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MYSTICAL: The Silent Twins


From the time they were children growing up in Wales during the 1970s, identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons refused to speak to anyone or even make eye contact. It earned them the nickname "The Silent Twins." And the only way they'd truly break their silence...was for one of them to die. 

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We ve all heard about the twin bond right. This idea that twins are somehow physically connected. They know the others thinking and feeling some twins even say that they can feel when the other one is hurt or endanger. But the twins were talking about today have a connection that goes far deeper than that. A connection No one else in the world could understand because for most of their life they refuse to talk to anybody, but each other. That's how June and Jennifer Gibbons became better known as the silent twins and they wouldn't truly break their silence until one of them was dead
This is supernatural apart cast original and I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every say I'll, be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained mystery to try and figure out the truth. This week, I'm look. June and Jennifer Gibbons, better known as the silent twins because of their mutinous and on the rare occasions when the girl did speak, it was often in a way which no one else could understand. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify and, if you like, what your hearing reach out on Facebook in Instagram at par, cast and twitter at Park Ass Network, one of the most intriguing things about June and Jennifer Gibbon Silence- is that it was pretty much ignored for years. They didn't just follow me. One day,
it went back to the time when they were toddlers? The girls just didn't talk, they say one or two words here and there, but that was it you think, for most parents this would be really concerning baby worry that there was something wrong with their girls, maybe that they were falling behind, but glow gibbons their mother felt reassured that the twenties as she called them, we're just going through a phase. They just seemed shy and their pediatrician toll Gloria that sometime twins learn to talk later than other children is actually pretty common. Note the given is where immigrants from Barbados, so they didn't have any immediate family where they lived in England in the act of any outside advice. Gloria takes the doktor at his word. She let's go. She's got three other kids to raise after all, but by the time June and Jennifer start going to school. They still aren't really speaking some
they'll, say one and two word sentences to their classmates like give me or no, but they won't say anything to their teacher. The school doesn't make much of a fuss about they just send the girls to weekly speech therapy sessions, but even after two years nothing changes at the end of the second grade. Their school reported Jennifer has no oral response, but right diligently June. Still silent and won't converse. Both of them are very shy, but the next year, when the girls are eight there trance to a new school, the givens, as are a military families, do they actually moved around pretty frequently Neighbours never really lasted long. The children had to make new friends every few years and they attended a half dozen schools between them June, Jennifer's, newest school isn't as understanding of their strange silence. As the last one was their basically seen as freaks. By their students and even by some of the teachers, their bully on the
lay ground there laughed at and class, and it's horrible and it doesn't make the girl start talking instead June and Jennifer get even quieter. They wouldn't even talk to their family June and Jennifer only spoke to their youngest sister rosy and they gave one word answers to their mother when she asked them direct questions, but they said nothing to their father into older, siblings. Their father, Aubrey Givens, couldn't figure out what was happening, but he knew that something was wrong. I mean his twin daughters had never seen a single word to him ever, but when the twins were alone in their bedroom, Aubrey and Gloria could hear muffled chatter, as the girls spoke to each other and to their dolls. The girls clearly could talk, they didn't want to, but again their pay.
It's just kind of the shrubs and said they must be shy, but that excuse didn't explain everything, because sometimes, when Aubrey Ease dropped on his daughters, he couldn't understand the words that they were saying. He touched bits of things here and there, but it sounded like June and Jennifer were speaking of foreign language and he had no ex nation. For that, as the girls get older, their behaviour just gets weirder. They will me walk in a line one in front of the other. They take each step at the same time, their arms swinging. In time, almost like a goose, step, which is that military marching that I'm sure you ve seen in movies or in real life. If you had any experience, the twins walk like this everywhere. Teacher once followed them in his car all the way home from school, and he said TAT they never deviated from this.
