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When Jane Bashara was found strangled to death in the back of her SUV nobody knew what to make of it.  Things like this simply didn't happen in  Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, a wealthy community of million-dollar homes.  

The Bashara's, now empty nesters in their mid 50's, also were not the type of people who were found murdered in a parking lot.  They were the type of people who volunteered for charity when they weren't hanging out at the country club.

No one suspected that there were deep dark secrets between them that would end in murder.

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Hey did you know, there's a place ring it, although it is true Krim headlines five days a week called sorting scale daily and its hosted by me Right Williams, Maneater Friday, we break down all the craziest case is going on in the country in a round the globe. If you weren't notes going on before everyone talking about it subscriber sorted scale daily on Apple podcast, Spotify Sticker tune in or anywhere he was near podcast and stay safe Hoddan scale, contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences. Listen. Discretion is advice,
I'm frightened about this. To know that I could spend the rest of my life in jail for a crime. I didn't commit is very scary. Thing welcome to season five episode, one o eight of sorting scale, a show that reveals that the worst monsters are real. While some people don't get my jokes. Apparently you see there is this true crime comedy podcasting done disappeared that statistically marked a bunch of real, true cramps shows, including this one. We loved it so much so that we asked the toast the fictitious John David Buedir to record and intro for us, which we played on the last episode absurd, when a seven, but apparently the joke when over some heads, because a lot of you thought we had really changed our intra so get in on the joke. If you want an check out and disappeared on apple pie casts if you're in a true crime pods, you may get a kick out of it and enjoy the following episode, which is definitely not a comedy, though, at times
It may seem like one first point: Michigan Healthy suburban area located Outside of Detroit gross point is made up of five small cities, known as point is, situated on the coast of Lake Saint Clair, These communities are fuelled by old money and, although growth, Point is home to a fairly substantial working class community.
It is better known for its historic red, brick mentions private golf courses and yacht clubs. The words, the cities that make up gross point are, for the most part, stereotypically wealthy, suburban communities the point These are the kind of cities that most people would think of. Ass, quote unquote, safe and sure enough. The crime Its of the gross point communities stands in stark contrast to those of Detroit take, for example, the city. Gross point park which share The border with the city of Detroit South West side of alter road. You have a city like by one of the highest murder rates in the country. On the north side of ultra road, you have growth point park, a city that has not seen a homicide in over twenty years. That is until the winter of two thousand twelve
in January, two thousand twelve Bob Jane but sharer were living together in their nearly three thousand Square Foot Colonial home on Middle road and gross Point Park, Michigan their massive fur. Bedroom house, which would have stuck out, like a sore thumb in any middle class neighbourhood of country, looked fairly modest next to the upscale homes on that particular street. In the wealthy Try suburb like their neighbours, Bob and Jane Bashir were well to do financially. Fifty six years old Jane was making a nearly six figures: salary as a senior marketing manager for an energy consulting company in Detroit. Fifty four your old Bob Bashir. I was making a living and real estate and reportedly owned around fifty properties in the area, the Bashir, as were active, well known, members of the Gross Point Park, community Jane was once president of Gross point: South high school mothers, Club and Bob was a church deacon.
Country Club member and form president of the gross point rotary club. They frequently volunteered in the community and participated in charitable fund. Raising events and Jane had been married for twenty six years. Almost all that time is spent raising their two kids Jesse and Robert Junior, but at the start of two thousand twelve Robert you, their eldest was working out of state. As an industrial engineer, and just get had gone off to college Bob and Jane had reached a bitter sweet parental milestone. They were officially empty nesters and for the first time in over two decades. It was just two of them living together, just husband and wife the Bashar home, had slowly dwindled from a house the four to a house. Of three then too in January of two thousand twelve. It would go. From two to one
What I is Daisy Miller, Amelia journalist for little help story. We got in touch with true crime, authors, Steve Miller. I was researching into four for another tat. I was writing at the time. I guess it was twenty twelve in Detroit was called the correct city and replace I would go in Detroit, because I had written Several other to crime both towards what is it about this, the share a case, and initially I had no idea what they are talking about a well, maybe this challenge and then, of course, people. I wish you well there's your next book as go. Well, ok, you're, really working on other book, but along the way I just started. You know, picking up. This increases are what was what what transpired in the summer twelve. So I am became very, very interesting to me after a while so interesting in fact than in thousand fifteen Steve mother would release a book called murder and gross point park about this case. The event
of which started to unfold. On the afternoon of two they generally twenty. Fourth, two thousand twelve at about four p m on that day, wrapping up a business meeting in downtown Detroit the I headed home for the day according to Bob, he and Jane, were planning to meet at the home at around eight p m when he home. However, she It was no longer there I went down to the basement. The tv was on there, so I knew she had been down there. I then, since I couldn't find her, I went out to the grass to see if your car was there and I wasn't I came home one aim this evening and my wife. There. I wondered where she was usually home, because these are people who live their lives back a habit can see another house get loathing, they moved their houses, they live their whole life in a routine. It was out of care for Jane Amiss in appointment without making contact so Bob's
