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Why Do We Sneeze?


Emma ponders what exactly it is that makes us sneeze, then she gets into how awful she is at picking her Halloween costume. Should she be Paris Hilton or Coraline?

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Ramble, guys welcome back to the podcast that I have called stupid. Genius maybe knew that. anyways today we're talking about sneezing. Why do s sneeze? I feel you learn about this. My rest in peace to my Oh career zau go to school in Warsaw night, but I loved biology. I feel like I get pry pull this item as using my leg prior knowledge of biology. because it was my favourite subject in school, my teachers, him myself, can get simpler, sponsor fine, so tat they were going away people's needs. But first, let's talk about. how I'm sneezing Alot recently because I've been having really that allergies, which does really make sense because, like I feel it There's no nature in allay, so Why am I sneezing and maybe it's
because there's so much dirt in then the air is making me sneeze family and I all are very sensitive. We all get allergies pretty bad, so I'm not really surprised that their road we recently may as you more than seizing that has been my eyes just constantly watering like its avenue near it so uncomfortable yeah, it's like I'll do my make up and then like I'm just like crying on our aid, especially happens. If I'm like located a photos, with my cousin. Has boys kind of my cousin he's my cousins cousin, any really tells a photographer at film p h why L Am film on Instagram anyway I did issue with him. What I want. I can watch out our disease of gray guy and like we were like this area Was like super theirs is like a lot of his country. Dirt. There's like lot of dirt. We are linked by regular streets, but there's dirt everywhere, and I'm trying to like pose Please photos my eyes open and keep my in my eyes are just watering, I'm
and we took film. Photos are not gonna know these sort of like until I get them back in my two days and I just now already know that I'm just going to have tears coming down my face in there like big their chunky like tears. So anyways that's going to be cute. Oh my god! This was such an emotional shoot. You did. They get so touching and I'm a big bits. That's my apologies, I'm not. Brian actually to remember the last time. I cried. Let me think she's flipping everyone off by them. So a new thing I used to do peace at all, as I am now do middle finger, but anyways what was awesome. I cried Loki. This is really impressive. I can't remember really
yeah from our genes are even emotion. No damn say: I'm motions allergies like yesterday, but like emotions, though I don't know it's been that long. They might have way. I think I cried like maybe two legal weakened Fidel could. I was just really overwhelmed when I was a because I had a lot of shit I to do, but, like that's not really Batley are we gonna have a bad that's really good for me. A super good Asia Crowley's wednesdays. Nothing really get once a day. Guys the driver- and I was also a menstruating- enjoy flew? Actually, we I want tell this story, even though I know or document sneezing re saving for the end. Now do it now tells the story of how things are I know what I was eating eyebrows, so I was superb around and I was work. I don't have a lot to talk about this project, some knock. I say it, but I
was basically filming something fur for a project that I'm it's coming out anything in November and we basically filmed like a fuck ten of episodes in like five days. right, so it was like long shoe days. It was Whatever was a lot so and it's like I M not an by them, not an actor. It's not acting like me being me, but there's like forty up says something first, I am glad to say that actually it's for snapshots, I am whatever so I was on my period and I'm driving to set that morning could start, and I just had like I was super late like I was running late and I was super stressed out hey being late, I'm never late and drinking my Malta in the car drinking. Here and there recently and I'm on the phone with my dad has. I am so stressed our ally, Ike. fucking do this, like. I literally can do this now
although my dad and then I hung up with him in the name of my mom and then one has eleven there mom. I just thought so barking mad. Because I was I got my period I was so fucking mad gives leg of the traffic that I was driving their leg. I literally was like Road rage Loki but like not really any way through Magua across the car exploded I've been having angry issues recently like that now really Billig Eyelike accidentally like through wet, but it was lignite MAX failures like fucking back in and I dont know what I was thing because I I I sat there in theirs all over my car, and I look like. I knew that was going to happen. so why I do it also. that's literally me on my thou, though I do shit like that in like right now I am not a guy, I'm so chill like I'm, not a disease hard to get me angry like I'm just really shell, but all my period like I'm straight up throne, shit, one time
I was on the verge of my dad and I was like I drew it or whatever, and then I and my dad like. I was really upset and my dad they couldn't commie dowser just hung up on me. He wasn't being an asshole like it was like just couldn't talk to make us. I was so upset, see as they are, Gonna get you back when you can speak to make as you just can't game. Undernourishment Zheng hung up on me through my phone at wall shattered it anyway Then I got mad. This is me oh my period, and I think it might be. I think I just I get really really and say. Mood swings like this is not me like that is Ah me how to behave like that, then I put on my phone numbers, egg? Oh, my god, I shouted it got mad through it again shattered. More could not see this was long term. You could not. Anything on the screen was so shattered, citizen have a phone for a while and then I went to the apple stored, replace and we would like and then and now my voters
again as I dropped it on Iraq, Then I drove on Iraq against jobs unto rocks in the past month, but it's fine cause. I don't you I can still see so they could find it's like if you'd Venza, where you get your phone crag like right now. My main section, which is like these we were right in the middle, is not cracked, so I can still see so it doesn't really matter. Is your phone gravity okra arrived, I dropped on the whole are hardly. Why does it not stolidly? I swear to God. All I do is use credibly phone, unlike ok, but also I found out I think the reason why I was having a violent phase like I, it depends Like a cave my period, an something in my life is just like not going well we're just lesser say or breaking ship. Anyway, so that was that that was my phase of breaking things by were over it. So, by the way, if you want to hear we're about. Emma's periods makes her to listen to the other.
