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What's the deal with blood types?

2015-04-09 | 🔗

Blood types have one of the more interesting backstories in medical history. But as much as we've figured out about them and how they work, we still don't know much about why we even have different blood types. Listen in for a truly fascinating look at your most essential bodily fluid.

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Hey you're all remaining and me are excited to announce that we are releasing our own podcast series. One fanned interview the band in partnership with, I hardly make sure to follow on each week as we choose one family come hang back stage and ask us quests check out one fan to interview the ban on the our heart, radio, an apple pie CAS or wherever you get your party is welcome. To stop. You should know from house works that are you hope into the bargain than Josh clerk. There's chose the reach of bright juries in it. Can't mood today, making jokes and stop talking yeah. She made a joke that would have been great for the show announced that go with it, you and then she's like urgency that drove their earth. Man, spinning both I'm going to say the job Jerry,
their her blood type was a positive, but she thought was the most optimistic. Upward types does make sense, sure does doesn't she's a positive person. How I see, I think of a positive, is like a plus feel like you're, the start anymore. Either the star student That makes sense, though, that's not a bad joke. You know it is the first joke she's given us in seven years, where'd you go jeers, that's gonna, be a trivial question. You sound the reds right does not get over Here is one joke. How are you, sir? I'm doing good? You know your blent, I'm feeling a positive myself. Don't feel no negative as well as that of difficulty. I didn't even know my blood type. I don't know new net crazy? Yet it's great and I've never had to me, have given what are the but I dont have never received black if the records now, don't they test your boy
hope I guess, but I don't ever and it should be a new donor card. I think you know why I do have, and this is so silly I've been dog tags. That I made when I was in high school countenance those called worried outgoing shop. You make it now. I didn't make it myself I had made oh hey, Richie radios like gonna, get dog tags besides, NATO, and now I would do a little face like a dog tags method and is your blood type. It is, and I had actually know where they are so I could go find that I can wait I'll be back me up. I legitimately have no idea what my blood type is, because I didn't go through, don't take face and it's none of my birth certificate looked, not there. Oh really, nothing was your real name, your real name, I think so. I'm pretty sure I was in a baby. I've always had this fear.
That, like I look at my birth certificate and find out of my three years older something I thought I was the strange fear which would explain a lot really. Yes, fine, if you or what forty four now, if you're forty year, you're happy birthday. Thank you fellas. Forty, seven Eu Julius Caesar just celebrated a birthday, for that would be bad or what His birthday he just die. Does that day, yeah that was the opposite of his birth others people have died on their birthday, some famous people, oh yeah. I remember who, though, but at least one famous person you're the sooner Alexander, Graham Bell, somebody like that that did they die because of their birthday, Thomas jefferson- maybe no it wasn't. It wasn't anything like those further like they didn't like a party selling their last breath. Blowing up
Finally, I am very pretty me so a blood types yeah did you know much about this. Now did not I didn't either. I just suspected it was fascinating and they had a vague awareness of it, because. Amber the ten scientists who were their own guinea pigs area that car away and Steiner makes an appearance in mad lunch, Dinah yeah, I think, means of style of stone, so lifestyle land stone. It is, alas, stoner good for him. He was quite a doctor, though, for a land here he was fearless. Well really fearless he was feels about needles. He didn't mind withdrawing blood for himself, but the reason we bring Carlin started because he's the guy who finally discovered blood types way back and like the fifteen hundred right
Eighteen hundred exactly he got the Nobel for in nineteen thirty. Yes, it's pretty recent stuff here, you know yeah, but I thought the history. You do the research on this, which thanks man, hats off to you. I appreciate I thought the history of what was super interesting, Oh yeah colleagues, donor was the first game, will talk about him, a little more in depth and what he did, but he was the first guy to identify the eighty blood type but pray, him. People were aware that there is some weirdness with blood net. You couldn't just mixed the stuff, Willy nilly and expect good results, because for a very long time, humans thanks too horrible things like vivisection knew. That We are blood was very, very vital, is a vital life force, yeah, you know back in the day. I think we talk about bleeding and barbers before, but they were real big on in blood out of people,
some point. I guess some doctors must have now taken some drugs and thought. I wonder what would happen if we put blood in two parts right now I mean, if you think about feel like this is a vital life force. If you have somebody who's dying from bleeding outlawing hemorrhage exec, which happen a lot like during childbirth, for example, sure thing you would think- maybe maybe if I took so healthy blood, and put it into a dying person whose bleeding to death they'll come back and, of course they had all sorts of like crazy notions back then said they thought it good like blue, someone out they thought putting blood back in someone could cure weird things like insanity, behind which we, of course we know now, has nothing to do with anything right. So they say: let's try this. Let's see what we can do it. They didn't stop with human blood? Oddly enough, they went right to the animal blood here
was not good when they started taking blood from animals like cows, calves and injecting it ended human patients. Yet there was a french doctor that put Casper into a madman, yeah genre, he's dead was at the doktor, the man, the doctor, and here the mad man started to sweat and vomit and urinate the color of chimney set, and I guess the doktor said yeah he's a madman and then he gave another transfer after that, and then the guy died. Naturally, Denise was charged with murder. For that really was forced to quit. Medicine was very, very scandalous, even though here experiments on a mad man which you know at the time, was pretty much fair game for anything church. I think the horrific accounts of the whole thing really kind of captured the national imagination, and as a result on the decree of Chalet was issued by the french monarchy, the basically
