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Why Is Our Pee Yellow?


Call it "pee," but don't call it "urine," because Emma is NOT down with that. She'll try to figure out why it's yellow, and then you'll find out about her elementary school boyfriend, her dislike of Bon Jovi, and so much more!

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Ramble, hey, what's our guidance, Emma Chamberlain, this stupid genie is baby or back for another episode. Pack has episodes. I guess it is yet well today we're talking about something really fun in something that I like to talk about things that are relevant to my life at that moment and were given that today, because we're talking about lies are key allies and of your nailing Emma. How does that relates your life? A relates my living wage in many ways, a number one, my p, Is constantly leg, Brown, because I'm always dehydrated Also I've been taking this new Acme medicine called. Expert lag tone, or something, and in it makes you he's so much. It literally makes you be so much like I'm constantly being and it's fine, This is like whatever I mean, that's when I signed up for my agonies, like kind of going away, but not really but
that that medicines, making peace so much and not to I also drink a lot of coffee and obviously peaceably p for me is something that I am constantly doing ip, probably like once every Forty five minutes, like I'm, not kidding it's badly, my bladders tiny, and when I go on road trips, I have to he and Starbucks CUPS. It's actually one of my party tricks, I'm very good at it literally funny story before we get into this episode, because why not just like you know it's a short one. One time my friends and I were driving down. we're in Colorado. We were like whatever driving back in like the city area of Colorado from the mountains, so there was no bathrooms like nothing we're just in the middle of two mountains, and I was like guys like this is bad. I gotta go in there like nobody can nose like. Oh, oh I two and there like well it snowing and cold, and you dont want to stop those gimme, your Starbucks there are like now isley, aha yeah. Gimme, the Starbucks CUP anyway peed in a cup.
Front of my friends. They really crying laughing as they were like what the fuck out as is possible moral. Sorry, as I love being, I'm really good at it, and I have a lot of it's a big part of my personality. Apparently so yes, I already on a tangent, but we're gonna be sorry, my wise p o, but for we get into it, was given to the word of the day. The stupid genius word of the day is the European Union is another vote for keeping its a watery, typically yellowish fluid stored into plaid discharged Sousa you re through its correct you're in trouble. So you know you're in the very scientific version of the word p. I don't. I don't think I've ever please, said the word you're in urinate it out loud, because why would I do that? It's, like, I like saying I'd prefer to say p or I went p or I went to
party when p p, like I like those types of work kitty spatter urine like come on, get over yourself. It's just that like to professional, I feel it people that are in like really classy countries like, London would say like urine, and I think they wouldn't say p, let me know we may, if you live in like London or like Paris or something interviews, Appear if you review sailor, urinating or urinating, or something as I feel it. That's like a classy thing and I want to know if, like if, like that's something that anyone uses on a day to day basis. Let me know: maybe it's another country or somethin, anyway, I don't know, I don't. I don't think the word. I think the word here and is very eighteen, hundreds and I'm over it, but and of our guesses of the day, what do we think makes p yellow eyes like. I have one guys that I really want to be right. But I won't start out with that.
Because I don't want to get too excited Mayo a link and only crush this episode to soon we going to like Let me get into a verse again was getting. As number one you door dash for sponsoring this episode of stupid genius, I'm so excited because I'm an avid avenue user door dash- and I love it- I literally if I like a long day and I'm just tired in cooking is like not in the cards, and I just don't want to clean up etc, etc. doored ashes, literally, what I go to, if you don't adored ash is doored. Ash is a very convenient food, delivery app were. If you do, is you open the door dash app choose? What you want to eat in your food will literally be delivered to wherever you are there, so many options, and it's just
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Get yourself. Some nice for dinner tonight, slit celebrate baby, they you'd or dash of Oregon to guess number one. Actually I really three. Sarah wall, when I record I'm literally just staring at a wall or like staring at the floor, like my eyes, really have gaze over them, and I can't see anything I'm like talking it's weird. I now looking at the camera and its we're anyway. Ok, let's get to get someone gets number one is that so peas, obviously like the leg liquid, in your body like coming out the other end. Actually, don't exactly know why you even p anyway, that really would have been a good episode to do before this one, but like Actually, I don't really know why humans p, exactly like oh it's like if you drink, I guess it's like. You drink liquids. It's like all the access liquid, they, your body, didn't absorb I'm guessing. I don't have that right.
