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Why Do We Dream?


Emma's had some crazy dreams, and you've no doubt had some too. She's going to try to figure out their meaning, and why we even have them at all.

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Ramble, I remembered Chamberlain industry would genius. The bank has where I'm stupid and am also a genius today we're going to be talking about. Why do we do we? Actually, I think animals dream to anyways before we get into it. Let's talk a about dreaming, So I got their faces were dreaming. Sometimes I'm dreaming like every day other times are not dreaming at all I'll go months without dreaming and then I'll go weeks where I can't see without having a dream recently, recently, even during a fuck tunnel naps just because I've been like really, I don't know, I think I'm hormone also I've been getting really sad, sometimes and then, when I'm sad, I take a nap and then, when I wake up, unlike bit, I don't care anymore, I'm good now so yeah says that I've been doing I'm amending letter naps and
every time I ve nab too recently I've been I've had a completely like life. altering and dream whether it's a nightmare or just like a crazy dream. That is so vivid that when I wake up, I'm like shook to my core unlike ILO Gwig up and I'm like a changed person because of these dreams, and I've been having like I've got, one of them was the I in my dream. I went to an event and At this event,. Timothy shall may was there. This is not a job like I'm not making up the stream. and we were like placed at the same table. And so I was like talking to him and we ve been friends like instantly and we best friends, and I think this is amazing because in real life, I'd love to be best friends of Timothy Zhao me I mean who the fuck What are you ok, Enzo yeah anyway, I woke up in It was pretty sad
was like holy shit? I just developed a whole ass friendship with tv show me my dream and I just woke up that she wasn't even real like he doesn't even know why I am leg. Like I can't I've just slipped through my little fingers, I will get very upset. and my friend was actually at my eyes when I had this nap and I woke up, and I was like I'm I'm sorry but like I'm, really upset like Itunes music. Why? And I was like like you, don't even know the half of it like. I just like I'm a heart again in Vienna. We talked about it. I got through, but anyway, so those are the kinds of dreams. I've been having down the worst, but what more about dreams of end of episode. Good I've had some crazy s. Dreams like predicting predicted my future, unlike I will get into that yeah cause. I'm will never get to the actual. I don't know like point. fucking Amazon so before we.
Guess why, as humans dream of kinda, the word of the day, the stupid genius word of the day is remsen into REM. Stage of sleep ram stand for abbot, I movement, and this is the period of sleep a neutral. It's also a name of a ban to wrote a song called tonight swimming because it deserves a quiet. Night did not love. Google, it ok Why am I so? I am like the master at entering ram sleep like I'm, not even kidding lay I literally. I lay down- and I close my eyes and I'm immediately in rhyme sleep like it's. It's unbelievable and I get into it. So quick, I sleep so deep, like I'm not kidding, I through alarms. I sleep through like explosions. I sleep through bombs. I sleep through. fires. I sleep through leg murder like I literally. Nothing can wake me up and
pretty amazing, not dimension. If you can like have if you can enter Remsen during a short nap, you are that bitch and, like I I bet you because I can do that. Like I literally I literally way down- and I shut my eyes and I'm dreaming immediately. It's insane, and not always but a lot of times. It's like that. I love that about me, so I Oh I mean maybe it's a schism. Sleep deprived silly. It's really easy for me. Like start, say: deeply, because I might just I'm craving it at all times. So, like the second, I close my eyes and bodies like between need to get to work at this, isn't gonna happen for very long, and it really will never happen again so, like my bodies is kind of I'd or mode when I close my eyes and it's like timed- it just sleep as hard as they can before its time in push it to its limits once again, but anyway, I would love, know more about rem, sleep and why I am so good at it, but that's all I met a we're talking about why we dream as humans. You know also
I'm really tired or in Africa reason, because I really got a good night's sleep and I was like Remsen leaving the fuck up. You know, but I'm still really tired, so I'm talking a little bit slower than normal kind of like I'm a little bed, I feel look up drunk this morning and I like em, not I I'm not even remotely drawn guy a dab? Add no I'll gall. So, Why do I feel, like I think I just like like why it's not fair, like there are people at clubs last night they woke up this morning, moral alert in awake than I did in Ireland fucking do anything I literally went to bed like, What I am and just didn't do shit in, unlike any feeling, I'm hung over. So it's just like the universe. It's not fair like, maybe maybe you should serve fuckin raging on Saturday night, so that
like, maybe that maybe I wake up more alert December verily. What I'm doing now isn't working anyway. Let's get into our gas is as to why humans dream. I'm really I'm. I have a lot of different approaches to this so as to scare it into a guess number one: special thanks to honey. First sponsoring today's episode of stupid genius. Listen up! Ok, it's coming the biggest shopping day on the internet. Yep. It's Amis, on Prime day, the most insane day of savings across the internet's largest marketplace. But did you know that there is such a thing as prime Day every day? Yes, that is possible with honey. honey, is a free browser. Ascension that searches the internet for coupon codes, then like magic, honey automatically applies them to your card at check out for maximum savings.
