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Why Does ASMR Give You Tingles?


ASMR is all the rage, and ASMRtists will do everything from tapping, to softly speaking, to eating just to give you tingles. Now Emma is going to get into the science behind WHY it happens, and stay tuned for a special Emma ASMR session just for you.

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Grandma hi, I'm Emma Chamberlain- and this is stupid- genius, the podcast where I'm stupid and I'm also a genius today or talking about why? Asmr I give you a single and, if you're new, to the show in a little bit, I'm going to get three guesses to come up with the answer to why smart, gives us tingles. First, we talk a little bit about some. Are you know what I. Feel like the s. Amar trend is kind of on the come down. I'm not gonna lie I mean. Maybe it's not. I don't know. I don't know people Ciller India's Amar, but I remember when it was a huge thing like I'd, go on Youtube and my whole explore page would just be literally like weird, Ass S, Amar videos like slime. Golly slime nail, having eating The eating ones may mean literally so incredibly nauseated leg.
My God talk about just disgusting. Ok, Like the last thing. I want to see somebody just smacking on a fuckin like chicken wing, with like the whatever the part of the microphone that makes it really sensitive leg. All the way turned out legs to the point where leg issues, that makes me so upset so like I've was near some are a few times. I don't hate it, I don't love it. I definitely am very familiar with it. So I'm so curious about Why it gives us tingles, even though the peak whites, honest with you guys, I really I've actually never gone tingles from asthma. There I said it. I have it may. it is having listened to it enough. I've also never listened to AIDS are with headphones on that. Could change everything bud. I don't know I just I've, never really given the chance. Maybe
after this episode I will go home and I'm Nego lessons in some areas. Somebody eating like chicken wings and Then you get all the tingles gallon enough talking. My personal as some are relationship. with a let's get to the word of the day. The stupid genius word of the day is brain chasm. Gas is a tingling response in the head and neck and responds to six were input yes M or which stands for autonomous. Sensory meridian response is another term for this phenomenon, but you can guess which would prefer that's right, it's passing through, which is just as it is it s more like all. I cannot breathe. I have asked me: why is it who know sprang? Gas are ok where it is very pleasing. Thirteen for me, literally if you are under thirteen turn. This often tell your mom like right, tell her you're, not so I
I mean I, This is a more gives you a brain Gazprom, whatever the fuck. Is that even a word somebody get your fuckin Webster out like I don't you think. That's a fucking we're if, like that she's like a child is issues just one big me am I being bring to bear. the cameras? Am I being praying there's no way? That's a fucking word. It's a word! Ok and up then Genoa. Fuckin brain Gazprom, is a word. I think. Honest should be a word. Ok, you know what Funniest actually fucking makes sense, and I've been saying For years, it's still not a word, whereas then we over here have brain GSM. brain guys, I'm as its own special part in Webster's dictionary in funniest. Doesn't yet That's not chill to me there's nothing chill about that. Whatever but now that we have that little negative information to work with
SK it started with our three gases as to why ISM our gives us tangle calls tackles credit pitch Guess number one, feel like as some are relaxes your ass to only level I feel like the level of relaxation that you reach while Issing day. Asthma is virtually unmatched leg from what I've heard. Not really experienced cause, I'm not a huge areas Amerigo, but from what I've heard from others, it makes you so fucking chill. You might as well be high like at that point and so when you know when you're really relaxed and you kind of starch adjusts leg? feel yourself slipping out of your own mind. You know I mean like you get so fuckin chill and so relaxed the you don't even figure in your own body anymore. I feel it
It's what could happen while listening days Mark has it happened to me? No, but I'm just guessing. This is I bothers is ok, that's all fuckin biogas is one big fat. I bothers is so just let me be stupid. This could be completely wrong, but fuck it. Okay, so once you reach this ultimate state of relaxation. Your boy he starts to get nervous cause. It's like. Why am I so fucking chill right now like I am so chill and yours in Europe. I don't if it's the back your mind, I'm not say that the back your mind- starts to freak out. because it feels like its losing control. Today, S Amar, because your bodies now so relaxed that if some banging on your front door and trying to rob you you're so fucking chill because of the summer, wouldn't even get up or care. Ok,
So your body starts to subconsciously freak the fuck out and in return you get shot You are in return, you get goosebumps because your body scared, but you don't even know that you're scared because it's your subconscious mind battle, with your physical body, your physical body, so fucking chill and your mind, is fuckin scared because its losing control of you TAT S, Amar you're being passed best by air some and therefore you get goose bumps subconsciously bats. Yeah he whatever, have to mortgage is so I'm not even gonna get upset. Ok, I'm just gonna keep going this one stumps me, but that doesn't mean it. I'm guesses, Leggum definitely stand about this one because they feel egg. I feel like this one
