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How Does Popcorn Pop?


Have you ever stopped to think about what exactly the science is behind why popcorn pops? Emma will try to figure it out! And stick around, because she'll also talk about her epic Halloween night and which junk food is her absolute favorite.

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Ramble, hi, guys firmer Chamberlain, Logan bankers to ingenious my phone by gas to need every week on a Thursday and out of them, I'm not but was owing in, and I was out very late winter. not doing anything, I did not go to all embody but, like Ivy League, stay away on holidays like following for the joy and you just crazy with your friends and just like run around in the streets in like scream and people. That's where you re right, but here I am exhausted, actually tell you about my leg, nay, last night at the end of his observes as eighteen. If you wanna hear how my all we note when it wasn't super of at fault, There is some funny moment. So what but then so stay tuned little cliffhanger, whatever China, Cuba, guys digging serenity because around. How do you we're just gonna just trying to make you fuck my life? I'm done our rights.
in today's episode, we're gonna talk about why popcorn pops. which is funny eyes, you fucking love popcorn, oh my god. Ok, Like I was thinkin sentences go like glass, we getting I'm sorry I was saying in San Francisco about two weeks ago. And you know the hotel like leaves the hex free right, and so when I was starving- and I was like nothing impose made so good to me I was schedule, scared, walk romanian, I guess I'm like a pussy so anyway, and so I was like you know how to see where Leg Argo raid, the hotel photo exact bar an icy pop fuck me up it was. It was caramel chatter of labour and preserves like YO not gonna lie the only,
person. That's going to enjoy this assembly that, under the influence of something- and I am not currently or ever for that matter, because I'm also again pussy anyway, so leg I would like this just doesn't sound good to me when I was so good I ate by the end of the trip. Therefore, about three days by the the trip the whole bag of popcorn was gone, I mean help for my friend eating it, but like we know I had all of it. So what did it tastes like? Well, it was great cause it was like, at first it is a camel corn rate, but then the more you chew it as this really really nice cheese aftertaste, which I personally am a huge fan of cheese, for things? Like I love cheeses, I love goldfish. I love Tito's love hot Tito's love like fucking Regular cheese, I love fucking, cheese and crackers like I like cheese, even though I to eat it because Acme in skins, actually not about re now, because
I haven't had cheese and awhile with such allied she's at last night. Shit. Maybe I'm just Mew now Cheese hit my line of dairy verdicts Qana gross me up like galloped anyways. so going back to popcorn, I'd love, popcorn. I love skinny. I love boom shake up of fresh part. I love, so we're gonna talk about wide is popcorn pop cause. It these kind of interesting like. Why does it not? Why does it like? How does that happened, but also, why does it I mean they kind of get? we'll talk about whatever I do, so we ok what's funny. Thing- is I, like movie theater popcorn a lot. I think it's delicious, even though it definitely is probably one of the least healthy foods you can eat like. I feel like at least like with something like a french fry right like that's like at least like you're, getting leg potato but like pop
where is your straight up like sodium you might, to be eating spoonfuls us all so Now that I'm older and I know how that and also the fat content. In that I mean seriously bad for you. But, like I mean I'm, The version where, when I e things like movie theater popcorn the next day, I'm hung over from eating that, like I am very sensitive to what I e. They give aid, something like movie, theater popcorn, I'm fucked the next day and so like. I feel it. Maybe it's because exercise in the morning everyday and like I can really feel what I do you know I'm here. I think no ears like, as is like a virus, like a lot of sodium. Look if I am wrong in the night before which this happens, afterglow of roman Catholic Rahman or something really like really salty the next morning, I feel superfluous and your fingers puffed up right. puffy I get like I get legs like just like? I feel
the Michelin man like, I can fully move my body properly and then I'm like we're gonna feel heavy and it's awful. That's why I try to eat well, design don't have to be held, but then again, like movement are happens, amends link nevermind bitch or like Robin at what I am I'm a so I, Natasha Wrong in that way. I can't you getting out but you can get really can turns off, turns off podcast about. We are confronted, we are well on the way you mainly whatever right target. I love it. My fur that, I believe are lay Nay ritual is like. If we are like hungry good night like starving, romanists super filling. So if you want to really get the experience you when we craving you know so, It also takes a torn you, fucking body, so a few years
