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THE UNKNOWN: Gef the Talking Mongoose


In 1931, the Irving family started hearing the pitter patter of a rodent living behind their walls. Three months later, that animal starts to talk. He tells them he’s a mongoose and his name is Gef.

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The Isle of Man is steeped in what we might call folk lore in superstition asked the locals, though, and they'll tell you that the ghost monsters that Rome, the island, are more than just myth. There's the gain an ogre that supposedly tore the roof off of Saint twenty and church Mamma. Do a black dog that haunted peel castle for centuries there are evil ferry
that locals, still put wooden crosses on their doors to ward away, but the island's most infamous creature wasn't passed down through folklore. He first appeared in nineteen. Thirty one and countless locals saw and spoke to him first hand. He was talking mongoose and his name was Jeff this is supernatural Spotify original from her cast. I'm your host, Ashley flowers, every Wednesday be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained occurrence to try and figure out the truth. You can find all episodes of sea we're natural and all other poor cast originals for free on Spotify this week. I'm
tell you about a talking long, goose named Jeff in the fall. Eighteen, thirty one he suddenly appeared at a farmstead on the Isle of Man and he terrorists. the residents for seven years and as ridiculous as it sounds, After years of investigation, no one was ever able to prove whether Jeff was real or a hoax. I have all that more coming up stay with us. This episode is brought to you by HP whenever You do your best thinking the age, spectre. Ex three sixty is ready when inspiration strikes with power, save for battery life and focus mode to multitask. You can do your best thinking whenever and wherever it happens. The aid peace spectre Ex three sixty two in one convertible pc with windows, ten saves battery life for whenever an idea helps you each piece: Spectre Ex three sixty more thoughtful laptop.
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sixteen James and Margaret Irving moved into this charming hundred thirty year old farmstead on the Isle of Man. The farmstead is called door, Lish caution and it's not super luxurious, but the views are gorgeous. It sit on top he'll, high above sea level, surrounded by seventy acres of land, the earnings are sheep farmers and they quickly settle into a routine wake up bright and early tend to the animals. Eat dinner, go to bed and get a good night of rest to you. after they move in they have a baby girl named worry for the next thirteen years, life on the farm relatively normal and quiet until September of night
one thousand and thirty one one night, the Irving's hear some strange sounds coming from behind the wall at first. It's nothing too alarming. You know I'm some wrapping the pitter patter of little feet roaming about. If you high pitched hisses and snarls, they figure it's just a mouse or something no big deal, but it's inside the wall that separates the two bedrooms and after a few sleepless nights, the noise gets old James, that's out a rat trap and try catch the animal, but it never takes the bait the noises just keep going on and on and on night after night at one point, James gets so irritated. He grew. his gun and loads, a single round if he sees this rodent, he's ready to go, but the creature never shows its face
that is until the following month, when the earnings finally see therefore re little houseguest for the very first time it looks kind of like a fear. It A weasel is about nine inches, long, yellow with black specks on its bushy tail, but its thin and moves fast. So it scurries back into the Wall space before genes can trap it. Another month goes by and the creature still won't leave the earnings alone every in the middle of the night. The tapping and hissing continues. By November James set his wits end. He put some rat poisoning. piece of bread and leaves, and on top of the staircase hoping the road and will eat it, die that would be the end of it later that night, the earnings here the piercing, scream of an animal in pain and the screen.