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Why would I want to do that? So honeys been helping out a lot with that, because I've been using Amazon so much Thank you. Honey to your browser for free in just two clicks. It's that easy! saving today on Prime day in no honey for free. I join honey, dog coms, A super genius again: that's join honey, talk, com, slash, stupid genius, honey, online savings. Online savings simplified. Thank you, honey. First being the best you guys are drop dead, gorgeous Ok, I have to dig this, because ok, this is getting it makes reviews my guess. No one's gonna get majority is because, This is definitely not going to be the right answer, but I want to talk about it anyway. Cause I ll the idea of it, but it certainly not going to be right, but then again not proven right or wrong. So there actually could be right, but you don't know yet, as humans.
so my guess number one is the dreams are a higher power, whether that God or us. Here it or something we can comprehend, I don't really know cause. I you know I'm not really religious, so I am spiritual into my own little ways. definitely believe in in things, but I'm not religion, I don't have a religion that I you know like follow but I do believe in in this shit like in the spiritual shit. You know, like what if it's higher power. Speaking to you, ok thank The only way that it can speak to you is through your dreams, biggest think about it, like ok Your dreaming, it's very subconscious in it, It's very unexplained, but, unlike the shit that happens in your dreams,
How is your brain coming up with that on its own ivy league there, needs to be another source. coming in here in switching things around to make you think a little bit more like ok, me for example, right you know, universe was trying to say like patient you. Intimidation may will be best friend soon in this. What it's gonna be like, it's gonna, be great, but you Be patient any damn him high for the fifty a time limit. I am not cat, Allowing Timothy I just want to be his friend like that's it like. Nothing creepy here, literally, I don't even want alike, you don't need to see something like this sorry we. Why am I any charming? This has nothing to do with anything, but I do love him a little baby like just like I just wanna, is best to you like I wanna be, is dog like I want him to literally put a leash roaming ignored, even in a kinky or we're way, and just fuckin walk me around. I want to be literally his bitch.
