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Emma opens up about changing the format of her podcast, how to deal with a perceived failure, not giving up, and ways to learn and grow from it. Plus, she talks about her decision to not go to college, the backlash she faced, and how it’s changed her life compared to other people her age.

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Ramble. Hi guys welcome to the first episode of anything. Goes. I keep wanting to see through a genius. I keep like sitting down and unlike welcome too stupid genius in a kind of actually makes me a little bit sad that I'm never going to say that again. But I M very excited because this is the first episode in its kind of scary, but its very exciting. I think I'm alive with scared to see a new podcast, because it's kind of. You kind of feeling you failed the first time when something at work, and you have to re route. It's very easy to be like a well. I fucking so, why would I want to do again like. Why would I want to try again because, although the pod cast a lot of people really like the podcast cast Somebody'Ll hated, some of it as everything works in life. I felt like I held, because I
stopped enjoying doing it. It was a concept I was super excited about something worked really hard on and yet, like I love passion for it in Less than a year and that sucks ass, because it's hard, not to think they. You shouldn't like you shouldn't, do it anymore whatever, but I don't care I got back on a horse? And I was like I don't care I'm gonna try again and so we're back with anything goes, were actually we're. Not back as this is the first episode were here. Anything goes and If you kind of one another's this podcast is gonna, be structured. I will share so basically What we're gonna do is every episode. We're gonna have an overarching topic, and then we're gonna talk about it, so whether I've advice on it stories about it, what
our common terrier thoughts. I have on said topic I will share and then at the end, I'll answer, questions about the topic and just whatever questions you guys have, because I love answering questions from people like I don't know what it is, maybe I'm just a narcissist or something I don't think I am because I feel like I'm too aware of when other Barnard's is so. I don't think I am one that's a topic for another, but. I, like I love answering questions that people have about things like it's my favorite thing to do. Maybe it's because I like to hear my own voice. I don't know, but that this progress is gonna, work can be very open, ended very chill. But I have a pet peeve about people who explain. Things for longer than needed when they could, do the thing that they're gonna do? Instead, Does that makes an incident pages are talking like this is what I am to do when they,
could you be doing it? Everybody would catch on. So basically I'm to stop doing that and we're just gonna to get into our first episode, and Our first topic, they get comfortable first topic, today's failure, because I think it's a very important topic to discuss and. I'm very aren't. I myself am very hard and myself for thing that I do and so on held the feeling of failure brazilians of times in my I've as everybody has, but I think that I feel failure, even when it's not necessary or like warranted. If that's the right word, so I want to get into at first. I want to talk about my pie had cast a little bit like how bad happened leg. Why were here? Why I wanted to re route, whatever not that anyone really hairs, but I feel like it's kind of a valuable lesson as a valuable lesson to be taken from that process. So, basically,
I started my pod gas last year around April issue and I was super excited. I wanted to make a podcast there, had structure that was like had a purpose that educational like I wanted it to be useful in a sense, because I feel like a lot of stuff. I do not really useful necessarily Zog. You go home learning, in fact, in our eyes do something where I Felix people going to go home and they're going to have learned something unless our already at home, but then late work at home and they learn something like I wanted somebody to have something tangible to walk away from the podcast with So that's why I structured the gas around a science, so, I'm learning their learning. It's a win, win bud. After time went on, I just fell leg. I started to feel like I wasn't even interested in the stuff I was talking about and
What I really wanted to be talking about was my fucking thoughts, and so I felt so uninspired, and I remember driving to record my podcast it's so anxious because I believe how only I love the format of podcasting, but I don't really like love doing, this exact thing. How do I make myself loving leg it can. I so I would go in and I'd try and I would try to talk about things that were more interesting to me and I did like that more, but I still like what I'm in love with my pie, had cast. I wasn't really even that proud of it they didn't feel like. It was something that I was. in love with, and That's something that I have struggled with. All of the stuff I put out is like truly feeling like I love what I'm putting out their leg. really
being proud of it, and I did not feel like that with stupid genius at us. in point in the beginning totally, but towards and no and it started to really upset me, because I was feeling like I was failing. I was like fucking failure. I can't even do hard casting like it like. It seems so simple. Why can't? I just go in recorded, enjoy the process and then go home in shut up and not think about it, but it was upsetting me because I felt like it wasn't. I felt I failed at it anyway long story short this fog, this new products, as is, can we me repeating myself for our straight so, we should actually rename it to em repeating herself for narrow Strip podcast I will be sending this to my team and for further review, but anyway, I took it all into consideration and I was like I'm going to take a break from podcasting. I took a break. I took a few months off
and I decided I still loved, doing podcast and I love listening to podcast some are going to quit. the campaign ed, Just gonna re rout there's no need to go rob when something doesn't work. All about if you like it, you just have to it cater readjusting in kind of rethinking is not failure, it like it, but I really Didn't want to believe that I was fiery red this whole podcast I failed, but that is not true. And now here we are again feel really good and I dont. To failure and I'm excited and I am glad that I didn't let my feeling of being super. Just negative about the fact that the first round go as I planned. Like I didn't let that effect. More to the point where I dislike? I don't even want to do punk ass it all there.
