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On Christmas Eve nearly seventy years ago, Dorothy Martin and the Seekers stood outside in Chicago and sang carols. They were waiting for a spacecraft that would shepherd them away from Earth — and the impending apocalypse. In this Christmas Special from Cults, join us for a look into a doomsday cult awaiting deliverance. And if you like this episode, follow Cults — a Spotify Original from Parcast — for more chilling insights every week!

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Why it's Gregg from the spot, a bi, regional, serial killers and colts on behalf of everyone here and pork ass network. like to wish all of our listeners a very happy holiday season. I'd also like Tell you about some special programming. We have lined up for you First Chris, a special about in Illinois woman who claim to speak with aliens, a group of peculiar errors that a series of apocalyptic predictions enjoy said: bestowed on Dorothy Martin and the seekers next week, should a tune in poor best of twenty twenty one picks and join us for the first week of January for all new episodes. We thank you again listening and wish you a happy and healthy new year The sky was clear over the old park neighbourhood of Chicago on Christmas Eve, nineteen, fifty four, while children.
look longingly at the presence tucked away beneath the tree, the sense of careless. filtered in from outside in the street. A group of about a dozen known as the seekers gathered to carols, but they didn't look. very jolly. Instead, there was a desperate strain and their voices as if they were pleading with the heavens the hours, stretched on onlookers stopped by to investigate the commotion, eventually crowd swelled to about two hundred and the police recalled a handle on the situation there, or of the seekers. Fifty four year old, Dorothy, Martin Egg followers on soon she promised a spaceship would come to rescue them from the wretched earth, while those stayed behind were doomed to perish in a cataclysmic
I am Gregg pulsing and I'm Vanessa Richardson, and this is Cults Spotify original from power cast every Tuesday. We look at a cult practices, its leader and its followers. You can find all of associates cults and all other Spotify regional Superpower, Casper free on Spotify this week in one part of a sound, were discussing Dorothy Martin. Anyone only women who clean she could speak with aliens in the nineteen fifty's time she recruited around a dozen followers who call themselves the seekers, links or dorothys apocalyptic predictions and those cotton phronsie she created will also learn how the seekers contributed to one of the most important psychological breakthroughs of the past century. We have all that in more coming up stay with US
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here's the only sound soundness tolerable when a migraine attack strikes or take o t t, remember pant. Seventy five milligrams can provide migraine pain relief, which can help break the silence neurotic, as the first and only medication proven to treat an prevent migraines in adults. Don't take if your allergic to know tat. The most common side effects were Naga, stomach pain and indigestion for important safety prescribing and patient information visit. In. U r t see dot com the holiday season seems full of promise. Christmas stories are typically about love, togetherness and giving we always expect things. To work out for the best in the end, but a nineteen. Fifty four, Dorothy Martens holiday messages brought something very different. She believed Christmas. Eve would bring salvation for the chosen few and a catastrophic and for billions more
no one would have pegged Dorothy Martin as a charismatic apocalyptic leader to the outside, world. She lived an invisible unremarkable life in suburban Chicago she dressed nationally enough and worked hard to maintain her respectability, but sometimes it seemed like those around her barely even noticed her existence. She heard husband who she'd been with for so long that the two had fallen into a comfortable routine. While she aid home, he worked at a distributing company in the city, the years. War on Dorothy grew dissatisfied with her humdrum life. She felt empty. She wanted a purpose many others no doubt felt the same way. In the clear age. The world had spiraled through the looking glass the which he had arrived, and the world suddenly opened up. Dorothy, hoping possibilities would give her meaning when she was living in New York City and her younger years. She started
exploring alternative religions and spirituality, including the recipe the I am movement and Dianetics. She can't you'd pursuing these interests quietly and oh Part Illinois. She was like a sponge almost totally without preconceived judgments. She only the silken as much information as possible and eventually she found and her answer. While little is known about Dorothys family history, we do know that her father passed away. At some point. It was likely a significant loss, one the propelled further in her quest for understanding Vanessa when you take over the psychology here and throughout the episode, please now to Venice, is not a licence psychologist or psychiatry list, but we have done a lot of search for the show thanks Gregg, when people lose those close to them. They often turned towards faith to process their grief, a phenomenon known as spiritual coping
