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In 1845, the Franklin Expedition left London to chart the Northwest Passage. When Sir Franklin and his crew went missing, his wife turned to the psychic world for answers about his location. But she didn't anticipate those answers coming from the ghost of a child...

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Love is a pretty powerful emotion, it makes us say things we would never ordinarily say and we confined ourselves doing absolutely wild things for the poor. and we love even when we know they're- not the best idea and be in love wasn't all that different more than a century ago, in eighteen, forty five. Lady Jane Franklin was so in love with her husband that she supported even fought to land him his dream expedition to the Arctic. Do you know the risks? Still his happiness came first, but when she stopped- in a word from him and his crew a few months into their journey, her entire world came crashing down Lee Jane did everything she could to find out where her husband was. She begged the british Navy to go after him, financed her own private voyages, even volunteered to go herself
but the answers to his whereabouts weren't waiting for her at sea. They were, on dry land inside the minds of several clairvoyants and one psychic ghost by the name of wheezy. This is Superman. Throw a spot. If I originally from park asked I'm your host, actually flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurring to try and figure out the truth. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other park, hast originals for free on Spotify this week. We are talking about the Franklin Expedition in eighteen,
five of British Royal Navy officer me, Sir John Franklin set fail to chart the northwest passage when his ships disappeared off the map. Franklin's plight Jean turned to some pretty unconventional methods to locate and though weirder her sources became the closer she got to the truth. I have all that and more coming up stay with us. This episode is brought to you by three m. Three M has always been driven to improve lives with science and innovation. It's this forum Thinking mindset that lead three m to invent household items. You ve come to know and love like posted notes and command talks, but Yeah I'm believes they have a responsibility to use their science to improve lives in even more ways. That's why they're responding
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yes to more learn more now at today's military, dotcom, Magna eighteen, hundreds directions, didn't just fall from satellites in the sky. You couldn't just type what's the fastest way through the Arctic into a search bar in full Nobody really had the answers to that kind of stuff. You had to go out into the world and figure it out yourself. You had to charter ships, packed them with people and supplies. End ray that you would return home in one piece, which is what happened to Sir John Franklin well: sort of His journey begins in early nineteenth century London, Sir John is kind of a solid. pretty around England, aside from being respected, royal Navy officer he's extremely well known for his, not one but three life threatening expeditions to the Arctic. on one voyage. He and his crew nearly starved to death,
allegedly they resorted to cannibalism and eating leather to stay alive earning, on a less than flattering nickname upon his return as the man who ate his boots. But it's these survival stories that propel John into faint, he's. Knighted, writes a best selling book, even wins awards for his contributions to science and our graffiti, become eighteen, forty, five Johns and no longer this hunky celebrity explorer. He's overweight nearly death and pushing sixty, which is ancient in the nineteenth century, considering the average lifespan is about forty years old, on top of it all, joins just endured a political nightmare, one which got him kindly cancelled. So in addition to Johns storied naval career, he spent the last. A decade as the governor of the endearments land. No, now now as Tasmania avatar.
