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How Do We Taste Food?


You know that feeling: You take a bite of delicious food and you can't wait to eat more. Or, you taste something that immediately makes you gag. Emma loves food, so she dives into how we actually taste it! Plus, how much does her horoscope really say about her?

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Hi guys welcome back too stupid. She has only gonna almost said what I used to say, which was what was it was with the progress where I'm stupid. It's just that the time has run out. I just can't do it anymore. It was fun while it lasted, but were over that anyway, Number one happy holidays its. And of holiday time. Right now I mean Christmas. What just happened at age is half I pray regard these a gay I do now. I hope that everybody had a great holiday and hopefully did and as an aben yet, but I hopefully did in essence, it is what it is, I'm still a train, I got all the gifts for everybody, and I'm just excited for that to be over because I'm not going to give giving. That is not one of my love language is so wish me luck. Hopefully I don't get by my family, but anyway tabling everytime you out. We taste food. I mean I
the dancers, taste buds but like there has to be more, you know I mean why, like? How does that work? Why do we need to taste it? I don't know point zero Larry discussing that the reason why I wonder, like I mean like, if you think about it, food is now for any reason, besides surviving so My question is: why doesn't have to have flavour because here's the thing imagine a world where no food had any flavour. Ok, now be low key kind of nice, because everybody could see leg, everyone, it's so healthy because it would be like a wooden matter. I wouldn't like ever crave, shitty foods that will make me regret my life. Days after when I like feeling gross you we like there would be of that it would just be and another task it wouldn't like be. You know what I'm saying I feel like food having flavour mixing so complicated like when you go to somebody's house and their parents.
you a meal in your area. Like you, don't mean it's bad like. If there is no flavour and food, then you wouldn't have to offend your friends mom, although you should be your friends mom that her food sucks, because The gray waited never have sleep over Jimmy again so I would recommend not saying anything and just choking it down of done at hundreds of times but, like you see, I'm saying it just like food tasting really makes things complicated. All if I was never allowed to taste ramen again or like those like soft cakey cookies from target or whatever you can buy those yeah. I do for you upset. So I mean I guess it's like a double a anyway, before we get into the our. Why or how food has taste. Let's talk with word of the day, which is. Sorry, I can't it took me so long to realise how really put Pelee papilla that's easy for textile
So pity is a small, rounded protuberance on a part of an organ of the body. So your taste but are actually properly. You have thousands of them on your tongue, and each of them are made up of nearly a hundred tastes cells and are they daylight little things stick out. Curving yeah deal is a gross to me for some reason, so all those little taste buds on your tongue are technically properly in there I mean honestly concept of a tongue is like actually disgusting to me, like I'm, so sorry to affair all humans in pretty much all organisms that exists. I hate to say this about all of us, but like tongues are gross their gross. I mean, if you look at that, I dont like if you really look up most of them it it looks like an alien leg. It looks like a bunch of little aliens, Lego, voltaic, it's disgusting, I'm sorry gross me. I hate that text. Her ah I am really weird about textures, that, like weird textures that
oh god or, like you know, unlike my face man does it cracking on my skin and those are together little and that may be. Really broad. Nobody knows on time, but if you do it clay mask and then you look in the mirror and just looks like you scales, I hate that so tongues. exception, but anyway I guess he's poppy lay something a food it something of food that unity. I'm kind of crimes that support. Maybe anyway, shut up skidding. Do it This episode of stupid genius is brought to you by cash out the number one finance up in the app store cash up as a free up. That makes it super easy to instantly send money to your friends whether a friend owes you money. We want to settle up a giant group dinner. Someone paid for cash app is the app He is so last week. Cash I've come in handy for me, because my friend and I bought a gift that was kind of incentive for our other friend, and I was just like you are obviously
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Cash app from the app store today. Thank you. Cash F response rings. Episodes. Dvds, you guys are great. I guess that are when I started out to get this one on the first gas. Could I feel like there's only one there's only like want, but then again like I wonder if animals animals have taste buds right I feel it mammals have to. Like all mammals, I mean there. I'll be, there must need to be like a reward for eating, because in a sense of food, tastes good, I guess I'm ok, I'm going into gas number one. I dimly professor, but I guess there has to be like a rule for ok. I've noticed this about mammals. in order for mammals mammal to want to do something it has to be kind of rewarding. I feel egg. It's just I don't know, I think, that's how it is like I dont think especially humans, humor, don't like doing things, must there's a reward. Think about it like?
