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What makes us yawn?

2013-04-25 | 🔗

What is it that makes us suddenly draw in a deep breath through a wide-open mouth? The beautiful thing about yawning is that researchers really don't know. Whether the answer is physical, mental or even contagious there is pretty much no chance you won't yawn during this episode.

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looking at the by catch them just card with child to reach a private company. Will you put the two of us together in this? Is that we should know the park have Frank? I was speaking. I thought I was in fact I was at ring fencing fragrance in making. You are infringed spillage if people had never heard this like. What are they talking about other already turned off, we name are chairs people, then everyone, you didn't cars, boats and chairs a surprising modern people named chairs. If you don't, you should be paranoid because people are talking about your friend, I'm Chuck. Yes, have you ever acetate. I have even been deregulated. Do pin desolated before appendix violate every
you know what was he we suddenly come people running for the Senate in nineteen fifty Florida, the others like further, has a rich history of like people running for political office. You technical terms for things that sound way worse than they are like smear their opponents really yeah, there's one guy who went and I can think Uncle John and his bathroom real asked who went after his opponent. Instead that his sister was a vast Vienna New, and, like all his like Pooh Pooh, we I had our ears and apparently the smear campaign was six
Well, it wasn't the only one, but this guy used that credible couple of technical terms. We should probably tell you were talking about right, because you said you pending isolate every morning easily every morning, and that is a world that is a yarn and a stretch combined together and as one of my favorite things to do in the morning, it is digging. Did you see that painting of that is a self porch of the artist self Portrait like yours? From like the sixteenth and seventeenth century of him? Pan desolating issues is awesome. Oil painting of this minimum renaissance men stretching yawning. Yet I love it because it feels good and die. It ties me to my pet Siena because, like I see them, do it they see me, do I am can alike
We are we european poop and we are particularly my little cattle stretching on my dogs will stretch in yonder, and I was stretching on thirty August. Make one another shutting out. You know I'm gonna start looking out for that, because I have not noticed that, but apparently joining can be contagious to animals right. Yet the fund little game, you care dogs, only right, jog, supposedly chimps Fisher, but probably not get this, because it's not in here doesn't mean it's not true. There there's a funnel game. You can play the next time you hanging out with people if you feel like manipulating them to biological level, I'm just yawn and start paying attention to how many people yawn as a result in wretched, start some sort, a chain reaction, among maybe forty to fifty percent of the people, because it's just that the of how many human adults yawn in reaction to seeing somebody on seeing video, Somebody on hearing
somebody yawning reading about yawning like how many times did you yawn, while you read this article a bunch, and people were probably yon while listening to this supposedly it's pretty much impossible. Not yet do you ever. This is really shows how deeply disturbed I am. I will not. I will suppress or a cover up a yawn if someone else's made me on sometimes too so I dont give them the satisfaction, oh yeah than before, Sundown. Yes, I, like you, some strange elevator though Yon yet another Skype, no, not me by one of those people who don't realize that lake think you'd they're, just your mortal enemy for no real good reason: yeah yeah, when in fact they really don't even a pig's frightened. They, like some guy's, an element that so yawning is involuntary
yet, and I've seen a range of of weeks that a foetus has been observe yawning from eleven to twenty and that sort of disproves one of the wheel. Many things disproves one of the theories, which is that we ought to oxygenate ourselves yap, because a lot of people think that fetuses breathed amniotic fluid women. That is absolutely not to say that there are not yet at the umbilical cord. Yes, there now, clearly not yawning to oxygenate himself right and we'll be back that with other things intimate sure, but it still, it is a little bit of a mystery, though, like yeah the other. The other ideas for why we yonder really holed up in the feed, is either physic. That's where the key to the mystery of yawning is going to be found in the fields in the womb.
