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Why Does Sweat Smell Bad?


Does your sweat smell? Emma's definitely does, and she wants to know why. Stick around because she'll also get into why she got her new ear piercings, and why she actually does care about her hygiene, contrary to popular opinion.

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Ramble. Hi, I'm a man, a man to my party has to begin is ever having a good day. I let's let's talk about the pie, gas forcing second, because you know we're here: right, listen! I want to change it up a little bit. Ok, I feel, like I feel egg, You know I've never done if I guess before again. So when I first started, I had like this vision of what I wanted the Prague Castle of like and now that, starting to change a tiny bit. Really, but a little bit. I still like the fact that We have these, like you, know, Questions that we talk about them and so on and be doing all that. But. thing instead of Vienna. I wanted make it a little more raw editing lies just make it more raw, make it all the more organic whenever away a lot of added stuff
and you know, start including my amazing producer Kristen into this little bit, she's going to be reading the answers to me live on onset, hello, see there. She is she's the best, so she's going to be we're going to be more having a conversation rather than like you know, having like Mary to anyway. It's going to be a lot more leg or panic in more of a discussion with. Do you know any? Instead of being so, really produce ages. Filet, that's never been me, but I wanted it to be when it when I first started this and now I'm sorry you feel like now, Excited about how about that format? and so I want to change it up so gonna be fun propaganda even more fun, but you know that's that, It's kind of hard, it's hard bus to the ego at times when Lena, wait. You envisage something dozen. And up satisfying you the way that you wanted to do, and you have to change things around back in a hurry.
ego, but it a party grow, if you like I first sort my Youtube channel. I was like doing shit. The just didn't make sense for me like you was like that's what I pictured myself doing whenever started, but then indignant matching up so then I changed it and then that's when things got real fun so I was the others goes, and it's gonna be even easier to understand and even easier to follow along within you guys don't give. So, let's get into the topic. the day, which is, I don't know Why does sweat smell bad? It's funny, because not only Does everyone on the internet thing I about? I genes as like silver elevation also lake, I'm just curious, like it she kind of weird Lavie, really think about it like why leg it smell bad when it first when you first are sweating Ivy League, it smells like later and like that just confuses me like does
I also think what even is swear like a. We need to talk about swipe, because you my hygiene just awful I just don't, I'm a shower nears fuck, you guys fuck you guys. I shower literally every day assholes, I've, no no one's ever to marry smell bad ever and I have before but like it's never been intentional. It's like if I fucking we're gown and then I go get coffee in like ice. For some reason swear really are that day like I'm in a small great, then I shower it off and you can fuckin relax. I shower, Just think it so fucking unfair that that's the label that even put on me is that a bad hygiene it's like every comment. My fucking Instagram is a gas motor shut. The fuck up. Yes, I do smell that in its my fucking.
Fume from sent bird of not resent bird bleep out what I believe, but no like I. Yeah patriotic hour shower, but I saw I mean it's so an interesting topic. Why, to sweat smell bad, regardless in genoa. One last thing to say before we get into this lake, don't act like Don't fucking act like you, ve, never smell bad. Before. Because I know you have so don't be like oh, smell bad before Lydia inside of you idiot. Sorry, Europe is getting worse, you know before we get into it lets,
talk about the word of the day, which is actually sweating fitting? Oh hi? Emma, I only got I loved it like big in here. You now is nowhere and yet so we're because, like you, ve always been here, but they never Nicosia and ascended we're just kind of like laughing the back. That's me closely, she's here, so sweating is actually the words the day o pray. that's, why was sweating is actually the secretion fluids by sweat, glands on the surface of the skin, mainly for the purpose of maintaining body temperature within an ideal range interesting. I have very active, sweat glands. I think, like I sweat a fuck time like I but unlike an exercise class, and I will literally come out and light My leggings it'll forget paste myself and like Miley Coal, Exports bra will legless leg. I like em pregnant, like milk,
more and that later, but you know anyway, I dislike look fucking like drink. Like I just sweat so easily also leg, I I my of urban has to be almost sixty five or else I swear, its super weird, I'm like very sweaty, but I've been a lot of people that just straight up, don't sweat and I'm sure so Luckily I think, because I almost sweat so much I like it. I rarely smell bad with sweat, like my what does it normally swamp spellbound? Also progress a shower before it gets more bad, but yeah shower my hat so pissed Billy, every time, every time like I'm just so defensive about this anyway. I will, let me start with start break this down, why do I am start guessing making magus I'm afraid I've had my dad once because we are talking about how it's like. Why Bush It helps me come up with my questions for this park as thanks dad things chamber paints enemies.