like other varieties anyway, my friends and I ll get roaming sofa. We ve been Amanda she's bigamy, yellow me for telling you guys, but actually epidemic, Sorry ones so she'll put literally shall crush six cloves of garlic into her room and in at first I you're psychotic leg. That's disgusting! but then I took a bite of it was those well. This is fucking delicious, so I get it. But not gonna, to do exile. That scares me, I can't, but Yeah! I'm obsessed with Rahman. I've been recently getting the signal that the iranian president, you does where the do robbing without the broth. So less fucking pay The next item is the broad is: what gets you superheroes sodium d up right Just have the noodles, with a nice saws and like they do a tiny bit abroad is super delicious and it's actually
better, so I've been doing then they'll give you like lime and squeeze unleashes anyway. stop timer Romans up to insert drawing my popcorn, please. I do have a question for year. Have you ever had the package Rahman before out absolute, that was my shit. I might woman parents got divorce in my dad was like Actually, no, how to both my parents house because, like I feel it wants your parents get divorced for the first few years you can eat like it's fine. You know why you been through it. Here's a cell phone. here's Waterman, inheres chocolate chip, cookies, just fucking dont be damned. You know what I mean so, like that's kind of that was like a huge. I love that Cause you're noodles: would you still eat it or do you prefer, like the kind from a restaurant shitty sulk? I would even now We understand I've been seeing on t talk. Yeah page, we saw magic, I saw I've been seeing on Tik Tok. It's a good trends. Show everybody shows are different Rahman, We saw how they like take the wrong in
we'll do it and I suppose one kid who like the normal Rahman, but then he added like boy on cubes and then he like mainly box, boy and they put on top and then he like put sums I have no idea now. The thing is I take the energy that you put into that, but I you could not catch me doing that You couldn't even pay me and I will never do that company. for me as like. That's enough like just enjoy it I would drink that fucking broth like it was. pity alive, and I was so. This would fucking suck it down. It's so good little Saracen. There is good, though, have you ever had yes, and I have also had this spicy, the spicy chicken. Recovering. You know that she was. the fire, but it was a little bit too lazy for me. So I would like only do that when I was feeling a little flamboyant. That a good word to use animal, what flame, flame boy and actually my mommy's by the packages of them. I also used to get the Yankee so
Have you ever tried, though, now all the Southern Europe that shit is so who can do, but it bad is also self but, like I was a kid fuck it I'm making ever with the amount of leg. Ella health I go like all the fucking Weird Gruner was I e norther weird like fucking like Malta, Malta fucking I try to get a lot of vegetables now lots of boring she. Actually I've made my I make my diet fun, waiting, the cobbler cuspius, yea I am. I don't know! I don't know why. I'm like Ivy League, I'm gonna, be the muslim mom, I'm giving our kids here's your fucking chick peace, they're gonna make Mondo factly literally, like Timmy brought fucking a vicious who always negotiation, but here's the Andes better bunny. I love that
I remember me too. We, like you, know, kids, they reach. You, kids are like I have that more in their work, kids with them on their organic facts. Only my kids going to live to be two hundred in your kids, gonna fucking diet. Indeed, because you're giving and cheese it's fuckin I'll get my kids cheeses, but then apples, ices, its balance, baby I'll, get them similarly give them the whole. We she's it's a meaningless. This doesn't my dad used to do when I didn't even notice ill No, they were weirdly good. Try, I think they're better there more toasty flavoured. Do they have like a child version of it. Yeah yeah their whole. We like anyway so popcorn that the topic yeah. So we're talking about my corn lives gives the word of the day were little weight on MAC where a little late, but it's called the word of the days colonel it is colonel, so a criminal is a after usually edible part of it not seen him within its hard shell, can't lie. I love you, colonel Road,
like if there's like a half popped, popcorn vigil ion is what we call foods once they had a whole bag of chips. I've, popcorn, wool and cause trader doesn't know what these yeah we like. They know we like so they did that and yeah, I was there really good. By them once they have two thousand okay. This is fund really one bag, but now I just take this is weird: have you had the cheese, its inward our job again, the channel. Even here the bird ones, es in there's a girl them extra special toasting. Deserto, see you know, I'm a huge cheese, a family I used to eat icy, like a box of White Cheddar Cheez its a week and then, if I wasn't eating those, I was eating the regular cheddar and then, if I was eating those extra toasty baby, I was just all over the map. White cheddar are the best their site me good. I used to think they were shity, but then I kept eating. Then I was like wait. These are fucking good and like
