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CONSPIRACY: Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?


This World War II era mystery began in England in 1943, when four boys discovered the skeleton of a woman buried inside a hollow tree. With every step, the investigation spawned only more questions: Was she a traveling performer? A Nazi spy? Or, as some experts suggested—a victim of witchcraft? 

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Right in the heart of England, there is an area where the county of worse to share borders. The West Midlands has basically a postcard, a british countryside, green fields that cottages quaint little market towns and at this Centre is which very hill and eighty four foot All stone pillar rises from the summit. If you get close enough there's a message painted on its base in big white letters, this single phrase. Has appeared and reappeared all over the surrounding area for decades. It's a question that has haunted West Midlands, for over seventy five years, who put Bela in the witches
This is supernatural a par cast original and I host Ashley flowers. Every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. This week works. During the unsolved murder of a woman whose remains were found buried in a tree in haggling, would you can find episodes of supernatural in all other par cast originals for free on Spotify and if you like, your hearing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at PAR cast and on Twitter at Park gas network with most murder investigations. You start with the victim established acts of their life, what they did and where they went in the days before their debt for men you can start to narrow down the people who might have had motive or opportunity harm them. But what, if you don't know HU? The victim is in the first place. That was the problem with the case. The Somerton man that we covered a few weeks ago, but the habit
would mystery better known as who put Bela in the witch home is evil. Older and in some ways weirder. The theories Cabela's. True identity are all over the map and, if you're willing to open up your mind, the strangest possibilities might offer the closest thing we have to an answer. It all began on April 18th, one thousand nine hundred and forty three, More teenage boys were traipsing around the countryside, their names Tommy. Will it Bob Farmer, Robert Heart and Fred paid and they'd spent most of the day, hunting rabbits and enjoying their Sunday afternoon. England had at war with Germany for the past three years, and then you're by city of Birmingham had been on the rest. Leaving end of some of the worst attacks by nazi bomber so far on clear night, the boys would have been able to watch the explosions from the summit of which very hill, but there no bombs on the evening of April. Eighteen as the boys made their way home, they were taking a shower, cut through Hadley would when they came across a wild. Almost
evil. Looking tree, it was about six feet. Hall a nearly as stick around with long beer branches jutting out in every direction imagined like an bloated broom had coming out of a massive stump news, pay where's would later peg the tree as a witch home, but it was probably a common hazel note, the boys knew that these trees often had hollow spots inside where birds like to make their nests. So Robert clambered up to check for eggs and when he looked down into the center a human school was staring up at him, the boy his past him up a stick and with some effort, Robert managed to hold the school and fish out most of the flat had wrought it away, but a few strands of brittle brown hair were still attached to a patch of dried skin on the scalp it was like a scene out of a horror movie, a human scope. Reed inside a tree and when I say incited tree, I mean deep inside the trunk.
And would have had to have climbed up fighting their way through the mass of sharp branches. In order to force the skull into that narrow gap. Note the These were excited by their discovery, but they didn't know what to do with the skull it. They told anyone about it. They, albeit in a world of trouble for trespassing, so they decide to put it back in the tree and they agreed that they wouldn't say anything about it, but their path. Secrecy. Didn't last long, Tommy broke down, told his parents when he got home and then Next morning he was leading half a dozen policemen to the tree when they climbed a big could see. But there was something inside but quickly real. Ass if they would have a hard time getting it out through the narrow gap. So ended up having to split the trunk with an ax once they got. Open. They found not just a skull, but an almost complete Human skeleton wedged inside, like with the school flesh was long gone. The bones had been stripped clean
by insects and animals and because of how narrow this hollow was. The skeleton was still mostly vertical, almost as if it was just standing up. Whoever This person was, they had been forced feet first through the narrow hole in the top of the tree as the corpse decay, it had slid deeper and deeper into the hollow until it almost become part of the treaty itself. Now here's getting a body into this tree would be really difficult. If you look up pictures of this There are all these tiny branches jutting out in literally every direction. I can't even imagine how someone would go up there, their own without getting stabbed in the eye. Much was putting someone else in their body. Must have been lowered into the tree from above, but the way it should you can't exactly just by climb up and the whole Self is so small that whoever this was down there couldn't have been just dropped in from the top of a near by tree or something it would have taken effort to get this person.
