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ALIEN: The Rendlesham Forest Incident


In December 1980, just outside of London, several members of the U.S. Air Force spotted an indescribable craft in the forest. But this wasn't an ordinary sighting. It communicated with one of the officers — and offered an explanation about UFOs that completely turns the concept on its head.

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Most UFO sightings can be written off as hoaxes or miss identifications. Maybe a few drones, or even mosques latest project, but the term you f, o t sign, a whole new meaning when it comes from respected. U S, air force officers, people who are experts in what's flying around above us in December nineteen. Eighty several officer stationed at a U S, AIR Force Base in Suffolk, England didn't just spot a UFO, they pursued it after it touch down in the nearby forest they traipse out into the dark of night to see if they could find it and they did in fact they got so close. They could touch it and when they did it sent them
message that changes everything we know about flying saucers this is supernatural a spy if I original from par cast, I'm your host Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep died into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth you can find out of supernatural and all other park after originals or free on the spot. By today, covering the rendition forest incident or as we Americans might know it. England's Roswell in December nineteen. Eighty multiple US air, airforce officers spotted a uniform near their bases on the EAST coast of England. What followed?
was a massive cover up and took decades to unravel. I'll have that in more coming up stay with us, If you leave the bustling streets of London and take a two and a half hour, drive North east you'll end up in his quaint little riverside town called would bridge in 1980s eighties, this area was home to to royal airforce bases that were assent. We on loan to the? U S air force they were already have bent waters and array of would breach the two properties, were separated by the renders from forest five and a half, Square miles of densely wooded brush a place you wouldn't want to enter in the dark of night alone. Unfortunately, class airman John Boroughs didn't have a choice
the early morning of December, twenty six nineteen eighty just a little past midnight. Instead of sleeping off a Christmas food, my Johns out patrolling the wood bridge base for any unusual activity now Magic in this job can get pretty much indeed at times, but tonight not one of those nights, while job is doing his rounds along the EAST gate of the base. He notices strange: blinking in the Randal from Forest, it red light, having just above a blue light. Now John think. Maybe this is some sort of aircraft he's not familiar with or worse. Maybe it's a crashed plain Somebody needs assistance, so John grabs, his supervisor staff sergeant, Bud steffens that
you hop into this military jeep and drive into the forest until they reach the end of the access road. They can't get any further by car, but they do have a direct line of sight towards the light only there no longer flashing, red and blue now, a bright white light has joined them and it seems to be on the ground moving closer toward them like it knows, there there. At this point the guys are like ok, I think we probably need some more backup, so they head back to the EAST gate and wait. Pretty soon to security supervisor. Jim Peniston arrives, John describes what he and buds, out in the woods and Jimmy, the same assessment like yeah sounds like a crashed plain, but but Rex him. He says no to note this thing did not crash. It landed. There were no huge.
Banks, no explosions, no signs of fire. It came in silently meaning whatever's out there. It chose to be here discreetly, so before they head back out into the woods blindly laid aside. We better make a call in the air traffic control and see if they picked anything up on their radar and reportedly they did. They say that a bogey meaning in air craft of unknown origin, flew into their airspace earlier that evening, but then they lost sight of it right over rendition poorest. So now there thing if we don't know whose plain this is then we might be dealing with a major security breach like we have to go back in and take a closer look so Jim John and another security officer, drive back out to the woods and relocate those lights. The three men hop into the g,
and drive out to the end of the access road from me they meet up with a fourth officer and walk by foot down this uncharted path into the forest, but once they get farther away from their cheap their radios start acting up is like something is your veering with their systems and not just one of their radios. All four of them are having issues they can page. Each other from short distances, but calling back to the base is out of the question, so they put together. This kind of relay system like one guy, goes back Did the jeep another stays about half way into the forest, so he still in range, while Jim and John keep going as close to those light as they can, but the deeper Jim and John, get into the woods the Moor Baino this this bizarre energy in the air in almost
