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Moving out is a big step in anyone’s life, but those responsibilities are such a drag. Emma dishes on the expectations vs. the realities of moving out and living on your own. From moving around to different locations, to doing all of your own cooking and cleaning, to meeting new people and missing your family. And when could it be time to move in with a significant other? Oh, and that leaky faucet isn’t going to fix itself.

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the one thousand two hundred ninety nine dollars you'll only five sleep number at sea number stores or by visiting W W W dot, sleeve number dot com, slash, cadence, that's see, a d e and c e cadence. Thank you, sleep number, hi guys welcome to anything. Goes I'm Emma Chamberlain. This is my podcast anything goes. I have a net cramp from way that I'm sitting right now. So maybe I should readjust away on the floor since not working. hurray all before we get, This episode, I'm just gonna, want to catch up. for starters, I've been cooking recently this is a whole new hobby. For me. Let me talk about it, so I've been obsessed with watching cooking, take talks, cooking videos like anything about
Looking I've been obsessed with watching it especially cooking, take talks because you, go on one account, and then you can you keep scrolling any just learned so much so after watching Only cooking take talks for literally a week straight. I now have real eyes that I like cooking. Ok, I used to not let cooking because, like is afraid of the mass or whatever, but that is in fact what additional measures for so I've decided that I missed are making cooking a part of my retain dug in IRAN them so good order. Food like probably have the weak, but I dont know cooking increase, I can only tell you guys, like some things. I've been cooking, so number one I ve been making. Cotter, toast I'll, tell you my recipe, real, quick, whole green, toast, homeless, Carlos smash on top A lower onion powder, salt, pepper, chile flakes. A little bit of lemon and then, if you
They get crazy. You can add affright egg, that's fucking, amazing, but we do that. I'm lazy! That is my cottages recipe. Please try next recipe I've been making, I would take frozen vegetables and warming, those up in the microwave like steaming them in the microwave, and then I could hope you all my stove in olive oil for like five minutes, and then I season it with salt and pepper. And somehow sesame oil or something and then I put it on top of the vegetables, and then I take like some fun saw that I find all foods and put it on top type. Hurry is good fuckin make your own sauce. I've been making my own sources, I did one. There was like sesame oil soy sauce. So pepper, garlic, powder, onion bono know any better, just garlic, better. And I'm going to add a little honey, but then I got scared that I was going to make it taste bad. So I didn't, but I heard that would be really good,
he may sauces and stuff and like fuck, like I'm just cooking and then only last night, less data, we, the craziest vision pizza. It looked really glee, but it tasted so good. It was all in flower pizza crow with pesto on it. Tomato sauce vigour mozzarella, Vision, sausage, all Oregano chile flags element of olive oil, and- and I can do that in that was really amazing to, and then I put over nutritional used on top, and I was fucking amazing, so world story, is I ve been talking about me already for so long. So we really move on from that. But I've been cooking recently actually been really fun thing that I never realisable cooking. Is that the key part about thing, is making sure that everything is properly seasoned, that knowing that I never thought of before leg
I never realise how meaningful seasoning was until I started watching all of these cooking to talks, because everybody like is here, Billy, seasoning, everything and like that is makes homemade food taste good. I just annoying. Nobody ever told me, so I beg you know that, I've been doing just like seasoning everything to the magic it's a season everything individually right leg, if you're making like the vegetables in tow food that Portugal I season those Everley like ice. he's in there when I do different seasonings for them, and they put them together, the dynamic moment, a bunch of different flavors most making salad dressing, which my recipes very simple, lemon juice, Dita, mustard, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic iranian onion powder, whatever I'm feeling that day, doesnt really make a difference in really tasted and then yeah, two lads Mysel addressing us, be