calling around to see if anyone had heard from Jane for about a half an hour, I started really wonderin, and so I call the kids. I said: if you talk to your mother and they said no, they hadn't communicated with her. How many times are you calling Jane to this time? I called I call their throughout from eight thirty. When I couldn't find her car there to four in the morning, I'm calling her cell phone I'm calling the hospitals just. We would just more anxious time rolled on. So we, it's crawling around. She calls relatives people. This is where anything Jane if he's in jail there now would sooner Pretty soon? Next thing, you know the cops are common and there at the House TAT night, because it should be local cops and really responsive cartoon, analysing Detroit course. But we point part. This is a mature and you're gonna get around them
p m Bob tells it offenders. He called police. Came to the house and offers them walk through. The house took some notes, made a report and we gave him a picture began, conducting a search for Jane Bush era and are blue Mercedes, Benz, Suv, early, the following morning, a tow truck driver outlaw four stolen and abandoned vehicles, spotted You that looked out of place in an alley on the east side Detroit I was driving down. Pinewood between Bradford Anna and I seen a Mercedes amongst a bunch of abandoned houses. The tow truck driver, called in the license plate number two dispatcher at his towing company likely thinking had been dumped there after someone had taken it for joy, ride the despair, are informed him that the Mercedes had been reported missing or stolen the night before so he waited. For police to come check it out police, arrived chat
with the tow truck driver and went over to look at the vehicle when one of officers shined a flashlight in the rear window of the Mercedes spotted woman's body lying face down, across the back seat. It was the lifeless body a fifty six year old, Jane but Sheriff next day. The next morning January, twenty chest, succeed, I found a year found James Mercedes Suv, diminish. The It undermines the backseat police, returned, the Bashir, a home to inform Bob that his wife's body had been failed,
I just welled up with tears, unbelievable sorrow, my wife, seven fears, they told me she was dead, found in her vehicle. I just couldn't believe it change. Body was bruised her face and neck were scratched Some of her finger nails were torn off in an attempt at self defence or windpipe had been crushed. Very quickly you're gonna find out she died of strangulation because you will tell them centre under neck and so on should bring about growth. Point park had its
first murder case in over twenty years, the worst kind of crime and the best kind of neighbourhood, a place where pedestrians, wave and kids ride, bikes and residents take comfort in the almost complete lack of violent crime statistics. But all it took was one murder to up in this community to inject fear and suspicion and spark a debate on whether the threat came from outside or within again. This is what makes these stories I mean. People die every day. There are murdered every day, They don't happening routinely. They don't happen in very, very wealthy enclaves, especially something like this place. We're dead there, no mothers. Now something opening words not supposed to less news. The setting for this crime. A wealthy every town on the shores of Lake Saint Clair a place this kind of thing just doesn't happen, was unexpected. Perhaps even more surprising, however, was the victim
of this crime. A fifty, single enemy in the world. You know what I'd do these books, I always go into the victims, and so on software, James, truly read them and rare that you just go into a new look at some vague. While she really didn't do anything bad. You know many thing really outrageously wrong. Ever ass, though there were just not, there was nothing that you could find that which and so they were just not. There was nothing that you could find that would speak to Jane is being some sort of anything other than that normal person that night hours after Jaynes body was found. Community members organised a vigil,
overcome with grief and barely able to cope with a sudden and tragic loss. Friends, at fifty six year old chamber, sharer embraced her husband, Bob and other family members tonight at a candle light vigil that no one ever expected to need because of course, no one ever expected that Jane would be murdered. Just absolutely wonderful, wonderful person and there's no words. There's no words to say when she was: one of my best friends, there was a wonderful, loving person to all of you can't be replaced knifing we're all here at a shack and grief and support and her children. The sheriff stated the vigil. Sharing memories of his wife with his friends and family until all The candles were out
God bless you. Thank you very much. In the coming days, the reality of the situation started to sink, in when there were no obvious suspects. Investigate turned to those closest to the victim for answers with Bob's fur cooperation decided to bring him in for questioning a job to do, and I want to help them find. Whoever did this to my wife, so I fully cooperating with them. They have to start, are usually start, could they said start closest to the home and then spread out in the sole I'm I'm doing what I need to do to cooperate with the authorities to find who did this to my wife on January, twenty seventh Bob agreed to a polygraph test and left the room. Station at around nine p m although the results were not yet available. Cross point part: police, chief, David,
or provided the media with an update case continue to cooperate with our investigation. He is a person of interest for the investigation. Well, immediately Bob was conveyed. That wasn't aspect beg me, a term person of interest which is so, which is both There is just one aspect but the girls point or police again they may will weigh over their heads. They didn't know what they're doing in terms of how to handle this. So you They said personal interest for traders aspect. This is, and it was in today's the following day. The results of Polygraph graph test were reported take it easy. He took a lie detector chest. Then failed source insane. But share a failed polygraph task given at the gross point Part Police Station time. Why didn't add up since polygraph task and being named as the person of interest. In this case, Jaynes husband, Bob has been under strict scrutiny in the
State of Michigan. Polygraph tests are generally not admissible in court, in fact, They are inadmissible in almost all. U S, states polygraph, which are key we refer to as lie detectors make for great the drama, but their science, validity, is questionable at best. Two thousand three the nest. The cadmium sides is issued a report calling the majority of research surrounding polygraph unreliable, unscientific and biased, in other words, a failed polygraph test. Is not grounds to charge. Someone with murder. Even so Astrogator seem to be circling their suspect weight. Until they had enough evidence to charge Bob Shara with the murder of his wife. But on the evening of Tuesday January thirty, first just hours after Jane Bashar AL funeral. The case took an unexpected turn.
