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What's the future of virtual sex?

2017-02-02 | 🔗

In the not too distant future, sex may not involve being in the same room as your partner. In fact, your partner may not even have to be a human. We're talking virtual sex here. Couple VR with high tech, smart sex toys and intercourse as we know it may be a thing of the past. Except not really.

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Hey folks available now from Iheart a new series presented by T Mobile for business. The restless ones join host Jonathan Strickland, as he explores he coming technological revolution with E restless business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. They know there is a better way to get things done and they are ready, curious and excited for the next technological innovation to unlock their vision of the future. In each episode will learn more from the restless ones themselves and I've deep into how the five g revolution could enable their teams to thrive, the restless ones Now available on the ice heart, radio up or wherever you listen to podcast, welcome to stop, you should know from house to work. Stockholm was under the partner states, Josh reporters Charles. Did you check right Jerry's over their sex?
sex x, x, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, Zigzags Zack, I was going to say we should do a sea away, but maybe that qualifies, I think, the two parents, this is gonna, be show that be made. I want you to listen to what I would say that it's about some adult business, that's right, yeah, freaking out goodness hurry you I'm doing good. I still have a little. Neither the nose juice repose. For the most part, I'm I'm good, my energies up. Are you a dude? I have to say, So my boy, my nose, I have to show you what this looks like it's it's it's like he knows a colored and intensity. I've, never seen anything like it before it is coming out of my head. That's weird orange, aren't yellow they glow
Let us talk about my sickness yeah. How are you feeling? Well, I had, as you know, and as you also even further know about once a year I get a stomach flew, even though I think I took last year off think ever got at last year. I dont think it either but so my daughter waits eighteen for months before she throws up for the first time, which is a nice run. And she comes in the kitchen, the other. There is like Terry Seinfeld really long run too. She comes in the kitchen and is projected governments all over the place out of nowhere. Oh my god and you know and feeling well and has some like some day. We are going on what this shows you really get after grow start sure, but two days after that, a MIKE I'm invincible like I've, I've avoided. This is a bad thing I hope you didn't say it out loud. I think I might have, and then days ago at four p m, as I feel a little weird five
later I was growing up in six hours. For me. It had Emily, so she was able to at least for our child until she went to bed and the Jews like I'm feeling so get either, and then my mom, thankfully came through in and took our child from the house and then Emily literally all night long. We each had a bathroom at our disposal and it was just like every thirty minutes somebody the houses like curves me, and it was- really bad I mean it was just. There was one of the things we pull the curtains reared site, then even wanna if each other this growth yeah, but am am you know it Twenty four hour thing generally, and here you you said you told you that it was like twenty four hours to the minute pretty much? I mean I started feeling better at about four or five yesterday s great, but I'm just just week you now
like it just takes a lot earlier and I feel, like you know, I'm not big on the ab, but I feel like I know you look ripped out. Data might have like. I feel, like I've, he might have pulled muscles in my ribcage from reaching that's funny. No one else is listening anymore. Now, let's talk about virtual sex, yet Are we test everyone off? This is a good plan heads off you yeah, so the chuck yes, people invented the internet and within about eight or nine seconds there was a boy inside a right for every year. Since then, apparently, it's it's been largely overstated button, but most people associate the internet at least it
with progress really are you kidding only mean associated like like going when you think of the internet. You think. Well, that's a vast repository of pornography. Refracted Turner, that's a gaze! people. There ok there's a lot of pornography on the internet and in fact the internet has helped you just faster pornography in too you know, bye, bye, bye, light speed. Yes, it's his perch right, but it turns out apparently one study, I saw two thousand eleven estimated that only one point five percent of all web page the sexual sex based one point, five percent one. That was really surprised to hear that yeah, but That's it just a numbers game sure I there's there are literally millions of porn site, but doesn't that didn't at sea?