That position. So whoever did this, they must have had a reason and based on how difficult it would be to bury a person like this. It's what possible that there was more than one person involved, but who was it and why The remains were taken to Birmingham University Forensic Science Laboratory where they were examined by Doktor James Webster. He determined skeleton belong to a five foot tall, brunette woman, who is around thirty five years old when she died, no precise, when that happened is difficult to say, skeleton was in an advanced state of decay, but due to the unique environment of the tree hollow they couldn't determine how much of that was due to time for is the elements or wild life, while the flesh, Long gone, the investigators had managed to gather several pieces of rotten clothing from the tree and though, all the fabric, was severely decayed their wise enough left intact for Doktor Webster to
he's together an idea of the woman's outfit at the time of death she was wearing some kind of cloth, skirt, a taffeta under skirt and a thin wool card. Again, all which were consistent with what women in that area would have worn during the summer taking and the state of decomposition into account. He decided that she had most likely died in the summer of nineteen forty one meaning that I've been in the tree for at least a year and a half Webster was able to determine the precise cause of death other than the fact that the woman has definitely been murdered. Webster decided that she couldn't have climbed into the tree on her own, which ruled out suicide or the possibility that she'd guns stuck she had been edged in the hollow feet. First, either before rigour mortis had said in or after it had worn off, and this is improved because it means whoever killed this woman either put her in a tree right after killing her
or they kept her somewhere else for several days after the killing and then moved her to the tree. Doktor Webster The first option was much more likely, which would suggest that she was killed, The woods close to the tree there was when other promising discovery from Doktor Webster's examination the victims front in size or two overlapped in a way that would have made them an obvious distinguishing feature in life Also missing a lower mole. Lurk that looked like it had been professionally removed a long time before her death so All in all investigators knew that this woman was around thirty five years old. She had brown hair, she was five feet tall and she had crooked. Tee and, most importantly, they knew that she had been too a dentist at some point. In the past, these where did checking all the dentist office in the West Midlands and then Central England and then all of England, but none and had records of a patient who matched the skeleton note, the woman
definitely visited some dentist before she died. So if it wasn't a dentist in England, maybe His victim was a forerunner. Of course. There is also the possibility that, whichever dentist she visited just hadn't capped, reliable records except that some dentist might not remember every sort of teeth they ve ever worked on, especially considering that the country was in the midst of world war, two and regularly being bombed. So the police turn attention to missing persons reports from the past three years, if this woman, anyone at all. I mean she had a job or relatives or friends. Someone should have reported her, miss it, but once again, thus to gaiters, were unable to identify any one who matched their victims description. This baffled the detectives haze which had started out strange, was only becoming more perplexing. The more they looked. The newspaper were following the story closely. So you would have thought that the victim's family would have come forward to claim her, but no one did
It was almost like she's never existed at all when the remains were. First, one from the tree, there were a few other and found in the vicinity that are worth mentioning. The first was a cheap gold wedding ring, so the woman might have been married. But if so She probably wasn't well off. It was later allege that the bones of the woman's right hand were found a ways from the body. We don't know exactly where this was for reported, but it seems like it was from the police file that is since disappeared. Fortunately, it isn't mentioned anywhere in Doktor Webster's forensics report its possible they. Didn't know, that the bones weren't all found together- or he might have thought it was an important them. Reasonable explanation for the hand being separated from the body would be that it was moved, possibly by an animal or something like that, of course, other possibility is that the hand was put in a different spot in unfortunately, and
what that reason might be is kind of hard to imagine. Now. The next item found the crime scene was assize five and a half women's Blue, Crepes old, shoe its partner was, and in the hollow with the skeleton. So it was definitely the woman's exactly why it wasn't with the rest of the body, probably isn't important, like the handle have been moved by animals or maybe it could have been dropped by the killer. But the shoes give the investigator another clue to follow up on they manage to. Recent back to a manufacturer, and they figured out that this pair was most likely sold at a market in Dudley in early one thousand, nine hundred and forty, and that's why trail goes, but I do know that, while the shoes were very worn, they were actually fairly Spencer and, if you think about it, sort of a telling detail you wouldn't expect
