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What Causes a Rainbow?


Rainbows are beautiful and colorful, but why do they happen? Emma will try to find out, and she'll go into VidCon and her crazy nail story.

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Ramble I remembered Chamberlain in this is to be genius of, I guess we're I'm stupid and I am also a genius today. We are gonna be talking about what causes an overran. Oh, I love this one. I love seeing a rainbow. Why is it that people are so excited to see rainbows like when you see a rainbow, you God, it's just human nature, its leg. There has never been a time where I've seen a rainbow and I have been like all my bugging are very low. I like it gets so excited legal fuel it's so rare, even though it like really isn't like I mean it I feel, like I probably seen like thirty rainbows in my whole life, I'm out see more, like fifty rainbows, my whole life and, if you think about it, I've been, failing a whole robbing eighteen eighteen years old. The fifty I mean they're gonna lie so yeah
I mean, I think, of the little bare immature maybe getting so excited about rainbows everyday museum by. like I am amateurism, sometimes so, who's gonna. Stop me, you know, if only goes, could see my nails, re now, they're literally bright, pink sparkly, as if seven years old leg. You guys have no idea how image, I can really be somebody Look at these, there are literally wag, looks like I'm seven like, the nail lower average another neon with. Like me, grow glitter on them and Actually, I have a story about these now some say for them than ever. So today, but leg This is literally there's. No color is exactly what five year old would ask for if they walked into the new law on their fifth birthday and said angrily pay me and then mom was like we're going. And sprang guinea pink like that,
the color I have re now keep backed topic. Podcast Epps See I rainbows are really exciting, but let's find out all of whom are more about Bermondsey roiling glanced. I actually learn a little bit about this in ink chemistry when we learned about like the way that, like light, is like broken up, the all different colors of the rainbow Select, if you like, if you like, looked really cool signal physically, not physically possible, but, like you know be, names of, like light, are broken up into colors. I dont really quite get it like a kind of forgot, all of the things I learning emissaries assign Tonker Haggerty, that was my teachers, why get sued of his error? Name? I don't think so. Anyway, she was the craziest vote chemistry teacher that exists. She was like she's, like a crane, scientists who was insane anyway,
gotta. Remember our work bullets that together, they represented a super genius before we get into it with dogma. The order of the day, the stupid genius words of the thing is refraction fractions. Depending of light, as it passes from one substance to another, a wall sets noise like a basketball, your passing its light not to sport, doing science; ok, ok, you know what this made me think of this made me think of little prisms. In other things, they like, when you really little like you, might get this like you're stocking Christmas or, like you know this- might be lying around and link when your teachers classrooms, like one of those. prisms that Lou. If you hold up to a beam of light, the lake legs shine through it may create a rainbow on the wall. Anyway. I think the bats leg, the fish go version of the word, refraction kind of a man represent that
we thought it was so cool prisms were so cool. Prisms are also really cool for creating very earthy instagram voters. If you two like put a rainbow on your face or put a rainbow leg. Somewhere in your answer and then ass though anyway, you drive about. If you want anyway, I'm I'm guessing the leg of he. Ok, I'm during the link think about how the word refraction would like give me. The answer to this progress observed because you know I slept for ten hours, but I'm really fucking tired, so kind of warning to take the easy way out today. put a lot of effort into much today, I'm wearing sweats. Today, in this in the studio, so that Don't tell me I'm doing today, but anyway, all right. Let's gifts, with our gas is, let's get into episode episode. One nigger fuck me. So, let's get
I guess number one guess number one hear me out here. Are so here's wagons basically when it rains. Oh, my god, I There's a kitten everyday! No occasion know the songs, like wine arrange it pours anyway. I wanted to say that really bad just now, they went to reign snowflake, I wanted to say so. Others one infringed the line anyway. Sorry when it rains powers Foch, sorry, ok, after rains better. Now I'm not getting triggered after reigns. don't you ever come out here me out and that's just like commons, it's like I'm! So sorry, I believe you know anything about literally anything. You'd know that, like labour, come out, after a rains lately come out of hiding or whatever Basically, what I'm thinking is
Dr Raines. That's when the leprechauns come out right, so they, like you, know they're in their little bit cooler whatever it's fucking, annoying like they're, just hiding their being. weird and irish and shit in you can be offended by that cause, I'm irish so anyway, so then they come out and they come out of their illegal, but they live under rocks is something so they come out from under the rock ok, whatever and now, and then, they have their party Gordon's shit when they come out from there are going to bring out their part of all the nay said it somewhere, and then basically, when they do that, the Rainbow shoots up through the sky so that, hopefully someone find the particle, but no one ever does AIDS, super fucking Subaru because, like if I've a pot of gold, it would be great, is like thing is. If I like, if I may, I'm a golden than I leg put into in a safe in my house and like in, like gold, never
loses values silly idyllic ridge forever. You know and like that really cool, because if you think about it like, if you just have cash, which I don't you know even like that like. I spend a lot of money on link copying It's like, I don't really know me know, unlike Nice every gold cousin like I would it would never lose value and I would like be able excel down the line, in my view, Gilligan Investment in Zurich. Basically, what I'm trying to say is like I mean really grateful that the leprechauns shoot the Rainbow shepherds like it's. I really thought if over the problem is that you never work so a kind of figures only allow. I don't know these I've, never been able to find a better way from following in shit, not dimension the rainbow starts in the sky and like ends the ground and, as I drive tor the rainbow, then it just disappears. Cheese, I I mean what I'm wondering is someone fighting the pot of gold before me, or Am I just not Or do you guys just like not want me to find it like?