goes on for a good twenty minutes. It's just so awful to listen to, but eventually it stops and earnings assume it must dead worry leaves her bedroom to check, but when she gets to the top of the stairs, there's no animal in sight and the bread is left untouched. which means this animal must have known the bread was poisoned and he might, have been screaming in mock pain, just to mess with the earnings. So whatever this thing is its super intelligent and it apparently has a sense of humor premier, things only get weirder by December. instead of the regular hissing sounds of a rodent on the prowl, the Irving start to hear a human like voice coming from behind the wall
James. The voice is really high, like two octaves above a normal human voice and its a bit model like a baby learning to speak, but it's definitely saying word in English: mimicking the words and phrases the Irving say around the house, which is unbelievable. I know the earth immediately assume. Whatever this thing is, it must be supernatural and, like I said earlier, Or the Isle of Man has a long held belief in the supernatural, so this is definitely weird with the are willing to accept it. Plus as beautiful as door. Lish caution is its a bit isolated during the cold, brutal winters, the earnings rarely have guests and life on the farm can be a little miserable strange as it is. This is pretty much. The most exciting It's happened to the urban in months, if not years, so,
running away from this talking weasel James speaks back. Not only that over the next few months he starts to teach it new words and new phrases which the animal just repeats back to him like a parrot, then he'd Does it to nursery rhymes and songs? Until of Actually, the creature gets a handle on the english language and start to have full on conversations with the earnings. At some point, the creature tells them he's among goose, and he wishes to be called Jeff. Miss, of course, has got to be a lot to process mongoose aren't even native to the Isle of Man. So that way Has more questions than answers, but by this point Things are so used to having Jeff around they just kind of role with it. He seems harmless like talking house pet
soon. Enough would story out as fine turns downright creepy within a few One of his arrival. Jeff becomes obsessed with a thirteen year old worry he basically comes her shadow. He followed her around the house all over the farm. He even trails her to school and it'll be fine. It Jeff stayed calm and collected for a kid. Having and talking animal by your side is actually kind of cool. You know, but there are times when jets behaviour seems kind of threatening some nights. He watches James and Margaret Water in bed, trying to sleep other times the middle of the night. He'll get his hands on a spoon from the kitchen into start, clanking it which imagine waking up to that it scobie whore. fine, especially for worry, whose only thirteen and is basically being stalked by this creature, eventual James and Margaret- are worried enough that they decide to move worries bed into their own room that way they can keep Jeff away
from her. If anything really sinister happens Walter. losses of moving Jeff lose is it he starts pounding on the bedroom door and through the walls they hear him scream I'll, follow her ever you move her. No, I know what you're thinking it is time for the Irving to pack up and leave for good. At least that's what I would have done. Removing is an option. The family sunk all their money into this house and without the farm they have no source of income. So even if they wanted to leave, they couldn't and since Jeff is so quick and nimble, the chances of capturing him are swim. So there's really nothing the earnings can do. So this harassment continues for months. Jeff continues. to follow worry all around town he starts to watch our great while she undresses, and if the earnings do anything to make Jeff mad, he gets violent and throws stones at them
whatever this creature really is whether he's mortal we're a supernatural. He real enough to be a serious threat to the earnings and he's not when anywhere one night Jeff tells the earnings quote I am a ghost in the form of a weasel, and I shall haunt you coming up. The earnings make peace with their unwanted visitor, hi there, it's Carter from PAR cast, you haven't had a chance to check out the riveting true crime series solved, murders, there's no better time to tune in throughout the month of August, solved murders is featuring for celebrations that took a turn for the deadly, an especial series. we are calling party fowls, from a murder in the New York nightclub scene. In the House Party gone
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issues so when they hear that surely bag open the price This is a sweet demise. very yummy, gummy goodness, will always find a way to your Tommy. To get some sweet sour to accompany. You pack has fix, go to troll I come now back to the story. By the start of nineteen, thirty, two, the earnings are at their wits end Jeff. The talking mongoose has up, ended their lives with his piercing screens and threats of violence. Naturally, all of this is hard to keep to themselves. Genes is party Similarly, chatty and the gossip about the talking mongoose quickly travelled all over the Isle of Man and the townspeople. Don't just have to take James is word for it several locals cross. paths wit the mongoose themselves, one day