a poor woman to have shoes like this, but you also wouldn't expect a wealthy woman to keep wearing shoes that were in this condition, so Maybe she received them as a gift, or maybe she had money at some point, but not when she died. The fight item is wine that initially seemed the most promising after scouring the area around the tree police found a woman's Idee card at first they assume that it belonged to their victim, but when they did the address on the card they found its owner was still alive. She claimed had had no knowledge of how her idea had wound up in Hadley would answer that she had never been there before in her life. For me, This is one of the most frustrating pieces of this whole case, because we don't have any other information about this woman, not even her name or did she with any one else. It that addressed, who may be could have had her Idee. So I really can't say if this idea card is even worse event to the murder or not. But the fact
that she denied ever going to the woods where her idea was found, I mean to me this kind of suspicious on its own, like how did it get there and Was this woman hiding something these kinds of lingering questions and dead ends? We just keeps cropping up with this case the fact that police were struggling so much to identify the body would have been suitable, even without all the other strange facts of the case, but believe it or not. Mystery was about to get even stranger by The time Christmas of nineteen forty three rolled around the locals had mostly lost interest. In the case, England was still caught up in world war to end the identity of a skeleton couldn't hold the pub. Attention when the Nazis were still bombing the country on the regular, but that winter stew, change messages started appearing everywhere around the West Midlands, the wished. One said who put Lou
Ella down the witch home it was said, old in large capital. Letters on a wall in Old Hill, then, another one showed up Anna Bell. Died in Hadley. Would then another haggling I'd lose? Bela was no Pross final the messages solidified into their final for who put Bela in the witch out by spring of nineteen for for the chalk. Messages could be found on fence. And the sight of buildings all over the West Midlands to men. They seemed like a man King rebuke of the police a reminder that almost a year has passed and they failed to find the culprit identified the victim or provide any answers at all. The police, The handwriting analyzed and found that these messages had all been written by the same person exactly what that purse wanted was a mystery if they were a Princeton.
They were going to a surprising amount of effort to spread the messages all over a pretty wide area, and if not, they were the first person to four up an identity for the woman in the tree, the police published, adds asking the writer of the message to come forward, but no one ever did. They also went back through old, missing person files to see if there was a Bela or an Annabella or Lou Bella. Be they had overlooked it, but there wasn't. However, police did find something else interesting when they were looking over their files. We back in July of nineteen forty one, a few officers had responded to a report of a woman's screams. Your Hadley would now at the time these search the area and found nothing and had forgotten all about it until right. Now, though, screams coincided perfectly with the window that Doctor Webster had suggested for the murder. Looking back the officers
couldn't help but wonder it. They had narrowly missed crossing paths with Bela on the night of her murder, if Bella was even her real name. I mean the mysterious graffiti had ensured that it would forever be associated with the skeleton found in Hadley Wood, and neither would forgotten any time soon by summer the words Bela in which our were on the tongue of every beer hall, gossip in amateur sleuth in the West Midlands, and this old, Not new avenues of investigation ones Police were likely to undertake because well A skeleton in a tree was one thing, a scale, ten in a tree in Hadley would with something else entirely. For as long as anyone could remember those words
had been associated with a black magic, pagan sacrifices and witchcraft. After the break will consider the theory that maybe Bela was a witch. Let's get back to the story. We were feeding bearing the words Bela in which our started, showing up on walls around the West Midlands. It sent the case into the limelight ensuring that the next stage of the investigation would take place in the realm of public opinion knelt before I. When he further. I should tell you there are a lot of wild beasts. He's around this case like take this, for example, for a while a lot of people were convinced that Bela was a nazi spy who perished who did in one night landed in the tree, got stuck and died knelt Bishop, been pretty easily dismissed, based not just on the size of the whole that she was found in. But the fact that hello, like she wasn't wearing
parachuting. There was no parachute found anywhere near the tree. Now, I'm not gonna. Take you down the explanation that's been offered for Bela's identity, but the strain just think about this case is some of the theories that seemed the most outlandish landing at actually and becoming the most plausible and eat. The blatantly false ones offer a glimmer of insight. Take that paratrooper theory Whoever had thought it up was probably trying to answer the same questions that had vexed the police. Why? Anyone reported Bela missing if Bela was Afore spy, it would in sense that no one would have come forward to claim her, and it would also make sense y know. Dentist office in Britain had any record of her this same kind of line of thinking that lead to another popular theory. The plots Hadley would were frequented by care? bans over money travellers, some locals speculated. That Bela was a Romani who had committed some crime against the others so
