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Why Are Humans Ticklish?


Whether you love it or hate it, most of us are ticklish. But what is it about tickling that causes us to laugh? Let's find out the science behind tickling.

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Grandma. I remember Chamberlain, indecent, stupid genius, the Balkans, where I'm stupid and am also a genius measure. They were time, outlier, human sickly. Why are you here? You know today, I'm talking in a really soft on in your violet Anna. Why? That's because I'm a fucking migraine, okay and I'm in here, because I love you and because I like recording these, and so even though I have a migraine, I wasn't gonna skip out on an, opportunity to sit in here and talk whatever the fuck. I want for twenty. its thirty minutes, forty minutes So here we are, we I do have a migraine, but guess what we're they make it fun regardless, ok, but go easy on me day it because I'm I'm a little bit weak. Ok, I might be a little bit extra stupid did egg is, I feel my brains being affected, but that's not my fault. Aright so, let's just get into it. Oh, who I like how my voice sounds in them. run is what does that say about me later?
really like my migraines, I'm going away. Sorry this through the little bit my migraines going away like hearing this anti. My own voice, also closing my eyes, which you wouldn't know, but If you didn't. I am closing my eyes cuz Ok, let's stop pitying mean and let's get in to wire him. ticklish. I am, I feel weird closing my eyes while talking it's really weird sensation, but I'm not talking to anyone. So I guess it's fine anyway. I am one of the most go as human beings that exists literally leg Everyone who knows me knows that if they want to just like it, just like making out for the account for at least twenty minutes again. Take me and I will literally be like a mess, I'm so ticklish, I'm so sensitive to it. It message me up, and it makes me violin also like I get pissed off at first, it's like funny and I'm laughing or whatever
it's so basically uncomfortable for me being tabled that, like after about Thirty seconds, like I start to get genuinely piss off, because its leg It's so violating I'm like feeling. My whole body is like exploding slick just simply, it's just not fuckin show at all so anyway. So am I the biggest fan of being tackled, but does aben and now the people know that I'm ticklish everybody's going to come to my house and take me, and that worries me, because you know I don't want to be tickled, so this is a warning. Actually, this is a warning and this is also a threat. If you come to my house and you take on me or if in general, you're at my house and you tickle me or maybe, if we're even in public, can you take on me absolutely fuck off? I will literally dig my nails in your throat and I will have no. I will not care, I will not care.
And I mean I'm not very strong. I probably won't hurt you that bad, but like the fact that I tried should offend you and in that case don't fuckin tiggle me like some people leaving just like you know, start trying to tackle them and nothing happens. I envy you At the same time, I like being tabled. so it's kind of like a bipolar think is now that I'm thinking about ITALY, there are certain occasions where I'm like. After I'm done being Tiggle on, like I just really, really so many endorphins I might as well done like some sort of like extreme drug like anyway, There's something about this episode to early every time. I come in to do this one I'm fucked like we try again, I'm telling you this. I'm giving you there's a little snake pig as to what life is like. I actually try to record this episode a while ago. I was way to tyres as a sorry by so they went home into an app right now I have a migraine, so I'm also fucked up, but I'm gonna get through. at this time I'm not gonna give up, and I want to follow dreams and that's what today is all about. Aright today is
persevering through the pain today is about talking about why humans are ticklish in today about is about going down to the depths of our is figuring it out right. ok, anyway, luxury short, I say that way too much. I literally talk about a story for an hour and a half an hour and a half later been so long story short. Like know, em it was a long story. Fucking long you been talking for an hour and a half and you're still talking and you're still going to continue to tell the story. It's not long story short. So I need to stop saying that so let me say instead, as I was saying way better, As I was saying. Love a relationship with tingling because I'm so sensitive to it. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes issues annoying. I think, if I like really love the person in their tingling needs like fun, but they give I hate them, don't fucking!