after Elizabeth Chrome, rye man, Q. So a psychology professor at Pepperdine University defined it as any form of coping that incorporate It's what a person hold sacred spiritual cold can consist of behaviors, but can also take the form of thoughts feeling or attitudes. Q so notes that, unlike other methods of coping taking solace in the spiritual, can help those who are plagued by existential questions about life and death in Dorothys is her. New age beliefs may have guided her after the loss of her father some time. after his death Dorothy had a realization one day and nineteen fifty three as she was sitting home alone, she gradually drifted off her mind went blank and burn, so Lee. She lost the feeling in her arm pins and needles your skin ass if it had fallen, asleep strange sensation washed over her. It was as if she was here with a jolt of electricity. She instinct
Lee grabbed a pen and put it in her NOME hand alone, later it started moving on its own. What appeared? Just looked like chicken scratch it first door. squinted until a simple message was revealed. It was from her departed Father, the pro this was far from elegant. It didn't contain any deep answers about the meaning of life. Instead, Father seemed to be asking for Dorothys mother to plant flowers in the spring. Dorothy was struck. She believed She genuinely channeled her father spirit. She was excited that she told her mother, who will called Judy about the story, Judy was not interested she have believed her daughter was playing a cruel and tasteless joke. She told worthy. She didn't want anything to do with her mysterious messages, but Dorothy undeterred. She could feel sure on the verge of finally finding her purpose soon, She found that by keeping her mind blank and open she could channel her father again, but a few
four occasions. She received additional messages from him, but for the most part they as mundane as the first head. Then there was no ground information about what lay beyond the mortal plain and she couldn't I'd much support her husband pay much mind do or new abilities. He never out I'd condemned his wife, but he made it clear that like Judy. He wasn't a believer. Dorothy ignored him to the pay of her new path forward. Was too strong overtime Husbands, opinions faded to nothing more than white noise. She pushed abilities. Further, not long. after the messages from her fathers spirit began, another breakthrough came a different being who introduced himself as elder brother, brushed against her consciousness. According to Dorothy elder Brother initially claimed to be a higher being from Venus who wanted to help her culture her connection with her father s house, elder brother quickly changed his tune.
currently Dorothys Father wasn't reliable enough. He was who consumed with earthly pursuits events The messages from our fathers stopped altogether by April nineteen. Fifty four she began channeling information from another strange entity who called himself Samantha and claim to be an alien incarnation of Jesus being from the mythical planet p. Ryan Sonata became Dorothys main spiritual contact, while elder brothers came to her on occasion scenario, became her most reliable ally in time. Dorothy learned she was a messenger for these beings that she called guardians she claimed the garden would one day bring cosmic intelligence to the rest of the planet. The prophecy empowered Dorothy in a way, no other spiritual teachings. Could this one was all her own. It granted her explicit important purpose. One with global implications knowledge empower Dorothy, but she kept it mostly due herself after her
mothers rejection and her husband's ambivalence. She wasn't coming sharing her messages with just anyone still he attended plenty of new age events in her area likely us away de cautiously search for kindred spirits. She often mentioned at least in passing her mystical connection with Santa in such welcoming environment people were more apt to take her seriously in mind sure nineteen. Fifty four word of Dorothys experiences reached Charles law. Had a physician, that Michigan State College the ten years younger than Dorothy. His spiritual path had been far more traditional in eighteen, forty he's Charles and his wife, Lillian were passionate christian missionaries who worked overseas well spent a few years in Egypt, Lily and began experiencing strange nightmares. This led the cup to investigate esoteric, occult ideas searching for a cure to her fears. It seems that
experience transformed them and soon they turned away from their protestant beliefs back in the Union states Charles, continued, researching, alternative spiritual ideas, so, like Dorothy. They look for answers in new age ideas by the early fifty he's Charles was captivated ideas of flying saucers and visitors. From outer space he ended up, try filling all across the country to attend meetings with fellow believers in the end He found his way to Dorothy Martin the pair met in June of nineteen. Fifty four, it must have felt like a cosmic connection when Dorothy explained ability to channel Samantha and the guardians Charles seem to believe or almost instantly, and though do they didn't know it at the time Charles Bra, something even more valuable than praise and validation back home again, he led a small group of around a dozen, mostly college aged adults who call themselves the seekers they held weak.