feels like static electricity. You know when you would like rubber balloon on your arm in your hair would stand up only this is like a full body experience there all the sun, they realize it's getting kind of hard to walk they're waiting really slowly through a pool of sand, but they can see the light directly in front of them, so they know they're getting close to whatever this thing is that when suddenly ban, there's a giant fly hush of light so explosive? It knocks the men to the ground it takes Jim a moment to regain his bearings, he looks around for John and finds him engulfed in this brilliant white light, and the mysterious aircraft is right in front of him. It's an o a big black triangular craft resting on three legs, and it has these blue light shining from the bottom. Jim can't stop
self from moving closer to the ship. Drawn like a moth to flee and when he's within a few feet of it, it's like someone hits a mute button, the rustling of the trees a crickets and the whistle of the wind it all gone. Everything is completely silent, now, gems, in air, at specialist and he's never seen technology. They can do anything like this and the rest of the craft equally unreal it has now. Seems no rivet snow crew compartments, no exhaust or any of the makings of a typical airplane when it does have, is a set of
cryptic symbols written along the outside of it. Now at this point I probably be freaking out, but not Jim. He has the wherewithal to take out his notebook and draw craft along with those hieroglyphic like symbols, probably because he knew Everyone is going to have a hard time, believing this later on then Does something really bold. He runs his thin There is over the symbols and suddenly another light shoot from the top of the vessel and Jim is totally blinded. Then he sees this flash of. I in error code, like ones and zeros, repeating themselves over and over. It's almost as if this ship is downloading something into his brain this last for what could be minutes? Maybe even hours
Jim's not sure, because he loses all sense of time. Then the aircraft takes off incomplete islands, blasting off through the trees and into the night Jim quickly, jobs down in his notebook quote: speed impossible Meanwhile, John comes to his senses about ten feet away. He thinks only a few seconds have asked he doesn't remember seeing any ship, but he knows that right, white light, he was engulfed in with something other worldly Jim and John are both in a total state of shock, sure if what they experienced was even real, like maybe just hallucinating which would be valid if the evidence wasn't scaring them back in the base, because branch have snapped off the trees directly above the launch site and there's three deep indentations
in the dirt where the craft was perched just moments ago and as they come to find out, there were supposedly dozens of other witnesses who reported strange lights and unusual things in the sky that weak, but the most important evidence the clue to unleash Can this whole mystery was right inside Jim's, brain coming up the air force investigates and suppresses. The truth. Its October twenty twenty eighty one day until the end of the world. On the compound of a secretive religious organisation interviewing time member their leader has predicted that tomorrow will be the beginning of the apocalypse. The prediction
I am prepared, it will purify life from a lot of illusions. When I started working on this story, I was hoping to profile unique apocalyptic group that had survive through many failed doomsday protectionist, but the end of the world was just the beginning. The only way to get two Herbert was too well him sexual activity with me, I didn't specific. Give my consent I was frozen. At the time, the angel, They arranged that he is supposed to have sex with his students. He is an amazing teacher and also he's a six. This is revelations Spotify original from Parkhurst preparing Sunday October. Third, now back to the story, when he shift ends on the morning of December. Twenty six nineteen eighty Jim Peniston goes home and try to sleep off whatever just happen, but he can not stop thinking about
ones and zeros, even as the It goes on those numbers completely monopolize his brain, like he can't focus on meeting besides that repeating patter zero one RO one one one: he feels this company ocean to write those numbers down and as soon as he gets them onto the page. The flashing in his mind just stops as if that was the intention all along. Obviously, Jim is spooked but he's afraid to show this to anyone at the base, building he's Lou in his mind, you'll probably be discharge on psychiatric grounds, so he just talks that journal away in a drawer and forces himself to forget about it. Meanwhile, back at the bent waters base, Lieutenant Colonel Charles HALT is arriving for duty he's in charge of most of the security personnel, both here and Outwood Bridge and his whole