obviously dusting on the climate. The direct o dusting, but like in white shudder cheese at four hundred cool ranch Doritos for for salmon, so long ass, night cuz? It was like like little Halloween event that I was at and I was like TAT bitch. These cities, so good, there's so good anyways bottom line Emma once junk food yeah. I love. I do have me some junk food, but we'll talk about all this thanks, hey last night, we'll talk, Following evening last night, at the end of this episode, Satan living euphoria, stato band, you're, not gonna, want em. Is this? Isn't funny sort is so guessing why popcorn pops, who this is actually really hard? Well, let's get to guess number one! although I'm having one of these words when we have topical David guess what it's like at school, you have really get down to business. Breakin it poor, Subic genius with Emma Chamberlain comes from weeks dot com with weeks. You can create your very
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so the thing is like, I guess the inside of inside of the coin. No, I just told you that I know but like what's, but what is even mean leg. Is it like Is it like many little sea like seeds inside I'll, give you a hint of popcorn colonel is actually a scene. Ok, ok, ok! You members! First gas bitch! My first guess is that so the inside out the hard coding grant its it's a kind of like maybe like a pasty type of material right in there
and it's it's a bunch of little many, like tiny ceilings that wall spread out in dirt if so needed. But in this case that's not true, has its popcorn right. So when all of the colonels are heated up, a bunch of pressure builds up inside because the seeds are getting warm which is causing them to expand, has sometimes, when does heat, makes things expand right. and so am I gonna get this first, try keep going So then- Then, when it warms up all of the little many kind of Michael seeds inside that are all kind of almost like a pace, type of nine, as I paced, but like all kind of jam together, inside of the bomb corn girl. They all start to get expanding, pressed together into, eventually it's too much pressure for
outer coating to handle and it explodes and then, but point all the little many seats on the inside that are like MIKE Scobie almost they're all melded together. Could they pushed together so hard because the heat and then it was and then they it's like, but then that's why six together cause it's like I'd like a kind. like heated up unlike bind it all together and then popped out, and then that's why it is. Is that right so you're right about the pressure but you're wrong about little many seeds being inside the colonel Okay, so I'll take that cuz, I knew it was like pressure. That was what made explode cuz. I know the things expand and he- and I know that I would have thought that was just kind of me using my context, clues and being
resourceful with my thoughts in my archives, and maybe I think you could guess supermodel real, quick, think about anyways coffee, though, when I like a market as it made me, go fucking manic, whereas, like coffee makes me fucking, anxious and manage it to say. Can we change the name in his pocket? too much a genial larger doing how you talk about every single day. What is much harsher, calving that cat caffeine, caffeine means. coffee in Congo. I shouldn't name: cicadas gonna go I don't I don't. I like stupid genius. Helen So she is a good bitter Willoughby sugar genius coming over the name That was my first idea had and as too
anything else so whatever has acknowledged that if they want you thought of till I forget what the other one was. It was link. I don't even want to know your cringe me home Look it up now! Oh no, don't tell me, I literally don't get upset me like eating. It would be like it Billy edible leaving aside with it, doesn't make sense. Some data listeners will find some neighbours, I'm yeah, someday plug my ears. You don't feel ok again guess? Number two. Is that. Well, I guess now discussing what's inside of the colonel, yes, there's also a specific technical egg is an egg. It's it's a m. We know, yeah, we fuck. Yes, it's an egg. It is an egg mean it's. I don't know what I mean like the white stuff inside an egg like like its leg. It's like hearing what the fuck with progress for God is part of our policy
I didn't deserve my aim class. If that was the flax bitch I'll take it regarding its arms to Sudan. Luanda whispers to stress I didn't deserve my I'm a plus. To stress I didn't deserve my I'm, a plus in biology, I'd, nay, mine is stupid, pitch by God, my you do, must have been so upset. It should have been flexing about how well she didn't biology for twenty minutes every week. I guess anyways values. When bitch, though I look at you, about the have you ever looked at. The ingredients are like Thea nutritional information on the side of a package of popcorn, because what is popcorn, what is corn.
