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Why Are We Attracted to Certain People?


Emma definitely has a "type"... but we wants to know why. She'll try to figure out a few of the five reasons as to why we're attracted to certain people, then she'll give some of her clues that prove a relationship won't last.

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You'll never pay together just saved together, plus with party may even save literally anyone friends friend these families, significant others, total strangers or even internet randalls we can find for you get started with party pay, a visible dot com such stupid genius. Again, that's visible dot com, I stood the genius hi guys welcome back the steward genius. I remember Chamberlain. This is to be genius in my name. Is Emma anyways, I'm sorry I did for today's. Oh my god. Ok, I got there the effort. Today's episode, because I was in the car on the sound of my dad. I always call people when I'm driving, as I literally leg, and I don't like till I drive around in all by myself and be bored so dislike- call everyone else and make them entertain me long, driving, anyhow, sorry, my dad and tying them about like why. Why are we friends with whom we are friends with or- I d like why retracted who were attracted to like order What would this idea in the city? you came up with this idea. I think
did you about a radio you take uglier than it was on the phone went out anyway, but I was leg it just so bizarre that leg well, but I was mainly thinking about, was the fact that leg, you know me make my two girlfriends were all leg, attracted to such different ives, guys like me off such a different types, and also like we all have different, like you know, I'm moral friends with each other's. You have the same type of friend attraction in a sense, but then we have the same friends. So you know. But why is that? And why are we all friends with each other like, and why do we like, like different types of guys? Why does that wise? That way, anyways I met my dad and then as like, and he was like stupid, Yes, and I was like beds you're so right, so today, we're going to try to figure out. Why are we attracted to the people that were attracted to Roma degree non romantically. Just in any way like you know, why do you click with the people? You click with I'm just
so excited. I want to know so bad, and let me tell you just I'm going to give you a little precursor think there is a few different scientifically proven answer oh this- is one summit. Let's see if I can get all them, yeah, ok, great there, ok I'll, give you the exact number of theirs. Actually, five. Theirs. Ok! So today, stupid genius, where switching of the format and were now I'm gonna, get five guess it's as to why were attracted to people sleeping. I already know feel I because, like a based on my own, like personally, am turning my camera now by five zero Ok, so stupid genius today were doing five guesses as to why we're trying to two who were attracted to MAX, already ready to get into it. Normally, I want to talk about leg, a guy like how I leg, Adam Berger like earlier or something, but today, I am too so excited to talk about this- that I just want to guess so
we're in the middle of the day, no eyes you on bad. That other word of the days attraction. Let's hear it I heard, while obviously attraction is the action of power of evoking interest, pleasure or liking for someone. So your attracted sister, if I'm attracted almost nobody. So when I am attracted to seventy in any way like not even like whatever I'm like, I gotta go this, however, around just everybody, so anyways, let's go as everyone Marilla Age hobbled right into it today, and I don't even care, this is our partner. they're supposed to work in a more exact guys who, weird again, that's how you suppose dear progress, was actually talk about the pod gas topic immediately anyway. My first guess is, if so, I think that the reason why I been attracted to certain people- they remind me of my family, if they remind me of my parents, so, for example, give some examples. Just a kind of like you know make this more virginal, like both my friends:
I live my best girlfriends eleven Amanda. They both really remind me of my mom in a sense, and I don't really think it's like super obvious, controllable crazy that my mom cuz you another like little tin girls. As am I but in my mom's settled out in her in her mouth forties, Armando expose you but she's like crazy anymore. But I know for a fact of my mom was our age. She would be like my free since eleven Amanda for sure- and I know he would have all been Frederick I just like- and I didn't realize that till I thought about it more, but they have a lot to learn link with the way that they handle things and you know, they're they're, just overall mental, then with guys every time I've ever date- the guy that didn't remind me of my dad- I don't them anymore k like they're, just not good and leg I, but every guy that see. I feel like I've really really clicked with has just had similar Hobbes to my dad has a similar alike,
personalities? My daddy's very sensitive innocence, like he's Vienna, is a cancer. So he's very sensitive and emotional. I do believe that in fuck off I'm a German, I am psychotic. So that's why anyone icewave lot some iron only child and agenda. pretty much like the devil like in its full form, began my dad's very, like sensitive in creative and I've always liked guys, like the railways, click better with guys like that. In every damages in the guy that isn't like that. I've gotten myself stage so save is our right they mean oh my gun. Yes, that's crazy! That's every one of the five, so environment, your family, pears and media I'll play a role in helping us learn what two views attracted. and actually what you said is interesting, because typically women are in heterosexual relationships, interested and men who remind them up their fathers right,
and vice versa, with men and women. I totally believe that because I know for a fact like it's it's a weird subconscious thing like I like, but I know That's it. I'm always agreed this got. Why does this guy, like everything in common with my dad, like that so fucking weird? It's also a comfort thing to wag cause, it's like I so true, because I mean I know like my I, like my parents are born. save space alike, but legacy that whatever especially my dad Nuisance and so like. He does comfort me more than anyone so like. I would want batten a guy for sure. That makes a lot of sense. They love science and also with my girlfriends too, I feeling my like my mom lovelier monthly. My mom comforts me. A lot is, are we tend to like screaming each other more sites like which I mean ice cream of my friends? Do we scream at each other back usually in a loving way, though love you guys?