Six foot for two hundred and sixty pounds, local handy man named Joseph gents, walked into the gross point plan. Police station. Later, a guy named Joe gets, whose data Diana man, he did some work for a viable share. He came and went into the police station. There nurse point park and said I did it. Couple thousand dollars a cadillac, and I didn't kill learnt in the garage drover than one doktor. What's up, and we ve got lay word now that there is breaking news involving Joseph Ganz. He is the man who want entered this police department and, as we understand it now, multiple sources telling us that he has been arrested for having a serious and significant role and the murder of Jane Bassorah. So he went in there and said this is what happened. He confessed to basically committing the murdered. We asked Steve Miller, who had a chance to, To Joe gets, while writing his book to tell us about this for
eight year old man who showed up out of nowhere and told police was involved in the murder of Jane the sheriff. The is a really big dude. I'm a real big burly burly guy had lived, gave an interesting life either can show that he was used somewhat mentally handicapped What am I didn't find him in silence? I think he was a user boys. A street guy. They grew up in a working class area. They were done yep, for a while and so on, and he was scattered around about its anti married couple times. Its pedicure daughter he was so I can use aroused about. He was business, you're, gonna handyman. So what story that Joe gets was telling the police Initially, it was simply that he had you killed her, and that was that he was paid me. He didn t Curly immediately said nobody,
and paid to do this. In his confession, Joe located Bob Sharer as the man who had hired him and guest. Police early on in the investigation that Bobby share offered him thousands of dollars to kill his wife and when the day came, forced him at gunpoint to strangle her in the garage or their gross point. Poor com, a boy, you don't know you had the murderer but there's a little more to that wasn't so easy wasn't just died for some reason. You many grey areas in a normal situation. Ok, here's the guy, did you confess, but the idea that he had that he was paid to do. This now Barbara shares in on us Joe against, was east under arrest, giving police up to seventy two hours to far criminal charges against him, the next day, Bob share, I gave a statement to the media outside of his home on middle. Road.
My mother brochure, Robert, just a guy who studies we wish to thank hundreds of its borders, who have shown love and respect for my Jane. This is inconceivable tragedy, Everyone needs to how absolutely Therefore much this is meant I'll, never know how wonderful this venture of Bob pauses. Takes a tissue out of his pocket
dabs his eyes, using the tissue before continuing his statement. We have one related with law enforcement agencies and will continue to do so. A family is real, lighter. This risk of that asked for your continued prayers. Ask for your support in respect of our privacy as we deal with this heartbreak Try to cope. Thank you very much for what he had to say about the logical guiding, definitely accomplish register and I really support our there throughout all this mess around so much time you through this
Thank you. Johnny out this guy, the authorities as he was paid, to kill your wife when you re about to have a good afternoon. That's you now job in frequent interviews Bob denied having any knowledge of a murder for higher plot involving joke, gets and, of course, There is good reason for investigators to doubt that aspect of Jos confession he you are about a guy those This confirms the murderer. Of course, you're gonna try to push that. Often someone else right, so you're gonna take their right away. Bob's. Is he didn't? I have no idea what he's talking about and I think anybody law enforcement just a sure sure. Ok, because you say in it to save yourself, So is attorney. Bob took another polygraph test. This test, however, was not administered by the gross Point Part Police Department, according to Attorney David Grim, this
in polygraph test, showed dramatically different results than the first, the key Justin and that polygraph were, did you kill your wife and do. You have anything to do with the death of your wife and in talking to the polygraph examiner early, last evening it The opinion that Mr Bush IRA. Had no role in either back at the police station and terror, there's, were making little progress with their new suspect Joe gets as they were. Quick discovering Joe, wasn't exactly the most reliable witness he had a long history of mental instability and a report. I q of sixty seven, which is Firstly, the same iq as a typical third greater,
according to records obtained by the investigators, Joe Ganz, is a potentially dangerous and unpredictable man, a guy who needs medication, to control a slew of mental problems that have been diagnosed by numerous professionals. Over the last twenty four years, the record shoguns has refused to take medication to control his mental issues. Over the years, Ganz has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in. An explosive personality, disorder, seizure disorder and anti social traits. Reports also indicate gins has borderline mental retardation and his blind in the left eye from a birth defect. He was also hospitalized three times between ninety ninety eight and two thousand one for psychiatric problems and suicidal thoughts, now neolithic. That is what I find out is still going through this was he also
Some violent tendencies- you don't you get angry. He was just a lot of people like this, you don't that will open air from the anger management issues and so on. So that was part of his background. Confession with seeming less and less credible two hours ran up and on February third, too, and twelve Joe gets worse? is released from police custody. Let me repeat that after confessing to murder, Joe gets was released without charges, Friday, the man called Joe was released from police custody and gross point park. Police said they are continuing their investor. Nation after Jos, release local reporter marked Sata, tracked him down and got him to answer a few questions.
