meaning it loves water and the plants, their love water. You boys, we because used another word that shouldn't really gibe with plants and, let's call anaerobic needs. There is very little no oxygen present explain why later, but the fact that there are plans means that those plants have adapted to the wetlands. Yes, an amazing, anaerobic hydrostatic in we'll talk about this painfully It's it's another another thing about wetlands is just that. It really underscores the remarkable Lucian that something will go through to survive very cold, very, very awesome yap. So there is also so you hit upon something like they're, not necessarily wet year round right. So there's a whole bunch of different webs of wetlands are well environments that fill those that check those boxes, one of the ones that
most people, think of when they think of wetlands are coastal wetlands, like marshes and a basically like this area between inland in the ocean, a transition zone, a buffer zone and because it because of its proximity to the ocean, it usually salty, or at least brackish, reaches a mixture of of salt, water in fresh water and one of the one, the ones that really come to mind. If you thinking coastal wetlands, you thinking marshlands, are you thinking title marshlands? Probably especially if you're Conroy fan what was the name of her character that he repeats over and over in a whisper. I think I remember it was pop each him happy Jim. This is one of those
in the year at the pod player moments? Was it injury? Was it in the prince of tied year? Lowenstein was at it. I need you sure it wasn't Bobby Jim Clemency was it his always shrinks. His shrink girlfriend name your bags. Ok, I don't remember things: Lowenstein all right. So anyway, title marshes, yes, prince of tides. They Obviously, here it's because your title, they're gonna, come in and out with the high and low tide and, like you They are generally salt, water and salt marshes are very nutrient rich and they do have a lot of diversity, but obviously only the kind of things that can tolerate the salt as far as plants and animals go, which is pretty short list really, because salt is not conducive to life. Instead, there are. Some plants have figured out how to deal with salt by me.
The time are you looking at salt marshes. You're looking at the plant life is, is basically grasses of some sort right, there's also freshwater title marshes which they are either connected to the salt water Marsh. Foreign of inland that the salt water does it make its way in their I'm. So it's a freshwater marsh, but it still is affected by the tides. I had no idea about this and I use the vacation on Lake Erie. But apparently the great lakes or so big that they have tides them well. You didn't know that no idea. I avenue the number Dumdum when it comes to the great lakes. Well, Chuck, I think you got me be big time on this. Is because I could know a million other things about the great lakes, and if you knew that one thing- and I didn't you have me- beat yeah, I need and so that means that they do have those title marches the Florida
later another good example and boy Florida. Just that there's a lot of different types of wetlands in Florida lose a lot of like the allotted coastline and a lot of interior wetness, yeah, we have a lot of wetlands around our place in Florida for sure, there's mangroves in all sorts of stuff that we'll talk well we're at mangroves. I love those things, so mangroves a beautiful they at least server. The short stuff began one of the most amazing plants of all time, but they there Ain t there a type of coastal coastal wetland themselves, Mangrove Forest, where, if you ve never seen a mangrove forest there, these kind of em they have a growth habit further, the shrubbery on top of like the hare that pollute by has in the original the original Willie Wonka the Good One and their the the trunks,
split out into these cool like long routes and legs, that's pick up out of the water and they form this huge tat. Though this riot of Lake Shrub Woody Shrub, and they do all sorts of amazing things to help the aquatic life. And ass humans as well upon land. Just by being present the cool looking, and this is another good ones or like the origami that, if you're, able and you're sitting still to look up a lot of these things as you go, even because these mangrove forests, it looks like It looks like a shrub, that's like a really wanna, be a shrub, but I don't wanna get wet so I'm just going to get my legs and a little bit. He is purely it's recall, looking in it and again just the adaptability that these and groves really want to live where they live, even though it's not very suited for them and they become suited for it right if you been slow in our mangroves welcome to reality