Anyway Oh my god,. Oh. What is that? Do oh exercise for oh, my god Here this is so good guys, leave us in guys those do good? We this end anyway, so like I guess I'm. My guess is that it's like the access liquid that your body didn't need coming out, cause like it doesn't needed and it couldn't absorb all of it. So that's my girl What key is? I really don't know that could be completely in by my guess for why it yellow is because this time that the water goes off, the way through your body and then comes out your urethra, it's kind of
gone bad in away like it's kind of a good will, usually liquids go in your mouth, like water goes in your mouth. Clear, when it comes out yellow. So what might like, I feel, like the water got rotten. I don't know if that makes sense, but I feel like it like rotted in your body like it just kind of like start go mouldy like I don't know, explain it, but I figured just went badly almost like if you have like maybe leg. Feeling milk in the fridge and it gets chunky leg. Yellow we legged this kind of like rotting in like fermenting, that's like other liquid it. But I don't know if water can like ferment in a way like I don't know, if I can kind of do that so I don't think this is right actually does now that I talked it out. I really feel like slow fuck, but I'm gonna stick with it because maybe that's right, maybe it's like the water, just kind of like key
see your body in a kind of judges. Slake rots. I dont think that makes any sense. Lady, it gets more the Americas, it has been sitting in your body, very twenty browsing and illegally, but water in the fridge fully three years of this issue long gives them are ones wrong. You don't even know Joe Me Gag aids wrong. That's ok, guys sign guys, lacks I'm serious. My guest number two is about a boy you're all mind from a visa. For my second guess, I'm feeling a lot better, others one, because I think I actually have like some evidence here so. He is stored in the bladder, but your bladder is not the only bladder you have. in your body. You also have a gallbladder. I have
fucking idea of our waters. You I just know that they hold bile. That's right. yes, so, like your All blotter holds bile, which is o king Rinkitink. All hello Yellow so what if maybe in your bladder like in your normal bladder, maybe there's some maybe look. you're gallbladder sends like some vile Indy bladder for some reason, and then that makes us with your p and then when it comes out your p, is yellow from some of the bile from your gallbladder. I don't really know how that would really connected, but I'm feeling a little bit, I feel oh good about it, but you know what maybe two even to branch off that if that's incorrect, maybe there's something in bladders in in human bodies that turn things yellow like it dies. Or something
Maybe either number one there's buying their Kebby bile in your p, because you can drink p holy shit. This epithets hard guys give this video Rate stupid genius with five stars were how hard on working illegal. I'm working hard like yeah I was like when I thought about the second answer. I was like holy shit Emma years, those files? guzzling, among others, crazy, it deadly sayin. You would like bile or your gallbladder in. I was I already know I'm wrong, because it's like one of the things where it sounded a lot better in my head. I said it was like a wait. I'm fucking stupid so, guess number two, I'm guessing it's wrong: Mccain's Ronnie. Hopefully that leg her you're at your phone where's earphones, whereas you guys, okay, every scream- that let me know anyway
live kinda guy summer Threeg, as I have guessed number three, and I really I think this is like right- it's just so simple that a Mohammed past about it. Oh, my god is actually a lie to do even more than three gases with this with specific topic, but I won't maybe we'll say, was a guest for three. This episode of stupid genius is brought to you by skill share. Thank you. Scale share if you skills areas skills here is an online learning community as thousands of classes they cover dozens of creative and entrepreneurial skills, which has great, because you know like school offers, a certain amount of things even learn about, but was kill share their so many more options, so there's a really decent chance. You're gonna find something on their that interest you. his classes in everything, from photography to creative writing design. Literally anything for me personally I was using it for photo editing because you know I'm