Ah, yes, I have article and I'm honest, I'm a caring person. I own do harm, I don't break the laws and he's only sit down interview since being released from custody. Joe says he wants metro detroiters to know he turned himself into police. He wanted to talk all for one. I just want to come out. I saw in it second interview, Joe attempted to explain his side of the story. Claiming Bob had asked him to help move some boxes before forcing him to kill his wife at gunpoint. Next thing I knew it was a gun at me. Is. Next thing I knew it was me, They were arguing still do it now. I guess I did of course, there was more than one side of the story.
Bob's lawyer David Grim offered a different theory. And today, but shares attorney told reporters that his client and Joe had been arguing about how much money Bob owed him David Grim suggested that Joe Ganz may have had an axe to grind when he went to police the first day, Joe, gives walked into gross point Part Police department that I think Bob Barbara Shara jumped from a person of interest to the number one suspect grim says: the dispute was about two thousand dollars, and he says one Bob share was asked about. Joe Ganz is possible motive to implicate him in the murder of his wife. Bob responded that anything that word Joe Ganz implicated. Him was untrue, completely untrue in a fabrication to get back, it did Bob marked Santa there.
Order who interviewed joke, hence also down for an interview with Bob Sharer. What do you believe happened and J? I have no idea talk to me about your marriage. How was your marriage with Jane twenty seven used almost twenty seven years, those twenty seven years? However? We have great years together we were team. We worked together on community service projects for rotary, bigger rotary. We worked together in the schools like any marriage. You have your ups and downs. You have your rough patch is that you will come across about a year ago. We did go to America counselor to sort through some things and we we love each other, we care for each other, and we were there for the kids. Bob patient The answers every question addressing speculation about his involvement in the murder.
Namely the person of interest is unthinkable to me that they think I could harm my sweetheart. Some amateur Armchair detectives had been spreading theories online. Many I am pointing out that when Bob dab his eyes with a tissue while giving a statement in front of his home, he didn't appear to actually be crying. And people have talked about it and we watched it and you're out there You damn your eyes are waiting.
He tears. I have cried so much at this past week and a half that I have a motions that well at the me and the emotions are so strong and so distraught that I don't know. If I can cry more, I mean I've cried so much. Let myself go. I didn't want there to be tears. I didn't want to show the eyes tat my eyes, because I thought there was a tier. I don't know. I don't even think about them. Consist of natural jerk reaction over and over Bob's It's that he had nothing to do with the death of his wife You kill your wife chain absolutely not had nothing to do with it. Did you hire someone to kill your wife chain nor did not Bob's family.
Others also continued to defend him and stand by him. I look like other right away and I said to you killed Jane. He said now. I did not. Of course I didn't. Do you believe your son had anything to do with tat sooner Lena announcing? He would hurt her in any way, shape or form. What is the one thing you want people to know her watching right now about.
Brother about what human Jane have done for this community. They were too and again. He was service above self help people. He was therefore anybody that asked and whose a wonderful man dead he is innocent of described. I looked back in all the years. What a wonderful family we have in Jane was a part of it, and now is this whole new ballgame chosen is just shock just an end. In the mean time we ve lost Chang due to kids in their dinner, the glass their mother, and they have such faith in their further Jessica. Sarah has been morning the death of her mind and dealing with the fact police are investigating her father. It's been no doubt a torture is time now the twenty year old speaking now an answering that very tough question. Without doubt in my mind, I know that he did not do it there's no way. I know fight over and now I was absolutely in a separate interview. Bobby's asked if he thinks it was Joe gets, who killed him
life. Based on what I know, yes, I do if he's the one who did it he talk about you know the number of different things and I believe, he's capable of it, but I could lose the freedoms that I have because of a sick man. Who did this? who admitted doing this allegedly, I'm scared but I know the truth will come out and I know that will get past. This Joe was pointing the finger at Bob and Bob was pointing it right back at Joe, while the media circus played out the investiture proceeded without any arrests.
