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HAUNTED: The Great Amherst Mystery


When strange and terrifying events start happening around 18-year-old Esther Cox, locals blame electricity… then ghosts. 

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When you think of a haunting, usually think of a place, an old house or a graveyard somewhere, physical that goes, can take up residence with Nay story is about a haunted girl. Wherever she went, strange occurrences followed her voices, lightning storms, mysterious fires, it seemed like a whole host of evil speed it had made their home inside her body and, in the end, even sceptics had to admit that some of those ghosts were all too real. This is supernatural a spy
If I originally from our cast on your host Ashley flowers, every Wednesday I'll be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth you can find. Episodes of supernatural and all other forecast originals for free on Spotify this week. I'm talking about Esther Cox, a young girl who is haunting by goes in eighteen. Seventy eight, the poltergeists tortured her threatening messages on her goals. Enshrined burning down her house with her family inside and wherever she went there was no escape. I have all that in more coming up stay with us. This episode has brought you by meant. Mobile looking for x savings MID Mobile offers premium wireless for just fifteen bucks a month. All plans come with unlimited talk and taxed with high speed data delivered on the nations largest five g network.
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the town of Amherst Nova Scotia seems pretty idyllic, it's right by the water. Next to the bay of funding its affair, early religious community, the sort of canadian village where you'd every one to be extra friendly, but darkness can work anywhere. Even in a small town on August, the eighth eighteen, seventy eight, a local eighteen year old thing, Esther Cox, getting ready for a date, she's gotta be cited to get out of the house because it is packed in their. She lives with one brother, two sisters to nephews and her brother in law data is also jaunty Dan. brother, all living together, Indians little cottage with so many people, Esther has to help out with a ton of housework. So, of course, when guy she's into Bob Macneil, asked her out for a peaceful evening. Dr. She says yes, but couple hours later, Esther comes home, soaking wet. She runs stew,
too bad and cries all night. No one asks her what happened but its clear the day, didn't go so well. For the next week, Esther falls into this many depression. She spends several nights sweeping over friends houses before she even comes home again he's. Finally, like I'm over this undone thinking about it. Let's move on unfortunately, when the real problems begin Esther in her Mr Jean share a room one night as Esther its into bed. She feels something move under her sheets like a mouse, but this just look around and don't see anything so they had back to sleep the next night, both of them here. A strange rattling sound, but this too, it's coming from a small box of fabric patches under the bed. The sisters pull the box out to investigate they slowly open it and just when they were about to look inside it suddenly
jumps about a foot into the air on its own way. scream and their brother in law. The antique runs in they tell him what happened, but he doesn't believe them. No one's ever heard of a hunted fabric box, so they all just go back to bed and forget it. But the next day Esther has a fever. She goes bed early in the middle of the night. She suddenly sits up and screams, I'm dying Jane. hands on the light and sees that esters body is swelling up. Her face is bright red in her eyes or bulging out the rest of the family. Try to get her to lay down relax, but when they touch her she's burning hot, apparently it feels like an electrical current is running through her. Finally, this death in class of thunder shakes the room. It's so intense that esters other sister
all. It goes to the window to make sure the house was hit by lightning, but when she opens the curtains, she sees that it's perfectly clear outside its not even raining just then three more allowed booms erupt through the house, but this time they can from underneath esters bed and right after that esters body stops swelling. She calms down Eventually, drifts off to sleep the family doesn't know what to make of it. So they kind of just hope that this is it for now few nights later the same thing happens: Esther starts bird, and swelling up again and then family watches, as the bedsheets fly off esters bed all on their own, so yeah, something weird is Definitely going on it's time to call a doctor
local physician, Doktor, Crete stops by and he's in way over his head, he takes esters. Pulse, looks at her time. And basically says no problem here, she's just in shock, but right as he says that esters pillow lies into the air and hovers in the middle of the room, all on its own, like it's trying to prove him wrong. Dan's brother starts playing tug of war with pillow and suddenly the bedsheets fly off esters. Bed again, allow banging starts, and then every one hears this scheme arching sound like a middle spikes, gripping the wall, the room gets quiet, the family looks at this space on the wall above esters, headboard and they see a phrase chiseled in thick letters, Esther Cox
you are mine to kill. Now this is frightening enough, but before they can react a loud. Noise starts up again and now It sounds like it's coming from above them like someone's trying to get through the roof with a sledgehammer doktor correct, run, out to the street to see what's happening and there's nothing on the roof. Even though the sound is still happening and apparently it's so loud. The neighbours can hear it two hundred yards away. So obviously word gets That's something strange is going on at dance house, the teeth family. Starts letting visitors in to take a look for themselves and their cottage. Pretty much becomes a popular attraction. Sermon crowds line about side that police have to come in to maintain order, one. Lucky Reverend see something suspicious. While he is standing in the kitchen, he notices a bucket of cod cold water on the table. That, inexplicably, begins to boil.