is gonna, be something that is not common sense to figure out. I feel this is something where you are have to have studied human biology for seventeen years and gone degree for it to truly understand. Then I'm gonna give you something simple. Like your body, Nike. He s get Tingley. That could be a too so it out, so moving on to guess number two guys number two is gonna. Make everyone uncomfortable, including me, but I have to put it out there. because it's a potential, ok, I have a weird feeling that something about s- Amar, butts
and I know that that's grows everybody, but it's fucking natural and that's how you were born so fucking get over it. Ok. All the eighth graders watching this are funding like in our joint relax use like the zone, they made, I don't I've been Amy, their behaviour may human zau. Am I owe gay. I literally. I never want to hear that done again. Another new urban holy shit. Ok, I to come back from that moment does now, but anyway I that there's. A sexual element is more that all of us are acting like he's in there, but I know
I just I'm convinced that there has to be something there Maguire coming back, you know, I mean why is it that enjoyable, they have to be In some way or other from the Sperience or something in order read to be something that the people are so obsessed with leg not to get too in detail about this for my younger audience, but legs Culture is very it's big part of our culture. You know leg, I mean It is basically Humans, it's a huge part of how humans live day to day life. Bad or good, as that may be. and so. If, as a more had like a little sexual l, a man like we wouldn't be really that shop now, would we. I mean I wouldn't thou makes sense. I
like what it is is Oh, my god, this is so gravy lemon. For this in a way that less creepy, so that no one is uncomfortable, or at least we can take the uncomfortable levels down a few bags. Ok, so you know the rules on or maybe something that was a wisp some tenure. My lad, tat, okay, so leg! I feel I feel egg when you listen that song in that part of the sun comes on. If you don't get over Tingley, I think you're socio back where leg maybe the whispering for me! I m are makes you feel some time away you getting along does honour the habitat. I'm done, I'm done, I'm fucking done I'm so I'm not comfortable, but I just showed you are and that's why you now, I'm I'm I'm an open book gales. I what fucking anything you give me a topic. I ll talk about it. That's She lied. I do have a few boundaries, but most of them are pretty open. Ok, but like that,
was painful for me because I know you're in the car like or your leg in the hallway at school renown. You're, just wait till I get it. You know I like everyone just relax. Am I right or wrong? So I just went all vulnerable on y'all for fucking, nothing that wasn't even the right answer. Like I literally just opened up to all you guys in that she was is wrong. Leg I really go there right. Like me, They just says something about kneeling is my mind in the gutter. I don't fucking now came moving on from and last but not least, forgets number three: is this: now I've, forgot tingles from asthma before, because I've never listened to a with headphones, so I have a weird feeling that for ass, a martyr work properly. during headphones
in roylake. What does this have to do with anything? Ok: I have a weird idea: ok, what? If, when you're listening asthma with headphones on. the vibrations that the headphones may When the air some are, is playing in your ear, tickles your inner ear and gives you goosebumps cause. You know one zombie legal lightly tables you and you're like her, then you can use once right. Maybe I don't. I believe that one of the times a goose bumps or like gets tingles is like a site like I'm, get like lately, tickled. Then it's like la and then look it's like you know. We can only mean so, What have the vibrations from there phones on your ears give your whole body goose ones, because your ears gay I feel like the effect. things are. You here can affect your body
Like rightly there's like definitely some sort of connection there. It's not just like if you're You're gets cut off the your bodies, fine, I mean usually Billig, when something happens in your inner ear like that, in effect a lot more shit, so I if you're listening to some Tingley ass shit, it just makes sense that your whole body is going get tangles. I don't know, maybe that's just slick, maybe I'm just being fucking stupid this one's hard. Ok like I'd like to see you come in here and sit down in yes, this shit, He be saying the same shoot me. You wouldn't know. But maybe I'm right, let's find out so like you know what I'm big on big, smart there I said it that is my genius moment of the day. Okay, we don't have a lot of em Holbrooke has a stupid, but right now, his genius. Let me have this man
Brown of along I'm so proud of myself, sulphur while them this progress. I've really been pulling shit out of my eyes and I think it's not gonna stop many times it. Let's hear the actual answer, is verbatim
Professor walk with second subtle: why? Just as in all cases, the tin goods and the same or may be linked to cinders seizure, a condition with sensory input experienced by one sentence is perceived simultaneously by another sense. New evidence about the sinner steeds indicates that sinister Asia is at least partly determined by genes influencing plain development. Its possible. A s m is determined by similar Jean activity for all sorts of more you watch pay as M, or videos and experience it. The more your body and brain potentially develop a tolerance to s m, or did you stop watching videos for one or two weeks? Most people say that's a s Emma sensations. Normally the term I'm professor flew laborious, and that was the stupid genius answer of the day we heard so weird. I know really go I've even legged. So much and kind of roses me outlay, there's something a little bit.