don't care like I just like oh my god, I'm no regret this. I'm so gonna regret this. If he ever Somehow he wall, but if he ever hear this, he won't that I'm kidding the thing that I'm serious and he's gonna be fucking. Terrified me Timmy, listen, I'm fucking kidding for one and for two. like ever since you were my dream. Like I've leg, I felt I'm your best friend in like it is weird for me. It's weird for me because I feel, like I know you now He became best friends in my dream. The thing is here question this is something that makes me think that there's a higher power kind of leg during all some some in my dreams. Right because in my dream, like. The Timothy shall me there was in my dream, had a full personality right leg,
saying things that I or whatever, like cattle we developed personality. How, brain come up with that shit on its own. that's what I'm wondering like I feel like you know, let's just use- I don't let us use. God is like a some sort of metaphorical term like let's just use it as a broad term, is like a higher power like God or whatever was leg, was like. We're just gonna, take a clone of Timmy Input in her dream. I love giving people, I don't know nicknames. It makes me feel tat. Anyway larger drive, and I know that for too long now dislike seem like a fucking credit for one, and my guess number one long story short. Is that higher bowers try to speak to you through the your dreams, yes or no see ya, say no, because you guys are haters but
I believe it like ok give a fifty years in, like some sort of like really futuristic. Scientists will be like that will end up being the right answer. A gay well but the of a more scientific here. Let's see we can do gas number two, get a little bit more biology with it. Ok from guess number two So the only time that your dreaming is when you're sleeping right and when you're sleeping your kind of Alfred the count, ok you're not doing Amy, saying you're, being a lazy visa shit, you're on doing anything, you're sleeping your laying there being a fuckin lump you're getting shit you're getting thing done, you're being a loser and you are wasting time. You are doing anything with your life and you are wasting it. So much precious time and you're being a
fucking loser! You are just you just missing out, hopefully kidding sleeping is like literally depressing that exists, but when you're sleeping you're not doing shit. That's what I'm trying to say here. You know your brain is a very active organ in your body right leg. Your brain is like always moving always doing more! so your brain is always leg. It's always awake! Okay, so even when you're sleeping in your body is like resting, your mind is still awake, because if it is in, then you die. So I'm thinking is you know. Bodies is when you're, full body sleeping your brain is kind of like ok. I really have anything to do. I now because, like the body that I'm connected to adjust chillingly got only have anything to do. So, like I'm gonna to start, I'm gonna put on some play some Nepal on a play. I'm gonna start creating very vivid scenarios.
I'm the age of having fun playing around and it creates these dreams- re literally crazy, we're looking for me for example, like one time I had a dream that I am going to move away from the Timothy Chalet Dream so that. although I love talking about it for some reason, like I've realised through this episode that I'm every I really love dream. And that's only really do need to talk about with my therapist, like what does that mean for me like I, why am I so obsessed with that dreaming? Why have I talked about it for half of this episode like do I need help and- Yeah, like is unhealthy anyway saga about you as on the other next week, but another dream that I actually reoccurring dream is me shedding myself in a Walmart and then having to change my pants leg, whatever I changed my pants like in the Walmart before I get back into my car. In the thing, that's like that it. That's like scarier makes me an anxious or makes it almost in a marriage that they're, like I'm, trying not to get caught by the employees like because I'm literally like
new in public trying to change my pants. Anyway. So what I'm saying is like, let's refer to that dream for this, for this next, these funds next guess leg. you know my brain is just bored right, so it's let's like, let's just like like almost put on a movie. It's like put aids like it's like like making a movie in its self. Saint Tain itself to entertain itself right so like yeah, basically, your brain is board in nothing better to do so just starts making these vivid. And also just a little fun. You don't owe me like. Just like US just a little fun, you know me. I mean like just like us. It has nothing better to do. You feel me, it's not that deep! It's not like Doesn't need to be deep, it's just Your brain is board
Yes or no house guess you spoken cut, my often well about it? God those go take a fucking nap while amount than just stop this episode. Now until we getting ok. Are I whatever your well get into gas number three This is my most scientific guess. I really have no idea. This might be like the first episode of Wild, where I just like. Don't I'm not even close to anything like I get everything wrong, so, let's do it. Thank you, hallo, French. First sponsoring today's episode of stupid genius. If you don't know what, how afresh is its your cousin number one meal kit where you can gets seasonal recipes that pre, measured in very fresh in very good, deliver, I do your door all you have to It was cook it and enjoy it and eat it and share with your friends or don't up to you. That's your decision.
