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This week, Emma takes on the tricky topic of relationships. She gets into some of her past relationships, and how to deal with tough breakups and heartbreak. Plus, why you should consider being friends first, the importance of having time to yourself, and why having different views than your significant other isn’t a bad thing. Plus, she answers questions and gives some advice to fans on their relationship situations.

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Ramble, think it a Pepsi for sponsoring this observer stupid genius, my favorite about Patsy's mantra. and their vibes is that They just want everybody to have fun and be them. So and live there s life- and of that, because I'm on the same page and they to tell a story about a time that I felt so happy that I live we forgot any add things existed in this world, I leave. You tell a story about a time that I've felt so happy that I felt like everything else. Does appeared. If that makes sense like everything, bad disappeared seismic cheerleader. I talk about this. A lot in when I used to perform because we would dew. Competitions went out form on stage was so fun. It was such an amazing bonding experience of my team and everything just disappear. The only thing I thought about was just performing my heart out in just having fun.
And doing Miami was a little bit stressful, but I kind of like it because it was. It was fun and light. I put all my focus into that in making it the best forms. I could make it and when I would be done performing I'd feel this amazing feeling of relief and happiness and excitement in team, and I would all be crying sometimes, even because we were so emotional, but how hard we had worked too to the competition that we were at and it was always just such a wholesome moment, and a kind of his it a little bit? I do is being intuitive. Thank you have four sponsoring episode, Pepsi, that's what I like hi guys welcome back to episode to more welcome back to absent the way that I say should sometimes like Why do I say it like that? let's start over Duncan though, this case keeping me real with the all.
Hi guys, it's Emma Chamberlain, welcome to anything, goes its our second episode in I'm feeling amazing, his heart rate into it, because I feel it we're gonna, be here all day today with this topic, and am I, the sooner restart. The better Oh We were told him our relationships, friendships relation ships dating all of that which is weird because I've literally never talked about this. In my life, I'm going say this right off the top gonna be talking about. This is going to be very broad, so I'm not going to talk About my actual relationships that I've been in before just cause, that's not the way. I role as we know, if you know, me a little bit, I'm not I to keep my relationships private but I do think that relationships are imports to talk about, and I've always wanted to talk about them online because weirdly enough
I have this weird fascination with relationships, and since I was younger, I don't Ok now to get like dark, but, like I don't know this, because my parents were divorced when I was a kid, so I've always been hyper foe is about relations. I'm not sure I just feel like I've always been so interested in relationships and why people choose who they choose and why dont work in people do the things that they do and it's always been. Something has been so interesting to me, so I M excited to talk about it in a Broadway, obviously like this abroad- guys very broad leg me aired I'm showing a little bit of fear here, because this is something that I normally discuss, but I kind of excited, because this is something I talk about my friends literally every day all day, all the time.
It is, but driving around a night in talking about relationships seems to be the go to for me and my friends. I also in my friends relationship therapists. I'm not kidding. it's funny because I, I remember when I was younger- I we give all my friends relationship it is. They will always come to me I, the girl they gave the relationship advice. but was funny about it, is I had never had a boyfriend before so I don't know why I had all this good advice, but I did- and people went to me for that. It's almost like how the coach doesn't play. You know I mean that was me for a while they're, so Those kind of funny, but anyway so now that you kind of no my background. I am my friends guru one so that actually were kind of all each other's guru, but anyway. So the first thing I want to talk about with relationships and dating, and all that is
kind of what I just said. How when I was younger, I would give everybody advice, but I had actually never dated anybody or relieving spoken to a boy. At that point I feel like so I had this issue when I was younger, where I felt such shit for never having a boyfriend rags everybody? Let's have a high school here. It was like. you know everybody freshman year had boyfriends in whatever and Mina all my friends, they all had boyfriends and I was like so the fuck is minded that's kind of shady, and I felt bad about myself in weirdly, when I was sixteen a straight up. and I never had a boyfriend. I was like. Oh my god, literally going too Never get married, never have a family like. I can't believe this, like I'm screwed, I'm never going to find anybody. How am I supposed to leg you know learn about