great on everything. I've been eating an on letters cause. I love butter Levis, but you can give hearing about me talking, but it really segue actually ended. Today's episode, which is living alone, I feel I have already talked about living alone before, which is why I like held often do this episode because I swear to God. I already talked about this, but I thought that I'd go in depth about the truth. Of living alone, unlike what it's really like, what What it's really like, you know, filling everybody there. Just so many things that you don't realize what living alone and you live alone and then you're like oh fuck, so let's get into First organ to start out with all the responsibility is a: u just never knew the you're gonna have number one is cooking for yourself. It's weird, because I feel like I was always like, oh I cook, for myself, like whatever
It was often games until I left my mom's house- ok because she's to cook. For me all the time and I used to be like yeah, but I could for myself too. and then I realized I knew how to cook was like a bagel, unlike pasta, it is not necessarily gonna, keep mean. listen healthy. I did not know how to cook like vegetables or anything. That was leg relatively healthy. I always kind of left that to my mom, you re play so quickly that you're going to need to learn how to cut or you're going to need to be ordering food for delivery? But I do think of it. Really exciting part of becoming an adult is like learning how to cook right leg. It took me: two years of living alone. To finally, like a game, it's time to start learning how to cook but I'm here now, and I've been cooking and actually is really fun. I've been really enjoying it, which is so shocking to me, because I never thought that would happen, but in a beginning, its tough,
his you're just lazy. I feel it when I, first moved out. I was so lazy leg. chores and suffering, I was just so mad that I had to do my own chores. I was so mad and I didn't want to do that So then I just got a cleaning. Lady would leave all the chores for her once We can then, in between my fee, an apartment was just like a slow do, slowed, decline of mess until eventually, everything was grows and then she would come in then everything would be good again for the actually slowly a worse and worse and worse so I mean there's that Number two is like: maintaining. Is maintenance, ok, leg on Europe Did I dont think that you really are thinking about like what happened you're supposed to do and like your sink stops. Working like when I look at how if, like my sinks, dub working a big mom, the sink, stop working and then I go lay in my bed and pick my ass for the next hour
and then my mom would be the one to call the main and stewed my mom would be the one to get their fix it, Everyone would cause my mind after telling my mom that something was wrong in our apartment. I would then stop thinking, but it ok. But when you led by yourself a problem like that could go on like, for example,. My drawer driver drawer in my house that it like is one of those who have to push on it and then it comes. The wall right well, leg. it kind of like somehow just doesn't work like it sometime a dozen taken the wall like it like woolly, the drawer keeps popping out in, like I keep tripping on it and stuff and like I just have been too lazy to call my maintenance dude about it. So it is evidently like letting it be like that. Unlike it's driving me nuts like because I'm the one that's gonna have to call in black hair one to get this fixed. I just haven't done it or like one time in my shower leg, I have
I have two showerheads or to shower nozzles in my shower. Select one: that's a go. You can take it off of like you, take it off and you can use it like a handheld shower head and then one his leg. the overhead showerheads, unlike the little knob that leg switch. the water from going took from one to the other was like jammed in item was like I'll just keep it on the setting for awhile instead of like fixing it I just don't go. I am like that. I think it's a kid thing like still to this day, I'm so lazy bargaining chip fixed and it was easier when I had a landlord, but now I live in a house in so I actually acted. call my own means. Guy can't call my landlord now. If the source someone to fix it, so that's a whole new level of responsibility, another his leg. Doing. Your own laundry aims. So bad at laundry that I actually might cleaning
They actually does my laundry she's fucking amazing she's, my queen, I literally have to have her. Do my laundry cause, I'm so bad at it? It just I'm is so bad at it and it would never get done because each in my clothes so many times a day, and I stand so many clothing pieces throughout the day, while in them that I literally my laundry. By the end of the week, is astronauts, Michael, and I literally can do it by myself. I it stressed which is like so sad. Oh my god. It's actually so sad like? What am I going to do and I would have children and like I'm married and Amy Delay do laundry and, unlike yeah fucking up that my husband do. My laundry which, like you know, that's, not his job, but maybe it is, you know. Maybe this stop saying not anybody's job to do my laundry yet I feel it in a marriage. I would be like now you can do my laundry or else we're getting a divorce.