Our aim was given to guess number two out of five. Ok, I mean it guess now? Next is a physical thing, because I feel, like that's, obviously there. So like not as much emotional, but it is obviously a physical. I mean, I don't know like your friends as much of it. I wonder people choose their friends so constantly based physically, how they look I mean, maybe a little bit like, maybe here so cautiously, attract as somebody these, unlike many fave, like cool clothes or something I you're gonna, or they may even look kind of like you, wait. ok, my next gas is there. were attracted to people who kind of look like us in some way no, really, ok, ok, ok, but ok, but no, oh but also Egg Timothy shall have it,
it's that really be made double sometimes- and I really he was my celebrity crush for a hot minute, he's not any more, though I'm over its fine scarce long hair and he looks still q. Still queued interest that he's a dating lily rose Durban, I'm just gonna. Let that ship it I'm not sure rather than they try to home racket Finally, my personal life, I don't need to homer intimidation, maize relations anyway, is also, I remember when I was like really the single and sad like a few months ago idea. Do these army and a hidden response, I cannot believe agents luxuries and who I was a good idea. If you have to tell her, I sent him the hippopotamus emerging in isolated. Yes, I did and he did not respond enabled it's fine is I'm. Now we gladly Eden respond. You only sent him an emerging and say anything. Actually I set a high once and then like a few days later, as like. That's not funny, so I answered and sent him. I hippo and then even respond again, those like great
Must we dating Lily rose unsigned unless they know about point, but then, like I literally, was like very sad and lonely. Unwilling I have two DM dimity shall may because, even though while respond just in case does. Let's get it ended in response I never dm anybody. So that was like crazy thing a huge step out of my cover that it was kind of a joke with my friends. Well, but it they knew he wasn't responds is kind of you as a joke, but I did do it and I wrote you dead. am I I don't know, maybe number He didn't respond because they think it's funny that he didn't animals. I just you know what I'm saying things happen varies and yes or no. Yes, ok, guess number three! You were right on track with physical stuff, Ok, so let's try physical again, let's say: if somebody is You like I, tend to be attracted to guys that are taller than me. I don't know
that's a good thing. That is scientific leg. Maybe you can feel like they protect you if there are taller than you I mean ok, I don't need a guy to be leg of honey. I don't mean. The guy to be idle. this guy in freshman year, that was my height in I was, really tiny. At the time I was like five. three may be, and I liked him nothing ever happened with. Probably because he was five three and also five, three and eight until he could protect me, also because he didn't like me that much so that was that I liked him a lot more than you like me, anyways. yeah height is high part of it out I'll. Tell you what the answer? Maybe it's just an intimidating fat sleigh, intimating factor too you try due to them, because you like they would intimidate others and aid protect me. So that's very specific in our pry has to do with the.