The islands a prison colony that does a lot of free work for the people back in the UK, but when Sir John try to improve life for the prisoners, his colleagues weren't so keen on the idea they didn't want to hurt their bottom line. As a result, Johns been revoked of his position and dragged back to England. The papers make fun of his so called failure and he goes from living legend to total laughing stock. So now John needs a comeback. Luckily, he has this incredibly supportive wife. She This modern socialite of a woman named lady, Jane Franklin and James first thought after they were her home from ban demons. Land is how do I share my husband up boost his morale. She knows that of her geriatric husband sit idly by. It could be the literal death of him so she thinks why not get you back to the place where you first became a hero,
Try and land. You one more trip to the Arctic now at this point in time that only a few blank spaces left on the north, most part of the map and Britain things. If we can map out the quickest and safest way to get through the arctics Northwest passage, it'll open up some poor, lucrative trade routes from here to Asia. Sir John and his wife know about this, so they contact the Royal Navy high command. They practically beg the admiralty too, John Captain there next expedition and initially once the lowest on their list of candidates but maki for him. Everybody else turns down this death sentence of a job which makes sense. I meaning multiyear expedition to unknown parts of the Arctic is an exactly a day at the blacksmiths cobbling shoes. It's not for the faint of heart and in February,
one thousand eight hundred and forty five the admiralty finally gives in and sends John a letter. His permission has been granted to captain his fourth expedition to the Arctic Johns official instructions arrived three months later, he'll take the helm of the flagship, H M Ass Airbus, along with thirty two year old captain, Joe means its James sailing alongside them. In the H M, terror was Captain Francis Crozier, aside from charging the passage the crew is responsible for studying the earth Netteke fields and gathering information on local specimens, typical expedition. Stop, as John puts it. That means quote about having everything from a flea to a whale. So they have their work cut out for that Johnson,
to it that his one hundred twenty eight man crew is well taken care of throughout their journey. This means stopping the two boats with more than sixty thousand pounds of beef and pork. twenty three thousand pounds of sugar and t nearly four I was in gallons of alcohol, a few thousand books and thanks to Lady Jane three furry companions, a dog, a cat and the monkey. This is one of the most well provisioned voyages in maritime history like what could possibly go wrong right, at least that Lady Jane, is thinking when she bit her husband to do on the morning of May 19th, one thousand eight hundred and forty five, ten thirty AM lady, Jane her niece Sofia and John the daughter from his first marriage Eleanor, are standing on the docks, overlooking the river Thames. Their weight good bye as Airbus and terror are toad out to see a dove, even lands on the flagships, mast which
when were sees as a good omen. She promises, Jane things, are going to be fine, they'll, be back in no time but little does Jane know. This will be the last she sees of her beloved husband out at sea. Spirits are pretty high, even as the crew sales deeper into the chilling depths of the north over the next few months John spends his evenings dazzling the sailors with stories of his past expeditions as they gorge on all the food and drink. The crew spend the rest of their free time, dance playing music riding in their diaries watching porpoises circle around the ship's bow is basically a carnival crews. They make a few stops in various ports which lets them stretch their legs and send letters home and Captain Fitz James Rice that this expedition actually looks pretty girl Sir John shockingly. He appears ten years younger than when they all left and whenever they find
Selves in an emergency, Sir John commands it with elegance and grace. It's like the sea is exactly where he belongs with the first sign of an exotic t bird. The crew knows that they are nearing the arctic waters, which means this little booze cruise is coming to an end, and the hard work is about to begin in July. One thousand eight hundred and forty just two months after their departure from London, the era and terror I've in Baffin bag, which lies between Canada and Greenland. They They spend a few nights waiting for the weather to improve anchored in the hall. Bert John, invites a neighbouring wailing captain aboard arabesque for dinner. Sometime around July Twenty sixth, the crew tells their gas did they have more than enough supplies to get them through their voyage. So everyone's feeling pretty optimistic, but in reality this did
will be one of the last interactions they have with the outside world. In the days that far Oh, the Airbus and terror leave Baffin Bay and continue west through about you: have water called the Lancaster sound from there. They plan to penetrate the barrow straight, which, if you look at a map, is this like narrow strip of ocean above Canada, which would spit them out just North West of Alaska. Considering how far Sir John Screw has already come, there's a relatively small gap left to chart only about three hundred miles for scale. That's about the same distance between New York City in Portland main so seemingly doable. Right back in England, the Franklin Expedition is all people can talk about. But as weeks turn in two months, every one starts thinking like page shouldn't. We have heard something from this crew by now.
