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During the early morning hours of September 22nd, 2010, 13-year-old Alexis Mitchell awoke to the sight of her father looming over her and wearing a Halloween mask. His hands were around her neck, but he let up after she elbowed and bit him. Either having passed out or fallen asleep again thinking it was all a dream, Alexis eventually woke again up to the sound of screaming. 

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Hey did you know, there's a place. We can get all the way to true crime headlines five days a week, it's called sword and scale daily and it's hosted by me Ryan Williams. Money. Through Friday, we break down all the crazy case is going on in the country and around the globe. If you What's going on before everyone talking about it, subscriber sort, unskilled daily on Apple podcast, Spotify Stitches tune in or anywhere you. He was near podcast and stay safe. Jordan scale, contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences? Listen discretion is advised
how's your grandfather. For years, all my daughter's try to break and withdraw we'd all your he's alive. On alive, we don't know, what's going on below and welcome to season five, a business one. Seventeen of sword and scale show that reveals that the worst monsters are real. This is our last episode before summer Break, so we ve picked something that we think will adequately terrify you and leave you with a significant amount of trauma and mental anguish until we get back and that
Be in MID July for all keeping score keeping it feels like, lot of even catching up anyway. This is the first where we ve put out shows every week and there's a lot to go through, especially since Nowadays. You have a lot more choices in the form of true costs and entertainment back in twenty fourteen. There is pretty much us and forensic files speaking a lot of you have been asking about. The tv show that hinted at a lot and I can't really say much about it still, but rest assured that we are scheduled to start filming this month, so all I can say is yet stated. Of course, if you feel like you're still not getting enough had on over to our patriotic, there will be thirty four cap research. By the time you hear this episode on the regular feed. Thirty so the plus, which range from thirty and it's to an hour there, news whereas you haven't heard told in the same distinct unmatched certain
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our egos can be our worst enemy in college. I had a friend named Rich Hannah Buddy, who would hang out with us often I'll call him Steve, Steve was kind of passion. I say this: he was kind of a dorky guy. I mean I liked him. A lot he was really nice, overly polite, always smiling, and joking and like us yet cool hobbies like racing and music, that we would often talk about a rich went up to college. Few hours away in temper and one day we decided to go visit him Steve was gonna drive and we. Then the weekend at richest, place drinking and hanging out like old times. The sadder after we arrived, we went over to the club house at Riches apartment complex, they had a pool table there
We decided the pale at all and have some more beer, we'd already been drinking quite a bit. I'll just be honest. We were kind of slashed, but we were just joking around and having what I thought was a great time in good spirits. Being three healthy, twenty something you're old males. Somehow the topic shifted to talking about girls, as it often does Steve Volunteer debt
who's gonna down about the fact that he had met a girl in a long time and he hasn't had a serious girlfriend in several years rich- and I were kind of trying to make me feel better, although neither of us really had a girlfriend at the time either, but Steve seem to get more and more depressed, the more we talked. He said something derogatory about himself and I tried once again to make him feel better. I said something like don't worry about it. Man soon, as you stop focusing on it, I'm sure you'll meet someone that is in the verbatim quote. It has been several years since the sensitive, but it does encapsulate the general sentiment just trying to be nice, supportive, but good friend, but
something had suddenly a revocable e snapped Steve went from zero to sixty. He snapped in a way I've never seen before or since, and I hope I never see again. He took his pool cue and suddenly he smashed it against the corner of the billiard table as hard as he could. He then pointed the now sharp half stick at my face aggressively and shouted fuck. You man fuck you for a minute there. I was sure he was about to stab me death by poor q shitty way to go, but then instead he just stormed off. I think he cried a little bit, I'm not sure to this day rich, and I still bring it up every now and then and wonder what the fuck happened in his mind that day,
