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What's the deal with indigo?

2020-02-25 | 🔗

Indigo is a color with a rich past. Learn all about it today. 

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Thanks in this establish, the smell of me so his back love this of me, so the more I've been doing a lot he so watches. Actually, just eating balls of me so now found day. I found a soup, that's pretty good, so soon, while a roman enemy. So there a little because I was thinking, I managed to love those little sent Romans in college. The air, like a wonder if there is an elevated version of that, and there is now play MIKE's, mighty good Rahman. Ok, it's the cup a soup, but it's just a little bit better. Made from better ingredients and save twenty cents. It's like two dollars, oh yeah, still pretty I will put. It is either yeah it's worth the exchanges super fast and get some. You know low calories in your body to stave off some food graving stave off that cheeseburger craving, I mean yes, which can
substantial- and you know what I'm also back on and is not just because of colored crap, but a beef turkey after there's a nice little protein snack, I like be not a ton of calories and assuage is craving the one kid sorry that one guy, but he started it as a kid listener who makes beef jerky. I some really top quality, stop. It was good, but Now that I had my mouldy beef Turkey incident years ago, in L a royal that's right, and this is the first time it had Turkey in fourteen years, because of that incident- train, their home blouse, not like a time, but a couple times a week of second to beat your head is that the lot the law, the visitor yes couple of times a week is alot Wait a minute. I write a my wheel house, but it's a lot yeah and I hold back a bee. Jerky wants a k linked to answers. I had to do you weigh it out. First, I do
Really. I was on of the food weighing thing for a little while and like you can get into a kind of like a game I mean. Is it the only way to track accurately gift you made thanks? You feel a good one. Thinking about my little now? It's why these Jerkin FIFA. It's fine, everybody! Obviously we're talking about indigo. They good die in the history of it which to me Did you know any of this before we started now? this is kind of you, like all its positive signals, to run into going in dog immense instruct. Go you know how he was old. I was perusing the old house of works dot com website. You know, I know we have almost clean that site dry over the years, but this one popped up, and I thought interesting, because this is one of those that is like. Oh indigo, yeah. That's a color, but it's also a pigment.
And it has an interesting history and also slavery and race gets involved, So no idea has lots of tendrils that I found interesting yes supposedly, ever indigo went especially after the age of the exploration in colonization. So too went slavery, yeah because there was a really intensive process in crop to produce indigo the dye very popular crop- Area and was is also worth lot of money which was like our wildest kidnap people and make them work for free, and in that I will produce indigo and that's how it went for hundreds of years apparently yet and we'll get to this. But there are some people that say the the state of Georgia legalise slavery specifically, so they could can keep pace with indigo as a crop and those people who say that are historians.
So ok, I knew zero about indigo, aside from the fact that they used it to die genes- and I was blue. Basically, I just found is ultimately super fascinating yeah. I mean this beginning. I thought was the even more fascinating? Because I never really thought about the fact that if you look at any color up to a certain point about mid nineteenth century. He amid nineteenth century was any color. See on a fabric or a textile. Was there because a lot of plants and insects were squashed here, like it. It was an insect implant, bloodbath per e yet in the world. Because of you wanted something to be colored at all, then you defined a bug or a plan that you could grow, up until powder, basically or or some other means yeah or an animal short like
see snails and animal area, and if you wanted purple for a very very long time you had to hum you had to get the mucous gland out of a cease now and in desiccated. And I'm guessing at an end. Well for the sea, snail! No- and I imagine that the super labour intensive thing to do but who, like I guess I could see like accident smashing cease now would be like all it's a very pretty purple. I wonder if I can use it to do stuff where this stuff that gives, those when you get into like indigo itself, yeah, because its back that you can get blew out of indigo is not intuitive. No because you look at the plant, it's not blue nope. You squeeze the plant, not blue nope eat the plant poop it out, not blue, blue there's nothing blew about you have this. We have to put it to this chemical reaction that multi step to get it to be blue and I'm like I can only add a law here how what wit series of
students had to happen so that, like somebody came up with INDIGO the. The truck- is apparently it's one of the least list natural natural dies in the world yeah and ass in the. For that reason, one of the most sought after through antiquity, because you nothing to make red stuff. It's pretty easy, there's a lot of things you can. You know read out of nature, share or green, obviously, yeah, but blue you know the old thing about there being no blue foods when old thing well. The old adage. There are nobly foods. Have you ever had arctic blue gum Well, I did look into this cuz. This does make a little sense of why blue as a pigment would be more sought after and I think it ties ended the fact that is just not naturally