It's been almost two weeks now since gross point part, wife and mother. Jane Bashir was found dead in her ass. You see here in Detroit, the police investigation has taken some unexpected twists and turns no one's been charged with murder. There's not much information, that's been released so far, eager to hear what happened and hopefully get the perpetrators brought to justice as time goes on your chances of solving homicide d, She's in anybody this work any investigation, homicide Taylor, who, Jane Bashir up that question now, twenty one days old, it has been through, weeks now, since chamber share was first reported missing by her husband. Bob Bob that's going on behind the scenes and we're not supposed to know everything they in the case, we don't know everything. That's going on behind the scenes and we're not supposed to know everything they to figure out. Why? Who and what was the moment
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oh code, sword for ten dollars off any order of fifteen dollars or more for new diners, so download. Grub up today and use promo code sword to enjoy the restaurants. You love delivered. on January, twenty fifth, two thousand twelve, the body fifty six year old, Jane the sheriff was discovered strength to death in the back of her merci these suv the body was discovered, her husband Bob share. I was named a person of interest. He took to polygraph tests, the results of which conflicted with each other on January. Thirty, first Joe gets. Handymen, who worked for Bob confessed killing Jane as part of a murder for higher plot, orchestrated by Bob. However Jos, third great I you cast doubt on his confession:
and he was released without charges Are we supposed to believe the handy man with a laundry list of mental diagnoses below I Q, and a history of instability and violence or the upstairs The former rotary club president, we spend, Time raising money for charity, the answer seems pretty obvious. However. As the investigation continued rumors began to circulate that Bob? Maybe hiding a few things. Reports came out that Bob had cheating on his wife chain, with a woman named Rachel Gillette Rachel, you were was one of Bob's girlfriends. He was a local lab. Clerical water shortage
we state University a girlfriend Hedy D? knowing tat his master in order for a little while in interviews bobbins did that he had in a faithful husband, were you having an affair? Now I was not unloved, my wife, I love my children and I would do nothing to hurt them. I just she was. She meant everything to me. So the report any other woman by the name of Rachel, you would or tries that as she was a good friend, that's it. It soon became clear, however, that Rachel, was more than just a good friend, but The share was not only hiding an affair. He was high. An entire second identity. A lifestyle completely unknown to his family members or highbrow friends in gross point park. It was
Perhaps he was sitting all their lives double life, as he was here, you're gonna get found out rumors charity. Had he wasn't in all their lifestyle. He was lying and manipulating people to his will Would you like a double life ass? He was yeah, you're gonna, get found out. Rumors were spreading that Bob, share, was involved in B d s m. That combines the acronyms for bondage and discipline dominance, submission and sadism and masochism, or you involved in it now you know what I don't want to get into that, because I have my children to worry about. There are so many peripheral issues that have been brought up, so many of them that I can't comment on that say anything because of my children. Let me ask you that, because of these other report,
what have you said to your children, your daughter me because of talks shimerdas affairs asked Aunt em. What have you said your son in your daughter. Don't believe what you here, don't believe you her. This is one sensationalize. This has been since have been brought up in our true. Just focus in the focused needs to be finding James Killer as more and more reports came out, the rumours were found to be true and Bob's. Dual life was exposed, Bob monsieur would go online video some websites, ten percent himself, his master Bob, he was there a dominate dominating male figure to The women who wanted to be destroyed
World of media SAM Bob is known as Master Bob Master Bob pointed out the following about himself on a media. Some website. Welcome to my world. I am Mr Bob, a complete trainer. I will open train and guide you in this lifestyle. If what you seek, is learning through doing I am here Look for you to come to me, Neil, and have all your desires and cravings open to you. Are you the four master Bob. I will make you love and enjoy the lovely mix of moderate pain and pleasure. No, true and skilled in this lovely life. So I await you. Come to me master Bob. Oh and I train several so being too to another, is a wonderful thing.
Bob's dedication to the media. Some lifestyle did not stop with internet posts, a local Many tricks named Lady Juliana, told media outlets that, according The one of her clients, Master Bob, had a secret done. In one of his properties, where he would host Beady S, M parties, bob owned residential building on MAC Avenue and rendered out the first floor to a bar called the hard luck Lounge alone is gonna be able to place. There was a I just want a little dark lounges. Great name for a tube to lose time allowance rather bar and I used to play should the place go in and drink and ahead of thoroughly decent clientele. It wasn't some sort of low down place.
We should do in their allocating drank and urges to hang out It was. You still doesn't went on a low down place like you expect patrons of the hard luck, lounge had no idea what was hidden underneath the trendy establishment was about sex dungeon was underneath the Look lounge at the back. You go there's an early behind. You could go down the alien and there's a stairway, took it down a big steel door. Industrial strikes I was here. Dungeon open this store in the basement, an your now inside Bobby Sharers secret sex dungeon. This is the first time cameras have captured what's in this space and surprise. The dungeon and made headlines that but share a denied, exist and is still stocked. Take a look at the bed in the corner. Here on the floor, or an ax up on the wall. You ll notice. A sword is still in place. A mirror looks down over the bad these hawks
used along with rope to tie people up. There's a motorized device on the floor, use your imagination and then there's this cabinet, which is filled with robe candles and other items we can't show. You won t be, ironically for a guy who owned and operated a sex. Dungeon Bob Sharer was basically impotent. Just spoke to him. I give you really exposure level of weariness. To me. Well, you ve got this whole life, EL based on sex and You can't, even in the agency for Bob media SAM was not necessarily about sexual gratification? It was about power and control. Well that is worthy of being master, Bardell Power, NASH Bob without without real bad apparently met Rachel Gillette. His mistress, through a media. Some website called, ought dot com they went.
