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It’s the most famous UFO event in U.S. history: In July 1947, a rancher named Mac Brazel found strange debris scattered across one of his fields. Local military officials told him it came from a weather balloon… But many believe the object didn’t come from Earth at all. 

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A picture of flying saucer, it might be piloted by I need great men with bulbous heads or Third in mysterious hieroglyphics all of these troops come in part. from Roswell New Mexico. They sound corny now, but in nineteen, forty seven, it wasn't a joke. a ranch named MAC Brasil found strange, looking debris strewn about his field and after look at the wreckage local military officials confirmed it came from a flying. Saucer some. Eighty years later, the Roswell crash is still the most famous UFO event in history and it might be the moon.
two compelling evidence. We have that aliens exist. This is supernatural apart, cast original, I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the true you can find episodes of supernatural and all other originals from power cast for free on Spotify this week and talk about the Roswell incident, which is the green of all UFO conspiracy theories and Good reason. Not only did people believe an alien spaceship crashed in New Mexico. They literally saw little grey men at the wrong, well: Army Airfield,
and in the years since the air force has admitted that there are story about Roswell was a cover up which means the? U S Government might know a whole lot more about extraterrestrials than they ever let on I'll talk about all of that in just a bit stay with us. This episode is right. You buy cleave, you like writing cyber Monday, and the holiday season are rapidly approaching if you're, behind, on planning Clavijo can help there. The ultimate e commerce marketing platform for online brands of all kinds and Alzheimer's is with a male automation, ass, the mess, marketing list, growth tools and more you'll get everything you need to build strong relationships.
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minted additional bans can give the holiday season the festive moods or after finding your sent for the holidays with the Glade Limited Edition holiday collection June fourteen nineteen, forty seven, this ranch foreman named MAC Browser. Eight year old Son Vernon were out. reviewing their land in Corona New Mexico. Now the date starts off pretty normal MAC environs driving around checking that the sheep or all healthy in the fences are in good condition, and then this metallic glimmer catches MAX. I He pulls over to investigate he probably figures, someone, maybe throughout an empty tin, can or something but as MAC walks towards it. He realises this is ordinary trash.
for wine. This stuff is everywhere, there's not much of but it's strewn all across the field almost like it Ray down from a, but it seems scraps of tinfoil, maybe some shredded rubber and this special material that looks like paper except it can't be paper because with me, It tries to shredded it's impossible to tear, but the will this part is that all of these bits- and he says are held together by in it. He said later says it might be scotch tape, but it doesn't sound like any scotch tape. I've ever seen, I mean first of all, its purple and its covered he's bizarre symbol, they kind of look like flowers mixed with hieroglyphics MAC is definitely can used, but he's number one concern isn't even figuring out where the debris came from its making.
you're his sheep don't ingested, because sheep eat, basically anything you put in front of them. Strangely, the sheep almost seem afraid of the debris, when they won't go anywhere near it, which again is totally bizarre, but MAC is relieved that whatever this stuff is it properly, he isn't going to hurt is animal, so he leaves it all there and decides Hildy comeback. Another time for a closer look at the and the day. Mac tells his wife and daughter about what he saw. None of them really know what to make of it and they don't know where to turn to get a second opinion. I mean this is nineteen fortys and MAC, apparently doesn't have a phone or tv or even a radio. So over the net, few days. He visits a few of his neighbors and sees what they know one by one all these other ranchers and farmers, come over to see what's in his field, some
then even take bits and pieces home with them and they duties impromptu test to see big in figure what the debris its they try, hitting the perhaps with a hammer and even the rolling it into a fire, but no matter what they do. This stuff will bend, it won't break and it won't even burn it is literally in destructible, so This mystery is getting bigger by the day and MAC still hasn't figured it out three weeks later, when he has to go. Seventy five miles South EAST. This maybe a little town called Roswell. there to sell some wool and run errands. But as he's going about his business, he hears some pretty shocking gossip turns out he's the only one in the area to witness some strange phenomena, in fact, for over month now the country has been buzzing with store is about flying saucers at least