you know, I'm not gonna judge. Does I listen to it, there's something a little bit of its actual about it. The kind of scares me like. Is it a king? Ok, you know what I have kids listening to this, I don't know, there's something a little bit sus about ass. A part of me I feel like it's. Almost a dark thing. Maybe I'm just mean dramatic, but then again, you know what, whenever the sly May, as some are videos has come about my explore page, you best believe and clicking that shit, I'm not getting any tingles anything, but it still really nice to enjoy. so I guess I'm not gonna to on it too hard. Okay, another were done making our gas is. I was right, not drain of flags. Nothing like that. None of that it's time to kind of wind down, you know cause I'm not done dog any version I saw in it. Aren't you guys over more? But our main, our main funds. So, let's just talk about whatever
what own dogwood today, you know what I don't wanna talk. I wanna whisper. Ok, everybody now listen to me were into a little asthma segment now here listening to this at nine closure. Now, if you listen to this during the day, you can daydream with me for a second, let me beer is so I thought we do a little man attention ass. I just want to make you feel something that was not supposed to be an appropriate. You can take it as you well know. Listen to me! I want you to think about birds. Yes, I think about part through the air light as a five hour now think about it. You wore a bird just lying there with other parts, one other parts, boobs you're, like man, that sounds fun. You book to land on someone said at the beach and they throw rock at you, but you don't fuck air, because you're, a purred birds don't give a fuck about anything. Ok! Now you get back to your nest, your wife is there or your aspen? Is there you're babies are there and you start regurgitating a warm for them all of your little babies, aided and then you go to sleep the next morning. You wake up and you do it all over again. Imagine that are your eyes to cost the oral axed. If you're listening to this while driving your eyes clauses all time, I'd recommend that you open them because someone's
if you don't open them, I don't know so it's going to be. We don't want that because you need to be like a bird, not giving a fuck not causing any problems, just being yourself regurgitating worms for your babies that remember that, throughout your day, I hope you feel relaxed. Why do I feel relaxed like I feel fucking chill as hell? You know what, like really listening day, is an hour, but I like giving it. what I can literally do that what I just did wearing out for the next three days straight and I never need to do anything else like I just A great fucking time straight up I feel meditated. That's like a quiver till I journaling for me because I have actually been journaling recently so
speaking of things that make me feel relaxed and of journaling. to tell you guys some stupid shit. I've been doing it That's stupid, though I'm it's stupid, just so that I seem cool but, like I actually really fucked with this, so I thought I'd give you guys all token of of knowledge from me, which doesn't really mean much. You know cause it's me, but whatever so I was having this is not. This is not going to get that deep here, but it might sound like it's going to what I'm just gonna tell you it's not. You know I was press out for a while there for a few months, whatever like anxiously just fuck like a mess overall leg, you know just normal dated today shit that we're all dealing with I'm not special, ok, but I was talking to one of my friends about it and she's older lay she's like in her twenties, she's, very mature. Like knows what the fuck is up, and gives great advice. She was leg you
two five minute journal and those like ok, so no, I was like using on the fucking journal. Every day I was like bitch you're, you're tripping. I not fucking journaling. I was in now using. Am I swear to God, go on Amazon by a fucking journal, stopped being a stubborn piece of shit. In every night before bed this right in a journal for five minutes about whatever the fuck you want. She was like I swear to God. It help you so much, and I was like our I like whatever, and I mean all the time I was kind of desperate for leg. Something that would give me a little bit of mental structure is that may simply can help. Me knowledge cope, my problems because it wasn't a guy had problems, but just like gather my votes, that kind of put things into perspective. You know what I mean and so I started five minute journaling every night,
and I ve been doing it for probably a month now. Maybe two or three weeks and I mean I missed a few days leg when, as I could tell, I missed. I got out of your own room. Is public I've genuinely been really fucking enjoying it, and I am so anti this shit. Like I she knew like my mom's always like you need to meditate Unita. Do yoga guinea to turn all you need to write a book in the fucking go to sleep. wake up, you need to fucking, take your vitamins and you'd like and I'm always like. She's like you need to live, read, poetry and you need to listen to Asmr just kidding. She didn't say that one. But do I look like I have time for that shit. No, I meditating? I hated I mean I'm just like really really have trouble Brill, boxing so like that's was not a as you can probably tell like consistently on drugs at all time. So not actually belated seems like it
always on schemes, games mode select for me. Like relaxing is on the cards, so you know that This is really gray because a filling it gathers Thoughts right and then the Stay. It's really interesting to see. Like oh shit, I wrote about this thing. That was bothering me. Yesterday, but I if this morning. And it's not even bothering me anymore but It bothered me enough to write about it. In my fucking journal I'd five minutes to write about whatever I wanted and I wrote this in It doesn't even bother me anymore, shows really quickly things into perspective. It shows how quickly things evolve and it's really refreshing and in it like so then, when you know the next time you're going through some shit, Jose your stress out because of awful work week are you a lotta homer? You finals, like fuckin. Some should happen with your friend group stuff, like that.