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obviously you know when you fail attests at school that's shitty. I mean I could go on about battle day- it's like if you fail it s at school, I wish that now that I'm not in school anymore. I wish that can tell myself when I was a child that you could fail every fucking Tessa you take. for the rest of your life but as long as you're doing your best and you're like in Europe trying as long as you're trying, even if you there's some there's a solution. There's like awaited get here and go no matter what leg, even if killed every single test. You could find a way to get a college. the. If that's what you wanted and you could find a way to get a job, there. You can find a way to do this and you can find a way to do that. Its the little mundane, little failures in day to day life. Never they d
matter in the bigger picture, but I was in school, I used to literally see for I was a night, crime, is off to sleep every night, so afraid that I was going to fail. One test because May, he would crush my ego and I think the biggest thing about failures. At its an ego crush and that's stupid. I'm still trying to figure this out, though, because Thing happen, while not recently but something within the past four years happened to me for first time that was the biggest feeling of failure of ever felt. But it's weird because people don't talk, while this type of situation as being a failure? And that's why and a relationship of friendship doesn't work out leg. Let's A break up: are you in a friend, don't work out like just doesn't work out, you're, stopping France whatever, when a relationship like dad. Comes to an end,
I would argue that that's actually one of the biggest feelings of failure leg because that's happened to me so many times in the past would say for years. Here it's crazy. How. you, can do nothing wrong. I think there's more actually this morning Shelly, like dating regular dating but any break up leg it, easy out, even if you did nothing wrong and you in that person, just weren't meant to be together, it still such a failure in such a kick in the ass your ego, because you like, oh my god, I was planning my future with this person, whether it's your friend who you wanted to be your bridesmaid or you're, significant other who you wanted to marry right and have a family with whatever and when that fails. You're, like oh, my god, I now I'm back to being single. I failed, like you feel like
a relationship with somebody else now working out is, failure. I hate just at this realization the other day, because you know through this all time, I'm Pino, I'm friends with some people that I'm not than I am like, whatever it's like, that's part of being a teen girl, and so it's hard not feeling I've just always beat my. of up about it being like this is my fault. I machine the person, even if I did nothing wrong and as the best friend like I did something wrong, I'm not some. that people want to be friends with our I'm, not somebody that people want to date, I'm like I'm You know shitty to be around. You know must be so not self aware that that's why these relationships failed. And I've blamed it all myself in thought of the relation Ending as being a failure that is now the case, and I just realized this literally this week, I'm not even kidding you are realises this week,
It is not unless you did something terribly wrong. Even then, it's still not a failure, because Well, either you weren't supposed to have that person, your life number one, which is probably the case or number two. now you ve learned that treating somebody the waitress them, if you say, treated them badly because we have to. It both sides here now I'm gonna, probably do it again, because you learned your lesson in you now know that not how you treat a person in your powerfully. Gonna learn from the feeling you're feeling now failure and you're gonna do better next time. That's not a failure elder you're feeling it it's not and on the other hand, if it didn't work, it's probably the other fucking person in union want them in your life anyways. But in the moment it so hard, not aim yourself. that's been something that is affected, my self esteem so hard core, is even if I am like you know what this person's not not healthy to have. In my life, I'm gonna run
them from my life If it's been, my decision is still as a huge, it's fucked up self esteem, because then I am like. Sitting at home by myself that night and unlike Am I ever gonna have a legacy. Neither am I ever gonna have a healthy relationship with Anybody, like that's broad, What am I ever gonna have that you will? I we I don't know I mean I I don't know I still am what like I still. I know I will for me person and for all of you it these speak about you guys, though I know you guys well me I'm not so sure, but that's the problem. Is that that's how you feel about yourself? easier when you're looking at someone else's life, you can say that, but when it's you it's a lot harder so. Moral of the story is I think we all need to fucking chill about failing leg.