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just feels weird, when it's just so quiet like, I think, that's something that I didn't realize when I first moved, and it would have been really helpful for me to know or to try out like if you are, living in a quiet, Hauser quite apartment, all the time, it's gonna I view insane it make you depressed. You need to be playing music, enabling progress It makes you feel less alone and it doesn't like Ellie it. Doesn't it Gee forbidding are trapped in your thoughts, you don't I mean, and that's a huge problem with living alone. Is that it so easy it just lay in bed and like drift into your own thoughts and just gonna, get sad Ano maybe start doing shit. That's like not healthy, like going and looking at photos of with like your ex best friends or something or Go in starts stocking you're, like eighth grade crushed that like turned you down, and You re looking at pictures of him and his girlfriend and then Uganda's girlfriends account than you
Surely that happens when you live alone a lot it so easy to just go Do shit like that which it not have that's healthy, that's why you like playing music playing a podcast watching a movie doing whatever that really helps another thing that several living alone is like it. you're really upset about something like you Nobody, you can call people but you're, like alone You know I mean like you are alone and if like me- and you know your family lives it's our drive away or even people six hour flight like you, can't just go drive over to your parents house me like I'm, not ok reset, this house, whatever, like you kind of on your own and that's another, really tough thing, and I feel it would I've gotten really gotta doing, as is when I'm having a tough time calling people immediately. You know not like allowing myself to leg.
Weapon to this toxic, sad mindset instead, I call. People talk my feelings, out and then move on, but it's hard because when you live alone, No, I don't need anybody. I don't need to call anybody I can handle this just having a really bad mental breakdown and I'm really upset and I'm crying and screaming, but I don't need help and they, and you know next thing you know you're fucking in your bed, in your crying like Lang faced, in your bed with your in the air like fucking, crying and like no one's there to help you and is so easy to spiral when you live by yourself it's really easy to spiral. So I never me whatever depression anxiety, I got em Many we all got em and those These are things that, like spiral, Subaru easily right, like all the settlers, Minute, you're good and then the next minute, you're happy. I think it is actually a lot worse with living alone than depression. Maybe it for me, like, I think, I struggle more with the
anxiety, side of things living alone then I do like being depress. I mean living alone. And make you depressed for sure, because you, like you know, it just. Can I don't know why I guess cause you're just by yourself and you know, distractions near hundreds stuck in your head and You know whatever, but I, think of anxiety element is worse and it's really easy to spiral. I know I do this all the time you know. Like I'm lying in bed and I started getting anxiety about things and- It's one, a m, and, unlike fuck I can't call my parents are now cause they're sleeping. and, like I'm, not gonna, go my friends about this cousin they dont want to fucking hear about this is not that's, not any funds bring, hey Willie. I mean, obviously it's good to bring things up your friends but does on them. So I don't. I I too call my fur. In the midst of a break down, but I will change one day, but for now I don't do that. It's really easy to sit there
be by yourself with your anxiety in your like shit, like I don't owe to talk too, like I need a kind of leg help myself right now, I can't go. No parents ruin wake them up like I have to figure this out on my own and some ways that I've found later, things that I found that help. is why I mean honestly it's as simple as watching something I usually want something like Al Gore. Legs and I'll watch. The fun lay hearted documentary, recently when I've been getting anxious. Actually, I've been watching this series on Youtube through to channel vice they have one of their one of their people on the channel. Do you. they call one star reviews in its this fucking a maid. Bingley Charming Guy. That, goes around and he like goes to places that
one star reviews and he like dozen there any like guinea, we'll get a piercing from legal one, star, review, Pierce or guy, or your leg, go to a relationship, therapists, one star or he'll. I go to a restaurant or buffet, and then he tries it out it's like really funny in any confronts the owner and the whole things really awkward, but like funny, watching that allow when I get anxious at night, like language episode or two of that and I've been real loving that also. watching Netflix documentaries have been Esben really fun. Even if they're, like kind of upsetting like I watched one about leg, a conspiracy theory the other day, and then I watch one about leg Criminal case with, like they, the Unabomber of you, know that z, the Unabomber ANA Netflix Sound, is really interesting, and even though it was not necessarily the most comforting thing to watch it just a distraction and it just tidy.
Let me out of the cycle of like being anxious, and I think the thing we have to member at night, if you're getting anxious, especially I mean you'd, get anxieties of the day, but I'm more referring to like time. Can't call anybody you're stuck in your own mind by yourself, I'm just remember that leg, when you wake up in the morning. I can guarantee that at least fifty percent of that anxiety will be on, if not all of it. how times they get anxious about something a night and like go down and a complete spiral about like things stow, so diamond stupid and then, like I wish, The next morning, I'm like a: why were you anxious about that? Are you fucking stupid? Now, I'm not stupid, that's how anxiety works, but you know it is you. is it being fined the next morning. So it's just getting yourself to sleep in a the way and and then you're over it that is something that I didn't realize. You know how.