staff is buzzing over the mornings. Ufo citing at first halt is extremely sceptical, to say the least. He just tells Everyone to draft it up in the waters which are basically their ship logs and just forget about it, but ass. The hours passed, the gossip is getting harder for halt to ignore he's hearing more about what his officers experienced out in the forest and he's realizing like. Ok, this is way more than just some strange lights in the sky. He's actually gotta look into this, so he goes to review those shift bladders, but here's the thing. The reports which were we drafted a few hours ago, are now nowhere to be found, and no one on halt security team can lane how or where they might have disappeared to at this point, halt basically just shrugs the whole thing off like
is the day after Christmas. He's got a lot of work to catch up on, like whatever this game is. He doesn't have time for it, but that evening halt is, at his awards, rubbing elbows with other colonels when one of his shift commanders burst into the party, he frantically ushers halt away from conversation to whisper, something like sir. You know that the full from last night. Will its back now hold decides that he is to check this out for him self. In a matter of minutes, he throws together this small team of officers to come along with him. This include sergeant Monroe levels from the AIR force's disaster preparedness office? Never brings along a Geiger counter deceived. The object is giving off any radiation because, if so this thing could be really dangerous to anyone who comes in contact with it may also pack. Flash
its radios, utility jacket, extra batteries and a record or to capture the entire experience on tape. Whatever happens at least the have evidence. Once they get to the heart of renders from poorest hauled in his team dont spot anything out of the ordinary, but they figure well You know we're out here. We might as well check out the site from last night and the evidence that that craft left behind is still there, the broken branches, the imprints on the ground and when sergeant levels takes a geiger scan of the area, he finds that the radio, in levels here are above average and regular planes, data. Leave radiation behind. But that's not the strangest part of this incident. There's a small farm on the outskirts of rendition and halt in the officers can hear,
animals making an unusual amount of noise like their distressed and that's when Lieutenant Colonel HALT spots it tiny red light in the sky about a half mile away. I could describe it to you, but I think it's more impact will, if you listen to a clip from halts. Own Rico reading out about for some strange. I saw your attention too weird. So ass, you can by the sound of holds voice, he seems to be getting a little more panel. Does this thing it's closer which rifles now, because he goes on to mention that the reading on a Geiger counter is also increasing, meaning that whatever the object is, it seems like its emitting a lot of radiation. When it gets about two hundred yards away
hold says. It looks like the pupil of an eye like winking at hand like its opening. Closing and its darting around in the sky, with erratic movements that are completely baffling to him, Soon it joined by another half moon shaped craft, and at that point the two crafts seem to pick up on the teams presence, because one you have oh she's, a thin beam of light towards the ground about ten feet away from halt and his team. Now he things whenever this thing is, it has to be under intelligent control, meaning someone is piloting it not only the ship navigate carefully through the trees, but when Hall in his team walked towards the craft, it backs away almost like it's a free, Indeed, the craft spends a while searching over the two bases until it holds in on their weapons storage area. It spends a few seconds blasting its beam of light
into the facility before taking back off into the sky. No, this has not been officially confirmed, but, according to the EU case, former chief of defence, staff these bases might have been storing more than a few machine guns and hand grenades. He reportedly said they were protecting a secret nuclear arsenal which might be why, at this point, the AIR Force Office of special investigations allegedly besides to step in over that last week, December Jim and John say that the AIR Force O s eye questions them numerous times about what they saw in the forest, but it seems like their less interested in finding the truth and more. Interested in covering it up at one point, G, says he hands over a four page statement about his experience to an agent twenty,
its later at the agent returns and hands Jim a revision of that whole statement. He wrote his testimony. Has been boiled down to a paragraph and all the major details are gone. Now all it really says that he saw a generic aircraft gems. Hold to memorize this. It will be his official story if any one asks about that night. On top of that, all of the whip This is stationed at the twin bases, are apparently told that this case is now top secret. They are for it in from discussing it with any one, even other officers who witnessed it would, despite Hum we people actually saw this UFO according to Lieutenant Colonel halt. Only through other Eu Us air force. Members are question besides Jim and John meaning that the invest Peters are either extremely lazy or their sweet.