being in a relationship means if I've never been in one of them. Sixteen and I'm getting so old. I literally thought that when I was sixteen now, I'm eighteen, so I'm still basically the exact same age. I put, pressure on myself, to try to find a boyfriend when I was in high school right and economy really miserable. I remember going: do you know go parties, and just like trying to two guys in like. If I would be no, if I didn't and clicking with any of em I would be super hard. I myself and then wind, and sometimes I wouldn't click with them, at all, but I would like kind of tat. The force it and be like. Ok, maybe I like, maybe I like him leg I would basically try to like convince myself. I liked said said boys, so that I could potentially date him in get over my get that over with get them. boyfriend over with right and like that she's like I don't regret it because I think it, me a lot now that I'm older, explain why in a sack pad you know in the moment it may make a miserable and I wish it
but he told me to every easily do there's no rush, but I I felt like I was missing out on something like dude? I must be like this. She looks telephone knows they got me out of your boyfriend Renzo go to them, together, he link whenever the guy. You know it sounded grain theory, and so I was leg. You know I I just left out and I ve logos running at a time, but that's not works. You know being a teen for some reason. I feel a lot of teens who, like they were out of their like running out of time and need to find their soulmate in high school or something that is not how it works like I can you are truly thought. I would never find anybody leg ever that I could even like. Like fully even might be interested in fully and that have I've been to me quite a few times in my life they didn't in high school, but it did after that
I would have never believed it. I was like there's no chance, nobody like noble gets me now, I'm getting but like I said click with anybody in that's, ok, you don't mean and being true with your self being so these up about that is super import. because it can be kind of damaging if, if you're not leg for them, like I data to kid for two weeks in in high school, I hope is not listening to this is what we know who you are did in leg. I his legs so young, unlike just like, I figured it out a boyfriend. I know so I, like I this kid for like two weeks- and I just was now he d, be in any form of a relationship at all. I was now mature enough. I was not like whatever, and so I did just ended up being shitty because an item shitty, because- and I had a big- I don't. I don't think I can do this cause. I wasn't in that place and then it ended up ironing and think we, I jolting we're friends, I've never while in that country, you know, I mean it's like. Why do I
to take it there? You just because I wanted a boyfriend so bad and then I'm kind of ruin, a friendship so there that speaking of friendship, my dad I was told me this growing up best thing like it's all. better like when you like somebody in a way being friends with them is almost better than dating them and ICE Billy. What are you saying right now? I was: do you mean we got us any sense at all to me and then I got older and I completely get it because do getting. People is a completely different situation than being friends with them. When you them it's. So there's no reason ability. There's no. I mean that there is but it's very small issues just inevitably arise when your day, like inevitably I mean what you can chill as person on planet earth and somehow one person in the relationships gonna get upset about this and another one's gonna be like
You know why didn't you do this or we know you need, are doing this and leg whatever it's just inevitable and being friends people I think- is three times better than most of the time document sometimes when you know when the feelings mutual new day, that's great but like people. I think don't realize how special being friends with somebody that you really care about like that is sleep. If you are going to do them eventually, aiding being friends before you date is huge leg, I've done both I've been friends with people before I updated them, and I have not been friends of people look, I'm started dating people kind of immediately. I've done both scenarios multiple times- and I can say based on my data that the the situation is Ninety times better. If your friends first Fisher, I think it just like you already know you're getting yourself into its, not leg. Weird things come
that you weren't expecting about their personality like theirs. There that wouldn't have been there. Otherwise, I just think being friends is really important. My dad weird that my dad gives me the best dating advice. I think that's why I'm the friend relationship therapist because my dad gives me the best advice- knives relate like it's, my own, sorry dad, but whatever I mean we suddenly learning and like putting your knowledge two years right, gray, we read a book, oh my god, writing a book about relationships just getting nobody read it, and also everybody has already written books about what I'm saying right now. But that's again my dad always told me his leg. Before you ever Data guy Emma, be friends, for three months after that date, him but before three months, you're gonna make your going to regret it, and he asked that Avonlea can be tough because I think I think, writing being friends as somebody for decent amount of furs really really changes that everything and
that may not be true for everybody, some people, I've seen Minos of my friends- have relationships where they D started dating right away and it ended up being hate for them, but in My personal experience I have none had that necessarily I've had the luck so in others some kind of effort debate. I'm I'm ok with debating all this with you guys. When we look at me notes. I literally notes for podcast now so weird. I well this is gonna, be a stacked, I've dumbing. I've ever had more things. I want to talk about in my life. Thank you Billy for sponsoring this episode of anything goes I hate shaving, my legs, it's like something that has it's been a chore for me. And I ve never found a razor in my life that was poor. as in to use, but that chain, when I found Billy not only other razors incredible, I doing their job there.