Would you be working right now for free, fuck, no fuck, absolutely fuck? No, you wouldn't apps fucking lulli, not you, wouldn't ok it. Neither would I I lay in my bed all the time it would say there. We think that you don't do like. Ok, would you clean your apartment if it and make you feel good when you clean now, why would you do that? You wouldn't do that. You do things like reward. You in some way- and I think that eating would not be rewarding in any way. If there is no flavour leg, there must be some sort of risk. When you hear food that you like, they pray releases like dopamine or something, and so you eat food, the you like, that's, not only legwork punishing your body, usually I you're eating. Has anything and actually replenish your body technically gazelle food, but if you're eating lingered humans needed a reason: D Ye leg they wouldn't
started eating if it didn't tastes, good you sent him saying is hope everybody would have died. Maybe it was like. Maybe was like d when theory. You know- and I met, whereas like the fact that she called natural selection, maybe like the people that didn't have powerful taste, buds they didn't eat as much so died and now we all have a voice, in working taste buds take keep us motivated ie, but that kind of maddest stemmed from before we were like actually smart and like there needed to be kind of a direct reward, does make sense anyway. So how is that I think I did great though, and I deserve it. Old, star sticker on May fridge, ok I'll drive! what where they go wrong. Oh, Second, I did why ok war, but that why so, so first and now that and do we can do how see this is always my problem on tests as a child. Is that I would. I would
read the question. I would like confuse why and how? So I would explain why and how and vice versa, and then I would get a fucking F and I would give the test back and I'd be like here s this, and then I oh my god, I just didn't even read the prompt that well so there really a lot of information as to why food has flavour. Food is made up of a lot of different substances that contribute to how we take them. I guess- theories that, like we taste food differently, because it away of our bodies telling us what we shouldn should be eating. But as far as like why food distinctly contains flavour, there really a lot of information on it. Maybe there is a reason cause there's something so at the door and explain that there's some things that are like pleasure for humans that leg it doesn't. We don't know why it that way. So I feel it. Maybe that's one of them just is because we need to have a reason to because human beings, tenderness,
everything so like. We need something nice every once in a while right. It's actually for they think most activities in life are not that exciting. So that's why leg eating and sleeping our super important for, like our well being as it gives us something to look forward to an like being with people? I believe are the three things that people just we need to leg stay alive from the time were born. You have to you, look forward to eating sleeping it being with people you like and love. You know besides, I, you just die now morbid anyway. ok, let's get into how then we don't know why. But that's ok, because we don't need to know why you don't it needs. Now everything stopping like that, I'm, like rose, you and I can't even here you're saying to me all right. Let's guess how I mean. Obviously we have taste buds the taste buds are in a
big innocence, receptor, maybe four flavour and foods as they start to. break down. Maybe has a viewer. Saliva. I there's something like that, insignia head? That's a good sign as saliva breaks. They breakdown the food, so there The receptors in your mouth, which are the days buds, can pick up the flavour and then he tasted and then I wonder, Villa connects warming it properly such as new term price and send that info to them even so that you know you're tasting any swallow that bitch and then, and then the residue history. How is that that was good? Does one part of it. Oh, ok, ok! I love when these double, where its highly so
What area may lack is so there's two parts of it. So the first part of it is the food is broken down by enzymes in your saliva you're right there Passes over your taste buds where it had all those cells and then the chemical receptors trigger five basic tastes. Can you guess what those five tastes are? Yes, I know this. So there's a swede. There is salty, obviously yeah, there's a mommy right fat yeah. I don't know how I know the hat, and then there are the last HU. I feel like I'm not so sure sour yoke and spicy better better spicy spices and acquired it's like said to be the sixth sense. No way. Okay, so that's like an echo, those gonna say lay there must be a maybe Spicy is not even as much of a fleet whereas it is like a sensational interesting ok, that make sense. Ok is that it does
first part now he says another bar and what does it have to do with sent? oh so your taste buds has something to do it. How do we taste food? Ok, I see she had to go to the prompt guys take us. I mean if you visit, taken finals or You already took them in so this is a tip for next semester or trimester of your unlike elementary school. It was not a thing like ran whatever faggot sometimes you need to like, sometimes if feel you have. You have have the answer but you need other, have just read the prompt. So many over and over again until you can find a different meaning from the problems that you can answer it,
That is something that I didn't realize I could do until I was in high school and then I like realise that that help me anyway there's a stupid, stupid advice because- and I think that's pretty obvious, but it wasn't for me and that's why I took seven years everytime I try to take it S. Just never. Work well. For me today, citing a big part about tasting is smell and I've always known known that I mean sometimes smell something like that strong enough. You can in a sense taste it in that might like an illusion like a mental kind of illusion, but if I smell chocolate. like I remember so little story time. So I used to go to that my dog his office at home, when I was younger, it was in this town that had this huge coffee or not coffee, as actually winos alone, there is huge chocolate factor
right next to my doctors office. So every time we go to the doktor I being large and garage and I get out of the car. You now just get this huge with chocolate and I swear to God. I ok smelter. I know it's obvious most likely whatever, but when you smell, actual chocolate being made bitch, I'm so sorry, but that is different. Is so different. It is so good, it's the vessel ever so anyway. now as a random. Sorry, but I remember Younger I would like feel like. I could taste the chocolate when I would smell it cuz. It was so strong anyway, so I think that smelling a food kind of amplifies, the flavor in your brain, because it's a combination of the smell and the actual taste in that creates a full bodied of snack, how close enough so once you chew the food yours smell, takes over then chemicals release up.