Really I had never thought about them that you now, I'm just gonna spend the rest of the episode racking, my brain for a blue food. Well, blue corn, blue potatoes! How you blueberries are the towel that most people say well. What about that? I never would have thought of those, but those are technically purple there on the food network a few years ago and other people done this ease the spectral photo meter. Photometer too The true colours of foods and even those foods are actually purple. They brought Sidney locker and be like yeah principle. I don't get it. She had a song tricolours I'll, get such a good housing in Tripoli. That's it Madonna did you just said and are under the inner Madonna near, but that's a reservoir dogs reference. Ok, thank you. For explaining it, but I didn't have the sea like multiple emails, two weeks from now Will you be my great reservoir dogs reference chuck, so the
Lou food thing, supposedly people think that blue light is one of the high energy wave links on the on the wide spectrum on the visible light spectrum and that the gases is to grow more efficiently plants absorbed that light and use that entered well yeah because the blue and is is higher energy, yet I'm pretty sure the ESA, the other make sense. And that was what we were talking about in the about the blue blood. Yes, but that's the Presented that absorbs more red, so it reflects more blue interesting. So if it was blue, it would it would absorb last blue light. It's kind of like a mind, sure a brain teaser right. At any rate there are very, supposedly no true, blue foods, and that's probably ties into the fact there are not a lot of plants that were true blue
and ass. If he wanted some blue back, then you had. Get it from, but which is a if you look at those, it's got: yellow flowers. Again this If there was ever a medieval english word load road. I love it, for that sounds like a little laughed a little Harry Stubby. We know that when a woman with big feet who wears like a tune, it unites, awoke or they were bum. The prettier named INDIGO Farrah, which is a family a plant in India in South America, both of those that like a pinkish flower, but both of those is where you used to get indigo yeah with we're bout. This also is not only like to Neither of these plants, look like they would produce blue die at all, but Neither one of em are actually particularly good at dying fabric yeah. They both resist binding to fabric or dissolving in water
The reason why you don't just like squeeze one I would urge any go fairer plant and get blue die if the run it through this process. It starts with fermentation even yet and squeezing squeezing your word sets of life. The knelt, so we don't know for sure we think they ve been making indigo from road longer than from the go fair plant? I think now we can't say the word vote anymore for the rest of the episode in a curate, but it's We can't really tell sometimes whether owes would or the indigo fairer. Rather they do think because Egypt, a mess of potato turkey and they had a lot of blue, in Turkey. They had more road than INDIGO Ferris. They think those rubbing the first one yet so the upshot of all that is that they can trace who die back The third millennium BC five thousand years ago, were up to five thousand years ago, but they can't say what
it came from water. Indigo fair right right, but they did indigo Farrah in the bronze age and the Indus Valley Civilization, and this was fascinating to me just because the the heart hereupon I guess it's on its road into the same in this valley, civilization in there that what you just said, yes, they're, they're the same thing I yes, there, ok, the harp on civilization? That was one of maybe the largest ever ancient civilization near and under. Fascinated AIDS, and we talk about these civilizations back then add like as many as five million people is just blows my mind. They also head indoor plumbing underwear. And sewage, like they'd they had a going on. I may they apparently at a better standard of living, then contemporary Egyptians. At the same time, and everybody thinks is the Egyptians have been going on to please the
yes, not compared to the Indus Valley, civilization, that's right! So there is a lot of examples of this stuff. A fairer near indigo, fair or woden kind of competed for a very long time and Europe went the roadway because it well grows in in Europe much more easily as related to the cabbage family, they took the road less traveled and I was good and then I was real. The and then INDIGO Fair, grows better and like Pakistan, India that that area, the Indus Valley and so that there was kind of like the split, in blue die. The thing is, there seems of all it's been a misunderstanding. That indigo affair is just that please superior to load indigo So even in Europe, like you, would find, would like the the Greeks, the Romans and then medieval Europeans. If things get their hands on indigo, fairer,