I mean there has been zero communication and making it those three hundred miles really shouldn't have taken them. This much time so, eventually, the headlines start to report that the Franklin Expedition is missing. Coming up. Lady Jane stops at nothing to find her husband massive spiders fears, ok, dials, violet, kangaroos within the dangers lurking within Australia. One species remains feared above the rest humans as its Alistair from past, and I'm hosting a new Spotify original called crime down under every Sunday on Spotify take a trip to the oldest continent,
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May eight and forty seven two years after the Franklin Expedition set Sail Lady Jane still has not heard from her husband or his crew, but unlike lot of people in England. She isn't losing hope, she's sure her husband is still out there putting the cherry on his nautical career Sunday after he's a survivor he's the mammoth ate his boots. For goodness sake, the problem is. British Royal Navy and other maritime experts can even agree on where to start looking for his ships, let alone how when they should set sail, which is kind of justified. I mean bears over five million square miles to cover their. They should at least have some idea. yeah, of where they're gonna be looking. The Jane doesn't agree in fact she's getting kind of pissed
She wants them to go out and start searching already at this point history, any good housewife is expected to shut her mouth and keep herself occupied with things like parlor games and embroidery, but not De Jane, while the royal navies dragging their feet. She takes matters into her own hands, JANUS pretty much everything she can think of to expedite the search she buys an apartment near the admiralty buildings. So she can be a constant born in a navy sighed. She put wars over maps with arctic experts and explorers rights to newspapers, mobilise public support, even has her friend Charles Dickens. Yes, be Charles Dickens right into drum up support because hey if the famous Mr Dickens, is disgusted with the Navy's lack of effort, and hopefully his fans will be to Jane, also rights to the? U S, President Zachary Taylor, hoping maybe he'll Lee the search for her missing huh
bent given offers to get on a boat, her friggin self. Unfortunately, none of these things light a fire under the Navy's, but so at this point Lady Jane is desperate, if not obsessed with finding her husband. After all, she was the one who suggested he take the trip in the first place and since the term real world, isn't making any progress? Lady Jane things, maybe it's time to change tactics now, if youve, listen to multiple episodes of this show. You ve, probably heard me cover spiritualism before in the nineteenth century, going to psychics is akin to praying to got as far as anyone can tell their as good a source as any, and ever since her husband was declared missing James, been contacted by multiple clairvoyants, not just from Europe but from the United States and Australia as well. Many of them write to her, insisting baino this status
and location of Johns ships. Some say they ve spoken to Sir John Franklin himself, So in May eighteen, forty, nine Jane in her me Sophia visit the London home of a young clairvoyant named Ellen Dawson Ellen comes highly recommended she's, been known to successfully locate, missing jewellery and get this other men thing: husbands before on time. Of that she's marketed as a traveling clairvoyant someone who can physically transport mine to another place so she's precisely why lady Jane needs at around eight that evening, Ellen Sophia, an Ellen's Mesmerist a man named doktor hand to gather in one room now, just aside A mesmerism is basically the one guiding the clairvoyant, so Doktor hands purpose is to hypnotize Alan into this trap. hands and then guide her along the journey, maybe feeding her
locations or cure her up and questions to help her fine with they're. Looking for something like that Ellen's being lured into her trance away Jane is told to hang tight in the adjacent room, apparently doktor hand. Doesn't want whatever they find upset. Lady Jane impossibly interrupt their process for someone. Who's never met Sir John or been aboard his vessels before Ellen comes up with some pretty started. revelations she tell Sophia that she sees too. Ships surrounded by ice, which ok one whose red papers of the last few years might have put that much together, but then she says she sees a man, one who looks rather old and stout, with a dark
mind face. No, this is a little more impressive, considering Sir John didn't have the build of your average explorer. So the fact that she's describing him is probably surprising, Ellen then says she sees the poor traits of two women hanging in the man's cabin one his wife, Lady Jane and the other of Queen Victoria, which is totally accurate. Then Ellen sees men dressed, infer garments, eating salted beef and biscuits. Just Laughing and carrying on she can even smell of assent. brandy on their breath. But when Sophia asks for specific, like which direction or the ship's headed or When might they be sailing home? Ellen says that a cloud has come before her obstructing the answer, although the biggest take
way is that, according to Ellen, Sir John is still alive and well, they really this all back to lady gene and while the visions don't offer any specific details and where to look, it does give Jane some hope WAR Portly inspires her to keep pursuing the psychic path. It's not long before another clairvoyant is involved. A woman named Emma also known as the serious of Bolton Emma is domestic servant, to a surgeon and Doctor Joseph Haddock who acts as her mesmerist, but their process is a little different from Ellen's. It's not entirely clear how they operate, but it seems, like first doctor had to put Emma into this deep. Since then he places save the hand written letter or a lock of hair, something with a connection to the missing on Emma's forehead. Allegedly, these personal objects help her find work
