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A series of allegedly leaked documents suggest that, in the aftermath of the infamous 1947 Roswell crash, the U.S. government put together a top-secret task force called “Majestic 12” to conceal the truth about UFOs.

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Today. A story for you, that's a conspiracy, wrapped inside a conspiracy rat. Inside another conspiracy, it's a top secret military project. That started in the nineteen fortys and it might will be going on today. The FBI in the air force, have tried to debunk the whole thing as a hoax, but in the process they actually confirmed the central issue. There is a government conspiracy to hide the truth about Ufos and the real cover up goes way deeper in anyone imagined
This is supernatural of apart cast original and I'm your host Ashley flowers every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained mystery to try and figure out the truth. This week, I'm looking at majestic twelve, the alleged government committee that was created to investigate ufos you. Fine all episodes of supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify? And if you like, why? You're, here reach Evelyn facebooking Instagram at par, cast and twitter at park, ass network if you ve seen men and black or the x files. This story will seem familiar to you. A shadowy organization classified documents on identity
flying objects, layers and layers of disinformation, but this isn't fiction. It's real and it all starts with. Envelope that was dropped through Jamie Shandy raise male slot Jamie. Was it the producer, who mostly did documentary work nothing to bigger controversial. He definitely wasn't. To getting strange tips from anonymous sources, but one after noon in December of nineteen. Eighty four a Manila envelope arrives at his north Hollywood home. It has no return address, but its postmark Albuquerque New Mexico inside is another smaller envelope and inside that envelope is a third envelope unmarked, except Mary out hotel logo on the back flat when Jamie, bins that last envelope there's a roll of film inside before he even develops the photos. He has an idea of what this might be about.
A few years ago, heat started production on a fictional movie about Ufos. It eventually got acts because of funding problems, but he kept intact with the screenwriter bill, more whose a passionate you followed just build does a lot of his research in New Mexico, where the envelope is postmark from so Jamie figures, it might have been by one of his sources. Coincidentally, Jamie supposed to have dinner with build that same evening, so he brings the rule of film with him now when Bill hears about this he's entreat because he doesn't know anything about
either. So they immediately leave the restaurant, go back to bills house and develop the film in his kitchen sink looking at the negatives through a magnifying glass. They realise these are regular pictures. They're photos taken of documents, eight pages in all their typewritten and stamped at the top and bottom, with the world's top secret, slash magic, semi coin eyes. Only now magic is spelled em a j. I see and is a shortened code name for the project in question. Operation
majestic twelve. The first five pages are a general briefing for the incoming president, Eisenhower. It's dated November 18th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two just a couple of weeks after he won the election. According to the briefing majestic twelve is a top secret committee that reports directly to the president. It was created by the previous President Harry Truman. After a mysterious object, crashed in a desert near the well Army airfield. Now, if you know anything about UFO a you, ve probably heard about the Roswell incident. In July nineteen, forty seven something fell from the sky and landed a ranch in small town, New Mexico, the army scooped up the wreckage and told the press that it was just a flying desk later that day, they clarified that it was just a weather bellew, but by that point it was already a huge media story.