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if you're in a relationship and This is nothing to be ashamed of either this is normal. Its human. Sometimes in relationships, you can be so kind of obsessed with the person in a sense nicely in an unhealthy way, but just kind of like you know you're, so in love with them. In a sensor leaves you think you are that leg the kind of all you think about you know I mean it's like you, like you, wake up in the morning about energy than I wonder what they're doing and then you know your cutting by his new. Like only had a killer, see them later, in only mean in that's normal, but because again, I've had Multiple relationships that are both ends of the spectrum worked sometimes unlike obsessed with them on my kids, a thing about them and then sometimes I just like think about them its necessary. Go on them cool and then it's like whatever right. I've just had both and I feel like when you're super kind of
independent on the person. The reason why I can make you feel like shit long term is because a few things number one their communication with you in there, the way that they behave towards you starts to rarely effect, your emotions have noticed like AIDS but they don't and to you all day and they got all right. You're gonna be bombed, like super fucking bombed like they're, going a the damn like home. Do they hate me like I'm sub, sadly guy I'm oh, my god, my god, I literally can get out of bed like this happen to everybody. I've every friend I've ever had. This has happened to them, but on the other hand, if you kind of our like you know, if you I know a little bit more and we put this about something like a kind of fact, because I wonder: sailing half in half in it like haven't, have meaning that you put you. We put a lot of time and Levin Energy into the person, but you also put another half live in another half, but you also put a lot of
time and energy in love into yourself too. Then, what you significant other, doesn't tells you back your leg: ok they're loss! If they don't if they like they are they gonna break up with me? Let's see what happens. When I got home care, which is a kind of normal, but it's like that's somethin, I'm kind of sarcasm. Gonna unexplained is but it's like, because you're not depending on them, for your daddy, in its day to day kind of how this weird feeling of sanity and comfort in knowing that, no matter what could happen if they literally we're like we're over you'd, be like sad and you definitely be bummed out, but you know that you can handle it. You know that you can get through it. I've been in relationships are like if they break up with me, a literally, don't know what I would do. I literally have to go in a hole MIKE sleep outside. In the rain and listen to tame in Poland cry for at least a month. Rightly in in nature like, I, would literally need to move to leg. A really like ITALY for a month in work in a coffee shop,
learn Italian like I there's been relationships like that for me, and so yeah I mean you think that making sure that you're, not the your keeping in you're controlling yourself in your making sure to stay focused on yourself in your own life in your own Hobbes in your own friends. Keeping all those things a huge priority in your life and not putting everything into somebody else, because he always used to say that shit to me, like You need to have your own life and I would be likely before ever started dating and then suddenly. I blame in like I'd made Add mistake like I fully made that mistake, sir, oh, and I am glad I did in retrospect laid cause. I learned a lot from that. You know mean it made, like I feel like I've been in relationships that have made me just not take care of myself either like I just did
and think about myself. I was thinking about them and so that was that so that's kind of I think I'm pretty wench covered dependent verses not dependent relationships, and you know, if you're, in, if you're, in a very dependent situation where you are kind of like really really rely on each other in an how the way- or detriment away. If you, advice on how to not out a kind of acres of out of that good possible. I think that He's thing is limiting your time with them, spending every single day with them now clear your schedule for them by making the time with them special, but also spending a lot of time with people that aren't them so, like maybe your friends, your family by yourself, especially lots of tat. I think spending time by yourself, oh your relationship is kind of weirdly rare. It's long distance, but it's making in so egg. We shall do you have some time by yourself like go,
When do your own thing, you know that can be hard and I think you're in schools easier, maybe but a focus on. You know your school, your work. Bettering yourself like for me, was like exercising once a sort of focusing on all those tapes of things. It was like I it was able to like let go of that dependence feeling that if they left, I would die like you know. I mean because I then had a life on my own. I think might scary, when you get really scared of somebody breaking up with you, I mean, obviously you love and care about them, so that scary, but I think it is ten times worse and ten times more scary, when dont really give a life of your own outside of the relationship right, so you'll economy got if they broke up. me. I wouldn't know what to do in my day, like straight, I would know to do with my dad. I don't do anything because exactly like maybe were going go to school, in like maybe do one other thing and then besides I'm spending all of my other free time with them.