Low though even even considering the point is people still do you, like sex I agree and they like the internet and when it went the think when they were put together. Everything just blew up like apparently now the m the internet porn. Industry alone globally is worth something like forty to fifty billion dollars. Now a southerner two dozen fifteen article in the economist there's a tiny Cashman. It is that's like it s. How much like the Disney company is worth they're, not gonna, like that. Their name is associated with the second in any way to hinder us pull that are the air, the choice by AL
the things like a servant, wind, the internet, furthered pornography, it hasn't, stop hasn't plateau. It's like a great here's, a here's, a website that got porn on it. We will achieve peak internet pornography like that. Some of the most stand in Eight of thoughts to developing the internet further has been based on promote your fee you're, just when you think they ve covered it all right. Somebody's like hey. You, you like to take a Christmas Hammond and about a whole and put your foot in it. We got a website for that. Your foot called hampered Dont come oh man, you better hurry up the trademark that for release this episode and by the way, when you this article was written by Robert Lamb, our own colleague, here of stuff, the boy your mind when you read it, did you fuck? How did you feel
just hearing in Rivers voice in my head. I don't know, maybe that's it. I just wanted to take a shower. Like us, I threw out her red tape. The word lovers, like one more time, airily decide. Never, that word now with you, and especially not coming from Robert These were lovers in here like six time here. Like you know, is wearing, is so grow winning road I can't imagine how much like graphic stuff can out. You are problematic. but we're talking about the future of waited virtual sex, not Surely robot sex, because it's the different thing I am actually it. We did a whole episode. Remember here. I think it was Will we marry robots because we are trying to be above the boar right, though we talked a lot about that, but that that's that
episodes about now, this is a little bit more about using technique. Energy to either stimulate sex or two and I found out in a lotta cases and will go through it. As we talk about some specific things, a lot of seemed geared towards the least their marketed as Like hey, are you in a long distance relationship? Like you know, we can help bring. You closer by a sort of synchronizing phone sex in away like a but just a super advanced form a phone sex. Right in that's, definitely like the m, the genteel way of putting it, because I think probably more to the point it hey Do you like to have internet The people you dont know? Why have we got some tech you coming down the pike for you yeah and they don't say hey. Are you super lonely? Unlike any, though it's easier to laugh about like We do this house, but
there. There are, you know genuine phobia in like this could be a benefit to people who who aren't, like literally, are able to certain conditions to go out have real sex. You now sure yeah, but it's it's a real. It can be proved to be a real benefit hoarders are gonna love this stuff that they, I think the aid they almost sounds like what you deserve. A mid term goal of of the future of internet based sex right. Ultimately from everything I'm seeing the ultimate goal or me not even goal, but what will probably prove to be the ultimate reality is that sex will be so improved and in perfectly refined by science and technology. Where that we we will end up.
Following it in, and I mean like did normal average human will end up, preferring simulated sex. Over the actual real thing, not true, I don't know man I mean say that's. That sounds like one of those things that that people in years, will look back and be like were idiots. You know they got that really wrong. Like I don't know, people like people like good sex, you know yeah, but it's like simulated sexist. A real sex is silent, is to food, well that So I guess we can talk about it now. There's the So is not like everybody to score. Maybe he's just completely with the word. Unlike what you just This crazy promiscuous people out which is having an
sooner net sex with people all over the internet go up. There will probably be up of a very real possibility, I mean it already has, but this actual virtual, like convincingly simulated sex, will eventually be a possibility, were what I see, there will be more likely- is that people will be in monogamous relations like they are now, but rather than doing it well go with you like your separate rooms, and do it remotely using the simulations right or it potentially could be a way to maybe relieve the the inclination to step out on your husband or wife yeah, you know. What I'm not gonna cheat on you, I'm gonna. You know it's just a very technologically advanced form of masturbation sure but that also like, I can definitely see couples were say like near. That's fine, it's great go, get your rocks off with the computer lady,
but I also see like none are now that's terrible yet, and I think that's already An issue now, like you know, are you tour with porn sites or for a porn site. Sir Webcam people, like whatever but when you, when you this element this is ultimately what we're talking about Chuck is the progress. Toward adding actual physical sensation to ebb to internet sexier that this date opens up the whole idea of cheating like even further INA yeah. I get you, have to use your imagination any longer, because your body is being physically manipulated to to recreate the sensations of having sex in real life. I feel that we should take it I think so too. I think we really satisfied so high that we can't possibly deliver from now on. I will just take a break and I'm gonna go habit. With Robert Lamb and we'll be back right after that,