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We are things giving when you have some new knowledge. Thank you. Now. I guess number three. Is that ok. I know that when you're paying your paying out like since. I know that, I don't know how you know that actually, but the question is like: why You have likewise your p darker when you have in drink a lot of water. Is that because you here body as more toxins in it or does the All of your pay have nothing to do with toxins Migration is whereas the yellow pigment coming from leg. Is that color coming from leg is the Or of toxins, yellow made,
is that my answer forgets number three: the toxins are yellow and then they come out in your p or is it that fuel where it is water, go when we're does liquid goes? Who goes in the mouth down these obvious into the bladder. Then maybe it isn't like pieces, maybe the interior of your bladder. Is yellow and its picking up some of the dead skin premier interblended danced on it Ok, I know you forget number three, I'm gonna just guess that same We, the color of the toxins that you're paying out, are yellow. So when that mixes with the water, they your body
Screening than it creates be how's that ok, so we're fifty fifty on some pretty. wrong, but I'm leg halfway there living prayer a little bit living on a prayer were sung ever can't find me on that. You cannot fight me on that living a prayer is the fucking or song that exists. Hootings about Bongio v o. I have a story about that at the end of this and I'm going to offend somebody, but I regret this sorry, but it's funny so I'll go and do it anyway. so. Why do we hear the answer? Because I dont that's like as good as its gonna get for me and I'm really curious about what makes p l us like I'm gonna wanna hear it. I want to get any more. Let's hear it
answer: I'm professor fool aboard to ends up. Why is your p p, yellow urine color usually ranges from a pale yellow color to deep, Amber this colouring is primarily caused by such payments. Euro Chrome also known as Euro bill in and if you throw it away, it's called euro trash just kidding whether Europe is diluted by water or in a more concentrated form, determines the appearance of the pigment, some more water, you think and more hydrated. You become a lie: disappointment in new year, and so big Mintz and chemical compounds of food to eat and medications, who take also alters the color of your? U of and these changes are fairly standard antipathy to last for love, so don't worry, just do it or eat and drink all you want, and if your ppm purple that's fine, maybe I'm off as a fuel of work, and that was the stupid genius answer up today. Ok, so that's really ensuring so kind of I was right because its leg, it
kind of leg waste from the blood in a way, So that's really interesting, but it comes from the kidney they wound. So that's quite an answer. that is so interesting, I'm very fascinated by my pay now are drinking. It see what happens. I urge have always wonder what Peter S leg. Oh my god, I'm embarrassed I do know a few, guys were open on this biogas. Let me explain why no pities like it was a dare and I don't really actually know what it taste like cuz. I literally took a little sip of it and then I spit it out. Basically, I was on a road trip with my friends a long time ago and some he'd make up. it wasn't me though, we're playing what are the odds,
and I lost and zip guys Van cells are really ever doesn't really I'm so grows, but it was a literal derelict. What did you want me to do? Be a pussy like, of course add like fuckin. Take us out spit it out immediately was so like it was like a strong player. It tastes like water kind of willing. I team, have time to think about it before was already like IX and for my mouth so but I really like, I wonder, would drinking like wonder what p would visa like if you actually drank a skull but because, like ok, I fucking my tongue touched a tiny bit a p. get over it like come on. It was it dare like? I didn't do this just causing oh no room repeatedly, let me try it out. like. No, it wasn't like that. It was a dare and I wasn't going to be a pussy, and you know what don't try to act like you would be the same way with your friends. Do not tell me
but if you lost one of the odd, what are the odds that you would like you We have a choice when you lose. What are the odds you have to do it and I don't need the fuckin rules. Ok, You know what you should be grateful. I got to lie to you too. I could have lied and then I will just paint I almost started doing neck. I almost thirty thousand. I was Oh darling, piteously as if I had never had a sip and do you know what I have. fuck, all the haters I dont care for, and put it on a newspaper, Emma's Drank p before I, care it was What are the odds, and you ve probably done it too, probably not I've. U funny. Pee stories, thou and I'll get into that. Now that we're doing the wind down of this episode number one. This is a story that I dont like by it I'm gonna tell it as they think it's kind of leg.