but as a t shirt if ever heard one year until I can he's a little work for those there's, the beginnings of one in their use get your inland wetlands. These are not coastal. In this case, we are talking about swaps, and marshes, and bogs and fans f e en an marshes alot of easy you'll find near rivers near streams low, end depressions and they might periodically Philip, depending on rain, going on or nor different types of letting them happen. Then they can be a few inches deep. They can be several feet deep gathered, my so the nine title. Inland marshes are ephemeral wetlands, yet so they're dry of the year they might Philip seasonably, they might fill up with the rain they might fill up with the near by river flooding. Like my backyard They are, is our right and it doesnt drain. Well, I've got a dream. Is problem? Ok to you, it's a problem
to nature its wonderful because we'd. Like things that dream really quickly and dry, and then we can walk ottoman and grasses fine. But there's a lot of like benefits to things they take their time like gum, there's something called a vernal pool, which is a kind of non title Marsh, an ephemeral wetland and its basically just like say a stretch avoids the headlights but the press there so that when it rains or a river flows, it filled with water because the underlying bed rocker clay- is not very poor as it takes a while for the order to go through, but that one is also not going further downstream, prevents flooding from being as bad as it could cause. A lot of the water collection stays there and it also slowly reach,
is the groundwater and because it does get dry, it can't sustain fish, which makes it a really great nursery for things like newts and salamanders, and frogs that I'm things that that fish eat their eggs. But since there's no fish, this is like a really great place for them to eat, to get a good for all than and brand new life. You ve also got your prairie potholes. This we should definitely look up. These are usually in the upper MID west of the United States. The Dakota Minnesota, maybe Wisconsin and these aware, glaciers ancient glaciers left these big, pressure in the landscape. They fill up sometimes during rain during the spring, during snow melt and they're not More like a herd, prairie potholes gonna. I got a vision in my head, but if you get up online there, a beautiful and just there are very large, though, when they're kind of interconnected to seize big round holes, scattered
like a big open area full of water, and these are great for migrating birds, because that could be a stop. That they might not have had at those potholes not been there the flying over the decoders, they say. Look. I see their nostrils house, her body, the industry and then there is also we said that that wetlands occurring all different kinds of claims. They also occur in the desert. There's something comply lakes which these depressions that apparently no one has any idea exactly how they formed. It could have been from a rose and it could have been from a ancient sinkhole, but there are depressions that are deep enough, that when does the seasonal rains come, the water is held in there and just like the the prairie potholes, it's very useful for migratory birds to stop over at really plays a huge role in this ecosystem, where there is almost no water in all this,
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all right. So immense swamps, we promised to talk, that these are for my money, some the coolest areas in the country, because I think I talked about it at some point, but I took a very soon you'll find trip many many years ago to the occupant Oki Swamp and did one of those the new trips, where you have to rent in others, no place to stop in the occupant Oki swamp. If you like nothing, our camp here say in the water so they had. These camping pads built up did essentially just decks. That are like six feet above the water and you have you reserve those. There is not just wide open for anyone, because there's nothing else out there see The reserve them for specific nights on these specific pathways or in a paddle ways,
and me in a couple bodies did it when you are, and we conclude from from deck to deck and very cool. It was amazing, like one of the cruellest trips of ever taken, that is very cause. Ned baby with you know You do wake up, surrounded by alligators its little creepy, yes, it is our very creepy, like you, wake up on that path and and pay off the dock are growing at you, yeah and you do not want to get too close because they can move faster than you think yet again it was a lot of fun, but not for the faint of her. Because you know you don't realize till you get out there a hub. The sun is gonna, beat you up because there's no shade and be how tough it is to paddle all day long. Like you know, let me get out stretch, my legs to me. There is no getting out ages, stir you go and go and go, and by the time you finally reach that junkie deck it is like might as well be the Plaza hotel. You know me home,