INDIGO that they would pay through the nose for that Jeff. And rightly so. I mean like it was really expensive because it's hard to producers will see, but also at the time you had to travel over land carrying the stuff here, and so each trader that one along this trade rest is added it more and more money on earth. By the time it reach, say western Europe European a lot for Blue died one million dollars. They would be like that. Number doesn't even exist yet so the Greeks they called in this going down a bit of it a word origin rabbit whole, but the Greeks called the blue pigment. India Con with a k, It was from India, anyone and sound sinister difficult things of the gang that became indigo in English. And then there's the word for die in ancient lands in I oh, I Neely that was sanskrit, meaning dark, blue
right and then that became a and I owe in Spanish and eventually that became indigo in central and South America. Barely a blue in Arabic is Al Neil right in English. Annie line is derived that and that is the synthetic die class. So it's all tied together we I climb right out of this whole gets those big one, so Where are we in the ancient world these? Well, I think we're Marco Polo. Ok good, so am wolves the late twelve hundred since the late thirteenth century Marco Polo made his way to China and was like hey get this. We forgot to say something This is me talking Marco Polo. They had, they think the Romans, the Greeks Europeans had no idea that indigo came from a plant that right
by the time it go to them. It was like these little hard gum bits of why you would mix with water it about a twenty percent solution and there you had your die of sudden but they thought it was a mineral Marco Polo went to China yeah, so some, as a first hand, is like this comes from. When did you guys know that, and by the way I got him to my boat. If you want to buy some the train and all of a sudden, there is trade. Now, with with China, yeah in that went. It was still pretty expensive because there was no direct see route to China until now. Go to Gama came along and said, watch this yeah I'll, sell the China in like two seconds never owners very impressed in this kind of the middle man and all those hands, like you were saying, raising ices along the way cut out a lot of those, and you more supply and even
then those economics met cheaper prices would follow right, isn't Vasco Da Gama, George, who stands as favorite, explore I can't remember. I was just wondering that I want to say is better thought was Cortez now know now know everybody hates Cortez who was Jerry's. I remember in which one I think, one of whom was impressed about going around the Horn of Africa Magellan. Maybe look that's what did your scientific research on that for real so the cost of indigo drops a lot because of the d gamma, but not like I bought a is. Why allowed free like the point, you're, a one percent could afford it. You you know that the further twenty percent could have avoided a kind of something like yeah. But what that meant was is road was in big trouble because indigo
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Ok, so you said that call blue gold right here, they did back in the age of Vasco de Gama. That's right because it was worth a lot of money. It lasted a long, have a good shelf life and it wasn't, you know huge. It was pretty compact, as far there's during entrapment supercomputer, so if you'll indulge me like, I found a little bit about how that stuff that they used to travel with was made yet it still if it's going to be made, naturally, which it really isn't. This is how they would still do it right. Some one figure, this thousands of years ago, and still too from what we understand the process is virtually the same amazing. So the whole thing starts with a body of indigo, fairer, plant a dry and you throw it into a pot, and you start to fermented.
Step, one somebody figured out how to ferment or that you need the ferment indigo and that someone drank it at some point. Yes, in their lecture, go my team very seem teeth like these. So, here's the thing with the reason why you can't just squeeze and INDIGO Fair play and get indigo. I was because there's no indigo in the plant- it doesn't exist naturally in but there's a precursor to it called into. Can and that is what you from it out of the leaves an enzyme which kind of sit down and all of a sudden. You have something called Indocile in glucose that right, splitting. This indocile is what your actually after and then after that, you drain the liquid in into a second tank. You add the indocile with air, you stir it. Basically and all of a sudden oxidize into India gotten and in that
in the garden is actually what currently is indigo, because there's no other steps after that example let it air dry yeah like sex, at the bottom, and then they can rid of them the the matter on top yeah. They filter it out in your left with Canada, a sledge paste. I think right yeah and then, if you dry that pace in the sun, which I think is the traditional customary way supposedly that converted into basically like blocky, solid indigo, die. Ok, so it's not a powder cakes in the fact that the above I seen it is how are you talking about, but I think the fact that the right- when's and Greeks thought it was a mineral chasms. Hard must be hard, but sure I mean it's gotta breakdown somehow, but it's weird about all this is, if you take that that to go die and you will say like so