you're, you re, evaluate you write your I gimme. Second, so corn is what's a grain right isn't when a grain of sums work is in the green category, is in the vegetable category. but categories is it if I told you Arguably the about Ireland. So with squash, wait. A second. It is either and I didn't corn is agreeing wait. A second wait. A second we as- and I quote, on the cobbler three days ago, And then I saw the day when the whole crew does the government I only only is referring to corn, comes out fully formed in your poop. You do not. I just couldn't you.
I bid same with oatmeal, sorry, so little many extra for you on this absolutely out genius. It cleans out your call, and I d like it at any rate on November. I think, should so discussing that legal warming, while silly period blood, let's talk about it, pace, sure ear, the hookers forget I'll eat, it was getting on my mind. I will never fucking eat my but, as I said I am discussing which I'm fucking cutting sure. Why not say in Europe Eddie saying it fuck, you guys but like I have never eat my buggers ever not even when I was a young little idiot with one brain so now is like seven I didn't never in my voters there was always discussing ok liked Accord Bulgaria's tactical or you re about to go it's a seed. mine is tell you low key, I'm like released I think it is one of the things that I couldn't guess
you know I mean I know how it pops it pops, because there's too much pressure the material, the matter on the inside pops. Through that I'd yet, which makes a sound like it's kind of a tougher outer coating. Yes, he's only still smart you're pretty much there about eighty percent right. Ok, just a little! Do you know the rest areas? So here is here's the whole thing honey so battery the volume of my actually be dinner is a tiny plant embryo, a life form in its earliest. faint. The embryo is surrounded by soft starchy material that contains water surrounding the embryo is a hard shell. When the colonel was he to do four hundred degrees Fahrenheit, the water turns to steam. The pressure from the steam causes the colonel. Hell to explode and starts to spell out said that In truth, ass one makes a popcorn. That makes it a lot of sense, so I was kind of air I feel like you're close. I just didn't know about that. Coating of water
yeah. I esteem, there's no way I would have ever so. It's mine Now I got my whole in bed. Thank you to skills servers, Munchings episode of Stupid, Jane years skills in online learning community, with thousands of amazing classes covering dozens of creative and entrepreneurial skills, you can take classes in everything from foretold being creative writing to design. activity and more so, whether you are into a long time pageant project challenging yourself to get out of your comrades owners. exploring something new skills. Her has the glass You personally I've been doing a lot of research on suffer kind of, like my passion which, if you know social media, Youtube Subway down I've taken clauses on video editing on areas that I'm you know not educated on us photo editing as I like to leg. Try to make my photos: what for Instagram, so I've used from there and it's been really really how villages honestly interesting. So I'm a really big fan,
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I wonder, Missouri so Bulgaria that embarrassing I mean what else have you not talked about on this pay? Less getting the reason. I say this is not weird. I don't think now. Ok, so basically. I was like I got it the studio today into the Stew badge band. I was leg and we're about as our according ass a thug. We have to make an appointment for after I'm down recording in, but then I realized that There were going to be people in the room with me, while I was making my set appointment right, and I refuse to tell them what it was. So I call up women Zennor, whereas going there's a guy like merely high, and then I was like. They're, like as a given of women like four. If I've been in a guy like for fifteen as a perfect Billy. What service would you like those present,