ice, but what I'm talking about the case of the okey dokey? I thought it was a forced its item bottom line hardwood swamp either from reading this. But apparently it's called a non riverine swamp forest right and that is forced swamp that fills up from none resources are basically rain or groundwater right right so that what would make a forested swamp The bottom line. Hardwood swamp is of proximity to a river that floods, its banks, or that is too so so big, it kind of spills. Four into some of the surrounding land of surrounding land is swamp. That at though, unlike quite right, though, I'm ok
So, as you, the rarefied or groundwater feder, precipitous precipitation, FED and if you're talking bottom line, hardwood, swamps, let's or a river fed swamp, there's usually also a shrub swamp, which is a transition buffer zone between the forested swamp. In you know, rate somebody's backyard, which is its is dominated by shrubs but the same thing, it's all fresh water, swamp yeah. I think a bit you anything. The okey Dokey has several different types of these would be my guest full on lakes that we paddled through yeah, That would be my guest and also think. If I had a country band, they would, we would be the bottom land hardwood swamp rats. That's a good one. At that since I got all star, bandanna sure, yeah so no kind of wetland that you're gonna find all over the place, especially in Europe, which, when I think of bogs and friends, I think of Europe, but apparently plant, I'm in the United States too, but bogs him fence
kind of their own thing, bogs in particular. Very unique. As far as wetlands go because not only Are they anaerobic, which, by definition wetland is anaerobic soil there like very little nutrient and very high acidity at I've, heard like the kind of acid that is put out by the peat that's created in the bog, has the same acidity, roughly of vinegar and once like yeah, it's really really acidic stuff, yet some plants prefer it like. You can grow, cranberries and blueberries and in a bog sure you can pay. A body from the iron age forward. We recover that the bog bodies, Phillip. We did make it. I've been one of our video things on Youtube, maybe mummies, because I think if I remember correctly, are Mummy episode covered more than just egyptian mummies
covered like Inca Mommy's in the bog people, I'm sure we did, we saw some them when we went to a r r. U K trip the visit. Some of those cats like first hand like right there in that in the glass right. Like you know, I do smash it with a hammer much anymore. You got a bug, person, air release, you can grab like a bug. Ear rates is crumbles and in your hand, but I was like housing. Ok, why wide are the the the bog so great for preservation part from what I understand is that acidity that the bodies are actually pickled, but another part is the the aerobic life is so devoid there there's just Anna bacteria and they dont decomposed, nearly as well as aerobic bacteria, so they d composition, said in and the remainder pickled so like you can
serve a body in a really great state, near fur, very like tall and ban you keep his whiskers are still intact on his face here, like that was the level of preservation and he was sacrifice into a bog which is a very civic kind of wetland yeah and a fan like I said it's heavy and it's sort of like a bog in that it is a PETE Peter wetland but their lives. Different than bogs. The water supply doesn't come primarily from rain and it comes from the ground, so not. Its can be less acidic because I think we mention mention and notes partially because the peat, but the acidity so comes from the fact that there's acid rain, the gets filling up the details of these bogs Roy, but that was not the case in a thin now now, because that groundwater is able to kind of delude
a little bit so there much more nutrient rich than a bog is so they're gonna have much a much wider, diverse range of plants in animal life. Yes, I love that this next section from day was called other fun types of wetlands. Here, mud flats, Yegg much work in another country ban on my favorite or seeps. These are just gorgeous little pieces of nature. If he asks me it's if you have us bring that comes up out of the ground it spills of under the ground, so the surrounding ground as wetland in his call the seep: that's right: it's where nomes they go in shower yeah. It's not like you said it's a spring so like a creek, No, it's actually coming up from the ground drink from a natural spring. I give I was a kid. I knew my mom fired the baby sitter that like took his suffering from Spring Yahoo shoes- I, what are you doing? It was either Springer like a.
