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THE UNKNOWN: Kaspar Hauser


In 1828, a town in Germany received a strange visitor: a teenage boy who claimed he had been imprisoned his whole life. His mysterious murder just a few years later made his true identity more elusive — and engrossing — than ever. 

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In eighteen, twenty a teenage boys stumbled into Nuremberg, Germany. He was pale and his eye were raw and uninstall. Come to light as for his feet there, accurate looking like Baden been walked on before when the citizens of Nuremberg finally managed to communicate with him. They were stunned by his story. He'd been law. Inside a dark room for sixteen years by a man whose face he never saw, and in one day he was just released. How was frantic with questions who, This boy? Where did he come from and why
it soon became clear. Was somebody desperately trying to kill him This is supernatural a parking original, I'm your must actually flowers everywhere stay I'll, be taking a deep dive into a real unexplained mystery to try and figure out the truth you can find Oliver suggests for natural and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify? And if you like, your hearing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par, cast and twitter at PAR cast network This week's episode is about Casper Hauser, a boy who claimed here imprisoned his entire life for no apparent reason. We Casper
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press. You'll, get the cooling support of comfort. You need for the most refreshed feeling every morning, only a casper dot com. in eighteen. Twenty eight Nuremberg is a mid sized city in Bavaria with a struggling economy. Its citizens are mostly hard working middle class people hungry for a distraction and then one day they get one on May twenty. Sixth, a strange boy hobbles through the city gates, he looks like a teenager, maybe about sixteen years old, but his skin is pale and Lee Emmy his eyes or read and raw as he squint against the glare of the sun and he's wearing a shabby felt hat with toes that poke out of tattered shoes look like a run of the mill vagrant and he seems disorder
TED like almost like he needs help. Fuller, stopping and staring, and finally one of the townspeople brings him to the police station, but when the pull he's trying asked the boy who he is. They can't get an answer from him at first, First, he responds to every single question with just this blank look, but it Surely he answers using just two statements. Either says horse horse, or he exclaimed I want to be a writer. Just like my father was now. The whole thing is bizarre and police finally conclude that he doesn't understand a word. There saying he might not even understand what he's saying and they have a clue what to do with him is it about
this time that they catch a break police turn out the boys pockets and they discover two letters. The first is supposedly from the boy mother. She writes that the boys father was a Calvary officer, but she goes on to explain that he has since died Then she end the letter with a crucial detail: she's her son's name is Casper Hauser. So at this point the Police- probably he'll like they're getting somewhere at least they have a name, but this second letter catches them completely off guard its signed by quote a poor laborer. Here he said the boys mother abandoned him when he was just a baby since then Labour has raised Casper income, poorly isolation, as in here ever. Let him leave the house. He also concur.
They Casper's real Father was a Calvary soldier and he tells whoever received this letter to either raise the boy to be a writer like his father or to quote butcher him end quote. now. Obviously this sounds bananas to every one reading the letter, but the labour, or goes on to explain that the young boy doesn't have a cent to his name, so would be kinder for someone to your him than to send him away obvious really. This is still a pretty unhinged thing to say: why kill a teenager who is ever even seen the light of day, and who is this laborer did he have some sort of vendetta against Casper's father, or is this guy some sort of like creepy kidnapper, either way it's up to the police, to figure out what to do about Casper and since Nuremberg. Doesn't really have anywhere to put lost children. Data
descend Casper to the one place where vagrants can get a meal and some sleep. It's called best nor gate tower at the local prison for petty criminals it doesn't take long for the jailers adverse nor to realise their new resident is pretty unusual, even though Casper looks to be around sixteen. He actually the rear old for wine. He keeps saying those same two phrases horse horse, and I were to be a writer just like my father was, and is to the point that one of the Jews there's buys him. Some wooden horse is to play where Casper become. is obsessed with his toy horses. He plays with them all all day long, and he doesn't seem to understand that his horses aren't alive because he talk to them even tries to feed them food. This help as with other inanimate objects, to whenever sport is shown a painting or drawing. He tries to talk to the past
people inside or pick up the charcoal food whenever he can't he gets confused it's like. He seen everything for the very first time, even bathing seems like a new experience, when the jailers undress Casper for a bath he's completely casual about it. It's like with kids, who run around completely naked Casper doesn't seem to see the difference between being closed are being nude even in front of strangers, and then there's his beat. Casper has some fresh blister from his walk into Nuremberg, but otherwise the souls of his feet or immaculate. mean we're talking soft, with no calices like a babies, MR seems like further evidence that Casper really has been sitting in captivity, his entire life and, when
mealtime roles around Casper refuses to eat anything other than water and bread. Anything else makes him gag as Casper's metals into Ventnor Gate Tower. The entire city of Nuremberg is still curious about him and when they, you're about all his strange behaviour if they can't help but visit all at once seriously? They start coming to see Casper in droves, IP some sort of circus sideshow at it's kind of nice like they're, bringing Casper presence, mainly toys and Casper, is cited about all the new things he has to play with his jailer can hear him chattering away to his toys late into the night. So, whatever whore both beings. This kid has been through. He seems pretty content. Now then, a local professor, named York Friedrich Dahmer here.