buried her in the tree as a part of some like ritual execution now to be clean. This theory was almost certainly driven by racial prejudice and stereotypes about the Romani people. There's no evidence to suggest that Bela was Romani. I mean her clothes. Didn't match the Romani style and there's absolutely no historical record of Romani bearing people in trees, but I bring it up. Is, the police actually did investigate these rumours and they found that two romani families had come in the area around Christmas of nineteen, forty two after Bela was killed, but before her remains were found. They spent a lot of time tracking down members of the two families. But ultimately this didn't led to anything except wasting a lot of these resources, despite the lack of any evidence. The Romani theory was the most enduring some people in the We are still convinced that its true to this day,
also marked a shift in focus to the strange manner and location where Bela was buried. This would leave. To one of the most troubling theories in the entire case that Bela could have been a witch hard to say when exactly this theory was first introduced, it seem to have been percolating in the background for awhile, maybe instead by the strangeness of the skeletons burial and the fact that the Hughley would had long been associated with witchcraft the areas. Connection to the cold started with a near by pub called the Gipsies tent, which had a history of hauntings, going back to the seventeenth century, time, went on the ghost story spread to include the woods by nineteen forty three there. Rampant rumours that which is used the site to conduct their rituals, those
where's got a new spark of life in nineteen. Forty five, when Bela's case caught the attention of one professor Margaret Murray. This woman has one of the most amazing Reza maize, I've ever seen in nineteen forty five. She was eighty two years old and one of the world's most respected archaeologists and historians. She was actually the first woman who publicly unwrapped a mummy and was known to her peers as the grand old woman of Egyptology also known for studying, witchcraft and the history of the occult in England, she believed that far wars of an ancient pagan religion, a covey of witches, had survived to the modern era and were secretly operating in England. Now to be clear, professor Murray didn't necessarily claim that these witches were practicing actual magic. She thought that they were conducting pagan rituals that were intended to cause supernatural results and that were both dangerous and illegal rituals that
might involve sacrificing young women and burying them inside of trees, several Elam of the had. We would mystery caught Professor Murray's I burst. She pointed the mid evil believed that burying a which in a tree would trap theirs. You're inside also entreat by the name that had become associated with the skeleton Bella. She suggested was short for Belladonna a poisonous plant that special significance in witchcraft, but the most important blue, for Professor Marie was the skeletons right hand, which suppose, Italy had been found. A short distance from Bela's tree she's this as evidence that the killer had been trying to make a magical object known as the and of glory in the cold arts. The hand of glory is a kind of blue magic torch, made from a human hand. Now
Sadly, the light of this torch was invisible to any one, but the holder, others decryption say that it could unlock doors or even ensure that anyone who looked upon its light fell unconscious instead since for making a hand of glory can be found in weakens spell bucks commonly known as books of shadows. The hand was opposed to me taken from the body of a criminal after they were executed, Sometimes the torch was finished by rendering fat from the victim to make candle wax and taking their here for wicks professor Maurice conclusions sparked a rash of new speculation about the case. The graffiti. Sieges we're still showing up all over the area. Over two years later now, in more than one handwriting so was this. Copycat at work or evidence that an entire coven of witches was taunting the community. The witch
hysteria might truly have gotten out of hand if another event hadn't seized the country's attention Germany surrendered on May eight nineteen, forty five, bringing and to the war in Europe. After nearly six years, Britain soldiers were finally coming home, Stan was a young man from Brierly named Warwick plant upon Riding home Warwick was intrigue by the cryptic messages about Bela and the which our scattered around town when his sister finally told him about the woman found in the tree a job memory from before Warwick left for war accord. Two Warwick he had been working at his parents, several years earlier. When a short young woman named Bela came in ask me if she could play the piano and sing for tips. Warwick smell agreed and the two women became friends at some Point- Warwick thought his mother. Might even have given Bela a pair, a blue Crepes old shoes. What
now, Bela had shown up with bruises and a black eye saying that her landlord had beaten her there. She stopped showing up altogether weeks mother had sent him to starboard to see if he could find her, but she vanished. Now Warwick told his sister, this story and she headed straight to the police. But while they made note of this in the police report, it's a little. Unclear if they ever actually interviewed Warwick or the plants directly Missis pricing in honestly about frustrate the timing and location of this Bela's supposed disappearance bits doctor. What this time I perfectly and detail of the shoe fits exactly as well, but I mean if you look at this crime Clearly there is a simple answer as to why the police might not have thought much of this led the details of the