ever or whoever she's looking for in the fall of eighteen, forty, nine, a close confidant of Sir Johns a captain in Alexander Mokanna. He is dining with this. Doktor had its needs, during their meal. He learns about Emma this year. S of Bolton and the niece is happy to make the introduction while Lady Jane herself doesn't mean Emma Alexander, does take a lock of hair given by the family, along with one of Sir John letters that fall Alexander travels to Bolton for at least three separate sessions with Emma in their first session, Emma also cease to ships only. She says that one's under water and the other is abandoned shipwrecked on shore, but she also says that Sir John, still alive, along with three to four other men, the rest or long dead buried under the snow. She describes Johns Balding head, which
and exactly common knowledge at the time, but Alexander wants something tangible, something useful that could help him locate John and bring him home He begs Emma to give him knowledge of their geographical location, which she does sort of by remotely reading the time on Sir Johns Watch Emma is able to discern a seven our time difference between him and London and using a map she points to a north western part of Canada, known as Hudson Bay, which is significantly south of beef. often bay, where John was last seen by those whalers milk This is an area neither Captain Alexander nor his contemporaries had considered. Looking for Sir John C, if he did go south towards Hudson Bay, he would have had to sail his ship around a massive chunk of land, a jury
that would have taken him nearly a thousand miles out of his way, not impossible, who just not sensible, because it would have raised so much of the progress John had made thus far so captain alexanders. treat but not totally buying it and the next time he visits Emma Sheep, places the abandoned ships in a totally different region of the Arctic. This time she says there near the Prince Regent, inlet, which is further east of Baffin. but it is closer to where Sir John needed to go. Then the two After that she says the crew in those ships. extremely far north, almost five hundred miles west of Prince region inlet near the Perry Islands to yeah. It seems M, as not all she's cracked up to be, as is Theirs
not much Alexander, can do with this assortment of information. Emma becomes another dead end. Meanwhile, Lady Jane consulting with a bunch of clairvoyants, including a thirteen year old boy who supposedly seas John alive and well inside of a crystal ball. The constant descriptions of her They are certainly reassuring, but no one, king lady, Jane that concrete answer of where the heck to find him until October. Eighteen, forty nine boring years after John, was last seen by the HUN. miles away in Londonderry Ireland, a man named Captain William coping and his family are mourning the loss of their four year old daughter to typhoid, but Louise or wheezy as they called her. Is it totally gone per Se Williams,
the other children still see the ghost of their sister regularly. She appears as this a bluish light. One that's fully able to communicate with her siblings. In fact, wheezy comes to dinner so often Family just leaves and empty chair and place. Setting up for her her brothers so excited to see her when they, he literally smashes into a wall trying to hug her, but it gets creep here, one either Ning Wheezy is nine year old sister Anne finds the words Mister Mc K is dead wrong, in his clothing light on her bedroom wall the following morning. An tells her aunt about this message. Wheezy supposedly left her know that actually knows Mr Mackay he's an old family friend, so she goes to check on him and sure enough. Mister Mackay had passed in the night, so
Not only are the coping siblings communicating with their deceased sister, there also receiving her psychic messages, but we're he's got more up her sleeve than a dead neighbour. She also happens to know precisely where two three hundred fifty ton vessels are stranded out in the Arctic. Coming up. Wheezy guides the way for a private expedition this episode is brought you by three m. Three M has always been driven to improve lives with science and innovation. It's this forum, thinking mindset that lead three m to invent household items you ve come to know and love like posted notes and command talks. But yeah, I'm believes they have a responsibility to use their science to improve lives in even more ways. That's why they're responding
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becoming worms, and no none of them are safe from being eaten they're just tutor. issues so when they hear that surely bag open the price This is a sweet demise very yummy. Gummy goodness will always find a way to your Tommy to get some sweet sour to accompany you, pack has fix, go to troll I come now back to the story. By October, eighteen, forty, nine, the ghost of Louisa Coping, has proven. She can offer psychic Intel through her sister Anne, so their aunt figures why We ask little wheezy about that Franklin Expedition everyone's talking about, and apparently it works tat evening and in her aunt or gathered in one of the bedrooms, conjuring the ghost of wheezy who projects this increase, bull vision on the four one that only an can see an relief?