Media, some of them together with video somebody's and, of course, Bob was not exactly forthcoming with Rachel about his marital status. Bob was was of about his marital status. Initially he said is the moors and any say out the around way out. There is probably something very guy tells his girlfriend the beginning of our relationship when I first met Mr Bush era online. He actually on his profile, had said that he was widowed and was raising a teenage daughter by self after we began dating. I found out that that was not true that the allied, but then told me that he was separated, and they. Marriage really was, for all intents and purposes over that Davis. Paraded that they live their own, very separate lives and they were in the process of getting a divorce on more. Bull occasions. Rachel attempted to leave Bob
Bob would say anything to get her back hello in the morning, my slave? I didn't understand how you can love someone stay with me and now, as we are about to be ass, he wished to leave. I cannot imagine and will not do so life without you plain and simple. Now this what we have and what we will be about is so special. We cannot whatever. It has almost been two years. Sorry if you had been tortured, I like to think of us as evolving and growing I am ready to make life changing event for you and for us at the time is happening. You again wish to leave me if, in the Bible says, love conquers are then it will bring. To where we want to be where you want to be in a home with a man who sailor I am here on that release you
man, you are my woman. I remain masters yes and may have twenty eleven Bob told Rachel. That he and Jane were officially divorced based on that lie, Bobbin Those relationships started becoming more and more serious any began. How shopping with Rachel rose Point four, while showing a home to Bob and Rachel a local. State agent when later recall, overhearing Bob talking about how he would convert different parts of the house into punish rooms and dungeons. According to the real estate agent, Bob was all so interested in how many people would be able to fit in the shower amount. And being that real estate agent. What do you do in a dish the House hunting Bobbin
Rachel were also searching for another potential housemaid master by referred to Rachel as his slave, and the two of them were search, for another slave to round out a dominant submissive, three way relationship theirs for a new slave was document by blog posts published by Rachel on all dot com are knowledgeable, saw says the post you're about to see were put up by Rachel Gillette using the screen name M Bs Underscore Bela envy stands for Master Bob Slave and Bela means beautiful. All Two thousand eleven envy Ass Bela posts. We are looking for a special girl, a third round, our relationship, someone who live with us on a full time, permanent basis who is free to commit, being part of a loving, nurturing male dominated home master by. Is the head of our relationship. The potion
that for years they were seeking out another woman for three way. Relationship known as a triad here is opposed from Yes Bela from September two thousand ten. We are for one unique individual who can fit with us and our personalities and attractive female ages from late thirties, too. Early fifties must be able to relocate to us, willing to Bay, his directions concerning finances, health issues and self growth, in fully employed according The blog posts Barbershop Anders Mistress, found the woman they were seeking last November. Posting. As envy Us Triad, Rachel Gillette rights. We are Through these slash S Triad, a group of three, after Bob is the head of our home, respected and cared for by his two lovely slaves, Bela and J, In mid january of this year, blog posts say Bashir flew to Oregon to meet the third female slave and the triad of a dagger. This one woman in Oregon
and yet, and so, interested in huge, curious, a person. She wasn't exactly. I dont know how into which she was with Bob other method, and it was a disaster predictably, and so this is stop. It was born on peripheral to Jane Eyre. Murder. Though things didn't really work out with JANET, Lehman their new slave Bobby It'll picked out a house on Kensington Avenue and Gross point park during the winter of two thousand. Twelve apparently tie, of creeping around in the shadows. Bob was adding to become master Bob full time. The only thing that stood in his way, though, was Jane but share his wife a source close to Jane monsieur. I says if she was aware: Bob's, alternative lifestyle and his plans with these other women. She did not share it with your friends you have bought
was planning to set up shop with these women in a new home. How would Jane fit into the picture? Just two days for Bob and Rachel were set to close on their new house. Jane Bush his body was found strangled to death in the back of her suv on March. Fifth, two thousand of forty one days after Jane Bashar was murdered, joke was arrested for this. In time he came in. There was something on air The child custody deal with his daughter, so you are entering in another county and demand for there and there they receive their handyman, tell gaps as under arrest for the murder of a shared, the forty eight year old handyman, whose confession with prior was not taken seriously. Was charged with murder. This office charge Joseph gets.
Murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. On March the fifth of this year, MR gives said since been held and the weighing honey jail as currently awaiting his court date on his companies to hearing the scheduled for July. Twenty third: in the thirty six district court, Bob Gira was a person of interest, but no charges have been brought against him. Nevertheless, public opinion on Bob had shifted family members were no longer defending. Him Rachel Gillette. His mistress wanted nothing to do with it then on April. Twenty six Bashir of former Mistress Rachel Gillette filed for a personal protection order. She claims she is terrified of Bush era and feared she could end up dead like his wife in her personal protection order, Rachel wrote the following Very concerned about my safety in around my home. Due to the Erasmus
above the shower. The time of his. Why Jane bazaars death? I have tried it since myself from him, I've him repeatedly that I want no further relationship with him and asked them to stop contact me and to leave me alone. He has refused to respect my repeated are classed as contact me, a email o halls through France, has come to my house and invited on more than one occasion he's delivered enough to drive different vehicles when it comes to my house and I'll park on Airbus streets rather than in front of my house? as a result of his conduct. I wonder doctors, care and I've been prescribed several medications to help me controlling society and distress of the trauma caused Bob genre. During the three years of our relationship. When I tried several times to break up with them, he stopped me both at home and at work
He has consistently stated if I were to move, he would find me after his wife's death I realise this is much more of a danger to me than I ever imagined before him terrified that he will hurt me actions, and the fact that he refuses to listen to my pleas for him to leave me alone makes me intimidated by him. And I feel, threatened and frightened that he will escalate has behaviors of he becomes angry. More importantly, the fact tat his wife was found strangle terrifies me because I it could happen to me He knows that I'm a potential witness for the prosecution for the case regarding game, Bashar, AL murder and I'm afraid of what might happen to me if he is charged, because you won't leave me alone now I'm terrify what he'll do effort
called as a witness for this case. But Rachel Gillette was not the only potential witness that Bob Share was growing worried about doing. Time Joe gets was still awaiting trial in Wayne County jail. While he was waiting for the final this, Position of his case, he was only a wind county jail and Bob decided Q and twenty two cited that he should probably put out ahead. To that end here, because bomb, of course experience hitman Could I get on yet in the jail ass, though he, with some guy yourselves used. Furniture and appliances. And you say you know, anybody can do it. For me, this guy, but use furniture salesman goes to the cops answers Some guy just asked me to help him put out a hidden somebody
and so on. It won't wire and Bob Aunt Kate, asking about. You know how to do. It would go down again when the jail House and was it Bob was caught, soliciting murder, yo gets on June. Twenty sixth, two thousand twelve the sheriff was arrested. Seldom do the eighth through an including Abdul, the twenty fifth. We are alleging that this defend at Mister Bashar met with Another person, not a law enforcement officials on several occasions for the purpose of hatching aid plan to kill MR against in the jail are evidence, will show that Mr Bashar AL paid there's exchange of money. This other individual to kill. Mr gets further investigations show that this was not the
person that Mr Bashar solicited kill, MR gets accordingly, we are today, charging missed was charged with one count solicitation to murder as any term of years up to life in prison. We expect that Mr Bush it will be a range of day at the thirty six to support at one o clock p m Bob, tempted to explain his actions as those of an angry grieving husband seeking revenge on his I've murderer bombs, explanation was, here, are some guy killed your wise when you want him dead when she want revenge, ok about plausible breaks, and so Bob put out today I didn't thinking, while Please allow me to get old ideal. It is I'm guilty of this, but I'm sure not guilty of murder. On October, eleventh Bob pleaded Tea to solicitation to murder. Here is a man who hire someone to kill a witness,
When a case, that's going to view a witness potentially against himself during the course of an investigation into the investigation, was why mortar Bob sentencing hearing was held to later on December, tenth Joe against who was awaiting trial for the murder of Jane Bassorah, provided the following impact statement. First, Turning to read in court was taken to the court is as follows. I have been telling the two from the beginning. Bob is used me and threaten me, he told me he had friends and the mafia and would have me killed, Rob try to make. Look, bad! So no one would believe me. I was afraid for my life because he said get to me anywhere, even jail. I went to the police, know believe me, I am still in fear and don't feel safe anywhere. This isn't just against the impact statement
Bob Matera was sentenced to a minimum of eighteen months in prison with a maximum sentence of twenty years eleven days later, Joe against scented a plea deal in his own case. At the time there was an agreement Ganz would testify against Bob and help them get Bob. The instigator of this entire episode he could go. Second degree charge Joe against pleaded. Tea to second degree murder in the death of Jane a sheriff. In his mouth what happened yeah, What I have done, my friends But here, how're you. Yes,
You are, as you know, last long Tuesday February nineteenth two thousand thirteen just get was sentenced to between seventeen and twenty eight years in prison. Finally, in April of two thousand teen over a year after Jean Michel, was strangled by joggins in her garage, her husband, Bob Bush era was charged. Connection with murder As you all know, the death of Jane Pasha Bizarre took place one year and three months. On January, the twenty fourth of two thousand and twelve today Robert with Sarah, has been charged with one count. A first degree, premeditated murder was cares of mandatory life in prison without the possible Ro Bob Ashura was also charged with conspiracy to commit first degree murder. So station to commit murder, witnessing
mediation and obstruction of justice Bob trial began in October of two thousand fourteen, and although mode, the footage of the trial was never released to the public. The pieces of Testimony that were released are both reveal and disturbing with each new witness. Bob's actions, as well as the underlying motivations of those actions, become more and more clear, during her lifetime. You knew Jane the sheriff yes, and what was your relationship to you and do you know the defendant, Mister Robert Shara, yes and his relationship to you on October, twenty third two thousand thirteen Bob's daughter Jessica, was to the stand. Additionally, during high school, I found him I'm pornographic websites. Okay, we found him and pornographic website did that cause trouble in the household he asked me alone and two thousand the same room. What happened? You were. Ok, let me get this straight. You got
a room where everybody worked on computer Together we have computers in that room, my brother myself here? Ok, so you were in the room working on your computer, yes and your father relevant working on the computer in you spotted something the computer while you're on the room. He asked them other come! Ok! All dotcom, ok, Bob was surfing media. Some websites with his daughter in the same room and when just just started to doubt his innocence, Barbara. It her in a phone call with yet another one of his mistresses, a woman named Teresa Griffin, a call which was actually played for the jury in the phone call Bob and given trash his daughter for apparently turning against him.