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we do, I might not be doing a lot less, but it might just be working equally as hard, but in other areas you know leg. Oh oh badge, ok hold on, I decided I did something totally dawned on me. I'm going a different route, see at source continuing with that, when yours, sleeping, maybe maybe one area of your brain shots off in another one turns on and or brain is using a different area of the brain when yours we being that area of the brain being Europe, sleeping part. I don't like that. I don't think that's right. Fuck. maybe like, maybe the way that the brain works when you're sleeping is just different, you don't mean cause it's not it's not! it's not like helping. You pick up, your phone out, your pocket
right it's not it's! It's like Your brain is in doing the dated a shame when you're sleeping it's just Chillun, they're doing other stuff, and that is dreaming, because when you're sleeping you're not you're the party or brain there is used first stuff that you do when you're awake, such as lake, why King running you all that automotive stuff, because that area of your brain is in being used when you're sleeping another area of your brain is being used in that area is where dreams come from. that I'm having a fucking tough time. Ok but in my onto something, should I keep flushing this outer my going in the wrong direction? oh shit, ok, wait, vows, may produce or she's helping me make better vodkas of those making They like this shit, this
it's over So, let's think here the reason why your brains or a visa guess number three point: five were re routing because I really want to try. I mean I I you know I really want to try. So maybe it's your brain practicing. Scenarios for real life so nature. He always on your toes, because, like for example like for the dream that I had about be about shitting in Walmart. You know what I have started me many times before, it will probably start again, and you know the dream I had helped me. Learn more about shorting, and now is my brain being like. I know you do this So I want to help you get more. So
instead the shorting field, without even having to leave that shit, no pun intended funny but yeah like it's like it's like your brain kind of power this running scenarios so that you can get familiar with things without actually having to leave them. Omnific headed off, there getting mad at this point. So cast number three point. Five.
Yes or no. How is that? That's right, ok, waiting before I comment on his own here. The officially answer was here. The officially answer here is your answer to: why do we dream animal studies and advances in brain imaging have led us to a complex understanding that suggests dreaming could play a role in memory. Learning and emotions. Rats, for example, have been shown to replace a waking experiences in dreams, apparently helping them to solve complex tasks such as navigating maize's. I'm professor fuel of war- and that was the stupid genius answer of the day that is so essential stealing because, like that, it's crazy. They may because leg, it's crazy the human brain like I always think about things so like black him. Why, when it comes to science like there's cells,
there is skin and there is and you have a muscle and you have nerves, and I don't really think- the fact that leg you know the human body also like it factors, Like emotional elements, and there in your. your body can function sometimes strictly to help you emotionally. Do you know, I'm saying that's like crazy to me, because it's not like Like your body, also, it's not just doing. The bare minimum, like it also is helping you. Emotionally, you know any: So I wonder you know, there's a lot like wondering to MIKE you dream more when you're going through it like you need that, like more help, you know speaking So actually Bolton will now said way out of this and we'll talk about me, her yeah, it's bizarre aloud don't get around me, that.
Ok, so now certain remy- oh my god, I'm so sorry so basically, I've got a few dreams of my life that I've like changed. My life. Which has been like insane and one of them being. really random. So let me tell you the story side, on vacation. It was the summer before fifth grade, I believe I was I was on summer vacation and I was in Maine. That's where I vacation often during the summer and I woke up one. He and I had a crazy dream. The night before The dream was that I went to HU, a middle school. I went to the middle school that my cousins went to. My cousins live near me. I had a dream that I went to their middle school, called central middle school. And you know there is really no reason for me to have.
