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Why Do Fevers Raise Your Body Temperature?


We all know the awful feeling of running a high fever, but why does it raise our body temperature? Emma takes this one head on. She also takes a deep dive into some of her favorite conspiracy theories!

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Ramble. Thank you to beat to sandy water to wed the podcast response. Wings, episode of sewage genius beat you sandy water to what is a comedy podcast featuring dramatic readings of one star of use written by real people would not so real problems, whether it's a bars, no throughout policy, a nude beach with too much nudity or a school psychologists fashion. Sense now is the time to answer. Reviewers complain about all prepare for equal amounts of laughter, and I rolling, as Christine, also caused of in that's. Why we drink in her brother Alex cover a new topic, each such a strip, clubs in Vegas goes towards a new Orleans or DM bees in Phoenix they nobody delve into the cesspools of Yelp Tripadvisor in other review sites to finding the best. If the world listen to beat you sandy water to add on Spotify wherever else you get your podcast. Thank you
Granting subsidies to the juniors tag eyes, welcome ACT as human genius be having a good day. Allow smooth Eliza was zone, I really really somewhere, and I know that they found the two. Secondly, runaways recorded it fuck you to work hard for life anyways today, we're talking about Why too fevers raise your body temperature in L, a year ago today I had mono and it was it was the worst thing that ever happened to me leg easily model. I hope you never get it guys. Don't drink from IRAN's water bottles. Leg just told you that it was Like I literally over ninety straight. It rarely went away breaking the fever was a nightmare. I was at the er like literally every other day, for it cuz. He could not figure out what it was cuz my nose hard to find in your body. Lincoln, never mind it. So basically
I'd like a terrible he's, mono lovely. I didn't get tired those weird things. Holes like I had Mano, but I didn't have a lot of the symptoms, but is really bad. So I add a fever four nine days and then actually this year around my birthday, I added some sort of. Virus again, they gave me fever for almost two weeks. And I was really offer the county all I did not get out of bed for two weeks. I literally was on my couch I would just be like leg literally leg: half Nay in all my gouge under a blank with a heating, bad but sweating with it. In fact, at the same time- and I would be sleeping, but I'm like drench I would like to- The blanket my couch like out drenched there my couch my heating bad was wet, like I literally ruined one of my heating pad. They think, because I sweat on it so much that it just like died like I was wrecked. I get like really. My ass kicked so
today were dying, though I fevers make your body Rayson temperature, which for me is apparently something that is. Did my life a lot, as I have done some shady fevers, especially within the last year, and I really really hope I don't get sick anytime soon, because I like that she will white. I get white like some people that we like half sig, would like in half. Do it like that half function like for me, I get the most incredible won over we're fevers that literally like making, so that I, can't walk and like I can't even like do anything he sleeps up I'm here He was now they have my bodies. I want to know why it makes her body temperature like why Why am I add, a solid one of where every time I get sick almost going laws, but why does avenue me you know, Why does happen to you we're going to find out before we do I've loved dogging like fucking family feuds? Does it makes me
feel something or like I'm a fucking news anchors only, but before we get to that website the bag overdue Jeff over here, Jeff, yes, daisy, see. I condemn. Definitely do it. Oh my god. If I like being like you know. I can do you Jim anymore, I'm just going to be here. news and answer, although I think they ve to wake up super early, not down for that any you so where do the day? It's let me to pronounce this hypothesis hypothesis, I'm sorry go ahead! Do if you do it, it's the hypothalamus again, the hypothalamus, really small region of the brain that plays a crucial role in many important functions, including releasing hormones in regulating bodies. Ok that actually helps I feel like we're really on something actually learn about this in biology we have, as I like islands in blank and then maybe like to follow it. but I don't remember all big jogger. It's just like a fuckin aims, a broken regret at this point, but