any was leg, wise leg like why I do. I not smell bad, like I literally just sweat, so much, and I literally don't smell that in my friend in like manner doesn't know about like white, and none of us know that any recycle what doesn't like smell until its rise? Like that's true, I'm like but like how is that possible? unlike what is sweat made up of. Ok cause it's like water, it looks exam. Really water like easy. just water, with talks, in a way that makes so much fucking sense we, I might have it already. Ok, here's my leg! I just had a leg. think out loud for a second. But now I think I am my first guess so either
Sweat smells bad because sweat is your body exerting basically AIDS to EL out your pours so you can regulate your body temperature like if you're hot, then it makes you feel cold, urges the wind hits your sweat and then you feel more cooled off came from anyone but the reason why the sweat smells bad is because in the age too, If you will that's being exe- exerted outer pours, it actually has toxins in it, like maybe bacteria or like vaccines. Whatever is toxins. Are I don't know, that's like junk you now and then, when the toxins slash like bacteria, flash whatever one they dry, Why would they make a smell, though.
Like maybe when they dry they like die, and then they like smell like a carcass of the toxins that, but then toxins were never alive, can't hold on to the drawing board like when it dries like. Maybe maybe none at all so the toxins get let out of your pours with the age too, with the water that you sweat out, and then once the water and then once and then The toxins get into the air like they like flowed off your skin the box in the air picks it up. and then people smell it. Ok, I know that was really stretch yawl but leg. Can we just talk about this like ours, that kind of close, but not right? Ok, but like we were wrong,
Why did I just get in all the other night? I just have legal, weird vision in my head and I highly Jenner leg in my legs, literally close my eyes and I desire colleague generally right in front of my face. like supervising weird thing: I'm really scared, chaotic road. It was like I literally could see her right now. I to close my eyes, get why. Why am I doing that am I ok she's not in here Christian are, you sure sure, o my bugging Kiley, I'm scared that was crazy like what is happening. Alarm puzzling, not ok, but we'll talk about that during our wind down of this episode anyway, I'm just like a mess mama, I'm not the every episode. Is metering leg to determine, like my mental state, every single upset
ok what I was wrong. So try again: ok, maybe we'll! Where do I go wrong MA? Am you were close with the bacteria stuff? Ok? So what if. What is sweat a sweat water, no link what it why she, no don't tell me that will be cheating. Maybe will it it's water and ammonia assaults and sugar. Ok. So maybe then, let's just kind of Vienna pick up where we left off, maybe, instead of like the bacteria floating in the air, the vaccine, Stays on your skin, when it dry is on your skin, when it drives on your skin ate it. Maybe maybe the bacteria combines with oxygen. The air maybe like that?
Korea in there question in the air have a reaction that create a gas that smells bad know what the fuck no we're hung upon the drying aspect of it. Ok, Bobby I, you know why, because I feel egg because they feel like it now. Sweat doesn't just smell by one. First comes your or does it. oh, but I'm always wearing deodorant. maybe it's just a simple as may be just marriages assembles the bacteria reaching the service of. Skin sitting there and is being dams thankee. Do you want to know the answer. Have I tried hard enough or one more time, no more time. Thank you door dash for sponsoring episode of Super genius.