ah, no more normal transmission and that for a while, but basically a hundred fifty years is that it was banned in France and the effect that it had kind of extended over the continent. It was basically de facto ban throughout Europe because these horrible experiment, by their knees and others that had these terrible results, it was like you guys this mad science, and you can't do that anymore. It's really bad news for France, also banned ketchup, when my three years ago, then ketchup but is attracts up around now it in vain, the spelling of catch up they banned the condiment in school, cafeterias and I think a lot of people work put it on, like French
would seem like they don't want to catch up on their cuisine, but it had to do with the tab. The sugar gather sugar and take, but they said it's ok for french fries, which they discover eyes over there. Said Nick, so they ban catch up and then, a long time ago they banned blood transfusions a threat. Thank you. France Edith decrease that's right and stay that way. For a long time I mean they were done, here and there in the nineteenth century that that spare minute around a little bit. Of course it will be. The decree shall I was sixteen sixty eight and it really was prohibitive until the midnight tenth century the early nineteenth century, well that's. When a guy named physician in Britain named James Blundell was tied. Heard of seeing his patients die during childbirth, leading outlay you're talking about here is one of the heroes of the story. He has any said. You know what there's gotta be a better way and let me try and do you know
Let me try and put blood. That's not an animal into. Someone gave a thing that Blundell figured out. It was that the great error that the early french doctors were doing was using the blood of route, as you put it. That method would mean a jerk right needs an animal because My rubbing, the mixing like the blood of one species with other blend. Oversight of his is a really bad move and that that cause these horrible reactions really get start right, so human human blood. He decided we should work at it, it would possibly work and He faced an immediate problem, which was you have no means of getting blood out of somebody in into somebody else. At this point boy now, what are you gonna do so invented a contraction for it like that. First blood transfusion contraption was invented by James Wendell, This very reason any cats and dogs any practised on them
and I have a bad feeling that some of his dogs probably died. I would guess along the way, but he we'll get together, was bleeding to death and against the guy was like doktor and bleeding alight, and could you take some of that blood and put it back into me but because it might be a good idea to get his untold it's important like chimney suit you the guy. I, unless you go further sure any did, then the guy died. Well yeah, but it was two days we wasn't too bad. So I guess he was like. He didn't see, vomit or charcoal set urine right in the guy say he was feeling was faintly, but so is every via for two days. That's a great bug prognosis let's having unfeeling, but because you didn't see all those awful reactions immediately, he was sort of onto something yes, even other guy. He was encourage further
built right yeah, so he went on to perform. I believe ten more blood transfusions and on the results. As the the Author of one of the articles we use for research, Carl Zimmer, who wrote a great article, a mosaic about blood type. Yet ass, he put it. The results were dismal. Four out of the ten arrived too bad, I'm kind of like if this is just yes shooting in the dark mixing human blood together and the other parties that arise. Doing. Ok, I agree, but what he went he proved was they. You can take human blood and as for it from one human to another, but there is still something we don't know like what it should be: a hundred percent success rate. What's the point, from here, and he never live to see the answer to it, but it was far away
Steiner, hoo hoo figured it out before them, because, because blunders success rate was still pretty low in any, was working in eighteen, twenty, something like that in them. Nineteenth century there was a weird little sidetrack that took place. This is the milking yeah, in North America and Canada, the United States. Doctors decided that milk would be a better substitute for transfusions than blood yeah They mixing milk into the blood or were they just reinjecting milk directly into the bloodstream? Here? Is some sheep's Malka GO, it looks or it smells or taste nothing like human blood. Yet, let's give it a shot. Their thinking was that the facts in the milk would be converted. Into white blood cells and then in the red blood cells in the bloodstream. So I'm not even close. They tried with the child with,
which I will go and then eventually they travelled human milk and they were doing like massive doses of civic, twelve ounces, a beer bottles worth of goat milk injected directly into the human bloodstream, and the results were really really bad. One patient suddenly experience mistake Amis, which is uncontrollable. Like I movement, There have been vertigo spasms like immediately upon injecting oh yeah, and there still care there. They're, giving more rejection right. Some of them were like ok, this is gonna work. Maybe there's a civil I'd, much Riah, so people are slipping into and- and finally, everyone is like this is wrong. This is not good, let's stop doing this and they started using say yeah, you know who also use the injected milk Michael Jackson. Those are totally different kind of milk by right, what's enables purple fall. We never get a right, but I think it is proper full breadth of, I think, he's a good man.
One is a little side. No one of the patients was given milk and then does support, then injection they were injected with morphine and then whisky, so they're just briskly pudding, anything they exile into the bloodstream, the people back, then that's crazy. So the point is this. There is a little sidetrack and the reason there is a side trackers, because still even after bundles experiments were successful. In some cases, blood transfusion still had a really bad name. Yeah. They started a kind of figure it out a little bit, though, in at least what the problem was when they the two mix, blood from different people together and test tubes- and they saw plumping, they saw red blood cells sticking together and said. You know what the reason why this is happening, because these are all from sick people write those explanation at first like we got a bunch of sick blood were mixing of sick blood. So that's why it's doing on these funky things and it wasn't all the land.