I did learn about this. My and I know has something to do with your body trying to fight off it's like almost like cosmos. I forget what that's called its leg. Well great the dumber. I am the better. The episode is so I'm not mad. That I forgot anyway just get into a guess number one was stupid genius is brought to you by cash app the number one finance app in the app store cache up as a free app. That makes it super easy to instantly send money to your friends. Your friend owes you money really want to settle up a giant group dinner. Someone paid for cash app is the app to use my friends and I use cash
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stupid genius when you download the cash for free from apps or today, give yourself some money for the holidays and support a good cause all at the same time. Thank you catch up. So much love. You guys, I guess number one is that when you're sick, so you of this virus in it's in your body and it's kind of affecting what's your body rights affecting you know fighting your body, twining yourselves or whatever you're red white blood cells, yeah, oh the red blood up right, so it's fun, your white blood cells and am in your bodies just trying to fight off right. Well, maybe when you get a fever, that's when The virus or the disease disease fucking disease like pornographic. So when the disease, No, I'm not an idiot damages a praying for. I swear to God. I don't think that when the virus
Thank you, I'm not that stupid. I hit scare. I'm like. Oh, my god like what are they gonna say save this. What do they say about what my mistake: anyways always right: for judgment, that's being on the internet, the internet owns me. Ok, I am slave are eight anyway. It's. When the virus gets access to the hybrid either Aramis and am, and because it hacking that party your brain that party or brain surgeon. Lose control and because that's the part of the brain, the can rolls your body temperature it loose. Control, and then your body gets really abnormally hot because it's not in full control because being intact. No I'm ok, but that was a good guess. It yet yeah Emma was good. Thank you! Yes, a yes guys was great your einstein. That's a good somewhat of actually Never I somewhat of actually Einstein
have been like, that's my guess: cause that's what science you should be when they were all figuring out, guessing testing, doing the math getting that Data data data whatever then they figure it out and then now it's in the text but who knows even right for FUCK's sake. Oh I want to talk about it, then my weird conspiracy about how I dont think anything is true. Anyways we'll get to that. So ok, I guess was rough gas number. Two is what Think it is so, let's see if I'm right, guess, number two, ok! So, basically, when the boy in your body is in your body. It's like a tie. King throughout your body right. So your boss, we need to do something to try to do The bacteria or another bacterial virus yeah, whatever wise, valuable, sometimes while but are trying to kill the virus
And one of the ways that can kill the virus is, if your body gets too hot brain. And so, if your body, its super hot, it just starts to kill virus because the virus can't live in that, in that condition,. and then they die or maybe they don't? Maybe some of them die maybe doesn't work who knows, but maybe, if you now fevers, it kills off other viruses and then bitch back to solve cycle. It is how that those really good- that's part of it actually. Is there more some people? Yes, you can. Answered like the the why I guess blown early talking about how is that happening? You know I'm ok you're right so, but yet it too clarify a yelp, some people do believe that or it's a thought that the purpose of body temperature rising is to kill off some bacterium. Things like that. So, but that's not the! Why? That's why it's This is about just kind of a result. Oh, let me sense, oh,
yeah, so ok in your first has had some good elements to it. Ok, guess somebody so basically way in Europe he's being attacked by a virus. messages get sent up by your body to table foulness and. Die without much like, are your how about a handle this that it is something I write and suicides a bunch of shit brain, so maybe it starts making you your nose, run or something. Or maybe makes you start sneezing trying to do things did make it help it. You know
maybe it's making your eyes water. Maybe it's making you get a fucking fever and get really hot. So why it happens is because your hypothalamus is told it needs to react and it does by giving you a fever. That's kind of the same answers, the last one honestly you're really close I'll. Give you that I guess you're here I'll me. How can body. Temperature rises, because an infection that fevers are caused by chemical called pirate djinns flowing through the bloodstream, Regions are a substance typically produced by a bacterium, arrogance, make their way to the hypothalamus in the brain, the pirate and bind to certain receptors in the Hypothalamus temperatures rice, one of a fever is thought to be to raise the bodies temperature enough to kill off certain bacteria and viruses sensitive to temperature changes. Ok, like Loki Fire by yeah Rail but I'm gonna kindly ass, my hypothalamus choose do its job.