thing. There are taken out, which is the environment that you grow up in a family, peers, media, etc. Probably is partly a reason why you like targets is your dad taller. He is six one young life, so that could be part of it to totally this answer which I'll give you cuz? We have more answers and that you can guess. Okay, is you look healthy and fertile okay, that's kind of okay that makes sense yeah, so we're biologically attracted to people who look healthy and who like they can reproduce. That is super interested guys guys are attracted to women who look like bacon, Falada babies, okay, so not me, then no one of us like make, as I look seven do not have birthing hips, yet literally, every time I like have my comments on my instagram, like bitches, shaped like a box anyhow
So that's why no getting while not but like that's also, but I honestly me having a baby, would not work. right now, I know right now, you're too small. I know I literally. I think I have a few more puberty to go through for number one large. You know I mean whatever. I don't need the I'm fine. I while I don't need to go through purity. Ok, I'm doing absolutely design. It is bad enough. The first time- oh my god, my God, the amount of puberty live under any of em six months later, no like two years late, awful, okay. So make sense of first we have looks healthy infertile males that reminds you of your family life of underwater. So we have three more. Let me think little Thank you, too door dash responding with some sort of stupid genius. You know days when you just don't want to cook whether you like a long day at school work, or are you just feel a little lazy, or maybe you you sure you I don't know
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kind? Yes, so I got european. did the people that are very nice. People who are kind are seen as more attractive. I am as they should all those then for some reason why two girls leg dicks, you now girl on their love, a good douche bag. Do not I'm saying, but actually once you would sure you hate douche bag, and then you go out of it. That's true as well yeah. We all have our duty bag phase Nigger out of it. any hurrying we're Ivan, God, so many like I literally from as in middle school owes like ICE a douche bag. I really have a a. I think I have a grudge from middle school. I always the rude guys, it's because you want to fix them. Oh absolutely That's why, ladies literally maybe care freaks they just
stay like that in ruin, your life is shit, k, listener and you are using any who I've been saying that worries me so we're Saint Metal. Oh, I don't know yeah you can't fish fix. You came seduce bag, but you can't take them fishing as animals unfair. She can. Fisheries bag, so yeah, ok, so nice looks healthy, remind eager family. What am I missing here? There's some biological things to obey it. Does it have to do with big pheromones, unlike in like testosterone? yes, actually, oh ok. People who have more pheromones and more testosterone are more attractive. More along the lines of hormones. Ok was a pheromone again Fairmount, as I get centre like something that you give off that make someone attracted. It makes sense to me. Science fucking, face I don't get it and if I don't get it it's not in the history books or the science books, Ok, well yeah bait, so that, like hormones, do you think when you
like somebody in your round. Somebody you like that you lead, hormones and then they also let off London. That's when you like each other, because I swear to God. I always in my past have leg started liking, guys that like liked me sometimes no we're Mono Thenardier, that's just like a vibe thing. Like vibe chat, it's probably just a vibe. Ok, maybe I'm just on hormones do play a raw. Ok. Is it cause it like seeps in your skin and the new like blue? They would have good bye He bees, sorry, I'm kind of UK had said, and rightly so- in heterosexual relationships, men with high testosterone are attracted to women more feminine faces, which means big eyes, high eyebrows and a smaller jaw. Interesting, which is you actually You were very feminine face. Do I really interesting? I or I don't know
guys with will? Never I like a more sensitive man, so I'm not probably attracted to my type. You can have testosterone and still be sensitive true. How do you know something has allotted testosterone? It's really good question. think I tend to be dragged to guys with super. I disaster, unlike like usually yeah filling a more and do like a more little like now, and as I mean I Some I mean I have been dragged into guys with audit has also- and I went through my football boy- phase in high school. So like this, the singers weird, you can only tell if someone has high testosterone trusting its lay interesting internal things. Some they have acme of beat o excessive hearing this. It's a thing which I guess you could tell interesting: high blood pressure, high red blood cell count and increased risk taking behaviors, so maybe they're, not a sensitive matter now, who might speak for high test
some people- maybe they are- I don't know. I definitely that's. Definitely not as much my I mean, I'm not saying I wouldn't talk to somebody that was like that yeah But I'm saying that but I'm saying that I think I prefer leg. Lower testosterone Roma cause so my daddy's, my dad is actually my dad might have high testosterone, but he's a lot more. I don't think he does cause he's, not a high risk taker he's not, were Harry. I feel that she is but he's also fucking, fifties alike. Who is Harry? I D, Ivy League, even women, are Harry about yeah. Ok, well, that's interesting, but then what our girls, that guy's, who have low testosterone, tend to have increased fatigue, decrease muscle, Mass decreased beard and body hair growth.