Teenager named will come in sees a small, yellow, haired animal roaming around in front of his house, which might not sound like a big deal, but there are attacks, of weasels on the Isle of Man and his Are they were knows, there's only one mongoose, so chances are. This was Jeff, then there's a poster worker named John, more who the door, Lish caution on the job. Since this is a mall and welcoming town the earnings invite him inside and when their only they can in more starts to hear these intense thumping noises behind the wall, and then he hears Jeff speak or more specifically, he hears Jeff screen put the bloody gramophone on now. More is totally shocked by this. He hears these words loud and clear, and he knows that none of the earnings could have been the one to say it, because they were right there in his sight line. Needless to say, these incidents are all the townspeople can
talk about and soon the stories crossed the Irish Sea and reached England, where their picked up by the famed paranormal expert, Harry Price, as the founder of the national Laboratory of psychical research price spends most of his time travelling the country investigating supernatural events and while he, but we believe in the supernatural world, also knows that plenty of paranormal occurrences are actually hoaxes, naturally, prizes intrigue by the stories about Jeff, the talking mongoose, but he's a really busy guy, and this seems to bizarre to believe so instead of go, to the Isle of Man. Himself, he sends one of his employees, Captain Harold Dennis on the evening of February. Twenty six eighteen. Thirty two Dennis arrives, adore lish caution. The Irving are welcoming hosts Margaret is super hospitable. Thirteen
very is well mannered and James gives Dennis a full play by play of all the weird things Jeff has done, and the story has taken some interesting turns by this point: Jeff has calm down a lot it seems like the rocky period has passed and Jeff in the earnings have learned to get along like clause I room They too are all just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Jeff, even sorts hunting rabbits for the family to cook in return, the earnings offer Jeff some of their own food, another on friendly terms, again Jeff has revealed more about who he really is, as jet tells it here. Born India in eighteen. Fifty two a few decades ago, he made the track to Egypt so away on a boat and eventually landed on the Isle of Man. The story isn't entirely impossible because Cargo ships are notorious for bringing pesky little creatures onto the island, but if the time is to be believed, it means jet is
eighty years old, which is way longer than the average lifespan for among us. But despite that little detail James no longer believes that Jeff is a ghost or even necessarily supernatural. In fact, he thinks you It is just a regular mongoose who somehow lived for eighty years and learn to talk, which I mean if appear at, can learn to talk. Why not a mongoose? You know, I think that is thinking and depressed that Jeff is a living breathing creature. James shows that has all the holes in crevices in the house were Jeff likes to hide If you really were a supernatural, be he probably wouldn't need a physical place to take shelter, and James is so sincere about all of us. That Dennis really wants to believe him. There's no and for the earnings to lie there, just normal people living on a quiet, farm
you're not trying to make any money off at this, but after spending a few hours in the house, nothing supernatural takes place Dennis, doesn't see Jeff or hear him say anything or even move about the house to just before midnight days, packs his belongings and head for the you're a little disappointed, but as soon as he and James walk outside Dennis here's a high pitched voice inside the house, ask who is that man yeah Jeff finally speaks Dennis hurries back inside, but by then Jeff has already gone. After waiting a good fifteen minutes or so in the sitting room. Nothing else happens so Dennis is thinking. If Jeff is the real deal, it's pretty clear. He doesn't want to be bothered On the other hand, this plants a seed in as his mind that Jeff could be a hoax Margaret and bore
we're still inside the house. When Jeff supposedly spoke, they could have been the ones baking his voice. So Dennis comes. Early the next morning determined to get to the bottom of this, but once again, just won't make an appearance Dennis sits around all day, hearing and seeing nothing until around five. Thirty in the evening, Dennis G aims and worry are enjoying a cup of tea when, suddenly a needle goes flying through the air and hits the teapot no one fully sees Jeff, throw it, but they do see the needle fly out from somewhere behind the wood paneling Jean the boys are sitting right there and Margaret is out and about in town. So there's no one else in the house who could have thrown it. It had to be Jeff. Then it decides to stay. bit longer, but a few more hours passed and nothing remarkable happens when Margaret gets home and learns the jet