is it all back to her aunt. She says she sees the Arctic Ocean with two boats surrounded by ice, which okay, we ve heard that before, but an isn't just seeing. Arctic she's feeling she begins to shiver and she clutches her aunts, dress for warmth. The ant coaxes her to go on so and asks wheezy exactly. Where can sir John Franklin be found, in a glowing flash along the wall. More words appear: they read: Airbus and Terror, Lancaster, sound, Prince Regent, inlet, point, victory and Victoria Channel, okay, so a little pause to explain what all these coordinates mean. Lancaster sound is part of the root. Sir John plan to take all along the Prince Regent inlaid is just a little west of that. So still in the direct and he would have been headed, but point. Victory is alone
Haitian on King, William Island, which is further south in any one expected, Sir John to travel and at this point in time, Victoria Channel, better known as the victorious straight even been discovered. Yet so the ants like Victoria Channel never heard of it, but after receiving the message, and draws a shockingly accurate map of this section of the Arctic, like the land, masses and the waterways all base. in what ways is shown? Her aunts, father, William Coping hears about their little say odds and he's like this Let us I gotta get this information to Lady Jane Franklin, ASAP, which is perfect timing, to say the least, because J has finally drummed up enough interest and money to get her own private expedition off the ground. Like that sounded terms,
This woman is to find the love of her life we're talking five years later and she still has not given up hope. According to the papers, her ship, the Prince Albert, is scary. to set sail in May. Eighteen, fifty so William yours, she might want some direction before she set sail. Even if it does come from a ghost child, he writes letter, which he sends along with wheezy map, and they reach Jane just in time in the weeks, maybe even days before the Prince Albert, is scheduled to leave Lady Jane and William meet up. William, runs through the details of his daughters, revelation and something clicks for Jane. She remembers what her husband told her just before he left If he gone to any trouble, he'd sealed toward the great fish river which is about a hundred miles south of Canada's king, William Island and home, to point victory, one of the local
Sharon's mentioned in wheezy message. Now, Jane is pretty shock. with these revelation may be the closest thing she has to a real lead and she plans to use it before the Prince Albert leaves Port Jane commences the captain of her ship, William Snow, to search further south towards king, William Island. This is instead their original plan to go further north, which was the Navy's best theory of where the Franklin expedition ended up, unfortunately, for all, all involved. The rescue mission doesn't go exactly as planned once the Prince Albert reaches the Arctic. The ship hit extremely thick ice. Therefore, to turn back empty handed me, while completely separate from Lady James Endeavours, a man named captain John Ray is surveying the same region of the Arctic in eighteen, fifty one he comes across this narrow body
of water to the west of king, William Island, one that he names the Victoria straight to Obviously, this is a big aha moment for Lady Jane, because up till now that part of waste message didn't really make sense, and that's not the only Epiphany captain RE also meet some of the law go anywhere. People on king, William Island home to point victory. The local say that back. One thousand eight hundred and forty nine. They came across several dozen white men. They even show captain Ray a few artifacts things like telescopes done, silver, spoons and forks and a silver plate engraved with Sir John Franklin, name now, as a fellow explorer, I'm sure captain raise at least heard of the missing Franklin expedition. So this is to be a pretty huge moment in the guise career. After all, he is the first person to retrieve a physical clue in on it
Please, Sir John and his men were seen on foot call me, may are still alive and well out there. Maybe they sought shelter other local Inuit people's once is bombshell. Reaches England. Lady Jane frantically sends another. private mission to explore the area further. This time with Captain France's Mclean talk at the helm Mechlin Talk reaches king, William Island in eighteen. Fifty nine, his crew finds even more shocking evidence of the Franklin Expedition, but not the good kind. He comes across one of their boats and skeletons apparently belonging to the crew, not only that he and covers a few letters and those letters finally explain what happened. Apparently, surgeons crew continued west that summer