A reptile dysfunction, enlarged hers, ok dang ever I have not a driver, is a guy that whatever that means that they might even so the vote. Where do I volume, but maybe they got Flash yo, my boys. Without where takes any notice kidding, I don't do that, I'm not available but leg, knowing that so funny it like that. But that's not my type ear nowhere in the middle of your. I let you does it throughout my favorite testosterone is the perfect amount that is apt and if you don't have that hit the fashion jack, I'm sick of it. Ok, we that so funny that is so sad. I know that Brad They have to give booby this. If your bad, that's
The laugh nobody, but no and we know it sensitive buoys are like Lithuania page. I gotta vacuum pm the Bay re now it is a pain in the ass. Ok, what's the story is what is happening and actually ever got a literal? It dragged it. What oh yeah right, you re how many more drive out Y know, I'm more you can do this. I believe in you. Ok, let's see about. Maybe somebody is if they post booty pigs means if they post flex pigs on means to. Graham
That's my guess. No, the vile answers! Proximity! The final answer is booty pack, their strap, yeah, yeah, ok way, proximity, meaning that their closely closer Europe physically the more exposed in them. You are the more likely you'll be attracted to them and I'm gonna bans the most powerful indicators of attraction interesting, interesting, so that they give you like somebody that you like having a view legs like that, you don't see a lot. That means that some real shit cause. Aren't even around them Emma Jane you already like them a lot. That's good to know. You have three out of five good job. I'm super smart way that was so far. I love that. That's so fascinating to me, anyway, is coming. Below WHAM your type I have friend of significant other, I'm glad. While you can come down below there were Madame sheaves. You up,
do more lifestyle stuff, like that, when I allow you guys that was that so fine yeah ok way be. I will definitely I need to come up with new era that elf no to sell yeah beckoned. That was really for that was really fun. Hope you guys had fun with that. I actually had lots of fun, but now it's time of the bad guys. Where we talk about me, Bitch I don't know why. I feel vulgarity just expose myself so much in the in the in the main segment of that episode- God, I'm just I said idea Timothy shower. May I said that I don't like guys with ideas tossed her own. What's another secret that you haven't exe, Jesus Christ. You no fucking everything about me at this point I mean I'm like running out of secret she, I literally just can't wait to be like twenty five working document every, but I can't do that yet I hate voice guys, there's some things you can know about me right, it's in its, but the time will come, but not yet
so did earlier, autobiography I'm saving of around a biography here, the time when I I can't even an example because without putting myself house here Let's see, what's been going on page like Thanksgiving worry damper, Thanksgiving talk about that ok, see yeah Thanksgiving's leaving summing up. I want to talk about speaking of like attraction. I want to now something interesting that I feel like I'm finally of age to talk about, because it was never relevant when I was younger it. So we have talked about this before allowing care so like it so weird I when you get older, you have disturbed bringing their significant other too thanksgiving, there's so many quest along with this number one? When is that appropriate number to? Is it be awkward number three Well, my grandma, like traded, kiss him number four leg. Is he gonna leg? Give?
poisoning from my family hooking axiom of him was good cuttings. I won't happen like five there, say it's so weird when you get to that age words, to start combining your family life in your relationship, life, that's just confusing and we do not actually think it could be kind of enjoyable. Anyways illegals know that ever happened to me out. He said mad. If, like I was dating Semi village ten years, something merrily gaze again come the links, gave it a good idea, like him, I really that embarrassing ten years its prime time to close that chapter and attempt to break the fuck Oh my god. You know it so funny. I love predicting when people I know we're gonna break up. Did you? Do it? No, not really lay but, like I love that legged, so fond leg, Billig, what's their shelf life and I make bets with my friends people do that at weddings, lab don't tell O Hondo and have, as the latter wedding I went. Do I did that when my yeah and
Marie right? Well, it's not been very ok. So what are you guess, I'm guessing for them like three years? Ok, let's, though it's not gonna, I'm sorry, I risk I am sorry, and nobody knows when the last wedding I went to was so nobody can get port. Take this personal. What do you think are some dictators at a relationship will last? Oh, that's a great question. Actually I love this am I turning into a relationship for anyways. I love talking about it. There is nothing to me more interesting than relationships. I am so interested in reading about the psychology behind it everything I love reading books it and I love it. So it's so interesting me any ways here are my top tend to have say your ladyship is gonna crumble number one. I have noted, sometimes significant others either spent, much time together, or they don't spend enough time together, so either exe aim is bad. There is a very