some gentlemen in it it's not just going to come out blue right, certainly not after one if you're using natural indigo die, you have to I've seen up to forty two. You have to wash it in this indigo tis to get it to start to buy his way things about indigo is it doesn't like to bind with fibres, right and then, even when it does its very superficial so like. If you took your genes right now, cut it open you you looked at the cross section you'd, see white inside it's just the superficial top the fibre of your genes that have been die blue inside the INDIGO hasn't actually penetrated, and I would be wearing some sweet Daisy dukes with like the pocket sticking out of order. TAT had never way. That short now enjoys Edward cut off Jean phase, but never the George. There was always had the frayed bottoms. Can a country style nothing hemmed
Oh yeah, yeah, there never owned mere knows. I know in homer, yet George said neither actually sent you, but it. And was at a time where there are acceptable be that it is not I would like in a where those guys idiom column, George back, then I think I just didn't have em. Why you, Skype is now what I have my bag year building They had like a him like the bottom of genes did, but it they weren't at all the Tito George. Yes, yes, look anything like stinky here I need to see what that looks like just imagine like nineties, Jean shorts. There, you go. You got that sort of wood to sleep with their wishes begun so checked his purse glasses on everybody a strike as I'm reading my eyes again,
a bad might have to chuck. Like I carried anything now unless I have them, I have to go like this makes a really hard to underline and highlight when you hold like Josh coming of age very far from his face and then close and an alarm, and for its really said so I guess we should get into the dark side of, and I think this was one of the parts from the house or for Ex article. Said some of that it had some NPR in their no nice and I think, of a fashion website, even chimed in as frequently So when Europeans can lie, colonized, Northumbria guy colonial eyes. They started obviously is needed to grow crops and seldom for money that was a big deal was farming so there What should we grow like? We ve never been here before yeah. It's like you, don't think about that, but that
exactly kind of what they went through. They tried a bunch of different stuff they and they did but you're different stuff, but indigo assumption that they try to grow a lot of early on. They nailed the end Jamestown. Amsterdam thinking. In the French. Did it then ok, job of it but it was a woman named Eliza Lucas in the seventeen thirties and more appropriately Eliza Lucas's slaves that figure this out. Yes, so she's cheats the credit she's a pretty interesting person herself up to sixteen year and her father by my voices transition really weirdly and her father own like to at least three innovations in around Charleston, yes, Sancho and yet again a british colony at the time, and he said hey, Eliza, you're embody wants you go take over these three plantations in seawater. Are there any centre, some seeds and she started grow and stuff, and she
on the indigo grew really really well and in the the Lowlands South Carolina. Yes, she grew ginger, cotton, hemp, alfalfa and the aforementioned indigo eventually for her efforts. He was inducted into as the first woman into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame again she's. Sixteen all the time church she got married to a man named Charles Pinckney, he was an old maid of sixteen and not married, yes, get up there in years, and they because you know, of course, she'll get. I think a lot of credit now is being shared, but for many years she was like Eliza Lucas, the the woman who figured out how to grow indigo right, whereas the Their true story is: is Eliza Lucas had slaves on her plantation from Africa that knew how to grow. Indigo she's like how do you do this and they helped her out. They to their credit,
did share this, that the plants, the seeds, the knowledge. All kinds of other farmers, and they are kind of work that is being responsible for the indigo boom in the south right. So then, you could extrapolate pretty easily that they were also responsible for the introduction of slavery into the southern cholera is because the indigo stew growing so well in this indigo boo happen and remember. This is still like a luxury item in high demand. Everybody wanted everything: blue, blue, blue, blue Gimme, some blue clothes right now, that was kind of the age in the middle of the eighteenth century, and because this crop sorted grew so well in the south and because it was so lucrative. They think that Georgia, said. You know trousers do really well. This indigo we could be doing well to if only we would overturned a ban on slavery, had no idea that George initially had a ban on slavery. Did you did not end said
we're going to start allowing slaves to be held in Georgia and the Georgia colony so that we can do oh indigo and that's exactly what happened near and seven. In fifty one is when the ban in Georgia ended and the Revolutionary WAR Revolutionary. I keep saying that revolutionary because it was truly revolutionary sheriff, the Revolutionary war came along by that wait. There were eighteen thousand in Georgia and the war though, can put a dent in the INDIGO market yeah anyway. I guess some so the biggest consumer base of indigo for the colonies was Britain. In Britain and Ireland Beer colonies, Amory libyan penny go find some other customers in Britain say go, take over India and get it