For in Ohio, either way you buried for things like category, then you're bad shake. Their heads goes on fire while we're drinking. But me we have creeks. If you'd better. Listen you ve never been to Atlanta Land has creeks all over the place like all Intel, neighborhoods, just a riddle with creek service sorted out of you. But we have a creek. You know a hundred and twenty feet from our house share which I want to do with our drainage. You knows in spring FED! No, it's just you know just as part of the Atlantic. Probably all comes from the Chattahoochee at some point sure so check if that creek behind your house started meandering in a different direction and left a boy B of Water where it originally flowed. It would be an ox both lake, but if you were in Australia and you recalling it proper aboriginal, name, you'd, call it a billboard available, which I had no idea. What does that have to do is surfing? Oh, I think. They just probably color
the name and it became more associated with surf and surf gear than in its true meaning. That doesn't seem right now. Take it back That's what an ox BO lake is in Australia among the aborigines. It is a bill, a bank which is great available that was some like along with o p, was one of the prime. T shirts to have when you were a kid in the eighties? Oh yeah, if you write all I had this amount sing. O p long sleeved will ensure that a war with my parachute pan. Yet those were the best, my british nice, member those long sleep, Opie, shirts, their good gorgeous so check? One of the things we ve been talking about is the kind of thing the characteristics that make a wetland. A wetland is not just the fact that the soil table where the ground is either flooded or almost completely flooded up to the surface level, with water.
But that's not the entirety of it by different wetlands, are characterized by by how that water gets to it. Like we said you know, some kinds of swamps are fed by God, water, others are fed by precipitation on summer title. So there's a whole group of scientists out there that are called wetland. Hydrology tests and what they study is how that water gets into a wetland to create a wetland. What happens to a while, it's there and then where it goes, and how all these things can interact form this very unique. System yet, and we talked earlier about the type of the kind of soya hydra. Soil is saturate, with water, and so, if it saturated with water, and I can have nearly as much oxygen and usually oxygen and soil, or in these little tiny air pockets. Member. We talked about in our soil purpose gear exactly and in the ACE of a wetlands in those air pockets are gonna, be filled with water or just collapsed altogether, and
you ve got your anaerobic condition, but if you're, You need co2 and oxygen and you'll get a little bit of that from photosynthesis in the Sinhalese, but the roots like what about me down here. I don't oxygen to an There was an aerobics oil like we talked about in the in the soil by gas. The routes can get it from those airports. But in wetlands they to really really adapt to become hydrostatic or water loving plants. In some pretty, using ways. So I have to say that this is like a lifelong mystery solved and solve didn't like them. The simplest way possible, like its anaerobic, because as water there instead of air, there can't be in there because the waters there ipso facto anaerobic adjusted the sink. That's brilliantly simple did. Did you get that intuitively cause? I never did. I always thought it was something mysterious like we're talking about a whole different type of
soil or something else, no, I think I got it how cohesion, while I was in fact been around for forty four years and wondered it until just now. Well, I'm forty nine, I am advised that the last five years so the plants that we're talking about like they, like you, said the roots, still docks so, they said okay. Well, I really like it here. I, like this wetland areas, is pretty amazing. Place live, I'm gonna change so that I can stay here and as some of the ways that plants of have adapted, but one good example is a cat tail right. Cartels are pretty much synonymous with marshlands, yet they're beautiful there that long thin stem with a big that thing on top like a hot dog, is ready to be roasted on the fire yeah. I grew up with those at enough. It was a southern thing, but there they can be decorative items in the home, and I grew up a few like with like a cat tails in vases and stuff ok, so
they're in Wasps nests hornets nest. So cartels have this thing air and Nicky Emma now I've got Aaron Nick Emma S, Errand Keimer Irena Keimer. I think I got it anyway. There like these on these chain, that. Basically, direct air from the leads in the stamp in every other part of the catch boiled down to the roots since her eager routes through some oxygen fresh from the leaf yeah, that that curtail can have as much routes as it wants down in his anaerobic soil, doesn't matter America's it's getting its oxygen from the air through them, yeah. One of my favorites is the speckled alder you just a picture of that they have. These enlarge pours called lent the skills and they allow for the passage of oxygen. Directly into that would in. If you look up a picture, need
Those you go. Oh that's! What, because that's what those your father they looked like someone took a knife in there Tiny little horizontal, slits, Allah, Benumbed older I get at it, serves their breathing. Basically yeah, that's creepy. His hair It's really neat little mouth slowly, mouth so the grasses. Every time you are growing in salt marshes, just like I in Nagoya sneezes out excess salts as part of digestion. Things like cord grass that grow in the salt marshes. They actually exe. Salts through their leaves, so they can sit there and take all the nutrients they need from this clinic environment and still not get overloaded with salt pretty amazing that they can do that yeah into me. Maybe the amazing, and this is where the mangroves can come back in, although the main groves apparently utilise all these to stick around, but the bald Cyprus they grow in those forested swamps.