will the better cause I can't be getting fevers ever again. I quit that yeah. I can't do that. I don't think there's anything worth having a fever leg. I we can name one thing: I've gotten hunter Migraines grains, my life in Migraines, while migrants urgent, really bad sucks too. I'd say: migraines in leg, migraines, constipated, fevers, nothing comes close to those just absolute terrors, an ideal with all those things you know it's. God gives his tough, his paddles to his soldiers in me being consummated ones? Week is just that. Ok, he's, like you know what you know, no one else can handle those things. Like me with a lot of mental strength, it takes a mental strength. It's not easy anyway, while leg is next known ass I might get a fever. I will live t a mainstream story from our coming out of my mouth fishing for compliments. You will see it.
not in Fiji, romola like fish for somebody reason like come over in like by bankers and even some weird I That, though, like I, like my friends like from legs there's something in it like em. Are you Cameron, You don't need me. I love that I'm very sensitive, I wanted to talk about how I dont think science is real, let's get into it So basically, every now, like the word download this episode, I can really get into my conspiracy theory. Tell me what you guys think I've always kind of felt like this. and I M here so. Number one I've, always God this weird subconscious anxiety about the fact that, like you know, if you think about it at one point like One the earth was flat in that might even still be true. I don't fucking now. I don't really believe that, but I mean you know all the Facebook groups that thing
the die, is I'm not gonna offend you all? You guys have it so none of my business but leg like science. Yes, there's tests to prove it I guess, but there's you so many issues with that for me, for one. How easily how easily could the Vermin or whoever is egg, tribute in these textbooks. Just fucking lie It I mean really really think about it. Like human beings, nobody's like a higher like nobody's like in some sort of like we're all. at the same level of human. So I mean. Obviously some people are more intelligent than others may being where's, intelligent side of things but like if there is like a group Of humans that we're just like, ok well
we don't really want them to know that the earth is shade. Lego Lego. rigour, tony noodle. We don't want them to know how fucking easily, could they be like? Ok, we're just gonna teach everybody that the earth is round you I don't know your nine space bitch. And if you are, it could be Another planet, I don't fucking care. I don't even know what I'm talking about, but you said something like that's a bad example or even like you, don't like it Some I just Felix, sometimes like we really don't know everything you know which is fine, but is he like they're lying like there's? No. look. There has to be some loss and if there is not, they could lie even the fact that even Everything is completely factual and somebody arguably yeah but am I'd, say Everyone knows if you have it,
you don't know that everybody who says yeah, but you know it's like no, there certain people that understand these things that are making the text books that are like making these things you now so I they add up to them. They want to lie that day. And they're lying everything it's lying anyways. So if every eye kills me, it's because this out. I don't give a fuck big. I knew it. Your lying there has to be. love thinking about it, we'll have a governess, yeah, ufos. Yes, definitely lying using their real sure like that had been the earth. Do you think no evil things? I don't look because, like I don't just because leg Because I don't think that it's like anything, have it wouldn't look like anything that we ve ever seen. So we wouldn't even know it doesn't. Look
fuckin real alien. It looks like Polly, I mean it could be invisible. A chameleon, invisible thing that you reach on you feed or maybe the like. We have no idea so like what We can actually even comprehend what that would be like or look like, because we ve never seen aids like a color that you haven't seen of theirs theirs, color you. Imagine a color! There doesn't exist like if there is a third or fourth primary color in whose called like blue We will be here something, and it was like you know, and it was I mean it. Be like anything we ve ever seen It wouldn't be a mixture of purple chasm that already exists. It would be This weird random of earth we don't even know. It would look like so like to me. I just love to think about all. Things that are worrying lie. Do about! I don't mind, No. I dont tell us of any reason why, and I tell you I'm here, I'm dying vegan. seventy years or so like I don't give a fuck like it's not going to affect me.