We all need to really really try to see positive side of all these little daily failures, for me. They add up and then it's like this weight on my back and still trying to learn how to not let that get to me I think the key is at once you wait it out a few months and you see why that failure was apposite. thing, which is so dumb. Every fucking life could surprise about before. But Then you can kind of see why it happened, and then it all makes sense whenever something shit is happening. I always just tell me ever make in a few minds. I'm going to know why this happened to me: I'm gonna see why this happened. I'm going to see why and it always happens. Let me try anything. A good example of that. Ok, I have a great example, This is very. This is not really failure as much, but it's more dislike in an
fortunate event that end up leading to something. there was so much better, so I was supposed to go to New York this weekend because my friends were in New York and I was like really fucking lonely and I was like I want to go to New York just to like hang out with my friends, okay, and I was trying to my flights on job blue, whatever and I spent an hour trained above these flights and it wasn't working every single time I use like three different credit cards, I was like repressed. the page using a new browser like I was doing everything I could and it would stand this gloating screen once I would press like confirm and it would not work it would not and I've never had anything like that happening you, for I tried on two different computers. I could not figure it out The whole website was crashes it what the fuck. So I ended. Spain, like you, I guess I'm not gonna go then cause I literally camp of my flight in their getting really eggs. The plates are getting really expensive and I'd have to leave him like two days. I guess I'm
not gonna go because if I try tomorrow. The fights are gonna, be a by three. I'm not gonna. Do it says I'd like this? I'm not doing so and up saying homenas like I'm to be so fucking born lonely. I ended up invited to an event that I'm pretty antisocial, I dont really go out. Darley go to advanced on really do anything, but I decided to go this event I ended up meeting a lot of like fucking we call people. Did I wouldn't have met in like very valuable experiences. Like I had very, I met like a lot of really cool people that I really would like to be friends with, even which is rare for me. I don't really. I can live a very isolated life, and sometimes I prefer like that. But I and a meeting really fucking kill people and if in was really upset when Job LULU wasn't working and I couldn't book my flight, I was very upset. I was like I'm gonna be bored now Friends are in New York, I'm obsessed with New York. Now maybe humbling see what end up happening.
