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Why Do We Get Goosebumps?


Goosebumps are those strange little bumps that form on our bodies whenever we get cold, scared, or excited. We've ALL gotten them. But have you ever wondered why? Emma has, and she dives in on this unconventional episode of Stupid Genius. 

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Ramble high. I murmured Chamberlain and MRS Super genius. The mark has where I'm stupid animals o genius today. Where can we jogging about? Why do we gain why, when I first saw a little bit about goose months, actually to really think about this? I was like. When do you get goosebumps uneasy gives bombs one year, hold also when you ok but like when you watch like a really. touching video online twitter, or If you're watching, like America's got talent in somebody just like, kills it you'll get goosebumps or of like somebody's on american Idol, unlike kills it you get whose bombs like you get goosebumps one things are like like, I was really good or a view like Facebook Now that anybody ever goes on visa anymore, but if you're on Facebook any like one of those dog rescue videos
the dog like gets a bath, and they looked so cute and the newly goosebumps a little bit. so like there's, a lot every hour of your neck gets. Take all the little bit bogus like what is it there's so many like ways that you get goose bumps that it's hard for me to. Like me, a pin, wailing, what hard for me to like this is gonna. Be tough episode. Guys strap in I really don't know. I heard no, I don't really like a goose homes, a lot. I can't even remember the last time. B, I mean I can remember the last time I mean it's been hot out, so I'm really gone. Museums also nobody's like whispering omega when somebody whispers in your ear gizmos time always in lovely nobody's whispered may here recently, how are maybe a lively and are now anyway, okay. Well, let's get into.
The word of the day before we start getting. The stupid genius word also day is here follicle I hear follicle is the sheets of says and connective tissue which surrounds the root of a here. And yes, it's not a word of the day to day it's the words of the day, because here follicles two words for on a few simple super gram of people, a gay air for the follicle kind of me out a little bit. I don't know because when I may say by itself, it doesn't bother me but of a vice, hey, hair, follicle, kind of grosses me out, but that actually really makes me think you know whenever you get goosebumps is not like you're just getting random bumps you get bumps where follicles are. I think My my brain, can you crazy or my brain making sounds? I really I like. My gears are moving, because this is one of the first episode and allow where leg
I'm going to having to grasp it anyway, I can get like the word is hair follicle today and like I need to like use that, to my benefit cuz, I'm like really confused about what it is I am actually starting to get over whatever Let's get indoor guesses. number one day you two bombast socks for sponsoring today's episode of stupid genius, since I was a child, I've always been obsessed with socks. always on my Christmas lists, always on my birthday, less leg I love socks. I love simple socks. I love more interesting socks. Like I love socks and one of my new favorite brands is actually bomb us their very comfortable, which is huge because I feel like you know so, socks like they can be kind of like stiff or you know, they're too thin too thick bombers socks fit.
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Your bombers, bombast dot com, slash stupid genius today and get twenty percent off your first purchase. That's be, oh, am bs. calm, slash, stupid genius for twenty percent off. last time. That's Bomba, star com, size, tuba genius. Thank you guys I love your socks, now again. So let's swift, to win you ok, because there are so many reasons why you get goosebumps not going to be like well it's when you get cold. So then you get little pimples everywhere and then cuz. Then it keeps you wore like I'm, not gonna like gas based off. Like one thing, I'm gonna be broad here to try to maximize success. Ok, now, maybe
I base and all the things that we have here. We have like when you're cold or when somebody's whispering your ear. It's basically like your bodies, response to any sort of like quick leg. change in like pace of hastily. If it goes from her, hot, to cold. Really, quick, you're gonna get goose or if somebody whispers in your ear and nearly that's weirdly out Y know, I'm uncomfortable, that's like whatever so then it's your body going into chaos mode in it kind of leg, puts on your fight or flight mode a little bit because something quickly changed and now all of a sudden leg You're like yours, your hair raises and now the user and fight or flight mode. Easy it I'm saying something kind of leg caught you
I've got a little bit or like caught your body of garden if freaked out, and then it makes your hair stand up and then which makes your air follicles pop up, which may some stick up, which is a goose bump. Yes are now that might have been to fire that might have been the one on the Firs guess, no is actually good. cause like I was like our gazing guide because they know that was right. Then I would like the kind of like whereas the ever said, thou energy, good guess ever me, I'm really proud thing. I really did a good job on that. One. Ok, but now Niagara falls short of knives, keep trying. Okay, so guess number to the It's like. I don't think this is right, but, like I want it, I have to get it out of there before I like. I have to like get off the list again leg it connected to your hair follicles and you most commonly goosebumps when you're cold. Maybe it's