And so then the second that there are your life. You have all free time and space to fill it's terrifying, and I think that if you I never feeling you know a lot of your free time with stuffed it's for you that doesn't involve them. Then, if less Gary if they were to leave or if you want to leave or whatever- and that's that's that bitch, I think I'm done with them hey literally, have no idea of anything that I just said, make sense and I kind of just send a word vomit in blank out. Unlike forget, what I said: so I don't know what I found its can be interesting for me to listen this to this episode, maybe I'll, maybe I'll teach myself something. Ok, I wanted to tell this story but leg already told it so many times, but I do feel like its Loki metaphorical and it could be useful, so
let me tell you a story about when I was trying to impress a boy in like second grade and told the story. So many times but like they snapchat or my little everywhere. I swear to God, but anyway like their greater had imprisons kid sweating. I literally crashes on, people, since I was four years old, I had a crushing preschool I've. Really that's like normal. What can I say but The basic question, this boy, very key, and let my life is a surfer boys from Hawaii. You know my type of typewritten sandstones and day one super being super to myself, and I remember it Kyoto is come to school and you be wearing leg. You know, quicksilver and all the serve brands in in these little pants? There were Roxy rocks he's like a serve brand for girls. and it's like rocks. Quicksilver alike. There they'll get their two separate whenever the stair like the same, but it's like fucking
conversely, Nike like they're, like connected under the same Edith. Who cares potion? Who cares? anyway. So basically I came to school and I was wearing these little Roxy pants and like hey, a boy magazine Abe away like doing my pants, lay there Roxy of Dearest ever boys for thoughts so when I wasn't like third grade phthalates, Chagas like now If I did that, I would hope that somebody would just block. My number, never speak to me end but like at the time you know. Third grade was a different is a different era. It was and twenty ten. Yet yes, it was just can never mind. Was it now? Ok, I was right see I asthma Roxy pansies. I gather cool. Why why? Why do aptly why'd you ask: how easily do ass? You like circulating you like these. Oh my God
oh, that story hurts me, I'm literally like physically and pain from that story because enjoyed anyway them. Therefore, for that is that I think a lot of people and I've seen people do it in I've done it. So, let's not I'm not gonna fuckin act like I haven't done it as I can, lately have I've noticed something really interesting. In relationships or even when you're like in the beginning stages of a relationship you just talking to somebody in your kind of interested leg, a lot of times when you like somebody, you're gonna kind of can form a little bit. You no kind of agree agree, agree because like you want to agree with them so that they think they you guys have seven common right, that's normal and I used to be I'm kind of a people, pleaser a little bit help amusing. That word correctly, but I I feel like I just want everybody did feel happy income to all the time, and that is my number one goal, sometimes at my own expense, but not so risk unwilling to take, and
oh. You know for me, like I just tend to agree with. Like me, I don't do this any more at all. Cause I've completely. I hate that now, but that is not true to yourself at all, but I used to do kind of one who agree with everybody just so that everybody would feel comfortable and they feel, like we're being judged for their opinions. Are they? Wouldn't you know whatever or judge what they lag or judge for they dont in lagging sounds kind of agree with people and just gonna go with it You know what I mean or like tried it and furthermore, like the story is told when I was a law younger, like you, know any up until high school? I would like act like. I was interested in things that I wasn't interested in to try to Press said person I think that she really cool when you, in the personal you're dating have like different opinions on things. Somebody Laura like no, that doesn't work doesn't work. I've heard say that really know doesn't work. I completely disagree and I think
having different opinions, or having different interests, it's like it. It actually opens the door to learn more about something new. Because of you in the version you're dating, have anything in common there's, nothing to learn or take from that, whereas one person in this relationship, loves, cooking and other prisoners, relationship loves to serve pc you can switch their knowledge right and then that's great, we can learn new things and that's really important or let's say one person loves tomatoes that Iversen hates tomatoes. Ok, then, just I'm gonna, Fuckin pizza, parlor together, rely. it's like I did people think they need everything in common, and that is not true, and I used to think that too, and they would want it. You know you want to please the person you're talking to fuck. All of that fact that. If you have an opinion say it, It makes you more interesting. I think I love when people challenge me a little bit. I love and people. If I'm like Would I love this song in something, like, I think, is actually kind of shit, I'm to be like really