As long as these aliens don't come out in, like coming to my house in like eat Declan or something I'd like aliens or like eat. Animals or pets are like pull up another thing and start poking. You with sticks, like I mean just don't do that don't do that, if your, namely new listening, maybe don't do that and then also yellow, don't Like hat just leave me alone. It's fine. The other day, there's actually fireworks going off next door or know. Why would I just whole fuckin? Sorry, I'm in my apartment? like editing, I'm editing this thing right now offer my I like to like take clips for my camera like a blight clip from them. Oh yeah, I mean I'm dyin hundreds eclipse like little tiny clips of like fun, memories, If I make a merle and put them all together and with music and then watch it and fucking ball, my eyeballs out about the year I had, I have so many and many as an air and oppose the lions or whatever um editing that at this time and I
like I'm never upstairs and boil down to sum up stairs and I have to say deck and like a I can see over like a decent part of like see so well, I can see everything well, I sort hearing explosions. I fully thought. fully thought because they did not stop. It was like Crazy, boom sounds, but I didn't hear the crackle of fireworks was like ok so straight up, I'm about to be of doubt. Did I can't wait to tell this story? No one's gonna. Believe me, I'm gonna have a whole series on it. tree channel. I cannot way. I'm gonna me, you know get a vice documentary for FUCK's sake. I'm going to this will be my big brig, the skin yet my alien abduction, any who I get really free doubt actually cause it when on filling a minute in, unlike I mean, should be completely plainly honest. I kind of thought that, like it was like the apocalypse,
starting in, like you know, a meteor was coming and I was just going to die in the hole la was going to burst into flames. I mean I really got freaked out I have like, your paranoia about that. All the time that, like Elliot she's, gonna, get exploded and firmness in that's it and so I thought I was happening, but it wasn't in values, just fireworks. So like obesity, there, like lays lay just about to in flames, are like global warming is resorting to catch up and like the world's cracking in half, and then there's gonna be a split in the he's gonna, go all the way down to the earth score and I'm not fall down into it. I was like we just Every possible, though aliens are here. Their landing re now like every possible thing, and it was at I actually, where did shaking. I called my mama's idle what's going on but, like I think something's happening, and it was do you know that For you just randomly now living, it might have been memorial day but yeah, so alleys, crazy, the crazy
I don't I we got from aliens to these were the crazy thing is in a way honor. the July. If you go to a really high viewpoint where you can see the whole city cuz there are, you, those in a we can see everything like if you're up in an Yasser, basically pure, like an eye if you're in an area where you can see down at all of the like bustling areas of valet like downtown and Polly wood and all that aid is the crazy shit? Have you ever seen this where, if you can see that in its just there's the whole sky at a certain level is just covered with It's so cool, there's cool videos out there like planes, landing, Inter Alia, again with Indonesia, fire where AIDS crazy. So, like I got two years ago, I found this place and I was like oh shit anyway, just crazy so anyway, that's relevant, but I just I've never seen it is like where I grew up his leg legal fireworks. Ah, my street.
And leg my street only, and that was it if that and then they became illegal and then it was just like, like everyone's around eighty would go off and everybody scared like screaming and then like the dogs are under the bed in the cats are fuckin, like you know, tensing up their little back sort around. So yeah I mean I don't know just crazy ironing fireworks, illegal and allay, but I know met a bit, you listened, including myself, so only gone jail, ivory, I've, never let off via work or about them. It's always been migraines is, please feel free to arrest them, but I am innocent unless the witness, FUCK guess: who's going to jail, whatever anyway speaking of aliens. What else is going? Oh I'll, I on how this so bad may dismemberment so funny speaking of my conspiracies about aliens, let's say goodbye.
to around two thousand and ten, maybe maybe another nine when animal plan- came out with their mermaid series about the fucking. Mermaid. Now, as I am nice ripe nine year old, ok, maybe by the time like this aid came out like two or three, I think and watching those from the cameras like seven, the lake, thirteen and. I remember vividly I gone this family vacation every year to This little beach town, actually the exact we shall I'm a fucking too. Meeting where I met my. curly hair. We would I rather than that last the last this of this episode, You wanna hear about that. The down that either track meat in there. I am about to say So my lads episode I base. That was my the
First real love of my life. I met at that track, meet so feel free to him that anyway, same town, we go there every year for, like family vacation and all my cousins As we know, all around the same age were watching this animal planet special. bout mermaids, all of us being so obsessed with that we love, delay all love. All of us live like marine biology at that. Time are obsessed with the ocean in AIDS and all those things. So I should We make us Monday Marine biologist, then I stopped carrying about. my main agri still care, but is it I don't want to make that my job? I let the other kids do that that care, but anyways So basically, if you don't know what it is, it's basically, this documentary that it's kind of a reenactment of what is supposed to be a story about We have some guy. this mermaid on a beach, and then he took it with him.