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every lovers embrace is essentially since data and that's true: it's you now its touch smell, sound It's it's like all the sensory data that we get from eating an apple or somethin. His is the same with sex, the sexy times, but he s a very pertinent question here in this kind of what we're. After is how far Can you go to digitize and transmit that information and touch is probably the best, the obvious starting point right exactly because if you stepped back and you look at the landscape of internet sexuality today, right yeah, that's it all of it is visual the entire,
thing I mean, there's audio too. So it is our moral and very excited generally in the U R L. Now I had a joke. I had a really fight, cannot say aloud with email to ok by so basically that the current state of internet Sex uses your eyes in your ears met it right here, and everything that we have is based on that lenders their budgets. That's not to say that that's not good, you play a part in the future of sex. It's just that. The bedrock debate that's been laid now they're trying to develop it. Based on that bedrock, and like you said, the next step is touch yeah and if we're gonna talk about technology in time, have technology which we talked about. We talked about this before. Have we in some capacity? Surely maybe it was the transit premium
the thinking cap was maybe I don't know it doesn't ring a bell to me, honestly, guy or anyway have the technology. Is that That's gonna have a it of applications. Is a mean if you're talking about non sexy time stuff. Is from tell a surgery, like literally a doktor be able to perform a surgery, that's not in the room which could be amazing. You know lifesaving technology, or like military training, Space NASA Space exploration stuff like that, but is essentially technology that It's it's wearable! I mean it. About gloves a lot, but it takes. It can take the form of a shirt that you wear that, since you know pulses of stimulation through that device, whether its Glover assured to your body right exists. So it's recreate the sensation of tat. Try yeah and the weird is,
sort of researching this. I was like you know what is tat you take it for granted, but what are the things that there? Four is when you, when you touch something where you really doing like what they you pick up a base. Yes, I hear you're picking it up. It is far as your sense of touch is concerned. That vases exerting pressure on the inside of your hand and happy gloves in particular, are a concern. With recreating that pressure against the inside of your hand. Yet make it feel like when you, king on line and you're virtually being a vase, in real life, the press, that you would normally be feeling is being re created by a number of different means and they ve got a lot of different technologies that competing right now and the prototype space for coming up with this kind of half the technology that can recreate like there's one day.
The other thing I sent you about the happy glove that uses, alter sound, Yeah, that's out of the University of Sussex in Jolly Old England, and it's called skin have to exist. It is a system and yet uses ultra sound pulsing is focusing basically this happy feedback, the surface of your skin, so it feels like yet mean right. Now it's not just like sexy stuff you're talking about like a like an interface that doesn't exist in front of you, right right, so there there's a couple: a different one actually uses alter sound to disturb the air. In mid air. Some when you go to press a button with your finger, the altar sound and non existent button right, exactly yeah the altar sound created enough air turbulence. Where your fingers going that year, you get a bit of resistance from you feel pressure.
Awesome, yet amazing, this other than other skin ethics. Skin heretics version actually sends the the altar sound pulse through year hand, so that you feel it from. Pulsing from the back your hand through your hand, and then the sensation is being fell on your palm so it's recreating it coming in the reverse direction, but it feels like say: you're picking up a base Yeah now. Is that with the glove or is it just the ultrasound through the air that second one is with the glove? Ok, so so The other one is like Sayer a screen that mounted next to an oven is using. You sound from the screen on the countertop to disturb the above it in MID air, the different right click, the glove is sending it from the back your hand to the front of your hand- and I keep saying it's like your grabbing- a vase fight it
with what we're talking about its they're, trying to recreate way. It feels like to say, grab a boob I mean that's what they're doing here right so is so you know they connect controller yeah, for I think my I came out with it for Xbox few years back and the like, of within literally within a month there was an open source controller. It still is Within a month, somebody released a liquor, connect, porn game, church right, and so, if you look at the videos of this did any of em the Xbox thing or their that other thing, the Xbox one now I did not see down so it's! Basically, the demo is a guy like kind of feeling up gee. I lady right and If you, what he's doing is
visual. What they're trying to get is with with happy devices is the visual thing, but then you feel what you're seeing on screen there. That's the next step, people are working on as far as internet sexist going yeah trying to synchronize world will get that far yet, synchronize these things too, where you're looking at something and if you matches up. Feel in the in the visual or matches up right. So you get the vision, To begin with, the US already done, now you have thanks to the Saviour connect. You can move your hand in this world and it translate to your computer, the virtual world, and then that sets down the next step again is Greek, creating the sensation of touch from the virtual world? this room right. So I thought you were talking about the on that website the six game website.
