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In 1989, Bob Lazar joined a top secret project out of Area 51 — supposedly reverse engineering alien technologies. When he was threatened to stay silent about his work, Bob took the opposite approach, blowing the whistle on the government's knowledge about UFOs. Today, he's still paying the price.

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Whether or not you buy into the idea of government conspiracies, you ve, probably at least heard of a place called area fifty one for years, the? U S, government flat out denied the facility existed, but eventual. they admitted it was the testing ground for some of the world's most advanced aerial technologies. Those who worked at the base they were sworn to secrecy, unable to tell anyone. and what went on behind those sealed hangar doors, but in vain one thousand eight hundred and eighty nine and area fifty one employee named Bob Lazar decided the american people have a right to know exactly what their government was up to. So he went on the record and made a bold confession. The top secret base wasn't
Building fancy airplanes, they were reverse engineering, alien technology This is supernatural a Spotify original from from cast I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday arbiter deep dived into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find all so the supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify this week. I'm talking about- and a comment in the: U S: a world, the man who first brought the connection between area fifty one and aliens to the public lexicon
eighteen. Eighty nine Bob Bazaar was hired as a senior physicist on a top secret project at area fifty one and when a secret scheme eventually put his life at risk. Bob decided his best insurance policy was to tell the world exactly what he had seen I have all that in more coming up, stay with US episode is brought to you by the On Star Guardian up your true crime fan you. No real life can be unpredictable. When the honest, our guardian app, is on your loved ones, foams. They can have help in a crash crisis or emergency, especially. And on star adviser is ready to assist them. Twenty four seven bad things happen to good people, but would On STAR Guardian up, you have a great team on your side, download from the app store or on Google play today. This episode is buddy to by Samson Galaxy. Ok, here's what
only ogre found the life changing Samson Galaxy FLIP. Three: five g is an get this ethics handsfree pigs in bed. So you can take that self again to a whole new level. Get your new galaxy with three by G today, Samson darkened and shoe everyone had all of this life budget connection. Unavailability may vary. Chocolate carrier. This episode is Bronte by snickers, so you We called it American Football in front of a bunch of your friends that are huge, NFL fence off your game. Maybe you just need a Snickers Snickers official, chocolate bar sponsor of Vienna, fell on leave it. Nineteen, eighty nine LAS Vegas residents tuned into the local news to find a pretty conventional interview, a man, behind shadows, introduced himself as Dennis he sat in the front seat of a news. and his voice quivering with nerves, probably because he was about
Make a reality shattering announcement Dennis whose real name was Bob was are claimed that he'd worked edifice, Woody in area fifty one called s for, and he knew at least nine alien aircraft that had been recovered and stored at the facility. Some of them were fully intact and tone The operational his job was deferred. you're out exactly how they worked now, it's possible that Bob was making this whole thing up for attention, but once you hear his story, I think you'll find that probably wasn't the case. In the nineteen seventies Bob's hear anything but average teenager growing up in Coral gables Florida instead of skimming playboy in spending his free
I'm at the beach bob's devouring issues, a popular mechanics installing jet engines on bicycles. He goes on You get degrees at both Caltech and MIT, and rush out of college he's recruited as a physicist at the LOS Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. He works on this half a mile, long particle accelerator, studying how Adams molecule. And radiation work. This job is basically as cause it can possibly get for any physicist unless Europe, Bob are in January, nineteen. Eighty nine Bob interviews at a defence company in Nevada called E g in G. As far as he knows there, a private contractor that develops weapons for the- U S, government. So so little different from his work at LOS Alamos but bodies a bit a pyromaniac, so he thinks I get to build explosives, Great sign me up when Bob's called back for a second interview, a few