Are you sure we gather version? There is a whole and for your sake, involuntary I found this. One thing check that there is a type of paralysis like a lesion on the brain. Now, where you can still, if you yawn you still panicky late, so like your paralyzed arm, if you yawned deep enough or will raise, will rise really yeah, while pre, weird huh yeah, there's only been a few cases of it over. Like the last hundred fifty years, but it's been documented in a number of different places, such a supply. Here seriously, though, it cannot be tired, moral here, so when you yonder's physiologically speaking, you can open your mouth you're going to suck in errand to your lungs. I read one place that you your eyes, usually clothes. They did this big study and found that most time your eyes closed, but I don't think it's like all the time
that's naething, you think enough. Now they did a study on the ice of the honour. Well, that's part of the union to as far as the queues go like it's not just the mouth. Opening your eyes, yeah and I found like the really good deep yon. My eyes will generally close, got so you're gonna sure you're ebbs, could work out, put your die for him down fill your lungs are there and then exhale, and that is a young stretch, your Benda coolly, yeah, I'm also parts of your brain become active right. I'm basically what happens when all this when you go through all this process, a bunch of narrow, transmitters and dope Amene are activated. There is why a guy named robber providing things while he says the genes are basically a part of its a change from one state of
or to another year like I was asleep nom awake or I will. I was alert now, I'm bored right or I was like just how harm and now I'm like in the mood there. You can yawn, though you when you're sexually arouse out that mood Yazzi mood. The moves are the Glen Miller Mood, that's it. They had to call it back then, and that's what we have to call. It today understand friendly, podcast internet. What's going on to you is physiologically speaking as we are distribute something called the surfactant which jobs, growth and a kind of this. It's a wedding agent, to cut out the only in the lungs, but they say that's what happens or that's why it happens. That's what happens? Ok, they're, not seeing. The reason is to quote the obviously with surfactant right. I could be aiming for all we know they do not know if we still have no idea what function yawning provide seem with the yawning.
As a symbol of arousal or as a sign of arousal. They think that is really just a byproduct of it, but it explains why people who are nervous are dogs is I'm sure you seem dogs who are nervous and their yawn, unlike that really kind of weird unsettling way. The area when their super worked up, yeah, yeah and humans. Do you know like people, a yawn when they're nervous, for it is it's a sign that you're in a state of arousal there and what that state of arousal is dependent to situate. Yet they point to Olympians who yon before, like a race and which papoose one theory that we're gonna get there. Should we just get the theories? Let's get anything, they propose that theory, though, that you have to be bored or you have to be sleepier, tired, yeah, like that, there's the boredom Theo
and it's kind of been pretty fully shot down. Despite what we decide your observation, there is also the physiological theory, which is that this is the one that I always heard when I was younger like. Why are you? Yawn is because you needed in your oxygen deprived or you have an abundance of carbon dioxide so you drawn in a bunch of oxygen and like putting out a bunch of carbon dioxide right. Why yawned and provide a provided that you mentioned yeah? He tested this one right, yeah, pretty simply he D said: ok! Well, let's just give some athletes a bunch of oxygen and see if they, if they breathe, if they yawn any less than they didn't write. He also increase the carbon dioxide in the ambient air and people still kept yawning. Ok so that we can, but they didn't ya anymore there to compensate the bed yeah plus also, there was a terrible
I'm a proof associated with that high pots, us that that explains why people yawning groups, because when you have a big group, carbon dioxide, unless oxygen- and it's like you- are fighting over the Oxford right so yeah yeah Virginia the deepest lives at has this happened? evolution could play a part. Some people think that maybe we used to yawn took would yon to bear his teeth to intimidate folks around him or that it developed as a signal took, would give a signal to his mates, hey we get, it were hunting now and we need to go now gather would so I want ya to tell you that your priests, Peter yeah, I got a bird turning. The whole flock yeah. That makes a little bit a sense, but I still believe that when I'm with the brain cooling theory, that's like the most recent one, yandah things to be the one that people are subscribing to the scientists,
generally, our leaning toward the fact that when our brains are warmer yawning might call it down in a cool brain is a more whatever the better brain a catch. I should say I judge you later for thinking I just joined. Did you did? Ok, I don't see it too. I covered Mamma. You may have thought it was perfect. I think I did so the brain cooling theory, that's the one that most people think is look lately. That's the young explanation. Does your ear and there's another piece of research that people are going into? That is the idea that kid contagious, yawning is the result of empathy. I do you feel that you emphasise the more you empathize with other people, the more susceptible your contagious yawning, and we said earlier that like
I think forty one to fifty five percent of human adults near art susceptible to contagious, yawning the aid which the myth busters confirm, whether okay, so there is some sort of a link between or we perceive as empathy and the susceptibility to yawning. When you see somebody else on our reading about yawning or whatever outfits like up when it gets tired, and this, let me make him feel better well, providing again he's like really in the yawning research he he has done MRI skins where he shows, I guess, pictures of people yawning talks about yawning in new they yawned and when they do, he says that mere neurons go off early.