I'd, love to hear Why- and I can tell you the conversation about why we disagree is going to be a lot more interesting than the conversation. Then we would have about why we agree most of the time its leg. fun like you did, I mean obviously you're gonna agree on some should too and that's great, but change your opinion, cover that I'm over it. You gonna saying I'm glad I kind of innocence grew out of that, because I think that. I have actually made a lot more friends since that legal feeling I actually connect better with people now that I'm really honest about all of my opinions and I dont tradition or go anything It actually made my relationships in my life a lot more meaningful. So that's that thank you to seek a corresponding this episode of anything goes. sometimes I feel like getting tickets for AIDS is like impossible. It so stressful its borders, and upsetting and
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everybody answer me at home. I'd love to hear your voice then came anyway. So, let's talk about breakups, because there there, the inevitable though it is a few times a breakups there's like the type where earlier the two main types of my opinion there's a day. Words leg. Oh my fucking. God vat is my saw made what the fuck no this. Be happening we were supposed to get married. I can't believe this what's going on, what am I supposed to do now? Never find anybody else like them. I can't believe this. I am traumatize. I never want to date. Anybody again, I can't even look at person. Everybody else to me is ugly I hate everybody. I can't do this, I'm gonna die, I'm literally gonna die. I like what are so there's that there's other tiber you're, like what kind of blows blank right leg there wasn't meant to be where you just like. You know what I can, spent this person. I kin, like you, know, era, this person, but I just I know that,
possibly together, you know so, as for the second day break up the one I just talked about. That's just hopefully there really needs we talked about, because I feel that so much less significant like it's just there's, not there's no mental tall. Really with that They did something to her you, but let's see somebody hurts you in a way. Let's say I don't know, I don't even have an example, but they do something that makes you really upset but you also generally, you know, as our really into the relation to pay more. Even you kind of even if the feelings were laws like you can still be heard about things like that's totally human, but I feel it That's a lot easier to kind of move on from, whereas the type break up when you think you break up with your soulmate Vashe, had heard it and love love to talk. So, although I saw some Yasmine Twitter River, so maids exists. I would like to talk about it later, but the thing I've learned. I think the first break up any of your life, like the first week of you ever have is the worst.
I think everybody gets a lot easier. What I can tell, but I'm also, eighteen and in whatever, but I never understood would like heartbreak felt like until it happened to me for the first time, and only I'm talking about this on the internet, this crazy as partners. Opening my eyes, but. The first time I was heartbroken again I mean I was a really young woman. So who knows? but that has to do with the reaction, but I felt like. I literally cried idle, cried out. Often I was I cried for like a week and. I did not think I could live on like it was the weirdest and I felt so weak. I was like, oh, my god, what the hell leg. I'm the type of person about his back right. I bounce back from most things. So the fact-
was tearing me down more than like anything else ever had only what the fuck this, I do like this is a guy, I'm Billig! Why don't why? Why am I so upset? But I was really fuckin sad and the thing that was You never know another prison person feels either in its kind of embarrassing and it's kind of vulnerable. You dont know if they feel the same, you know dont know if they Miss you whatever it's like the whole thing is like so confusing, but I'd love to tell you how I I've got through my first break up, so I For me it was just it is pretty obvious, but I just. I basically for the first month or so I shady ass, pretty ass, pretty after like a week so soon, the first week. I just spent some time, whereas leg you notice a child out whatever and then cause you like an intense one. You know their rights. this, will give you some contact. Somebody gets aren't like that.