Or something or he got a video or something and then they like found the remains in especially the whole story about how the govern saw that evidence improve mermaids from him, and then it just dissipated into thin air and now everybody he. But then some the government took the evidence was among those photos of yeah. So animal planet, made this documentary. Well me thinking when it was strictly factual, I was like. He knew I was a mermaid, I knew it, I knew it. I knew that part mermaid. Every time I get into the hot tub or I go to the pool at a steal. My slippers coming out oh my god, speaking that my cousin, ok I'll, get that next. Oh, my god, I'm love reliving this so anyway, cousin and I m my cousin Zeiner as this for us, we all were just fucking frothing.
moreover, this fuckin documentary in there was three of a man we just couldn't stop. Fully believed it was real. You know cause. Why wouldn't we were young and the Never said like this is fictional, so how the, fuck was my nine year old Idiot South. My brain barely worked at that point that I'm. So. How was I supposed to know completely fictional I was even based on, was round. Sixteen I remember I was round sixteen. And I could afford that even exist ain't? It was like a great part of my childhood driver and I recently We are saying like I was today years old when I found out that the Annan Plan, a mermaid documentary, was not real. I Literally put my phone down, had to just think about everything that I've ever believed and just like I realising holy shit, I could really believe anything because I would have still probably believed that story was a relatively real. If, like noble
Would it told me different what is say about humans, no wonder the earth's price shapely. How can we get Tony we're not gonna know, because I believe me. I consider myself that dumb I've a decent iq and I still believe that the murmur documentary on animal when it was real. What is that about humanity as a whole, our response, a fucking. Even how are we supposed to believe everything I could tell you I'm fucking pregnant guys, I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant. I'm not pregnant. Did you believe me, though a little bag? You started to believe me. I could be bloated. Wonder ya: you'll have I'm pregnant, I'm crazy, so like this is the thing is that we are cheap I just can't trust anybody. I am a sheep. I am. But I'm a mermaid, cheap and enough the matters so moving on, that that was a whole dramatizing experience. I lit I called my parents in bitch them out nose like. you, mother fuckers. It was
Santa. It was the tooth fairy, and now it's a fucking animal planet, Mermaid document or who that's a really good. We three that Ngos we ve got so funny again. Ok we'll get to that, but anyways so yeah we live in just leave it about that, but might just on a more positive note my cousin and I actually just guys in? So? Basically, we were as with mermaids, it all started with a documentary, and then we just got obsessed with Mermaids he's like about my age, were both she's a year younger than me, and we both, Always loved the same things, those who was Club Penguin, and then it was like webcams and then it was like me, no fuck whatever we always had the same obsessions at the same time, and so we both got obsessed with mermaids and my cousin, whose somehow I don't have a fuck. She found as our minds way. Don't get the kids internet. She found this
The website that was like those junkie website. Like I mean it was like fucking definitely will like. It was a black market thing for like organs like it was literally so scary looking and it was website it sold real life. Three hundred dollar murmur tails were basically you put your feet in it right, so you roll it down and you put your feet into it and then and then it your feet go into these like animals, and then you roll it up over you're like ways whatever and then you basically a former mattel in a future legs bind together. When my parents were leg, Sorry, eighty eight, no we're not by you that you idiot! No eighty you're, never gonna, fucking user, uniting meaning able to swim. You're gonna drowned with that. That's like swimming with your legs. Can good luck? Well, my cousins parent, for some reason. Apparently her or something. No. My dear
just they were not about buying me bullshit like it I mean I respect. I now have to be the same way but like her, parents were like Germany, and I was like Casey Casey. Look at me. That were sharing math and she was like bitch. I, yes so she orders this mermaids hell, I swear to God. It takes two months to come. I'm calling your everyday like where's, the Mermaid Dale Hate, Casey, yeah where's, I'm hoping it wears a mermaid tale household, annulled, terrorism or retail everyday. Finally, the mermaids outcomes, and I remember I, governor ass. She looked pretty close Anna, from putting nothing on. I knew I knows it was amazing privatizing I've ever experiences which it was like it felt like a glove on. less, and we just there