Most want to tell her before somebody else does they feel egg there Kind of ideal at this One time of using a Frenchman in high school and my and then I will I locked out of house. and that we were like you was at a friend's house, will be really clocked out and I had to pee so bad and it was late at night. It was like midnight. I mean the story is just that I peed in their backyard. I she don't think, that's that crazy. I felt we really guilty about it, but I literally just Paden about your that's, really not bad pillage, she had a nice backyard and, like I peed in it like I think she's in she knew like everybody's laughing. I Muzalzil areas tat, actually kind of peace, front yard, who's, gonna, mortify yard. so your neighbors easily get us all that He was called in her house, I mean like whatever, but yet I was a freshman year is crazy. I mean and then obviously I when I
laws, what are the odds and drink a little bit a p? That's another! Now my ever p story I've upedes standing up in a year and as a joke, because I kind of like ours with my friend and I wanted to see what would happen really. Can we pee in urinals? I was like dude, I don't. I don't know what would happen and she was like, I think it was online thing a mere thing, and so I peed standing up any urinal when pretty good. I would say it was like, pretty a fish I mean I peed standing up straight. I is being like sitting down on the euro? I've had to do that. Actually, two August, Next by yes, I was paying standing up, it was, it was actually fucking oil. I don't think I've ever lot harder. My life so that was a good memory for me. You can also, judging for that, if you want, spring or doesn't say I've won over before, I peed in the urinal standing up as a joke. One time the only
my friend enable that ip really bad. Why does this avenue has all the time who knows we have we my bladders, apparently we were. We both went into a one person man's men stall, because I was like all that the place like the women's bathroom was shot like. We couldn't get in their causes, so many and there we had got so bad that we went to the man's bathroom and there is one willing one urinal in it. And I was the gentlewoman and I let my friend have the toy. What an ip than the colonel knots. Ending up those like I kind of like using it as a visitor. It works in a pinch. I wouldn't recommend it. I wouldn't do it again, but, like I was literally exploding like completely look like, I had a pregnant bellyful to fill the p, and I also think we're like. I can't my plea very well so like I, can hold my plea for sure, like it's, not a problem, but like one, I have to go like it gets so painful for me to hold it like. I have to go so like that's. Why it's like,
crazy anyway. There's pride, I want to hear about. p anymore, but then again big guns episodes. Maybe you guys do I p, I mean I don't think his grows personally, like a gate. other things leg in the same region. Like years like I genuinely grows out by shit. I can't even think about a talk about aid to say: grosses me, guy incentive, like that makes me have a sense of some ugly. I don't care about blood, I don't care, p burgers. Like those things don't bother me believe shit. I can't talk about. It, makes me in several employment when I'm shorting, that's different, because that's just like more funny, and is like not a big deal Blake. I just in like I'm weird about, I don't know but short it's funny, but like anything else, no like cancer, like we don't buy that so The question is: why Kiehtan you appear Joyce anguish to somebody else. Oh my god do I just
Well, oh my god. The Bonn Jovi story, as you reminded me ok, we'll say way way from p. You're welcome I M going to tell you a story today about how, in seventh grade I curved a guy, because you liked bond Jovi. So let's get her into it, If you're listening to this, I don't even know who he is. He literally was just a guy. I met on and serenity ends Seventh grade me was fuckin, doing the mollusk doing leg, Legate, get that so funny to me, but back in the day leg in Syria mediums, was like people were dm each other from MIKE. The other high school over them from other middle schools and that's how you'd need for people from other middle school. They really like theirs obviously have guy from like another middle school. You dont, obviously of their number, and you can't figure, but you no of them or whatever you can dm them and then whenever, when you're in seventh grade now, you're going to do is hold hands anyway, like not even day then, so I don't get the point whatever anyway.
you know, young loves, crazy, emanated, boyfriend and fifth grade. Oh, my god. We should totally talk about the next ok or die eggs. I want to talk about that so bad again anyway, but first we'll Jovi Bush. So How I get a damn from this kid mass kid. He didn't even go to he like used to go to one of the schools. That leg was near my school, but he'd t move. Two like another place. It was nine, even the guys ever gonna meet this kid, but I was kind like bored. I like Vienna, was like I'll talk to this kid. So additive on savagery, whatever of wider, is only a player in seven greatly. What even was I literally seven years old max anyway? So more like talking like getting to know each other. Whenever I know I did was kids, I literally can't even tell you his name. If I'm sorry, if you're listening to them, you know who you are anyway and am in. I was late maybe in seventh grade trying to lick protest, in small dog was a jug.