I'm literally, like I, don't know, anyway, so was I write or no wailing? Honestly, science has a leg so It has a say that leprechauns aren't fucking involved in this, because they I too, like hide shit. I mean what if we know what's going on with area fifty one I now none of us know because the government doesn't want us to know. Oh my god, thereby he's gonna kill me should I shut my mouth. B. I literally come. Kill me. I don't care, put me in there fifty one so that now what's back would have The government came to my house because our ignoble up their whatever it took me may be shut me like the leprechaun room like what would have been arguing
one anyway! So ok, let's get into, gives number two. Okay, so guess number two is another one, that's kind of like an urban leginn. So Sorry if you're not into meat is being so bitter. Whatever of you like one, I can't beats signs the all the time, especially on days like this, where I'm tired leg I be pulling shit, itemised from leg sovereign, Your chemistry! When I'm tired, you know, I mean sums, can do another urban legend, but I think it yonder something so after it Done raining, then it's like its sunny, ok in everyone's happy because they like thing I'd Sonny again I can go outside, not gonna, be getting like water from the rain. In my an eyelash ism in my hair, in my leg, clothes Its knowledge called anymore so like all the humans are happy in South Sudan. when we look up at the sky.
Our imagination creates a rainbow in its symbolic news of a b. because the rain is gone so over it. Like. I know that's wrong, like shy. Ardor of egg number, two! Ok Ok, forget one like that even funny, like nothing came out of that. Nothing good came out and I don't get it out, but also like down that doesn't count. Guess number two point. Five. Get into it now gives number two point: five, because make us number two was so whack When you see a rainbow it's big eyes. Oh wait! wouldn't work. Ok, I'll tell you what I was going to say, because failure is like a super inspiring and stuff, and I already know that this is not right. he's going to say that you see rainbows when you have leg moisture on like your eye lashes and it's the it's the light reflecting against the moisture
on your eye, lashes like it shines a rainbow into this guide deservings. Nothing that's right, but because, like multiple We can see a rainbow right, so it can't be something that is your seeing like Mobile people can see rainbow fog. This, of course, slate, we're going to guess number three. I think I actually have it, because I think I have a guess number three. Thank you sent bird for sponsoring today's video. That is wrong. You said bird for during today's episode of stupid genius sent bird is a luxury fragrance subscription service for perfumes includes and disagree. We for you to discover new sense without having to come to a full bottle of a fragrance so that's why I'm a huge fan of it, because I'm very indecisive and send bird sends a new little almost ample size bottle of a new fragrance every month that I can try out, but it's not like us,
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already feel this one. I feel it it's coming. So after rangers, moisture in the air, but it's not right in his castle, wet still because it was just raining right So then one this the sun comes out when there's show that moisture in the air, so then son is reflecting lay. Off of the moisture. So the moisture in the air is like is hedging the light from the sun and rejecting a rainbow in to the sky, which you see, there is in this has nothing to do with leprechauns, although I am not fully convinced that way there ok, I was kind of right. Ok, let's see what the full answer
here is your answer to what causes the rainbow. Also light looks collar less it's made up of many Carlos Red Orange, yellow, green blue indigo and violate these colours are known as the spectrum when light shines into water, the rays of light of a fracture or bed at different angles, different colors banned at different angles, red bends, the least, and violate the most when large passes through a raindrop at a certain Andy. It's a raise separate into the colours of the spectrum, and you see a beautiful rainbow. I'm professor flew up work, and that was the stupid genius answer of the day. honestly, I did pretty good. Considering you know we went from my leprechauns too badly that they do not ban like I'm like not upset about that. I will take that does your Haggerty my chemistry teacher from some one year, if here listening to this house,
I do send me an email. Let me know if that was good enough for you. Do you think that giving that like me, not retaining what you taught me. You know design your feelings and, if so, am I apologize? I just love way too much in your class, because you get me so much on so much. Oh my homework and claws but you may be a really good student. You want watch anyway. Okay, well, There are fundamental things and extremely serious, both think of me and also think it, Applicants or you think of me, dress, the leprechaun thou be hot. How can we really vogue in hot yeah? Ok, well, I'm really lay ready to just talk about me today. I don't know why I just like. I'm really just like in the mood for that today? So we're gonna talk about me now we're gonna wind down and do we debate, which is justified?