I ain't goin going this event than in up, Allow me to meet really cool people that I wouldn't miss otherwise and that's fucking special. Because seeing how like that led to that a kind of just it goose egg. A metaphor for me is like ok, you gotta a trust, a little bit I mean like when you fail or when something doesn't work, you just have to trust in weight. and if you wait and if your patient, it will make sense, This is just referring to most things. So that was really a lot, and I know that was kind of depressing so since I'm trying to think about something, none depressing, but it's like! Ok, I'm can we fuck like let's clean it up, let's have some fun. I I need to have some fun Thank you too Pepsi COLA responding. This episode of anything goes
I feel that is very fitting for the transition from steward genius. To my new progress, anything goes because me switching over to this new podcast is. a great example of following who you are even it means. Maybe changing things up a little bit. And being true to yourself in listening to that feeling and That's something there! Pepsi stands by and stands behind, and I love that, and that is why I am so excited that I'm working with them today throw my life farming internet. I've made it a huge priority to be true to myself and be HU. I am whatever that may mean that day that we, that meant that year- and so I think bed, switching over to a more real and honest podcast. Format, although was scary was completely the right thing to do. Considering that
wasn't feeling leg. Inspired by might by my old podcast, and I think watching over to this new podcast has really got me. I did about podcasting again and maybe we fall in love with it and What it's all about! That's what it's all about Thank you again, Pepsi for sponsoring this episode. Pepsi that's what I like. Let me think about what been up to so I took a break from podcasting for two three months to three months and I have already been doing anything in it's kind of an issue in I'll explain. And maybe I can even re. Maybe you guys can even give me advice, like literally you can tweak the evening. the twitter at age, podcast- ok, just let me know I I have this issue I want to vent about, This is in the same vein as failure,
because I kind of feel like I'm. A failure of a human being because of this programme. Every episode will be depressing, but it won't minor sorted out a little bit emo in a little bit, Gough. Ok, because there was not a lot of that I'm stupid genius. So we're really going to start this out of the email we can always go from here, though, I can always get a little bit more heartwarming and it will. Although I think racism, armies of anyways so I have this issue and I hope that some of you guys can really so because I didn't go to college very controversial topic, alert fuck. Maybe what about one episode, actually, that's a great topic for this episode. Grey Ok, we'll dogma that next anyways, because go to college I like, to step of life right and kind of skipped straight to working. Ok,. In theory, that's kind of grey.
It is great. I'm very grateful that I that this is what you know. The cards were formed and I enjoy working in that's great. But I never got to have that college experience where your super social, you know maybe you're in a sorority. I would never fucking down that. Just knowing my personality wouldn't work, but you know, going to party is going to different types of light college events being in class everyday. Like I skip that step, and because of that. From the time I was seventeen and I moved out to Now- I've been so isolated, ok, leg I literally see nobody. I do I rarely ever leave my house I'm home all the time when I home I'm
I'm not doing anything like I'm in bed, but then, when I'm You know, but I'm spending most of my day like working on soft, it's like whatever, where that's videos podcast, you know doing issued like whatever that may mean that day, that's what I'm doing during the day in and by the time that I get home. I'm tired I access eyes usually assumption during the day I'll say it I need to really some endorphins, like my only it's like it's like my it's like my healthy drug re, that's great! But then by their may get home. I don't really want to see anyone because, so tired and drain from talking to people all day, and then I ll in thine own cooks and I'm not being proactive, sit on a cook and then like I don't want to do anything like hobby wise cause, I'm so like mentally exhausted that all I wanna do is like lane. Bed much take talks so like I dont have any hobbies which there
in turn makes me a little bit less interesting of a human being like I feel like I don't There is much to talk about during a conversation with somebody, because I don't do anything to them since in I it like really bothers me, but I do do a lot of stuff and I'm tired, but I don't do anything. That's like a hobby and so leg. Look, I don't have any hobbies. I dont like doing leg. I dont like not escape bored, I don't nodded draw I mean like I like by things sometimes like, I bought a skateboard once and was skateboarding and for a little bit and then like border that cause. I thought I was gonna hurt myself. So what our? oh my god guys. It's my cat calling leave that in leg. I I don't I don't. Have the energy did kind of get any hobbies.
but I think my lack of Hobbes makes me a little bit, maybe a little bit more sad than I would be otherwise, so I'm trying to figure out is what the fuck like how do you I feel at ordered because I'm like, I want a leg doom, things with my life that are fulfilling I'm so exhausted by the end of my day that I don't have any. I dont have the passing to do those things some I'll. Let you figure out that balance. Alleging over figure it out, I bet a lot of you guys have that problem as well. I've been trying to cook a little bit, but I mean that's not a hobby when I'm cooking, it's not a hobby when I'm good It's like I'm war abattoir, TIA and then I'm putting means in cheese, a vague and cheese and sauce.