The respected reverend sees the threatening message on the wall and hears strange. Thumps coming esters bed. He doesn't believe in ghosts, but he's convinced that Esther isn't making this up. Instead, he sinks Yes, that Esther is some sort of human battery heavings that during her date, Esther experienced a shock to her system, both physical and emotional. It was so profound that she became mysteriously electrified scientifically. He doesn't really explain how this works, but it would explain the strange collapse of thunder and the burning feeling invisible flash lightning must be shooting out of her, but even if she is supercharged it wouldn't explain a message appearing on the wall, promising to kill her everyone's at a loss for what to do so s,
his brother in LAW Dan moves her and her sister Jane to another room, hoping that will solve the problem. But once again right before bed, a voice, whispers, investors ear, it says it's going to be down the house, Jane Hell's, the family they're all in on the electric battery theory, so they just laugh. Damn says electricity cannot set a cottage on fire remember, the eighteen seventy, so I guess no one's ever heard of an electrical fire, but as soon as they and says this a lit match fall from the ceiling and onto the bed. Nor does it come from box of matches or a hole in the ceiling. As far as I can tell it just materializes out of thin air before can ignite anything Jane puts it out, but over the next ten minutes, eight more law did matches appear in the room like some go,
his wandering around chain smoking, the family can barely keep up then, in the middle of all of this one of esters dresses rules itself into a little ball fly, is underneath the bed and promptly bursts into flames, The family manages to prevent any serious fires that night, but a few days later, I'll live cease, mope drifting up from the seller. She runs stairs with a bucket of water and sees that a barrel of wood shavings is fully ablaze the flames ray all the way up to the ceiling. Olives rose, the water on the fire, which doesn't do anything and then she Esther run out to the street for help. Thankfully, a good American, Russia's into the cottage, and puts the fire out with a floor Matt, but the teed family is still shake it. This was a close call, get
to the bottom of this. Mystery is now a life or death priority, and it doesn't take long esters, family, friends and neighbours to store pointing their fingers at her coming up, the whole town turns on Esther pirates for centuries. The world has been fascinated by them in films. Like part said, the caribbean, maple traders swaggering anti heroes in books like treasure, island, fearsome villains, but who were they really? That's the question the real pirates the new Spotify original from podcast answers. The whole thing not a pirate ship is that they were heavily may be a hundred pirates on board. So these are floating violence, factories. At the same time, pirates are really fascinating characters in a way if you were born poor, you stayed poor pirates. On the other hand, they were able to transcend that social boundary didn't see themselves just as thieves.
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for a retrial, gotta, oh, do dot com, slash, Spotify Nets, o d, o o dot com, Flash Spotify. Now back to the story, the people of Amherst or too happy that the teeth house is constantly on the verge of catching fire. Remember this is a windy coastal town. If a building does go up in flames, it could take the rest of the village with it clearly something needs to be done in every and has an opinion on what that is. The local newspapers published heated debates between school. Dixon, those who believe in the supernatural, but some folks, don't think the culprit is electricity or ghosts. They say Esther is the problem. accused her of acting out and blaming it on something paranormal like no. It wasn't me
who set the seller on fire. It must have been a ghost. The accusations are brutal, the fire marshals shall we say that Esther is setting the fires herself and wonder suggest that the manifestations would stop it. Esther was just given a good beating. This is pretty harsh especially because Esther is still dealing with the poltergeist, and by now she started to actually see the ghost one night, she's sitting in the parlour with the rest of the family when she sees this man, in all gray staring at her. The goes to basically to her that unless she leaves he's going you burn down the house with every one inside this time they take threat seriously. So s his brother in law d and kicks her out. Esther goes to stay with
friend, John White, and for a few days everything is quiet. But one day, while esters scrubbing the floor, she loses her scrub brush just disappears from existence. Then she hears the ghost whisper that he's taken it She's screams and the brush falls from the ceiling almost hitting her in the head. John also, who's. The saloon were Esther works and strange stuff is happening there too, once she's in a kid and when the oven door starts opening and shutting all on its own Johns of enacts, handle in front of the door to train barricaded shut, but it's no match for the ghost the oven door, just ripped off its hinges and flies across the with the axe still attached. Eventually, John can't though this stuff anymore. So he kicks Esther out since she has no place left to go and Amherst Dan sends her straight out of
how to stay with some one in New Brunswick Ones, is there a revolving door of a cold experts visit? They all want to figure out, what's going on with Esther and show me. They find a way to speak with the ghost. If you ask a question, most will answer by banging on the wall or furniture, one knock for no three. Four, yes, We question the Spirit: the experts realise that Esther isn't being haunted by one poltergeist. She has a whole Gang of ghosts following her Jimmy rather names they use a sort of. We G board system someone. Read the alpha that out loud one letter at a time until the ghosts knock on the floor or wall It takes a long time to spell things out, but eventually they learn quite a bit about the spirits one is a sweet old man named Peter Coxe, who claims to be related to Esther Beers,
young girl named Maggie Fischer, who went to Esters Elementary School before she died, but the real leader. Is this scary, old Shoemaker named Bob nickel? He says that he's the one and who's been setting the house on fire and threatening to kill Esther. After about three weeks in New Brunswick, though it seems like the ghosts are done with her. The manifestations stop for two months nothing scary or unusual happens. So Esther finally goes home I'm thinking it's over, but as soon as Esther goes back to Amherst, the parent, normal activity begins again. And this time, there's an amateur ghost hunter there to witness it in Univ, one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine the teeth family takes in this after and Walter Hubbell he's just finished at the Africa tour of Newfoundland and when he reads about Esther in the paper he decide to make.