This under the road on purpose and for the five men who were questioned. Lieutenant colonel HALT says that they were interrogated harsh, According to him, the air force, always I may have even used truths. Europe's along with some form of hypnotism to maneuver play their memories likely to keep them from talking bout or even remembering the details about the event which paints a pretty chilling picture like the air airforces willing to go to these extremes. Then whatever happened run notion was not nothing. The strangest part is, after these interrogations, Lieutenant colonel hauled in his men. Don't hear a peep from the? U S air force about it. Ever again. No answers. No explanations, no hay will pay for your therapist. Nothing. And here's where things get murky, even though
bent waters and would bridge were on UK soil. They were technically under. U S jurisdiction, but Lieutenant Colonel HALT is like now. That's not gonna fly for me, so he decides to run a letter to the Uk Ministry of Defence and inform them about the matter made get them to proceed with a real investigation in January nineteen, eighty one, the lieutenant colonel drafts up what famously becomes known as the halt memo he waters This story a bit so he doesn't sound too bonkers, but he mentions the important stuff like what the craft look like. And I was giving off radiation that depressions in the soil and so on. The only problem is he Miss rights, the date he said The sightings began on December: Twenty- seventh, not the twenty sixth. So when the ministry defence looks into the rate our reports and other data. They find nothing because polo looking at the wrong day. Ok
to some researchers. If they would have checked the correct logs from December twenty six, they would have found some RO radar stations that confirm that there were unidentified craft in the aerospace. They would have also found evidence of Suffolk County police, responding to calls about mysterious lights in the sky. Now, I'm not sure of the Ministry of Defence is just using this mistake as an excuse to ignore the situation or, if they actually think Lieutenant colonel he is lying or confused either way. The ministry also brushes the case under the rock no one else interviewed and the landing site isn't examined any further and that would have been the end of it. But there is one- being neither government accounted for Jim Pakistan's notebook full of binary code, written proof that the rendition force UFO was real,
and it was something even stranger than an alien aircraft coming up. Jim Peniston cracks the rendition code now back to the story. The nineteen eighty wrangles enforce incident might have been easy for the air force to forget, but for Jim Stan and John Boroughs. Not so much because in the years following the siting, John starts suffering from symptoms commonly tied to radiation exposure. Now, I'm not exactly sure what his symptoms are, but they could be an thing from knowledge, dizziness, too low blood pressure, hair loss or internal bleeding, and into this Eleven the micro valve in Johns heart fails since this usually happen. To patient to our much older than John his doctors wonder if there's something in his medical history that could cause that's legs,
A massive dose of radiation, so John tries to contact the air force for his medical records and the response he says he gets is unbelievable, they deny that he was even employed with them in nineteen. Eighty John argue back like yeah, I definitely wise and they change their tune slightly. They say that his medical records are classified and they're, not liberty to hand them over it. If you lawyers, to try and get a hold of Johns records, and I'm not even sure succeed. But I do know that they find one particular report that confirms the Ministry of Defence. Did discover radiation out in renders forest, and, on and Jim could have been affected by it leaving the Airforce Jim is also dealing with a myriad of health issues years late
he's diagnosed with been years, disease and inner ear disorder that leads to dizzy, spells and vertigo, which some doctors believe could triggered by you guessed it radiation exposure. He also claims that he's been living with post, traumatic stress, disorder since the incident, but the air force refuses to pay for his treatment. According to them, Nothing happened to merit. The financial assistance but Jim is have, serious trouble, sleeping so to deal with the problem he decides maybe I'll give hypnotherapy a shot. I've already discussed the problems. Hypnotherapy in other episodes like there's no way to know if the so called recovered memories, you dig up are actually real. So take this with a grain of salt, but it's definitely interesting After a few appointments, Jim's hypnotherapy discovers that part of his memory is blocked. There are huge gaps around,
the time of the rendition incident where he can not remember anything so Jim undergoes noses again with the goal of uncovering those lost memories and this time he has a breakthrough. He's transported back interrogation by the AIR Force O S eye, and he remembers he was given a sodium pentothal, a truth sera, while he's under the influence to government agents, question him about the symbols he touched on. The side of the craft Jim says that the craft had stopped in the forest to repair itself when he touched the symbols it disrupted. The report process and activated some new programme which somehow download downloaded its code into his mind and Jim also says that the beings on this craft aren't extraterrestrials their humans, time travellers but hearers. What's interesting,