Ok, so earlier. Simon alienated wanted to tell a story about it, so here we go with that, so The other day I was I wasn't at my own house, and it was like. I was on my friends house in it was in it like an area like Thirty minutes away from where I live, so I was like in my hood, you know I mean in a really really needed to get my nails unlike desperate times call for desperate measures. And like I really need to get my nails, and so I decided you know set of driving all the way back to my normal place that I normally go to. the branch out and I'm go to a place. It's close to my friends ass, so deal with that I go any the Albany find a new place and this place I was kind of in the moodily get a spicy manicure owes you know, I'm I'm get leg Cool design, so they can. You guys do like stars on my nails, paints Tarzan like
no, but we can do star sequins on your nails as they can so then exactly what I got done at first the jobs a little bit more complex than the average, and so he starts you know p shaving. My nails is doing a great job. So he starts you know. p shaving. My nails is doing a great job. There everything looks great men, he starts painting my nails and you know it Job was sloppy monopoly With these, women are very wags and your ring got I and I was upset and now, but I was ignored when we finally once filled, starred, sequined, Jem. Looking things are my nails like everything's gonna, be fine like we're gonna, be doing right again saying so they whatever so He starts putting on the little like star sequins in sporadically all over my nails.
And he is not placing them very well. leg. It was just not cue the way he is placing them like. I wanted we kind of just like sporadic all over my nails but Laguna Unities away, while he didn't he did it. a sporadic labour, none and peaceful way? enabling air. but I'm as they whatever it's. Finally, once they would top coat over eight legal, fine, so Naples, I've code on end I'm starting to like these nails. Leg are like lumpy because the sequence early sticking out on this: I then serve so egg. The top good, didn't smooth out my nails. If that makes sense like a minute really sharp. Unlike lumpy leg, because of the little sequined things unlikely, weren't lying flat on my nails. If that makes sense in any way- and I was like. Oh my god, this is such a mess, but, as we can What maybe
maybe it'll be fine once the dries. Ok, I was wrong was worse manicure, my life by the time I got into the car and he presented, the sequence had actually fallen off. I not kidding you, and so I just had these leg, so it is that like, lines of stars on my nails, and it was so: oh, my god, I'm literally in the garden. I wanted to fucking just break and crimes like snow, honest, not imagine. I read seventy dollars for them all. Oh my god, but I'm way too much of a push over, didn't go back in there and say: hey: can you fix this absolute may, of a man, a cure for me. Please. Like any good I just like I couldn't I just don't have it in me, so did in, and it was so dramatic, and then I ended up two days later. I had time to go into my nails, one that I was go do and they
Things for me and I showed them. I showed many a lady, my hand and just like you did argued, get that done here and I was like yeah I fuck, No she's like this is really bad. I was like. I'm. So sorry I like betrayed you like, I'm so sorry I, like I did in I was too lazy to make the effort to drive to you and I do you know disobeyed. You and now look at the price that I paid. I will never disobey again man and started rubbing my bag and telling you everything's, ok and now Valentine by now Ben I've pink sparkly nails, unlike pretty happy now, my god, I love them actually absorb says with them. I want to just get like sparkly nails for the rest of my life cuz. It makes me feel like such a little cute little woman so cute and we got him so cute. getting it would really ugly right now but lagging.