What could cause someone to snap like that, suddenly seemingly unprovoked, I think it was ego. I think he didn't want to be told by someone like me. What to think or how to act? Maybe he saw me as inferior in his own mind and the thought that someone inferior would be giving him relationship. Vice finally made that depression morph into rage. In any case, a few hours later, he came back and apologized, but never really explained that drive home the next day, really sucked first those than you
we have a classic to ten? a dot, no did, you know which hospital did you know why there This is Joseph Mitchell, he remembers going to bed on September 21st, two thousand and ten at around eight hundred and thirty p dot m. The next thing you can recall is waking up in bed. Duke University Hospital. Do you remember telling dollars at university that about a year ago, I didn't run away from home several times and you made your way to yeah
state of. Made your way ten years yes knows there, make your way y know, sir, were raised by friends on. You also tell you play football baseball, Universal Joe, insists that he can't remember saying any of this that he can remember any of his interactions since the evening of the twenty first of all. To do call to do psychiatrist coming in to talk to you on the 23rd Ah
haven't you. Before that time that you know why you leave hospital, did you know You sure, and all of us who do not know at the time of this. Testimony is March of twenty fifteen, and a lot has changed since Joe woke up in the hospital in September of twenty term was, he is alive season. It's been nearly five years since Joe last spoke to Christine receives long
it wasn't it. An employee, I do not myself. My feelings Yes, I do. Asylum, but older relationship the worst things the better. We sincerely We would be King bed, ok Oh the title what were your feelings towards Christine back in twenty ten
yes, how can that be? Yes, I woke up in a hospital. Have you been able to speak to her Joe and Christine? Had three kids together, Lexi, their eldest was their only daughter, then came Devon, and in February of two thousand They gave birth to their youngest child. Blake fleeting was asked in that disdain. He wouldn't one more. We
In the face of this challenge. The sun was elevated, a rare in someone's. You say: go where but precisely the number three. There will always be the case. So readily because if we really want to be absolutely I would say I was I didn't know it was right. The right time for a sound kit but all the time it always accept. It didn't work out or at the very least, not for long I noticed in your direct examination. When I ask you to tell us about blade that you would speak about him in the present tense, you know what I mean when I say present tense.
Yes, because to me he's still here, What, me to come- he's not here. You, in the morning when you're working a volleyball pictures for Lexie's volleyball team did you have any plan to harm any member of your family? No, I did not that afternoon when you made your fantasy football trade for the. Upcoming weekend? Did you have any plan to hurt your kids or your wife, or anybody in the household? when you went to bed on September, 21st, two thousand and ten yourself,
what No, I didn't, Thursday September, twenty first, twenty ten hills North Carolina Christine Mitchell, headed to bed at around eight thirty pm, her husband of twelve years Joe Mitchell, had already fallen did you lose? what are you awake Yes, We are waiting for nine years. How are you kids came in and hey. I asked legacy.
Which, like key for me, Nor is there do you know what they say you got a bit of emails, are thinking. Pending at the time, and I had better go to bed now, I'm after they went out. Did you go? You go back to bed to go back to sleep. Christine went back to sleep, but at some point during the night. Thirteen year old, daughter, Alexey walk her up again. Do you use
The roman She said that he's trying to hurt us and what did you do? Are you dumb devil right now in the whole, and I said where is it he's in the office worried that Joe be having a nervous breakdown Christine over the office to try to talk to him. Turning to in the the law, the click click it along we tried to show the way a bang it couldn't get. It Christine continued to try to get her husband to open the door, but it seemed ass though he was actively trying to keep her. I waste bang under contract to shoulder the door. I know her head.
Said. I thought it was some type of an entirely attack of some sort I said I thought it was some type of anxiety in attack of some sort the open him not to do this now. This wasn't timings would look at all We will not able to get here prior to exceed the kids. Put in my city, be together. And I knew they would be Besides, work on the four year old Blake was the Mitchell's young. Child. When I moved the time, is a minimum of thirty seconds. My head baby Why
Oh my king attention first sitting with great us all They didn't write I picked them the ground, bad c mere Christine's father, PETE Paralel? He lived in the house with the Mitchell family on the evening of the twenty first. He had arrived home just before midnight. I can dwell I myself. Again, we were wrong, one. John. Notice about the eye surgery and they decided that I was going to take a sleeping. I told him I would have set for water.