Oh three, the exchequer that one, yet holy cow, yeah warning warning very graphic website yeah we're not saying that all the fourteen years, because I think every fourteen year old life has been there, but the already five year old had not yet I had neither I had no idea was a thing ass, a good as they kept popping up in there and in research, and I will listen no way yeah, it's. That is six game minutes you, Europe, you have an avatar by game game. Is you you're using their loosely. It's almost like. Second life is like a hang out. Yeah, like virtual chat, set Blake Life. Basically, yet you, you haven't you design your ear. Due to your lady and you're, going to bar in your hang out. Many take that person back your apartment new. Have like really graphic. Can you know animated sex right, but the press,
you're picking up is an actual person in real life, as well as their avatar right. It's not like you know, you're you're, picking up a similar, something right so in that apparently like really big right now, nine rising ninety two dollars a year. That's what it! Last year you get there weird number man. I know it's even ninety, two rounded up like ninety one. Ninety nine accidents, dynamic I dont know if allows a tipping point they won't, they. Ninety nine obey ninety one. Fifty we pulled a few perverts in our town. They said a hundred dollars no way, but they got confused. Ninety one mark, so we want that so check with. We were largely talking about with happy devices the Glove and such as the glove that a better big first step, but ultimately the goals gonna be a basically a hectic full body suit. To wear this, the pressure incense,
the warmth and everything that has to do with touch is recreated all over your body. Yes, because your hands are great, but you know there's still just your hands as far as internet sex is concerned. The that full body had thick suit is going to be the the Holy GRAIL, an apparent not far off. There's a guy who founded company called shadow robot company at Sanskrit. Well, actually, they make anthropomorphic robot hands for like people You have had a limit stated in psychology robot company elements, he just happened before it would right
is it was Richard Greenhill, any said Adam. I think it was last year in an article he said it had. The full body had to suit her just a few years away, probably while the other will be huge, but in the meantime, there's been these baby steps that have been taken over the years and one of the first I guess, can a prototypes over half take suit was a happy shirt called the hug. Yeah, I don't I looked. I went to their website and I didn't see. I'm innocent buy it now, so I could have done it to see how much it was and then it didn't come up. So I don't know if it's not at market yet, but the ideas is it's a shirt. The initiative being the most g raided part of the show, because it's a shirt that stimulates a hug air which is pretty sweet. There is somebody UK company called Cute Circuit and it came out with the backing to those in one or two, and they think they release them for sale and like two dozen five or six or something like that, but
basically you are wearing your your hug shirt you're connected the internet via the hug, sure, app and then you're here, over four hundred and I was going to say, sweetie I was on the other end by lovers. Fine, you're wearing their hug shirt connected. So when you similar hug right. You hug yourself wearing a hug shirt. It transmit their hug two year, lover right and they feel the sensation of the hug you just sent transmitted through their hug sure. Is awfully sweet yeah. I wondered if I want to know what it feels like it out. I wanted a simple one: Well, I mean we're on a pretty great streak of not doing the stuff that we're talking about so why start now you know? Well, I couldn't you try to buy one, but I didn't see where you good deeds
see a very nice man, a dog can't who gave us plenty the other before Senator back the silent. Oh wonderful We urge try it on air, ok, ok, man! That's a great idea will have to set it up in another episode, just so that it has all the for introduction to say this so that it can get really excited about the air decided already. So the other simulator that is imported mother, something called the kiss transmitter from could laboratory at Tokyo is unit, City of electoral communications, and did you see the same yeah I was very much- and off by the yeah. It's at least right now, unless a prototype as advanced its was assimilate french guessing. But it was a box it looked like a bit drinking straw that just went around, in a circle yeah, and they showed some poor underground.
Having did him its trade and they were doing closer, his mouth and as things whirling around yes, not pleasant at all now. But the Kissinger Well, I hope I'm with the with the kiss transmitter. I think they are as a victory that that straw will be a tongue which right a lot more sense sure, but the trick to this, is it spent in a circle. What it does is it: it works You like, when you are moving your tongue around it is written. We're getting in likewise fashion, so it's not just willy nilly spinning around in a circle. It's it's it's smarter than that. So there is a seller. Called the Kissinger. I did see that that was really creevy so that one This one makes a lot more sense to me. That is actually the M Phd project over
Emma Yan sang out of the city University, a London and down this thing. It was originally a box there can it the usb to your laptop that you kiss and a headline can almost cartoonish lips attached to it wherever and then newer. Prototype is the sum, the thing that you connect to say your Iphone, and so it is connected to the web through an app and when it's got this, I guess the mouth interface is just the sum This path to almost touch pad area that you kiss right, yes, and as your kissing it it is taking in the movement and pressure of your lips, sending it through the app to your lover, but with cause it's by directional, so while their kissing you back your receiving their yeah, what's the disturbing part of me is is that it comes in the form of like
What's the disturbing part to me is is that it comes in the form of like a little, bunny rabbit. Who did you didn't see it all? There was the first version oh, the same inversion, lechner version. The second version is much less likely they ve. Throughout any attempt to make it look like a mouth it just its function It doesn't look like it, because I think they probably a Europe. Probably in the majority of the crew are like I'm not We I mean it was a little. It look like a little round like Fergie Toy with big set lips on it, yeah and the other disturbing par with you to hold it. Because it was constantly trying to get away with it was like. Why did you make? design choice. That's very creepy, though, will get there creepy stuff later to by the way about? U turn tell it to the annex. I think we should take a break before we talk about that about tell a deal dynamics deficit.