Dozens and dozens of people had seen the wreckage, and they said it didn't look like any whether balloon, the bait ever seen, some of them plane, they even seen alien bodies at the crash site according to the majestic twelve memo that was all one hundred percent cent trip, a secret team, was sent out to recover the wreckage along with four dead bodies that were definitely not human. After examining the aircraft and the corpses, the team was positive that this thing did not come from earth. This obviously had to be kept under wraps or there would be chaos. So President Truman appointed a top secret committee of twelve people to investigate it, named operation majestic twelve. They would report directly to him and no one else would hear a word about it. Attached to the briefing is a classified executive order from the President dated September 24th, one thousand nine hundred and forty seven, which officially authorizes the Kree
in a majestic twelve bill in Jamie know that if this document is real, it would be explosive for one thing: it's proof that aliens exist and are visiting earth and is also proof of a cover up so big. It makes Watergate. Look like a joke. It almost seems too good to be true. No bill in Genie are idiots day. No, this is probably a hoax and they can't do anything until they figure out whether the document is real or not go public with it now and it turned out to be fake. They'll lose all their credibility as researchers and, on the other hand, if it is real, it's still a classified dot sharing, it would be considered espionage, so they have to tread carefully or they might end up in prison. That leaves the tricky question of how do I it usually with it
paper document. The first thing you do is test the ink the tight face. Watermarks, you know all that stuff to make sure lines up with other papers from that same era, but all they have is photos, not the original document. If this document was you, there had to be a copy somewhere in the government's archives. Theoretically, radically Baker just submit you have information act request for it, but at the time it could take years for a request to be processed And even then, there's no guarantee, they actually get anything I mean if it still classified or it concerns national security. The government doesn't have to hand it over so instead of verifying that the papers are real bill and Jamie tried to debunk them as fake. They look for any fact or detail that can be proven. False bill had been studying the rosville incident. For years he wrote an entire book on the subject at first glance, everything in the briefing lines up with what he already knew from his own research.
Hi. My the specific air base at the wreckage, was taken to for a second opinion, though Bill and Jamie calling their friends Stanton Friedman, he was the first purse I need to seriously investigate Roswell years before Bill started, looking into it when Stanton looks at the documents. The first thing he notices is that almost all of the listed members of the majestic twelve committee have already come up in his own research as possibly being connected to Roswell, there's lieutenant General Robert Montague, who was the deputy commander at Fort Bliss in Texas, where the debris from Rosa was taken. Airforce general Nathan Twining, who spoke to the press about the incident right after the wreckage, was found to other military higher ups James for all the Secretary of Defence and Gordon Gray, who was assistant secretary of the army. There was also Roscoe Helen
hotter the CIA director, the two previous CIA directors White Van DEN Berg and Sydney sours and for big names, scientists who have worked on naval aircraft development so far, it all checks out There was a secret committee to investigate Roswell. These eleven people would definitely be on the short lest there's only. One final name that raises a red flag in astrophysicist named Donald Mental Mental is one of the most vocal anti ufos sceptics in the entire country. He'd written three books debunking ufos The m J. Twelve briefing says he was there in Roswell, examining the wreckage and that he believed it had come from another solar system. Now, that's a completely out of character for him not to men
and why would an astronomer, be looking at aircraft wreckage in the first place I mean the whole thing seems really fishy, but stand isn't ready to dismiss it all is a hoax just yet maybe there's something about benzes background that he doesn't know. So he hit the library the light of Congress to be specific, and he finds a letter from nineteen fifty one written to and so by Doktor Van, never Bush another member of majestic twelve. The content of the letter is even more interesting. The air force has cleared mental of his charges of disloyalty and he's allowed to keep his security
Clarence. Now these were the Mccarthy days in pretty much every one was under investigation for disloyalty, but parts not weird, but it begs the question: why did he have an air force security clearance to begin with, Stanton does some more digging any turns out. Mental did classified intelligence work for decades, starting in the nineteen thirty's he consulted for the USA and the CIA he had whole folder full of correspondence with J F K, which was just tucked away in the Harvard Archives and the nature of that work. He was a cryptanalyst, a code breaker, the Roswell wreckage was covered in strange symbols, so he might have been brought on to translate them and the final kicker.
One thousand nine hundred and forty seven the year of the Roswell crash Menzel, made a number of trips to Washington, DC and New Mexico. Suddenly, this red flag is starting to look like something else. If Menzil really was involved in majestic twelve, his UFO skepticism could all be an act. In fact, he might have been ordered to do it to hide the truth from the public. So after checking out all the name, it seems reasonable that all twelve of them would have been part of majestic twelve. The next step is to look at the
and see if all those people could have actually met at the given time and place now, the executive order creating Mj Twelve is dated September 24th, one thousand nine hundred and forty seven, and it was supposedly given from President Truman to Secretary of defense. James Forrestal, along with Dr Vannevar Bush, will, according to Truman the appointment book, he only met with Forrestal and Bush together, one time in nineteen, forty seven and it was on Timber, twenty four and, what's more that same afternoon, forest all went to the Dc Police Department and registered for a concealed firearm. Permit, there's no clear reason why he thought he needed to arm himself right now, unless whatever he heard at that meeting made him fear for his life, so that first date could definitely be accurate.