your body lay. egg. The hare follows a perk up so that the hairs kin leg come together. Take you warm in the cold Would that explain the leg you know when you're like watching a facebook, video and it gives you chelles, slash gears? no, but I mean I'm really some here so leg. Do I have a choice. I kind of have to leg visible, they're gonna have to cover. Like it. You know it's trying to keep you warm literally okay, so I guess I was like half right, so I got half of it right. I, like that's part. that's one of the reasons why you get goosebumps, but not the for reason, Number are three guessing the other half like the other. Is my? U can get use. Mumps, ok, move in
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one more time that skill shared dog homicides genius. Thank you to scale share. You guys are the best. Otherwise The second area is definitely emotional, but the question is: Why does being emotional make you get goose bumps, maybe it's because. Your body is. You know your bodies, afraid of emotion, you're not fully to have them do you are yet, and so, when you are, your face with video. It makes you kind of emotion on you start feeling, like oh shit, I'm getting show Deborah now used. he gets scared because you're like oh, my god, Why am I getting choked every now and it makes you scared, because your leg, you're scared of your own emotions and in turn your body gets into fighter flight mode because you're feeling things again in your body scared, and then you get goose
comes because you are scared of the body that you are living in and your own emotions, because your unpredictable and you know it and you don't. Like that? scared of that part of yourself. So what watching a you know Faced with many of an animal getting rescued me, sir, crying like my crying arena, why Magruin a who? Even am I? Why? Who am I becoming you now SAM stumped, ok, I'm fucking stuff, that's like all I could come up with, Oh, that's wrong. Unless it's right. Ok way out. Is that yes or no that's fine but I'm really excited here again. Being wrong. Is fine I've kind of new appoint my life now our I'm wrong so often with so many different things that now Think being wrongly doesn't mean it doesn't bother. My ego anymore, how beautiful that anyways
so. Let's hear the answer, then here is a stupid genius answer to. Why do we get goosebumps? The body of all mammas outer magically stands up. One code creating a fluffy lay off when we are called the muscles of the hair follicles contract, but you silly geese baubles. We don't only get goosebumps when we are cold. Similarly, wouldn't we are afraid adrenaline stimulates those same tiny masses to pull out the roots of our he s, making some stand out from our skin. These are both reflexes left over from when our ancestors have raw body here, goosebumps would have left up to the year when she was scared that would have made them look, bigger and more intimidating to attack us when they will call it that would have trapped in insulating layer of to keep them warm. But since we do not have much body here today, all we see as a goose bumps on our skin
professor fool of work, and that is your answer to. Why do we get goose bumps? kind of like an appendix it's like those are really need to have in any more but yet Seal does an that's why I think I was struggling with it so hard because it was leg. cause? There is really no reason that it happens. Now it doesn't need to happen. You don't need to get goose bumps like hell. You don't need to have an appendix you just don't, but yet we two, because we're still evolving ITALY product two hundred years we won't get and axes, and we won't kid gives bombs. but for now we have both. And you know there's a lot of things that in life we don't need that we have so many those things leg for example like I have like rotting plums in my fruit boring I don't need that I do, but I have it. You know
like you now. I don't like my leg in ivory. Sand in my car? I a lot I don't need that either anyway, all all the same thing. Ok, I mean we're, I that's all the same thing wall was fun as I she hard that was really hard. I struggled with that, but it's good, I think struggles, good break. I hurry. I agree. So Before before a dip out, for the day and go take a nap. wind down their possibilities. Talk about live yeah. So First home, I was just thinking you out I've been reading. My horoscope like every day, like every single morning I go my phone- and I read my horoscope- why, though because I don't even know if I believe in it. Let me read my Horoscope for today
let's see how accurate it is, a big I read it, I'm a german I o whatever, but like lets you accurate. It is because I don't I you did every day, but for what would I want to break it down right now am I determine whether or not. This is even something I should be reading everyday averages: complete, bullshit, this is where it is really very into a reading way. Is my horse Capri eyes ok, so here it is when you believe in something in one a very badly you have it. Is he to go overboard in your pursuit of it? Some? to the point of driving yourself in everyone around you crazy. That may mean you hyper focus on it. You worry about it. You think did endlessly talk about it in. Secondly, and so on all that is not necessary if you're feeling that way about something that I feel is coming act? Jesus Christ, Amazon,
if you're feeling that way about saying now, Gemini needed to still that anxious energy into a more focused approach. That's the best format for success. Ok The fact that I feel attacked by it definitely says to me that guess it's accurate to a certain extent. I don't even know what it's too talking about a referring to, but Definitely onto something but the Good who writes these things, who, Who knows I like, where I dont I've? Never it they just show up on the app my daily, let's go babbling knots, bonds like literally the fuckin horrors have to show up every morning, and I read them. And I believe them but where's the proof you know. I don't know anyway nothing about thou in for a while. I don't feel like. I dont really gets complete bullshit.