Rights are are mere neurons are activated when you see somebody else yawn and apparently that triggers a yawn. But people take it a step further in this quest to prove the empathy and contagious yawning. Are you know what we work hand in hand right in saying? Will then people without ISM that that they shouldn't be able to be susceptible the continuous yawning right? Because they are known to have less empathy right, They had troubled connecting with others if they have trouble. Developing was called the theory of mind about other people grant and there have been a lot of studies about whether or not people who are people who have autism are contagious to susceptible contagious shown here and it's it's. It's been proven. That proven, but at least the data says that
more the this stronger, your autism, the less yawn, even though they were yon. When someone is pretending yon, without I want a real or yeah, I think? at a time when they're watching videos we'll just moving their mouths, then non autistic, kids, yon more than kids with autism, when it was really awning set, make sense, yes will hold on before you for that yet cause. This is like a whole thing to me. The idea that if you have autism you not susceptible continues yawning it lets. Let's go. I have a message break from our sponsor. Oh stop, you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help.
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and yawning, which is I just learned a thing for you, you won't yeah. You said that there was a faint. They have found that if have been diagnosed without, as in your less likely to be susceptible contagious, yawning right and they found that the higher on the autism spectrum. You fall the less like you, you would even be right now, which would suggest that there is that link because they ve tied up they. They there's a link between empathy and in autism and empathy and contagious yawning. So this autism, in studying kids with autism, is kind of like the fulcrum church. So yeah just seems to me to be kind of. I don't know I don't buy all the studies that have been carried out. Another studies can a contradiction here, like the other studies have shown that, like kids with autism focused on people's mouths rather than their eyes, maybe there miss. The queue member. We said that your eyes scrunch so like a yawn, is not just people opening their mouths.
It has all these other facial characteristics that might trigger a yawn in another person. So me I'll get it. Some are simply missing. That sure say: maybe that data be skewed by other factors, it could be put This remember when I wrote this article like years back, I was kind of like last year, but this is, it seems to slightly off like yeah yeah. I'm gonna get get the whole thanks. Man. I've been working on so bad While we should also mention too that this goes back. A long way like I believe, was it hypocrisies. Yeah was the first person to start sort of postulating ideas and he was like ethos, fever related like sickness. It could help cure you, so I got a fever and the only prescription is more yawning. That's I used the Father medicine straight. This is the first guided starts
stuff but Nina. That was pretty quickly, disproving right by the idea that yawning has something to do with increasing our alertness in awareness, yet which is kind of one of the current views of yawning I'm that dates back to this, seventeenth and eighteenth. Centuries will increase your heart rate during inhalation, only ok, not during the, but I think it it increases and then levels. Often then destructs back dominant pretty quickly. I gotcha
like thirty beats per minute, increase right yeah, I read a real heavy article on the study that really dismayed my eyes cross, but that was a long and short of it, but that's when the debt with eyes, like they really measured, often the stuff we sedate fetuses from eleven to twenty weeks of development yawn in utero, and did you see any like the m? Forty ultra sounds fetuses yawning, was adorable pretty cute by its also weird at the same time as are not fully developed since, like ah you take a little baby, platypus kind, but you have to be around age for before. You can hear susceptible contagious, yawning yeah,
It's really way to put it besides: susceptible the contagious yawning nothing. So why do you feel, like you said that, like eighty tie, a lot in I've had trouble with it every time? There's another couple of researchers who are a couple years ago, I'm Andrew Gallop and Omar Tansy Elder car. They found that outside temperature could affect the amount of yawning, so if its warmer than usual, then you're gonna, yon less frequently, because their explanation is the outside airs useless to the organism, because it doesn't need the second more oxygen.
Attempt short effect that well, if it's warmer temperature in your using the cooler air to pull your brain gotcha of if its warmer than the temperature of your brain than inside the war that make sense, they had other tests of its that showed that the amount of yawning increase both when outside temperature and the temperature of the brain increase. Yes, all over the place. No, no one knows anything about yawning, except rubber, provide the foremost leading authority. Will he's proven that, like seeing your hearing about somebody yawning introduce your mariner answer here, I think that we should do a documentary on these people that I become obsessed with,
now, just like a certain small thing, see your young right now that was unsatisfying. Maybe laugh. I link like fast. You ve been out of control. I talked about it before Arrow Morris's document resorted to that, but that was about like studying, naked, more at reliant, aiming or carbon. You quit the hedges in detail the airy gardening yeah, but summit. They should do things that are even more like mundane like this. Do that is dedicated his life, the yawning its link to be interesting, drives provide this out when it really doesn't matter, you know damn well, I don't know because way in such a funny. He frequently cited as a yawning expert evolutionary biologist, ok, so light but yawning since its involuntary ranch. You find it in all vertebrates. They can give some peak nor evolutionary pass. Plus politics was given.