We go there right said they said it. British, british, british barbie girl, that's pretty good, I think all of it pretty good governor accurate at all. In this time, to slavery in indigo was basically around until the early twentyth century when synthetic indigo camera Yes. So if a wiser Lucas Pinckney kicked off slavery boom in the southern colonies, make a really good case. Their Alfred volume bear the german chemist need a lot of slaves when he found a synthetic alternative to indigo. Yeah and he followed a boy truly able I know a teenage chemists named William Perkin set up with all these teenagers and I know you and stuff. Well. They died when there are twenty seven psychosis
Both know it's not. You don't bother emailing over twenty seven to twenty seven club greatness shoulder network per year in and year from disgrace, lands Jake, Brennan Catch Sundays, and I hope it is a good shoulder. Yeah. It's about the twenty seven club, the musicians who died at the age of twenty seven. Filling. I think that's on our list of two do episodes, although now it turns out, we can reject off. I don't know, maybe he'll come after us. I know So reddish chemist Tina wonder canned William Perkins. He was the first he's a creator. The first and die right, which came about as a lot of things when science, by accident, when they're trying to do something else, in this case a cure for malaria right, which is teenage, kid was doing trying to find a cure for malaria, pretty cool any came
something called morphine, which produces a bright purple, and so this is the first synthetic die. Remember up to this moment. When William Perkins came along everything that had ever been died in the history of humanity. Him in died, using naturally sourced labour intensive weirdo processed dies in and he's like hey. This is way easier, its way more controlled and because controls can put it into like mass production, pretty easily just changed every yeah and we don't have to harvest Billy of insects and grind up into powdered were poor, see snails yeah ends again a few years later, coupled decades later funny enough Alfred VON Bayer said: I'm going to start working on one for INDIGO Adolph, oh yeah aid, often enough in eighteen, five. He declared that that's what he was working on in eighteen
the seven he figured it out here, not bad thirty within year. That's all what was fight, he got the Nobel Prize actually for chemistry for his work on organic dies, but also he discovered barbecue. It's really didn't even mention it in the Nobel Prize, while barbecue its or synthetic dies, will give it to him for synthetic dies. Well, yeah, chemistry still interesting, but back then it was like make heavy duty drugs and might make synthetic dies here and now, injecting both. You have when that launched in eighteen. Ninety seven the natural production of indigo. Was it about nineteen thousand tonnes? I guess annually. Doesnt save this. Look like metric tons of yes me there's an extra and Anthony yeah, we'll say two annually, and this was you mainly coming from India about fifty
years later after the invention of the synthetic die that natural number had gone from. Nineteen thousand Tony's. So one thou tunnies right, that's a pretty precipitous drop. Pretty did Hitler hit the natural indigo market pretty hard, and I had nothing to do with the demand for indigo oversees the synthetic indigo stepped in and took over very very quickly. I tried So now it's like to sit complete niche market to be like this is actually net Curly died with natural, indigo kind of garments. You just don't find those instead, almost tiredly everything is made with synthetic dies figure. Second breakin will come back and talk about Oh, that's just ruining everything to because it nothing. Good about indigo apparently correct:
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Charles. Yes, you wearing jeans right now. I unfortunately, how happy I am as well. That's all you were coming Virginia got too. I have she was well timed and wondering jacket show off No I'm like a little larger investigative, canadian tuxedo gone yeah but Emily made fun of me for buying a gene, Jack Etna like thinking jackets were kind of in illegal written thinks it's cool about. He can rocket change their future. And I said now. These are in now she's like an out and out like now. They totally are like I'm going to make it my business. Is there no there and you just don't don't wear with Jean bottoms, whether you are aware
Well, according to the websites, I looked up to prove Emily wrong. You wear them with thy khakis you you were with Corresponding are apparent that hanky does a man jacket and sunrise khakis or, like you know, I have my like maroon khakis. You can wear with that. Ok, any anything! That's not blue jeans are basically because again you look like you, Edging really close and canadian taxi there you ever, you now have seen people pull it off will feral. He worked canadian tuxedo When I heard a word he's hilarious, he got up there. You see that injecting blue jeans. Here. But I am sure you can offset the air was like, did. You say forever oblige heads because he did that whole Neil diamond thing. Remember now, o one of his greatest doctors from Zaire live as Neil Diamond really and use our union Mean Robert Galilei. Do you now? Ok, this Neil Diamond makes his robber delay. Look like the dog poop! Really it's! Yes! I ever saw