Unfortunately, the way she thinks she saw spoiled by you well, she's waiting. Clearly she sighted people work and ensure the prosecution gotcha. James Sister, sure James there I'll get through Toby Twentieth Jane Sister, defied that she had once found a journal entry written by Jane titled. Why we fight it? Read makes class doesnt tell me boss. As he says things he doesn't I trust what he says about sex. Things without talking to me how's it going out with guys JANET Lehman the woman. Oregon, who Bob and Rachel wanted to move in with them, testified that boy came to visit her he was violent and abusive to her.
Even by the standards of the media, some community, according you, her testimony Bob forcefully introduced her to something called breath play also known, as erotic expectation, hands around my neck. And then I saw stars Did you pass out? I believe I general disasters the trials etched on for over two months. Acquaintances friends and family members continued to provide small pieces of testimony that, when pieced together reveal a sickening and detailed portrait of Bob genre. Wayne County prosecutor, LISA Lindsey use All of the evidence to make the argument that Bob had hired Joe gets to killed Jane so that could be free to pursue a life with Rachel July.
Three out of his words. A hall novelty out The reality is different. Reality Finally, we are working on. It was a reality with the words of a man masturbated s greatest. Let me ask for his words. He named name's himself mass in the area and create another world in this.
As he said, gently one email soon. You will feel my passion, that's out from man rather right now, there's a man who feels powerful love a door. That is the reality. Created a lie at the Bdsm Mastu Mastu Papa and he had a life Asbury President and was James. He created one world, he was living in another and those two worlds: Even those worldwide On December eighteenth, two thousand fourteen master Bob was found guilty on all five
Mr one person while writing his book. Steve Miller, held a number of conversations with Bob himself. We ask based on those conversations and his in depth, knowledge of the case. What exactly he thought drew. Bob Sharer to kill his wife people here. Do you know the motive you're gonna sailor modem is sir, do you want out of his life and and use the iraqi people by the markets, which will cost me a lot of money, would say well, Jane, made all the money, and so couldn't get a divorce her because I need have no money. Happens to a lot of people. Nobody in the joint wife for their spouse. Rarely and when they do it gets a book.
But now I there's you think about reasons you think somehow that was bred in him over the years. Your brain, psyche develops can develop in a really positive way, really negative way about cases. Something went prillie really wrong with his said development process The point where he thought the homicide is ok at his sensing hearing by put his arrogance on full display and went down, swinging, one of my life The new job losses I do I love you. Nothing I did not to spoil with anyone, especially MR
Nor did I saw him for this. I must say to James fairly, I want to say to my mother and my children. The removal of the stock, waiting for justice the fool My heroes law comes from my eyes and I think my last appeal, these charges, innocent of anything to do with my wife. I will never forgive myself sport, My family, specifically to Jane.
My heart saddened. The prosecution and this law enforcement agencies. My family. I used to tell me They have turned everyone away from me. I am reminded of the story, real job clearly that I know we're near waneless as job was before the war. Done things in my life, one hundred percent proud of absolutely My mother was listening to this absolutely nothing to do with
vonder Evans proceeded to tear him apart. Exposing him for the predator. He really is Jane, was physically destroyed. On January twenty, four two thousand and twelve. But she was mentally and emotionally destroy. Buy you a long time not only you orchestrate and parks as the pay and take her life. You try to destroy our sole long before she was murdered. She'd bringing women into your marital b. While she was away with your children looking for schools for them to it. Why Your lies where your truth. Saying and doing anything to get what you want it at her expense. Orchestrated by her husband, which she loved and adored, I can only imagine the heartbreak she felt no at the man
by her husband, which she loved and adored. I can only imagine the heartbreak. She felt no. The man that's a bow to protect. Her would be the one that would destroy And just like that, Bob was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. His appeals All been denied all that's gonna, do it for this case? Could master MIKE's gotta run
if you like the show please leave us a friendly review on Apple pod, casts and join us on Facebook, twitter and instant until next time. Don't join a triad and stay safe. Do you need something to listen to you next week this other show from cast media
I am Jake the tool. I'm Jamie, be me, and we are your house of certainly sucking reach. Europe showed we're gonna, bring you a new stock in case covering the ins and outs of each stalker, their victim and there's a knife. She hated me. So might she found my stepmother blinded her and then was caught, making a plan to attack me with my stepmother? He shows up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes you look like just grab and lily from the fifth element hasn't. He looks at me very intense, leading US stock. You will hear what the commissioner will do. Anything or not. We carry about Comstock, laudably predator stock in me for forty four years was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom, a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my idea. It was like I'm coming and I'll see you on this day. I was sick and responding to, and then it was like a verification of. Like I said all of a sudden, I hear a knock at the door. I opened the door and there they exploit something element standing in front of me with a backpack, and he looked at me and he said a new era kind of panic because it isn't Larry. He followed me my workplace and he grabbed me put men the door and with thy Unblock they unblock may why'd. He brought me: I'm dragged through a time Jamie, baby, strictly stocking mares. On January, we subscribe one apple podcast spot of my weary
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