that's what I do when I come into record the progress it just so good shit, is Keeps me the alpha, because I choose this like I'm like no forget buddy I'm coming in and looking like shit and in internet, Eggs me the alpha male, because I don't care, and in turn that makes me That makes me powerful. You know I need to go on a trip. I need vision and common down below where to go. There's no commenting on. casting tweed me where I should go on vacation. I need it. I am. I used I'm crazy. I need a little a list. a little Oh, I need a little more detail on the beach king again and we would like more deals because they desire
his sweetener like pointless cover like they're just their pointless. I'd rather just drink water my clinically meaning a little bit of origin or something as an rejuvenation, OECD. Oh, station rejuvenation rest. Raspberry Moreno Maui, fuck, you know foe he now, oh my God somebody who I want to buy, Mary out somewhere. Just so that can leg, hold of the fucking menu at their rooms. Everything and make the Mau he'd go on there. they follow, you know and have no to healing it. Ok, I miss are making phone calls after them. Recording this
Elsa inaugural anything online gaming, oh actually I have a good idea. I could talk about Youtube, So I was actually want of a gun. And I It was crazy. Vulcan is walls, for some actually going to become like, Is it allowed to go to the glass year I And a con, would you don't know that is Google it? I don't want it and this eroded. vague on and I actually like how to pass was great by it was exhausting. I they have been legal limit exhausted ever since I'm like a little with whatever. Actually the panel about my pod gas. So anyway Viewer, their shouted to you and if you weren't. fuckin, whatever Leonardo I mean like, if you and like it's all your fault, I beg of you. the choice. You have been there and I would hope that you know and if not it's fine do whatever speaking of a you know, I was gonna like.
They can you know I was there because I'm a uterus. Let me talk about some two things. Roguish number one, I don't know what to film from annex video and I'm fucking forgot about it again. You know I am no. I have no idea what to do and In a figure it out by tomorrow, but this is something that happens to me all the time you know you would think. Because you know my God, whatever she's been doing it for two years. She probably has no problem coming up with Youtube videos, ideas that so oh, I don't know what I'm doing every week. I never know it I'm adieu, and then I figured out and then it's fine and then I do it again sweet silly. What's he gonna be I don't know you know I don't know they will find out they subscribe to. You did that calm, sergeant Chamberlain to find out what I ended up, homing we I would ever I'll figure, it Iver complaining its wondered event Roquat great their speaking of a gun. did, I actually announced the leg live, show at Vidcon its like a big arena area, whatever it may be,
we came out, it was like the other guy. You know I like these the open the show right. I almost hit myself because there is a lot of people in the crowd and I on this big stage. They I've never done anything like that, and I had to read of a teleprompter and actually fucked up what I was saying had literally three sentences to say, and I fucked up. One of the reasons is, I think they pulled it off fine but it was like. I don't remember what exactly they felt that, but let me give you like: I'm is seasoning using along the lines of this. like I was about to say, like coming to the state s leg it. Let's give it up. Fur, Leroy Sanchez or something, and I asked I said something like. Let's let it up or something like that, and I was like a really you,
Bugging reasons is to say oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, Oh my guide, weren't leg, your fire, you know like I literally actually I mean I just for them because I like didn't, do my job correctly and like. I feel that sorry they gone here listening, I'm so sorry, but, like I was, I walked off stage and I was like literally, like my face sake, no again see but, as you just like. I wasn't like, but I was more like I could go Without that happening leg I definitely like it would have been. No, it would have been so easy if that didn't happen, could have just like, never thought about it again, but because I fucked up like now, I have to think about it. A lot more analogous, you, like my character, is being attacked by myself, though, like I'm,
My own character, in my mind, ok on that note, you know I'm just gonna rapidly rising. On that note, you know. I'm just gonna rapidly rising. Making mistakes is what keeps you sexy baby soldiers, You know what, if it happens, it happens and I to go home and taken out by some for ten hours I, but I'm literally, I I don't even know what I'm talking about for the past. However, many minutes, like I just zoned Next episode, I'm going to probably drink a little more coffee, Genoa, him so drained because my fitness, most of my fills order today, and so I didn't bring it goes. It didn't linked cases good as normal knows again, rather just not and you didn't get another one later, so I didn't really happening avi today, so I'm a fucking around Kali shit, ok,
are you that explains it next episode, I'm gonna make sure the main fills order was right. so then I'm a little bit less slurry of my worthies and am I promise I'm not drunk like I'm eighteen years old and I don't get drunk a right which honestly some eighteen year old Zoo, get drunk. Not Why I dont know because I just don't want to, and that is something that you should keep in mind yet so anyway. I promise I'm not under any influence of anything Raina I ate literally sounds like I am, but I honestly, if I didn't know, I was a village. you know, but I'm not so stupid genius. A sober, twenty nineteen campaign I'll, see that next week, tough, Interim review and subscribe to sewage genius and above all, gas Spotify. Where are we you're Pike S make sure to check out areas.
This one instagram for more behind the scenes, video content for stupid genius. I love you guys thanks for putting up with me, even when I'm like not really, even when I need a nap okay, love you goodbye.