and then you know after that, assorted like actually started going to Seoul Cycle, which is my fear, working class in aid. started getting you know into working out in like snow, we bettering myself. You know like focusing on myself in focusing on getting Hobbes focusing on guinea Closer, they friends and family and all of that, and then well there. It is, I feel better, and I was fine and. it takes time. You don't mean it takes a lot of time. You think you're better and then like No matter, if you break up with significant or non your life, so think about it later. Peshawar your we're like when the fuck in the you like plague leg, you like what the fuck, what the fuck did. Like you so think about it, or you know whatever here and there, but. We got for life and roaming. Anybody doesn't think that sometimes rape, so that fat, but
If you are going through a break up right now or a year, you know or kiev in and you just wanna stores and beg your head spend a lot of time with your friends and family and fuckin exercise cook for yourself. Get a new fucking hobby. I swear to God. Make friends- oh that's a huge one, I love me, many friends in general, which is shocking. I hated, but I love it. Legged swear. I mean like make new friends if their cool in in nice, they're, not then, obviously, not, but If I may call people, I love you, I love that shit, so, kind of putting yourself out there a little bit more and being really social. Even if it's eleven out of your comfort zone can help so much that it helps me. Sir, that's held me so much time and time again during breakups like if I kind of but myself out there a little bit more boom, I'm good cause. Then it just like you know the thing that you miss the most when you break up assemblies that causing communication and then, if you get it
oh, be social little bed, then it's not his cause? It's like! Ok, I don't even feel lonely right now right, so those that's breakups, I think I can I feel like we did a really. I really really deep dove interrelationships here. I hope something valuable came out of it for you guys palliative doing another episode, our relationships cause ages have so much so opinions on it. In so many like feelings about it and I am very sensitive prison and I love that shit. And so so moreover later, but now its answer not more on that later or so, fuckin document it, but we might do it. now the answer some questions so you gave me some questions you their left, Piecemeal, which, if you want to do that, you got five. Six seven too in five three seeks to and you can leave a short voicemail question for the show or you could obviously, at age, podcast and
ask questions. I do tweet the topics on aid He podcast twitter whenever I'm about to record seat, as can ask question that are more curated for the topic at the absent say, I think we're gonna start out with voice males. So few people have to say my other question, how do you dating a boy vested interests and is like away smaller. Thank you you buy Hey girl Sedating guided shorter than you. so I've actually never data to guide them shorter than me. We think have I. Let me just go through my fuckin book of all the millions of men I've dated well now, that's a joke. I actually to crush on a kid, was it somewhere? Your icicle might have been. and he was about my height weirdly too. bother me for some reason
I don't know why didn't you guys shorter than me because I'm not very tall I don't know if I would necessarily love it, but I so think that at end of the day like although obviously you, no physical attraction to whoever your dating is really important idea, physical attraction can evolve and let's see you meet some guy you're like ours to shore for me, but then he being a really really great guy, you could easily fall in love with him in the height and being something that you know it does in effect, you like a big part about dating a guided shorter than use more about what other people are. Gonna say about a rather than what you actually feel about it and I think, as as you can, if the guy, do a good guys. Three new right. If he's not fuckin. Dump him right now. But if he's treaty right, you stay with them and I M at the end of the day, who cares what anybody else thinks about the appearance of you in your seat?
Another like that stupid that stupid, but I do know that does happen in you know you wanna like it's stupid, but you, like one leg, looked like there's like it I know the right word would be legally whatever theirs. society is, you know they made. They made these kind of rules about in our they made the said, these opinions, society has spoken and they said The guy should be taller. But that's, Will you need to say. Moving on. I am a big fan of the gas and, of course, was going with the question about waste by what you thought. Your laundry situation is even worse to try and have you ever been involved in work tomorrow.
Hoyt Spyder. I love this new voicemail feature. It's so amazing to hear your guys's voices. It makes me feel so connected to you guys, and I literally am obsessed with it. So I hope you guys are into it too, but anyway, Yes, I actually have had a long distance relationship before. If you are just kind of dating and it's like chill, I think I can actually really I'll, because while you growing up as a kid Being able to focus on yourself in that separation, can be really valuable because then, when you come together, can be this great thing right when your part, you focus on use that when you guys come together, it can be this beautiful thing. Ideally, and that's that. My thing with long distance that I think we really tough is that if didn't date for a period of time before you became long distance.