About Casper. Professor downward is moved by the story of this strange boy without a home or a family, and a long time teacher he's intrigue by Casper's inability to communicate to the point that he really wants to help. So, unlike Casper's other guess downward doesn't bearing toys. Instead, he starts teaching Casper how to read, write and communicate. As soon as Casper starts taking lessons with Professor Dahmer, he gets super frustrated with all his visitors. They go from being innocuous bystanders to this irritating constant pressure Casper cannot stand all. He wants to You is focused on learning and remember waiting to the letters he was raised in complete isolation for a normal person having hundreds of people, troop in and out of your room, would be overwhelming, but for Casper, its downright debilitating?
His stress levels get so high that he starts to have spasms on the entire left side of his body, Spurs mood also planets. He goes from excited and joyful about everything to becoming completely depressed fortunate, professor Dahmer has grown really fond of Casper and he can see the toll that these other visitors are having on him. So he offers Great solution. Take Casper home to live with. Him and his mother and sister Meanwhile, the mayor of Nuremberg, a guy named Jacobi Bender, has also taken sympathetic, interest in Casper and when he hears about Bastard downers desire to let Casper live with him. The mayor as Dahmer a huge solid. He tat, an ad in the local newspaper, forbidding curious gas from visiting Casper at his new home. so on July. Eighteen, eighteen, twenty eight, not quite two months after his arrival in Nuremberg, Casper Hauser,
Moves in with Professor Delmar and the sudden peace and quiet does wonders for him. Casper's spam, and go away. He seems happier and every day his communication skills are getting stronger eventual The professor downward feels like Casper's ready for some big changes, introduces Casper to foods other than bread and water, adding soup vegetables meat to the Menu Casper's body is so starved for these nutrients that he literally grows more than two inches in just a couple of weeks. According to the professor me while downwards Teen casper on visits to Mayor benders house the mayor, is interested in seeing Casper's improvement, which are pretty remarkable for why downward, isn't just teaching Casper how to read and do mad. He showing him, how do you draw and play chess and right horses and the whole time Casper
Communication skills are getting stronger and stronger, which means that three months after stumbling into Nuremberg. Casper is finally able to tell the professor and the mayor about his upbringing and what he ass to say, is horrifying, mean up. Casper Hauser tells a twisted story. I listeners it's been so from Parkhurst network searching for something a little spy key to dig into then check out this I defy original from Parkhurst Soup stations every Wednesday eggs Lord, the varying believes people around the world beer and follow in this area. New series each week step inside stories that illustrate the horror, weirdness and truth behind humanity's strangest codes of conduct. Why do black its represent witchcraft? What's the point of carrying a its foot around with you and how come
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and when you don't eat plasma, bio life, you can earn up to seven hundred dollars in your first month as a token of appreciation for your time. So please become a donor it by a life visit by a life plasma, dot com to schedule, an appointment now back to the story when Casper begins to talk about his past is not all at once. He offers bits in he says, during his visit with professor downward Mayor benders House and his free is baffling according to Casper, his very first memory is waking up on a straw palette inside a dark, narrow room. There are no. lamps and nothing on the walls and it's impossible for him to gauge the days exhibit every day when he wakes up there's a pitcher of water and a loaf of bread. That's all he has. Eat for years on end every
once in a while. He says the water has a horrible taste and after linking Casper feels exhausted and falls asleep and when he way sub from these drug induced naps. Its clear that some one had bathed him he's always were a clean shirt with freshly cut Nielsen hair each day Is nearly the same as the last but once in a while Casper is visited by a man, the man never speaks and its unclear what the purpose of his visits are, but at some point he gives Casper. Two wooden toy horses. The wars has become Casper's best friends. He ways with them day in and day out, one day aspirin, making a lot of noise playing with the horses when suddenly the man barges in with a cane he hits Casper's arm with. Cain and then just calmly walks out according to Casper, this abuse only happened once and these nets