Lay down the road. Upstairs which I running around. Investigate when I went upstairs My daughter was at the oars jobs office. Trying she says This is at a time like this I didn't understand what do you want to call the police now. Let's get maybe this is this: is this call the police, so I started calling the police and then I'm calling the police. I just thought I'd. They had, like you downstairs My daughter was,
firstly to him and he was like a dog p called nine when one at around twelve thirty am one way. There's something I oughta young boy, my son in law. We have, we need Android, send police, please we have an emergency young boy, my my grandchild, you was, we can't wake him up. The father got a rule. We don't know. What's going on, I everybody screaming and tell me what I don't know my daughter's up there is your husband is in a study, will come out and not as a young boy all use all. We can't wake him up. In the background of the call you can hear Christine screaming ass, she tries desperately to wake her son up there. How this is it
in fact my grandfather's for use all my daughter's trying to break into a dual we'd, all all these alive or not alive. We don't know. What's going on, I'm taking you wait, your grandson of. Aren't you actually close to hand down stairs. I get my phone, your fears have you weren't, where you type waken from the moment. The may all along the bedroom, my daughter, Cristina having heard peed on the phone with nine when one brought Blake down to the living room to continue CPR I'm sorry I can give you my daughter's worry I'll, show you how you screaming about. We don T go out. Ok, I'm going to do something? We don't know that?
It is debatable. Even now Do something we do you, ok, ok, PETE tries to remain calm, but the reality of the situation suddenly catches up to. I glanced around my orders and bigger individually good reputation, not breathing completely illegally Are you ok, nervous mobility to now? I know why they re. Maybe I was about somebody that I can pass through the back. Maybe help yard at some point, PETE Goose across the street, to ask for help from one of the neighbors Cynthia Ross. Who is
registered nurse. I saw late lying on the floor with Christine holding him and blue. She was to entrust impressions and I saw TAT an election. In their crying and PETE. Was there s I need now on fan, and so I mainly got down and start doing. Just impressions were conditionally murmur black beard I come under community situation when asked what happened, but I just knew he wasn't. Breathing My assumption was, he fell or not a bad retaken, something Unitas. I knew that you just wasn't breathing and this Christine had assess them. So I just began just impressions. I kept thinking to myself. Minister breathing Siena Hastiness operating he's, gonna, be ok. Cynthia continued, giving cpr counting out sets of thirty chess compressions, followed by two breaths until first responders awry.
So they were first to people that came and they were setting up and held two Phoebe later and and wanes. Something was sent continue, established no you're doing greatest, keep doing what you doing and said they were settled Defibrillator and They got a path and we shot in continued. Pressure, not continue to do it and our during that time to a sheer came in, I was asked Christine sitting by us in the house and then when she said yes just syrian presence upstairs and that night I nearly oh, he was an empty before I'm thinking. Why you're doing this of his he's in the house less than the sheer sir said in and there's all these people start coming around and I was still to entrust impressions and the sheriff went off and not in the door no one answered, and he said, I'm in love,
store down an idea, and at that point he yelled uneatable appear now, doing just impressions an onlooker. And my husband is at the door with the structure and I'm thinking to myself what unites and then more people came and took over, but I remembered just impressions and Christine standing there, whether can't sing, save my baby save her baby. And I just knew save your baby like I was an emotional I just like to do this at twelve. Fifty eight a m Paramedics arrived at the Mitchell residents and continued working on Blake a short time later. Blake was transported to the Duke Universe. Hospital where you got to do? Is
early Southlake, where they sell the team, liver substation at the medical staff was unable to reestablish a heartbeat and at one hundred and forty four, a dot m resuscitation, attempts were ended. An autopsy would later reveal but the cause of death was expectation. In my opinion, the cause of death, in this case, with tee due to a six year or the lack of oxygen to his brain, this plan for whatever reason either, because airway is included and somehow in person, cannot bring in air day or the blood or if the blood flowed the brain is stopped.