He can be ideal, Jimmy kind of hard to create a foundation. with said person. I think if you already have a solid foundation with said person and Their long distance You know you they sent a being long distance lay down the line. I think that that can work. I totally do. I think it's a lot harder. If you ve never not been long distance leg, you started the relationship long distance because they think you need to spend a lot of quality jam with somebody. In order to fully. No, it's your working with right, and so I think it can be kind of tough to fall, connect with somebody on that crime. He personal level crazily deep personal level when you Don't get to see them as often as you may, what if they live near you or whatever, but I think, if you have a foundation, then. you already have ever nation sounds like you're, just link up. On top of that,
but if you don't have Venetian to begin with good luck, but a you know it again. Things worked for people. you know- and maybe it my experiences of indifferent in honouring our right, Voicemail refund, but I didn't tweet out the question in times or even get a lot of questions about relationships so I'm actually getting the twitter and we're gonna see what's out. My phone is at some present would see a lonely unless, I really appreciate you guys going on the twitter and asking questions has been so funded. I loved, interactive. This is for me, it's been really enjoyable, silenced, and a good one His first one's actually really great you're what's on, being an influence, Sir Slash Youtube, or in wanting to keep your love life in private, when ninety nine percent of your life is always on display for others,. This is definitely really tough. For me, because the thing dating when you're super young. Is that, like its problem, not gonna last,
So that's way than keeping it private is so important is because. things change so quickly at this age and leg weather, You know you want to be single or the other person wants to be single or both want to be single or it's just not working like whatever it is like dealing with shit is so exhausting by its but having everybody else comment on it is even more difficult- and I think you know also a lot of times to theirs regulation about, dating. Who in you know when a lot of the times I mean sometimes it's true. Sometimes it's not sometimes a moon, you read anything on the internet, can either be true or may not be. but I think it's hard because legal, it see you go through a break up and then it was public because I've never out of public relationship ever so mean I'm just kind of speaking from what I
assume leg, Z rig up somebody, and then you know a review of do you know you tell everybody early guys. We broke up you too, go on your social media and seized him. About them? They you're probably being tag dinner. You probably do you topic of conversation and now you're relationship as everybody else, relationship and It's kind of a weird burden that I think is can be really upsetting. Do I think like no. If I was married to somebody, would I make that public for sure thousand percent? but I'm not getting married anytime soon, so until then I'm probably not gonna have a public relationship ever I mean would depend. I think I would not do that unless I dated somebody for pride link a few years to be honest, and I think sometimes it's like its hearted. It's hard when you know you want to do something private, but you also want to be able to do things said person cause, I'm not gonna go. Kids, things you know cause it's like an old leg.
but also, even if your friends with somebody to then there can be speculation if you're like hanging out if somebody that People might assume that you a date That can also look. one way or another. It's like it's all kind of crazy game in why. Just choose to not speak on a really when it comes to my actual personal relationships, I keep them all super private, and I think I think that's you know, leaves little between to imagination, right kind of fun, but yeah. I don't know one day if I ever get married Krajina but one day, maybe have a husband and I will fight, maybe I'll, just post herself with them Isles, MILAN, Have you ever had as relationship so serious that you and your significant other would say I love you? Yes, I have next. Is it possible, be friends with your axes It depends on the table relationship you had if they did so,
in her you or You did something heard them. I think that you can eventually be friends of them, and I think it does take a lot of time to heal from that, and forgive me as when something that you date, I think, does something that hurts you. be really the anger and that is so much more intense than even with like friends, sometimes. cause there's like such an intense kind of like love there, sometimes depending on the relationship, but you know yeah then you can be friends. I think if I think merely enough. I do think that the easiest way to be friends of your acts is if The relationship kind of faded away on its own in both the viewer leg, I want to see other people. Colonel Howard, is so then it's easy to be friends, because it's like there's no hard feelings, not one person's more heartbroken, the other and its great, but I think it, but I think it's all like a balance and also takes a lot of maturity from both parties. Like can