sixteen people have spotted ufos in the sky to be fair. Lot of these sightings have been like really quick. Glimpses I of light not really much to go off up, but at least one soon has had a closer look appearance on June twenty. Fourth, so this is about a week after MAC. First founded, Bree on his farm. This pilot Mean Kenneth. Arnold was lying overrule Washington state can it was looking for a play. that went down when a flash of glimmering metal caught his eye, and you know his first thought is- We like ok great. I found the wreck except when Kennedy. gets a better look. He realizes the gleam isn't coming from something on the ground. It's in the air and there's a bunch of that
There is a line of what looks like nine flying saucers darting through the mountain range beneath him one after the other Kenneth does. Some quick mental calculations and he figures. This formation stretches across about five miles of airspace and it's moving imperfect synchronicity. A k, Finally, the Salter's will bank or turn, but they do it without ever breaking formation. He keeps watching the saucers. Unease kind of timing them as they go. He realizes their flying at seventeen hundred miles per hour. That's three times faster than the fastest airplane that exists in nineteen forty seven, so this is true the unlike anything can it has ever seen before. His first thought is that You know he might have stumbled on some new military technology
when you lands Kennedy Ass, some friends who work at an airfield if they ve ever heard of anything like it, but they don't know. About any planes that matches description, one. I even calls a friend down in Pendleton or again, who also doesn't know what kind of saw, but somehow the details of this particular conversation get out, because the very next day can it is asked to give statement to Pendleton Paper, the EAST, Ghonim he accepts the offer, and just like that, His citing, is in the news. Other papers pick it up and overnight the whole thing becomes a media sensation all across the country. People are talking about Canada, Ufos, citing not so much because its exciting. As that, it's pretty terrifying. I mean nineteen forty seven, the concept of oblong hovering alien ships was literally on heard up papers. Actually, coins
term flying saucers, specifically to describe what can he saw the that's how little frame of reference anyone had for what he witnessed Such a big deal that military personnel are on high alert. Twenty four seven officials legitimately worried that something might be preparing to invade the United States, probably soviet planes instead of aliens, but it's concerning there is even a minister in Texas who gives an entire sermon on how the flying saucers are the sign of end times so, over and Roswell when MAC Brasil hears these stories, he immediately things of the mysterious rack on his property. He goes and finds the sheriff a guy named George Wilcox and MAX try to be a little sneaky like
There is a literal alien spaceship on his ran. She wants to handle this the right way, so he walks up to George and whispered in his ear. That he's lot of flying saucer on his property again seems kind of legal bananas thing to do, but given everything else in the news, George actually takes MAC seriously Allegedly, he calls a contact at the Roswell Army airfield or are a a it's just: out of town and the air force seems like the perfect people to handle the situation. But for whatever reason or a f does nothing with Georgia's Funchal, which in itself is just really. We like if the government is so concerned about the UFO sightings. Why? the least follow up on this trip. Still MAC can't just let this go
so two days later on July, seven, he goes out to the crash sight again. This time He brings his wife and daughter. The three of them gather as much of the material as they can MAC loads. It to the truck and drives over to the county sheriff's office to meet with George the same guy. He talked to an Roswell MAX Oh George, some of the scraps he's gathered and George is dumbfounded. The material is unlike anything he's ever seen, so he decides to call. The force one more time and now time he's in luck. George, is run all the way up the chain until he speaks to an air force General named Roger and Rainy. General raymie doesn't operate out of the are a f he's, almost five hundred miles away in Fort Worth Texas, but he says fly over to New Mexico to investigate in them
Meantime the are a dispatches, an intelligent officer named major. Jesse Marcel Major Marcel accompanies George and MAC back to the ranch and sure enough he's just as baffled as everyone else, more has never seen anything like this stuff before now, I'm not clear on what the thinking is here before ever reason. Marcel immediately decides to notify the press and given everything else. That's been going on the papers just eat up. The story next day on July, eight, a reporter shows up at the Fort worth Base for an interview, the journalist who Two general raymie and they even snap of your photos of him holding up the debris on the poorest. hawk two major Marcel. He makes a statement that confirms everyone's wildest suspicions. The
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not available in all states and situations now back to the story, on July, eight nineteen, forty seven, this exciting headline appeared in the Roswell Daily Record are a half captures flying saucer on ranch in Roswell region. The air force had confirmed in these exact words that whatever crashed on MAC Brussels Ranch was indeed a flying saucer. Now they might not have meant alien, spaceship remember that flying saucer was literally just coined a couple weeks before that, so it didn't have quite the same connotations it does today, but regardless the story gets huge newspapers from all over the world pick it up and reporters pour into the tiny town of Roswell, but the next day the force. Suddenly changes course