Where there's always water and they are deciduous com, furs and they grow this rude structure. They call me it's a new metaphor, but a knee on your leg is, is how spelled, and they sit above the waterline and taken oxygen, and that's what those I guess: mangroves mangroves, there's a soul joke in there somewhere There certainly is like a terrible jam bans the main groups- God you're right- that that place somewhere in Fort abruptly. But the man Grove uses like a cent allotted these tricks and Certainly when you see those routes they're using those knees, yeah, which is basically it is a its awaited gear, oxygen from the surrounding air down to the roots mangroves. Do it the bald cypresses
mangroves have all those adapt adaptations, different species think they can do things like excrete solved. They can draw oxygen and from the environment they have channels where they can pump oxygen from one part of the plan to the other, the one they give me those I'm tis fascinated by bogs. So he said that there is an acidic anaerobic nutrient depleted environment and yet there still plants that live there in one of those plants, one kind of plan is Colonel verse plants. They get their nutrients not from like the soil, but from eating Badia does Rickles, so they can do live there like a pitcher plant or of Venus Flytrap, or something like that near this unique nature, wasn't Venus fight Europe, one of the D Jason Debbie CARE P at the great dj mean you're. Here is a great all right. So, let's take our final break. We'll talk about why wetlands are important and what you can do to help them do their thing right after this
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the fourteen hours six days a week. Wasn't a sustainable model before and is definitely not a sustainable model. Now listen to Hollywood. The sequel I hard radio, Abu Apple Podcast or wherever you get your pontanus, ok Chuck. So just The wetlands are is amazing, as they are means that they should be saved. There are also like a lot of benefits that we figured out like you said that for the fifty citizen and these were really rough time for wetlands in the United States- is we're filling a man for cropland for real estate and even pay, here too that we feel that a lot of marshland in the U S and built cities over my DC was built. Large I'm marshland the fact that mosquitoes tenderly
in wetland areas of kind of justified filling in the lot of the wetlands, because we were dealing with malaria at the time. So it made a lot of sense, get rid of the mosquitoes habitat you get rid of the mosquitoes and it worked, but we've paid a heavy price for it because the time we realise these wetlands provides really important benefits too to the local ecosystems and in turn humans who live around them yeah I mean helping flood conditions, is a big one. They are big big natural sponges when it comes down to it and flooding would be way way worse and we still have floods obviously, but to be way worse. If we didn't wetlands they be far more destructive if they weren't around, to soak in that excess water and then kind of slowly trickle it to the water table below and the same is obviously true of hurricanes in and big storm surges, the wetlands, basically operators, big storage tanks for water? Yes,
somewhere? I can't find it now, but that they get over there. It is an acre of wetlands can hold up about a million and a half gallons of water. Aunt is just one acre, so you gotta think like that water staying put their and it's not flooding some human habitation instead which is a good reason to keep wetlands around just for that that buffer area or to slow down the surge like you're saying I'm out, this other we found out. The same thing goes for Beaver dams that they build their like. I Temporary artificial wetland in they provide allow the same functions that natural or other, I guess naturally occurring or growing. Wetlands provide too, and I think we should do a whole episode on beavers, okay, now totally way and beavers, Sir, water filtration, is, is another Why didn't you back for the word so water, filtration, as is another big service that wetlands provide
a door member where we talked about this. But we talked about it recently where the water I think it was water treatment plants year. The war brought in and its catalyst sediment and Duncan Mark in its cloudy in turbid, and then it slow goes down, they slow it down like running through some great or whatever it is. It slows down the sediment that is making water turban unpolluted everything has a chance to set the bottom well. Wetlands provide that same function. Naturally, so when you have a bunch of like polluted water, basically come through their the it slows down it's all those mangrove roots, her tree trunks or whatever it is, and it gives it a chance for the seventh sediment to follow the bottom. Its get sucked up by the treaty, in stored in the trees or the microbial can break a lot of that stuff down too, and there is definitely a limit to wear it
