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Do Fish Drink Water?


For the first, and probably last time, Emma tries to answer a yes or no question - do fish drink water? After that, she gets into Thanksgiving dinners and how to prevent your family from arguing at the dinner table.

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You bet genius. I would love to hear you guys make pod gas and I'd love to listen soviet start upon gas. Please let me know, thank you, anger. I examined Chamberlain this issue, a genius welcome back to the progress where have you been in, I'm also genius, ruminates, assail area, an area of it, though I mean I kind of methods, are descended again, a really good physical muscle memory carefully. We remember that endeavour why I never remember a later and I can't read either so I get just show all seven. I just set up an area, but nobody, it's fine, because. anyway, so for today's episode, we're going to be talking about whitefish, get thirsty knowing how to fish in court. What is most from my name is getting to know what
do fish drink water question mark? Thank you stupid. I'm hungry, ok in ITALY the e after this cause. I've got a fucking dermatologists of women. My mom says that my acme makes me look like a big, the moon with craters Zani she's. No, is about Iver, but I have just said that she said it because I thought it would be funny if I say that she said it, but really that's what I say about levies. My mom does make me go to the german soldiers. I will not go otherwise he! so any ways. Taber. Can we talk about? Do fish, drink water, because here too about it there in water brain so do they drink I've, were eaten a fish before ever, because I'm vegetarian in fish actually de media, where I tried me and I
eight fish- and it was honestly really really- and I come back to get country- has tasted like an eraser like a pink one of those pink pink pearl erasers that's what I would taste like and I have a mineral water. That's my question: why have Even in a risk, I got how rigorously nibbling I've done it, its habit in our eyes like to put things in my mouth. Ok, you know what since you took a bear, they used to have this thing like sugar cubes, whereas an elementary school like in a dark as we would use an account and so, whenever we had reading time sit here, this did it already. We will have to be set up or third survive. That reminds me the story. One time when I saw my crush pig is bulgarian is in class, and then he picked his nose in second on a blog- and I watched How can we use my crushed to slash work
Am I to last episode where I talk about how everybody has a douche bag phase where they like douche bag? My elementary school crush absolutely douche bag in the fuckin, but is bigger on that locks. He doesn't care about women. he really did any new that are watching and music. It look at me fuck about you think about me! Bitch! I want you to want to impress me he didn't care bugger on block and a story, the cell fish yet arrays hers. Where were we, Firstly, it is when I don't eat first, because it tastes like in a razor, and I don't care about it. I also tried it. I only eat eggs, that's what animal product, and you know what fuck it soon. As I put cheese on my salad, sumi, I'm trying okay, but I like I just I feel like I've, been on the go so much that I'm just like. If there's a little cheese shred sumi, you know any jokes.
whence. I think we're good, I'm not just through the word of the damned. If I let us lives, I like I am dermatologists appointment after this, I'm just stressed all right, get it get through this okay. So what the word of the day is osmose, it has to remember what it is cuz. I think I remember tell it to me. I was Moses when it's when it has to do with this house right or no No that's that's! Oh that's! It is anything but a synthesis. Osmosis is when leg the liquids even now tell me it's the movement of water other solvent through a plasma membrane from a region of low solutes concentration to a region of high sounding concentrate, yes, ok, that's kind of what has actually trying to but I did not do it correctly, but I'm glad about the right, visual and my head. That makes my ego feel good cause. I'm not that stupid. I saw you doing the water will be.
I wish I knew, but I didn't, and I were anyway, the vocabulary is where so there oh, I think I already know the answer watch me get this. Nevertheless, we literally once we get is never guess. I am on my shit today. What we're gonna get this fog s absence. five minutes in and out we're fuckin talked about a razor Another tastes like fish now, leaving that that less has guessing how to fish drink water. Do they drink water they drink was I'm gonna say for my first guess: no, they don't drink water and in fact, what they do is is that water seeps through their skin into their body and then they purified of the salt and then they consume it, and then they who bowed the salt? How is that much ninety percent of her own fuckin way? I again shouldn't have done a yes or no question.