So maybe I will keep reading them forget. I didn't read it this morning. That's why I is ready now, but I guess it doesn't hurt to read, write and less. Like images like you, should try off your today, Gemini Veni, roylake shouldn't with him, but I haven't gotten anything I value at one time. I read one eye and my my horoscope on a different website. I read it on vogue like I was on vogue like reading an article about something and then on. The bottom is clear: to find you find out your Horoscope on Vogue. Whatever it does, it click badge Cyclic DNA read my husband was the on point and accurate whore go buy it ever read about myself and it was so accurate I choked up and started crying the upper alone. You know what I think I also not even getting got goosebumps over leg. It was Gracie,
ever since then, I've been reading them every morning. So let me no one way or another. What you guys think about Zodiac signs are the complete and they must comply bullshit or not, I'm so deciding today like air like fifty fifty per we could relates everybody in the room with me with Irena. Who knows when everybody obsesses leg, when everybody has something they want to succeed at these obsess over it. But then again. I'm probably doing there are now in my life. Zodiac horse made you get a little deep in my ready for that. Who knows, This is so random. Again, This has nothing to do with literally any better want to tell you about my favorite recently it is so fucking random. Oh my god. I can't believe this so obviously I
go to Salzburg all the time. Yeah Emma shut up about it. I know I am undone- gave it so funny because, cross his tree there's a place called Earth bar where like movies and like little leg, work out. Energy drinks in shared, legislate, workout, stuff, severally working out and I M so go Thereafter, I'm done and sometimes maybe before depends on the day and I at these little dean ball things, it comes with two of them and they have you know it's all over them and I think about them. Lay All day like what's he like, from the time when I wake up in I'm thinking, these protein balls and Then I at some point eat them in the early morning time afterwards, unlike so sad they're gone and then
about for the rest of the day and then just circular, I'm not kidding, they are so good. I think it's their peanut butter, flavoured and unlike obsessed with peanut butter, but the flavor, they consistency, the p that's on the outside, I'm not kidding, I think about it all day by day, hair about anything else. I'm also that way with hard boiled eggs recently. Why that's a gross like her legs hard boiled eggs. But, like me, like I love hard boiled eggs figured out. The perfect hard boiled egg recipe again you ready for it boil the water k pop, Well vaccine have about an inch of water above the eggs. Water is boiling at this point, so you're gonna get to have dialogue before they go in make sure to flop the eggs in width tongs so that they don't break Hey listen to me important because of your egg breaks.
give up, you shouldn't have been making eggs and because you fucked up and I've done it again, I did it and I made then you know and then egg white on the fucking in the boiling Lloyd's an absolute disgrace avoid that at all costs the gate plausible their eggs in the time for twelve minutes, twelve minutes is up strain. The eggs that it's just the eggs in the run cold water over it five, its of that eat the egg who put in the fridge do what you want, but I can get. t when you cut that egg open the Yoke be perfect. Okay, so important it. So Potent I think about that alot. I have also been eating home and butter everyday life. I'd ask: I will eat half a jar of almond butter, one sitting.
Can you tell I'm hungry? Actually I might actually really hungry right now, but when I leave here, I'm going to go eat somewhere, but I don't know where that's going to be yet. But. I don't. I mean I've been cooking and home for myself recently, because. I think they want to eat out. I get stomach ache, so why am I volume our both eggs and shit? Now I've master that you know what I'm glad. I am glad that restaurant suck. Because in the day her May summit ended, they met me up fairly waste, because its forced me to figure out the most perfect hard boiled egg recipe that God has. You know And like if I would have been eating out all the time, I would have never found how to make a good hard boiled egg and you may very well, whereas words come in handy, ok, pick it is ten years down the line married. Have a few children, maybe even even abundantly oven, throwing a party for the PTSD
You know, there's a sign of waste for all the snacks that can be brought. Ok, One of the things on the list is devil eggs. I sign up and I am now going. to know how to make up tar, boiled egg, which will transition me and jet pack me into knowing how to make it a devil they also, I will be queen of pity meetings all has restaurants, give me the tummy egg. Is it I mean in that this actually good learning lesson leg, I'm a sad. that I can't eat at restaurants without getting a stomach ache but I learned how to make eggs out of it now listen This is a metaphor for life I'm serious you think I'm kidding leg. Like, for example,
there have been times in my life, where I've been lonely that sucks through those times, are being lonely, learn, learn. We fills answer being lonely. I've learned cool scales, because I was born So then I had nothing better to do than to learn how to do something new do you see? Others are metaphors for one another. If not I you know, I'm I'm taking a new acme medicine pill and I think it's like making me like fucking insane. potentially or are they just like me in arresting state? I can decide anyway back. Metaphor, not sure. That's a metaphor that works for you guys. I've worked for me. Madame Verona. Zaire is you know if something maybe a little bit shitty, but in