They also started doing everything in unison, standing up and sitting down crossing and recrossing their legs sipping their tea. All of it was done in sync to achieve. Such perfect mirror movement. Any motion was slow and deliberate, which only added to the weirdness they dressed in matching outfits and braided their hair. The same way they now left each other side, literally, not even to use the bathroom and, of course they did all of this in complete silence, the staff at school were generally at a loss about what to do with the silent twins. The headmaster agreed that the givens twins were strange, but when we look at you,
you about it. They were otherwise well behaved and they never broke any rules, so the school lets them be. They move the girls into a special education class and sort of just wash their hands of it until an actual doktor finally gets involved in the fall of nineteen. Seventy six doktor John Reese visited the school one afternoon to administer routine tv show He saw nearly fifteen hundred students that day, but thirteen year old June and Jennifer Gibbon stood out from the rest when he injected, then neither of them if any reaction, not a yelp, not a wins, it was likely were in a trance. He described them as zombie, and he said the only other time he'd ever experienced anything like it was when he worked with severely traumatized war veterans. The experience was so unnerving. Doktor Reese was still thinking about it days later. Eventually, he went back to the school to speak with the schools headmaster about the givens twins. Something was wrong.
With ban in recent needed to know exactly what was going on at rhesus insistence. The school finally did something. June and Jennifer were referred to a series of specialists, but because the girls still refuse to talk to any of them. No one could really offer a diagnosis. They still were entirely convinced that their mutinous was selected. Maybe the twins really didn't know how to talk and if they did know how to talk and were simply refusing to that, had some pretty disturbing implications on its own, because it this was all an act, it was the most committed performance. Any of these doctors had ever seen some of the teachers felt like something very dark was happening with the girls it felt supernatural it was almost like June was being mine controlled by her twin one speech. Therapists said I could see June dying to tell me things, then something would happen. Jennifer was stopping you
she sat there with an expressionless gaze, but I felt her power she made all the decisions June was possessed by her twit after a few months have seen doctors, but not getting any answers. The school decided that, fourteen year June and Jennifer needed more help than they could provide. They transferred the girls to a special education, school called EAST gate where they could work one on one. With a dedicated teacher for a year, their teacher tried dozens of techniques to get the girls talking, but none worked. Every therapy session was dominated by the screaming silence June and Jennifer Wooden talk, refused eye contact and continued their habit of slow synchronized movements. The only
progress. They me was that the girls would now communicate through hand written letters. The escaped staff felt beaten by the twins completely at their mercy at a loss. The school eventually decided that the only hope for the givens twins to separate them, one teacher reasoned. They are dying in it, others arms and we must save one of them, even if it that the price of the other, though some of the staff at the school, found a cruel to separate the twins. They truly believed it was their only hope or normalcy, I first June and Jennifer were receptive to the idea of separating in a letter to their teacher. They agree that they were holding each other back is neither one of them wanted to be the first one to change, but if they were apart, they would
No, what the other one was doing. It would be easier for them to get better to break the vow of silence, but then June and Jennifer changed their minds and for the first time in years they spoke coming up. The twins break their silence. Now, let's back to the story by one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight pretty much everyone in June and Jennifer Gibbons lives new. Something really weird is going on with them. The now fifteen year old work effectively mute outside of the privacy of their bedroom and they wouldn't even make eye contact. When someone tried talking to them they'd seen- turn specialist speech therapists, but no one knew how to cure the silent twins so
Actually, a decision was made. They had to separate the girls, but the girls hated this idea, so they took drastic action. One night, the girls therapist at escape a man named TIM Thomas, received a call from a pay phone after a few moments of science, He heard a voice that he didn't recognize and the voice was speaking so rapidly. He could hardly understand it. It said good evening, Mr Thomas, this is the twins were really sorry about what happened today. We like you to know that if you dont separate us we'll start talking next week, Thomas was for Lord by the call Had he really just heard one of the gibbons twin speak, he wouldn't have believed it, but they also called another teacher at the school and begged her to let them stay together. They could talk