roughly. What of the inventor Riah day I'll, tell you the answer. I'm a glittering water like we do instead of the fuses goes, thereby, if in the surrounding water, at a process called osmosis? How this have this depends on whether they live in fresh water or software. So our vision, We need to take a moderate, but they probably don't drink, so it doesn't go through their mouth now, so it could go, be could be going through. Their asshole pick could and did they peep here now video here they they p, I think obeys losing is when I drink the ocean wondering fish, p, p. they think urinate through their gills Arthur a urinary or maybe that should have been. The question. Do fish p authoring here very poor, the latter. Emanates urine through the kidneys and salt water goes through the gills saltwater varieties. Excrete must guarantee the gills thing
but also to enable so they breathe through their girls and they peace through their gills right. You have let alone nasty, but then again I guess humans leg throw up when there are sick and also e he had eschew is sometimes the holes are never mind, but Jesus FUCK. Sometimes they have anyways. So Let's talk about me now these values I was, I was short because I M so fucking smart and I'm sorry that I am so smart. You know because this park has Robbie more interesting vessel but more stupid, but I mean rumor. Has it I'm a fucking kid? I'm stupid genius! Think about it, but now it's time to talk about me. So let's consider why we will talk about now, because I don't know and also because already found an episode days- and I was right
Can you tell but also its fine cause? It's called grinding, I'm on my grind, bitch, you filmed and the sooner you record I mean a record examined. Just such a? U tumor guys. Why would like dad but that's all I know is tackling doing Dublin is so fucking annoying, oh, Oh, so the honeymoon failures over anyone raises officially over. Why? Because he's going through his teeth phase and he tries to rip my bracelet, you can literally see killing. Now, because I lock him out of my room when I see scratches, I have scratches everywhere and I dont want to clip his nails because I'm scare them they get to close the quick with which makes our nails bleed if you cut them. Which makes our nails bleed if you cut them too short, so I dont get his nails and, and I gotta Molly scratching personally, he would wear
and is now on its own, but he's not really using him. So he just as is large talons. The chickens large in our favour, we're almost there. If you don't know that reverence justs turn this unsubscribe bitch, but He just raised a rip, my jewelry off any also willing by my ear lobes. He tries it by my jewelry off. He loves shiny things. He also my dad recently was sittings. My dad bill me a whole new closet arrangement. It's insane. Because I literally had I just fucking by too many puffer jackets and takes up almost base so, like p built, he built for me this, like IKEA structure. That is like oaks rack with, like George, it's in crowds awesome, I'm so relieved. He did literally in whatever so supposedly like that. Just like running and sliding into my dad's work in just like all the
like pieces were flying everywhere. Flying under things like it was a man. My dad was so by the time I d, love music. I never want to see that little asshole ever leg yeah, but when he's in a good mood, though the snowballs go crazy, like you, gotta Kind AIDS like it's on cold. It's like a when on our period, hermitages completely just unbearable, but then sometimes it's like you know what maybe they're, not, although I think I'm just appear in a marrow my period, I M p M, as I every damn ape mp amassing. I dislike. Ah I m such a bitch. I mean, say that every week but I'm here, but I m p we re now and I've just been so rude and I feel really bad guys is not anyone else's fault eyes, I think it's like I'll figure it out, but I like I'm just like.
not easy to work with, and I'm just a bitch, but I'm actually nice to me it's like. If I don't make it difficult to work with. Superman. I say that for me like what I think is difficult, doorway, really isn't that bad made come like cause. I just think I'm being evil. Also like I just seem like you know, when your you know- and this is for all men- plug your ignorance getting this is good for you to learn, but, like you know, when you're p, amazing or whatever, and you just leg, I think I might have funds before, but you like you're, doing like a simple task leg, let's say you're like, for example, for me I can think of specifically. I have this
ass and I like put my boxes down it, but the trash it's pretty narrow an so it's either. I have to go all the way down to the garage and throw it away into the dumps are or I can try to shut down the trash. It is about better. They can and sometimes the bosses don't fades away either have to like fold them up or whatever, but this one time I was like. Oh I'm watching others related is go. I'm very much p m at this point and I'm trying to get this box down the very narrow trash shoot ended. The box wasn't fitting. I was just fucking shoving it and it was not going to fit. But for some reason, when european messing you're so angry, they are like no bitch you're gonna fucking fit down this trash. So I was like beating the shit out of it anyways. So that was that, but do you know when you just like get? I feel like I'm just a little bit a step up above my normal violence when I'm pmsing, you know how violent do you get just like trying to push
inanimate objects around my ass. You like nothing crazy and knowledge beating anyway, I'm very not a physical, like that see when I appeal as he I just want to sleep true I've been so tired. I just get so tired. Yeah, like I just want to take a fucking nab in like lay down ass. You and I are things up- now are writing to. As I also Haiti bloated, I get your eye not him. That's how I'm feeling today feel it's like. I causally feel a guy maybe have to share, but I'm just floated. Do you know what I'm saying just air it is nearly water and air in five, air water and fire and they're all they'll don't fit as well it. No. I M just like feel like I'm enamel, so pale right now, so I just feel like I'm so like not in my best state, and I just feel society, but it's fine. That's like whatever it happens is part of my one. I be ten, but it's kind of a pause one to go to.