But I was leg his leg. So what music do you? I could at the time I've always been. Seventy, it's kind of a music not a little bit and that suddenly big for me like, if you don't have good music taser. No one even talk to you a little bit. I'm sorry I might have with coffee and with music. It's just the way I was raised a k, and so he was My favorite art his bond jovi, I blocked him. My Well, I was telling my dad so my eyes like do. They were like sit in the kitchen, the kid at my dad's, as was like the the gathering spot. So I was always a sitting at the kitchen. My phone was, I plugged into the wall we do see would be like doing what her painting cooking lead. cleaning whatever and then I would just be sitting there or whatever and talking to him bowl time telling my dad big eyes again, taxing this boy from Saint James Boy and whose like ok, and then I was like and then immediately as he's area expand. Jovi might I was I know, and I was like
we will do. I know you like. We have other, I blog site. I blocked him. So yeah. That's a cue Jill, regulated on now I mean my best friend ever loves nickel back in I'm Ciller friend, cuz like she also is like because, like that her favorite banned, but she, does leg nickel back, but I think it's funny slick, I think I'm learning to lake except people differences. Bond. Job is almost like too far gone like. I don't think you can even save that, so I just would like I'm out. So if you like Bonn, Jovi Don T, Emmy Apparent, adjusting snugly. Work out if you wanna be deadlines, dad you like bond Jovi, it's not gonna happen. Also if you don't know deadline, that's my new cat, decadent attack on Chamberlain and Scam grieve, go get em I follow you want Let me talk to you about my first boyfriend always diagram? Isn't I never have by? Why not
He deadly knows who is, I still am friends of into his eyes a great kid but fifth grade Does it moved to new town and it I'm not going to say is real name cuz. I don't want to just for his own, like personal, like whatever you've, never in fifth grades. I don't think he cares rally, but we'll give him the name. Let me look up popular boy names I can choose one unbiased I'd, because if I choose one leg out of my brain like AIDS, that's about it! A lot Lee M is the most popular boy, name right now so far in twenty nineteen. So we'll call my fifth grade. Boyfriend Liam, even though, was a kid. I went to my middle school in which, in the end, so that would that can make things awkward for like that Liam, but anyway, so let me tell you about first man's lamb, I was this was the first time I had actually I've been. I have always been the type where I always a crush on someone.