No dissent, receptors that are in your knows. That makes increase a bunch of different, complex flavors. They then tell your brain how the fruit he's in smells. So that's why, when you have a cold, you can't taste food as much The receptors in your nose don't recognize of those flavors, oh my god. that's so interesting, That is so interesting. Every time I e like any food that actually like one. I'm sick, I'm like should socks every time so I am glad that I haven't been sick. Ok, I can't even say that I'm not on what I dont want. I don't wanna be sick, ever again by anyone, so superstitious. Sorry, I literally my friend and I are so like that's a good weird thing. We have every time were in the car while ok, so I don't run my friends a lot and we like at night, and we just like that because we have nothing better to do and we have like no other friends, so
we never really talked about stuff. We always think we're going to jinx things, and I like this little tiny. We don't like how the detailing on your car can be like giving things will mind like his fake wood, so we just on that, like every five in its cause. Everything or time I really a fucking owing to drink sand and we're dislike, knocking on the car the whole time we're doin relic these literally happens, every day, legwork constantly, knocking and or I'll get my head board like via leg thing. something, and I dont aging say it like. I don't know why I'm superstitious like that. Why would not walking knocking on would do anything a magnificent No, because I d from scared about what happened and I stopped I never was superstitious a long time. No, but then, as I got older, I think I was when I competitive cheerleader. I became superstitious. Superstar servers, super stupor stations, just superstition that
I'm trying to say super duper, superstitious stupors tat is, why is being without was the word no. Ever since I was a cheerleader no being a cheerleader made me very superstitious, fucking a thank you, Basically, here's why I think it was because before we can PETE or perform We would do all these different rituals, so there is, like you know, we'd get in em we get in all we chant certain thing and then a lot of people would tie their shoes. A certain way lottery would like eat a certain breakfast for they competed. Alot of people would like get ready in a certain order, like you know, like ok, I do my hair before I do my makeup, or else has bad luck like there's, so many luck, things or, like you know, some different people had like different rituals to do like right before we performed like some people would like weird things with their hands like I was so fucking weird, but
precision was so big. cheerleading world that, like everybody, had their thing, I'm trying to think. If I had anything like that, I may I know I did the team ritual, like their ritual, would like my team that we all did, but that was a good group things that wasn't my own. I feel like I used to do something right before I perform, but I can't remember what it was: So anyway, so I mean, as in our members, remember so that stupid, but- and I Didn'T- I don't know- but I think Rubbed off or make his now I'm permanently paranoid about. like everything I do and feeling like no effect the long term effect. That's probably like bad actually make this right. So wrong with that, but maybe that's the human condition I know I always was so paranoid about karma too, which is action a good thing as even if real are not kiss. My ass, check as I'm like evaluating fucked up, like I'm new, get bad karma from its. I like to think that in the
My had always in Sudan I don't do anything like to fuck anyone over. So maybe that's just like. Maybe I'm just calling karma really it's just like having decent moorhouse had our now but I don't know how I got to the topic. You probably is your listening I down, but I don't really need to know because its whatever now it's wind down talk about me the best part of the day for me anyway, some Gemini, oh god, here she goes with the fuckin horoscopes I will. I M. Now obsessed with horoscopes. Actually I I've been for a while, but I always kind of like made fun of it and then like some of the readings. I've had like the word so specific that, play normally, not that you sweet super, broad or the ones I used to read Royce so bright. I was like okay, like anybody could relate to this, but then I've had a few
we're like insanely, accurate to the point where it like freaked me out and than ever since then. Am I gonna what let me have fun? Let me live bitch, you know, so I threw my horoscope today actually say that could be a fun activity. Talk about it see if it seems. Accurate or not I mean I, you know, I take it out with the greatest like Green us all. They don't actually believe in it, but I also like weirdly think it's fun They did this super nonsensical thing. It's like, I know that it's bullshit I do, but I like love. It and I match all the traits of my sign, so they do, I believe in it like, but then I really do match them. Unless it's like a placebo things, he I don't care. Let's read my horoscope say someone may he critical and questioning of the solution. You ve come up with to deal with a problem, ok and because.
that you may be questioning yourself, but you thought this through my. Can I not read again like sure You thought this through and it certainly worth a try just because someone else's brash enough to quest new, does not mean that they are right, tells a dozen essentially mean that they know what they are talking about proceed with your plan with confidence you can adapt and refine as you go. Your determination will compensate for any issues. Ok, I didn't It makes sense for today. So I guess I really believe in horoscopes today by next reed yeah thou interested in wait. Let me think. See the for the time of you like thinking like when we think of this relates. My life is basically you creating it can should between the reading in your life, like you, have to kind of dig for it sometimes and that's fun but and when I say it out loud on like this she's really going to be a scam do so anyway enough of horoscope.