Hawaii video on to send me to Hawaii. Just let me now I'm down to go back to Molly. I love that shit. I kind of world food Sushi Renault, oh some, so good. Offered sets great sushi wiser. So she's a good answer, cheap, that's true Amazon at seven eleven sushi walks through that whole foods, so she could run, and that is something I live by. I am obsessed with it. It's so good. It's like better than some sushi have gotten at sushi. Restaurant brown rice Otto Cucumber Raw Toby Spring rules with peanuts. Us could would marry I feel that it is their they're making it constantly aids, so fresh and so good in other cardholders bad since you so much. I also I love any kind of like love, a low heavy asian boxes. I don't know if you visit tat it asian viruses, so good. You need to try
What's an asian box, its leg, it's you gonna customize it and its leg. You can they ever my hometown, another Harlem Males Everyman away a little bit. I have to pose made a gazelle. when centuries it, if you think I'm driving upward sentry city, you are on drugs. I oppose made it, but it's like you can choose your base. Its like brown rise way raise noodles vetches, whatever I always do brown eyes, and then you can do like you're protein of choice and then you're like all these really delicious topics in all these relations. fucking sauces image is so good and I literally avenant asian bucks a few days, and I think I need think I like a sound like it's kind of hokey ball, but it's not fish as much. It's more. It's more like meat said like I do tofu, but you can get like be for african chicken or port or whatever its not pokey on, I mean yeah, but it's so good and the topics are so good in it, so but it kind of disease semi, everybody's or like if
If I'm like complaining about something very Judaism Box again, I'm like, but what's the problem with it it's so we literally and crying about this. I wonder you did so by really damages takes like two hours oppose make us from so far away personal problems seriously like I'm such a little baby, but I am like that's. My one pleasure in life is food, though like I love food. Like that's my one thing where I'm like. Let me live here the out on I mean what are your top five food choice? I gave cell number one Asian Box for sure number. Two whole food, Susie number three theirs is vague in place. You know crossroads on Moroz. No crossroads is vague in place in in allay that is like a Bush famous chef started the restaurant, so everything's fucking incredible.
In its vague in so there's as we can see that this might be my fair food. Its is vague and pizza, its many little personal data, and it's like they do. This, like almond, were caught a fake cheese which, honestly to me would have sounded grows into. I tried it eighties out of this world. It's so fucking good! It's like better than cheese with vague in. Like me, balls on my friends at eat. Meat are obsessed with its the best fees. I've ever had really it's so fucking good. I God, I'm here, because I've had vision, pizza recently and gluten free pizza two. Yet it is better than regular. I'm getting so into it. He's like now fight me. Ok, I really really really good big increases that I've been won, hundred percent better than p. I guess he's a, but I have also had some regular pizza that is so good yeah. You know the thing I like about legal gluten free pizza is that they try harder to make a taste.
good that is true. There's a lot more flavour in the sauce, usually your hand thing, though I hereby onions like vague in big in there's. Our did you get that there's a place in my neighborhood cruisers pizza. All they got it. That is why I want to try. It presented another place called Lucifer's em, both heavily Observers is mere means of whereas killer gluten free begin pizza away again need to do that? Also call our across his good luck. Cauliflowerlike last thirty Onest plays fresh brothers have universe, but now it's really. Now it is talking about. I now right is the food. This is the mug being episode. Oh, I have from over too, but you ve never been there on Mailros again. I've just eat on our roads. So if your and allay to go to playgrounds, add these are my view, restaurants, Asian Box Crossroads, As for us able laws, These are all recommendation. Oh
the heart and the hunter fur that such a good many one. I don't even want it. I almost doubling my little secret, unlike dig it out now roman place. O Tatu Rahman is so good. Come too Lay and go to all of image amber lens. The Hudson runner has the best fucking other cottages. I've ever tried it so incredible who also fresh brothers for being in pizza. Also crossroads. I mean the I get it you get. It also cats you here for subsidiary good, I mean you can Rochester Ash is better, but is it really? I haven't had it, but no Jean what they do. A catchy is so good. They do a If you're, so you know how they like the rock shrimp sushi. They do that, but with cauliflower instead and it literally tastes. So it's like rock shrimp sushi, but the suit, but the inside of I'm sure it's kind of cooked in there same way privileged tastes like the rock shrimp.
I've tried one rocks ran before I wanted to see it has and where was on point cats vague in Kiev, our rock shrimp imitation, So you think so getting anywhere must shut up. Now, I'm hungry next week is thanksgiving. Oh so do you have any tips to avoid like fights, yeah. So next month, next week there my next summer, in like three years, it's gonna be thinks giving. So let me help you prepare no so yet, for if you guys are prepared for your thanksgiving number. One. If anybody's is like how old you think I am now always shoot low camps of their like. If your grandma tell her, she looks forty five, even though you do you're lying honey, it's better than thing looks her age. Next, don't fucking talk about politics,
now many times my family has gone into policy like politic arguments. It just makes everyone comfortable dont. Do it shut up my dad leases our arguments? Moving on? He loves it. He loves to just stir the pie its Thanksgiving, it's been a few hours and he's leg wants to just bring up something. That's gonna. You have the family and make the other half of the family cheer. What's going on it's so annoying dad. If Ulysses we just have one holiday where you're not trying to cause a fucking political argument it seriously I don't have to be my dad any a levy that will he just like he likes the argument, tat funny he liked rarely does it as a joke, but like it then becomes real and then all the kids are crying about an item while cause like casino, because Grammy. Ro play something that I do have any. Then I got the number three my biggest ever Thanksgiving is to work out before or can number one you can stomach more food
and it is easy to eat a fuck ton number two, a leg: it tastes better. When you bore down like do you feel better? Our cause? You, like you, don't feel as like food, Coma yeah. If you work out before, I feel you kind of evens itself out, and you actually feel so much better last but not least, its himself informing for bitch, Everything envy the excess of command on things, caveats Things have ok when they are prepared and happy thinks giving a week early hours as they abbe things giving the next. I love you guys think for listening have to pay any hovered sushi bars are adopted, thereby