Donor came around said you know what maybe to try to mix the blood of healthy people together to happen yes. If that landmark idea, yeah, why because I mean they knew that blood clumped. That's why reasons they went to milk, but they they just thought it was because you're sick. Already, there's no way I could be done about that, but when Lance, came along and thought that it was groundbreaking and he did it with. His own blood and with the blood of some of his lab assistance, and he just started can blood samples and then just randomly mixing together people's blood to see if it clump and when it didn't come, he started mapping right patterns and ultimately came up. With what is now known as the audio blood typing group. Although initially he came up with type a type b and type C. Yeah and then later on. We found out about a be right see was change the yeah, but it was a mere pretty crazy that he could even
maybe he separated his plasma from his red blood cells. It's it's not that he was even able to do that back then. I did nothing for that. Advance disengage, morphine, and whisky and near blindness is kind of falls to the side plasma. By the way you hear that word like men. I know it is just mostly watered the liquid portion of your blood, sweat. It's the taxicab excluded, carries everything around eight carries the red blood cells, among other things, yeah hormones, waste nutrients, all sorts of stuff. So this is like a really really really big advancement in medical science. You have let me say how he had a great caused. My favorite, like this landmark discovering skylight, will you might just want to look here's the thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball because there's is that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can
we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul, with Geico its ease, the switch and save on car insurance, no need a fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save Geiger it's almost better than sport. That figures. It might be mentioned that the reported observations may assist in the explanation of various consequences of therapeutic put. Intrusions like as possible. It is that this is what be killing people all the time. Yes, blood type. I don't know Now you know how to read that I am a little smarmy I I took it is. He was being very humble, that's how I took this because you're a positive, but what they did was a millions. He's a million a year. I mean I opened the door for everything to come when it comes to blood typing and after this break we're gonna get.
Little bit into what these but types are and what they mean, we're back and we are talking about blood types and what this means in its really pretty simple it elegant lumber, sit on your What sells you have? You can have lots of things, but you can have sugars and proteins and- though sugars and proteins can be expressed. His antigens and antigens are something that your immune system says: hey you got a foreign invader coming. You might want to do something about it right, it's something that you're a body can
take as a foreign invader, even if it's not a foreign invader or even if it's not harmful, but if something that's found on the surface of your red blood cells like Poland is an age and we talked about that in the allergy podcast right. So a blood type at its core is just a description of what can antigen is found on the surface of Europe, itself right, which is just a sugar or a protein right depending so, if you, if you have a tight blood, you have the a antigen present on yourselves. If you have beat I pledge of the Bee aunt Jane, if you have o type like you, have neither a nor be, and then, if you have a b, you have both a and b antigens put present on on the service of your blood. That's right sounds pretty for there is no real issues here, except that blood types are also associated with the type of anti body your blood produces. Your body produces That's right! That's a protein that european system of uses to attack
one invader or what it thinks is a foreign invader sure. So, if you have Taipei blood, your body produces be anti bodies, which means that when your body comes in contact with tight, be antigens which would be found on type b, blood cells right, that's right! I'll go crazy and launches an immune response in attacks. Those antigens yes, we end and the other way around. In that case, with a and b yeah, I don't like each other now the data, so not only do they have opposing antigens. They have opposing any body. So few makes a and b blood together. Bad things are going to happen. Yeah and you know it, you can also be allergic to your own blood, the air, which is not good. When we talked about, mistaken identity, That is something called hemolytic anemia, an immune, hemolytic anemia. That's it.
Immediately like I thought, well you're dead. If you ve got that care, because your blood's allergic to itself the apparently people live with it are able to that, almost everyone does is really rare to lead to death these days so crazy. I did look it up down. The first symptoms listed was feeling grumpy without was like water. We all have a Europe that you have the moon, hemolytic anemia, So, like we said a and b do not like each other at all. I think you said there like the hat fields in the Mccoy. A types get me a complete opposition to one another. The dry type o, though, is different.