The other major date is November. Eighteen, nineteen, fifty two the day the briefing was given to Eisenhower. As it turns out, Eisenhower was in war. And on that date, for a full day of meetings at the White House and Pentagon, its plausible that the briefing officer Roscoe Helen Cotter could have been there. Till he was living in New York City at the time and easily could have made a day trip to DC, but there's no solid evidence that it's all circumstantial and that's really the problem with all of it. So far after a few months of research, there's no solid proof that the documents aren't real, but they still can't actual. Verify that it's starting to feel like a wild, goose chase and then, in March nineteen the five three months after the role of film arrived Bill gets a postcard, its postmarked New Zealand, but the return address was box one. Eighty nine address abacha, Ethiopia.
There's a bizarre riddle on the back when doors won't open, search for windows at zest to your trip to Washington, try receives pcs for a stylish look sharp suit land No, this is either bill in Jamie dont have any travel plans but Stanton, is in Washington DC at that very moment. He's planning to with a man named Ed Reese, who worked at the national archives. Whoever sent this postcard must be keeping tabs on that which is horrifying, but at least it seems like they're trying to help if they can figure out this cryptic clue so Stanton checks in with ed, and it turns out the air forces in the process of de classifying a batch of records from the late nineteenth forties, an early fifties and the files are being
kept at a record facility in suit lend Maryland on a hunch bill in Jamie fly out to Maryland, to check it out and what they find their would change the course of their investigation coming up. There's a new piece of evidence that could suggest majestic twelve is real. Now get back to the story. In July of nineteen, eighty five bill and Jamie fly out to the National Record Centre in Scotland Maryland they ve gotten a tip about a batch of newly declassified airforce files, some of which they hope will involve majestic twelve or the Roswell did there's a massive number of records and they aren't catalogued in any sort of useful way so sorting through all of them by hand takes for ever they spending he's digging through more than a hundred boxes, with no luck,
on a whim. They try the box labelled one hundred and eighty nine since box. One hundred and eighty nine was the return address on that postcard that started this whole adventure, but still nothing then will putting a file back into the box. Jamie find a stray piece of paper tucked when the folders it clearly doesn't belong to this box. It has nothing to do with the rest of the contents. It's a mess. From the national security adviser, Robert Cutler, to Nathan, twining, the AIR Force General, who is- and two rosville after the crash and allegedly is a member of majestic twelve. It's dated July 14th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four and its marked top secret restricted security information. It's a routine update about a meeting that is being rescheduled specifically a briefing meeting on the m J. Twelve special studies project,
There is no mention of the full name, majestic twelve and no details on what that project actually entails. But if this memo is legit, it at least confirms that some operation called M J, twelve exists and that general twining was involved in it. Bill in Jamie make a copy of the memo, since the original record aren't allowed to leave the archive this is going to be easier to authentic eight, because the paper has a watermark from the manufacturer bill contacts, the company, and it turns out that specific watermark was only used on paper that was bay between the nineteen fifties and the early seventys the same era. This memo is from and what's more, that lot of paper wasn't available for retail. It was only sold in bulk to a few major buyers, including the. U S, government, that's a positive sign, but that's about where it ends
the national archives can't turn of anything else related to M J. Twelve, no other records, no minutes for that meeting that was referenced in the memo. This isn't hugely surprising because M J twelve was supposedly topsecret. Any files about it would still be classified so absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence, at least not in this situation, but it's leaves them essentially at square one. There's no way to be sure whether any of these documents are real or if it's an increasingly elaborate hoax he'll, Jamie and Stanton spend another two years checking out the details of this MJ twelve briefing and this new member, which becomes known as the Cutler Twining memo. They apple around to different archives, call libraries cross reference calendars and flight logs, and they don't find anything to suggest. The documents aren't real Finally, in May of nineteen, eighty seven they decide they ve done everything