the best three hundred dollars or parents had ever spent, and it's a Surrender, Georgia, parents are arrogant, assent spent, send it sent well spent I don't think you're barons are ever college, does even come close to the impact of that fucking Mermaid tale had on in case nothing there. It was I it was the best I've ever whatever so grandpa grandparents have this community pool connected to their like town so amazed swimming every weekend in ages. Remember the first time we shut up with that shit. Every imagine this in slow motion. me and my cousin Casey walking in radio over her shoulder we're walking. Slow motion looking at each other, looking back Fucking Walgreens but brat sunglasses going on, while he in all the girls use every single girl in the pauses And they all work it as we have this fucking three hundred dollar mermaid tail. Okay, we get in the pool were
fucking going at alarming speeds. That thing made us go so fuckin fast leg. We were just zero, it was crazy. I I want to get it wait. Low key. straight up, would not mind investing in another one. I would literally straight the fuck up another one just because it was so impact format. that new best believe I'm getting on my kid it'll be the kind of thing that's gonna give that you get for your kid. If you get that for your kid before they ask for it, you are the best parent, because you know kids parents like here's a book, So our books, they want of organ mermaid tales. If you using this gayer your a mermaid tail, the freak, the fuck out. They will freak out. My mom. What to guide me Mermaid tale. I would literally, I would never talk back again, but she didn't so. I'm still a bitch and that's it before we go.
ok, let's Taiwan, this I wanna get your thoughts and a few popular conspiracy theories. Oh I'd love it first, ok, Loch Ness Monster Oh were interesting. Okay, so I I actually. Yes, Ok, so I those younger. That was something that I had he's. Weird obsessions with, like kind of if Sir, like fairytales as a kid and one favorite ones, was the logs monster, because I read books about it as a kid and also there's about my dad my dad told me story once about Loch Ness monster It was a really stuck with me, as he always told me stories that we're like real fake, whatever all of the above, and so that was one of em, and I remember that really was really like a cool thought to me. They always put a really cool image in my head. I don't believe in it, but I love
but I like love the idea of it, like it's very, like nostalgic for me to think about bad, like see that image of what I thought it looked like and I always love things that were in water. So, like that to me, was just so cool and am Yes, I love that one, but no, I don't believe in it bigfoot. Ah, I love big what is that shit so funny my dad and I used a watch we would wish, like videos of like Bigfoot sightings in every fucking time easy? Is it to put a big food food park? How easy it is to put a big foot? suit on an run in the forest in we'll figure. But I mean it's easy. It is so easy, but there's my dad re now. He would prime he loves big foot. He really know he'd. He knew he fucking new he's. No! No! I think I know, but I we did have believe in big foot, but then again
I would say the commercial for that beef to argue that use ever sat squadron the commercial and think that was a says, a scotch citing and the like. van rolling over that, like I was kind of stupid, so I don't believe in it. One evening it or leg it came from They came from the fact that, like home, you sapient things looked a lot like in may be back in the day when there was an overlap that could have been then when I was a missing link as they call right so like that could have been that so anyways you haven't. I I don't believe in that currently dawning does any such thing as a big foot interests me bears scary enough and they will tell you so one last one for you great, you know when you're going on an elevator that button that says door close. Does that we say no, no, no, no, no! No! No! no, because my fucking elevator, my apartment building, I swear to God. I swear to God, I press it
Seventy times in I've, never once in my life had there later door close any quicker ever and not. Even that even in the building. I'm in re now nope what action? is a quick elevator, those good elevator, but the Elvis No. I am fully convinced that it doesn't work I've. Never in my life, elevators are one of those irritating things that exist actually had a phobia them for a while there I got over it, but I was really scared of elevators. I don't know what that was. He's just a peer pressure thing is everyone here the elevators, but, like I used to be free debate, but now forget, I love an elevator unless, unless it's not a fast one, then than its cancelled, my eyes, but I think we know my answer. That is anyway. Okay, so great that was we're fine. I hope because had a great time listening if I have agreed to take a deep breath and an eye,
don't forget to re ravines discourtesy would you needs an apple podcast, Spotify or whatever else you gear podcast go to the comments about of August and tell me what episode you want me to do next. Thank you for listening they're awesome and I will to add another at a later time.