touch me especially tickling, because I am very much tell me where, like my personal bubble, is my personal bubble and if you get into my personal bubble- and you start moving your fingers around on my armpits and on the bottom of my feet, This is me off anyway. Done with my tangent, I kind of basically like air, it's I'm having like us subconscious stream of thought re now, because my brain is kind of also out for the Gallagher, just kind of like my brow. this kind of just like on sleep mode, unlike broken mode sewing. Who knows what I just said for the past like five, it's like I don't even know,
but before we get into our guests is let's talk about the word of the day? The stupid genius words as a day is Gaga leases Congolese. This is hard laughter, reducing tickling and involves repeated application of high pressure to sensitive areas. It's the kind of tackling that's more intense and leads to uncontrolled laughter aside note, if you do it to order just becomes painful in the persons likely stop at that route. Ok, maybe that's just me by ok, honestly, I do love me. A good goggly says every once in a while leg. You know I was actually tabled the other day. Actually thy tickled. Yesterday you know It's I might have been tabled yesterday. I M actually not gonna lie to you. It actually have been pretty recently within the last few days and I'm gonna, lie to you. It was like it was more of a guard believes this moment where it didn't really hurt. It was more dislike kind of like funny, but I was like barely laugh crying anyway,
like not, it only lasted a few minutes, maybe like maybe thirty seconds like I wasn't that upset, and I think because all of the people very close to me in my life now that I'm very ticklish and know that it's like funny for them that to torture me basically, so that they why that happened, and you know not gonna lie. Wasn't that terrible, but wanted Our colleagues gets painful, absolutely fuck off, and that has even happened with my friends and family, where they ve Tiggle need do are now been link. I've literally idling violently like kick them. You can fill in the blanks like I've had to I have had to use my leg to its benefit in cake. Someone in order get them to stop. I don't know if somebody like, I was just thinking about it and I think okay. So what? If you're? Ok, like. If someone's not guard releasing you, then like lightly tickling. You and that's just gross legs- give us only legal lightly tabling you like on, like that's awful
I don't really like a light. Tiggle is kind of just nasty like Ivy League is either leg, go bigger, go home when you're tabling like Hercules. Is there nothing like? I don't want you to just be lately. Tingling me, like that's disgusting like it's almost like maybe so there's a good middle ground. It's like a garbage visas in the middle. It's like we have just apps The violent tingling, which is rude and safeguard clauses which, like the nice middle ground, less, it's going do ard, and then you have a late. Tiggle has just spoken, creepy and a story so into the middle ground is the winning point. If anybody wants to take me, go ahead, and you know, layer cards, rain, Tiggle, tickle me the re level- and we may have a good time for like a few seconds. But if you, fuck up even in the slightest bit. I keep seeing fog chinese up. If you mess up even in the site is bad and you take me to software to art it's over and I'm never talking you again. Ok, I've just talked about that four wait too long. Everyone's board and genoa at this went saw my so, let's get indoor gases as to why humans are
ticklish. Guess number one forgets number one! The only way that I get leg, I'm trying to figure this out because this kind of almost like crying, were like having crying are things that just happen, and it's just weird that it happens. it doesn't really make much sense. Everything about it like there's, no way to like really justify like boy scientific reason why, when you're sad leg, tear tier ducks open up in tears, come out, but, like that's a lot less leg. I'd like a real like that happens. But like it's like. Why does it happen when you feel an emotion like why. Why does leg a really like strong emotion or like a really strong, like sensation, make Body do weird shit, that's like so abnormal, compared to leg day to day life doesn't make sense
They go indoors in arresting position leg. Over thinking this fact that so, basically here's my mentality on laughing. Ok when you who are being tackled, compare. It too, when you get a cut when you get it you're fuel feel pain right leg. Let's say Eg, you leg, slice your arm on it, ten. Can you crying because it hurts you either it's just the response that your body gives when you're in paint because its you know, it's very upsetting upsetting and in turn you start crying now I think it's the sit with laughing when you're being take old instead of you're not gonna, start crying because you're not sad. So it's kind of like the set of crying. It's like. Ok when you, when something happens to you, that's like funny or leg. It's like take Lee