the government agents aren't surprised by any of this. They don't sk anything else about the craft or the code, all day want to know is, if Jim, had any other contact with these time. Travellers before he says no and the agents discuss it among themselves. There only can learn is figuring out what to do with Jim so that he didn't tell anyone. Apparently, the agents use some kind of hypnotic suggestion to block this interrogation in everything about the time travellers from James Memory Yes sounds kind of bankers and given what we know about the problems with hypnotherapy, it would be easy enough to dismiss all of this. If Jim didn't have physical evidence, the code itself Jim says that he hasn't thought much about it since he jotted down in nineteen eighty four, a long time it didn't even occur
to him that the ones and zeros were binary code and he never thought to try and crack it. But in October two thousand ten Jimmy interviewed for a documentary series on the rendition Boris incident when he goes to. Show the producers his note box with a glimpse. They noticed the code scribbled over the next few pages, and They realize this is a big deal, so the producers get a couple of experts to interpret the code and the results are chilling, the code says exploration of humanity, six, six, six, eight one: zero, zero, continuous. Four planetary advance, then at least a bunch of latitude and Longitude coordinates for different locations, and then it says eyes of your eyes: origin year. Eighty one hundred interesting
we all the coordinates listed or for significant places in here history, the great pyramids of Egypt, the nest, the lines in Peru the Temple of APOLLO in Greece, so unless This is all just a very elaborate hoax. Thirty years in the making, this a message confirms what Jim said under hypnosis. These beings were time travellers, apparently from the year eighty one hundred and look I get it. This is a lot to take in, but once you hear people like Lieutenant Colonel Hold, Jim Peniston and John Boroughs talk about the siting. You can tell these guys are being earnest, so I do want to validate their experience, but on the flip side there also human, which means they could have been stake in I mean that's what some will argue. Some sceptics,
leave this. You have o, citing might have actually been. A military test may be performed by some Your organization, the government without the air force, staffs knowledge. They wanted to see how these guards would respond. The hostile threat were to infiltrate the base, which would sense if bent wanders and would bridge were in fact storing nuclear weapons on site. Would, in twenty eighteen legend source from Britain's especial air services. Took this a step further. He said the whole incident was actually a spiteful. Possibly back in August of nineteen. Eighty essay as officers parachuted onto the wood bridge base as part of a routine test. But U S AIR force officers, captured the men thinking they were spies, they held them hostage, beat them and repeatedly called them unidentified aliens. It took eighteen hours for officials to clear
the confusion in revenge. The essay US officers supposedly got a hold of a couple of helium balloons. Some remote control kites with flares and flew them over the base, hoping get the officers a real alien scare, but neither of these donations do it. For me I mean the mist hi the radiation, the static electricity and ere, the frigate binary code if this was a rank or even a test. These guys would have had to use high He advanced technologies to pull this off technologies that we never been seen before. I doubt they will signing them out for a guph. What this boils down to is a team of loyal airforce personnel as high ranking as loot.
It. Colonel say that they saw something indescribable in the rendition poorest that December and after passing it up the chain of command. They were met with either indifference. A bureaucratic comedy of errors or an epic cover up Maybe the truth is the UK and the? U S? Government, just don't want to admit there are things that even they don't have answers to. I just hope we don't to wait till the year. Eighty one hundred to find out the truth, thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can find all episodes of Superman trial and all other Spotify originals from her cast for free on Spotify Supernatural,
stars Ashley flowers, in this spot, a fire virtual from park asked the executive priest by MAX cut sound design by carry Murphy with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Trent Williamson. Incredibly, Magna is absurd of super. Now. It was written by lorry got leap with writing is. By Angela Jorgensen include Gallagher that checking Are you baby in Research Bay, Mickey Taylor? Do your more story hosted by new check out crying generally and all audio chuck managers. The only way to get two, however, was to allow him sexual activity with me. These, not the people you normally associate with occult thing. I need to be very. For my sake. I definitely think you should be programme. This is revelations Spotify original from Parkhurst preparing Sunday October third,.
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