Since, even though ok, let me tell a story about that, whereas in the car, my friend and she did something interesting, I told you where am I snapshots surgery heard it, but she It's something weird shoes like she was like making a joke or something and then she like took the seat belt and Chile wrap it around. Like the top of her head, the grander forehead leg was a headband league. animal fucking had banned, and then I don't know no. She said I forget, but the way that she did. It reminded me of my friend, who is a Libra some I use it may be so stupid. But my friend and growing up when we best friends, friends, Libra and we are very close and so all of a sudden one. My friend Amanda did this thing as agriculture that really reminds me, my friend from middle school, and then who is alive. and then I was like is your rising sign of Libra and she's. Like I don't know what the fuck is that and I was like look it up and she looked it up and I was right,
and there one in twelve chance that I would have guessed right out of nowhere. So I dont know that's kind of crazy, like mean based on some random. She cheated how I just guess that I mean I know, there's one dwell chance, so it's like you know, but like a low statistic, I really shouldn't gotten thou right. I had no idea, so that's weird admit to me that that's kind of weird- sometimes okey anyway, but I like to think that I'm like a fucking psychic, so recently on Spotify. This is not an answer by Spotify, but yeah like every year, the music listening applications round this, how you they all come out with their like kind of most fortifies, wrapped, nice, butterfly so I'm just gonna say that, but I know apple music as one to they come.
With all the top songs that you listen to and all the light top artists you listen to, and so everybody's posting about that. You know what I mean everybody's posting about that, and it is the most interesting thing ever To see people's top five artists are there's nothing more fun. For me, I absolutely live I absolutely love it and I judge the fuck out of all of them. I judge every single person it like there's a leg not gonna go into who I juggling was saved. Top artist. Actually I almost his foot roasted myself. I was about to say If your top artists, as a country singer leg, apps We get out of here get out of my face but I'm not fucking with you, my top our whose Casey Mass Graves, because at one consider her country em, but she kind of technically so it is- and so I just almost roasted myself- and that is exactly why I can't trust what I say, because I'm
oh it's probably gonna buy mean ass. Later. I think my artists were it was crazy. Mass graves casino. This year was, rafts. That was a good little. She held me sing it out. Then I had seen him to get rose. I say you almost Heymann ball, I think so So, oh no, my second women's day, glow she's a good gray ban, but there we are and then and then Paula men, Rex Orange County and then over the last one was maybe he's a stroke say. Forget. anyway, so that was mine and I did get roasted for mine because everyone's like. one or two of art is taken. Power of shut up there's nothing I can do and I had to post it because I had a feeling. Ok, and I d get roasted, but at least case Musgrave was my first one must raise because, like that's kind of liquor,
like that, which is an honest those honest you re there may putting that out and public was basically me exclaimed B. Honest with everybody that this here I had a lot of mental breakdowns. If your top artists his case, you graves you properly cried aloud this here, That's fine! I did. It was Many because everybody was one twitter like if pose moon is on your top rap lacework. Oh god send your friend a fair if they have on mares. I don't really gets that bad. there's a lot worse, but I can't think of what would be like worse. Let me know already, like actually bat Obviously, nickel backs on your top one hundred. Ok earlier top five. I bet my I demand had nickel back on hers. Could she loves nickel back some unknown reason. I gonna have to ask that's bro, why shouldn't fuckin buzzer her together, I admit, go back on em. Sorry, man unrolling you she's, going about this I don't know I have nothing to say and just like, I'm just ready
for the holidays and fuckin hug. One of my fact cat at my mom's house is he so fat and I love hugging him because he's just like forty pounds of just he's lying, least able to Tiger he's huge- and I just want alike, lay in bed with him for six days. Postman fills to my house. You know, you know the fuck him. You know the vine came happy holidays. I hope you guys had a great hall it their family? If you did this, ghost Let me now, but enough can a weird. Let me know your holiday was good. I mean, I guess you could let me now it's up to you. Yeah have a gun one. Hopefully, my holidays are good and hope we can get on my Michaelis Christmas gifts before I go home. Please wish me luck and prayed hasn't happened. Yet. Oh right, ok almost were I to say this, but we're gonna be off next week for New year's, because I need a break. They love. You you want peace out.