I'll handle that Because I mean it's amazing friends of your ex can do so wrong because then it's like all of a sudden, you know really wrong think waiting it out growing apart and then coming back together later, can be important if you had really intense feeling their seat, I think it's healthy to have a proper relationship. I do. I do I need a lot healthier say: ass fat. To answer the question do you think having a private relationship is healthier, and as Belgium Age. do you believe in saw mates boom I want a job with this. I do but, It's weird, because I think you have multiple. I think you can ever friends or made. I think you can have a significant others were made. I think it can be an animal like, I literally think they're, so many different have the sole maids I think in
my opinion in my eyes are so his somebody that you can. With, in a way that you can really explain, and it's kind of like it's something that yeah, you just can't even understand I think so, maids exist, but I think that there is a lot of them in this world and I think that its just one person, so I have a few more and then on the way to go because as long as POG has ever set have ever done. Oh the great question, though, what Sir judge of deal breaker for you I mean, there's a lot like fucking lot, but I think when somebody's super controlling and not Open minded I've learned. That can be really really hard, I think dealing with people that are very I consider it of your time in like you're in prescience, your time in your efforts adding value can be huge over here too, like somebody who can adjust Blake,
gets about you like could easily just like go the union the duchess sucks at such ass, an M Obviously, some he's a douche bag. I mean they're out, you know if they suck in. So think. If somebody I really value somebody who can leg oh great conversation with me. So if that's not in the cards, a my interests in just a respectful overall good good guy- I'm not I'm not too hard to. Please click on annually. To more, do you normally cover somebody, or did they only bigger with you spin, all the above all the tab in multiple times so both in it, I don't know it sucks more. Actually, I can't maple syrup Oh God can answer one more, state ideas. Now I don't know I'll go on. Dade stood, I could now be without one. How do you know
when it's time to end a relationship that great one end on trying to find the for the having bankcard Amazon and I think, that's a great one I think you know when it's time to end a relationship when, the majority of the time spent thinking were being with this person is is not joyful I mean it's crazy is I think a lot of people will be in a relationship gibbon. They won't realise that their actually fucking miserable leg. You can be so miserable, but your courage is p. Like now I think I'm supposed to be feeling like this. No you're, not I swear to God. That is not how it supposed to go. I mean you're feeling miserable. He presented the time even like honestly, I argue sixty percent of the time, if you're feeling miserable sixty percent of the time you need to get out and if its and like that for a long time, you need to get out this. Obviously things that are obvious, I mean if this person is, is.
treating you write in any way, shape or form. That's an immediate reason to get out. Obviously what I'm saying When did something where it's hard to decide, because it's not as obvious you know, don't mean not that it's even not obvious. When somebody can is Miss Treaty, you can we really hard. They recognise that one, happening. Sometimes but I'm saying like when you're kind of like tonight, we doing anything wrong, but I feel it I need to end it. burn out. That's why I'm kind of referring to. I think it's if you don't feel happy around the person. You don't feel you click with the person and you don't feel like there. Helping you grow, unlike think differently in you know, I think it also is like a weird switching in Ukraine, where you kind of just gonna know your leg. This is not the same and then when you cut it off and then you go find a new one kind of fucked up. I don't
It's fucked up like leather fun. Whenever so, its single- am I here observe enjoyed the episode demi Goodbye now under way. oh my god, I didn't even talk about. Being single, can be so positive. That's do not forget that I did Billig now what I there's so much more to it, but I didn't I didn't hit that so. But I could have, but I didn't in its fine we're ending this. I actually acted. Go eat lunch, I'm starving so I hope we can enjoy this episode. I should so much fun with this one, because I figured something that I. have so many thoughts on in Sarajevo, rambled, ramble plug, but get used to it, not really that sorry, I hope that you as an invaluable out of this, I really do that's kind of something I like you know I don't know I taught for an hour for ever. Do they want. was fuckin stupid, so I hope that there is really something got in there. You can take away and let me know what you guys want me to.
Gabe says on next tweet at a gene, podcast on Twitter call. The number that I mentioned earlier aisles again, no cause, I'm so generous. The number is five hundred and sixty seven two hundred and seventy five three thousand six hundred and sixty two. You can leave a voicemail and we will that sounded made. It sound like I farted, listen cord for my headphones refer to relax and only have gas for once. Let me have this moment: yeah tweet called do it all. We are doing for engage rave, snaps arrays, nevermind poetry. Anyway, let me show you to talk about asking questions in a drill. Peace let the icing sure listening dont date, assholes or bitches. M drove everything that I don't think so, I'm I can be a bitch so that an asshole date, good people guys or do you Fuck, no one and have fun loving, are by