In some way that causes lack of us into the brain force. The brain is very sensitive and requires oxygen almost continually to continue to function properly when the oxygen is not applied to the brain death can occur very quickly, while all of this had been laying out on the main room of the Mitchell Home Joe, was still inside the office. Upstairs you you do. We see there's nothing. He was ass. Durham, county sheriffs, Deputy Chris Vermilion was helping to provide medical attention when he heard what he would later describe as a crashing sound coming from the upper level of the home. You heard what a widow stairs and turned to the left, and I saw them
whether there at the door of the bedroom, where apparently better. I knows the doors was cracked deadly weapon What is new about trying to open the door to door slammed back on our own and between the two of us. We pushed the door open, slyly, five, six inches above my head and there's all eyes. Mr Mitchell leaned up against the back door of his legs. Blade outwards, there's life, it is right here, poor boy, I'll return everywhere, then he looks like he's dead without a lot of blood Sudan that guy went downstairs. I stayed upstairs at that at the door. Like a push and I find it out away. I Sweden's I kick the live off,
towards death, there was in the room when I was unconscious. There's three stab wounds to like a stern America There's two small ones, that'll in a larger one and a large slice to the left side of his neck, and I guess that's where the blood came from, that I was standing and how would you describe a lot of blood it didn't look like it was even soaking in the carpet. There was so much based on the amount of blood deputy vermilion, initially assume that John Mitchell was dead. But after observing that Jos Chest was still rising and falling the deputy helped carry him downstairs on a stretcher took an outsider down the front steps he was placed in the front door.
There is only one ambulance and they put the charming now led away. Call. Another aim was to obtain this image. Lastly, Joe is taken of the hospital where he would undergo surgery for self inflicted wounds. Meanwhile, Blake's to other siblings. Ten year old, divine and thirteen year old, Alexis had been taken over the name house at about two. Fifty a M Corporal Lehne Roberts went over to talk with them and figure out what happened. Corporal Roberts interviewed divine first and noted the following is easily anyway, because his bare hands were over mouth then. Is there put his hands well, then said but it is too long He says It came back and do the same thing now, then said is dead. Again came back and do the same
the third time sort of tragedies that sounds away from his mouth and sort of yellow. This came here he said: is the sort of life he could see as their. Where are you? jacket and gloves the yellow jacket will also asthma. He said he was in the winner takes in the school there he said he saw Alexis, run out of the room and going to his mom's room and saw his dad going to the office In other words, this is Fears is always mantra, try to get into the office, but she couldn't get here. He said I'll try to wake Blake up, but he wouldn't wake up. Devin said his mom did CPR on Blake Roberts then spoke with Lexi She says she woke up to hands on her throat pussy the law she said. Bit his finger.
She said she thought it was a dream. Molasses, her black screen, but it is obvious that this is done. For care when Alexis She saw me off me get off me she's. She ran to the boys room our dad with his hands over those mouth Alexis. She try to get out of here were their gradual, rather mass again. She said and ran to get her more electricity. The elder among my dad's attacking us. She said her mom ran to the office Alexis. He said he when a bigger blake- and she thought I was just sleep and she led him or her mouths there unless the same amount, back into the room.