Laugh because it's like the opposite of crying, it's like your body, emotional response to type of like extreme events if that makes sense and using that make sense, because I'm in secure because I dont know if it makes sense. Ok, but I do think like laughing and cry or highness similar in that way, where it's his leg, it's your body kind of like nothing like fight, in his m, are like fighter Flay mechanism, but it's almost like your bodies subconscious just like reaction to Something that's kind of extreme, we're just sitting there you're not going to start laughing unless you think of like something funny from like two thousand six and that does have but like you, I think a lot less extreme like you, start extremely crying extremely laughing when you get really badly hurt or really badly tabled, and I use them badly burned a because you can be badly tangled, and it's happened to me who it'll happen to you at some point. So that is gas number one. How
feel in what are we doing, how review during my migraine is getting better, but now I'm starting to feel egg. I might vomit on the microphone slick relating it known just kidding. I won't debatable, but No wonder, I'm also really get it knowing if I'm not throw up. So I give you LISA fifteen minutes notice, maybe Fifteen second notice, if we're getting a little bit on edge but Harry Villain Rugg s number one is enemies having my Hannay's Amar pricing. Helping me my migraine gaze here, but yeah gun, is a browser. That's wrong. They really that's kind of like basic, and I believe I was really onto something there. But at this point first gases, never right, so
I expect a onto guess number two from okay, I started I didn't stop. It literally to say I couldn't stop anyway, is gonna phantoms super note anyway. Guest. We're too, is that you know if you think about the main reason, like nine times out of ten. The reason why you're laughing is because something funny right tabling is the one exception where you laugh. but nothing really that funny leg if anything, tingling really isn't funny, it can be because if you think about it like, I don't think tingling is funny is sensitive to it. But if you think the concept of tabling like somebody taking their hands and just like fuckin moving them all weird in your armpits inside. You think about the concept that that's pretty funny like it's
it's weird! It's funny So when someone's tickling you like Have you ever watched, someone Tiggle you like the face that they make their like Billy teeth certain greeting together and they like fucking, like tabling new with a ok. I'm really putting a lot of detail in this and almost creepy way Billy. When someone sitting my view a kind of fuckin like weird like the face it, making is weird. The sensation is weird the fact that their tickling you in the first phase is weird and overall scenario and situation is funny, and so in turn when you're being tabled so gorgeously you're like this shit's fucking weird and it's funny, because its oh odd and we are in and wise and happening. So my guess is that when you're being tabled laughing because it's funny to laughing is the response to something that's funny so of youth. Tickling is funny, then I think that this
yes, socks! Actually, because I just hate it and I know it's wrong, but it came out of my mouth and in the beginning I thought it might have been good and you know And I now know that it's sucked but in the beginning it could have been good second guess it was. I right or wrong sewing is tabling, isn't funny, then it is, though, but now that I'm like really thinking about a tinkling is not funny thing was only singling me, I'm like the second that they stop telling me. I like. I go like laughingly surveys. We will hear what the fuck was that. There wasn't chill at all. I'd. Why are you doing that shit? That's so whack whack surname! Ok, number three so that I can go home and taken I'm sorry! I do it. That's negative, let's given biggest number three, because I'm so excited just guess what I don't get that shit right now. Have to get out of the shower you smell good in that's great, but you need
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They were human sucks. They were right and then we need to give the human something that they can. kind of a universal thing that humans can bond over, that's kind of intimate, but leg is in, but you don't have to be in a relationship to do it. Ok, it's like you and you're not going to go up to a random person and Tiggle them. and you're not even gonna, go to adhere to a friend you're kind of Renzo linking the queens and Tiggle them. You're gonna go to your fuckin Betty and you in particular your bessie, because it's like its own, it's something! That's like it's very personal and have fun way to connect with your buds. Ok leg if you like Morales kind of love in like my bay overhears had a hard day might be of every ears at our day and I love them, and I want to help them, and I want to me then smile and make them laugh.