Rick, I were back talk about telling down it's it's funny like I can't see. Over, but I have no problem saying tell adult onyx yeah, so of course they called it that it It's like nineties club, like background, be like a coward robotics here may receive, nor with the surplus Are you I would build? Onyx is the development of automated sex toys,
controlled by up either a program or remote user rights. So technically, if kissing, it could be construed as sex, the Kissinger is a form of tell it old, onyx, less and the basis of We build on, as you have some sort of sex toy. I guess is a good way to put it into greatly and that set toy is connected to the internet and, like you said it can be kept. By somebody else on the other end or a programme, like a video. That's pre, programmed you interact with your sex toy right. The both of those are are gonna be huge, but it seems like the It seems like the progression is more toward remote sex right. So the
The upshot of it is that you have to separate sex toys with some distance between I'm connected to the internet yeah, and People manipulating them on either side are receiving this sense information. The Tec I'll information, from the others sex toy into their sex toy and is responding to a kind of how is that to get navigated those waters if it sounds like the word self sounds like some from the seventies it because it is, it was pointed out can seventy five by gunning TED Nelson NEWS talking about you know sure where you have remote sex with as those real feelings of touch transmitted through computers, so he was really kind ahead of the game there and one thing they compare it to- it's also cyber geopolitics or tell its health products, one kind of non sexy
thing that they were like in it, too is the the vibrating video game controller. Oh you like that, and sixty four Russia. Yeah, but I mean they all have it now in its. If you play video games, that's a big part of it really adds it adds. To the game played down when you feel like the the the rumble of car crash or an explosion or somethin. You know it's kind of subtle, but it's just such a ban: gaming. Now if it went away people be like you know, what's goin on us, not nearly ass good right, ok so now Imagine that, like you're controller rumbling a little bit her and the effect that that has on your feet, if you think about it, like, especially with the end, sixty four rumble pack, the first one I believe we ask have the technology. I remember that came out. It was pretty awesome, was somebody you think about it. Basically, year controller just shook and it didn't necessarily faithfully recreate whatever it was supposed to be recreating, but that that extra
that was being manipulated. Yeah how's, your brain to just go wild your man. Nation just ran while than it really enhanced it. Like you, said right yeah, it's got a lot better to how they do it now. Imagine you take that out of you. Controller and out of your hands and apply it to say your sex toy right now you well sex toys that have an amazing degree of precision in creating temperature. Moisture level, the pressure attention torque horse power and all this stuff right. So you go to the six toys are advancing and then ability, thereby directional ability to receive information and transmit information to another sex toy, which is then capable creating and then sending its own information means that
can have virtual sex across the internet. Using sex toy is experiencing a real thousand station from yet these are the ones were mostly. I saw that they were trying to target couple that are in long distance relationships her when you're away from each other, for traveller whatever that you can, you can sink up your sex toys in real time so The things that you are doing are being felt on the other end. Exactly a good example of this is the love pals, which, if Europe sexting manufacture, step up the names shall we owe that it's always been that way. Love pals with Z, quarter, but they came up with a pair of sex voice. Calls Zeus in yeah, and in their exactly over discovery and from what I can gather their basically the cutting edge of it
yeah I mean I looked up there were they list a few in this article real touch, two thousand nine seems like it completely went away. Those two thousand eleven called love Lovins not with his surprisingly, and they had a man- and I lady you right here, and that I look that up they had met and Nora, which were there it was a male masturbate her, which is of a machine that does it for you and a female stimulator They need the Maxineff s very acute and they worked through Bluetooth any phone out, but I'm the one I saw was those in India GO go from a couple years ago that was half funded and closed. So the only one that I've seen that has really- and I don't know about taking off cuz- I don't know their sales but seems like it's a legit out there is the love pals. Well, did you look of the woods
we got their article from the website of a company called Cururu K. I r o oh yeah, and they have their own thing going. That's actually work doing well. Do the honors yeah, the annex, onyx and the pearl. Yes yeah, an annex is the male buddy right for all is the female body These things. Look like you know that the right out of the apple store of you saw pictures, but there obviously trying to make them like take them out. Back rooms of Spencer gifts, and bring them to the forefront of like look at this thing. It look. Like. You're. You now looks like any any apples ass, you would find it swelled exactly it's futuristic, looking you can put it dishwasher! You can leave it on your coffee table in your parents could come over. There have been exactly does it have any weird spikes or nubs right either Gillig,