at least a little bit, whether it's like a celebrity or a person. school or like a personally neighbour like I always Why am I like that? I don't know, but I always have to have a crush on someone and links since preschool had a crush on this legal literal for Europe that we are both for like out even know that I had across it anyway. So get a fifth grade super excited leg, whatever I'm nervous because was like I was at a new school whatever was going to this after school thing, it was called the youth centre and it was like you know you can go after school, hang out there until your parents are ready to pick you up or whatever and so I was going after school every day and I started in life. And actually had a crush on this key lime, and I was leg but kind in one minute. Whatever she introduce me to him and then I was like I like
I want you here like it. I like him. Fifty me whatever and eventually. We went to this leg, there's a thing where we can. liked him for like months. I really liked him for like six months and then we went to this kind of lake. It was like it was a good week, long like outdoor camp, through the school, where you like, learn? about like nature and staff or whatever it's like part of the curriculum Udall. Have to go, but I went because it was like when those things that was itself so its your way from your parents, whatever I, super excited because, like you know, Liam was going of course, and I was like this is going to be so fine like no parents around, like hopefully were in the same science group with great was the time anyway. So basically a bunch of rumours we're going around the school that, like all of these boys, were going to ask out the girls that they had crushes on at this outdoor
have thing in black eye. Keep bearers meal if he does not, we saw is so my eye We were friends at the time and by three days into this outdoor camp to. That boyfriends friends, what I thought We are serious, over here anyway by that, I'm camp was over. I had a Bae I think he is friend come up to me and asked me out. but I don't think he actually said it to. I think, it's like he was standing there in his friend as I do join a girl of William and I was like, as like yeah I like, Sonny, I'm we dated four leg. For months. Come along home for a fifth grade relationship. and then- and then now me and him to this day- cannot remember,
fight over this everyday who broke up with who I know I broke up with him, but he's so convincingly broke up with me, they're, like whatever some as I had my friends, government Brigham Kalinin Wanna do it, and that was read, but the reason why me and him were able to work for four months- saw We never. We literally didn't talk to each other. We just text in and then each other at school. My work has each other awkwardly, The only reason why that was able to work was because he didn't like VON Jovi in it all goes act of Anchovy Jovi. I was able to like him because he didn't like Bunderby Crazy thing is that when I look back in fifth grade what relationship look like for a fifth greater legal What did we literally do? What are we even say to each other like, but with a difference and being friends at that time like? I knew I liked him like. I thought he was so q whatever, but like what.
Why? Why worry dating like war was like what part of it was certainly I never even kissed the kid, never pegged him. Never We never early held hands. There was nothing. There was no affection whatsoever. What what is it then they do even talk legally even tell him I liked him like, Even though these are the things I wish, I could go back and I could read my old text messages with this kid and see what I was even say like what would we talk about? I can't even Rather, what we were talking about, I was in fifth grade what was even what did I have to offer how, day. I'm gonna literally look back at myself of this aid. Be like. I was such an area when I was eighteen. Why did I vote for when I was eighteen, but right now would mega my fifth grade self and, unlike what was Talking about what I have to talk about. I couldn't tell you. I literally and so fascinated I May God, if there's a way, could turn on that old phone? I will do it
I'll bring it in low, read my old text messages and my old fuckin fifth grade boyfriend now be: oh, my god I would die tat would be the best thing ever yes. Moral that stories, I have no idea. How a relationship and fifth grade works if you're in fifth grade analysing to this end, boyfriend girlfriend who ever let me know how that's working for you and let me know what that means What are you guys like? What's the point, I thought at a point back then to anyway it's crazy how egg but now it's else's vanegas. I'm still a young woman like I'm like making one of my fifth grade solve as if I'm still not an idiot, I mean so we really talked about it all we ve talked about paying found about. my men school love life, apparently. I gonna wanna labyrinth. Oh man, I have, many funny stories from middle school. Why not get into it? I don't know why we're on this topic, but I kind of want to go with it.
And it s a story about how I got broken up with fifteen minutes after I got as down in seventh grade. I feel are NOS six, great sorry, yeah so there is as yet. I had a crush on in six raid. I he Sandra Enemy in Math in his name was we're going to come up with another fake name: Noah came I'm just reading popular boy name list. So now this kid's name is Noah. So no us out in front of me in math I used to he had, like you know, quinoa like there's like on the back of If someone is short hair like on the back of your head, they ve got little circle where the hairs me what they call a cabinet Catholic, they may be so he had whenever one of those Kiev pretty sure buzz hair. Whenever buzz, but is like a little bit longer there, and so I used to like during class, I would touch the bat, I would like press that part of his head ass. If it was a button like