Doubtingly he approached the school on Monday morning with the first piece of hope. Since the twins arrived at escape, but it was short lived, they immediately broke their promise to speak. They pretended like the phone call, never happened, and so the staff made good on their threat. One of the silent twins would be sent away when the staff told the girls. It provoked an unprecedented reaction as margin Wallace described in her book. The silent twins Jennifer gave June a menacing glower. There was a green than a series of unintelligible shouts as Jennifer lunged forward and dug her long nails into June's cheek, just below the drawing blood. The girls chased after each other's screaming and ripping out chunks of each other's hair, it was so vicious. The staff was too shocked at first. Even do anything. The site,
and lifeless twins were suddenly be no gladiators. When the staff did finally managed to tear the girls apart, they instantly went at defeated at the end of March nineteen. Seventy eight fourteen year old June was sent to Saint David. I lesson unit, which was a boarding school and Jennifer's data escaped away from her sister June was basically catatonic. Not only did she refused to talk, she refused to even move staff had to early pick her up out of her bed and carry her from place to place than proper stiff body up against the wall. Like a plank, the only sign that she was even alive and not some kind of incredibly realistic statue was her tears June. Silently cried for hours on end
weep away whale didn't show any kind of hysterics. She just let the tears flow freely down her cheeks, not even bothering to wipe away the only time she stopped crying was when she was able to talk to Jennifer on the phone. Needless to say, this was really upsetting to the other students. Even though Jennifer wasn't there, everyone at Saint but could feel how much power she had overdue. One staff member said it seems she was on a leash to Jennifer. There was something almost me stick about their relationship like black magic, I felt June have been a normal popular young girl if she had been released from her sister but June. Couldn't allow for such a release two months of separation she went on a hunger strike. The staff at Saint David was unprepared to force feet her, so they eventually relenting
The girls were reunited at escape and June was back under Jennifer's Thrall. Any hope of breaking their silence was lost at this point. With that the givens twins, formal education ended, the staff at escape had tried everything that they could think of to help June and Jennifer, and frankly they were out of ideas at this point, so like many other teachers and headmasters and doctors before were they wash their hands of the sixteen year old, gibbons twins in nineteen. Seventy nine. The girls were registered with the unemployment and benefit office and set loose to figure out the rest of their lives for themselves. At first they enjoyed the freedom. It was exactly what I want it just to be left alone with each other. The two sixteen year olds spent their days in their bedroom with her dolls and imaginations living a very rich, though entirely fiction based life. Their dolls were their closest companion. Their surrogate families and each play
had a rich and detailed backstory June and Jennifer were essentially immersed in a soap opera in their bedroom, with the dolls marrying divorcing, even diet. The dolls went to school and a church and two parties, the twin. Spent hours, sewing costumes and constructing props for their vignettes. This, honesty. Life was also way for the girls to communicate with each other. The draw as an emotion that the dolls acted out, served as a spur get virgin and Jennifer. It was stench of the pact of silence. They still worth speaking, they were play acting and it was also an extension of their synchrony. They had to agree to all of the friends of the players just like in the real world. Nothing happened in the doll world unless they both agreed to it, but the terms of the deal started to shift in the winter and spring of nineteen. Eighty, the first development was the diaries Junot
Jennifer each received a five year diary from their mother for Christmas they immediately started. Documenting the details of their house, bound lives with dutiful accuracy, but it was this theory act of recording their own thoughts that, through the power dynamics of their relationship into question, the girls had always referred to themselves and each other interchangeably as just J. They saw each other as equals the same person, but now with the diaries, the girls were expressing themselves on an individual level, possibly for the first time in their lives, as each sister contemplated the other in the pages of there areas, they found the other wanting they realize they were not equal and they started to resent each other for being locked into this game of sameness yet they had no idea how to escape it. After so many Yours neither had the strength to break the pact like a married couple in desperate need of a divorce
June and Jennifer started to despise one another Jennifer. Her diary J can't be my real twin. My real twin was born the exact time. As me has my rising site, my life. Ex my waves, my dreams, my ambitions, he or she will have my weaknesses, failures, opinions. All this makes a twin, no differences. I can't stand differences. The other factor in all this is that the girls were seventeen years old. Now they ve gone through puberty, which is all about self discovery, but the twins felt chain to each other locked in their childhood bedroom, unable to connect anyone else. They wanted what their dolls had. Friends lovers lives, so they decided that it was time to venture into the world and see if they could really be two different people. The twins decided that what they re