Pit stop enamored to check it out for himself. Walter claims that once saved a friend from some con artists pretending to be spiritual medium. So he thinks it himself as a bit of an expert on the paranormal. He also assume His theatre experience will also help him save esters using any sleight of hand to fake the activity seven in the morning, he strides into the teeth, dining room and hangs his umbrella in the corner. He sits down, Esther and all to talk about what his investigation will entail. But just by minutes later. Walter's umbrella flies across the room all on its own, then a huge carvingknife shoots over esters head and lands at Wolters feet. Walter is shaken. He checks the kitchen to see who, through the knife, but no one's their heads to the parlor, but as soon as he sits down a poltergeist chucks, his
go to the other side of the room. Then a heavy air drags itself across the floor and slams into Wolters seat. He almost falls over. Esther walks in then hands him a steaming cup of coffee and says. I do not think they like you, which is quite the understatement, but eventually Walter gets used to the manifestations. He's still convinced that some how Esther is behind it. All one afternoon here, hence to nap on the sofa hoping to catch her red handed throwing cheese or secretly knock on the walls. Instead, he's lying on the couch with his eyes, half open. He sees a paper, we launch itself at his head, it narrowly mrs, but more importantly, it had nothing to do with Esther, and just like that, he's a believer.
the longer he sticks around Walter realises the ghost is constantly abusing her she's. Definitely the victim here, not the perpetrator. Walter is so in tree that he starts working on a book about esters case. He interviewed the teed family about the details he missed before he moved in and he finds out that a year before, right after the haunting started, Esther told a truly terrifying tale. That might explain it all up next Esther disturbing secret. This episode is brought to you by meant mobile, if you're looking for savings. You need mean mobile. They are premium wireless for just fifteen bucks a month, all plans come with limited talk and taxed with high speed data plus use your own phone with any
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while the doktor was standing by esters bedside her arms shot towards her headboard cheese used up and became cold and rigid in this trance like state, she told the doctor what actually happened. The night Bob Macneil took her out on that date and it isn't pretty. Apparently, at one point Mc Neill pulls his buggy to the side of the road next to the forest. He tells Esther. He wants them to go into the woods together. Esther knows that he is in looking for a late night hike. So she says no, but Mc Neill is the type of guy who does and take no for an answer. He threatened her with a revolver. Luckily, just in the nick of time another person drives by and Macneil What's the gun away, he drives Esther home in the rain and just to be spiteful, he keeps the top down the whole time
which is why she so wet when she gets back to the house when Esther wakes from the Trans Doktor Creed tells us what she just said. She begins to cry and admits that it's all true when Walter Hubble here's this story, It changes his opinion on what's happening to Esther and believe Esther is just acting out or pulling off some sort of hoax Considering that the incident happened right before the ghost appear, he does think that their related. He speculates that make me was literally possessed by a ghost that night. During the day, the attempted who assault, threw off esters, vital magnetism, which is Walter's word for the energy that every person has in sight of them. This heap,
and allowed the evil spirit to jump from Niels body to esters. That's why the hauntings started right, afterward. Admittedly, the theories kind of out there, but to be fair Walters, not even a real expert in the occult he's an entertainer, and it seems I he's bells and opportunity in esters trauma, because at this point there is no longer trying to help her with the ghosts he's too. to find a way to capitalize on them. He real Ices, if so many people are willing to line up at the tea house to see the haunting, why bring the haunting to them. He and Esther can go on who and show the world first hand. Esther agree, he's and Walter and the bar owner John White strike up a deal to split the prophets Esther assume won't get a penny. and, as you might expect, this goes tour turns to be a terrible idea-
there is a saying in show business never work with kids and animals, and they should add, but really never work with ghosts Esther, Walter dont have any control over the phantoms and they don't seem to want to participate. Instead of a magical experience the audience to seize Esther standing there, while Walter symbols on about the paranormal The first show is such a failure angry mob gathers in the street. Walter and Esther step outside the crowd, throw stones and pieces of brick. It then said to say the tour ends there at this point, and has had enough of his sister in law shenanigans. So he decides that Stir, isn't coming home once and he sends her to stay with some friends at first she D all right in her new home, but before too long, her hosts notice that some other clothes are missing. They suspect Esther of stealing them around this time, esters working,