later. He learns he's way overqualified for the position they tell him his skills make him much better suited for a sea your physicist role in their special projects division but he's gotta go through a rigorous background check and get approved for security clearance before he can get total access. Until then Bob will have to work on a provisional basis, which means won't be housed on site just yet. In the meantime, He lives with his wife in LAS Vegas and when they need him, a gnp will call him up and fly him out to their headquarters at Groom Lake about a hundred miles north of the city. So You can imagine how fast Bob's heart is. Racing when a few nights later he gets that fateful call. He has over to the airport and meets up with man. who will essentially become his supervisor. This gene
Joe looking dining Dennis Marianna. They hop aboard an unmarked plain and take off for groom Lake or, as its now publicly known area. Fifty one Once they land Dennis takes Bob to this Navy Blue school bus with blacked out windows, I guess to train key bob, knowing exactly where they're going, never about forty minutes driving down a bumpy road. The bus comes to a stop in Burma, large dirt hill, a set of fairly. in welcoming doors are built right into that hill and behind closed doors by Follows Dennis into this small room, there's nothing inside, He wore a machine about the size of an ATM Dennis places. His and on machines surface which ass these little pins that separate his fingers. So he can scan his fingerprints
no keep in mind. This is the lead eighties. Technology like this is still like something out of a science fiction, novel in once, there sir and in another door opens up into this infinite hallway, where this petite woman greets that She says she'll need only about thirty minutes of Bob's time the woman Escort Bob she, this example room at this point he's probably pretty spooked I mean he's in the middle of the desert in some giant bunker being laid down on a table with no idea. What's about to happen, the nurse runs a couple of routine tasks like an eye exam heart rate, blood pressure. With things get a little strange sheet was Bob. She needs to perform an allergy test, but when Bob Ass, what their testing, bore the women, only says exotic materials after she wraps up Dennis
those Bob to this windowless office with a giant stack of blue file? Folders on the desk Dennis tells him to take a seat and dig. The wild relate to the project that he's assigned to and once he's approved for his security clearance. good access to even more now bogs first thought is it's kind of weird that there's nothing on these folders indicating they belong to e g in gene which, makes him wonder like who is he really working for Is he actually building weapons or is there something else going on here? Bob cracks open the first folder and sees the war Words Project Galileo, below that he spots, something that really gets his adrenaline pumping, allegedly the purpose of project. Galileo is to quote back engineer a propulsion system of an extra terrestrial craft. End quote
So at this point box, like hang on, is this some sort of joke this Camp House we be real right. Well, if it's a prank, someone put a lot of effort into it, because there's pages in pages of data for Bob to digest, for example, he learns at this. Project has been in the worked for a while, apparently other scientists have already tried to crack the propulsion system and came to life threatening conclusions in Bob picks up. Another file marked biology. He finds to black and white images of a small body, one that undeniably not human. Its chest cavity is exposed like it's been prepared for dissection as you can imagine. This is a lot for Bob to taking everything he's ever known about the universe has been completely turned upside down. Not only do means exist, but they're here for
Bob knows they could be in the next room. Over coming up, Bob gets close and personal with an alien spacecraft. the most urgent mysteries in the world are missing persons cases the stakes: two high not to pursue every possible possibility and when plausible ones to arms attorney host new podcast disappearances and twenty twenty, after spending years, searching for the truth, the social media, to help bring justice to my sister Alice's, nearly two decades long disappearance now every Thursday on Spotify, I'm explore The many reasons people disappear and the impact Their absences can have, on those left behind from China, abductions and mystifying murderers to those who took it
ass to measures to start over each episode. Disappearances journeys through a different high profile, missing persons case ripped from the headlines and ripe for explanation. because no one just vanishes into thin air The answers are out there waiting to be found, oh, the Spotify original from park asked disappearances here, a new episode every Thursday free and only on Spotify. This episode is brought to you by the On Star Guardian up your true crime fan you. No real life can be unpredictable. When the honest, our guardian app, is on your loved ones, foams, they can have help in a crash crisis or emergency, especially and on star adviser is ready to assist them. Twenty four seven bad things happen to good people, but