Yes, a typo desire with everybody does it doesn't have any antigens artists and the blood cell surface. So, as far as blood transfusions go, you could take typo and give it a tight, be people type, a people and type o people and even type av people, which makes type o the universal donor right. Specifically, but that sounds all great and it is but because it doesnt have antigens, it produces anybody's against a and b antigens yeah. I'm sorry antibodies against Amy Antigens vessel ISA. Ok, which means it can only accept o transfusions year, which is sad because there. The universal donor they can give, but they can't they can get from other of them because they have anybody's against everything by us right. A b is the opposite of o actually the universal recipient right. They have the
a and b antigen on the surface of the red blood cells. But, like you said they are the universal recipe, that's great, they don't have any anybody's at all right, so they could restrain, they can take a they can yet be they can take oh, but they have the antigens a and b, so a b or o can't take a heavy blow yeah I'll take take take. To recap, I'm sure I have a people. I am positive, other you think they're to recap. Theirs the old chart here, which we do not have. It is from the American Red Cross. What you like, I think, everyone that works, the Red Cross Progress has pointed out
no, but I'm sure so. Everyone listening to this and the Red Cross share with somebody group odor, condoning red blood cells to anybody group ache and donate red blood cells to asian ABS Group, Beacon, donate red blood cells to bees and abies and group a beacon donate to other abs, but can receive it from all others. Take take. Take pity me so There you go. That's the type, a b o blood type in its pretty it was a sweeping discovered. That's it right, no more about blood types. No! This is a beautiful friend. It is not the end now because it turns out that maybe your blood typing or blood groups are really well of many twenty two were up to buy now the air remember earlier. I was talking about positive or negative. Well that too, but I was talking about the dog tags,
He s talking that the sugar, let us proteins- boom- sugars, yes, workers and protein are that through different antigens that you can have on you red blood cells. We said that the Abbe O grouping or the sugars so leaves the proteins and that's where you get into the are h. If you ve ever heard your blood is negative or positive. There was name The recent monkey spelled are HIV as U S which they were obviously the test subjects. It basically just says if your positive for that protein or negative protein. Yes, it's another, an agenda. Neither you have a r, u dont bound, so you can oh negative or positive. So you that would mean that you are in the o tight blood group. So you have sugar antigens on. Are you now I have a or be on your blood cells surface right, but if your own positive have neither a Europe beyond their service, but you would have the recent antigen on their right and just like
bio types, the our age types don't mix either knows a matter of fact. There is a really terrible condition called mother foetus in compatibility which the means the mother is our each negative and the baby is our its positive. So as the baby's developing its blood cells that carry that our age, an are taken as foreign invaders by the mothers blood. So the baby. The fetus is attacked by the mothers immune system. Not a good position for a fee. Now begin, but this also very treatable. These days, the Agatha impartiality- used to be a really scary thing, obviously, but now they know how to treat it. Nothing. On the first, your first born it's not really big deal at all oh yeah and the reason. Why is the blood not mixing right right? Well, know that first exposure, your body. So what the heck is this? Our second one, it's kind of like
who me once shame. I knew for me twice Atomic get you and it goes after the fetus in any just gets this immune response get more and more heightened with each pregnancy. I am almost positive, that's the case. I ran across the doing during research for this, and, if I'm not mistaken, that's what happens. Ok! Well, I know the eighty five percent roughly of the population is our each positive. So much more likely to be urged us the negative, ok in life her another, I would guess negative- would be more common. My honour, I just just that you need a program like my friend
so there are aged four groups that maybe other groups there too, of I think twenty two at least total blood groups that have been identified. Those other ones like Diego kid, Kehl, Duffy blood groups and all of them are descriptors advantages that can be found on the surface of a person's red blood cells. So your blood type can go far beyond a positive. Oh negative yeah. It can be like a negative, Duffy positive care. To the third power. Really who loves you? Why not exist? Basically, the presence or the absence of these different antigens in these relations can form. The thing is we now know in landscape. Figured it out early on, but didn't didn't discover the actual mechanism, but we know that each one is is controlled by a different gene or a mutation. Honest
gene and like a civilian Steiner, can have figured it out early on that it was heritable, thereby types inheritable and as a result, but typing where it was used in early paternity tests. Like almost from the outset of a glance, diners research The other thing that they found out was that you can also be a sensible growth, a secrete, her or nonsense Peter, which means that if you're secrete or your antigens can be secreted, the other fluids like saliva, mucus in your body, to ward off other infections annually at the service of his skin. Yes, oh year, I think eighty percent are sick readers and the United States and that's just another. Sub classification, even here in the first signs of arrows to rule people out quickly. The closure secreted navigator, Louise? Is the creator is a greater increase in all over the place
so, like you said, land the land sooner determined that you could test paternity and because of that in the ninety nine is that to the discovery of the Abbe O gene and basically, if I can have at a antigen, be expressed her thing is little treat you can ever be entered in expressed right or if their bought tweet you can have both a b. I think, in that case you inherit the a mutation from one parent Magee mutation from another planet. Yet disagree be cheap, there's another I'd like to a g. I just came up with it and then, if it's completely shut off, then that is where you get your own blood type right, but we have to point out that the aid be oh blood type, isn't like. The aim is the presence of right and bees, the presence of an ancient and always the presence of nothing right. It's not me
is again Carl's Zimmer in that mosaic. Article put it like if the aid to genocide, you story home in one form or fashion here in the B. Antigen is like a different type of two story home. The o is like the single story, ranch that the second stories are built on time. It century modern, yeah, whatever my preference in houses, I like us, do I wonder what I wonder what type the double white trailers I don't know, it's a single story so technically be always well there's a creeters pressure. So check we talked, you said there are each positive is the most common further our age blood tat, bright, attract, but what's the matter come in for a bio types. Well, you ve got o is the most o positive is the most common. Then you ve got a then you ve got be. Then you ve got a b as the least common Ganum cross ethnic groups, its speedy, interesting hispanic, folks
higher number of owes asian folks, Heavy Heiner, higher number of bees, and the reasons for this which will get into later they're pretty interesting, so mother teaser we should save with, and when you do, we cannot touch time. What happens when you mix by the members whom they sit urine by the the real on the molecular level on the salary level? What's going on when you mixed blood types? Is that the Anti Djinns present in one blood type that doesnt mix with another one attracts the antibodies year, because it thinks it some four vader yeah. So it's like I'm the troops you're coming into a house that has any bodies that are primed against the engines on your blood right and on those antigen or those antibodies surround the antigens in this kind of collecting clump around the red blood cells. That's a glue donation, yet the descent of growth.