we're close enough. Where wouldn't be weird, if I fuckin Tiggle them Tiggle them so that I can turn I've run up, sent out that's what tickling is for Tickling is for bond, in tickling is for connecting tingling roar why we in the lake wet to its squirrels anyway cut it out. If you want I'm, I don't know but leave it in. If you want to do it's just depending on how much you gag when you're. Listening to this I'm leading to my added array now dissimilar, cow. If you had a view, leg guy, a little bit, leave an end, but if you like, throw up because it grows, the sound is cut it, but also egg, stopping sensitive Berkshire. and you know, and you I'm not gonna get defensive other today, but yeah, that's my girl like tickling, is simply for human bonding and it simply
because at the end of the day, humans need something that can make his laugh. At least at any hour of the day with our homes. So now there. Ok, that's a Cuban! Only Rome busily eating. things, gray, Nobile egg, when my homey tables me I'd, prefer my homey just in fog and take me So We have to hear the answer. Why did I forget? I got the avenue and play the answer yet I just gotta, I do not like the rest is history. I moving on ok, Let's hear the answer from MR,
flew out here. I professor, flew up here with the stupid genius answer to. Why are humans? Ticklish the recent humans or Turkish is actually twofold. There are two kinds of tackling this message, which is the feeling when something soft brush up against you and goggles, which we learned is the uncontrollable laughter inducing tickling d, ha ha dismisses tickling likely serves as a warning signal to train and protect ourselves. Gaga leases, tackling which happens when someone intentionally tickles, you only serves one purpose: social funding, but be careful. Not every avant enjoys it. I'm looking at you Brandon from accounting. I professor flaw in the Balkans that was stupid genius answer of the day. Fuckin Brandon from accounting git, you stop, stop. Ok, literally, no one likes being you, and especially from you,.
Because no one even likes you and when you fuckin eat everyone else's lunch out of the fridge. That's the first fucking thing that peace is everyone off. Now you get your little mangy little hands and everyone. pits and start tackling now. Everyone hates you break. In from accounting, anyways I was more referring to guard release his here so egg I wasn't really referring to the soft Tiggle, but yeah I mean I was right moral stories. I was re morals stories with a migraine. I am still so awesome. I When was the last time that I do like had it together, I just think it This point: it's like AIDS, almost think this. When I crave the chaos. Always want to be in some form of pain, or else what's funny life, you know, I love being miserable its leg. but I'm not miserable though I like, I almost think I get bored.
Give em like not say girl like that. I'm a migraine over my voice is not like You know gone to a point where I sound like a thirteen year old, puberty and boiling. If I, if Org, sweaty or my hair is brush I, like the chaos key, the craziness coming leg. compare my life to like our belief, tickling. It's just very hard. and it's very laughter inducing because it's just stuff King Mass so I'm done talking about laughing, I'm done he tabling its ring honestly, I don't have my friends list of my podcast and inns and I'm kind of sorry now that I don't at this way, because all your mofos. I don't know like sometimes unlike some moments, unlike
Ok, I'm just gonna like say that outward another moment only Emma come on be respectful, but at the same time it's like ice caused so much the wine I just say it all the time why they just say MO foe. That's just embarrassing! already done myself into a whole anyway, or All of my mouth oh, happened to be listening to this, please don't uses as an invitation to table me also for some reason. You see me on the street any. Recognize me. I swear to God. If you can To me and you take me, I was slap king. I won't do that. Just goes like I feel like, I could go to jail for that in the thing is now I'm eighteen, unlike anything, is possible like we all know. I wouldn't survive in jail cell, so I don't Tiggle me so that I don't have to go to jail, and
not gonna lie to you. If you take me, I slap you. You were pour me to the police. I go to jail european for my bail. Ok, because there you're fuckin fault in that was self defense in. I don't care it's the diamond episode where we wind down and Ivan. I need this today and I mean this everyday interview. Moons. Because I'm wrapped up like I just want to like talk about something that doesn't take any brain power because, like that is really nice, that really nice. I didn't really usually come in here and early premeditated. Ok. What am I gonna talk about today? I didn't do that, so we're skills punch it in item ass, starting in three to one gay, so what's he gonna be today? Actually I'm keep this bar brief, because I think somebody more broadly Minister said been listening to my boy. I they bring the shit up too much upon intended