seeing the man's face. Ever I mean for Fine, the room is always dark, but the man also takes precautions, apparently training Casper to face the wall every time he hears him entering the room. Casper lives like this for an estimated sixteen years where's. He never leaves his straw palette. So he doesn't know how to walk and he's never learn to communicate. one day when he's a teenager and everything changes the maid enters Casper's room and, as usual, Casper turns on his palette to face the wall only time. The main reaches out in Hoist Casper to his feet, then he would teaching him how to work according to come? but the man remains behind him at all times, so he can't see his face next, the main
teaches him how to say to freeze its horse horse, and I want to be a writer like my father was, Once Casper has these words memorize the man stuffs two letters into his pocket and leave him out of the room and outside as As we know, Casper doesn't recall anything about his surroundings, whether p in the country or a town. All he remembers is shock after years of being kept in a room with no concept of the outside world. He's us halted on all sides by the sun in the sky, the grass under his beat and the wind on his base. but he is allowed to take it in because the man keeps pushing casper from behind, forcing him to walk. They wreck along for an ambiguous amount of time Casper, wasn't sure how many miles- and he doesn't say how many days or nights might have passed final
the they reached the gates of Nuremberg. Then the man stops but he won't allow Casper to slow down every time. Casper try them in Prague him to keep going, keep going past the gates and into the town, and that's where his new. life in Nuremberg begins. Professor Dahmer and Mayor Bender, pieced together Casper story, and they have no idea what to make of it. Well, Would someone deliberately lock a child in a dark room for years is doing nothing but feeding in bathing him only to suddenly release him later, and I know the question you might be asking if you're a crime junkie, but according to Casper, he was never molested by his captor, which, unless Casper had like repress some pretty grim. Memories just makes the whole thing even more confusing, like what was
This guy's motive for keeping him in the end cast story, does nothing to verify his identity or identify his captor Mean professor downward keeps giving Casper the life he's never had. Dahmer even pays for Casper to take writing lessons and Casper is a total. natural most new writers would be tired and sore after a little while on a horse, but not Casper. he's able to ride for hours at a time which, if you think about it, is kind of weird and suspicious, like how can Casper beat that good that fast as word of Casper story gets out. There are tons of people in Nuremberg who think it can all be true. They don't buy Casper recently learned how to walk or write a horse instead They think he must have been so abused in childhood that he dreamed up an alternate explanation for his life. Others speculate. They can
sport, has a mental illness and that he was never in captivity at all, but the most popular theory flying around Nuremberg is rooted the belief that Casper Willie is telling the truth. The ring and he's such a natural at writing? Horses is because he is actually a royal air and some people think they know exactly which royal ere. He is story goes back almost sixteen years earlier to October sixteenth, eighteen, twelve, the grand Duke of Bogdan Germany, again name, Carl Ludwig Friedrich and his wife, Duchess Stephanie Debo Harney had welcomed the birth of a baby boy he was going to be the air to bud and coveted former territory of the holy Roman empire, but the infant was pale and sickly and he died or did he
when the people of Nuremberg here Casper Story, they point out two things. First, Casper appear to be around sixteen years old, the age the poor of bought and would have been if he lived, but the real cross. of this story- is that Casper bears an uncanny resemblance to both. The Duke and duchess this is in some sort of like pretend, your boy, be dyed scenario? Instead, people think that the duchess Stephanie and her husband were tricked someone heads watch their baby with a sickly impostor. So when the impact, or died. The Duke and duchess had no idea that their real sign Casper was still alive. He had been kidnapped prevent his ascending to the throne people in Remember claim that this was the only possible explanation for why Casper was locked away in the dark for so many years. Buddy
with all the rumours, it's not exactly clear who would have done it? I should So point out that at this point the Duke has been dead for ten years cast. where's siblings. If he had any, would have been three sisters and none of them ever be, a word about whether they thought they strange boy in Nuremberg was their estranged brother at least not publicly, but that Then stop people from speculating of fully you're passes in casper- is still Nuremberg, favorite man of mystery. At this point here seventeen or eighteen years old, and he announces that he wants to write an autobiography news, gets and the people of Nuremberg are ecstatic up to this point B. heard rough strokes of Casper story, but their desperate for all the juicy details this book could provide a few months after this announcement. Casper is attacked its October seven.