General Raymie Relays and new message from the: U S: WAR Department: it states that the debris actually came from a weather building on it phase. That definitely sounds like a more believable story than an alien spaceship, but if you think about it force. Personnel like general, rainy or major Marcel, should have definitely been able to recognise a weather balloon, and even knows what a weather balloon looks like over the years. A bunch have crash on his property, so he's used to cleaning them up. This isn't one soon, as the air force puts out the new statement. Mac goes eerily silent now, could simply be that he doesn't want to speculate but alive. People think that someone stopped him from talking appear We at some point after major Marcellus first visit. All these other air force officers descended on MAX property. They wanted to
check out the scene and gather any clues that might have been missed and allegedly while they were there. They took MAC into custody supposedly they detained him for about four or five days, though time. Their threatening MAC, telling him he'll be around still. He tells anyone else about the wreckage which, if It's true seems really. stream for a supposed whether balloon crash for what it's worth the AIR force's. Lieutenant colonel Sheridan Decathlete claims this detention never happened, but MAX name. So, where is MAC told her about being detained and hurt? Testimony easing the only evidence we have for a possible cover up, apparently up to point. Max family had been scrimping and saving because their finances were so tight. But right after the government goes public with their whether balloon story, MAC comes into
a lot of money. Nobody knows exactly how much or where it came from, but all of a sudden MAC buys a new truck leaves Roswell and opens his own business halfway across the state nobody really hears from him or his family again. So the idea of the. U S government silencing MAC in some way, not so hard to believe, but even with their chief witness gone people are still suspicious about what happened at Roswell, because in the press frenzy even more eyewitnesses start coming forward and while MAC Ma had seen an alien spaceship other. saw actual aliens the main eyewitness is this: twenty seven year old woman named Miriam Bush. Miriam works as a hospital secretary at the Roswell Army Airfield and on July eight, the same day, the Roswell Daily record reports on a capture flying saucer at MAC, Brussels Ranch she
an experience that shakes her to her core me. starts her shit like usual, making her rounds and checking up on patients she's been doing this kind of work for a while, so she can recognize most of her co workers at a glance. But today the hospital is packed with rangers therein uniform, so there obviously military, but merely has never seen any of them before she fee Here's they must have come over from another base which in itself weird, because Miriam hasn't heard any news about especial operation. Her boss, must see that she's curious, and he must also really trust her, because at some point that day he lets her to one of the exam rooms, to see what all the fuss about Mary, Gotta be excited, but as soon as she stepped into the room, her anticipation turns to heartbreak
because the entire room is full of dead bodies on Gurney's, she can see that the corpses are really small. Sumerians burst thought is that these are dead children for. She can even imagine what sort of tragedy might have happened. She takes a better look at the bodies closest to her, and that's when she realizes they're, not children at all. They are not even human. Their aliens, sounds wild, but according to Miriam the corpses skin is it going he and Brown they have. These giant all this heads that our way out of proportion to their bodies also have redeeming. firstly, large black eyes there just wide open. As if they don't even have eyelids Miriam is. stunned
gradually reality sinks in and she realizes. The air force has bound actual physical ale, Hence, when Miriam gets home that evening, she still upset she bring herself to chat with her parents or even eat dinner and its long before she fully burst into tears and tells her family about everything. She's just see her parents are bewildered no idea what to make of this story, so they just courage. Miriam to get some rest like me This whole thing is some bad hallucination and shall feel better in the morning morning comes and Miriam is still deeply disturbed. She gets up yet dressed and goes into work where her bosses are anxiously waiting for her they. tell her. She shouldn't have been allowed into the examination room the day before, and they warn her that there
be brutal consequences if she ever tell anyone about what she saw merely never says what they threatened her with exactly, but it seems effective because she talks her parents immediately afterwards, and she swears them to absolute secrecy. They must not ever ever repeat what they know next forty years go by and Miriam doesn't bring up. The issue again then in December of nineteen. Eighty nine merely dies at age, sixty nine, officially her cause of death, ruled a suicide, but her body is covered in bruises and scratches and dont. Look like their self inflicted in court. Two authors, Thomas, Carry and Donald Schmidt, Miriam Stanley noticed some other discrepancies.