It does at the gross, were, I think, medical. I think it figured out medical terms that have jeez in them and Gluck yet sounds kind of yet because what happens after a glue donation coagulated, your legs on cigarettes, do yeah and that thickened blood is tough to pump through your body. It's pretty simple. Really get blood clots everywhere and you have trouble breathing at your lungs fill of blood in you drown in it and again Europe, if it, if you're injected with cow's milk, your eyes go crazy. New spasm immensely under common die, but if not you're, just gonna drown in your own journal, bleeding in your lungs but what's going on, is the result of a massive immune response launched by your body because of the presence of what it takes is a foreign invader. If you take the blood of a somebody with the same blood type, is yours:
no, it comes from another person entirely. Your blood is used to the antigen present on that blood tight because that's the one it produces itself, and it just thinks it it's more of the same blood that it produced in your body. So this is all super interesting. I guess, after this break, we're gonna talk a little bit about. Why we have what action where they came from the beginning. Support for this podcast comes from pico pico is helping homes and businesses save money with energy efficient away, Ellie. These last up to fifteen times longer than traditional bulbs, Andy's up eighty five per cent less energy, so they're good for your pocketbook. And the environment. He's coming all shapes and sizes and our avail and a variety of light temperatures It's warm lighting for living rooms, dining room in bedrooms or bright cool waiting for catches and bathrooms. There's an elite
for every socket and for businesses, Ladys can help you manage energy costs, improve your bottom line and reduce maintenance swap old bulbs for energy saving Ladys Andy. Instant savings as a pico customer stock up while discounts and incentives last- and phone how you can start saving today is a pico dotcom, slash a lady or before the break, my friend, we were talking about what a poor types come from to those who title the segment awhile I had now, even though what that action was that was supposed to be the one
Finally, we ask is non existent when you just made an indefinable group, I can about that. The other day about german city can make funding german still right. Napkins make fun of white men, oh yeah, because like than asking for it for millennia, totally there's nothing. You can say to a white man that is truly offensive. True, yes, it is sad. Menace. Just took a really surprised. I remember my sociology teacher in college. I taught us that a yak is either. He was putting a bad words about different races and ethnic groups in taxes and he's like you may notice something he's a there's. No word that you can call a white man that is truly truly offensive here and there, the really isn't, I'm into a debate guess, but that's not offensive you're, just either that you're not here, I've had a traitor than our eye. So, let's get back the blood types: where did it come from? I know it is its bulky Burton
I can't make now use from an unknown country right, yeah, making us there are eight, so primates species, my and we found out that primates species have blood that you could mix with human blood was in a cow, was in a sheep but primates because their close relatives than calcined cheaply. While that's what there was the something but is still scientists for, can a scratch in their heads like how many are what are we to make of this because it suggests to things it suggests that either but types or so old, yet they predate human and the chance and guerrillas divergent So we we share some sort of common ancestor that have bled types itself or that boy types evolved independently, indifferent species, because it's like such a great idea right right.
Way they still said. What are these things for you? people have for a long time said the o was the original the Oji blood type job, which makes sense, because it is one here I thought that mean our original ancestors and Africa had type o other people thought a bee might have been the original because it evolve into a b, an o which that sought to make since doing one Linz right. Data broken down into its constituent year, but neither one of em it turns out are probably true right. Well we honestly don't know we just there's. First of all, not all of the primates genes have been surveyed, so we can really say but they look into a lot of money they have and the results are still too
In a baffling like guerrillas just have type b. I think chimps have type a you know, but that's it right. We don't quite know what to make of it. We do know that it's not just primates that have bled types, cats and dogs both do yeah and I'd never thought about that. You can have your cat or dog you if you're really good about yourself but really pissed off, animals here, you can take them in and have them give blood, there's animal dot. Org. In tat blood banks, the others. One right here indicator consult your bet, consult your bet, piss off your cat, take them and to give blood and explain to them what a great thing they're doing this, where like whether the falcon regret, it is a great thing, but yet it never occurred to me. Of course, that's what you need to do as a responsible pet owners right, I guess,
It maybe start with donate your human blood first and then, when you got that down pat bring you dog into the mix while yet to give a special dog and cat blood bank yeah. I can tell you that, and I think, if I looked at my all minor to old, which has said, I think you can't be over seven hours there ain't while he stood the one indicator, maybe there's two pillar comfort, spry blood. I guess it's very sad for me. My guys so here's anything now Josh what I'd start even set in stone. Necessarily they can change my boy. It is, and I found this really neat or company things. One is we cannot change, will go and explain how it can change, naturally borrow friend epidemics. Yet always there episode we dig. Can your great can my grandfather's diet my life, one of our best. Yes, it was very. No one has any idea about epigenetic because the title here, but if you are looking for an effort in annex iv, so goes in allowing the basic
because of changes in the way genes are expressed. If you're say, a mutation on your gene is shut down I've been genetically then all of a sudden overtime, because red blood cells have about a former lifespan. Yellow is constantly regenerating itself. You will turn into an oh boy person within you. I think you may not even notice but interlocutor blood tracing. Giving notice by in their good friends at the Red Cross test, floated that kind of thing with each donation yeah and leave it to the presumption ethically than pointed out they to test the station. Use, a similar method of mixing blood and seen if it clumps yeah the same thing that the landowner did way back in the day. So I found another look cool things, though this is from years ago- and I couldn't get anything more recent- I think it is