You can't have to learn how to deal with your own issues. You know like you can rely on others to alleviate. Your anxiety, Europe, feelings of depressed- your kind of on your own and it's tough, but I think that I've found a lot of great Coping mechanisms you know in a lot of ways to help those people once you know over time, I think that is actually made my problems less severe now. I know how to handle them by myself and I'm kind of forced to handle them on my own. But I don't think that you expect that like so, I don't know if I wanted to bring it up and you I know that we have been talking about this for long, but I got so many amazing questions.
That I'd rather just get into questions now about living alone than delay continues. Rambling because who gives a fuck, you guys can fuck we're getting into questions. Somebody said: are you looking for made no. I do not want to have a roommate I'd love living alone. If it was up to me I'd We never live as somebody, but I know that when I get married in Prague and want to see this, I would have to marry. Somebody has really who really minds around damn business, because I M gonna get Sweden. If I live with somebody in there all up in my shit all the time you know it, Wade that would bother me like I don't know. I think. Maybe I feel you guys They are good about that. Later, more I stereotype here who knows but. I've, never had a roommate in Ireland and I've never wanted one. To be honest because I really dont like sharing my space, and I also like this- link so special about living. It's not spell but there's something like so freeing
a living by yourself, it's like Supreme Hubert. I've always only living with a roommate would actually make my anxiety worse because, like I feel like I Didn'T- have any privacy and privacy so important to me in even living alone has its own problems. I just like having a roommate like I do so many weird things by myself, like some answers, walk around like without pants, you know or like names I shower and then again to bed and am naked or something like I dont whenever roommate, because then I can't do shit like that and like that's, freeing too of that ability or illegally what a cry and like scream. On the follow. My parents were something of upset about, like I wouldn't have that freedom. If I had roommates somebody said, do you have to do you taxes- are literally Donna how the fuck to do that in its resting me out,
I dont do my own taxes because I'm in the same boat, it really freaks me out. It scares me: I'm super uneducated, I've noirtier any of it works. So I do. Have somebody that does my taxes for me and I am very grateful for them because I ve idea works and they ve held me through process. So that's been helpful but yeah. I know I my parents are people who do their taxes as well, and so I think that was something that was automatic. I was gonna. Do my own taxes glad I dont get it. I literally don't get it So is it? How do you deal with your finances la spending money when you live alone for the first time? For me I knew did in the beginning, I got a lotta help for my parents about like budgeting, and you know all of that and making sure that I was being financially possible, and I think it's just get in good habits. You know I mean like not like true, I think I live. My life constantly leg, try
we want to get a nice meals from somewhere. Maybe you want to buy that new piece of clothing that you ve always wanted. Now you ve been like kind of thinking, by that new piece of clothing that you ve always wanted. Now you ve been like kind of thinking about of course. Those things are really important in great, but I tried a I try to be really mindful leg. I try, the live every day like thinking about how I and spend the least amount of money possible and made, and I've made that a habit. You know but don't get me wrong. I still leg. It's not something that I'm obsessive over something, but I I I think, she's a mindset. You know leg, just being mindful of things that are like not worth the money. You know what I mean being able to separate those things in nobbing impulsive about spending being thoughtful. Let's say you really want like this new pair boots. And you like, I love these boots. They wear them every day.