About why women's period sink, because I am a has quite some stories. Oh my god, I do. My period is like my eye literary think. Having a period is personalities rate for me Loki for me, though, it is because bitmap period does different it also. I had my period I sometimes give here twice in one hour to regular. Yes, you were right. Saga, five yearly twice in advance and themselves give a month like cod like this month last month, I got it twice in the same month. Twice the anger, see my you're crazy behavior. I think it's because of my former birth control. Possibly I just know that, literally the day before I get my period, I cry every single on yeah for no reason over stupid nicely. Our car, so merged is kind of like not a secure variable will we do my science with about like lime of your own, like yeah, so I don't know, but yeah girl isn't that episode of urine should now it's actually too. about this absolutely the same living reality
and on the work of the day, a holy shit, sorry to every person who does not get a period. Who is listening? Why that is understood, better learn his either you're. There's someone in your life. You know that as a period ends it this is valuable, the rate or what the day I will. The word of the day is because the topic is neither things and were the days irritant which you are very familiar was right now, because you are robbing your eyes if you guys had see every hour, she is sitting in her chair, just bring her eyes non, stop right now because clearly she's having some kind of where an allergic reaction to something in his room, but irritant is the substance that causes slight inflammation or other discomfort to the bodies. On your face, your eyes, I do get my eyes tenable the worst area leg of where I feel that our who's, the most I mean I sneeze, and I get like a clogged up nose and all that. But my eyes, just like are always like
always get it while I'm also allergic to cats so like, but even though I get adjusted so I selling to be allergic to cats when I'm around them for, like the first weaken that, then I'm fine, I, like Ropa tolerance, built of intolerance, but my eyes are in our voting super dry, so that's been uncomfortable but irritant. Ok, basically, let's name smearing sincere. This could help us with our topic today, which is why do we sneeze as humans? Let's talk about Europeans, we have dust in Paul in germs Also animal de animal Danner pollutants, pollutants parking ticket traffic
one year drier shrinks your clothes when you spill something on your white pants. When you get your period in your way Simeon when you that's happened me just too much for me not to say I've literally, ninety percent live has had a little bit appeared, but in them because, like I just it's so heavy. When I was a do fuck him like like levitate and then is it falls Alec, I'm sorry, but I cannot time it correctly. Ever my mom is a year so bad at your period only bitch, you don't know what is like being and you couldn't fucking leave one day in these shoes she's like bitch, you fucking gave birth to you, I'm like. Let's not turn this into. Let's save this for things that say this argument for Thanksgiving. that's all right to think skimmings, arguing with your family. So perfect timing are, you the barriers. I do things that happened at things, clear savings, Avenant Thanksgiving you. are you with your family one of the key? This has a new boyfriend or girlfriend and
Ramblas crying because she just so happy actually very accurate, another those accurate and leg in, not also like somebody over tourism, there's, always one family member. They go through health cake to like and then the they come back and you like page, you look good, then there is no, and I've always wanted to be me, and it's never been make your fine you ever like. I want to come back and they really only God Emma. You are glowing Hemi, praying that this here, I'm the one that has the glow up this year, I'm the one that has the glow up whatever sneezing, let's given the. Why do we sneeze and then we can continue rambling later ramble, make sure did at the ramble Instagram reveal anything any more than I ever eyeing wanted. Cyril, junior ramble official ramble official Instagram Buggy, so why do we sneeze? Let's talk about it. This is not good mythical morning,
That is our number one poor. I know re. Our main issue is bitches aggregates. I have an ok, it's like you re. Your eyes are like bright and gorgeous glowing. You guess number one is that I have a few. So I know that. Well, okay, so late to stuff like sneezing and nose running and eyes watering- that's all I can. Respiratory response is right or like something about her like it's like yeah. It's like ass to its defending your at sea?