still am I a she's super annoyed after tormenting, too, we were so long. She thinks it's about time for Jeff to show his face to someone who actually wants to listen to him. So Margaret and worry trudge upstairs toward Jeff, usually likes to hide and try and toxin sensitive Meanwhile, Denisov downstairs straining to listen to the conversation and he hears Jeff, arguing back Dennis clearly Here's Jeff say that he doesn't want to talk to an unbeliever Dennis figure This is only chance. He bolts up the stairs hoping to catch Jeff in the act. Would on his way up he trips and falls the noise scares Jeff. and any hope Dennis had of meeting him is gone. Dennis is forced to return to it and with nothing but a few perplexing stories, but these experiences have left such a mark on
that three years later in May of nineteen thirty five, he returns to the Isle of Man, Miss tie he meets James in town. the two share: a meal take a stroll along the beach at some point, Dennis Pixel Daisy and attaches at his jacket, and then they slowly make their way to door less caution when they get their Margaret is waiting for them. According to her, Jeff had been following them around town you got back before they do and he told Margaret about everything the two men had done. In said she knows what James had for lunch. and she knows that Dennis had picked a flower along the way creepy I know, but Dennis realises this probably means Jeff is still in the house somewhere. You spend the next few hours in the sitting, room with James and Margaret waiting for something interesting to happen in the
Meantime boy goes outside to do some shores and with all three organs accounted for Dennis, finally hears the mongoose speak, behind the wall. Jeff says something that sounds like plus fours Oxford bags. Is totally random. I know, but at this point it doesn't matter what Jeff said Dennis is just a maze. To have heard him speak at all, and this time he knows for certain it couldn't been either James, Margaret or Valori. When Dennis gets back to England, he tells Harry Price Jeff. My actually be the real deal, but he may have spoken to sue not long after Dennis gets home the earnings male him a piece of Jeff Spur as proof of his existence Dennis price, send it off to a pathologist at the London Zoo who compares to fur from other animals and concludes
there's no way it came from among us. In fact, he thinks the fur with probably taken from a long haired dog at this point, price finally decides to visit the Isle of Man himself. get to the bottom of this, but instead of going alone, he invites along his good friend Richard Lambert. Whimpered is historic, in writer and radio broadcaster, pretty intelligent and respected guy who could easily spot a fraud. That's a lie. The two men make the trip the Isle of Man and, just as usual, Jeff refuses to show his face. According to you aims by this point, Jeff is venturing out of the house on his own, more oft it he likes to
I'd around the island by clinging onto that axles of cars and buses. His appearances at Dore, Lyn caution or becoming few and far between. Sometimes they don't see or hear from him for weeks at a time. Price and Lambert spend a few days with the urban, but Jeff never shows up and the to invest. Eater just can't rap their heads around what's going on like if this is all There is no apparent motive. The Irving don't seem like the type who lie for famer money and if anything, Jeff had made their lives even harder line of the locals. weird it out by the earnings borys classmates are particularly cruel and they often tease her about living in the Spook house. As a result, the seventeen year old, doesn't have many friends apart from her parents and more
there are long. Haired, sheep dock, in fact, price notices that Borri seems to have a strong connection with Mona they're, pretty much inseparable and appear One of their favorite things to do together is to go rabbit, hunting, something that Jeff the talking Mongoose also has a knack, for you can probably guess what prices. thinking. Somehow worry is behind. All of this, but Even if she wanted to admit to it, it's almost impossible for her to get a word it James is taking over. All the conversations is obvious to pray is that for some reason James doesn't want the others to speak. So he and Lambert has a plan to get very alone at first. They invite her to join them on a tour of the island, but James invites himself along to thinking, but
price invites worry on a solo trip to London, with a female companion accompanying her the whole time. Of course, but once again, James gets in the way and refuses to let her go in here and the men leave the Isle of Man with no more evidence than they arrived with. Price is ready to write the case off as unsolvable, and yet he can't shake the feeling that there is one person who can unlock the truth. It all comes down to boy coming up prices an undercover agent. This episode is run to you by cleaning the nuclear makes me, clinical repair? Is the brains most advanced formula, yet its expert blend of peptides potent Lloyd and highly ironic acid concentrate design The panel of scientists and dermatologists, so you We will outsmart all those difficult little increases.