don't buy them right away. You know weight on it for a month and see if you kind of forget about them and then, if you don't then you buy them. That's what I do so I give something like eating away my mind for like a month. That's like a your purchase, that's what I'm like! Ok, maybe I need to do it because you know you fuckin, yellow, and you know if you can might as well right, but but yeah, you know just being smart and not like not impulsive, thank you to believe responding. Subset of anything does self care. ten are always important. Whatever you using to get ready for the day should make you feel amazing, hot sassy, the whole nine yards meet Billy they ve recreated everyday essentials by delivering premium razors in high performing body cared directly to you know pink tax, nobody to the drugstore, no breaking the bank go to my Billy calm such Emily, get their starter, kept for just nine dollars that includes their ward running razor, my favor
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b. I well. I e dot com, Slash Emma! Thank you Billy! I love you. Oh some of that. I want him about so bad, but I know of no Miss my mom as fuck. Do you think it's worth it Absolutely, I think you know me out is like a huge part of growing up I think it's you know crucial to. I mean crucial. I mean everyone has their own situation, but I think that A lot of people moving out is crucial for a kind of taking the next step into adulthood and having them. independence the kind of forces you to fend for yourself in a way that you wouldn't in that you can't when you live with your parents, even though my mom comes to visit leg, I will I start relying on her again. Like I literally like forget how to do dishes like, and I get lazy and Philip, what am I gonna live alone. I hold myself so much more accountable for like getting things time, and so I that having their responsibility and having that press Sir, to like me,
everything happened, yourself is real great in the and I would recommend it if it something that you feel comfortable within it, something that makes sense, fear, lifestyle, when it comes to missing your mom. Remember that you can always call her. You can ways visit her and really calling people is crazy meaningful. I can't live here as every single day, there's not one day. That goes by that. I don't talk to my here on the phone and, to be honest, I don't really miss I'd heard so much because I too, to them so much that Don't actually really need to miss them. You know I mean obviously having them in my presence and having them in front of me is a different experience, but I actually talk to them more now they moved out Then I did when I lived at home because one When I look at home fighting for my personal space, but now I have my bristles based whenever I want in it's up to me when I want to to my parents and have a conversation with them so now redundant. I my parents, it's like a dedicated our
or three sometimes of me. Talking to my parents, uninterrupted that I've you know, carved out of my time in that they have come out of their time. you talk to one another in itself, we're causally around each other annoyed. It's like we enjoy that, our that we get to talk to each other and we dedicated to one another and then we both we all get the back to our shit. After that in hand- Our stuff, you know and just a word, it's actually, if anything, better, it's been for my relationship with my parents, and I think that my relationship with them is improved times a thousand. Since I've moved out somebody said: do you get scared when you hear sounds or something honestly, not really leg, less, like. I literally heard somebody like banging on my door, which has not happened, God bless, please God, don't let that happen knock on homeward, but like when it comes to like really loud sounds from outside. Like I kind of dont care, I'm kind of used to it, by now.
and I don't really get scared. Also. I have cats so like nine times out of ten, like I'm just assuming that it is my cats making the sounds ah, but if, like I did hear, sound that was concerning, I would definitely lose my shit and I would not know what to do. Somebody said that what was deal home when you were younger in desert, I feel like that now at super interesting. Ah, so my dream kind of house as a kid was a very leg, EAST Coast style. my dream house as a kid who it's this house's, that kind of look like you know like a child draws a house in its just like the two lines and then like the tree. Go on the top wall. If you look up- and he's coastal home, let me look actually yeah. If you lebanese coastal home. They kind of shows what I would have used to want. I, like very. I used to like very leg trade,
ah Costa homes and actually still do- and I hope You know maybe one day I can and I can live in one like back, as I just think they're so beautiful, but in our minds may my childhood from going. These costs during the summer and those are two such gray, memories and cycling. That's why I like houses like that, but I also like midcentury, modern, sell arms, that's something I've recently really started lagging. If you look that up, there are very full. Holmes with a lot of windows in word in there oh pretty, in cool looking from ever gonna live in a house like that. but I really like midcentury modern homes. Those are probably my two favorite. The house that I live in now is quite modern. V simple and I really love it, but it
isn't super style? It's not like it's very simple. You know I mean it's, not super stylized, so I gonna do whatever I want with it when it comes to furniture and all that I can making gonna make it. I can make the style whatever I want, but it still we not probably what I would have pictured myself living in, but I really love it right now and it's a perfect tells me right now and although and I love oh, my god. I love interior decorating. That's like one of my need I love interior decorating. I've been Getting so much new furniture recently and trying to link really get a space. I really want to create a space that I feel I really feel it coming in adult actually within the basic six months- sorry, no God within the last six months, I've really started to get into cooking. Dear design, I'm fucking into a mom everybody. I can't believe this. I never does David
that is going to be a baby forever, but but yeah. Let's move on. somebody said using part of the reason that you got. Calves is because your lonely, because you live alone actually kind of yes, I They got cats because I'm not even with you got, I'm actually not fucking with eager, and I happily the on the internet, and I hope that nobody, nobody fuckin screen or for this I literally got my cats because of my struggling love life like me, Love life was so bad at one point, that I literally was like. I actually need a cat like I knew the distraction I need to have something like take care of, because my love life so awful and miserable and dramatize, and see you know what they say like oh crazy cat. Ladies, they never get married how to make sense.