and then a week later, you look back at your journal and saw and see what was bothering you the week before, and you like, I don't even give. how about that anymore? makes you feel good to know quickly things can change. Also It's just nice to do before bed, because helps. You go to sleep instead of going on your phone seeing shit, that's negative or seeing some girl who, like facetune everything and then you're, comparing yourself and you're like oh, my god. Why don't I look like that and then just cuz she's, not being honest or you know, somebody's telling you fuckin grows on your instagram in shit instead looking at the heads, the very go to bed now you're in, proving yourself in going to bet on a good, healthy com, relaxed note I not wondered, say this stuff, I'm the for this from it, but I mean I'm really into it
like you can ask all my friends I asleep it was my friend's a lot because I don't like being alone and I live by myself, and so my friends are always at my house, and so I only have one friend of my has every night which it easily might lead me to fuck it s written, but what our and they're always ate Emma. What are you doing in like a fucking journaling limited alone I'm literally going to start up. Fucking blog about this not having an never health blog about this in there, like shut up whenever and I do it every night and they literally see me doing it and they like while like she's, actually they even try to yet I have been able to solve them into it. me, neither as me friend who showed me it they just I'm the only one that listened bud glad. I tried it this really personal and really refreshing and really really beneficial so. Diego you well from that I mean if you're not down, then
you're not down, but I mean it also hide that shit like I. my journey, my journal isn't nor for if my journey enough money, because so much tat you know like I'm like, like Jesus Christ, like I fucking, I can't even ahead even begin to look like, I am writing about shit. It's genuinely bothering me and, like I never put names and egg, is I'm not a fucking idiot, but, like I mean then again it like, you know. You know, you know any million per annum. You know you're in it. So, like. I know it's like a fuckin burn book, but it's like it. It's not even about that. It's like is more dislike. This person was rude to me today and, like I'm, just trying to lead a bother me like shit, like that, you know I mean, but it's very personal, like I really open up to it like it's my best friend, it's a great place to vent,
now. Are you sound like a seven year old? Who has a diary is like Oh, my god, this is like a literal journal. Entry from when I was like in inserting grade and I had a crush on kidney max and I remember it was like. I was literally in third grade. I don't even know if this happened. I hope I can find this diary one day in fucking take a photo of this directorate, so fucking funny. It was like to I was in grade. Listen to my diary, entry I drew picture to, but whatever I was like today. MAX called me hot either he's really cute to yea or some stupid shit like that. I was in third grade in a kid was calling me hot number, one eye Definitely was not even obviously I wasn't hot in third grade number one, but never do I don't know think anyone is like, like I just
like every other fucking. Third greater. How do you like did distinguish another third greater from the next there, all fucking same there. This the same they all like the same things, and they Like the same fuckin, sacks, ok, all of them are goldfish. There's literally no difference between third graters there, all the fucking same, like one. May I up a little bit more than the other, but at the same time they all act up. I don't know what he saw in me, but, like I'm, not mad, like I'm in a modern, yeah. I guess I've been journaling for a while longer than I thought I Just journaling about my issues actually, apparently in third great, didn't, have any parent was pretty easy back then MAX was calling me. I mean talking your doing something right are a while. I'm done talking your ear off, you can go back to your life now. I hope you had fun. I hope you enjoyed I'm Emma Chamberlain. That was stupid. Genius of our the are I'm stupid and am also a gene.
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