really needed was boyfriends. After all, they were teenage girls who wanted to take the first steps into womanhood, but they could never muster up the courage to actually talk to the boys in their neighbourhood as much as they practised in their bedrooms. Instead, all they could offer we're its of giggles. Every interaction was ruined by their awkward silence and eventually they'd alienated all the boys in town, so they cited to change tactics June and Jennifer started too fixated on a boy. They knew from escaped from all my research. This boy goes by the pseudonym, Patrick Armstrong No, he didn't seem to mind the girl silence. In fact, he once defended them from a bully at escaped, so they felt that he was practically already in love with them. They tracked down Patrick's address ten miles away in welsh hook. They got all done up and make and wigs, and paid for a taxi to drive them over no turned out Patrick had moved back to America, but he had three other bro
There's an June and Jennifer decided that pretty much any Armstrong, do and they shifted their obsession at first their time with the arms young boys was exciting. They introduce the twins two an entirely new world, they started dream being heavily smoking pot and sniffing glue. Not only did it fulfil their distorted fantasies of life as a hedonistic teenager, but the substance abuse and made it easier for them to speak somewhat. Normally a few sites was a brandy or hostile glue was enough to loosen the twins up, but there's some with the Armstrongs also brought darkness and confusion, they floated through their days in a haze, any Armstrong brothers didn't necessarily lake the twins. It was more likely tolerated them the destruction came to a head when Jennifer did something that made her decidedly different than her twin sister, shaking their dynamic to the core she lost, her virginity to one of the Armstrong boys after year,
As of demanding that the two remain entirely equal in every way, terrified that her sister without shine her. It was Jennifer who took this monumental step first differentiating herself as the more attractive sister, the more lovable sister, the more desired sister. She was now a woman in June was still a girl, the illusion of equality was shattered, and this filled both the twinned with a burning existential rage. What had they been doing all this time trying to be, why two nights, after losing her virginity Jennifer attacked June in their bedroom, a squabble over there and he was volume, suddenly turned violent. Jennifer wrapped the radio's electric court around her sisters neck and tightly squeezed until June begged for her life shaken by this, the girls snuck out of the house and went for a walk to get some air
but they clashed again and this time June was the aggressor. She pushed Jennifer off a bridge and into a rain swollen river. Then she jumped in after her, not to save her, but to finish the job June, grabbed Jennifer by the hair and shoved her head underwater using all of her strength when a car drove over the bridge, the headlights expose the all sisters only then did June release her twin as Jennifer gasped and gagged and split up water June, silently dragged them both back to shore. She just shouted, I love you Jennifer choked back still coughing of water. I love you too, then they sat on the bank wet and shivering holding each other and crying things would never be the same after that point June and Jennifer basically spiral out of control. The
balance in their relationship of ended. They started roaming, the neighbourhood and breaking into abandoned places, stealing things even writing graffiti on walls weirdly. The twins frequently reported these break ins to the police. They called the station from a pay phone and tried to disguise their voices putting on an american accent. The police likely knew they were talking to the gibbons twins, since their giggling could always be heard in the background, but they were really doing enough damage to press charges or war, a police investigation, so they basically just got ignored. But the girls feeling like they were regular, Bonnie and Clyde's escalated their crimes they broke into the local tennis court by smashing a window they climbed inside encased the place once they realize, was nothing really worth taking from the tennis club they sprayed ethanol all over.
Place, lit a match and set the court's ablaze the next night. They did it again. Only this time they burn down a private establishment, a tractor store, unlike their other crimes, Orson, wasn't something the police could simply ignore. They done serious damage now close to a hundred thousand pounds worth a few weeks after the tractor store fire police caught the girls red handed during another break in The constable had placed a few plainclothes officers in the area on a hunch. They heard a window shatter and followed the noise when they arrived saw June and Jennifer each holding a lit match in one hand a bottle of ethanol in the other. Even worse: when they searched the girls bedroom, they found all the things they stole during their being ease, police, read their most recent diary entries that described the beautiful flames that they saw. The tractor shop, Suddenly, the silent twins looked like dangerous delinquents
They were remanded to church prison without the possibility of bail. The judge was convinced that if the twins were released, they go right back to their life of crime. Do and Jennifer gibbons were labelled as felons and unless they could finally speak up themselves, they remain in a cell for the rest of their lives. Up next June and Jennifer fight for their freedom now back to the story, if their time in school had shown anything, it was that public into fusion's just didn't understand, June and Jennifer, gibbons and public church women's prison was no different for all the progress they may during their summer of hedonism. The twins reverted right back to complete silence for the first few weeks there when they were taken to their shared, sell. They stood for hours frozen in ones.