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To save on your neck strip visit price line, dot com now back to the story. after years of failed investigations. Harry price is convinced that seventeen, You're old worry knows more about Jeff than she's, letting on and he's not alone in only nineteen, thirty six price get a letter from a publicist named nor a nickel. Who had gone to the Isle of Man to do some research of her own. She chat with the locals finds out that a lot of people real believing Jeff. In fact, some of them are so scared of the mongoose than they were even go near Dore Lyn caution, but of course there are also those that don't believe in Jeff at all. They suspect that very made up the whole story, out of boredom growing up on that far
instead all alone makes sense that she would invent Jeff as an imaginary friend or a practical joke in some avoid classmates even say they seen her, throw her voice like a ventriloquist there's another room that back in the early days after Jeff's arrival, three of lorries classmates swallow their fears and made the truck up to Dore Lyn caution me stood outside the first floor window, hoping to catch a glimpse of the talking much Instead, they saw Borri and Margaret making noises with a tin box. It seemed suspicious, maybe even as if they were practising for some kind of proof,
formats, and when war you Margaret looked at the window and saw the girls watching their Demeter's completely changed almost as if they were hiding. Something price keeps poking around a bit and in nineteen thirty, eight he meets with this business. Man named Charles Morrison who's been rendered the earnings for years. Charles swears that he's heard Jeff top on two separate occasions and his son Arthur says he stayed over. Urban House a few years ago, and he didn't just hear Jeff's voice. He actually saw the Mongols his beady eyes under his bed. Charles and Arthur both insist that Margaret and Boring could not be responsible for making these noises. When it happened. They ve been too far away or out of the house entirely, so we're back to square one and unfortunately investigating further because
impossible, because around the same time, Jeff finally decides to move on from the earnings his visit had been sporadic for years and by night, in thirty eight he finally just leaves one day and never return, in the end, price was never able to decide whether Jeff was real or not as easy as it is to believe that Jeff is a hoax they're. Just so many witnesses who swear otherwise, and even if Margaret or worry were responsible for japs noises, there's so much else. That just doesn't add up like the odd Ex Jeff, apparently through crossed the room or the details. He learned from his trips around town shore very, could have been breaking into people's houses on her on memorizing the details of their de corps and then
eating. Her father made up stories about Jeff supposed adventures, but why? What possible motive would a teenage girl have for any of this? There is one possible theory that catches on around town there's no real evidence for it, but this is what some of the locals believe after years of living on isolated farmstead, both Margaret and worry one it out. Longed for the hustle and bustle of a city and a life Revolve around farm work, but James wasn't on the same page. He set his roots. Guy here and he was either unwilling or financially unable to leave so mark Britain borri invented Jeff to scare James into leaving worry, who Julie had a gift for ventriloquism through her voice to make it sound like a talking animal was living in the walls. She secretly followed people around them.
Island eavesdropping on their conversations sneaking into their homes. But of course it didn't work. James grew to love Talking Mongoose and Margaret and boy were stuck trying to keep up the act for years. You think that if this is even remove Lee true James would have realised at some point, but maybe subconsciously. He did. I mean remember how he didn't seem to Margaret or void to talked a price in there's one fact that really makes this theory seen plausible. Around the same time, Jeff disappeared, James became seriously ill. It could just be a coincidence, or he could have been distracted enough by his illness that Margaret and worry no longer felt they needed to keep up the rules. But what's interesting is even after James dies in nineteen. Forty five Margaret and worry never confessed that they may Jeff up. In fact, for the rest of her life Margaret continue
to insist that Jeff is the real thing bordering. On the other hand, rarely speaks about the incident at all after being tormented by Jeff, and her name for her entire adolescence. She just wants to put the whole thing behind. during live a normal life, it and until nineteen. Seventy that she finally tells her story publicly and it hasn't changed at all in three decades. In an interview with faint magazine, she says quote: yes, there was a little animal who talked ended, all those other things he said He was among mongoose and he said we should call him Jeff I do wish he had left us alone these
for listening I'll, be back next week with another episode for more information on Jeff, I found Jeff the strain tale of an extra special talking mongoose by Christopher Joseph, especially helpful to my research. You can find all episodes of supernatural and all other Spotify originals from park asked for free on Spotify. supernatural stars: Ashley flowers and his Spotify original from PAR cast its executive produced by MAX Cutler, sound designed by carry Murphy with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Trent, Williamson and curly matter. This absurd of supernatural was written, my GINO with writing assistance by Cake Gallagher that checking my on you barely and research by Mickey Taylor Do your more stories hosted by me check out, crying junkie and all Audio Chuck Originals pilots nurse
Its Carter, here's a quick reminder to check out these solved, murders, poor part special party fowls, every Wednesday in August. Take a closer look at force. Deliberations that ended in horrific fashion. Follow the Spotify original from park, asked solved, murders, listen free only on Spotify.
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