under review, but they think now that they can actually not synthetically, but just not naturally change your blood type. Two, oh right to make you- and this would be great because You could change what type and this is in the bodies in the blood bag change it from maybe two o. Then that means all of sudden. You have a more valuable blood, because it's me universally accepted where they done is. Of course it was the University of Copenhagen professor Heinrich Klaus, their eyes doing the best work. It seems like those great so they found they studied twenty five hundred different types of fungi bacteria and found they're looking for proteins that could help and they found to that could help. One was God Elizabeth many Ngos speck get them said to come. My guess is that Professor Heinrich either has a daughter awakening Elizabeth
yeah, whose, like I got a bad name after more he's in big trouble. And then the other is bacterial Nessus Virgilius and basically those tooth yet yielded him to remove those Andy antigens. Yet it is sheer, though sugars off the going rate it and made it the type. No, that's it now, but that was this from two years ago, and in this case it is a girl, the doctors say is a one in six billion event at nine years old she got a liver transplant and everyone knows and you get an organ transplant. Getting it to take is a big deal not having it rejected in what they do, is give you medication, usually for life, to make sure it stays not rejected what they found with her Was it when she got her new livered the drugs action made her sick, the ones to keep her from rejecting it and what they when they tell her blood, was that her body was changing its blood type and completely changed its blood
to where she didn't need those drugs anymore, and from a negative deposited riot, and she completely went off those drugs and I think she's, like twenty years old now and the doctors, I don't think they have an explanation for it other than I guess this can happen, yeah her body like Like the kind of local topic fighter Pool coup is or something like that I gotta do you gotta. Do I gotta do keep this lever so desperately awesome. Super awesome, one in six billion, pretty nice to have that quantified for you in a bitch, physical related near so check with Colonel laid out by now that blood types are confounding science still yet. But there are some gases some assumptions about why we have on. Although that is the that is still the question
that plagues blood researchers. Why do we have blood types? What you think it was because you know, because their fighting off blood borne invaders like that's, why we haven't, but that and explain why we have different ones bright exactly and then what confounds it even further is the fact that apparently, some blood types actually increase your susceptibility to some blood borne invaders. Yes, assembler types help certain fight certain diseases and not others and like he said, then there are others that making more to set the ball game, not only in the case of like where oh, not having this a antigen makes me more susceptible because the antigen fight off say, I think, malaria, yes, more and more, it's not you the case of that in some cases having an antigen proves to be food for certain kind of germs and bacteria,
cause illness. The airwaves aimed actually binds easier, yea binds or they eat like the sugar, the protein and they just go attack. Your body like it's like food, like your blood type, is food to certain kinds of diseases that make you terribly sorry great, sir. From an evolutionary standpoint, those things should not exist, yet the only thing to me that makes sense is when you included this word in here, which has variation, and that to me makes sense, because variation is generally pretty good for a population wreck. Does it covers more bases, and in this case maybe why I mean they have found Kevin came this guy in receive Toronto delight.
Vesta getting on this and found that, like you said it was type o protects against malaria. Better type, a makes you more susceptible to pop smallpox site, be your more likely be infected by echo lie. So it's just that you should know what your blood type what you're more likely to get not get ya. Think again, remember we set them that some some in service binding sites for certain kinds of bacteria. Yet same thing, the Neuro virus, which has Can you do with your view that everything they make any sense that first at first, until you find out that not only does the does your body express your blood type antigens on the Service of Europe but red blood cells. It also ass, his on the surface of the cells that line your gut right. Neuro virus has a lot to do with your gut. So specifically, I think if you type
Oh, you have basically were accounts. What amounts to a landing pad for normal virus. To bind to, and you are really going to be hate and compared it. Everybody else on the cruise ship, the has saved a dry or a b, or if you type o, you might get a rupture to kill extended or sir little more easily in that weird here, they ve linked of a lot of a lot of have the ability to illnesses to different blood type, so infections, cancers, memory, loss, heart disease, get this type. A blood types are most most susceptible distress, which makes a lot of sense because it they personality is like them. I don't think those it might go, go go, go, let's get things doing, can anything here today, but that's not what we don't know all this ignorance, though, led to discuss. We well didn t too, but its exemplified
The discovery and nineteen fifty two in Bombay patients that didn't have a b, o blood type at all. Yeah confounding is called the bomb bay phenotype covered in the fifties and basically it some truly rare its head again. Carl's Imre comes in to say: if owes the single story ranch in Asia to story and be The two story house, then this Bombay phenotype, is an empty vacant. Lot. Yeah like these are the guys. I have nothing there. Where's av goes in India you're about one in ten thousand. You have one in ten thousand chance of having this blood type and one four million in the world, but the thing confounding about is these people don't appear to be any more or less fit or healthy young people. A b o blood group? Yes, just if you need that
you're in bad j J. You have to get Bombay because I think I think blood has a shelf life of about forty two days, so I imagine places like India in Bombay, especially they probably have a lot more, this on hand, but if you're travelling in the United States, maybe you might have a bit of a time. If you're bleeding out, I would guess it was also a general hospital sublet, whether really ever spoken around, and it was like. I leave it to the soap opera that make that, like the rarest blood type, a supply of fraternity, blood, that's how they proved up return. Eighty from our somebody had the bomb bay fields are either like it is. You is here the bomb Bay for years, the creator save a fuss dress, so we ve talked about how the boy types are. They make you more or less susceptible
he's right. They think that that's one of the reasons why different blood types appear in different ethnic groups differently. They act. That is evidence that, in the not too distant evolutionary past. Certain certain parasites or bacteria germs, or viruses that have some sort of preference? First, blood type him pass through an area and largely wiped out the people with that blood type yet left. The other boys I am standing here. We were talking earlier about in China and actually in Russia, India do they have a lot more blood type b, and that is because robotic plague and malaria outbreaks that swept through those countries need not too long ago and basically wiped out, a lot of the owes an so you got a lot more bees here. This is it.