they can on their own. It's time to go public bill sends copies of the M J twelve papers. And the color twining memo to every media outlets that he can get a hold of along with a one page press release that says quote. Although we are not in a position to endorse its authenticity at this time, it is, are considered opinion that the document and its contents appear to be genuine. End quote The story immediately takes off its reported in the New York Times and the Washington Post stand his inner you'd about it on ABC Nightline, but understand why not? Everyone is taking it seriously. Just three days after the original Plan
release the London observer. Does their own investigation into the Cutler Twining memo, the journalist, Martin Bailey Contacts, the national archives and speaks to the worker who'd been helping Billon Jamie. She confirmed at the memo quote, was found in the files of the? U S, air Force director of intelligence and is certainly Jenny. When end quote the reporter, though, isn't so sure he noted is that the memo isn't signed which to him suggest that its fake, however, there's an easy explanation for this robber Cutler was out of the country. At the time this member was written, it came from his office. Him. Personally, it would actually be more suspicious if it was signed, since he couldn't possibly been at the White House to sign it. The article also suggests
obvious bill in Jamie could have planted the memo in the archive themselves as a hoax, but the thing is security at the national archives is insanely tight. The files are locked in votes, which you need a special clearance to get into. You have to ask a staff member to retrieve them for you. One box at a time and then to get into the viewing room. You have to go through security, nothing goes in and nothing goes out. No backpacks, no, no books, no scraps of paper. The workers watch you like a hawk to make sure everything is put back into the proper box before they bring you the next one. So I mean technically tat in possible that bill and Jamie could have forged the memo and smuggled into the archive, but it would have been really difficult and when you think about it, they flew all the way across the country spent days digging through files before they found this memo sure There are easier ways they could have pulled off this hoax, but soon
even other you follow. Judges are poking holes in the majestic twelve documents. The main critic is a researcher named Philip class class points out that in the M J, twelve briefing, the date is formatted as day month, com a year, but the standard for government documents at the time month day come here. This argument is kind of shaky because that's just like a guideline is done a hard and fast rule. There are plenty of papers from that time that use nonstandard date. Formats class also says that the signal, by Harry Truman. On the original briefing is to accurate of a match. He claims that is identical to the sick, sure. On a certain letter, Truman Satin, nineteen. Forty seven, so he says it must have been copied, but here's the thing if you actually look at the two signatures side by side, they are clear,
Not identical, even with the naked eye, you can see the differences, so this actually ends up calling classes, credibility into question more than the documents, and what about that Cutler Twining Memo class says that tight face, is wrong. It's written in a larger fought, called Pica and, according to class, all the documents from Cutler Office use a small font called elite as a challenge He actually offers Stanton one hundred dollars for each verified memo. He can find from colors office that uses the pike, a font and lo and behold, Stanton Meals, him thirty, four theirs One thing Stanton Bill and Jamie can't explain away, though the briefing refers to M J, twelve member Roscoe Hill and caught her as admiral, when his actual rank is rear. Admiral. Now these,
on the same, but there's actually huge difference. Rear admiral is a one or two STAR Rank Admiral is bore stars if the document was by a civilian. This had been understandable mistake, but whose listed as the author Roscoe Hill and caught her himself, he would never have gotten own rank wrong in the end. That is the best debunking class is able to do we're still essentially at square one. No one can either, confirm or deny majestic twelve except the. U S, government, and initially there completely silent, bear in mind. Leaking classified document is considered espionage for Jane classified documents is also a crime, so, whether their real or not the F B, I should absolutely be looking into this when they finally do look into
over a year later, it's only because the air force tells them to an agent from the Office of special investigations or the o s eye binds a copy of the M J twelve briefing and bring to the FBI. This agent doesn't know anything about M J, twelve, but some of the other classified projects in the briefing actually existed he assumes its real. He wants them to check and make sure this document was properly declassified The FBI responds a month later saying that the air force, o s eye, has advised them. That quote, the document was bogus, and the case should be closed. End quote how they came to that conclusion. Easy complete mystery, because there is no record of any investigation apart from asking the o s eye, which doesn't make any sense because it was an Oh yes, I agent that ask the bureau to look into it in the first place now, a few years.