even if you know that is dont, forget her gay actually use Google it I refuse to give laser hair removal silver. Now we're getting waxed bitch K get over it think you can assume where women were accepted a clue learning my eyebrows lads, yes, she's, getting her, I'm getting a brazilian Romero about, don't google it kid anyway, but its allows one almost a million things that the rapid amounts. I know it wasn't about health care like what the fuck. What am I supposed to do lie and be like this and they like doing and then she would have been linked on speaking phone. Oh so you, like a brazilian group anyway That was funny but back to work Let's talk about my whole, even so that was all aim three customs is here it appears held in the first time. I try to go out
which I didn't get in any anybody's, so it didn't work. And then second night I was, these are a few days of our second I literally new. I wasn't gonna go to any parties. Because I wasn't invited to the big one that everybody was going to so like. Ok, Funds are going to make us do so fully get ready, intimidated, fucking photo because I, like my captain, underpants Costume Ass captain underpants, then a few days later it was following me. And me and all my friends were Spongebob Patrick in Squid word I was Patrick. My friend Amanda was Swan job and then my friend Olivia was good word it was very last minute our costumes were a little bit. I had to go to strive resort to find my bottoms for that costume, because I couldn't find anything I'm not proud of Hollywood Boulevard. That's all they have. They have costumes wars in stripper stores, and I couldn't tell the difference
until I would go in, but then I found a perfect one. Does it give high size up then, like I'm not gonna, be it was not the most facebook work. I've done you know, yeah. No, it wasn't vessel. The picture is not that bad. I'm not proud of myself. but no actually don't care. I mean ITALY, like that's what leg you gotta, Obama they right, I'm not gonna, be regular script. Spongebob, where you Patrick I wanna be half naked that's all point all doing anyway, last night, so I didn't really fucked I'm not going to all embody My friends and I just hung out- other friends house, but listen to what happened to me came. It was three couples, three couples and then me. I mean it's five in I had a lot of fun, but
there would be moments when it Billy. Everybody is like, with their significant other and I'm like sent sitting in the coroner, like our eye, guys sucking like what are you guys cool yeah just make me ok sure yeah. Let me just go my ass over here sure, You want anything is one of these. We want a water or like a link with the anyways those kind of annoying, but it was really funny with super chill. So it's just kind, but was It wasn't boring, but there's a parade on the street. That my friend and I live on, like across We all live on like one big street that, as is big parade, so all the roads were, so what I couldn't even get back I to walk back to my house to me like an hour.
Walk, but I was like whatever it's like kind of Uncas there's much people run, but we went out under this parade into this prayed. It was so fucking weird. It was just people walking up and down the street all dressed up in there. like music and then for me, Michael, without try to take us healthy with as many people in cool customs as I could. That was what I did. I found some I found two yet is so took photo. Those are made three check it out by government now definitely gathered. I was moved to the photo with flow from progressive. I took a photo with. Somebody Joseph, was awake law claw. I Joseph somebody windows. Oh there's one weird like disco couple that link Really gotten one of Amazon rollers gates. Let's forget it, I'm here
those they owing guys, it wasn't really too. I literally I got some off about five minutes after I put it on like I just would like, and I want to be in this anymore. I don't feel comfortable like no accountability is physically ungovernable ici. Has I get this off my fuckin body so's off in then I put on sweats and was great, and so I went out to this like hollowing parade in like a big fucking literally large hoodie. For me in events in like sneakers Nausicaa S, eyes, My only this yourself, I officially didn't get into any whole liberties, which I dont care costs people don't believe me, but I don't fucking go out. I am you know, I'm eighteen, so allotted this ager like well, you know parties are thing Merla, whether an when two parties in high school more than I do now, no joke leg.