In eighteen, twenty nine about a year and a half since Casper came to Nuremberg, Casper is visiting with a local doctor and he eats a walnut for the very first time. And then he has what sounds like a bad allergic reaction and he balls horribly ill. Professor downward cancels afternoon lessons any sense Casper into his room to just rest, so Casper's lying bad with these terrible stomach cramped. Let me to the point that he has to get up and use the restroom, so he sprints out the outhouse, but while he's there Casper hears a thumb being from the garden outside and its follow by the sound of rapid footsteps, curious Casper Pierce through the slats of the outhouse. His door He sees a man in a dark hat standing by the stairs just outside the main house, Casper too. Recognized this guy at all. So he just figures that he must be a chimney sweep of something
but he notices that the man doesn't make any move to enter the house. He just standing He's waiting for something eventually Casper leaves the outhouse with the minute he steps outside the maid in the dark hat sprints over and hits Casper on the head nodes unclear what weapon used, but either way Casper crumbles to the ground. He know said, the man is also wearing a silk scarf, underneath his hat that hides his face, and he, here's, the man telling him that he will die before leaving Nuremberg, Casper hears these words as he's passing out from the blow, and he can't but wonder where he's heard that man's voice before coming up Casper howitzers, strange death. This episode is brought, you buy Casper your most live tv
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our seem to go by until Professor Downers mother finds Casper curled up in a cellar she gets them. aid and their landlord son to help carry Casper two's room, professor downward gets home his sister and Mother Phil him in on everything and then of them sit vigil just waiting for Casper to weaker when Casper opens eyes. He is delirious and ranting in his, broken German. He muttered things like tell the mayor, the man murder me. I love all people Why? Man, murder me? I too want live. Why you murder me to you. Never anything done. Apparently, last for forty eight hours and Casper's words fail professor down and his family with fear why Would someone have tried to kill poor Sweet Casper and when cast Recovers enough to explain to them exactly what happened there even more freaked out, because it
no casper didn't see the man's face he's positive, that the Boys belong to the same man who had held him hostage. The guy who hot him. How to say horse horse- and I want- be a rider like my father was Delmar release this information to the police and an investigation is soon under way. Meanwhile, news flies around Nuremberg and theories about Casper REACH, a fever pitch some people take. It is further proof that Casper is royalty. They could, his captor tried to kill him because he found out about his plans to publish an autobiography others huge casper of being a liar who just making it all up, as he goes, and the police, never have any leads on a strange man in a dark hat and silk scarf the attack, if it really happened. Does to work because Casper never pay
bushes autobiography the whole, episode where's professor Dahmer, down to the point that he falls ill. He reluctantly decide that it would be better if Casper or relocate had by this time the story of Casper Hauser has gone international travelling all the way to England, which is Casper burst comes on the radar of a wealthy english nobleman, Lord Philip Henry stand home the minute Lord stand hope hears about Casper's case he's desperate to meet him, and she, Everyone across Europe is entreat by Casper, but in eighteen, thirty, one about two years. After the mystery attack, lorries Hope literally travels to Germany just to visit Casper. When he arrives, he immediately showers Casper with gifts, even most a large public reward for any information about the man who imprisoned him in its way.