You can very easily overload the the wetlands ability to filter the water, but if you, if you gave it like, manageable supply, that is a major service that it does. Is it cleans are. Why do they call wetlands? The kidneys of of the earth yeah, and they they even done studies where they tried to a yes sort of monetize. What an area of wetland might do if it were a treatment plant in there's one in South Carolina, the conqueror bottom, when hardwood swamp he's just a country, bans for sure is they said that that is basically equivalent to about it a million dollar water treatment plant? Just there being no wetland doing its thing. Thank you nature. Pretty amazing! I saw their beavers provide the the damsel that they build that end up being temporary wetlands.
Somebody estimated it's worth about a hundred grand if human tried to build an artificial one, which we do that, if you just lead beavers, do their thing, they will Lamb. They will do the same thing for free trying to pay me. A hundred grand didn't help The there's also because there's so much going on in a wetland there's so much life. They kind of form like these metropolises for all sorts of and types of animals on all the way up. The food chain, including p Hence, animals Crowborough life, worms, fish, larger predators, like doll, fins and in alligators in All of them are seeing their providing food for us. If you like gator tail, but are you better preserve those wetlands yet they point out here that the commercial fishing industry in the? U S, seventy five percent of the fish,
fish harvested here had fish that he's had a temporary home in the wetlands recreational. If your recreational fish person Fisher per then ninety percent of the? U S fish catch. Is it The breeding ground lies in the wetlands for those fish and the same thing goes for birds, either there are enormously important habitats for birds, some purpose, but also migratory too, because if you fine along and you're a bird then you are a water bird and you need a place to land, are only you look for water, but you might really enjoy swamp because it offers protection from predators. It offers a port in the storm. Its sister all around valuable thing for birds to Germany Imagine flying from Canada to Texas. Going over Oklahoma. Your little tired.
Look down. You see one of those which ones are those the prayer replies, the that no the ep. Report very potholes man What is more, the night aren't you describing is, and Jonathan, eliminating the figure for so The point is, we need to take care of our wetlands because they are a threatened, diverse, very useful, place all over the world, especially here in the United States, and if are threatened and things happen. There are going to be all kinds of bad things of you know the vegetative damage the plant life just be, maybe widened out wiped out altogether: storm searches Bingley. Worse, flooding being way worse, It is especially helps to see the value in them. If you consider them a buffer zone between us in and the hardest ravages of nature, and like you mentioned pollution. There is a limit, but they do
absorbing mitigate levels of water pollution, and it is they just can't take too much of us. You know right exactly which man, if there's anything, that characterize humours of the twentieth and twenty four centuries. It's too to us here, you know remain. What can we do, though? Well donating later to wetland projects we can. We can never do that. You can definitely do other things. Ones out there, I believe, some limited as one of em the wetlands initiative. Natural resources, defence counsel, wetlands international, but it appears we in the United States, something like seventy five percent lands are and privately on property, and in the United States, we have a mean private property is one of the fundamental tenets of american society. So if you say want to fill in this wetland in kill off these beavers. You allowed to do that, whether that's it,
idea and whether that scan it affect other people. That is a different story. So, if you own private profit, with a wetland on it and you doing just fine with that wetland leave the wetland alone, it's very important yeah. I guess this is where it gets a little Turkey and definitions, because in plenty of play since there are restrictions on- building near water like this shirt Guess I just don't know like you can build in a flood zone. You can't, It depends on where you are, but in Atlanta you can't and then with these are these creeks and streams in Atlanta. They have what's called stream buffers sure fifty foot, seventy five foot, the hundred foot, think twenty five is the lowest and These you have to get variances to do anything which your neighborhood has to approve in touch. Apparently anything over eating under seventy five feet is pretty pretty tricky to get approve so