Clutching the sheets of their beds. Eventually, two guards came in and made the beds then forced each mobilise twin into a cot, posing them like dolls. They even had to push their heads back onto the pillow and closed the girls eyelids life had puzzled. Church was chaotic and exhausting virgin and Jennifer the girls completely regressed, unflinching, silence, no eye contact and slow synchronized movements. They also entered into a new path with much higher stakes, a starvation path they would alternate every day which one of them could eat and which one would fast soon they were both. So then they were sent to the hospital ward when I realise that their starvation was linked. They decided to set the girls. They thought that if June and Jennifer were apart, they would be able to break their destructive cycle. But this only meeting
worse, without knowing which one of them was eating in which one was starving. They both refuse to eat the staff, also remarked that even went on opposite sides of buckled church. The girls would be in sync. If one of them was reading a book so was the other. If June was sleeping so was Jennifer, they even appeared to mere each other's posture. I mean that's how deeply they were connected to each other and that's how much they practised being the same when they were together. They viciously in their aid by ten cell June and Jennifer Claude and screamed at each other, Diaries each blamed, the other for the present situation, the dangerous tightrope of their pact had finally caught up to them and once again they longed to be rid of the other. Jus wrote a deadly day is getting closer each minute. Coming to a point of imminent death like hands creeping out,
Hence the night sky. I say to myself: how can I get rid of my own shadow Bout, my shadow when I die, without my shadow. When I gain life, perhaps the only thing that saved their lives was the bleak reality of their dire situation. After seven months June and Jennifer finally stood trial for their arson, it didn't go well for them. They ve been arrested. Holding me churches and accelerant. There is really no doubt at their guilt in May of ninety. Eighty two. They were convicted of sixteen Joint council, burglary theft and arson, nineteen year old June in Jennifer were evaluated by estate psychologist in the lead up to the trial for the usual. They refuse to speak to him. He diagnosed them with psychopathic personality disorder because of this he recommended that they be detained in broad, more a high security psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane, and he read
mended they be sent there indefinitely for their entire lives. No one had known what to do with June and Jennifer gibbons. The twins hadn't really even known how to help themselves, but now that they were convicted criminals, the state had to produce an answer and it was to lock the curls up and just throw away the key. Within a few weeks at broad, more June attempted suicide Jennifer attacked a nurse. They were both administered. Heavy amounts of- and I say, Codex, the starvation pact return. They both basically to shut down retreating into themselves. No speaking, no eye contact, no movements. Journalist, Hilton Owls wrote when they were together. They wanted to kill each other when they were apart, they were so lonely. They wanted to die. Then, when
reunited. They were disappointed and imagine that they felt stronger alone and this whole time no one came any closer to figuring out what had made them silent in the first place, but then Marjorie, Wallace Cotton while this was a journalist for the London Sunday Times, she was a friend of a friend of one of the teachers from escape a guy TIM Thomas. Having worked at the girls for years, Thomas New, that they were insane and that they didn't belong in a place like Broadmoor, so he tried to generate interest in their story. Wallace visit, Aubrey and Gloria gibbons, and they gave her access to the twins diaries. She was sure what to expect. At first I mean a lot of other people that she talked you had given her plenty of low expectations about the twins intellect, but in those pages she found poetry, reflecting
deep. Intricate lives that June and Jennifer lead from the safety of their small bedroom. The imagery was so potent the language so powerful. After reading those pages, she was just as convinced as Tom ass June and Jennifer didn't belong in broad more, but in order for all is to convince the hospital and the courts to release the twins. She had to attempt to explain their silence if there wasn't anything wrong with them. Why did they act like this? Why did they commit crimes while, as proposed that the twins criminal behaviour was a misunderstood cry for help. They knew that something was wrong with that with their silent, packed with their lives as a whole, but they had idea how to escape it to the twins. They saw the police and the justice system as a force for good people who could help them. Wallace thinks that subconsciously. They started their crime spree with the express intention of being arrested because they were that desperate for an intervention. Raiment