I just don't enjoy it. I never have fun in weirdly when I get home my leg. no really feel good about myself like not either. I did anything wrong at the party, but it's like what Two of my night you know and like like, I could have been productive, like I negative way done like hung out with my friends, and you know whatever. I figured be kind of an weirdly negative thing and it doesn't feel good for some reason. I don't know what it is, because I'm not I'm just not like a party or so I'll go in I just will feel really out of place and cause. I'm not like to say this. I'm never on everybody else's level right like I'm, not like, like I'm always like very about my wits euro jugular Monseigneur the way. I think I'm a little bit too aware, what's going on, usually these parties, and so it is Weird me eyes go weird feeling. Let me go home, I'm like tired in my leg, I will hurt
and then I won't do it again for another six months, so I'm just not enough is like me and my friends on, like your guys, Harbin the whip, Vien Paper fro YO, we out bitch amount of her. The paper failure we out bitch about brownie on it, but it put peanut butter saws on it, but of a coconut shavings about it, but dark chocolate, inevitable, peanuts and bloody makes other than its fired. Those may failure, as we rule sounds, were talking about this emphasis. Junk food, Yelp, Miley, sorting, Loki kind of be amazing recently. Actually, I haven't worn ages well,. I am, but I cried, he had just been a little bit on edge, but I have like I've been a low moody, but I haven't been crying bit. I can remember, so my cry where Muslims are well cried, do whatever that last
yeah like this. We should do and update every time. I don't think I've cried this. Why didn't cried this week? I buy a soothing, how be growing as sometimes happens, they give him laughing that doesn't count them like. No, no cried this week do growing, I'm evolving pic. I just really requires a chill weak. The fuck carry I'll take it I will fucking take it. You know it's actually pretty good right. Now, I'm kind of having fun so might as well. I mean I didn't get in and any Halloween parties, but I like still had a good week the major win, but actually it's good cause. I don't give Foma about Pat it's more like This social butter vine offence. I love talk people and I love meeting new people, so I feel my my thoughts when I go out is always like. Oh I'm not meet a bunch of call people tonight, but that's not what everybody else's thing. ok and have to remember that if our
we social- I should do things like goddess work out, glass or you no fucking, go till egg. Go shopping or something just go in public. I want to be cool, people that way, then would at a party and that's what I realize, because I feel it for me Only reason why I ever want to go to parties and just to meet people try to find like cool people. I mean I have found cool people threw parties before that. I, like him, still friends with one percent but dashes, allow us common in that's like the once in every few months occurrence. But every other times kind of like depressed after I get home I was organised. Do I get super depress next year to hate? I hate that I did. I spent my night that way. I don't know why I feel like that, but anyway was innocent. Oh yeah! You know what I did the other day. This was so weird Video I needed a skateboard you'll, see the way, the view my
by the time discuss. It will comes out next Thursday. Next Thursday might come out the same to act. so do you advise keyboard from annex video and am, and so when the scale up, and it was so cool because they never going public ever I just post made everything my house or they go, go shopping with legs, hunger zones, monk Moody, great I'll, give you my word causes, but that's like silently and already social browsing. This gauge avenue so sweet like talking to these people. Work in their wisely. I was it. Was nice to have human or go to a dog park. Tat build our vote that I hate dogma, so stinking o Cindy. That's a trick brings out for me
they need to talk about those things. That's my new, but what are? We are three three o. learn very patient now, which allow me that enough money all right guys will that was my owing I've, really something else having. Let me think before I got So I am sorry guys so again today will help you the great Halloween, even though it's like not all mean anymore, I really hope you're getting excited for Thanksgiving. I'm excited, I guess we're really here, great anyway. I love you guys thanks for listening things. Returning in, I appreciate you eyes against our aim
My heed.