one thousand eight hundred and forty five and made it through the Lancaster Sound just as planned, but after wintering about halfway through the northwest passage, their ships got locked in the ice and the crew three men, Sir John, had no choice but to wait until the ice thawed. After that, he had two options: stick with his mission and continue westward to keep charting the fastest way through the passage or head south for a longer but potentially safer route. John chose south. At this point. The lives of his crew were more important, but around September one thousand eight hundred and forty six. Airbus in terror got trapped in the ice again this time in the northern part of the victorious straight. I won't get into the geography, but apparently this was out that no one had anticipated, mainly because it's real
really far south from where they were supposed to be headed nine months after being trapped. This second time, Sir Franklin died. Suddenly it was June of eighteen, forty, seven, the rest of the crew abandon this since eighteen, forty, eight and based off captain raise discovery, migrated to King William Island, where the Innua group encountered that, after that they went missing for good. So apparently If Sir Franklin died in eighteen, forty, seven any psychic to have seen him. I've and well after that didn't have their facts straight, but wheezy. She was eerily spot on news of these. Letters gets back to Lady Jane and naturally she is devastated to learn of her husband's death. Always knew it was possible, but when you have dozens of psychics telling you everything,
Fine he's, probably just busy it's hard to give up hope. But at least now she hasn't closure. Meanwhile, we, these dad William coping poorest, a little salt on the wound by trying to capitalize on the discovery he writes to Lady Jane, who is beastly grieving, and it's like skews me given my daughter's go some credit here and Lady Jane, as nice as she is right back to William one final time before cutting contact with him. She says yes, it's true. Your ghost daughter did suggest to look in the direction of point victory on King, William Island, where Mechlin talk discovered those ships and skeletons but Jane, never goes public with this informed, Sean, nor does she returned wheezy maps a pair. We now that her husband's mystery is solved Jaynes kind of embarrassed to admit she used a psychic ghost
intel. Meanwhile, the Airbus in terror are still wasting away somewhere in the Arctic Sea. Search efforts continue where into the twenty first century. It's not until two thousand fourteen with the help of the local Inuit communities that parks, Canada, finally locate the flagship, H M S, arabesque part of the boat is sticking out of the thick arctic ice, while the rest is submerged in thirty six feet of water below, where exactly in the victorious straight just Like wheezy message, said two years later, they finally H m S. Terror on the south western coast of king, William Island, which again is home to point victory, the other location in wheezy message. So in the end nothing about wheezy directions was off. You have to wonder if they
Airbus and terror would have been discovered without her help. Yeah, probably especially considering captain RE, was the one stumbled upon the evidence of Sir John Franklin, but that doesn't take away from the accuracy of her predictions, especially at a time when knowledge about the Arctic was so incredibly scarce. She knew exactly where are those ships had met their icy graves, and that is something I can't really explain.
thanks for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from par for free on supernatural. The stars actually flowers in his Spotify original from PAR cast its executive produced by MAX Color design by carry Murphy with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Trent, William Saint Parley, Hoddan in IRAN Larsson this episode of Super trot was written by lorry got leave the writing assistance by Alley liquor fact checking my own, you barely in research by making tailored to hear more stories hosted by me check out crimes and all audio Chuck originals either its Alistair from park asked. You may have heard If the summits in man bizarre a single in all the one debate
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