They called the police to report their own crimes more than once, as for their silence itself, Wallace thinks that it was one symptom of a much larger issue. The twin suffered from an extreme case of identity blending. And to understand that you have to understand a little bit of some twin psychology. It's really important for parents to encourage individualization in twin sets. In fact, it's something that parents need to actively work out because it so easy to treat twins as one person instead of two I mean just think about the way we refer to them. The Olsson twins Bush twins. Many twins have names that even rhyme or similar there dressed in matching clothes. People constantly tell them. They have trouble telling them apart, and this leads to blended identities We know that Gloria pretty much exclusively called the girls, the twenties she dressed them alike, braided their hair. The same way and commented that the girls did everything together since birth. She even breastfed
them simultaneously, and I mean she was running a household with five kids. If she could have two at once that was just knocking out. One shore with two stones didn't see any harm in it, but it seems like at some point June. Engine first started to merge into one person who they called J. It probably started as a game at first, maybe a challenge to one let's see how long we can go before. No one can tell us, apart before, we can't even tell ourselves apart, but it evolved into a warped battle of wills like holding their hands over a candle flame and see who would flinch first, neither June nor Jennifer wanted to be the one to break first, neither one to lose the game, and eventually the game dictated every moment of their life. Wallace also felt that Jennifer was the enforcer of the site,
the pact remember those same adults who sends Jennifer's. Dork power also sent a brightness in June. They felt that June was the good twin, the one who could have been popular and successful with the overbearing nature of Jennifer, so Jennifer needed June to stay. The same as she was because she was terrified of what would happen if her sister eclipsed her. She was terrified of being alone. Journalist, Hilton AUS propose that this fear was exacerbated by the fact The gibbons were often the only black family in their many neighborhoods over the years. Make instantly moved, and they were constantly outcasts if Jennifer lost her sister, who would she have, but neither of the girls expected that as they got older, they actually want to be two different people, and by that point the silent pact had taken over everything. They didn't know how to go back to being to people and when they did do small things to differentiate themselves, they found the change.
So threatening they attacked each other for it and so trapped in this vicious cycle June and Jennifer Spiral out of control. They were, crazy. They work possessed, they just had never really been seen or understood their entire lives. With this explanation, Wallace was able to help June and Jennifer she advocated for their case to be re evaluated. She also work with the girls. Start talking having read their diaries, she was able to connect with them in a way that no one else hat cheap, saw them and she broke their silence. But Wallace's explanation of the twin psychology doesn't totally explain everything
after twelve years in broad more at the twins were finally able to appeal for their release. Wallace visited them nearly every day, readying them for life back on the outside, but she said that a few weeks before they were supposed to get out, the twins attitude turned dark, bade me, a new pact. They told Wallis that once they were really east one of them was going to die. She had no idea what to make of this, and she tried just to reassure the girls that everything's gonna be fine, that they were both going to get their lights back and she didn't want to hear anything else about this death pact. Twenty nine year old June and Jennifer were released from Broadmoor on March. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, the night before Jennifer had been sick. She vomited twice you're eating, but by the morning she was feeling better. She had her usual breakfast was just a cup of tea and a cigarette and the two
this pact? Their meagre belongings said goodbye, the friends they made on the word over the last decade and then boarded a ban to take them away from Broadmoor a few minutes into the journey. Jennifer laid her head on June, shoulder exhausted and she drifted off to sleep. But when the Van Stopped- and it was time to get Jennifer? Wouldn't wake up an ambulance arrived and took her to a hospital around one p, dot M by six hundred and fifteen p dot m. She was gone and the pact was fulfilled. Some accounts of the given story insist that June murder her sister, but there's no evidence to support that. In fact, Jennifer's cause of death is unknown even to this day, her heart
Please stopped beating. It could have been due to the medication that she was given. A broad more could have been from the starvation pact or it could have been that deep down Jennifer knew that it was time to let her sister go. It was time to let her live on her own and that the only way June really do that was a Jennifer was gone June, was initially destroyed by the grief of losing her twin, but eventually she was able to acclimate to society. She started talking she now goes by her middle name Allison, because she felt a June came with too much bad luck. In an interview Seven years after her release, she said that she visits her sisters grave every Tuesday, one of June's poems is inscribed on the headstone. We once were too
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