meetings at a local protestant church and, among other things, discuss broad topics like morality, philosophy and metaphysics. After meeting Dorothy Charles went back to Michigan and told the seekers about her messages with his stamp of approval, many were quick to believe she was truly connected to other worldly beings. European charter kept in touch and started visiting each other on weekends. While the two grew clothes their relationship wasn't romantic Charles was Dorothy, most loyal follower, at times she seemed uncomfortable sharing her revelations, but with his encouragement she became a reluctant Oracle, the two of them held their new group into the spotlight. Just in time to act on some disturbing revelations coming. Dorothy learns. The earth is endanger Pinocchio sleeping beauty the
it'll mermaid they're, all I Disney movies, but did you no. The original versions of these stories did not end today. Happily ever after I I'm Alistair from podcast and I'm hosting a new Spotify original called once upon a time the nine weeks we commemorate the one hundred and twenty eight anniversary of original. Imagine you won't Disney's birth by lifting the curtain, and comparing some of your favorite Disney stories with the early. Telling one upon a time will charts Disney's Korea triumphs as well as the crushing defeats, it almost ruined it. All. We lucid look at what it took to bring these stories to life and why Disney's adapted Genes became so memorable across generations, follow the spot of firing, no from bark asked once upon a time. Listen, free
and exclusively on specify. Here's the only sound soundness tolerable when a migraine attack strikes or take o t t, remember pant. Seventy five milligrams can provide migraine pain relief which can help break the silence neurotic, as the first and only medication proven to treat an prevent migraines in adults. Don't take if your allergic to know tat the most common side effects were Naga Stomach pain and indigestion for important safety prescribing and patient information visit in? U r t see that come back to the store, me in spring of nineteen fifty four fifty four year old Dorothy Martin believed she become a conduit for beings of a higher power called the guardians she claimed he'd tasked her with spreading their message. While she was
nervous about going public, whether revelations her newest follower, Charles LAW Head, was all too eager. He spread word of her spiritual action to a group. He led called the seekers this small. of about a dozen along with a few others Dorothy, had met in passing, regular came to hear her speak. said Emily, not long after these people got involved, Dorothy found thing to say all of us sudden there, previously vague messages, she'd received, evolved and took a distinctly dark turn. in May Dorothy learn from the guardian Samantha that great numbers of beings from outer space were coming to earth soon. When they arrived at I am of warfare would begin and much of humanity wouldn't survive. Surrender for no solution to the mass extinction, but without an end date, Dorothy didn't seem worried. Her new followers did appear concerned either for communication and with the guardians frequently changed in tone that subject, the groups can often
stood and turned from day to day. on July, twenty third nineteen fifty four door. They received another important message. This time The guardians had a date for her to look out, for they said on August. First, a spaceship would land at a near by air base. This could be it. opening salvo of the coming invasion. Even within have an alien arrival on her hands. Dorothy didn't want to broadcast the news she may be. worried by the public humiliation. If it turned out, she was wrong. She did let the epidemic and slipped a Charles. However, as reclusive Confidant, Charles New Dorothy, didn't wanna go public. However, he couldn't keeps earth shattering details to himself. It was two important so here The information to a few other believers under David rival Dorothy reluctantly allowed twelve over devotees to follow her out to the airfield Charles, his wife, Lillian and the rest of the small group were ecstatic
we're sure something miraculous was about to happen as they took some crowds. Looking for the perfect vantage point, the excitement only build this summer. Sun beat down on them as they looked for any hint of a spacecraft, but the hours passed. Nothing appeared after awhile group took a short break to eat some lunch? All this, Hoddan a mysterious man seemed to appear out of nowhere and slowly approach them he didn't say much but Dorothy felt strangely drawn to him. She went to the car grab some watermelon for him, but when she and back around he disappeared. The afternoon turned to evening. The disappointed group gave up on waiting for the spacecraft and drove home for Dorothy it like a complete failure. Yet, when Dorothy rig with Charles and Lily, and they agreed that Something odd and important had happened. Dorothy can