you'll understand, why that's upon when I say my next sentence, I shouted again. If you didn't listen, do my other I where I did discuss. The while I was sick, Shorting was an issue I am here to update you and say that I I think my shorting actually had anything to do with me being sick because yesterday friend, and I got Rahman late night. You know is about midnight. We got Rahman, that's so. And they put some spicy saws and their back in the be a variable in this, Annie. I and I walked into my front door and what happens next history right and I'm not even getting you Could say more, but the thing like. I feel it gets almost more romantic. If I just don't say as much, and I lay you fill in the gaps. you know I mean, and I let your creativity take control here and just like guess the rest, because I don't fucking want to tell you I don't want to tell you about the data
because it was worse than usual it wasn't. It aggravates grocery store this time. awful and shitty no bond and again experience some morals or is don't trust the FARC we been knew about that. Probably gonna go the Dodgers soon about this, because it's starting to genuinely become a problem but yeah. Ok, now that we discuss that gun than other way kind of cleared out the elephant in the room. I cleared out the mouse more like addressed. The rat in the room, because it will and something that I needed to mention linking when an elephant in the room. You need dimension because everyone sees it, but when- like a rat in the room designed this metaphor makes sense: it's like something you can't see leg and you wouldn't know about unless somebody mentioned it and it this probably better known those that there's a rat in the room and in comparison to one there's an elephant in the room. Does this makes sense? Let's get this trend going list using this metaphor here was just
we're getting our brain juices falling with this metaphor, which is really start picking this up and putting it down, and you know, do what we can with it, because I think it could really start making look more intelligent in front of others anyway. Take that leave it. I'm gonna talk about something else now. three two one, I'm are talking about something else. Three two one Ok, tomorrow, I'm good on a plane and I'm flying home to San Francisco, and am not convenes damask overlong now, I'm just gonna be there for like a day. and then I'm going to Monterey Bay, California, with my family we actually excited about. Maybe things I haven't got on a family trip in so long and my family trips that its sole fun I'm going to have to relieve the past year of my life and explain my family design Secondly, its leg,
when you haven't seen someone in a long time too, they are close to its like ok. So, let's start from the beginning its I get there you have to face basically fill them in the past year of your life in these discussions with each individual family member lazily an hour. So it's like or eight first, grandpa, our grandpa yeah, so One point I shouldn't thousands and then I also should again when I was at home and then a few days later, I should again at home, it's like of detail that same story to all and then it's like the need to tell a grandma. Then its leg get the cub get the cousins in a circle. On the cousins those get over here are filling you guys in on this. Like this lot of catching up to do and to be completely honest, it is exhausting, but it's good. You know I mean it's not like in it my family jalousies. I doubt you are maybe you are, I don't know we don't talk about this, but we can definitely talk about this when we're catching up family trip. Ok, I mean cited for family trade, but is also a family. Trips are like so it's like the older. You get the more like the more
interesting, it gets children. I mean it's like When you're younger, it's just like foggy it's so chill, it's like. Ok, you ride. Bikes! Ok, you said the kids table with your cousins and leg. That's it now its leg, when it's like a family trip. It's like ok, now, I'm sitting at the adult table leg. If I dont plug My ears tight enough. I might hear about some sort of politics that I don't want to hear about and there might be arguments and there may be lots of love either way. I am now at the adult table and I don't know if it's a place. I want to be the same time here I am, you don't mean so like there. It is and you know anything- that's good- that's part of being an adult. Is it now you Ewing, you get to engulf yourself and all of the adult conversations, although to be completely honest. I'd rather sit at the kids table and talk about Plato, and maybe this is me- and maybe that's because I'm agar ignorant but leg
yeah. So I went, I miss being a kid in going on family trips, not to mention its way more fun because, like you feel Waymore Cool Zurich, oh, my god, I'm staying up peasant, nine thirty also have a rational armpit and, unlike its really had she's like I've, been they agent for the bazaar using its own or another. But anyway I want to share that anyway, failing occasions when you're young artists like wild cause, your leg out late. You know gets lake, so you would normally get to do and then, when you're older its leg when this is over is if you go back to fuckin work. An that sucks it's like there's no light at the end of that. It's not like when you're here goods, like you gonna Tribune, then you get home and then you have leg, you know, usually means your summer vacation or something like that, but like I don't even get to have a brick username name. It's like it's not being an old sucks is wondering say, but it's also great, because now what is.