This has been proven ran in science. Things are proven that there is more and more and more evidence that backs up seems to be a correlation. There is in its not just China, Russia and India. Africa has a lot of type o o people, which is less susceptible. The malaria and Africa has a lot of malaria, so it does make a lot of sense of that what happened. So, even if the reason we have bled types isn't because it provides a defence against the faint blood borne illnesses or whatever it's a function for sure of blood types. If you want to not get Tele illogical here, while who does tell Eliza Tele Ology All this will finish up here with two examples of or one example of hokum, one example that,
may or may not be hokum, but it's probably hokum. At the very least, this fund, the blood type diet. There is a natural path name, Peter demand dilemma the Ottawa Theodora. Do you Dama? I actually Oddly enough, I like how do you pronounce it? I found in all the Regis Cathy Lee. I don't know about trust while he was standing next to him and he seemed to agree with it. So usually there when it said the apostrophe, it's just that I'm not dead, Dama Hating, correct Regis! Well, who does it can really others Ellie, Ripper, yells, reducing catalina, will says she was drunk. He does his readers This is a nineteen any six. He is a natural path with my wife calls a hokey book, you doctor, and he published a very famous unpopular book, called a right for number for your type
right for your type, seven million copies the Dayton Sixty languages and translated into an he postulated that blood types came along over the years as we evolve and that we should eat according to win. Blood type. What was going on when our blood type first came about right, like evolution, airily speaking exactly so like, the I think he's, he decided that the type o blood type came about during hundred gather era. Em, you think he'd cited is very key here. Yeah, maybe I don't know what it was based on other than his gases to bite. Then he said TAT Day was the dawn of agriculture. Type B was from the Himalayan Highlands ten thousand to fifteen thousand years ago, and then he said type abs, modern blending of type aids- I beg bribery can mean so if you, for example, or type a your blood type,
came about during the Hunter gather days here, and you you're diet should consist mostly of like raw vegetarian foods. Now that, during the dawn of agriculture, hunter gatherer would be mediators. Oh sorry, the area, so there will be type o, would be the mediators right. So Taipei would be done of agriculture, so you would eat vegetables, or should he were you yeah type, o raw meat, rich right, no grains and dairy take be lots of dairy, also called the death I heard and to avoid foods aren't suited to your blood type, and he did this. He said a will. Reduce infections and you'll lose weight and you can fight cancer and I can sell book
a lot of books. Pretty much was the reason and they then testing over the years of the Red Cross and Belgium did a lot of people have, and they all said. This is not true. No, they the Red Cross, a belgian, do survey the thousand studies and found no direct evidence supporting the health effects of the abs blood type die and quote yeah, but that's not to say that these diet aren't good for you. For example, there Taipei diet is basically vegetarianism. So of course, you gonna lose weight. Lower your body mass index, you, you may well whatever You're going to your going on a vegetarian diarrhoea that none of these have to do a blood that no like. If you are a typo, go on the Taipei dire and you'll see those same benefit same effects. I don't go in the type b. The hit so basically seems like this guy just took some some pretty good diet, except for a year the tape, the type b diet is
are you the bunch of fats and various other fats have gone about rap? Here I mean not off that's your bad, because we know that, but now its opponents when eat. Just I e diet is not the one to go if now, so that was hokum, allegedly this I'm another risk of respecting our friends in Asia Mechanical this complete Oakum obeyed. They believe that pretty like, like we believe, is actually can say, like we believe, astrology alot of people here just have astrology is like a fine thing to read. They really take it seriously in Japan, apparently yet so I don't know what you compared to over here. I don't even know that it has an analog astrology. I guess I guess the better but the others. The distinction is that, like over their more people, definitely taken
is this fact, yes and Santa Ticket way more seriously, but its being born with something that determines your personality? I gotcha so back and nineteen twenty seven to cagey food food, a power who is a professor at Tokyo, women's teacher school. He decided that blood types and this basin is observations, replied types and personality types were related somehow yet and he started to do some studies and he decided I've got this figured out. I I've got the map, I have Taipei type B maybe a type o personality types met in it. Actually, cod on exactly EAST beer- I'm still is today in the Japanese, actually have a word for a type of harassment, say basically getting passed over for a job or not getting into a certain school based on your blood type, YAP Buddha, Hata, yeah, that's right the good pronounce it. I think, you're announcing agency, I couldn't even throughout that our values, while led type harassment, yeah
over these guys. It's some! Thank you. It's interesting! If your boy type a you, were going to be kind and compassionate and put others, yourself, you are come on the outside, but you have a lot of inner turmoil, but you're good listener and you're gonna have a lot of and soon you get along with others well by its typically at the expense of your own sense of balance and happiness. You just giving a little too much yeah, United speaking up for yourself necessarily in order to keep the peace. The truck that's type, a Europe type B is the George Clooney of blood types. Is rug now he's nuts mug, what I don't think you smug what it's like is defining characteristic smuggler. Oh my god! Really! Yes, I'm about a faint none of items I think, if you agree with someone, then you probably not find themselves
I agree with them in a lot of ways. I think it's a really cool thing to do is find your money, a higher satellites, a track warlords and Africa about his cool thing. Is you can do with your riches as anybody writer? I still think you smoke everything smart, I care. I like, I don't think you can help it. We have different debt. Of smug. If you mean handsome and winning and charming than yes, he smog hundred and ten percent, aware that your handsome and charming, winning. I love it down to the molecular level. These that's my definition of smoke. Awareness of your good looks that yeah overconfident self awareness is smugness, amounting cleaning Post George cleaner. Just then I just can't imagine not thinking you smug. Well, imagine it. We like, I don't even know you right now. Well, that's what, On the first type b, blood type b, like my buddy George, that means about going in friendly people person.