turn, it could teach you a very valuable life skill you're welcome that that was that's about. I could be a therapist after that. You know if I wasn't a youtube where I think I would be a therapist. Actually now really fun, I think I'd enjoy that I've heard me Airbus is not good, though, like casino, you kind of added take in Vienna III of the kind of like absorb other peoples energy and pain, tat relieve them of their pain. You know almost like the giver, the movie I dont know if I get like handle that emotionally but leg. I to get a giving advice. Especially when, like no one asked for it to its super good, like you know too, wig eased. My did you ask for the advice that I gave like five minutes ago, and I was telling you that things like sir
will teach you valuable life skills. You did not ask for that in in. Actually, in fact, you didn't ask for anything but I gave it to you anyway. That's right, with my friends. I just give them advice that they didn't ask for. and then they get irritated with me. What let's talk about for the past. Twenty minutes, like I don't even know Who knows what just happened film whenever my eyes, I don't know what I just said so I've talked about like two separate things that have nothing to do with each other, and now we have a third thing. So great the other day as I've been going trying to go to the beach recently like as much as possible, just cause. its summer, and I want to be. I did I want to be like doing all summer thing, I guess because. It's kind of depressing. If you don't and I just need it, I need that release, I mean whatever
so having owing to the beach my friends Then the other day I was like filling Youtube: video as Hague. They have to go to the beach by myself like fucking it like that, Just as finally, whatever and I thought it would be leg. I don't know, I just didn't really think anything valium I'm trying to become a more independent again. Because I think I used to be really independent use adieu, my own thing all the time and then kind of became more allege. I need to be with people all the time, because I get nervous and now I'm trying to be back to being independent so as a going visual, myself perfect. This will be great the shit, and so I go to the beach whatever I like do my whole thing I like to swim in the ocean like get tan a little bit. I like film something for like a video. It was great. and then I get in the car and am I going home whatever I go on Instagram when they got there, my dag photos and there's his leg. There's a photo of me on the beach.
By myself and every, Jeez commenting on it like I didn't posts it. Obviously somebody else positive and everybody is leg being like. my god, I feel so bad for her, like she's. So lonely, though my god she's, like a loser sad, I was leg Is that really like what doing your own thing is? Alec the. you know what I mean, I wish it wasn't like that leg. I think doing own thing in leg by yourself. Like really fucking, cool and ladys, something that's like you know you should be able to do that, and it's not like it doesn't mean. Your lonely doesn't mean that you don't have friends, it doesn't mean like whatever it just means that your leg in a need? Some? U time or like your friend busy, but you still want to go to the beach like, you know, I don't know, but it's crazy that that's immediately the assumption like
Somebody's by themselves, they are lonely and they have no friends and no one loves them I don't think that's the way it is but leg that I think it should be looked at like that, but then again When I see somebody like at a restaurant by themselves. In I'm with my friends, I terrible on like, oh, my god, Are they? Okay, like you know what I mean you either as a human you like feel bad or whatever, but I turning starting to realize that doing you're on things sometimes is actually like really good. a you know in also there's a decent chance. Somebody is doing their own thing. Is probably enjoying themselves. We're being alone is not bad in that It's good for me to realise cause. I think I have a fear of it I used to anyways anything I'm like getting over that someone That's good. Or maybe I'm lying to myself and the result is a big joke. Maybe eight does need to go to therapy anyway,
morals or is go to the beach by yourself, because guess what. You will be able to tan for as long as you want, and nobody will tell you to put on sunscreen and then you'll get away better results. Where is, if I go to beach with my friends, everybody telling me to put on sunscreen and telling me I need to get out of the water and telling me whatever. No don't fuck, that I'm my own woman and I'm going to get sunburned on my own terms. That in that. it for today's episode. I don't know, I don't really know what I just talked about. None of that really mean sense to me. I don't know where I'm going with that. I blank out, but I mean hopefully that has benefited from that. I think we talked about devils eggs. At one point I don't know I was literally blacked out anyway. That was it that was stupid genius, but doesn't how I do my ultra. Ok, sorry was dry and I'm Emma Chamberlain. I was stupid genius. I when I'm never said that before that is on here, though, I've never said that. I don't know
like am I going for it is sheer gay. I hope you guys enjoyed, I don't know the end was a lover of league has turned it off leg, fifteen minutes in the divorce rambling, I rambling, I mean know what ever whatever. But if you kept going, don't forget to re review and subscribes to the genius and Apple podcast bought a viral gear. Podcast make sure to check out ramble official on Instagram for more behind the scenes, video and condemn for super genius. Also, if you want super genius, merge go to shop, Emma Chamberlain, DOT, com, okay, love, you guys, bye.