Simply all Blake Mitchell strangled his four year old son attacked his two other children and then locked himself in his office. He attempted to commit suicide stabbing himself three times in the chest and then slitting. Don't throat, but what could have caused this unprovoked, unimaginably violent attack? What could make a man like this suddenly snap. Its grub hub, if you haven't used grub, you gotta, give it a try. Every possible type of cuisine in your area comes right to your door. I mean you haven't used Grubhub, you gotta, give it a try every possible
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king, together with break through technologies like advanced Imaging and Neuro Navigational systems, our team diagnosis, entreats any condition from brain tumors to brain injury and beyond, learn more at virtual dot. Org, slash, pen, brain. He wasn't do Mitchell. It was like he was possessed. That is what Cynthia Ross the neighbor, who came over to give Blake CPR, told reporters after the attack. Pete Jos, Father in law, would tell investigators that Joe must have snapped. You see Joe Mitchell was not known to be violent person prior to the attack. In fact, according to his family and friends, he was quite the opposite, making it difficult for those who knew him to comprehend. Have this harm non confrontational man that they knew so well could have done something like this,
here in an interview with investigators, Jos, wife, Christine what state I think, in fifteen years. I can recall him. Raising his voice may be two or three times, maybe think about that after being married Joe for over a decade and raising three kids with them Christine could only recall him raising his voice two or three times on the surface. That might see my he'll. After all, nobody wants to argue all the time, but there was a deeper problem, quoting the Christine. Instead of getting into an argument, Joe, would simply ignore her.
And when you get ignored how long or how? How long was it see that you were getting home with problems in his marriage? This seems to have been his approach toward all of life's problems, putting on a happy face and pretending that everything was going to be fine but, as we all know, most of life's problems don't solve themselves and when they aren't addressed, they get worse and worse. And worse until they reach a breaking point.
Do we pay we, maybe we will. We will make a very tight by late twenty ten Joe, the families primary source of income had been out of work for about two years. They will. He was the man of households and was uninfluenced. Job. This period of unemployment was just the latest in a long string of financial difficulties dating back to at least two thousand one. Would you go out with me both the first piquant usually ills. That was the first thing. Any any extra cricket In recent decades didn't happen
anything they ask for weed to tell him no two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten Joe picked up a few odd jobs. Christine did some daycare work, but it wasn't enough to stay afloat. The bills piled up and eventually the bank foreclosed on their home. On September, seventh, two thousand and ten two weeks before the death of Blake Mitchell, a real estate agent left a notice on the Mitchell store to see if the occupants had vacated that same day, Joe called the agent to inform her that his family had not made
preparations to leave the home. She advised him that he had two options: option one. If the family remained on the property, they would be evicted option two. If they agreed to leave on their own, they could participate in a cash for keys programme in which the bank would offer them money. In exchange for vacating the property within fourteen days, Joe told the real estate agent that he would rather do the cash Keys programme. Obviously, she informed him that anyone over the age of eighteen who lived in the house would need to sign the agreement, meaning that both Christine and her father PETE would need to come in for a meeting Joe told her that Christine and PETE were out of town for a couple of weeks, so he scheduled a meeting for September eighteenth when Christine and PETE would be back in town. The thing is:
They never left town in the first place during the month of September, two thousand thousand in our daily work. Here you know you go in there now or or visit a friend of the eighteenth. Around and Joe showed up to the meeting alone. He told the real estate agent that his father in law had moved out of the house, which was untrue. He also said that he would have Christine sign the agreement and send it over the facts, but Christine was never told about any cash for keys agreement at all the evening now
program, cash for keys. You had any conversations that all would the defendant about cash for keys or or move out agreement show had let Christine to believe that the bank was going to let them keep the house. What you believe in the process of being fixed process of being faced with that was the name of the bank was working with us and then would be fine at the time that you did. You know that the that the house,