yeah, I'll get back to you on that one. I will I'll about you on now and for now yeah, good migraine taken in. I just can't think of anything right now. and they give anything good about being in a double its just because I have a migraine. That's all I see where its great it is. It's really good. I like like I love taxes and stuff, I also love. Like not having a summer break. Sorry, do you want now just click triggered anyway, I'm also screaming right now. I can feel myself screaming, because what I have these headphones in, like I can't hear anything, and I just like start screaming- like everybody rap music owl leg, this crisis and, unlike screaming wall, that's why we're in a sound programme so that they can't nobody outside can hear me screaming in here. So we're near everybody in this room with me right now. We can have an ear infection tomorrow for my screaming anyway. Why?
to wrap up my whole family vacation ran. yeah, I'm really excited, I just bought a wet suits. Are we able to swim in the ocean and maybe gonna bogey board here and there don't? I deserve, How can we be doing that cause I'd not to do that and honestly learning new things is not something I really want to be doing right now. I just don't want to do that. I'd rather go on a Boogie board and look like a fucking loser. Did they get an instagram picture with a all? That's a great idea actually. Ok, that's already on to take a picture of the buggy bore, no, not about you weren't a picture with the surfboard soil, a cool Instagram put the serve were down and then and pick up the big buggy board, and then I'm gonna, embarrass myself on the beach, probably in front of other teens, risk unwilling to take, because I do love me a good buggy board, but yeah I'll, let you guys know I'm a family vacation goes I'll. Let you know how the kids table goes honestly, I'm trying to revive it this year, even though all my cousins are old, I mean like I think some of them are like twenty something and then the other one, and then one of them is like say:
Nineteen and then one of them is like thirteen but like he just place fortnight, so he is physically, like once you play for age like five years, so you might as well be like twenty. Also so like we like even though we're all a kind of adults now either fortnight boy Trevor, you listening this year, not but like what's up brow anyway, There's really. I only need to raise money for it cause like like there's nothing. We need to pay for it to make it happen there's really, I don't really need to raise money for it, because I, like there's nothing. We need to pay for it to make it happen, but I'm so there is hanging over me. Bring The kids table twenty nineteen rising and start a campaign for it like I'm gonna, like start posters around around like things giving time called, bring back there its table so that kid and have fun again. You know what I mean I miss it, keep your eyes peeled. Oh, my instagram bore my surfboard pick that will the up and I will be voting doubled, Haps
because it's a lie. That's what instruments I think when you're lying on interim, you actually get more likes, like I think it's the statistic. If you're telling the truth on integration, whirling boring but if you like, here's me with a surfboard and I don't forget now serve everyone's like. Oh now that's hot doubled anyway, might even face invisible overdue. Just getting. That was a joke. Don't do that! Love yourself, not of hasty in anyway. That's the main reason: why wouldn't do it? I mean that's like the number to reason. Why wouldn't do it if. I try to face tuna photo, everyone would know like I'm not hitting it would be so bad facing is an art in a way like people, We fully like know what they're doing with that, unlike next level like can transform and no one would even notice like I'm so sorry, but like that's, not an art form that I've mastered similar to lead a how I haven't mastered the art form of surfing and that's why I'm to be fake, taking a fucking Fagenstrom photo with the surfboard.
few things that are lacking in anyways, how I add a gale who those are your misery because egg, I don't know, I'm still talking. I don't even know what I've been saying for the basic forty minutes. so maybe, like thirty minutes ceiling, why do I have to always say things after I say another thing like his leg. I said forty minutes that was a decent investment. I didn't have to say, or maybe, thirty minutes. I didn't have to fucking do that, but I just wanted to say more words and that's what's wrong with America today. Our guys I enjoyed today's bog has episode. If you did Don't worry it to review and subscribe to sewage genius, unable podcast, bought a virus or podcast and make sure it is about making step a major to virgin step out this evening and look like a bad bitch fuckin, where your best out they don't. Did the step out
holy shit that running my God help as I was trying to say and make sure to check out ram official on Instagram for more behind the scenes, video in content first stupid genius, I also stupid genius merge I'm actually wearing a re now you would know. Maybe do I don't know? I don't know you probably don't know that gives. This is audio k, Fuckin idiot, so yeah I have more shove Emma a chamber com check it out, go carpet CJ. When I just did. I took a long pause to try to see if I could say any more words, I could fit any in before end of this I mean at night.