their feelings when she received a sudden message from some nanda the next day. He said he appeal to her disguised as the man at the airfield? This quick fix tat active eliminated any lingering disappointment, despite the failure of her prediction, most so the group had more faith in Dorothy than ever. The sea there's wanted desperately to believe their commitment made been connected to the brains tendency to search for patterns in a two thousand the study published in nature reach choose a Georgetown University found a correlation between people who had strong pattern, recognition and passionate rely, just beliefs. According to the study, a curable, if across major religions, as that, the sequence and structure of events in human lives and in the universe, more broadly reflects underlying order, determined by the intervention of God's will,
rivers are more inclined to perceive. Events in the world is adhering to a purpose or design, rather than as a series of random unpredictable occurrences their research, the authors of the study made participants, watches series of dots appear on screen. Some were able to predict where the dot woodland ahead of time, because they could recognise the pattern. These parties since were found to have a stronger religious belief. According to the researchers, cognitive neuroscientist, Adam Green, study showed that a brain that is more he disposed implicit pattern. Learning may be more inclined to believe in God, no matter where in the world that brain happens to find itself or in which religious context beings or experts at finding patterns, and because of that, we often draw meaning out of disconnected events. This de specially true for the seekers from outside it may seem like Dorothy was a simple con artist, telling your followers what they wanted to hear, but but we know that seems unlikely
she seemed to believe in her messages, just as much as the seekers, her Next to the guardians, was the greatest gift she'd ever received it, sir. Does confirmation that her life amounted to something, so the events on August First Dorothy continued meeting with the seekers the group often made it's from Michigan to her house outside of Chicago to hear her latest messages. and the more she revealed the more dire. The situation became on all Twenty seventh nineteen, fifty four Sonata told Dorothy the ancient, sunken civilization of move would rise from the depths of the ocean with this. Land came to the surface large parts of the globe, but flood killing millions, but there was hope. Dorothy and her followers before that Amity Senator promised a spacecraft would come to save them. Dorothy quickly, Info and her dozen or so followers while she didn't
the exact date of the apocalypse. The majority of the group look towards the future with trepidation. Yet, despite hope, urgent message, seemed Dorothy and keen and letting others in the secret. Even in the face a world ending flood to her, the risk of another failure might have seemed to great church This law head, on the other hand, treated the warning with the zeal it deserved to him than next move was clear: they needed at the word out about the coming doom given dorothys caution. its unclear whether we consulted her about his plans. Blinded by he may not have cared Charles pushed they to the sidelines to spread her messages himself on Thirtieth Charles His wife sent out fifty copies of a pamphlet with Dorothy S prophecy, to dozens of newspapers and magazines. His earnest efforts proved few, no media outlets picked up the story, not one to give up hope
ever Charles sent out the story again a few weeks later this time he touched his name to the peace process trying to use his position as a doctor at Michigan State too, The new some credibility, Three small local papers placed the news in their back pages, but after that the story had been dropped entirely, while didn't spread very far by earlier. Ober headed, made its way to the psychology department at the University of Minnesota. After about Dorothys apocalyptic predictions, a group of psychologists led by ITALY infesting her decided they wanted to know more about the seekers in their work. if they were interested in researching a group who appeared to believe in a prediction of a catastrophe to occur in the near future. Seizing the opportunity for a cutting edge study. The psychology departments sent members of their staff to infiltrate the group and conduct research with the first tour. I did October, posing as earnest spiritual seekers. They were both cautiously welcomed. Dorothy, see
de unwilling to come right out and speak about her guests, but they soon, and her trust and were allowed to join her a third cycle just from the university and a few observers at the researches hired also joined the group Incognito FF within. They silently observed the meetings and recorded the group's actions by that point a date the cataclysm, had finally arrived December. Twenty first one thousand nine hundred and fifty four bill was only months away and the lives of billions hung in the balance doors. He didn't in panicked she resisted the idea of proselytizing ass if speaking about the guardians might somehow jinx everything didn't mean she remained completely silent. However, occasion when the curious came to her door. She answered this included. Local Schoolchildren. Who'd heard rumours about the odd woman who believed in ufos, but either this backfired parents concerned and called the police on her. No laws were bro. And nothing came of it but