Why do you do Did you get it I didn't he hadn t worry about me. He had no worries and worry about something else. I chose to Syria they talk about things I didn't want them to worry. I wanted them. Just to live their lives just They now cuz, I'm always have. I will figure it out Joe, had avoided this problem as long as he possibly could procrastinating the inevitable this was the end of the road. Is family was going to be there, and there was nothing he could do to make it go away, but shockingly Joe
was still finding ways to ignore the problem. My philosophy was the same he was as long as we do, because they don't want to help when we can come up with a game plan. My game? All these amazing was too late. You deserve it. Cash will keep me. I said that sure buy us more time, because precision how him get I am delighted to see cities just we had Hey scenario he said: do you guys do still have to go through the whole, process We have lots of times. Similarly, it was due to their day and I don't think it would do it. I will. I know what to do with guy that day, but I mean
You know As I see it was wrong we realised during most us two years they were in trouble. Really does a manifest evidence. Over controls on Emotional states He actually described size compartmentalizing. He used the word compartmentalized problem, life and agitated, based on a psychiatric review of all the descriptions of his behaviour. That is certainly an accurate excursion per by nature, his person? assumes many unreasonable, really fine work,
he puts his face, regardless of what is happening he does not in a fashion is too I should do. With problems problems that even calls himself percent of ass pushes and charges on taking care of my country's tears and assumes everything will be just hunky, dory when many individuals, myself included, would be reinstated. Panic, even though he would never outwardly express it. The stress of the situation was getting to Joe. Yes,. Leslie There were nice the family knew. I had problems sleeping, so I will try to go to sleep before everybody, so I can get
and then they will come and kiss me goodnight, very gently cuz. If they know, if I woke up, I wouldn't got to go back That was a big problem in standard lie with another problem. So I look to my wife who's, my doctor, text my daughter, and she will come up with all these different plans on how to get sleep. You know she had You look things up on the internet and all this kind of stuff in it easy you may. Suddenly We make some melatonin when the enemy, what we do. Different things to to see. Never work, Then there was there is another element. We tried to do
Is by the summer of twenty ten Joe was hardly sleeping at all this summer, I've only doing solar power we certainly want to ours. Some of it was similar because Summer is old. The of Debbie. Never please also season because play immensely. He swam anything else. So these are really really had been so please keep the schedule. Swimming. It was there Two. I think I slept a we were,
it was rough in now. Let me know where those without those also knows that it is those who know whether some lessons there is. A lesson is Joe was being consumed by the stress of his financial situation. His life was about to come crashing down and there was nothing he could do to stop. It falls because The second was gonna modern day.
If he wasn't going to be exposed on September 22nd September 22nd was going to be a day that triggered the events that would have had led to his exposure because once eviction proceedings before his family knows only a matter of time in a very short matter of time before the neighborhood knows force children of when Joe Mitchell regained consciousness at Duke University Hospital after he had killed his son, he claimed that he didn't remember anything since he went to bed on September twenty first he gave,
suicide, suicidal in tat player. He didn't homicidal ideation. In regard to his inside, he denied any aware or were memory of his soul injury or the events related to his son staff. This is doctor Grace Thrall, a psychiatrist who evaluated show at the hospital in the days following the attack, patient denies ever having thought that life is not worth living or thought of his life. For anyone to use his funding will be better off without the patient was asked, He was dealing with the news of his son's death. He stays that everything is surreal. Izakaya tree team commented that he did not think that, or just Mr Mitchell stated
that he will be able to really believe it. When he sees his family, he has not yet spoken does work or children. He wouldn't have an opportunity to speak to his wife until his trial. Four and a half years later, Joe was charged with first degree murder to come. Of attempted first degree, murder an account of second degree murder for good measure when his case went to trial in February of twenty fifteen, he pleaded not guilty if you ever had any ill will in your horn for the license. Never had any malice in your heart or mind towards Alexis did you you will never ever
Have you ever had any ill will in your hardwood lay ever. If you ever had any malice in your heart or mind for those like us, defense team admitted that Joe killed Blake and attacked his two other children. But they also argued that he was not aware of his actions on the night of September, twenty first and twenty second and therefore could not be found guilty of murder. This might be sounding a lot like an insanity defence, but instead of claiming insanity, Jos Defence team was claiming automaticism, which is illegal term for a sleep. Fucking defence for Islam is known he's too maybe use