arm owned by a man named Arthur Davison pretty soon. Arthur's Barnes suffers the same fate that threatened the teed house it burned to the ground naturally Arthur is upset and he confronts Esther. She says that the poltergeist set the barn on fire, Arthur, doesn't Biot heavings Esther started the blaze on purpose and he presses charges everything esters been through all the terror and blame and abandonment by her family she's now, on trial because of her haunting occurs. She doesn't have a chance the legal defence of I'm being haunted by a pyromaniac ghost, doesn't sit well with the jury. Anne S, is sentenced to four months in jail, but by this point Esther has fans people, you ve read about her in the news or seen the manifestations themselves and their life Really you're just going to throw up
in prison because she's tormented by ghosts the pressure is so intense. The esters charge is actually thrown out June. spends one month in jail and one good thing comes out of her imprisonment. All the paranormal activity stocks, while she's in jail, even when she gets out the ghost don't come back ever, maybe go scant, follow her behind bars or maybe Esther has been facing all of this- and her incarceration scares her into dropping the hoax either way with the haunting apparently over. She managed to move on with her life. She he's Amherst marries twice two children and die. In nineteen twelve at the age of fifty two. Sadly, the best explanation for what was happening to Esther, Didn't come until seven years after her death in nineteen nineteen paranormal cycle,
suggest, doomed. Walter prince comes up with an explanation, that's essentially a more rational version of Walter hovels theory. Esther is bad, the haunted by her emotional trauma, but now in a literal sense, his mind couldn't deal with the attempted sexual assault, so it created a step personality to process it. When this personality took over, she If started the fires or wrote on the wall in a trance, then when she woke up. She the memory of what she died kicker here is to of esters ghosts said they were called Bob Nickel and Eliza. macneil. Both names sound daring, similar to Bob Macneil, the guy who attacked her. This
simple explanation is esters subconscious created these ghosts as a way to process her trauma, but there is a problem with this theory. Both doktor, Creed and Walter Hubble say that hundreds of people witness the ghostly phenomena. If this was just a mental health issue. How are the kitchen you too those flying around the house. It can't all he and esters head unless, None of those things actually happened, the accounts of, jack's flying around the house pretty much all come back to one source, Walter Hubble in the first edition his book. He says that plenty of people saw these incidents first hand, but he does actually quote any eye witnesses. We just have to take his word for it. And Walter isn't really a guy that unbounded trust. I mean after the failed ghost tore. It seems pretty clear that here,
Goal- was to turn Esther into a money making spectacle his book about the great first mystery cells. Fifty five thousand copies- and he goes to write, ten, more additions and as you might imagine, Esther doesn't see assent from it. Even if Esther wasn't haunted by Sometimes she certainly was tormented by Macneil tried to assault her John White, who put her in a circus act and Walter who made money off her suffering,
her story was entirely written and passed down by the men in her life. We don't know what truly happened, because we never actually get to hear her sight of it. In that sense, the real ghost in this story is Esther herself thanks for listening I'll be back next week. With another episode, you can find all episodes of supernatural and all other spot, if I originally from par cast for free unspotted by, supernatural stars, Ashley flowers. In his Spotify original from park, its executive priest by MAX cut,
sound design by carry Murphy with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Trent Williamson, Carly Madden in Erin Larsson, episode of supernatural was written by Ben Terror. With writing system by Angela Jorgensen Intake Gallagher factor. By unbearable and research by he Taylor to hear more stories Posted Bangalore check out crying junkie, and all audio chuck check origins. For centuries, the world has been fascinated by them: Black Beard, Charles Vain and Bonnie, who were they really real pirates? Is a new Spotify original from past join us starting November fifteen, as we bring the true story of pirates to life,
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