free trial of them. You know simulated part with it with this stuff com yeah. You know like simulated. I can fix part that you could buy it ahead. Shop, oh yeah, I think I know you're talking about. I can't rose cadet advice ass if he did a little bag. Is space for free with it? They like, we stimulate everything so we were joking around a lot, but there's a fair named Doktor Stuart Mill and he created something called the as my tron or girls more drawn in again, and of a goofy name, but created in two thousand eight in this one actually, since in electrical pulse through the nerves of the spinal cord, and basically the idea is, it could potentially help women who either cannot or Lhasa ability experience, an orgasm to regain that with this device, yeah it's
amazing. Yet who are he named? I should say he named after the death of the machine and Woody Allen sleeper greatly, only three right yeah, but apparently he's will upon this idea because is a pain doctor, but he uses electrodes in the brain to to cut down on pain in chronic pain, patients and he was working on one woman in apparently during. Seizure, so he knows where the electrodes should go. The patient has to be conscious If you look away and static and take off the top of your head and then he gets in there and fiddles around its like hell, razor basic and ass. He was doing a hit the spot and the he said. The d the patient began to quote, the in fair emphatically had he starts. It was like, what's going on with what are you experiencing she's like you, need to teach my husband s house and he's like her people,
Love is, but I was reading check the scientific or no new scientist article on it yet, and they said that his orgasm neutron received a reception from community there better than that they said. Limp perception, better than that. Currently, not so we we ve covered, touched she's, it gonna be a very important one. Pretty soon there's a thing the illusion Vieira body, soon it's basically a hack together version of what will ultimately be what everybody's wearing in the future, which is a four happy body suit yeah with v, are, which is a really important, next step as well sure pornography combined with some sort of thumb, sex toy
the prey, the most advanced, we are system going now, at least as far as I know, I'm not up to date on the latest with that stuff. The our system going now at least, as far as I know, I'm not up to date on the latest with that stuff, but it was to be good. So you know you're talking about a future where you, I guess sound, is covered with the invention of headphones, is kind of all. You need their light, thrown headphones throw in the actual rift strap into here till a democratic system. Tat we build on an you kid. You know the range of things that can happen there are either just long distances. With your lover or what we are we ve got a program you can pay for. Do that interfere, Lopez's, really mad well. Yeah What we are we ve got a program you can pay for, do that until four Lopez's really mad well yeah
or or think another another ensure that a lot of people are worried about from this is is v are especially gets more more realistic. Our peoples is acting out there just darkest darkest policies and there's a lot of theirs debate right now over, weekly, morally and legally, how acceptable that agenda lately. So one of the big discussions about internet pornography right now is, as were, reaching this ability to clearly see gee. I and some of it dips into the cannibal, now very accurate, giving good cd eyes still clearly CD. I and some of it dip into the uncanny valley. But as we pass out of the uncanny value, get like more more realistic. They question is well. If you have people who are engaged in
victimizing other people in real life. Yes out of compulsion, or something like that, like theirs we take it out of the realm of choice right, so I say you believe that tariff feely acts people yet per Felix terrified. We take it out of the realm of choice right, so I say you believe that parents feel tax people, yet Prophylaxis terrifies, that's right, if you believe that pedophiles don't have a choice in their despair, their decisions? There compulsion and that they have to carry this outbreak is basically castrated. South. Is it morally acceptable to give these people a virtual simulation of that yes, in which case it will satisfy their compulsion, while others time preventing them from carrying out this compulsion in real life. In real life, no one is being harmed, but you're still,
leaving over a virtual kid yeah forever. Father do whatever with yet as the slippery ass of slopes. Yes, it is If someone were to argue that someone, I'm very rightfully, would argue that the who sang satisfying that and not building up to act out on that for real. You know here, Yeah. That's a lot of a lot of concern coming from the other end as well as that, as we more and more into this incredibly rendered v, our sex that you actually feel incense and all that is well there. It more. You know that, that its visa will make people who other in real life wouldn't have said what will happen if I am choke, this avatar to death we're doing it. Let's see what that's like and then there doubt that actually like that they might want to try a real life. Oh yeah, I mean as soon as the stun wake.