because I go I they got fuckin fifteen cats in the first place, because cats actually make it so much less shitty to be home alone because, like I know, a guy labelling on my bad nobility working on my computer, unlike Frankie. What am I so I come up and lay my tummy. Unlike I just feel so safe and warm and good niches makes me feel so. Comfort, comforted in like I love them so much, but the thing is you know now that I have these cats the gray waiter, decide if somebody's a good life. For me, for dating disgracing for dating right So I guess I like meet a Guy and then I am like yeah my cats in if they're, like not good, cats, then, then we're taking it out. You know what I mean. And so it's kind of great lakes, it's a it's a good test. I think that if people are good with animals told what about their character and how they're going to be with children, so
that's an instinct! Your thing I didn't mean to think like that, but that is how my brain works like instinctively. So if somebody good with my cats than they're gonna, be probably a pretty good guy. So anyway, that is, but they also could be issued a guy. So that also depends on. But it's a great way to Canada narrowed Emma Narrow down, so there's that But that is the reason why I got cats. I always do with my friends. I'm like I swear to God. If, like if my love, five kids bad again like I will end up getting another tat because it Think about it. It's like it's like it's almost like weirdly, a fuck. You I do not explain it, but like a fuck, you I don't need anybody. I just need me in my fuckin cats so I do have the crazy cat, lady mentality and that something that scares man. You know next question,
how did you cope with moving to a new city? All by herself was scary, or was something that you knew that you had to do. It was something I knew that I had to do Luckily, when I moved here, I knew a decent amount of people. I mean I wasn't close friends with anybody have talked about this a hundred times, but I wasn't like super best friends with anybody, but I had enough like kind of fifty percent, and like half friends there I knew that I'd be okay, and so you know they kind of show me around and then I'm sorry. Likes to explore things anyway, like I find a lotta joy from that, and so like it exploring ally for me- was really fine and just kind of getting to know the area and try new things and then eventually I You know found my really close friends and then finally, for two years actually feel like I've really good people. I've really good people in my life right now, so that's been really fun and you know I've even me new friends and it hasn't been killed me guises, crazy, he's, crazy scary.
The baying. It's crazy. but even scary. I know that weird about making new friends and I'm scared of making friends, but actually recently has been good, but yeah bathing making new friends who have lived here for longer or who can explore with you. That's really helpful, but The way you can do it on your own, to just you know, make that a priority to leg, explore The city, the you move to find your new favorite spots and all that. Actually so fine and it's really exciting and super fulfilling for some reason like going in like fun, new places in the place where you live in the city that you live just so exciting in fun, so somebody said you feel different. Stepping into adulthood do feel a shift in maturity. For sure I mean so many areas in every area of my life. I feel like I've matured and I still am maturing- I'm not like saying that, unlike Superman,
her, something I'm still quite immature action in some areas, but I feel like my temper numbing tampering, I've never been a super angry per. If you listen, my Amazon Pepys, I do get angry about things, but that's like all good, but I have always been euro pretty chill. but I feel, like I've got a lot more chill. Like a lot less like emotional, I feel, like I'm just and becoming a little bit mightily. My emotions are evening out and. I feel, like I'm becoming more responsible and more alike proactive about things allow less lazy and like More disciplined and It is a lot more level headed, I mean, don't get me wrong. I saw my fair. Share of problems, but I do feel, like I'm kind of becoming a lot more level headed and adult like which
weird, because then it's like you know, I've been. on the internet, since I was quite the child, and so now I don't like a child is much anymore. I also hang out with people that are you know in Twenties, I don't have any friends that our I've one friend, that's a team and the rest are the twenties ah said see no I don't feel necessarily leg. Like mature or more mature than I was when I started and so ass kind of weird in earnings. It's definitely will change your personality but I think that I'm a lot more, I'm a lot more. comfortable myself to like a dog. Wrong again still at my first our problems in that region, but I feel a lot more cumbersome myself and allow more confident it's crazy. I was actually remembering the other day when I first move to allay how leg weirdly timid actually was I