bitch, I'm a buyer. If I went to college, I would have killed you all in by oh okay, but it's like it basically is trying its your body trying to remove the irritant or the bacteria or the bad stuff from your open passages to so that it isn't going inside of you, and so my guess is that sneezing occurs when particles or irritants Start they go up in your nose and maybe maybe they start sticking with something like a receptor or something I may. These are seeking something. That's a guy that, like has like
nerves on it, that leg notify your body that its honour basely, your body figures out that there's a bunch of particles inside your nose and they like Now and then you sneeze it out there trying to IRAN is trying to get the particles, I'm u sneeze writers, get it began. Fear you got a very into episodes. I've been slain, pod dress she, and Again she doesn't google it all. I literally don googly, thousands that I so that was right, yeah. What's that Maybe we try to make this hard over me by us. Armed six of organs were sorry like what is like. Where does the particles go? Do they like sit on the inside your nose and Leah take away? That's why you have like knows Harrison stuff, because it catches in Canada, the linen and then it notifies ya god we may we needed are making this. These pog ask questions about leg out. How did not cry every few days cost?
I would be something that I would be stamped on, but like these sites questions I'm so good at You want the voluntary Gimme, the full answer. So when irritants like meekest, cold and flu germs. Does pollen animal dander, air pollutants just name a few infiltrate your nose when you take a massive inhalation, like he's probably just heard them adieu right there, then the chest muscles tighten and the pressure builds. The tongue pushes against the roof of the mouth, forcing breath about fast through your nose in your sleep here, the fun fag neither can reach the piece of up to thirty two forty miles per hour. If no bad, that's crazy. I love sneezing of yours. and when someone, if I can make myself sneezer now, oh no, I was just thinking about a yawn when someone says
Do you want someone stops? You sure you don't want to know is. Are you I now? Would someone stops you short from sneezing, our yawning see, don't get too like finish it? It's the worst earth like if you like in, like a library, are sharing unseasonable game and try to make myself sneezer now by putting a hair and windows on my knees. Receptors broken obstructive shoving their hair minors in like a big breath, and when you, if there was no rubbing her face a k, it didn't want, but I drive LUCA. You have this news that really by now, are you so close wheel in a fog, never mind to give goes well we're not seizing. Instead, we need to talk about me now. It's abba
guys we're ever talks about herself. Thank you to urban, be animal experiences for sponsoring this episode of stupid genius. I recently just Did one of their animal experiences actually drink coffee with thirty com it was incredible prizewinner. this moment of my life, much to my favorite things, cats and coffee use. Great it was then there would normally done, but because there was available on area and be animal experiences. I did it which it like you don't. In the kind of was a weird out of it weird experience experiencing a rare experience. Its housings pray ever gonna happen to me again, so it was really cool. With there being be experiences, you can meet animal. Responsibly and safely not only for you, but also for the animal. It was really cool to do the hall animal expanse of averting hats, because that's something that
ever like that. She was just show like bizarre and only mean it was so unusual anyway. Honestly like really really enjoy, while was merely stress, believing as having all those animals all over you. It like we're is coming and it's just so soft and all the guys were so sweet. So is really a great experiences in really just kind of made my day you know I mean I just was like a very aptly. Experience it recently met, I think, would be funded. Plan with your friends every once in a while. I just gonna get you out of the house like it's a fun activity in check out you're being be dug homes. animals learn more about this in maybe maybe you mean no packer, someone who knows thanks are being by Let's talk about. The fact that hollowing is coming in, I don't know to dress up as I am actually becoming a video about the summit to fill a video today or tomorrow, where they basically just blog me. Going too pick out what I should be very worrying, as I have literally like. No time to think I'm, my costumes. What do you think this episode comes out on Halloween?