on STAR Guardian up. You have a great team on your side, download from the app store or on Google play today now back to the story, its Bob was ours first day of work at area, fifty one in the guise already in way over his head just a moment ago. Bob learn that aliens do exist and his government has proof now he's being escorted. HU the sterile hallways of facility s for into a high tech lab to see for himself. This is where Dennis. Introduces Bob to his new lab partner, a man named bury Castillo and from there pretty much after. The recent very shows What looks like this pewter garbage can that you might find it an antique shop and a small metal half sphere about the size of a basketball according to bury this is the emitter and the reactor from one of the spaceships together, they
operate kind of like an engine, so Bob but almost any one would do when they see an alien aircraft. He just out and tries to touch it, but as soon as he puts his hand near that garbage? Can it pushes him away with this powerful force? He's the field at the end of two magnets when you try and push the wrong sides together, way more intense Bob learns it's a form of anti gravity technology, something no human has ever mastered before and now he's supposed to recreate it. Needless to say, this is a wild first day work after this orientation Bob sent back home to Vegas until his next shift and he's probably thinking. How am I supposed to cry back into bed with my wife tonight or go grocery shopping tomorrow, knowing what I know and not hell anyone, but over the next few weeks he manages to keep combat
nations about his new job to a bare minimum, which is probably smart idea, the one Bob works it s or the more. He realizes they take confidentiality really seriously. Armed security officers are constantly in the lab, with hymning, bury their practically follow them into the bathroom stalls, whether these hired guns are meant to protect or threaten the employees it, as for Bob, never gets a clear answer. He assumed the latter in making friends at work is out of the question. The project is set raided into departments that are not allowed to communicate with each other like at all, but it even glance at someone from another department if you need someone to pass the salt, the cafeteria he has to ask the guards to do it for him and for all this us and secrecy. It's not like Bob is making millions at this job he's taking home the equivalent of a bow.
a grand a week in today's money, which isn't nothing but he's a senior physicist working on planet altering technology, I mean somebody give this guy rates. Clearly, doing this work for the experience, not the pay check because he keeps showing up and giving it his all before the first few weeks, in very are stuck on the same big puzzle. How does this reactor operate. How can you tiny machine, do things that nothing else on earth can do so they take a closer look, at what the emitter and reactor are made of or better yet? What's powering that and with a fine is pretty wild most fuel is a cocktail of elements like, for example, gasoline is made up of over a hundred different mixtures of hydrogen and carbon, but this alien substance, which is co named L a one thousand is composed of one single element
and we don't have it here on earth now after bomb makes this discovery. He does the little stupid supposedly he park, It's some of that Ellie one thousand and takes it home with him it may or may not be the reason things start spiralling out of control. Because it's around this time that his wife notices a few guys staking out their house. Bob, Russia's it off thinking. Maybe this has something to do with his security clearance, which he's still waiting for approval on by the way, and that may be why he and bury are still hitting road blocks in the lab without the full clearance they only have. As to the reactor and the emitter and there's only so much, they candid, Herman about how they operate so it usually Bob approaches, denizen basically says: look man! If you want more info, you gotta, let us see the whole craft and miraculously it works
because one day Bob shows up and Dennis is like you're not going to the lab today. You're gonna be working outside Dennis AIDS, Bob and buried. It is large, open hangar and, as they get closer Bob seize the sun glistening on this massive aluminum colored flying saucer, because it has no landing gear or wheels to support it. Instead, the base just kind of rests on the floor. There don't appear to be any seems so Bob's mind reeling as he tries to picture how this thing could have been made, but the inside even more spectacular on the first level. There are these tiny seeds that look like would barely fit a middle school are in there aren't any switches or conch rules that someone might need to say I don't know, derive a spacecraft and yet it's totally operational. One of the text