worthy knew she was on notice, Charles however, was still bent on getting the word out and saving others little did he that those researchers at the University of Minnesota weren't, the only ones who the articles about him, his boss, that Michigan State got wind of his activities and on November twenty second, they fired him. Giving their reasoning they claimed they didn't have any problems with his strange beliefs, but they claimed heed for the message on his students: there had been complaints in the aftermath. Charles till the seekers that losing his job was just part of the cosmic plan, he didn't think Much need for a career after December. Twenty first anyway, by that leaves out The dismissal appeared to have a chilling effect on him Time went on Charles grew increasingly insular. He made sure that no new people were admitted to the speakers. The. was drawing near and they needed to focus on their efforts in
of all of this Dorothy grew paranoid too. In her run. In a few weeks earlier, she feared the police were watching her. Every move by air December. Dorothy was refusing to leave her oak par calm in the suburbs of Chicago. Her husband, who had watched everything from the sidelines thus far. Finally grew concerned, especially when They began a three day pass to help bring clarity to her messages. Meanwhile, anxious excitement spread throughout the fifteen are so members of the seekers they all He did on pins and needles to be taken away to outer space. By now, data the worlds and was only three weeks away. They are expected to be saved well before then but with each passing day their apprehensions grew. They trusted worthy and the guardians, but were terrified of being left behind in the flood, to prepare several members, quit their jobs and moved in with Dorothy. Most days after that,
better Dorothys House ass. She received yet more messages for these. Leavers, their tight knit group became the only thing that matters they said ties with the rest of the world and look towards their future outside the atmosphere, but the The salvation would be rock here than they ever could have imagined. Coming up. Dorothy under seekers prepare for the end. This episode has brought you buy Directv stream introducing too tv stream, the best of luck, tv and on demand, which means you can get all your favorite sports movies and shows together. So you can watch episodes of your favorite reality shows live or binge old episodes on demand either way get ready for some drama and the best part Davy Stream has no annual contract. Directv stream get your tv together at directv dot com
as high speed, internet incompatible device content varies by packaging location restrictions, apply Pinocchio sleeping beauty. The little mermaid, they're, all chronic Disney movies, but did you no? The original versions of these stories did not end today. Happily, ever after I, I'm Alistair from pockets and I'm hosting a new Spotify original, called once upon a time four nine weeks we commemorate, the one hundred and twenty Fiveth anniversary of original. Imagine you won't Disney's birth by lifting the curtain and comparing some of your favorite Disney stories. With the early telling one upon a time will charts Disney's Korea triumphs as well as the crushing defeats it almost ruined it. All we lucid,
Look at what it took to bring these stories to life and why Disney's adapted genes became so memorable, a crow generations follow. The Spotify original from bark ask once upon a time, listen, free and exclusively on Spotify. Now back to the story by the second week of December. Nineteen, fifty four P, Martin and her followers were anxiously awaiting the end of the world. The guardian, alien beings, Dorothy claim to communicate with told her speech ships would save them before I cataclysmic flood came on December twenty first, as the deadline approached, the seekers can change their preparations. Dorothy insisted everyone needed to discard all metal they had with them. Without giving many
epics, she said the metal would super heat when brought aboard the UFO, so high devotees cut all the metal out of their clothes, metal, zippers, clasps and buttons all had to go time, of the Essen since the ship could arrive at any minute as the seekers. Clothes often looked strange, full of patchwork and odd holes, but still the ships didn't arrive. What came instead was much more earthly, but no less dangerous. The press ever sixteenth reporters gathered outside of Dorothy so Park home, while Charles heads efforts to get attention for the group had utterly failed in the past. He finally brought them calling after he was hired from Michigan State College word had slowly spread about his bizarre beliefs. Was a salacious story, especially with the apocalypse. Supposedly only five days away, the headlines wrote themselves:
university. Physician had been let go for getting involved with a doomsday cult outside of Chicago but Now that it was here, Charles no longer wanted the attention. Neither here or Dorothy trusted the journalists they both the media only wanted to exploit them. They didn't really care helping to save others from a catastrophic flood as the media interest. Increased locals were also drawn to the spectacle, many nay who had only heard door. These claims in passing were suddenly interested in learning more by this. And teeth the phone was ringing. Nonstop and people were constantly knocking at Dorothy front door. The seekers answered as they could, but people were rarely allowed inside. Dorothy was still afraid the police would come after her all the attention moved overwhelming. She hoped true believers, find her, but something them from the enterprising journalists seemed impossible. It didn't help that some