And vegetables in it and then I'm eating in it's delicious. But it's not really cooking, because I didn't do anything. I just slapped preexisting things together. I did also make myself vague MAC, makin, cheesy other day the entire part of it. it was so good, but I think my stomach is still hurting in I literally ITALY four days ago and it was vague and it's Simon, dairy. I think it's just the the volume just destroyed me so anyway, that's my area of failure. But now we'll talk about that's like we're. How I feel, like my day to day life, I'm like to figure that out, but I'm not gonna, give up. Maybe up. ain't tonight. It could happen. But a lot of painting supplies of Amazon, like these really cool, like very opaque. water colours, which does make sense glory for closer, usually clear. But these really really thick and like,
How to find you, so I might use those tonight. My fuckaround will do it happens and then I also bought these pens that are called pasta pens and I like paint pens- and I really fun to draw with so maybe I'll- make some art and maybe I'll become a fucking artist. Like my father at all, it all runs in the family. My dad also serves to maybe I'll have him. Teach me to serve one day is honestly thou RT help me number one find a boyfriend and too. It would be fun I think I'd enjoy because I love the ocean, so keep updated on that. How I end up doing with my Hobbes and trying to find some but let's talk about me now going to college because this is a huge leg, This was one of the other big times. I've felt like a piece of shit before but not, but not fairly. I didn't need to feel like a shit. Let's, let's dig in oh, let's throw a back to twenty seventeen. I start my Youtube channel and started it
In the beginning of summer, by the time about school, I had about thousand on Youtube, which was kind of crazy, and I didn't really know what that meant. For me, was junior year and in I'm going to school. Do in my thing and I really depressed- because it was too much work to do. not even too much work, but I would not mean it was too much work as I was taking all a peace and honours while also you know, having already having Youtube kind of in a sense as a job at that point where, making my own money says kind of supporting myself. It's so living with my parents, and so is like this weird and- and I was like- ok need drop. All my our glasses. I dropped all my hard classes which, a huge blow to my ego, baffling failure within itself cause. I was like somebody who had you know had been such a hard work. At school, to drop all their AP in, his classes because we're overwhelmed, phallic, a huge failure and it was such a
hurt me so bad, especially the area I grew up in I'm like a few away from Stanford the College and it's like super fuckin. Rigorous everybody's, like you know a well, you don't have a five point. Now good luck going to college. Oh, you know your parents died, didn't know you ended this tutoring programme sucks to be stupid. Like that's exactly the vibes of my school I felt like, and so dropping all my ip and there's classes- oh my god, how I be myself up over. which is so stupid because my mental health was struggling at so bad, and yet I was like mad at myself for ah being classes there were Vienna creating for hours a homer per night. Mind you, I five, those classes doesn't add up how and so in I'm beating myself up fur take, easier clauses when what I was literally on the verge of fucking death it felt like- and I was mad and myself
I was a you're such a piece of shit you're such a loser, you're, never gonna make any money, you're gonna, like you know, you're never gonna be able to support yourself. You're, never gonna be able to do this or that, unlike that's, how I felt, and yet was like at the point where like. If I didn't drop those classes, he's going to literally need to go to the hospital. I was losing my fucking marbles. Anyways so and mine. Your most doing you tube at the same time as my only escape in hobby. Slash way for me to make money cause I was released my parents before that. So then you know I got you a very warm. I like many of the so bad I was like. I need didn't, leave school. I can't do this anymore. I can always figure it out. I can you know if I want to go to school, there's lots of options for me to go to school down the line, this the end of my schooling, if it doesn't want, if it's open its open like am I going to be able to go to stand for it? If I leave school right now now did I wanna go to stand for in the first place fuck now, so who cares? I just you know at them.