Three check here, a great quote to return, but how arousal yawning is, is a by product of a state of arousing. He was saying that he believes there yawns. And orgasms share a narrow. Behavioral heritage are really yes alike. There, possibly rooted in the same behaviour like remember. You said he
of when you particularly yes, you'll, have yours same. You know with orgasm yeah, so I've heard does feel great rush. Possibly if you trace the the lineage of this behaviour, backfire enough easy like they both came from when human just stood. There told they thought it was awesome in India. Things diverged into these two things interesting into yawning and what happens when you move the Glen Miller mood you anything else, no man that is yawning forever and tell somebody figures it out. It's a mystery and I kind of like a like that, but at the same time I think it it's so amorphous that there's no, no one has a clue like. Sometimes we talked about stuff that science couldn't fully explain, but we almost always like pick a theory like this. The wine here is just hasn't been proven yet.
This would not only like we did that like we both like the brain cooling one, but it was kind of discarded yeah and am therefore gonna keep an eye on my pets, but then I dont know: if, like, can you induce that, despite noticing more, you know the answer you or me What I'll do I'll watch Emily around the pets? So you gonna ones in on it. This be careful. You dont accidently change their behaviour by observing hiring birds, Buckley farts. Every time he stretches to see that certain things that will save Emily parts while she gained its belief that will be the debts nice So again. I think if you guys want to learn more about yawning, you can take that worry into the search bar has the first that come and since I said Sir sport me this time fearless rail? Not quite yet, my friend, we have a quick word from our sponsor again and then we will. We have a great listener. Male, though about Rodriguez,
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Next time do that today it get started its better with blood, ok. I know it's time for this yes, and I already gave it away. They wanted people to stick around for this and it is called with Rodriguez. Well, so we mention Rodriguez, the singer songwriter from the sixties, who unbeknownst to him was a huge, huge hit America and no South Africa of American, I shall therefore Africa in an early down there. One on the left was on the right and then later in Australia, and so we cover that nor apartheid podcast anything dvd documentary searching for Sugar man, his super interesting, which one s document
This year I have you, seen how to survive a plague that was up for best picture to the document. The S was. A good idea was really good. It was it's about the early
like AIDS, awareness movement and like you, it's just what they are up against his mind: boggling yeah, you know a guy with a society with this kind of like now, God punishing you write. Luck with a path is really something good, our friends steward of superhuman happiness, who their fans of the show he's got something on. I think it a really good job, with the check that I feel I saw another trailer dated April documentary about this family of Jews who hid in underground for a year and a half during World WAR two, and they never told her story because it in the genuine believe it in this caving cave diver not kept Iver caving. I found these human objects and traced back to his family and they came out like
the surviving ones like told their story of is amazing wow with all the help no place on her and now it's coming answer, although everybody feels like to recommend document Ok rhetoric is guys is open to hear you talk about what we can, because I've known him a little bit Vatican, recognition- and here is a story about the first Madam, I September two thousand seven moved into a one Britain, one year old apartment building in the cask Oradour Neighborhood in Detroit is a bar across the street, held the brought and after getting moved in my boyfriend. I went over there had an item celebrating and talking with them all the new friends Dale pointed out this dude wearing all black On said you know, Rodriguez over there is bigger than Elvis in South Africa and Australia,
I didn't understand the gravity of a statement at the time being friendly people, we talked late into the night with their energy guess, the bar clothes we decided to walk back across the street or new apartment in Rodriguez, followed us it out with his guests and tat. Is very quiet out about three in the morning the apartment building was you shaped the courtyard and low lighting. It is really beautiful those a single picnic table and we sat there. Talking more and more Rodriguez pulled out a pint of brandy, offer to some and then ask we want to hear his new song saying he just written it the other day he said sure, because he seemed so incredibly excited about it. He played the song for us then play it again. I thought was interesting. Like this one here again wait before you answer the second time. We talk some more about music and love and he played it once again. No, I guess he waited three
I saw many many times over the next few years and met his middle daughter as well. Not only the same song, never forget, sitting under the state stars all alone with him in a majestic old Detroit Courtyard, giving my boyfriend me by the concert sing a song who played thrice passing the cheap randy. He really is its kind and happy of assault. Movie says that when you watch searching for sugar man, you can see couple people talking about far in eighty miles by seeing gets in love. Julia thanks, Julia TAT, Tipp to you for being aware of the word thrice and four, I guess waiting at the storm in Detroit, yet information into that song. Three times patient shining with a smile classes. The last time, like finally vertical memory and see if you have a story about any sort of famous
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