Out there there's gonna, be someone sewing rape and murder fantasy software and at that's how they could lead to anything good. Well, but that's the I mean that's the long term debate you know, like people have said the same thing about violent video games. There isn't there's, never been a body of of study that shows that violent video games actually do lead to increased by. It's a real life, so I mean is the same: true for for sex freaky sex. Well, right people can turn it off because checks opinion is coming, employ people. Oh, I get. When I say opinionated things, some people do. I remember if I covered this much hard, Brunner episode about videogame violence, but I'm played a lot of violent video games more in the last two years, My feeling is that you may not be able to
point, that is a cause, but I think it can be a factor in a tipping point to someone who is teetering on the edge of carrying out a violent acts. Yeah, that's that's my I firmly believe that, because, I may non violent grown man, and when you play these games enough, you self driving around in having these thoughts like not that I really would do these things, but open your head, just like at the same way said Tetra streams when I play Tetra too much, and I would not even dreams. Like waking dreams, I would walk into a room and see boxes geike. Oh, you can these in a different way. It like has kind of taking your brain over. They take out your russian on the boy, but I think it definitely absolutely can be a factor in a tipping point. If someone is close, here again. I mean this anecdote, oh, but you view prefaced it with the fact that the two European just my opinion beneath your experience, too, you know and I say it like band violent video games- goes like the wind cheerfully
completely things with no problem yeah, but I don't know it's tricky one of the other problems with it too. Is there, as we get more and more into recreating the sensation of sex through v? Are the possibility of sexual assault is expected to just skyrocket suit? Your sexual assault, yet and apparently authority happen. There are a writer the Jordan Bel AIR now and she was playing the game called quiver with multiplayer mode, and she said that her voice. So they're out is a woman She was a woman, but that her avatar looked like a man. And then one of the other players who started chasing earn groping are rubbing her in her, where a bathing suit covers yeah
and she arm she said that she felt genuinely violated by a culture. This is without any kind of have to technology whatsoever, the strictly visual here and she still felt violated so where she wearing like a happy body suits ass, she could feel what her avatar is feeling. What's the difference between somebody doing that in real life here answered doing it virtually. I think to me the answer is no. There is no difference further user for the purse. The victim is another way to put it. The victim is going to. Experience is the same, because your brain is relying on sensory input to determine, say whether it touches comfortable or well, Cumnor, unwelcome their violating and weather, is being re created by a computer. Mind isn't going to make any distinction from their inured. Those are the violation is through and through real.
An end again that there's that potential, where it because it in real life and because of the anonymity that the internet affords the The ability of that happening can just really explode. Yeah, summarily Succumbeth came called again like that called affirmative consent where everything is just above board, you introduce yourself in You know each other visa I'd like to be, love you I like your lawyer, can I tell you there sure, no ok, while others back out of the room, slowly, The one thing we haven't talked about a smell is far since we experience goes and some people may discount smell or the importance of smell in sexuality but I have always been the smell as the
the underrated senses when it comes to sixty times and if you do think like it's, not the big deal think about if you ve ever had I'm were smell his ruined something in sexy time. So, if you do like thinks well as not that big a deal at this, don't think I've just it smells like all somebody's perfume work alone, like think of, like bad smells. How that can turn something wrong. What Robert actually makes a pretty good point? The surgically says that one out of every fifty genes lover in the in genome concern since area smell the sentence Oh yeah. I think every husband has been told at some point like when she could take a shower first hit help. You're just working in the yard. Sure there's nothin sexy about that. You accept the smell of grasses. Pretty great web address share, but if there is a
company chuck few years back, I think they went under a round. She doesn't want to those in two in the company's called. Did you since they had something called the ice mill and it was Kennedy, to your computer in the whole idea was that they had to say You know you have Siam Magenta colors yellow. And black. Is that right see him like a yeah yeah and you can make in the millions of colors base from those for pigments. These guys were trying to do the same thing with smells now come up with four basic sense that you could make virtually any smell. Right here and it's amazing, it's so said to me that the they didn't go anywhere, but it's like come back. Did you sense? Do it now, like we're ready, yeah should be so amazing. If that, like the whole thing, you'd be on the internet and
be a little lamb, a little pixel on the web page that triggered your eyes now to produce a certain said, Cynthia nation how long it should be. Therefore, how intense, whatever so, you're looking at elephant pictures and you can smell if improve right there in the room with the others their core aspect, Robert points out to which is the of this smell and taste to this experience, and touch even it lighten the burden on the visuals. So it's something cross modal attention effects in in science communities and basically, is the way the brain prioritizes sensory inputs MIKE. You know, if you're sitting on this- and this is a great example users, if you're sitting on the sofa and you're just sitting there, you might feel the sense of the sofa cushion on your arm and on your butt.