what to do a little upset about coming out of my shell? I'm writing that down right now, I'm gonna do also on that about coming out of my shock as it was really interesting made even realise that happened, but I will talk about the next week. Maybe. Somebody said: do planet moving to New York. I was so sad on moving in New York, but I actually now decided against it. because I mean it could be funds. If therefore like a year or something down the line. I also feel egg just really leg allay I've kind of leg in. I have my people here now. I think- big reason why I wanted to move in New York was because I had a small him full of friends and like they could come with me or something I don't I those, whereas thinking and like I won the broad my circle and I wanted meet new people and I fell- and I was kind of feeling like I had met everybody in a way
that I you know that Wasn't really like the social place for me and I wanted to leg, meet new people and different types of peace born I fell in New York. Has such a broad different, it said different energy and are so many different types of people in there isn't Ellie too, but I felt like I had already sport and allay and like I already knew everybody, and I just felt was just I didn't everybody, but I felt like that. and I wanted to change a pays like there's only things that I wanted, but recently I have realised that actually, I don't know everybody in allay and Like they're, so many things to explore here that I have not exporting yet I've met some really cool new people recently, and I feel feeling I don't really need to go like. I don't need to do that. Like Ella such approval, place for me to live and close my family. All my friends are here: I've uncomfortable here in all that, but I mean I love visiting New York and I definitely minister visiting a lot more once we are allowed to travel again, so he said
you, run to your room and you turn the lights off outside no weirdly, I'm not afraid of the dark, which is weird. but I'm not afraid of the dark at all. So I actually don't do that. Somebody said you you moved out sooner or later. I think I'm outta the perfect time. I just turn seventeen and it was the perfect time. I would not change a thing about that. somebody said: would you rather live in a house or an apartment, so I've lived in ball, throw my wife I lived in a house for, like five years, and then my parents got divorced in them. My mom lodge an apartment, my dad with now when I lived in both and then when I moved away the first two places I lived in or apartments and now I live in a house. There's pros and cons to both My thing, though it was really tough, were living in an apartment. Since I was a kid was
the whole neighbour situation you're just in such close quarters to your neighbors, they're, just so much room for anger and like aggressiveness, because, like your downstairs neighbours will, mad and then you'll get mad at your upstairs neighbours cause everybody's walking round in whatever or you know, but somebody's been loud next door like you're, gonna, get get mad and vice versa. So so nothing thing about apartment living. That's really tough is how closely orders that you are with everybody and like it. Just can cause a lot tension in the building and I've always had that every while building I've ever ever lived in, there's been some sort of awkward tension between the neighbors h is up. Sometimes it can be fun like rarely. I also less, I always felt weirdly endanger in a partner I've never felt safe living in apartments because I feel like it. She said so many people around and liquid, if your neighbours a freak, do you know I mean now
know exactly where you live and they could like fuckin breakin. I don't owe so. I never felt really very safe in apart and now I live in a house and we by myself, but I feel so much more safe here than I ever did. living in apartments did Prefer living in a house over an apartment, but I do think that apartments are really a great option when you, about. Obviously I mean there because their just there's not a lot of men involved, and so you can just kind of like it so great for figuring out your footing where you live living in them and like bouncing around from Poland to apartment But overall I do feel safer in beer living in a house. my goal in my life has always been united, always wanted to live in a house like you know that was like. I lived in a house at my dad's house a little bit, but kind of India moving out of my dad's house out of sorts,
when, because it was too difficult because I'm going to school near my mom's apartment, and it was a long drive for my dad's house, Lando up just gonna during the being on my mom's, let it was easier to go to school and I didn't have to wake up soberly and stuff like that, and so. And then, when they move, Delay lived in apartments and its use. he's been my dream to live in a house, and I'm just really grateful that. I am now living in one and it's kind of been a lifelong dream. tell me some: would you go back to living with your parents? If you had the chance, I would not. I would not- and I love my parents more than anything, but no somebody said: would you live with the significant other god? I know maybe maybe like five years, maybe like five years. I would do that