she's in the room somehow turns on the saucer and Bob here is this year piercing his coming from the machine slowly lives off the ground and hovers about forty feet above them and underneath there's a faint blue light. That's almost hypnotizing the whole demonstration last a matter of minutes but Bob will remember it for a lifetime right after this, though, things get even stranger. Bob goes home and hears nothing from s four or Dennis for weeks just crickets. At this point it's been about months since Bob started work he had asked for this is the longest stretch he's gone without being called in. So it's pretty disconcerting and since Bob's spending a lot more
time at home. He realizes o shoot. I think I M being watched just down the street Bob sees the car. White described a Buick or maybe a chevy with two men in dark suits and black sunglasses, and when goes out to run an errand. They follow him and they tell him back to his house tat night eventually, another car with two other men shows up to relieve them. Those guys sit until morning so Bob, does when you're always yelling at people to do in the movie ski calls, the cops he watches them, pull up, talk to Two men in the car get back into their patrol car and just drive away like the police literally do nothing which just francs Bob even more. This goes on and on
four days, maybe even weeks eventually Bob starts carrying a gun with him for protection. And all the while Dennis still won't return. His calls Marge turns to April, and at this point, Bob's thinking never step foot at area fifty one again, so he things well, if I'm going back, maybe NL, my wife and a few close friends, what I ve been working on over there. That way, at least, if something happens, me. I don't know why, but You tell someone that you been reverse engineering, alien spacecraft. Well, if you're, Bob are you, take them out to area fifty one and show them for yourself. Bob knows that every Wednesday at eight p m the facility runs test flights, apparently with those alien spaceships or mainly with the planes these reverse engineer it from them. So Bob grabs a few of his closest friends.
His wife and some binoculars and drives out area fifty one a little while after they get They're, a bright orange light appears over the mountains then starts Zig adding through the night sky, now even bombs, billion friends know this thing is not your typical airplane, its ITALY going seven hundred miles per hour, while your average commercial aircraft travels a little under six hundred and it's a radically during its course without slowing down and stopping abruptly Bob points out. The human skeleton cannot withstand a force like that. Like hitting a concrete wall in a jet playing ball My friends don't need any more proof in that. As far as they are concerned the government has extra terrestrial craft. Unfortunately, this moment of vindication might cost Bob his life coming up. Bob faces the consequences.
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it's April, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and weeks have passed since Bob was the last call to S4 and then one day Dennis shows up at his front door. Then it's basically bullies Bob into his car and the to drive out to an office park in Indian Springs Nevada. As soon as Bob sees he's being greeted by armed guards he knows he's in deep trouble. He's brought into this interrogation room and told his little trip out to the desert did not go unnoticed Dennis says something like we told you. This was a classified projects are what makes you think in tell all your friends about it. So there busted, then has Bob right down the names and contact information of the people he took to groom lake. But then the conversation takes an unexpected turn because Dennis wants to know who Bob's been working
for I mean it's nineteen, eighty nine, the tail end of the cold war. Clearly, these guys assume Bob is a russian spy, but he's not- and he does The best to try and convince Dennis of that whether or not it works. I have no idea, but Julie, the interrogation comes to an end and Bob is told, he's free to go, but this is hardly go by a few. Later bomb is getting onto the freeway somewhere in Vegas. He spots this other car speeding up next to him trying to stay like neck and neck and first Bob things. This is just some jerk trying to raise him until a shot rings out. Bob's tire gives, in his cargoes spiralling Luckily, he manages to swing the car back onto the shoulder and get in, the grass avoiding any serious damage. But by that point his sealant, or nowhere to be found. That's when it hits.