Someone comes over and kisses you and your brain goes well, hey, you don't feel the selfish and on your bought me, you feel about the lifts against your lovers. Lips and your boat. I spent That's a real thing! It's crossroad our attention if exits, like literally the brain, prioritizing Cynthia and put you in apparently also one of the aspects of it too is that when you have the more sense as you have given you, formation about a particular thing, the less any one predict since, has to carry the load and again up to this point, our sense of in of hearing, haven't you All of the heavy lifting. So if you add smell few manage, add taste few and managed at touch the M like this. How visually stunning
The the v are pornography has to be here is: is it comes down several night? I didn't have to be asked because these other senses are making up. The slack well mean phone sex was just audio right. I mean I said, was imagine that still a thing, but I'm did you ever see short cuts, the rabbit movie member of China for Jason me was a phone sex operator she's like enough your baby and hiring and my husband's India Crispin, as in the other room, God rest his soul, Crispin data they to theirs. Sixteen our known and unknown years ago, fortress per year, but anyway that was always can I thought that was funny like anyone who thinks the phone sex for This is a right and themselves like you're, really sold themselves Robert. I do want to read this one great sentence from his article here
people at the Inner receive Yorks Audio Laboratory who are working to employ this cross model. Attention effects and really just fine tune at all, and he said here in his last sentence: they even considered employing a mouthpiece, dissimulate, different textures against the tongue and mouth for virtual food chewing they claim man. Then then I think Robert navigated, some pretty tricky waters himself. Now he did well to get article I to stir the lovers thing. Anything else. No, sir we're gonna, give you set out to you, I'm Tracy Clark flurry from violated for the air, the ethics of of the hour, sex stuff, kill key room who gave us the Tell tale dynamic staff and, of course,
own Robert Lamb, who wrote the whole article right. The asked the boy reminded did show if you I know more about future sex, you can take those words into the search bar and what comes up will be while we, while while they said that the mail I'm doing something out normally do sit in. Heaven appeared, in a randomly pull up a wheel, their administrative details against the air with their guns and gets that by the way. Thank you to the people that send emails, saying that an english speaker saying gender is completely correct whatever and I d like to show off you're you're flare, veal, latin american flare by my heat. My lesson heat Alright, I found one hey guys. For starters, I love the show I got
on as U S gay people still do that occasionally pudding sauce. And even had itunes to do the download all and I'm turning through more just gotta. Listen silent, absurd instrument, imagine how the breastfeeding absurd was so well received. So was an episode and stuff. He should know history. He said ass well, ass, Kay the second time otherwise, that was chock full of hate mail, the vehicle, factoid, what your greatest bomb was parallel that, with your top five shows about time, the smoother what am I gonna do that? Yes, it is The latter asks here there for John, never guess, Nevis, some people are now, I think, they're all like em from these splendid family there they went, set people off to an extent. We also got a lotta kudos for that,
I think they're all like come from these splendor family. They are the ones that people to an extent. We also got a lotta kudos for that one, the one John to me that. Now that we get the most hate mail for Emil's from people who were basically like homeless people, either. Khazar lazy sat telling people to be nice to him and probably more than any other episode we ve ever done. I would say: that's the one. Who were basically like homeless people, either Khazar Lazy sat telling people to be nice to him and probably so yeah, I think so I think of Jack Diversity. That is the one. By far that we get the most heinous yeah. We then on record about that. We even got a mail just last week about that. I pursued saying
I think so. I think objective we, that is the one. By far that we get the most heinous yeah. We then on record about that. We even got a mail just last week about that episode. Saying hey and I get a lot of luck for this woman since an email support. Thank you, too, whoever wrote that bears very nice? Yes, I say artificial sweeteners and homelessness. Yeah yeah, Like those emails, like maybe reconsider my stance on how I feel about homeless people or whatever, but right exists, sucks the year angry stuff on there, many people about something that you think is kind of brain dead. Well, if you once again to service, like John, did thanks for the email John you can t to us, I met Josh and that is why, as key podcast took their Charles W Chuck, Brian and stuff, you should know on Facebook, you can send an email to suffer. I guess that house of works that camp is hang out with us at our home on the web stuff? You should know that come
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