Later, another FBI agent finds a copy of the M J twelve papers floating around, not knowing but it is. The agent calls the Department of Defense, They don't know what it is either, but again a lot of the info checks out. So they tell the agent to send it onto the FBI headquarters and to have them look into it. Once again, the F B, I said, is the briefing onto the o s. I asked them to find out where it came from and that's where it ends. There is nothing else in the FBI's file from the investigation, not even a response from the o s eye. If they ever got one.
The entire FBI file was released to the public in December of nineteen. Ninety three, it's only twenty two pages and thirteen of them are copies of the M J, twelve breathing with the word bogus scrawled over each page and black marker. Obviously this does nothing to stop the controversy, especially because, around the same time, a congressmen from New Mexico is lobbying the defence department to release all their files about Roswell. He gets stonewalled at every turn.
He writes the Secretary of Defense, the national archives, the General Accounting Office, the more he's ignored the more he is sure that would ever crashed in Roswell was not a weather balloon. If they have nothing to hide, why are they being so cagey and then, finally, in September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four the air force admits the truth. It was not a weather balloon. The Roswell incident was a cover up coming up, we'll look at the AIR Force Report and the whole new branch of conspiracy theories that followed, now back to the story. In the early nineties, a new Mexico congressmen started pressuring the Defence Department to release their files on the Roswell incident. They refuse delay, ignore requests,
Finally, the General Accounting Office opens an official investigation. They ask for any and all government Kurtz concerning Roswell, an that is when they discover the problem. There are no Roswell files, Huge amounts of Roswell Army base records from the late forties were destroyed with absolutely no explanation. There is not even a record of when they were destroyed or by who note the Miller, Harry Guidelines in nineteen. Forty seven said that all air accidents had to be reported and the records had to be kept permanently. Several crashes in July of nineteen. Forty seven are reported, but for some reason the infamous Roswell crash is completely absent and it's not just the army base files. The department of Defense, CIA National Security Council All said they had nothing related to Roswell or majestic twelve. The FBI has exactly one document
single page memo from the day after the wreckage was found. That's it be Plastic eaters had no way to verify whether these agencies were telling the truth, but they did go to a dozen different archives to search the files on their own beer report says that quote: our search of government records was complicated by but some records we wanted to review were missing and there was not always an explanation and quote before this report is released to the public. The air force comes out with their own report in September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. They confirm what everyone is about to find out there was a cover up at Roswell, but they weren't hiding a UFO S and alien bodies. It was a top secret defence project, hold project mogul mode
was a short lived programme from nineteen forty six to nineteen. Fifty. The goal was to develop a surveillance balloon that could detect sound waves from atomic bomb tests in the Soviet Union. What they came up with was basically a huge where Balloon with a bunch of sensors and radar reflectors attached to it, as the New York Times described, it quote to the on train. I, the reflectors, looked extremely odd, like a geometrical hash, a lightweight sticks and sharp angles made of metal foil. End quote sounds: a lot like descriptions of the wreckage from Roswell and a lot of the testing for mobile happened Alamo Gordo Airfield, which was only about a hundred and thirty miles away. In fact, they launch the number of balloons from that base at the beginning of June, one thousand nine hundred and forty seven a month before the wreckage was found in Roswell and two Those balloons lost their radar tracking and were never found. Project mobile was highly classified
so no one at Rosville Army base had any idea it existed. That's why there were some confusion in the aftermath of the crash. They didn't know what we were dealing with until the higher ups arrived and told everyone nothing to see here, definitely not a topsecret project. It's just a weather balloon, so it sound logical right aliens, no secret committees, justice surveillance project, but the thing is theirs no actual evidence that the Roswell crash was a project mobile balloon, it's just a theory, a most likely explanation that they put together to explain why. There was cover up. Is it more likely than an alien spacecraft shore, but there are still some pieces that don't Anna project mobile ended in nineteen fifty, it was d classified in the early seventies. If that's All that was going on widened, they just say so before now, and if it really was just a price