A dream. Let me go into this middle school like it was just so random right and I planning on going that middle school, I was planning on going to a middle school. That was like in line to go to, I would have to like switch districts and stuff like that to go to this other middle school, but I added like switch districts and such like that to go to this other middle school, but I had a dream about it and for some reason. like. The dream really really hit me like. I don't know why, but I was like I woke up in My brain immediately was like you need to go to. You need to transfer middle schools next year and you need to go to this middle school and it was an eye did not know what it meant. I didn't know why I had the dream. I didn't know like why I woke up literally programmed leg, you cannot do you have. The transfer middle schools and you have to go to the middle school next year because I was going to go to elementary school for one more year because, like what
Work is that's how the town I lived in its it was kind of a complex situation. I won't get into the details, but, like I was was have one more year in elementary school and then because I was gonna start at was sixth grade through a whereas central Middle School, the one that I had the dream about was fit through if and so weirdly enough. I had the stream and my call my mom and I was like. Can you can Transfer me, two central middle School she leg yeah and I was like ok, and I went there for for years and I am so convinced them my life would have been. So I mean I mean I know it would have been my it would have been so so different if I would not have transferred mental schools leg, you know the Hobbes, I ended up finding the friends I in meeting the,
school, I ended up going to because of the fact that I went to the middle school. All of things you know sperience as I had. Why don't you she's, quiver, merely crying and really getting. But experiences I had at that middle school shaved me so much not dimension like Everything about it like I'm, so glad I am that middle school riddles was absolutely associated for me, but I don't care because leg I swear to god- and I don't know why. But I am fully convinced I wouldn't have ever started Youtube if I wouldn't want to that middle school, because they think that the level of vague the shit I had to go through, because I want to them middle school because in even the high school I went to afterwards, it was tough socially and also like whatever there would have been that bad at the other. I wonder what went to another I school. Like I'm so grateful, though
I ended up having that dream, for whatever reason, if I wouldn't I've, had a dream, I would not have gone to that middle school and I would not have been in turn on the high school I went to and Who knows what I would have been like? Who knows who my friends would have been. Who knows what my passion wouldn't like its everything would have been so different. So listen to your dreams, people! No I'm serious, like I don't know why it happened like that and I other dreams about. things that have ended up, like you know, I can't think of any right now, but I have definitely add a few weird ass. dreams or have woken up like completely like almost I get had spoken to me. Oh my god, I'm gonna, literally leagues, I'm gonna get at least there will be at least. Ten calls, the LAPD being like daughter arouse. She is disturbed What is she talking about she's like some sort of like she, needs help gene therapy, whatever and yes, I do but
but now I mean man. I truly believe that, like my dreams of enemy at times and like the one about two minutes, Amerika. I know what it means, yet, I'm to figure it out later. I onawandah it means. Yet Tunisia may realising those I literally I'm not calling you I'm not being like a guy like I want to day utilities Emma. I don't I let me like look. I don't know what I'm saying is like I'm just saying that, like I, like? I really am drawn you a human being. I feel like we're very similar to lie. We get along really well and whatever I just I'm calling Sandra long time. listen. I was actually like this. You know. Let me even of another example of this I used to be like this in high school, where they're ugly people that I had no idea who they were. I knew nothing about them. I didn't want to date them like what they lose a guy like. I didn't want to date them. It wasn't like a crush on them or anything like that. Just something about their energy that I was like obsessed with, like I've always been like that find like it's rare, but very rare like this, maybe be haven't me once every like five years, where find somebody
they don't even really know that. Well, I just him so drawn to them for no reason- and you know, there's been a lot of people in my life like friends that I have currently we're like. I wasn't like that with them. I didn't like I wasn't like weirdly infatuated by their energy, like I like, didn't really care our life, you know why I, like you know, How do they were cool, but it wasn't like. I was obsessing over the fact that leg they had an energy that, like I, was really obsessed with, like I'd like, or you know, sometimes with evil. That are that. I'm now for like that I've become friends with like I found now that I'm obsessed with their energy after becoming friends with them. You don't mean it and vice versa, like whatever, with whatever but there are certain people. Timothy shall may being one of them. I have no idea who he is. I know nothing about him, but for some reason, like from sing like him in a few movies and marching in an interview, because it showed a makes four page now obsessed with him, because I feel like we would be best friends and get it