about the way she died. They didn't specify what those discrepancies are just that her death seemed really suspicion, this. Obviously we have to take a lot of this story with a grain of salt it's all reliant on the word of one person and her family with no outside evidence to back it up, but still usually enough. The detail by gives the story. Some credence is also the most ridiculous part. Rightly, the alien bodies, because it turns out. Miriam was not the only one who saw them up next. A doctor gives his take on rising If you think you may be depressed or you're just feeling overwhelmed or anxious better help offers license I mind councillors, who are trained to listen and to help talk with your counselor and private online environment. Are your own convenience easily
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in the late nineteenth seventies and anonymous doktor told a UFO researcher. Named Lehne string failed that he knew aliens had crashed in Roswell because he was the one who perform the autopsies on their bodies at the Roswell Army. feel the same place where Miriam worked. Presumably This doktor was sworn to secrecy, which is why he to remain anonymous, but he discover the alien bodies at length and his out sounds a lot like myriads. He says the corpses are all three and a half to four feet tall and then way much more than forty pounds. They have proportionately, large heads massive black eyes and that bluish grace in and he goes on to say that when he cuts into their bodies the doctors notice, all these other weird details like them
a bunch of organs that humans should normally have, thereby g is, unlike anything he's ever seen now. It is also hard to take this testimony to seriously because it came from an anonymous source, for all we know, the doktor might have made it up, or maybe the doktor never existed at all, but even so there other witnesses with the same story. This sergeant named Melvin E Brown. He was also stationed at the Roswell base and he says that he helped her tree bodies from MAC. apples ranch even right. Whales mortician is gaining Glenn Dennis knew about it. He says was an involved in the autopsy, but that he definitely heard about it from some of his colleagues. Maybe them most convincing. Witness, though, is Sheriff George Wilcox, who first called the air force about the debris on MAC, Brussels Ranch
George later said that when he went out to the ranch he spotted quote for space beings, end quote He claimed that he couldn't say much more because the? U S military officials had threatened him. If that's true, it matches up with the theory, MAC was detained by the government and threatened into keeping quiet, quieter, though. A lot of the public never really believes the official story that the wreckage came from a weather balloon in nine Jeanne eighty another parent more research. Turning Charles Berlin published a book called the raw well incident up to this point: There were always rumours about what really happened at Roswell, but Charles is the first point, soon, to compile all of these witness statements into one place and to lay out arguments for why the wreckage came from it the space ship, the wrong well incident is a smash hit. It brings the mystery back into the public eye and all these books on cans,
Piracy theories and government cover upstart jumping off the shelves. In fact, so many people demand answers to Roswell that Congress Mending Stephen Shift decides to open an investigation as part of that the air force looks into their records and for the first time they can firm everyone's suspicions. The Roswell incident really was a government come Europe and the wreckage did not come from a balloon. Will at least not a weather balloon it all centres around a top secret spy program. Called project mogul, which was declared ossified sometime in the nineteen Seventys the goal, to create a balloon with listening devices that could pick up the sounds of nuclear tests from almost anywhere in the world. So it looks kind like a weather balloon, but not quite as this
Laurie goes in the summer of nineteen. Forty seven reason Trees were launching these out of the Alamo Gordo Army Airfield in New Mexico, and a few of them drifted off worse and crashed in the area near Roswell this, in tests are able to locate most of these balloon, but there to that get lost in June. Nineteen, forty seven just a few weeks before MAC Brasil, finds the wreckage in his feel. No, sure. All of this definitely sounds like a plausible explanation for what back found on his rynch it also exe means why he was supposedly intimidated and paid off the. U S: government, I want him squealing about their top secret programme, but we're Lee and not even though Jack Mobile was D classified in the seventies. The air force, one really dragging their feet on putting together this review. If they knew project was even classified any more.
No reason to spend years giving Congress the run around, and I should point out that there is nothing beyond circumstantial evidence to connect Roswell to project mogul the AIR Force report. Did even try to prove that the wreckage was a mobile balloon, they basically said well, you know here. This is a possibility and it seems This part of the debate should be easy to settle. Just look at the wreckage MAC brought to the are a f, but there's a problem. Now nobody knows where that wreckage is. As soon as the officials finish talking to reporters back in July of nineteen, forty seven general rainy had all of the wreckage shipped off to Washington DC for further study, no he knows what happened to it after that-
which, if you ask me, is pretty stinkin suspicious the project more We'll theory also doesn't explain why general raymie and major Marcel were part of the media circus, the very first day that the story broke like webs. You think it was a lions or a spy balloon. The war parliament must have really messed up in containing their story fast enough it also doesn't tell us why Miriam bushes death was so suspicious and it does need to begin to hint at why so many people say they either knew about were witnessed, alien, autopsies, but of these loose ends are what make story so interesting, like even You don't care about. You are foes are aliens you ve heard about Roswell New Mexico. It's a huge he's of american mythology. Precisely because we still don't know what happened, there
which is why most alien enthusiasts are still reading between the lines in trying to solve this mystery and allow of believers probably hope that one day the farming, is going to face up and confirm that aliens really exist for all, we know that pile of debris from New Mexico, wherever it disappear to, could hold the key to one of the big questions in the universe, whether or not were alone. So as long as there are still some ambiguity to this story, we can keep hoping thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can
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