mobile balloon any figured that out right away. Why is there no record of it? There are plenty of other files from mobile, none of which mention a balloon. That crash landed in Roswell. It makes knows why they keep all the other record, but destroy anything related to Roswell. If we do accept this explanation, just The sake of argument. It means the majestic twelve documents have to be a hoax. Then, who sent that role of film to Jamie and that postcard from Ethiopia and that memo that was planted at the national archives The answer is Jamie and Bill could have started the hoax themselves as it turns out the before that role of film appeared in Jamie's mailbox bill had told a friend that he was thinking about releasing fake top secret documents in the hope that it would be actual military officials into coming forward with the true
about you have foes. Now it's one man's word against another, and even if bill did say that in passing, there is no proof that he actually did it and it's hard to say whether he can if even wanted to, I mean concern the massive amount of work it took four bill and Jamie and Stanton to check out all of these claims. If they could, this whole hang up themselves. It means that they would have had do years worth of research beforehand and then you. Do it again to coordinate, will verify their own hopes documents and they would have I d been able to forge document so accurately that they want the National Archive staff and the FBI, and at least briefly, the air force. If someone else besides was behind it. I mean that's a lot of effort to go through for no material benefit. Who would have a reason do all of that and access to all the
information. They needed to pull it off. Well enough thousand seven. Twenty years after the M J, twelve documents were published. We got an answer. Was another. You follow. Justine Bob Pratt who worked with bill in the early eighties Bob had a habit of secretly tape. Recording his conversations for his own reference, including conversations he had with bill in AIR Force Intelligence agent name Richard Dodi. Those recordings revealed that bill had been meeting with special agent Dodi since nineteen eighty four told him where he was in his Roswell investigation and duty passed along insider information to lead him on the right track in December.
One thousand nine hundred and eighty one he dropped a bombshell. All the top secret Intel about Ufos was compiled into a briefing in nineteen fifty two which was given to the incoming president, Eisenhower. He didn't personally give that document to bill, but when a copy showed up in Jamie's mailbox three years later, with postmark from Albuquerque were Dodi Lid, there should have been. No doubt about who sent it. So it came directly from an AIR Force intelligence officer, but if you think that means it's real think again, Richard Dodi was a DIS information agent. His job was to infiltrate Ufos circles and feed them both information to keep them from getting too close to the military's classify projects. If you look at everything that said on the tapes, it's pretty clear that don't you
had taken all of bills theories and crafted fake documents to confirm them. That's why the Rosville information matched his research. The names were all people here He had already looked into that anti you have a scientist Donald Benzel could have just been through It is a joke. The majestic twelve briefing isn't a one off occurrence: Duty had been doing this kind of thing for years and there are tons of evidence around the same time was involved in an elaborate disinformation scheme against an air force contractor named Paul benefits. Paul was digging into projects. He was supposed to be digging into duty and a few other agents distracted him with conspiracies about an alien invasion. They, even broke into his house to plant fake evidence. It spiraled so out of control that Paul ended up in a psychiatric hospital. All of this was well known among you, have a researchers as early as the nineteen nineties, but Dodi's
Haldeman, majestic twelve, wasn't known until two thousand and seven when the secret recordings of Bill finally surfaced. Dodi himself practically confirmed in two thousand fourteen, but he was behind the majestic twelve documents. Now the air force refuses to comment, but to be expected if they really went through all this effort to keep the you followed us out of the way we have to wonder why what were they? Hiding we know it is a project mobile, because that was already declassified by the eightys we can It isn't aliens either because that was the diversion they wanted. Everyone to look at, or maybe that's just what they want is to think. Maybe they created these hoaxes just for the sake of debunking them and making you followed just look like frauds. I mean what better way to convince the public that aliens real. We could go
circles like this all day and never get closer to the truth. It safe to say there is definitely a conspiracy here, but it's impossible to know who is behind it or what they're trying to hide. What I can say is this: if you are going to look For an answer be careful, you never know who you can trust. thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other part cast a regional for free on Spotify Spotify has all your favorite, music and pod cas all in one place.
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