they actually a random guy. Oh my god, I hope is not listening to this in leg sophomore year, of high school. You didn't go to my school, but in a literally didn't know him and I didn't want to date him or anything. I didn't care, but I just but he was so fucking cool. I want to be friends with them, so bad and I never came friends of them by But, like I don't know like this is like a reoccurring theme for me, so I'm just trying to say that it's like this is something that I like it. It's like a disease that good comes over me and I ll get obsessed with people for no reason when which is weird now to carry to for me because most design, I like don't I dislike to the south- so like when I'm really like whatever, but anyway, So how does that make me look like now that I just said all that like like how is that did that land for you, I'm wondering like did that just make me sound like a sociopath
I think, would be the opposite of a sociopath like it would make it be like I like, like actually like, enjoy p enjoy certain energies that can feel that which would make me not a sociopath. reality. I don't have that made me sound, Creevy, ok, Kevin edits, is right, Kevin cut out a little bit of Timmy Shit, all right leg, Cuz, it makes me sound creepy, because I've been obsessing about it. This whole episode and I and I don't want it to come off wrong. That's the thing like I don't care to know what actually fuk it I don't care. because if he is listening to this end, his leg I'm not even word. I am listening to those like. That's not embarrassing. I moralising, unlike I'm embarrassed using, is whoever you are and being an age she is weird, like. Why is she you
why ringing she so much and like I would even go as aiming if I was you Kevin you actually to cut out the tempest of whenever, like I don't know, I'm uncompleted honestly, this won't like I'm not kidding, like in self sabotage mode recently, like I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm letter I'll care like bucket, like I just don't care at these words like. Like why is ok, but for me like what you, but I don't get, is leg. Why is shorting more tat, we offer our no no, why is shorting less taboo for me, then talking, an actor that, like a ninety percent of women, would are like obsessed with you I mean like. Why is like a solely for me a more comfortable talking about me shitting myself in Walmart, whether to dream or not than talking about you know a heartthrob that everybody's obsessed with
I'm not special for this one in like I want to be totally giving. that's it for today's episode of y'all, I hope had fun. I hope that you have some fun dreams. You know for you close your eyes? Look like I'm the closeness. I'm gonna manifest that tonight you ever dream that you you and your crush weathered celebrity whether AIDS, Jeremy or Natasha that six next to you in science class, whether it your boss, whatever type a weird shit, you have gone on in your brain leg, that take that crush. Ok, I'm manifesting for you that you have a dream that you in that crush go to Disneyland in you.
The garden candy and you get Goin rides and he buys you or she saw em like starting to do this You know that that your crush buys you. Submerged, whom did emerge whenever anyone babe it's yours and you're. Here rush hold your hand, I hate holding hands. Normally. I would know much about that. Brazil, but anytime anywhere he's ever held my hand openly bids. I don't like this is. then afterwards after because you're done at the theme park, you guys go and then afterwards, after you you're done at the theme park Pilgrim Fan visionary out anyway, to use it theme bug you guys,
It has happened to his little many cooper or. Why am I like? Why am I like little you hop Your crushes many Cooper and then leave is drive off and it is good. Cuz, it's so late at night you there's normalcy, go so good a Dennys and your crush feeds you pancakes until your blue in the face and you're throwing up. projectile all over the Danny's table. They kick you out and then Your crush drives you home. Was you to the door. And then you say. you're not coming in in the new kick them in the nose. And then that's it some investing that you have that dream tonight. This leaves, unlike, as I mean you know, that's what you want to happen in real life by divine Gonna have in so you gotta like dream about. Instead, so do I
yeah. That's all I got free. Those today, I hope, has enjoyed the episode and if you didn't sorry com. Again next week, I'll do better! Ok, anyways! that I remember Chamberlain that was stupid. Genius apologize worms, human them also to enjoy normally say that? No, I don't say that normally or do I. Ok whatever I forgot. If I say that now, I'm just nervous, don't The re reviewing subscribe to Super genius unable Podcast bought a fire wherever you get your podcast and make sure to check out at ramble official on Instagram from orb, The scenes video condom for stupid genius aisles of stupid genius merge if you want to check that shalt Emma Chamberlain, dot com. I also have some other merge on there. do what you want with that information. Ok guys who an amazing day go, have that crazy tree with
your crush him and also tell your crush that that if they don't start dating you soon that they will die alone anyway, all right, I love you guys. Peace.