we'll die, there is, did it didn't multiple times, but there was one where he did. A veto. Storytellers Neil Diamond Neil diamonds, just off the road like I'm holes like he's, gets stitches. For some recently come loose on my GOSH bureau follies. I get a bigoted right he says to singing about. He carefully stand. Keyboard player, because his black and his keyword players like I'm way. Songwriter is tomorrow's. So I I I I demand that Buddy press pause, go watch, you'll diamond forever Erna VHF storytellers night, we'll feral and will wait and will take that up and we're back. Ok so where the heck are. We now is the environmental nightmare, that is modern text, not his blue jeans, but textile dying period. Nea there's, a documentary cub river blue that I have not seen
that sounds lovely but it details. The chemical manufacturing process were Denham specifically where, like you got it China in their rivers that are running blue, which is not good for many reasons, some of the reasons are that the dye itself, makes the river blue, which blocks out sunlight, you're, so plants dials everything yeah, when they, when they disintegrate their broken down by bacteria, which suck up all the oxygen which kills the fishing, is a horrible chain reaction. Again, remember, even with synthetic in oh, but with natural as well, but even with synthetic and go that the dye doesn't want to stick to the stuff so yeah. You, something called the mordant right, which is a bleak agent that actually that bind the indigo die too. The garment alive the more it was because the initial color that it gets is not the blue that you want, so we have to keep bleaching it that I understand. Ok,
think it's the thing that binds that says: hey in oh, come on over here and let's hang out with this, this Denham Dana Blue, while the wastewater the left over Morton too, there are terrible, are either acidic here or there chromium or some other com horrible metal that kills fish and poisons the ILO. Me I'm supply here. You know they spilett currently, which is why they pronounce it differently. Verily didn't once and I didn't know, I looked it up as a spell exactly as its pronounced. But we spell it luminal in the? U S and in Canada. Patently there so the English speaking world spells it Allumette knee Young there's that extra syllable spelled out Oh, they say our minium yeah, ok added another Othello adjust our minium right, but there there really saying aluminium but they're, just their british. There would be an extra I after the n,
please what you actually want to. Yes, exactly blew the traffic data, confusing India spell it differently lost! That's the I agree, but anyway you dont want that stuff in your water supply and it comes about in aces up from the four billion. Pairs of genes that are died every year in the world yet genes Jeanne jackets and Jean Hats thought canadian tuxedos tried but they are trying to work on this there's a but more environmentally friendly way there they're trying to formulate I did not understand this at all, so I'm just going to say it's magic through chemistry Ok, I have a feeling. You're gonna want to explain it were so it is fine, The thing to remember like Indocile is what you're, after when you, when you're extracting fermenting indigo, that's right or indigo, fair plants in indigo, so that in Doc, solid super, unstable soils
buying something it becomes something else you we can use that something else you need the docks. What they figured out is to the genetically altered and eco lie, a strain of eco lie in its secrete that that precursor to Indocile, for they can make it secrete right. Yeah, right they like genetically engineered again, so that their precursor to Indocile, when you put it together with some other natural enzyme, it separates that the precursor into indocile and glucose, then, all of a sudden you indocile and which need. Is they found that, with this particular type of indocile, when you exposed ere it automatic We turned into indigo, it turns into Luke LUCA. Ago, when it is at the White INDIGO which apparel is what you actually want to make things blew the traffic data confusing in their view, just lost me without one. What's the deal, but then
they're, saying like we ve got this thing. It's like this. A system actually works with a right, the spectators to produce basic. The precursor to indigo. They you realize that is always the brown exactly see exactly rise. Big Denham is gonna save great journey. The numbers Tommy Hill figures, gonna, be like a kid game money off this an end so well and Tom Entwine, bugle boy, they will have anything to do with it unless its cost efficient. That's good! in the good thing about this is: is it it solves a couple problems? The chemical synthesis of INDIGO was just bad. And then you also don't need that morning. Bleaching stage either right and all this stuff is running off into the rivers, Ryan and other places
but if you don't have that use, have this nice little bacteria producing it on a massive scale than the Denham producers will say were on board in the world will be saved. It's just a kid, anything more wrong with the world. I now because you started, Think about like someone like someone, who's, vegan, sag, really walking the walk in trying to do the right thing and MIKE unaware leather, no belts all of the stuff days, maybe you are wearing their genes or may, not maybe they're like oh and honour our word Denham either, but I think it's all dependent on what you have researched used by research breathing on your body and find some awful practice along the way unless you're. Just non on your commune. Making your clothes and weaving your loom and we're just wearing like ten linens show no color.