as long as they're chill fuck. They better be chill and now have to clean the letterbox. If chill is fuckin. They clean the letter box. For me, then, yes, but otherwise now that's caution moved a lot of places in a really small period a time? Would you describe it as more fun or more stressful? It's been fun, but stressful luck this spot that I'm living and now umbrella gonna be living here for quite a long time, so I don't think I'll be moving again. Any time soon Moving is really fun but an exciting, always but it's also really. It is really really really stressful because you know in its, Spencer to move and like the whole thing is just really traumatized they're getting settled into a new spot. Just like
Takes a really long time like I just me, a few months ago, two months ago, and I M Like I'm still getting settled in, like, I still have things in boxes, I still have furniture, that's like coming and getting rid of some getting new furniture, and you know it's hard to feel like are at home. When you move as much as I have, I have moved literally like three times. in two and a half years, no three times in two years and yet kind of like it's been crazy, but not a dumb of my moving. I think I'm just gonna live where Now for a while and just chill here and finally Does that make this place feel like it's really home? Does I do think that I've kind of like not We put a lot of time and effort into like decorating and stuff like that, because I've always been like. I am only going to live here for a year, so I'm not going to like put up decorating and such like that, but now I know to be living here for a while, so I'm gonna put some effort into like making feel really homey and all of that, because I think
feeling like you, a really homey space, the you live in someplace, either really come to Bonn in his super important and I haven't really how bad, because I've been every place, I in his felt so temporary cause, has always been apartments, so yeah anyway that of talking about living alone. I hope have enjoyed the whole discussion. I'm. Just talking me for a little bit then I'mma hit the road jack. Every time generally copied out come any who some Good NEWS, is that I just took my last dose of acts painted today, seven months of Accutane dine, academic them. Agnes medicine, Amazon. I talk about it way too much, but eight controlled my life for the past seven months. That is why, but I am done, I'm done with that I just took the last two pills today and
now. I can finally go, and so all I can't yeah, but in a month when in his enemy system are allowed to go on the sun. I can t and again- and I won't get burned Lips won't be trapped anymore, hopefully my back in will go away. His acting can be back pain of we might KEN stays? Looking good. really excited and I think my skin will hopefully only get better from here. Although my skins, pretty good arena, academe was crazy. I can believe it's over like. I feel it it just became such routine. That, like I just forgot I was even doing it and then and then and I blinked and then it was over, I'm so excited I'm so fucking excited sir I'm texting. My friend suits you, today what he appeared up to a. I haven't signed anyways disgusting,
I'm gonna give you two Netflix recommendations documentaries, I've been watching, take it or leave it. The first I watch was the Epstein documentary about his life and his case. Super interest, I mean really sad, and you know, of course, disgusting, but also super interesting. Just a sea like you know, I've always been really interested. I mean, of course, most people are. I think that crime is interesting. Like crime, documentaries and things like that, think a lot you will find them to be really interesting, so I really was burn gauged in the EP. Seen one so check that out it's on Netflix also. The Unabomber case that was also really interesting and kind of terrifying, both of them. really terrifying, but sir
were interesting in engaging I would recommend those two. I watch those two recently and I really enjoyed them I am also going to give you some Tik Tok accounts, that I've been watching their are Durban, doing the cooking, that I've been watching the cave. The first account is Jeremy Shack. That spoke, J e r e m. Why ass c h e c k? He could and he I love watching his cooking videos. Another is cooking, with sharing I love her too. She looks a lot a meat, but I'm I'm not really cooking on early watching cooking videos or anybody's cooking videos to actually cook with their cooking. It's just really funded watch. Another person that cooks is. I am Tabitha Brow
and she's fucking amazing she's, my favorite take talker of all time. Please watch videos she's such a fucking, ray of sunshine and I'm upset. with her and she is, the most amazing woman ever think. Those are my three favorite in Tik, Tok accounts, slashes, Tik, Tok accounts in general rhinos check this out. For a funny little stock. Sorry that is my takes up for your page. Making loud sounds anyway, checked all that out? I these guys are taking hair of yourselves and staying positive and I'm praying for all, of you all the time, even though I am not religious, but yet I still pray So I really know what that means: I'm spiritual, my own I'm thinking of you all and I'm sending you all the most Levin light that I possibly could. I can, and I will continue, so have an amazing day, and I will see you all next week,
ha by law