for me was about you know, being happy long term. I realise that nose like if I if I leave right now,. You know it does close a few doors by Michael Of life has been improved a lot, so let's do this shit's I took the task is called the chest B. I graduated early and as a junior. So then I was out of sight. Now is like if I ever want to go back to I mean I would never go to high school is a technically or whatever, but what they wanted, college. You know down. The line I can potentially test into go. I don't I don't remember how that whole shit works but like I could go to college eventually. If I wanted to say that was enclosed. I was like need to get my ship together a little bit, and that was that so
that planning on may be doing online school, but that in an sorry guys, sorry to fucking disappoint since Let's talk about the response, I got when I left school so where's that about how my catholic all girls school responded. They told me that From what I can remember, I remember it perfectly, but they basically saying along lines of like you know basically Tommy, tell me as being a huge mistake and that you know I was- I was closing a bunch of doors and that I was like this, basically trying to tell me I was going to become a loser and this is all just my opinion. That's how I felt don't get sued is that was kind of how I felt that they were that's what I thought or in in my opinion, in my opinion, in my pain, In my opinion, in my opinion, once you say in my opinion, you will not get sued, and that is what I ve learned anyway, so that I fell from them where, from my family.
I think it was a little bit, makes some people kind, how lacheneur work in our minds: we're very much on board will get under me too much, but you, there is some bumps in that road as well and Would like people not understanding like Peter just automatically assume that if you'd, go to college, and if you don't follow the exact steps that we're supposed to follow that year. Then a failure- and I to believe that about myself to I started to think oh shit like you know the first few months of very large nose like oh, my god. I don't regret this, all lay this was exactly what I needed to do but, like I feel like everybody aura everybody around me looks at me and thinks that I'm like a failure and leg. I don't know, I felt like such shit about myself, because everybody was judging me and a lot of you all same it.
And I was a loser in shit: cable, my home hometown, and serve. but here's what I ve realized about that something that I learned from that, and this is the sudden this really I'm not telling you did. You know grudge. Literally from school or whatever, I'm not saying not to go to college or nothing colleges. Bad, I think, is actually really great. Just wasn't for me and that's fucking fine, And I'm not gonna apologize for it either I spent so much time, apologizing being like I'm sorry,. I'm sorry. I know I know I know I didn't go to college. I'm sorry! No, I'm not fucking! Sorry anymore! That's ok, because why do you know. Like that, wasn't my path- and the day. Like you know, if you can find a way to to make money and support yourself on your own. And you don't need necessarily call dedication for that specific path that you're taking.
You do not need to apologise for that As long as you're working hard at whatever you're doing and you're. Doing everything in Europe, power. Too you know, Use of a successful and whatever you're doing as you can be, then that's not a failure and that's nothing to apologize for as you're, being smart and as long as you're being or possible that's a success in my eyes and that's great like I, dont, see an issue I I'm kind of now, I'm like all madam. We view at leghorn merrily that were giving me shit about knowing not going to college just like so not anybody else's place either leg, you know, judging something else for not going to college, judging somebody else for not No taking that that his path or whatever is just like it. She said
dated mentality? And I understand, because a lot of people a lot of jobs you do need to go to college? I'm sorry! I wouldn't want somebody, you know what, when I had a fucking about kidney biopsy in eighth grade yeah, I wouldn't want some random motherfuker. Taking it. You gotta make kidney, I'm really glad that men went to college. Thank you, one hundred percent I'm very in a spear I mean like those in or even like. You know my teachers when I had teachers all throughout my my life, I'm so glad that they went to college because they were able. They were taught exactly in. They wouldn't have necessarily learn that on their own there's no way to learn that all you know what I mean I can bet you that when my math teacher went into, college to learn about math. They. Forgot about every degree in every type of triangle. Actually, that's kind of easy memorize value is below them sure to learn to so I can see you now. I understand that the that's a great there can be
rate tool and an amazing resource and necessary resource and a lot of in a lot of ways, but our the hand. Sometimes it's not an that's. Ok, and nobody should be an asshole about it. that manner. Nobody should be an asshole about anything. I why this so much leg Had this realization one day to kind of recently have had a realizations recently where its leg. why are people not mining their own business and so I just really do my best. I, Yet it sometimes people do shit that so annoying or people do should they. You don't agree with, and that's totally fine, I'm I'll, be the first one to vent about that to my friends and family, when people are doing things that I don't necessarily agree with, but like does it have to leave that bubble with friends and family one when you, you know, don't agree with with something like?