Oh, this episode comes out on all media. We no way that's perfect yeah. I love happy ongoing guys when you listen to this Oh, I have now begun, my costume it so No one should be. I mean you visit in a no cause. I'm in will we be able to celebrate. They celebrate Halloween like before. We like all my party planning that I have going on is like all before her wings, even like the scary houses and stuff started at the end of September like you want to be you're doing all we know month, it's hall among Viet Harleigh Month, so Ok, I know I want to be like Paris Hilton for one why pairs home cause, I'm obsessed with nineties fashion re now I loved the coronation she wasn't from the ninety issues from the early thoroughly how yeah yeah yeah you may be right, but I want to do. I know he's a baby Erlich a millennium. a more and UK yeah yeah. So I
They do that like having a VON bag like somebody bejeweled pansy super low ways it, although I hate that translates So uncomfortable like I like to feel like I wasted like hugged, but yes, I'm gonna pride, you like a Paris, Hilton vibe. for one costume GSM going to like a decade cut like party, so it's like. I have to dress up like a decade. Helsinki. I very gotta. Do like nine nineties tooth early two, thousands, you should make tackling your two wala you raised ecklund linkage. While I ending and put it here with me, I'll put it in your fucking. Incredible only actually would be so cute that we really greens photo guy Murphy calendar is that I actually love Halloween, because it's like a week weird time where it's like. It's like everyone's just having fun. It's like fun. It's like a fun time in, like everyone is like any other costumes last minute and it's like it's just kind of hectic not another, something kind of like romantic about it. My memories, although I feel it wanted,
Actually I mean I'm like that was the words all we never how's your at a shooting owing those really sick, I'd, mono, monsieur annoying, so the kissing disease, say what fucking Have you tell anybody, unlike unlike bids, do I look like like that's I wish I got it leg. I probably got it from fucking like I wonder what I cuz I there is no way that I really got it from my logging like being at a restaurant and like using a leg, not clean you down, sores, something in everyone's Muammar? So lucky she kissed, someone got monolithic now I just use the dirty utensil actually for the thickly, with my love anywhere, but I had motto for like a month. Like all during Halloween answering Thanksgiving, so you just ruined everything.
and it was so shity. He was not worth my not worth my time. I was so awful San Francisco's, the weather like in San Francisco on Halloween. When you were a kid when I was a kid, it was always like kind of crispy. Did you have to wear a jacket over your costume It was like normally pretty warm still in labour, and now it's so hot. It's gonna be so nice, because You know hollowing. Less closed. The better is headed by actually I've never been in it. I don't like being leg, not that I don't really come to roll acknowledge what I'm like walking around. I dont Billig as key, I would like that. I feel a little weird. I really be more seriously yeah. I feel a little weird thing. I ve really be worse, arrogantly mass cheeks. I really want that. Last year I was Barbie when I went out at once. I went out once I've sleek don't, it was like there is. I was sick, so I didn't want to go out, but then I certainly will the better so as Barbie with Bob,
oh because they don't have a long blonde wig. So I bought a bob instead and I was there and then I also did one day when, where, whereas an alien that didn't look, that good, though I didn't like that, goes, image this year? I endeavouring in it go all out, do a leg nineties, why to Kay kind of costume, Paris home, but like not Amazon over the guns savant he was wearing, whereas damn that's a servant. I can't do that to say that it would be an awesome costume from like her tragic kingdom tour right. What d you want we're like almost like at leisure, it was like like like a without yes and then like like gal. it was sick. So I can't do that to you should do by also you know it could become a cue hours ago. I think really. I've tried on my hollowing costume for years leg like I've just done last shit for years like I was a tennis player
one year like in high school, I was avoiding dynamite. I did try with that one and that one was pretty good. That was one of the best costumes. I've done to be a zombie every year for like from the time of x, seven d like thirteen? What else was I I was I was like I've done everything and, unlike superhero, given all of the late I've Seventy is costume. Sixties consume eighties costume and, unlike all the decades ex ever nineties, in wide UK, so that's kind of fun and stability of fun. I wanted to be an air force. One like, as that, my favorite shoe in every room. Nerve was one or maybe I can be decadent Loki indefinitely then, like that one of the Vatican was how, though, what I were directly get the right of each other s without me, so you won't because you need multiple, hauling, costumes cause you crazy. You know cause you celebrate for so long raise days so, like I know, for I am now price. Three