but were only looking to play a joke on the fifty four year old We'll teenagers showed up making false claims about the guardians that Dorothy briefly considered. She was so jasper four affirmation that she believed almost anything in late morning of December seventeenth, while the seekers saddened Dorothys House, the phone rang once again, this The incessant calls from nosey journalists, Dorothy decided to answer anyway other under the line. A young voice introduced himself ass. Captain video, which was the name of a sigh fi television character Eddie Boys, Captain Video told Dorothy that the seekers should come out to the back yard at four o clock. Then he hung up. Dorothy didn't realize that captain video was probably just a neighborhood boy, looking for a laugh instead She thought he was one of the guardians she me, ITALY told the seekers what she just learned. Anyone who
already eliminated the metal from their clothing hurriedly cut it out that afternoon, Dorothy the window to search the skies for a spacecraft, she was like an were excited child. On Christmas Eve, just before four p m or the inner followers went outside bundled in jackets to counter the bitter winter breeze, but when the time only came, nothing happened instead of seeing that moment as another failure, though Dorothy deemed the entire thing to be a drill. It was all a test to make sure they were prepared, so firm, Dorothy speculation later that night, when he gave her another message when she informed followers. They took her word as gospel. Further research tourists from the University of Minnesota. These events were illuminating during the course of study, they observed behaviour that led to the coining of a new psychological term. The lead researcher Leon Vesting or later called it cognitive dissonance and it's got onto
one of the biggest psychological breakthroughs of the twentieth century doctor infesting or theorized that when someone is confronted with something that stands in direct opposition to their beliefs, they becomes psychologically uncomfortable to alleviate this discomfort. They may behave in ways that go against what they know to be true, or they might information they received to fit their established narrative in there said the seekers this process occurred in a dramatic fashion. Every time one of Dort. These predictions failed for this eager it was easier to justify the failure than to confront the possibility that their belief in Dorothy was misplaced. That explain around midnight on the seventeenth the seekers once Jen gathered outside in the cold when Dorothy told them to expect salvation with the temperatures dipping they tried best to keep warm. But by
Three, I am most were feeling frozen and gave up. No one had arrived to save them and worthy. He was left disappointed again this week this failure seem to have blip us which for her while she'd, been where strangers coming to her house before then morning she wanted to welcome as many as possible over the next two days the seekers waited patiently for any sign of a UFO. In the meantime door. de proselytize to a growing crowd of curious onlookers, but with each passing our the alleged window for salvation shrank. Some followers likely in their beliefs, quietly while others who couldn't basis crushing disappointment double down on December twentieth. Nineteen, fifty four, the last day before the apocalypse, the guy gathered inside Dorothy Martens, Kitchen and oak park. The end the patient had built for weeks and now things reached a fever pitch
None of the seekers, especially those who have given up their jobs and possessions liked waiting until the last minute for salvation reading a few precious hours until December. Twenty first, they imagined of the world enveloped by the ocean. As moon rose from the depths of the sea floor, with another message: Dorothy reassured them. The spacecraft would come right at midnight and take them all aboard for real time. She swore she felt more certain than ever before, as the night aim, the men and women sat inside her home anxiously waiting by eleven, fifteen. The room buzzed with quiet excitement most sat around, giving measured breaths to ease the tension inside all of their eyes, were fixed on the clock, counting down ever closer to the end at eleven fifty nine and had began its final rotation. Each second dragged
then at last the hour and minute hands aligned someone outside, nothing the round, didn't shake the water, didn't rise and no spaceship hovered above at least in person, decided to leave the group right. Then they could know Your stand, the disappointment, Dorothys message, this became meaningless hours asked in darkness, Dorothy began, crying members of the group are about the prophecy trying to reinterpret its details and still even when the sun rose, believers remained clinging their last hope, Dorothy, of course, a new message. She told them the guard and had decided to spare the earth. For now they wanted to get this give us more time to capture an audience after her prophecy failed on the twenty first, the press was ravenous for the story. That morning the phone