I don't know if their wetlands or not, but there are restrictions on stuff like that. Ok, so that brings up the next what you and I and everybody else can do, which is vital for people afraid to local elected office, who part of their platform is protecting wetland year, like those buffer zones, all those variances and all those prohibitions. Those are those came from Atlanta City those over the years. That decided that way means needed protecting you don't find those everywhere, but once they get built in place, they usually don't get repealed very easily, so is, if you make preserving wetlands part of like what you are voting for, that would have an impact Fisher and whenever you voted for just vote, ok vote especially lovingly. You say that I know allowing it to the presidential. Elections are always the big sexy votes, but that local politics matters even more, almost sometimes a vote for all of it. Take an interest in the in your society
Well, you anything else about wetland, look don't either. This is a good one, I'm pretty happy with it and since I said that everybody it's time for listener mail yeah. I'm gonna call this the first S why five gay yeah see these. Yes, man, congratulations! Everybody who took yeah. So what happened was some stuff? You should know listeners got together, and put together a five k: sufficient o five gay men, at periodic updates from Aaron, Huey, Measle or myself sure you pronounce it I'm go with me, Mozilla, but this is this- is the final email about how it went. Higgins, and what you know that the S why five cases over it was so nice look at everyone's pictures and hear what episodes of stuff you should know they listen to. That was the idea. The diplomatic fudge that and listen to mark Mariner. Whenever that
not like there s a qualified, I think a lot of us have suffered from a lack of human connection at this time in the silly little virtual event gave us something to bond over I don't think it would have tried this with any other group of people stuff. You should wonderful and speaks volumes. In regard to you guys the tone that you set your podcast interesting info, carries over in your fan base and has created a little. We corner of the internet? I totally agree Aaron and the same can be said of the movie crush page, very, very good people not snipe ear really going after each other on Facebook, which is kind of what Facebook seems to be all about. Oh, yes, I have Odin Paradise over there and as well as K, army pay. Yes great now not jesting that you made these people wonderful, but the average sufficient army member is like that interesting funny and willing to participate in a virtual five gay with a complete stranger and they love strew blog about thirty.
Stuff you should stickers to send out to some people rises thing, but everyone that have been in touch with has been exceedingly kind, is what we need right now, these small human connections, a pike s to listen to laugh with a walk run, bear chase to do Finally, with a bunch of near strangers and stuff staggered up, your fridge on your laptop ants, go to the event page and scroll through some of the post, their delightful like the one who did our five k it three months Post, partum, incrusted or the dad who does is daughter and her stroller on the five day, while listening to his favorite episode, which was spam, first timers when it was a good one. We had first timers people ring from injury runners in Walker, so many smiles and stuff. You know tee shirts sign up for now, but destroying its value, as its aim ass, we might even do it again with, and that is again from Aaron Huey Moselle, and that is great Erin. Thank you for doing this, and that really does speak too.
Well. Whatever listeners in every single way in do visibly yeah thanks la earrings good to hear new and everybody who participated in the s. Wife, five Kay you are the champions we need an if you listen to mark Mary, Maybe we should just then Okay. Well, if you want to get in touch with this, like Aaron did and do something interesting. We want to hear about it. You can write to us in an email to stuff podcast, I heard radio Doc study should know its production. I heard radios how stuff works for more outcasts, my heart radio but I had really apple podcast or wherever you listen to your baby.
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