No dies. You like his youngest mash up a beetle to get green, no cause, that's not, environmentally friendly either beetles got a right to live. Beetles gotta beetle. You anything else now, just sad then I was hoping ended on a beat. They made. No, not this one, the if you follow the chain of almost anything use. Today's got some terrible thing. I got a guy, but that doesn't mean you should give up now, because any way, any choice you may that helps something continue to live exerting. Be polluted it still helping No. Are you real screwing up this other way you don't mean to, but the other stuff that you are doing, that is helping is still helping it still. Saving a life is still promoting some healthier ecosystem somewhere and till worthwhile. I'm a big subscriber to me now. You know to be all nothing. Some people are that's great, but every little bit of
you can do is still doing good, because I've been taken to task personally over the years from listener. Saying Can you be an advocate for dogs and eat meat? Oh yeah? They love that one and, unlike you know, I'm still helping dogs is you know I just really love two ounces of perfectly? portion. Big turkey will then, maybe I should be begin, but to call me out on saying you know, you're hypocritical, helping dogs, but now helping dogs is good period, folded up agreed and their like. You know sir going turtles with a plastic bag, while they're saying this too, is a guarantee of you drilled and check. You could find something too, but this is not a fruitful road to go down. No, its, not chuck. No, its not agree.
Well, if you want to know more about being a better person, go back and listen to our cattle camera that all of them, as it says it s time for less than their male. What is this? This is kind of a fun when it's a correction for you, but it's a light, hearted it from a guy's longtime listener. Huge advocate for all. You do southern main infrequently make the long drives to Vermont in your podcast, helps me make that more tolerable but bone to pick with Josh. I remember this when get whenever the state a main comes up. You guys, we live in a comment about our states, weird and independent nature. Rightly so, but I have now counted times at least, were Josh's missile, If I'd Maenas the slogan livery or die. First time in the right choice of voting and then what recently in a facial recognition, I let it go but I have to say something now: livery your dies, famously new Hampshire
the motto judge not mean even under licence. Wait. Mainstay motto is dear in June, dear ago, dear Joe, and four. I led of Nigeria the eye. I d that suits us quite well, as our state leads first in the nation to use rang choice, voting having the most burning. Per capita in being the state in which the most even king books take place again, let us show always chuckle when you call us Maynard's weirdos, hope you enjoy it, in Portland. During your light up the less well off now. Excuse me: a ride my most to the ocean, so I can catch lobsters by my lighthouse. From John Cuneo, speaking of lighthouses, we both agree. The lighthouse was an amazing movie. You just randomly texted me it's just so good to be single, like I was moved to Robert Eggers. Just please keep making movies forever eight, and I was I wish I hadn't
shut out of the academy words. I thought why would it have been kisses black and white as it was weird, it was almost an experimental found, but the fat that either or both of them did not get nominated for best actor is just ridiculous, is putting the data because they were both amazing yep and production design. Everything that he recited more like often looking film, no absolutely true Here's Robert patent, and came out nose like we basically like. You know it was whatever year it was I buy it. He's like it was awful like all the stuff you see is doing is is, The wheelbarrow seen just looks miserable as it was yet everybody. If you don't know retirement, just go, look up. The light has also get a march it in just watch. All the way, through okay, here and then after you like, like I really like this- go, watch the which reaches rubber Eggers first moment. That's right, his first, movie was the wine one of the films ever made in patents in is just one of my favorite actors. He's is so good
have you seen good time, believe how good that amazing, okay John wrote that there was an email and I hope- and I think it was John yes, John Cuneo Johnny tell you that. Definitely in the facial recognition episode, I was being of trolling. I know for a fact that its new answers, slogan and if I know Josh January in here again. I would also guess there when I said before, in whatever other episode, I said that there was probably meet rolling too, but if I was mistaken, I apologize for your diary, one if you, again touch it s. Like John, did you can go into service? No doubt com or you can just send us an email to stuff Pakistan Heart radio. Dotcom study should now its production, I heard radios how stuff works from what had cast my heart. Radio that I really apple pie,
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