it's just. I really have never been able to understand it. Leg. I feel like I'm letting out every feeling I've ever had in every feeling. I've ever wanted to express on the internet all the sudden right now, some that I will probably simmer down by like the third episode, but for I'll look I'm on exclaims games and now I'm sick? We started out with one thing now we're here: it's the interesting for media. Listen back to this later, who knows how it's gonna make me, feel employment cut up a whole fuckin thing and pain I like for example, like you know, as I was just talking like me, not going to college. why did they need to be anyone else's business in the first place? why did it need to be? You know I don't care if people do not necessarily agree with it if they thought that that's question of all, you know, there's a lot of you. She could really fail that way true, but in,
It's true at me. I did take a risk. Why not going to college for sure but ass? She well that's up debate, it depends on the way you look at it but like. Why did Why did I need to be notified that everybody around me didn't approve like? Why Why couldn't have been kept themselves? Don't you the people be themselves up, and on their own. Why? why do you need to the person no big It's so much easier to vent about it to your call circle of friends and family, safe it'll never get out to anybody. You can talk about whatever you want, you can vent, you can let loose in the safe environment where doesn't harm anyone, hack, fun, hack, Somebody does something that bothers me or some he's doing that. I just call my parents or I'll call it s, friends of two of them and I'll just went about it to them. Knowing that it will never leave that safe bubble. and it'll never harm anyone
and it'll never leave their power and it doesn't hurt anyone, but you don't get to vent about it. Cuz you need to vent about as a human. It's I'm not saying that unless you got to talk a little bit of shit, I get it cuz. You need to just get it out and vent so that you can be nice and like, standing, it's a gift to talk it through almost right. Because we're human and we analyze others, but doing That, within the safe environment of your friends, you don't need to do that with everybody. You me and you don't need to do it to the person who you're thinking about. talking about that is not healthy and its. Necessary, unless somebody's genuinely endanger endanger Is there not a danger in their doing? Fine, maybe just don't fuckin do so anyway, I can tell from a therapist or if I'm, a patient of a therapist. or if I am now, a new public speaker, motivations figure, TED Talk, enthusiasm or, if I am, Am I now on the spot, gas and oil
this is the longest pod gas. I've ever accorded its thirty nine minutes in. I don't even know what I said the whole time. I have no idea what I said. Who knows but the rapid up, because I feel like now, Molly my feelings, I don't know that's what I wanted to do this by guest, necessarily I don't know if I wanted to get all deep up in this bench a little bit, but I did and now we're here and honestly. I can't take it back now, so I hope you guys enjoyed. they may be I opened your mind a little bit too, something who knows like maybe made you think about something differently change your perspective. What I would hope next ever so that sober something the fucking fun. Please tweet ad. You think those podcast the twitter, Anything goes is at Agee Podcast and you can as questions.
questions or topics that you want to talk about and if you'd rather call us, We have a phone number The phone number is fine, five hundred and sixty seven, two hundred and seventy five, three thousand six hundred and sixty two, you can leave a short voicemail. a question or topic, and maybe we will use it because it's the open ended. We don't give a fuck. with goes Anything goes Yet we me some fun topics, Calais feeling. My brain immediately goes to the leg, insert add music. Let's talk about failure. You know what I'm trying to try to have fun next episode, All right, I love you guys piece out, have an amazing day Oh! Yes, I described to us an apple podcast, Spotify Radio, calm anywhere, you get your podcast were their subscribed.
give us a little rating. Five stars ever heard. Nobody sewage! is, I think, at four point, five stars that her my ego, let's get it to five star. I'm just kidding I'll, have an ego just kidding. I do and we're going to talk about that anything goes. it's normal, unnatural in it. Something needs to be discussed. I really need to fucking shut up goodbye, Love you all,