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that's our I don't fucking now I had tried here's the answer: here's where sweats most about body odor, is caused by bacteria, breaking down sweat and is largely linked to the apathy lands. Most body. Odor comes meat, so sweat itself doesn't snow or body odor might occur when back Terry on the skin breakdown acids contained in the sweat produced by the African includes most of the applicant Landsmen Skinner, located in the growing in the armpits in the skin. They usually have an odour and their sent glance oh so that they can only interpret deodorant like on your belly button and because I always that actually gives I was leg. So basically like hey that actually is like way more complicated than I thought his normally leg. Yelling! No one interesting! Oh my god! Sweat is soon. If, let's talk,
That was oh, my god. I was a good mythical morning. Let's talk about that, you no good mirth mythical morning is www pry Ducas like Red link our bay forever, but that was like my childhood Keep that mine anyway, that's why I just came as a naturally yeah I'm really tired today and so I'm just kind of ready to lay close my eyes and talk about me now. You know: This can now it is just kind of like them as part of the day. We have Talk about science so that I can continue learning or else I'm just gonna turn super dumb, but talking about me is good to just keep me so for so. First talk about sweat. because I've been just thinking about this. This whole entire time cause like I I tend to do work out. Clauses and aunt tended go to the jam at all, really like that. So five down we'd, like some crazy, sweat leg
people that I've been next to my glass, his chest. I mean filling the damn room and it's just crazy. like, someone's body, can do that. Its also interesting up everybody's, like sweat, smells different leg I could probably close my eyes in no, whose that's fucking weird it's true like with all the people that are close to me and my life, where I've smell their sweat like one time or another because it happens like it definitely pick out who sweat. That was out of. Like a group. Do you know what I mean wise alley where I really am sorry, but it's true. I do, have a phobia. This is so funny because everybody would not know this about me. being I know about moving gay buggies. Mad man what literally we gonna dynamism, YO fucking,
the world smell so much better, now, she's dead, that's what I've been very mommy like that's gonna, be my legacy, but that there is always a good person that smell bad in eyes, maybe having a bad person. I know different came, and I know I smell good- must as I so just and so I am about it since what happens when you all me. I swear. Defensive, I'm never defensive! was defensive. What I just anyway, where are they going arriving? A huge Hugh, phobia smelling bad. So, like I always got like idea in my car, I've deodorant in every purse, backpack. suitcase like every popular guy literally have deodorant on me at all times. I it's a huge thing for me, like I remember in middle school, when I was like first wearing deodorant in my mama's, like briefly to to natural deodorant in furs that you don't get toxins in you, but it didn't work. You know
was an athlete as a young child like I've. Always I was always like being an athlete cape, I would sweat like a lot. You know an like for those things and I just would like The natural deodorant would idle literally behaving like a panic attack because, like I would get such meetings, I hereby because I knew that I knew I was sweating through my natural deodorant and then finally, I beg my mom and I think this new gotta get me Deirdre that works. I and so this is a constantly haunting me, she's, ok honeys cage said regulating arousing only about things like that comes from main is like really like it of labour legged smells agreeable ages can't I just can't league you're working out really three hours at Sheila, whatever we're doing like a sport like three hours, I'm sorry but Tom's from Maine deodorants, not gonna cut it right, then I started using allspice and my by ad.
the best reaction to it, and so I got some burns on my armpits From that in then am some bad rashes. They were so itchy. I'd like it was bad. then I graduated inserted using dove that didn't work very well like a dead, but using only read, and then I started using secret what it and three good things great SAM. That's in it smells great like it's almost like just smell so good like I want to just fuckin twist. The thing up and just got and just fuck and eat it Is it smell so good? But my uttering journey. Actually so familiarizing aid dont shower, don't care about my hygiene I have used every year in the book and I can tell you about all Which means that I wear deodorant so so where perfume too I recently, even using I have two that I use
I use the MARC Jacobs. Daisy wondered like pink because its mouth, the fucking cause it's cute again and the leave it on cactus and I were both of them again. I know about the names of perfumes want to know why you fucking fuck you, because I wear that cape and I watched my hair too. February- and I was mayor of its also so. I was in the shower like two hours ago. To name can you would know about that? talk about back something humble Blake. Well, I mean not join my the amount that I shower is like you know. I could Greg League has now returned my showered inches annoy you, but I don't, right, because I see humble and I go anywhere, you want a, I just keep between me and the shell. FUCK, you guys anyways, so that's like,