Stan hope has absolutely no reason to be getting. This involved ultimate We know one comes forward with any news, but Lord stand hope. Doesn't blank continues: mining Casper information. He wants to know everything he can about. Casper's past and I'm not sure how this happened, but at some point Lord Stan Hope finds out. That Casper knows a few hungarian words which is really weird, because remember Casper could be early communicate in German. It's bizarre that he knows. Any words in any other language, but look Stan Hope seems convinced that the only explanation for Casper's language skills he's a long lost. Hungarian noble Lord stand, hope even pays to take Casper to Hungary. He hopes that being in the country of his birth will somehow, like George,
aspirin Layton memories. Casper doesn't have any epiphanes while he's in Hungary, which essentially. Lord stand. Hope doesn't seem to mind in fact onwards turning to Nuremberg stand, hope is practically gaiety. He announced to anyone that will listen, that he plans to adopt Casper as his heir, and we locate him to an estate intent England a place called cheapening castle, broke your download is kind put off by this like sure, he's been looking for a new home for Casper, but he doesn't exactly trust Lord stand hope still down doesn't have any legal claims to Casper and he's about to go head to head with a british Lord, so he doesn't say anything not ie and when Lord stand Hope demands to be given legal guardianship over Casper and then in it.
politically orders. They Casper relocate to the home of a different teacher outside Nuremberg Professor, Johan, Georg Mire really doesn't sit right with Dahmer like Lord, Stan Hope, just promise to adopt Casper and taken to England. Why is he relocating him to a town near Nuremberg, and when will he be Good on his initial promise and even more bizarre after me. arrangements for Casper's move. Lord stand hope just sales to England, with nothing more than a vague promise to return at any rate, on December ten eighteen, thirty one cast Our moves in with Professor Meyer and from the woman he arrives, he is subjected to total cruelty. Meyer starts in on Casper by demanding that he convert to Christianity.
Having been raised in both literal, an figurative darkness. Casper has no interest in religion. Still he tries to hey religion more seriously, but his efforts are enough. To satisfy Meyer the professor insisting everything Casper says is a lie now. I'm sure of my, or does this because he's always believe from afar. That Casper is a liar orphans. Suspicions based on things, Casper does once he comes to live with Meyer, but would have The recent Meyer believes that Casper is full of it and he nothing to hide his contempt ultimately Casper finds Myers treatment so awful that he starts telling people he'd rather were turned to the prison he grew up in and the the thing that keeps him going is the hope that Lord stand hope will someday, fulfil his promise to adopt Casper and taken to England, but that never happens instead, Casper is attacked yet again.
Allegedly, on December fourteen eighteen, thirty three Casper risk leaves a mysterious invitation from a man who claimed to have news about his deceased mother. It's not clear. Casper received this news if it was by. letter, mainly by visitor, but either way he walks to a nearby garden to meet this guy he's way impatiently for the stranger to arrive. When suddenly a man runs up to him and stabbed him in the chest, Casper dozens- his face, but the time he isn't left empty, handed because mediately after stabbing him, the man thrust a bag Casper and in Casper's haste to get away as quickly as possible. He drops it Meyer, stunned when Casper stumbled into his living room clutching his bleeding chest gasping for breath cast. tells Meyer. That he's been stabbed then cast
bird drags. The professor back to the scene of the crime because he wants to find that bag the two of them search everywhere, but the bag is nowhere to be found and eventually mire insist that they go home meanwhile, the police are informed in they carry on the search for the mysterious, attacker and bad while they don't find the culprit, they do find the bag, and it's this expensive. Looking silk purse when they open it they find he's still range, no inside it's written completely backwards and peppered with blank spaces. It reads: quote: Hauser will be able to tell you quite precisely how I look from where I am too save Hauser the effort I want To tell you myself from where I come, I come from blank the boy
very in border blank on the river blank. I will even tell you my name M L, o end quote okay. So this no is completely bizarre right. Why would someone write a letter to identify themselves but then fill it with blank? with an also sign their initials and above Oh, why stab Casper when the poem swede that no, they don't even know what to make of it. The initial don't match up with any obvious suspects or any one who Casper has been in contact with the wrist at a total law. But not Meyer. He it is certain that he knows exactly what's happening, from the moment. They return from the park. Meyer starts in on Casper four B a liar by this point k,