And I don't do that at the expense of my own feelings. It just comes naturally right. Yeah George, whereas I could Taipei would like your people person both you really expend a lot of energy being a people person tight, be it seems, like you said it just comes. Naturally, you very adjustable you're getting a job if you have to deal with people on think we said that type, a blood people don't to have jobs with a deal with other be right. It gives examples of programmers account writers, librarians are good jobs for type aid inside me, like Mr Clinton is not suitable for marriage because their flirty and playful and smug? Yes, a korean women. That's right! You added the smug thing by the way that the and yes, of course it is pretty smart, Take a bee, though they are freedom, when gear their strong and rational yeah, they don't worry about the little things they can look at least challenges
with emotion, removed and say this. We need to do to get past this, so their psychopaths but not necessarily. They seem to not have issues with relationships in their quite popular. They seem to be the winning EAST personality group undergo psychopath. For that I mean I see what you're saying by Anna. Excessive and then finally, we have personality o blood type, o your responsible, impractical and rule conscious, you're a great leader in very determined to achieve your goals, yet you physically strong. So you might be a good athlete yet in their most happy with other type, owes or type abies, and that are the personality blood types. They never heard That's all we know about blood before those pretty need. I never heard that that was a big thing get. You me told me, but I was like when you blood touches like oh. You know that japanese blood type trite blood type personality tight. You like Y yeah, she's, looking only church clinics,
but you will need to be together with his own hands and watch me, Even at this late hour. I shock- they want to know more about blood types. I would steer clear of how this works, because, as one of the densest most, comprehensive articles. I've ever read my life on the site about it, led as that reply. They really need three right here is this then you put together a great thank you Priscilla, I'm out of those based on a mosaic article by Karl Zimmer about blood type c, has strongly recommend Garee ended since as a consumer. It's time some are male we call this truck driver chemist guys owes a truck driver. Oh by the way, listen you show back, then I left tracking to go to college and was taken chemistry. We had to do a research paper
compound, and so I always want to know about diesel tried looking diesel do want uneasily says it's interesting I learned some really interesting thing about Rudolf diesels invention and about the man himself, the array These are compound was actually made for peanuts. He invented the engine for small plants. The George Washington Carver help. Was rude off these old. He invented it. The engine for small plants, the Could power, not biological plants like a power plant zero point here you could power warehouse to compete with the big industrial warehouses, hearing the industry, evolution, so he was a man of the people, but here's the conspiracy theory part rid off diesel. Out his diesel engine is going to be powering. Germany's knows, warships called on to see boots. I mean undersea boats were used.
And he was really angry- that they would uses invention for war, so he too German naval represented that if they're gonna use his diesel for war, he would take his designs to England, so they would have to encounter many in the Germany might as well not use it, they shot him on the spot, basically Smart thing you announce now he pushed Alice chips in lost. He told off the government boarded a varied England in the evening. Who in the morning he left word to wait, since he had an appointment with the naval Office in Britain when the very dark the next morning he was gone. A day his body was found floating in the english channel and is all happened. A few short years before World WAR one, while I can't believe that like government agents would fit Anthony somebody when they threatened to take a variable, thing to another country, so that sounds like a good part. Yes, he says you have a man fighting for the common man, man that did Michael
meaning for war and engine. We still use today and could be using more in the future, and that is from Russ Courtney Russ. My friend, I think you just did a low many pocket. We are neither thanks a lot for the man. I love love. History me to love. History never knew got rid of these. No, no idea, and even though some days I say my god it neither was the thing I ever did Jimmy gasoline Are there the Elizabeth Bacteria TAT list with bacteria Jimmy gas? If you want to tell us something that we don't know about that, Belarus tops because it so cool like rats. You can tweak to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook that complex that we should now. You can send us any mail to stuff. I guess that has therefore that camp and as always when his on the web
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