continued ringing and reporters came by to interview Dorothy and Charles in person worthy seemed invigorated by the attention tried to share her extraterrestrial messages with the world. God by December, twenty third public interest had faded and the press packed up and left That was especially disappointing for Dorothy the guardians word giving our much time to grow her faithful base. and she had a new prophecy. Now flying saucer would come at six p m. On Christmas Eve night, As the moment approached, the remaining members of the seekers experienced a gamut of emotions to Charles LAW had the initial driving force behind the seekers grasped at sea. laws to him. Every waste in turn and message made complete sense. He never questioned the past prophecies either, they turned out to be nothing more than random, drills or misdirection sewing
Dorothy, told him on Christmas Eve that they needed to go outside to sing carols. He didn't hesitate but desperate grid gathered outside of Dorothys home and started curling as the cold. There their faces, bright red, like Eagle, eyed children looking out for Saint next sleigh. They looked up to the Heavens and pointed it out the tunes while their minds were no doubt preoccupied with thoughts of aliens and flying saucers the cure His onlookers returned at four there wasn't much of a public disturbance. But is there we're on the crowd size swelled to nearly two hundred some Called the police, if not happen now, the results would truly be devastating, yet Dorothy held best. She and the rest of the seekers saying like their lives, dependent on it as night wound down the crowd? Slowly dwindled as people went to spend the holidays in peace with their families and as gently as falling snow the truth gradually
and on Dorothy other seekers, the spacecraft wasn't coming, the night fell, silent in the days afterward dispel was broken for many of the speakers door words them disillusioned and confused them. judges that had once filled them with so much hope were now meaningless dorothys greatest fears were realised this twenty six, the police called her husband warning him about a warrant for her arrest, while its unclear actually what the warrant was, for it likely amounted just simple public nuisance charges. While this light you wouldn't have resulted in jail time. Dorothy feared would be committed to a mental institution. So the group disbanded she fled the Arizona its unclear, whether her huh spend followed. Even Charles LAW, head her most ardent believer, didn't give up in them afterward without dorothys involvement. He continued speak about the guardians that you have all conventions. We,
don't know how long he held out, but it's not hard to imagine that he, like the others, reconsidered his beliefs. Eventually, in January nineteen fifty six, the research team from the University of Minnesota, publish their findings that a book called when prophecy fails. They recounted door the story and put forth a theory to explain her group's beliefs and behaviors the following year, the infesting or published a book called a theory of cognitive dissonance which was in by his experience with the seekers. This study would be considered a landmark in the field of psychology. By that point, testing or lost touch with most of the group. Every one of Dorothys followers had looked for something that could shine light on a world that had grown increasingly chaotic and they placed there hopes in an empty promise, one that, unlike the best Christmas stories, never come, true estrogen The sheet vowed empowerment in meaning in the time
since receiving her first message. She discovered her voice, despite her face predictions. She never gave up her belief in her divine gift. At one point she moved to Peru before returning to the United States to live in Sedona Arizona. started going by sister Theodora and published several books about her spiritual beliefs. While she didn't have a direct influence on many other groups, her action lay the foundation for other. You F, O cults, like Thea, looks in Europe or have this gate in the United States thanks again for turning into the special holiday episode of calls for more information on Dorothy Martin and the seekers among the many sources we used to be found when prophecy fails, finally resting her Henry Rigid and Stanley Schecter extremely helpful to our research will be back next Tuesday. With the new episode you can find
let the souls of calls and all other Spotify originals from par cast for free on Spotify. We'll see you next time. Cults is a spot of fire regional from par cast. It is executive produced by MAX and Wrong Cutler Sound designed by Brendan Hawkins, with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Trent, Williamson, Carly, Madden and Bruce Guiteau, which this episode of cults was written by Robert Tyler Walker, with writing. Assistance by terror wells fact checking by Clare, Cronan and research by Brian Petrus and Chelsea would call stars Gregg, pulsing and Vanessa Richard seven Walt Disney had a gift. Retelling that resonated with audiences from puppets who wanted to pick a real boy to a mermaid who yearn to be part of the human world. Disney has developed, relates able and unforgettable characters
its Alistair from power cost join me for once upon a time. Especial collection of podcast episodes, celebrating the original imagining himself, as well as the origins of Disney's, most iconic actors and stories follow the spot regional from Parkhurst once upon a time and catch new episodes, Monday's free and only on Spotify.
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