spurs lying in bed bleeding from his stab wound, but Meyer doesn't care. He accuses com for of making the whole thing up. Any claims Casper stabbed himself just to get attention. My is so convinced they Casper is of fraud, that he doesn't call a doctor for hours by then spurs wound is so severe that he is in excruciating pain, but the whole time Meyer doesn't wet he even goes as far as telling Casper that he deserves a thrashing the police arrive, they are infected by Myers suspicions, its unclear. What Meyer Taos them, but even his casper is riding in pain. They're all in terror aiding him with thinly veiled contempt, and that is how Casper Hauser die bleeding to death, surrounded by people who think he's a liar, which is completely
while leg. Why would mire let that happen shouldn't he at least be worried about what Lord stand hope will say when the news gets everyone in Nuremberg is shocked and why again people split into two camps something: Casper is a liar who stopped himself and I truly believe he was murdered for some reason that must have to do with his true identity, as for Lord stand, hope, he'll leaps into action one week after Casper's death stand hope sends cast for a letter promising to visit now This is bizarre because Casper is a well known celebrity. His death was written about in lots of newspapers, so it's hard to believe Lord stand hope hadn't heard about it, but he's That letter anyway, the tie of it makes it seem like stand, hope was trying to somehow clear his name and when professor downward here, about it he's suspicious, especially
when he learns. How stand hope is behaving because the days after Casper's death. Lord stand, Hope Visit said european nobles, and he tries to convince them that Casper was a liar who fabricated everything about his life again. This is really Haiti, I me one day, Lord stand hope, is writing that he wants to visit Casper and the next he's gallivanting around Europe, calling him a liar but nothing as weird as what Lord stand hope does next one He shows up at professor Downwards house, completely unannounced downward bites. Him inside and Lord stand hope immediately start trying to convince him to denounce Casper as a fraud. He explain that downwards relationship with Casper carries a lot of weight. So He discredits the boy. Everyone will accept that he was a liar. Professor downward is speechless
but his mother who's been sitting next to him throughout. This entire conversation is furious. She asked Lord stand, hope why he is trying so hard to disgrace a dead boy who saw him as a father figure. then she stands up for Casper telling Lord stand hope that she is positive. He wasn't an impostor or a fraud at that standards, Turned red lurches to his feet and sprints out of the house. He were turned. To England and never breathe a word about Casper ever again to Professor Dahmer. It's all proof that stand hope had something to do with Casper's death, but just like the story about Casper houses, captivity, it isn't clear what there was to gain unless cow spur wise, some sort of kidnapped royal. I mean stay with me on this, maybe
Lord Stan Hope was part of some plot to abduct Casper and keep him locked away for sixteen years. Maybe he or Meyer, or some other crony attacked Casper after learning about his plans to publish an autobiography, and then when he failed to kill Casper that first time stand hope. Befriend. And sending him to Myers House to live before decide to finish him off that so that explains why stand hope was so interested in Casper story, but it obviously is full of holes and the really hard to believe anyone would have gone to that much manipulative effort. It's almost easier to think that stand, hope Lee was just an enthusiast of the Casper Hauser Mystery Maybe he really did plan to adopt Casper, but after his death mire convince stand, hope that he'd been duped and that Casper was a fraud.
which case stand hope may have just been trying to get ahead of his own embarrassment with spreading the truth, but it still doesn't explain who Casper wise why he was locked up and weather He was telling the truth and if Casper was just a pretender than someone should have recognised exposed him as a fraud that never happened more than that A thousand books and fourteen thousand articles have been published on Casper Hauser people have followed the rabbit holes, acting him to Lord stand. Hope mayor, been of Nuremberg and house about it, but the mystery remains. Nobody has been a to explain who Casper Hauser really wise, or why. Was locked up,
In a way we know just as much about him ass when he first stumbled through the gates of Nuremberg, thanks for listening I'll be back next week. With another episode, you can find episodes of supernatural and all other par cast originals for free on Spotify spot has all your favorite, music and podcast all in one place there making it here to listen to what everyone here for free on your phone, computer or smart speaker, and if you like this show fellow at par cast on Facebook and Instagram at Parkhurst Network on Twitter, supernatural is Spotify original from power cast its executive produced, Ex Cutler and Stars
the flowers sounded, they carry Murphy with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Carly, Madden and Aaron Larsson. This episode Supernatural was written by obvious jelly automaker with writing assistance by Alley Wicker factor. by on you barely and reach urged by Mickey Taylor Dear more stories hosted by me, check out crime, junkie and all audio chuck, originals. Play its Vanessa again, don't forget to check out the new Spotify original from Parkhurst Superstitions list in every Wednesday for the surprising back stories to our most curious beliefs and thrilling tales that illuminate the mystical airiness of our favorite superstitions.
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