That's the just a man that saving we talked about hygiene innovating, it's really soft! Can you tells us? it's a source of great for me, Cato We are looking at the corral, I'm looking at the camera and like like making. I gotta go the Carolina, the person and leg these people in the room, but I'm like alike the ship, so awkward doesn't guys. Let me just been to you about how dumb I am so Basically, I every time I have a mental breakdown. Go through a rough patch. You know, I lied to get more like a substantial rough patch sometime. I, like some big event, happened to me that a kind of destroys me a little bit yea. I get more european things so every few months, get more Europe using so like a few months ago, like knowing eight months ago or so I got my doubles, pierced an egg
a cartilage. When my college, pier and then my college fell out, but the two double staid and then this fine for a while and then another truly tragic event avenue me actually wasn't tragic, but it it's definitely tough for top of an avenue, and then I got triples pierced, and then I got my cartilage rapiers anyway. That was kind of recently that was like whatever like a few months ago. And am I really sensitive, scan and really sends his ears. So I tend to get. In fact, it really easily- and this has been an issue since the five years old, getting my ears pierced eclairs days. Okay, like I always get infected in part, It is because they sleep on my stomach, which means they sleep with me to the side, which means that I wake up in my hearing his leg, its leg. In buried in my skin, from sleeping on that side of my head and then I wake up- and I have to oh get out of my skin yeah, so
I'm not doing hearing with that my I literally wake up every morning, and I have that's gonna where we're out with that. I think it's like not chill at all but that's kind of where we're out with that. I think please I need to get like more. I need to get different hearings do that right now? Where do you pay herrings like that? I wouldn't infect me like, We'll talk about this after it's gone better as I've got older like I can have like similar shady hoops in four, like You know in our for like taking a photo ours. May I back because it means we have a slave and the keynote Zadig air about South giving after this undergo by some earrings from somewhere doesn't really kind of like one of space. At my my situation here, but anyway and they only where silver jewellery. Now for them, like I'm very oecd, like I only where silver jewellery, which is a problem, because I only have gold jewelry, ever literally the jeweler yeomanry now in recently been so into it like I mean my whole new mental breakdown, piercing episode
have definitely helped. I always have leg, earrings in at all times, and always silver and my nose ring is silver. I love jewelry. What is going on and then I always have my bracelet die, that's a lock and then am I necklace that matching lock. They were the UNICEF things like by them and donated UNICEF. I thought rain. I love that, so you and- I have never says mainly MIKE. I have so much jewellery and on all times what is going on is crazy. I didn't realize that I was freaking. Jewelry, gaol gay, but I like love it. I think So far you totally grow into that up. When I was younger, I was like you couldn't catch catch me, your own. I can and I'm being sporty well, when you do actually, when you do sports as a child, you can't we're jewellery, you camera negative, because yoga choked and you cover earrings colonel rip, though about and Especially when you're like a gymnast cheerleader, any those things like
hell, no, you are not allowed of jewelry, and so That was why I never did, and now I can't stop so anyway, send me some queued. Jewellery ideas on twitter is something I would love back, I'm getting into that gay and I'm not too cited about my combo that I am going to renew my gaze filling. I could do better, Then I just feel you guys can help me with that problem. Those- are the reason why I brought the substance. My ears are infected right now and it hurts so bad. it hurts so bad leg. With these headphones on re now, like I'd like to seal aching, going down my back like it so badly, they hurt so bad, and my mom tax me, like one's name, is like an idea, upon the ears and, unlike you, don't want to know honey hammy, you just don't. Because they are infected Is that all I want to talk about. Alright guys, you know I did. It was like a little shorter episode by that we had fun. Let me know if you data, if you didn't die me now sensitive, very sensitive,
and I never know what I to be reading your mean common when I'm on my period don't risk. This get. Thank you guys for listening a hobby and fun. I hope you learn something. Erle said the period, but it will keep them in yeah, bring it to re ravine. Subscribe apple pie, gas, Itunes, Kay, let me know on wherever, like just can't get in contact with me. Somehow. Let me know if you want to talk about next. I love you or ideas and you babe Bobby Bit. So ok. Why will see you guys next week and I'm stay stay badass, honey, love you that was gross up like a fucking, with pictures quote like state that say: badass in, like beer might be your best self feeling, don't let anyone dull your sparkle, okay, bye!