he had already been circulating in the press for months at that point, so work and his sister would know all about the skeleton than a Bela. Even the shoes they easily made up the story for attention, or they might have unintentionally added the name, Bela and detail about the shoes to a foggy memory about some other woman, and even if we did know the real Bela, his Ray doesn't explained the biggest lingering question in this case, most importantly, why wishes married inside of a tree. If this was the right person, meant that her name actually was Bela, which also means that whoever started writing the messages wasn't just pulling a prank and if they knew her name, they must have known more about how she died, know exactly what this person hope to occur flesh with the messages is another a mystery in its own if it were as well is killer. It might have been because they wanted attention
in one Bela was found. All Press around. It could have been intoxicating to this person and then, when the case when cold, although that stopped with it. By that point, killer would have known that they were probably safe, because the police were at a dead end with the investigation. So they had nothing to lose by drumming up attention again or maybe with someone else who knew Bela and wanted her killer to be found, but going to police would have implicated them in some way. So they found an alternative means of getting her name out, in any case, the Phoebe, didn't led to any new suspects or developments. The case would stay cold for almost a d gate until a new line investigation brought Bela surging back into the limelight in nineteen, fit three, a journalist deemed Wilfred by four Jones, begin looking into the Hadley, would mystery for his column in Wolf, Hampton Express and STAR, he was captivated
the details of the tree burial and the cryptic messages, neither of which had ever been explained. We, Four, it started by questioning the residents of the haggling area and even tracked down Tommy. Will it and the other boys who had found Bela, but unfortunately, none of them were interested in talking. Finally, the journalist published an ad promising a hundred pounds sterling to anyone with information about Bela and the response is poured in, but there was one message that stood out from the right. It came from someone who seem to have first hand. Knowledge of the circumstances surround Belle S, death. Well, look at what the letter said right after this. Let's get back to the story will four put up his add for information on Bela's case. He received a flood of responses. Most were obvious false leads from opportunists who wanted to claim the reward money but
One message caught the reporters attention. It read quote finish your article rules regarding the witch ELM crime by all means they are in. Trusting to the readers but you'll ever solved the mystery one per and who could give the answers, is now beyond the jurisdiction of earthly courts. The only clues that I can give you or that the person response people for the crime died in saying in nineteen, forty two and the victim was dutch, alive illegally in England about nineteen forty one. Have no wish to recall any more end quote: The letter was signed Anna and postmark from cleverly a village about ten miles north of Hamley would the jury. This new that this could be another fraud. But the fact that an Hadn't provided a last name or an address suggested that she wasn't after the money. So Wilfred used his call him too Egg Anna to come forward and to his surprise, she actually do
her real name, wasn't Anna. It was Una Haines Worth, and this the worry she had to tell was stranger than any one expected until recently, Una had been married to a man named Jack, MOSS up during the war jack was a worker at a royal Airforce Munitions Factory in Birmingham, the job done. Pay well so Una suspicious when Jack started wearing a lot of really expensive clothing building a royal airforce officers, Uniform Around the same time, Jack was coming home later and later after long nights at the pub with his friends. He had one new friend in particular, a Dutchman known to not only as bond wrought, Ass time went on Una became increasingly suspicious that her husband and VON rolled were involved in the illegal putting together her husband's fancy clothes, his job at the munitions factory and the fact that on Rolt was a foreigner she concluded that ball rolled was actually a nazi spy
and that Jack was selling him military secrets, and now we found our way back to the Nazi spy theory. The first time this angle came up. I mean we kind of dismissed it right. Because of the employers ability that Bela had parachuted into the tree herself, but the count Set of nazi spies being involved in general, isn't, as parent because it sounds remember: Birmingham was a centre for military production which why it was bombed so heavily during the war. It's completely plausible German agents would be sent. The munitions factory bear to steal british secrets, but this theories he'll doesn't explained the mysterious graffiti messages or that we burial, assuming she didn't, perish you write in. Do it what could explain a naughty by winding up inside of a tree and Hadley would will, as it turned out Una, had an answer to that question time.