Happy Medium or you're spending leg a decent, at a time together, but it's not so much that you're not excited to see one another nay, I've seen that happen. I mean I've done it. I've spent too much time and not spend enough time in both of in all my different experiences. all my millions of fucking boyfriends so kidding, but I'm gonna do it, but I've seen that in everybody else's relationships like you can't do yeah what another one another one is airfreight sag. If you can see that there's just no affection, yeah lines, I mean I get it like you, don't want to like PDA can be kind of irritating, especially when you're single to watch know my God really. My friends would and I'm like in so doing that cause. I'm really fucking lonely in don't want to get a dating app, so just fucking stop, and I have to do- is wait for God to put a boy in front of me, so please don't fucking dont know donkeys stop, I can, and I would get so triggered cause I was like. I would
feel like I anyways, but that's your healthy though I think that to a certain extent like a healthy The actual amount of PDA is healthier but light. or I am PDA, that's bad, like I'm more me like affection and general. Ok number three! If you feel you take don't boy Bingley recent three signs that ITALY's girl likes you never one eye contact one time. That's maybe, had been coincidence. Two times. She's. So in Euro three times, oh man, you gotta, get married soon, you better get of friction. You better get toxins in the mail yeah. I guess like this to talk for more tick talks about relationships. Number three I lost all his I'm having been so funny eye contact. mean anything, you can have a fucking bugger and you're. No good luck! Buddy! another sign that Euro Asian Jim is failing is, if you like, is if they dont, who, I think our guns laws episode. But if leg if your lives are combining enough. Like you, you know what I'm saying that if you are able to leg, do things with each
his family or friends, yet by it's, not gonna, happen. Yeah! Sorry, also, if. your car, if one of the people is constantly worrying about the other person's loyalty were there leg weather they are fully commit Do you like your one? If one person is kind of not trustworthy sorry Badge it's not gonna. Last, I think that's like me the main ideas are all really good one. I'm such a I literally of eye, if anything ever like. If I ever want to not do this anymore, I will be a relationship. Thereupon and I will cure divorce is to do the thing where you, Google alike, the relationship question. What do you mean said you ever have like? Oh he did this. Is he and to me if you like, Google out when I read on us when I was younger one hundred percent? I guess We lag we actually. We should reborn re. Now allowed yourself, I know
used to do when I was younger cause. I was like you know in middle school and such like that I feel it when you get older with most good, so the Asians I've had it's been kind of on the table immediately and a or, if you prefer, for a while. Then it's kind of comfortable to bring it up, and I think that the best way to have an ivy league when it's kind of like if your legs, Moving around the fact that you do like me that she is a fucking night. mare, right figure it out and move on or make them like you somehow right or not were they already like you back then great job. She wound up I'm a guy sizing guy. A guy is indeed ok way. This is a cell phone zoo. We should end it. Yes, this is firm and eight thirteen. Signal Sciences, India, guys listen up, take notes on. He reaches out. First, ok,. I don't agree. I mean I've shot my shot multiple times in I've been
one in eight has in effect India, while so I mean in according to mean. My studies it as in like affected things, some unlikely they like you, it doesn't matter if you eyes rays but I think like. If they I mean, I guess it's, it's good. If it's a mutual reaching, yes to initiate plans, sure yeah That's a big one year. I guarantee you play initiating plan so any who he always here happy around you. I mean the address certain extent, but also leg. You know what, if his fucking fish died. It's like! Ok, oh my god. His face. I need not happy around me. It has a he's. Persistent Secondly, annoying sorry well depends on what is a healthy level. There like actually know being persists in his good. Ok, we'll be in a credible way of evil than yeah he'll always want to when you over body language queues who make eye contact with you.
Your arm, leaning when you speak, that's all that's all hocus pocus! I mean I do that's like fucking, everyone, I'm very touch ia, You can be yourself run him and it makes him like you even more look at his fucking stupid ass photo of this guy boy and then ran on Thursdays. Owe me a little bit love or shut up anyways. Ok, personally, when I like somebody, I myself around them immediately, usually as I'm getting older, getting easier, but it's hard for me in the best. He really listen. You have to say yes, Ladys. If he's not listening, you can you fucking cut him off, please, oh, my god. Stop there aren't listening to you. You need this. we german insane dinner. He makes future plans yeah, I guess like not not abolish
We should not see this Muslim one read married anywhere away, dress in aware or pigs veto with it Oh dear, I like not bad. These are planned. I liked being like you, the kitchen movie in six months. The app exactly know nonsensical you bring as you do in life. Yes, we said that here It's a lot about you any tells you had so nice, I'll. Tell you when I like about you anyways, let's hear opens up to you. That's good cares. I your needs sure I'm sick of this tiny who basically moral. The story is it's just it's basically a blood. In the the dating seen you're just trying to fucking, make it work and have the time who knows if it's gonna. Last and usually doesn't, but sometimes it does in that's what you have to remember anyway. I have enjoy this very, very teeny out episode of stupid genius, Well, you got something useful out of it and if you didn't well,
I'm done recording and I have nothing else to say. So. That's all you got our. I love you guys by he.