somebody wants him dead. As far as Bob's concerned, he got lucky today time he might really end up dead end will be a next time. Unless He blows the whistle on what he knows before they get another chance to stop it, and I know it sounds backwards, but think about it after he goes public if the people it four do kill him, every one would know he was telling the truth right. It's risky, but Bob we have much to lose. So his friends put him in touch with a LAS Vegas, newscast named George, now together These strategies on the best way for Bob to give an interview. His face, won't be shown and instead of his own name, he'll use a pseudonym and, ironically he decides to go by Dennis on May fifteen. nineteen. Eighty nine, the fake Dennis, appears on the evening news. He confesses that the government has
alien spacecraft in their possession that they run, on a propulsion system, unlike anything humankind has ever created and that his life is being threatened by the people who are keeping this secret six months later in November nineteen, eighty nine bob comes out from behind that shadowy curtain for another interview with George Nap this time he shows his face. Tat the world his real name and his full story. The broadcast becomes the high is rated new special. The stations ever done. Bob story spread like wildfire. new channels all over the world, pick it up and, of course they question whether or not Bob is actually telling the truth to be Even George Nap has a hard time making that call after the first interviewed George tries digging up everything he can Bob's background, but it is an easy because Bob's past doesn't exist for starters, Bob's,
he worked at LOS Alamos for several years, but when words contacts the facility they say they have no record of above was are ever working there except If someone tried to erase him, they did a pretty sloppy job because George located a company phone book from Bob's time at LOS Alamos, and it has Bob's name in it and when George get in touch with the request yours would hired Bob, they admit they have a record of him as well, apparently even speaks to other people who could confirm Bob worked at LOS Alamos the same thing here. when Georgia looks into Bob's time at MIT and Caltech no record above but other People saw him around campus and were positive, he'd studied there and as Bobcat you don't get hired at LOS Alamos right at a high school either way it seems like Bob's whistleblowing does get those government hitman off his back because in the year
after these interviews, Bob's able to ease back into civilian life, he gets done worst remarried moves to Michigan and starts his own scientific supply. Company selling things like you re. and radioactive or which is where he might So be storing that allay one thousand. You know the alien jet fuel he snagged well in two thousand seventeen, that little bit of fuel comes back to haunt him that you Bob and film maker Jeremy, CORE Bell are shooting a documentary about Bob's life during filming they head to the woods behind Bob's house to discuss a very sensitive part of Bob story did or did he not get the Ellie one thousand out of area fifty one in documentary Bob doesn't exactly answer the question, but the very
next day Bob's office is rated by dozens of federal authorities, primarily be FBI. Now the officials, lane that there are there to search for old receipts, allegedly company, used to manufacture a chemical that connected to a man murder investigation. But the I mean of all of this I mean come on by in Jeremy are confident that the FBI, agents were listening to their conversation about Ellie one thousand the day before, because as one of them, repeats that discussion back to them verbatim, even though are allegedly there for something totally unrelated on top that there are a few other details about Bob Story, that kind of validate his account for me, for example, in the eighties. When Bob first came forward, it wasn't public. Now
that age in G did the hiring for area fifty one, but Bob knew that an it since been confirmed is true. He also knew that weekly test flights happened at eight p m on wednesdays and that employees were flown out to area fifty one in unmarked planes, even ident, the guy working on his security clearance. A federal agent named MIKE Big pen who Jeremy Corbett also confirmed that he remembered Bob, but the biggest piece of evidence to me is the hand scanner back in the Is Bob spoke about that machine with tiny pins that granted him access to us for four years? This part of history couldn't be validated button, two thousand and eighteen and image surface. To proving that these exact hand scanners were used on classified air force bases at the time. So we ve, bought, made the whole thing up. Then, how did he All these details, thirty years before they came to light look again,
the unknown, is scary having to ship our entire perspective of reality is even scarier. Is it easier to just point a finger Bob and say he's lying get absolutely, but does make what he sang any less true, I'm not so sure, if anything blowing the whistle on. All of this has made Bob's life more difficult. In fact he says he regrets coming forward and if he could go back in time, he would have just kept his mouth shut, but the cat, the bag, or rather the aliens out of area. Fifty one and we might just have to start accepting at there's more out there that we just don't know
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