look I'd go there in links Ex grade teacher to get his attention? Looking back, yeah. I know I can't really I generally back that went up. I would literally just touched his little thing on that, and I just wanted him to like me, and I thought that maybe by doing that. That would make him like me well for about fifteen minutes. I thought that it worked. Let me library on this alone the people my school, knew that I like this kid now: ok, whatever and dumb so one day at lunch, I'm out on the on the lawn, the big lawn in middle school. And now comes up three with his policy and his leg will you go out with me? Just out of the blue I was like. Oh my god way. This is like gray like I haven't even cars on this kid for very long. Any already likes me back like savagely yeah as I was like, whatever
He walks away literally turn to my friends. I remember the subway Billina. I don't even have his phone number. How may pose a text? Why? Adam lie, like I didn't like bats whole fucking, weird middle school is hoisted like like I did, you know, Its phone number and he asked me to be his girlfriend- and I was like yeah and we ve never talked, you I don't get how that works. Ok, so I was like super I because they go make no like my new bay, but I've and I felt like so cars are going on leg. I that, like six graders, going to go we're from Munich in another boyfriend like as, if even sixth grade boyfriend, still whatever stupid, but fit. Minutes later. He comes up to me, music irony. a blue breaking up with you, and I was leg I wasn't in sad, which is great, I was a girl gave you around like I was. Things going to move seemed ov anyway, like further
Fifteen minutes that we dated literally he asked me out, walked away, came back fifteen minutes later and broke up with me. I found out later that it was because he was dared to ask me out and then break up of me fifteen minutes later and the reward for, if he did, the dare was a he was gonna get a lollipop from like one of the leg there, one of the kids brought from home. let's not be mad, a Noah here. You know what my little stupid made school lay, I didn't need to have a boyfriend when I was in six great anyway, so I'm not really that mad at him yeah, but it was that was funny. I mean in retrospect. That's very funny, I honestly The thing that was bad about me was it I get in school Had a crush on leg. Probably every guy my school at least once the gets, what middle school as you're, just so confused,
like being a middle school middle school, the worse at my life, I was just conforming. To the norms of middle school, like I wore like what everybody else was wearing, I, like totally ever does was talking I did my hair, like everybody else, did their hair, like I didn't aware something bad leg with I really do want to know the uniform was like the not like actual uniform, but like the the social uniform of you well of leg, school girls. This is what it was their Abercrombie genes or LULU women leggings either boots- are vans. Maybe converse Billig AIR and then on the hop either a high. Mr Scott, Abercrombie like jacket with an Abercrombie such calls. Your shirt, a black north, is to jacket zipped up over it.
And that was the logo and high pony tales with legs crunches and things like that. That was the look and mascara from like. Usually everybody use like the same cover girl mascara, like everybody just did. The exact same thing will be all the damning were also clones of each other. and then, when it came to go into the school dances, we would wear really really short Abercrombie shorts. In advance and hang up from forever twenty there's something that was extol funky. You now now, though, we war middle school is the worst time my life, I hate that I was so happy when I went eyes go: oh my god, it was like the best willing, as it was like. I was literally the vine. Its schedule right so ready for males grow. There are ready to go away from all the drama that was literally. Meta with eyes,
Do you have your middle school right now and you listening to this and you're hating. It listen up all right. it only goes up hill from there, which is great, because you know a middle school even has its fun moments, but it all It was like the worst ever. I can tell you high schools, waymore fine. I can tell you if you, you know have like friends that our shitty, because I feel ignoble, good friend the middle school- it gets better. You find the real ones in high school and then you realize ones in high school, maybe our really there and then you figure I've met you. and good friend, eventually, anyway. Yeah. Middles will show you a guys. We get through it middle school, it's a journey them. the fact that I had a boyfriend for fifteen minutes and set in sixth grade like actually gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. Cuz, that's so fucking funny and like that's crazy, like middle school, gives you good stories for the kids and a good story for your podcast. If you ever start, one That's why I'm in a rapid up my because enjoyed today's episode,
I can't believe I told you those things. I told you a lot of things today, so please love me for that. Either there were funny. Middles was funny time anyway, that was now, the pod, don't forget to re ravine, subscribes to achieve an apple park as part of a of hunk. Has, make sure to go to ramble official on Instagram for more behind the scenes Vinnie on content force, you would It is also a key promoting my my merge, but every sought so don't keep an eye out just in case. We restock first lives. The genius merge if you're interested I M a Chamberlain com. It's out of sovereign but we might resolve it, or maybe I was only new audio organ on that.
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