Late one night in the spring of nineteen forty one jack came home, particularly late, drunk and raving A murder by next morning he had climbed up again, but Una kept. During him until he told her what had happened? in Bonn: Rob had been out drinking one night with fond rolled dutch girlfriend who Luna presumed was. So involved with their espionage operation. They had gone for a drive when the four there's exploded into an argument in Dutch that Jack couldn't follow. Von role attacked his growth either killing her or knocking her unconscious. Then he ordered Jack to help him carry the body into the woods. Were they deposited her inside of a hollow tree. Una claimed that hadn't believe Jack story until nineteen forty three, when reports began to circulate about the skeleton and Hadley Wood and by that point, It was far too late to get any more details out of Jack. His health
steadily declined after that strange night, he told Una that he was haunted by visions of the woman VON Rolt had killed leering at him from the tree Hollow one. Forty two Jack MA subject himself into a mental hospital and died a few months later when people finally heard in a story and nineteen fifty three I mean they weren't quite sure how much of it to believe me. They could find any evidence of a man called VON Rolt or his girlfriend, although if they were spies VON rolled, probably wasn't his real name. What they do defined was another old police report that had so carbon overlooked. We, in the summer of nineteen forty one when Bela was most likely killed, an officer was patrolling your Hadley would when he found a car pulled over on the side of the road when he approach the officer saw that the driver was wearing a royal airforce uniform and a one and was lying down across the backseat covered in the driver's coat. Now the off
firstly that he interrupted some kind of romantic moment. So he let them go pretty quickly when investing is found this report years later, that, officer wasn't available for questioning, so that's kind of all had to go off of, but that could have been VON, Ralds girlfriend, either dead or unconscious, and given the timing if she was still alive when they took her into the woods that could account for the screams that were reported that night, without being able to beat to any of the people involved. It's hard to know whether any of these pieces really fit together, earnest the fashion, was the last real advancement. In the case, though, so it's all we have to go off and whilst the details, may seem wild, it explained several things: no one Where did Bela missing? Because maybe she was a foreigner with few contacts outside of her ring of nazi spies? She we ve been buried in the tree by one of her compatriots, who didn't want her body to be found and their activities to be uncovered.
As for why she was killed their endless possibility Maybe Bela had learned something that she wasn't supposed to know, or perhaps her loyalty to the cause was wavering or maybe she just gonna, spat with a lover what this story fail To explain is the strange messages around town Jack was already dead by the time the graffiti started cropping up and according to tuna he's. The old the one who knew about the murder other than VON wrought. I suppose it's possible that Una could have left them. Herself considering that she clearly wanted to avoid attention, but also may be wanted to get the story off her chest, but keep in mind. That nowhere in her story does Una claim that the victim was deemed Bela. So, if, in Bonn rolled were the culprits who ever left those messages probably was just a prank stir, maybe creeping all of the West Midlands and creating a local legend was a good a reason to spend months leading the cryptic messages all across the country. There had been a few other
We suggested over the years mostly variations of the Nazi spy theme, but these were all Benchley shown to be false. The West Marcia Police Precinct kept a cold case file on the would mystery up until two thousand and five when it was determine that any witness. Is incorporates were almost certainly dead. At that point, in the review of the I'll investigators noted that the victim could hypothetically be identified. Through modern dna profiling, but there was one your problem with this plan between nineteen forty we, when the body was examined and two thousand five when the case file was officially closed, Belus Ella disappeared, here's what now the remains were in the care of Doktor Webster at Birmingham University until he retired in nineteen. Fifty five, at which point they got past, successor, Doktor Griffiths, its past well, that the remains were buried in a poppers grave. But if that's the case- there should be some record of it?
Stranger still most at the original police notes, witness statements and crime scene photos have also disappeared. Now all this could be a result of just poor, organization, donation or the fact that any we're talking about a case that over seventy five years old, but the one bread crumbs might suggest. Otherwise is the fact that Stella rimming ten, the future director general of Emma five, was working. An archivist at that records office around the same time that the files disappeared now with problems just a coincidence, bud Low was somehow involved with a Nazi aspiring it's possible that the british government would want to keep it under wraps. The truth might say will be buried in some classify file in the Emma five archives and base. What we already know the full details The story must be crazy if they warrant this kind of cover up
In the end, the search for answers has led to a spider. Web of incredible theories were Bella Nazi spy. Was she a pool Tavern singer gifted a pair of precious shoes, fitting of a woman above her station was she'd the victim of an Hold ritual or even a witch herself we might never know for certain Bela is gone. Free is gone. Having died soon after was cut open and all that's left is the message on the oblast on which very hill and others like it scattered throughout the West Midlands, maybe, though, ways be there to remind us that some mysteries will all he's remain unsolved
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