literally today and tomorrow. I'm Skinner spend the next the next twenty four hours, just like literally picking thinking, costume and trying to figure out what it looks like for me. So. we'll see. If I can do it now, will you sent us the picture of? You is dynamite, so we composed it. Yes, It's so incredible. I actually killed my friend was Kip wheel, oh god, oh god, who is awesome and we causing hunters and in and Nels like so I put on these black moon boots for nothing. You gotta be kidding me actually, honestly. I've. boys love Coraline, spend my favorite movie for life. You always mention that, so it can be actually cool. If I did like a more modernized kind of like Coraline Costume, where I was wearing like, I could buy a wig- and I guess I've always loved that movie and I feel like it doesn't get any love yap from me
which is like as I've. I didn't avoid dynamite, or I could do something from this mining, but that's kind of tough, comforting movies. I like me, I heard about that too. Could it be somebody from the office leverage over that's kind of obvious everybody? Really? So? Actually, I don't think. That's obvious. You only know it's been a while, since much has been on tv. It's true, and everybody loves it, though near Karami Ogilvy, I'm no way down my ideas so far, guys so I'd say what are my ideas for Paris held him? Have you were talking to do Paris, Hilton person, core line? I gotta go cool core line make avenue cool corps in his it's easy to get a blue Wigan Hollywood Boulevard near me. That's one person core line and once the funny I could begins physician who bears on Org
safari, but then I am. I gonna. Do balls Loki he's already that out of here and then one wall of the last Wednesday surprise. I can be like a frog why? Why affrati? Let's look up, let's look up funny, hollowing costumes and see if we can get any ideas and I can like rhythm allowed, even though they will be able to see them, but like it's fine guess I'll see them second described them. Do you really well I'm going on interest in tourist, see if we can find on here. So I want to know what they want. The top costumes opportunity, nineteen and the Joker that make so much sense I haven't seen over recent. I wouldn't do that, Mr Rogers. For some reason we, why like
like a sexy, Mr Out, that's disgusting lot of star wars, stuff, weird Marvel ceiling. That's not my style! Everyone's gonna be the Joker this year. Oh somebody is wholly guacamole in its like their wearing. Their ring assured that as guacamole on it couldn't have not act about employment like a picture guacamole in their wearing a hat, we only got what, if I was like sexy ivory like so funny. I think it's like. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, somebody said we this one's funny, Please rest assured that this commitment and
for holding their men's biggest fear. That's too that's two fuckin way. Like I fury that's funny, we only got the rock I'll be funny. We low key, that's actually kind of epic. Ok, I'm gonna! I'm gonna write that down the rock. It's funny way. That's actually iconic Jake from state farm now by crossed over done a tampon. Oh that's too hard like you'll. Really. What are you and I like? If you dress up in all white with like a red toppers, earlier Red Leah arm of focusing used. Him were used to boon of discussing answer.
drives dwelling, nobody one ended Clegg. Everyone would be disgusted. What is this instead it? What does this mean Instagram of somebody's instagram? They have assured this is insane and they're holding gram. Crackers ha ha ha Ok, we I love. I always wanted to be afraid boy, but like billygoat, frat boylike wearing, like fucking likes berries and like hubby, Lhasa, but like I've. Never done that because. because everyone does that so basic omega with so many girls have been fry boys. Gagging do that's too obvious. What's like a cleverly see the problem of doing and clever, one is that
People wouldn't have seen I wouldn't be seeing like I wouldn't I wouldn't know we once again. Are you willing to take Turkey boy they were always right. I wish it is good to me, like I'm hearing there, I'm giving the fucking camera that the e boy eyes you're. What I think is looking at the same thing that you're just looking at the pony, Halloween costume. What if I was leg tissues or like a vacuum or like a vacuum or like or like a broomstick, Or like a chair, ah I hate having be creative with this shit like it so much work in a taste. Time, unlike Ok, whatever meanings episode next by the down there, you watch this.
By that I mean business. You probably already know what I was following looked or saw anyway. So wish me luck I think we're good I'm going to I'm going to dip out of here and I'm going to go Halloween costume shopping. Please wish me luck. I do have two ideas that I am I can actually play do the quarrelling but I could wear easy. I can actually pie. Do the quarrel? costume without buying much I can actually saving of the Paris Helen. I just would need maybe to go to a first sore for that and then, like I probably get I just in then for Caroline, I might just need to get trying to sign like bringing on. Unlike thing you whatever. I remember this when I get the fucking car, anyways array. Will they use for listening hope he had fun and happy halloween. If you're listening to this on the day that it comes out, hobby guys are safe tonight, array over gas
and ass all your dreams and keep being awesome. Ok levy, guys, please