pure substance abuse. Well, Sir strangulation only occurs in about three percent of cases of non infants. Always a mother suffering from postpartum depression? So if you take those out, those are by strangulation. Drown proofing. Take us out This is a serious one. No
with respect to a child and him. So in eighty, seven percent of the cases study it's the same method of killing for both of filicide and suicide. There's no event planning, usually in a filicide suicide situation. You see some advance planning find welding. Where does the Harrison wise? So here is Doctor George Coffin, a forensic psychiatrist who testified for the defense sue me The Corbett testified that Joe was likely suffering from a rare disorder known as non ram. Paris, Omnia is ace the solar manifest
My stories, you will a combination of parts of your brain affected to be awake, parts of your brain effectively he still asleep and engaging in Hamburg. There is unusual, but for forensic purposes consciously to the person engaging in that combat. Have you ever heard that you shouldn't try to wake up asleep Walker? Well, here's, why were they lose phrases that those individuals tend to get from there? I get up from bed, I don't mean wake up, but I mean get out of the bed. And they woman tend to be engaging in these sort of non Nancy mitigate against until something has until somebody passed away, Well, there's a loud noise or somebody trusted what they're doing Not so much a children's children, this is frequently observe sleep more frequently observing children, but not
with violence associated between adults? Have these not room resource their higher incidence, statistically engaging by when they do engaging buyers tends to occur once they encounter a, russian allowed movies somebody stopped and touches and grab some southern idea. An act of violence or Russian will begin. In other words, if Joe was sleep walking, any interruption could have triggered a violent tapirs As we already know, the attack began just after Christine's, Father PETE Para leaning arrived home. Presumably making some noise on his way and allow lorries away The loud noise be, for example, a loud muffler noise that loud noise could be
the law. Courts could be Gries WAR sounds it could be. The sound of somebody in every house and shutting the door is due to this happened up stairs just shortly after Mr Perry. That is what I understood from the wreckers. Yes, according to Doktor corvette sleep. Walking could also provide an explanation for those inability to recall the attack after the fact, and so given the co, those still asleep, they all have I'm really are those that far there's a lot of sceptics out there I mean you're, probably one of them. This all sounds too convenient to be true right. Well as crazy, as this theory might seem, there was a lot of evidence to back it up. For starters, some of the details of the attack,
plain bizarre. When Joe attacked his children, he was wearing a yellow, fleeced jacket that belonged to his wife and a pair of gardening gloves. He had also got a new storage space to retrieve Halloween mask which he left. Unlike sees bed according to divide. His father exhibited repetitive behaviour, which is often associated with sleep walking music about less was miserable state lose wrongs, his followers
I often all do what do you call? The lights were coming. The wreckers contain, I believe, two references to the definitive turning the last, which prevents turning light switch off and in a secular reference to him flashing. Alas, hospital in Gaza, dames flashing lights, in addition to flashing lights on and off Joe repeatedly entered and exited both bedrooms going in elections twice and divides room three times then, when divine and Lex he pushed back by biting or elbowing their father, he got up and left. This raises an important question that the prosecution struggled to answer. If Joe wasn't sleep walking,
wired, divine and Lex he's still alive divine and, let's see where ten and thirteen years old Joe was a full grown man. If he'd actually made up his mind that gonna kill them? Why would they really be able to fight him off so easily? Doktor carbon also pointed out that sleep walkers are unable to perceive pain, which would explain how Joe was able to stab himself over and over again something that could other eyes be excruciatingly difficult with his mother. I want to talk about you. Registry himself yes algiers. Essentially, nothing. There They do not perceive pain be induced pie. In this case, perhaps
so again being asleep. I thank your conscious and separated from the rest of your brain territory. Be sustained or self inflicted and yeah? there is no recognition of that pain, react for now, and so indeed very damaging things yourself in just four. Sam yourself hinges sooner lose, whereas most people, this party under so called The pain is involved, That is the sort of thing the scene. Harrison was which these people can inflict serious damage to and singing see, not feel it. County EMS Records show that, after the suicide attempts, Joe Register a zero on the pain scale What is the standard pain for? This the scale of four zero is an ass
zero Joe, is not reacting to pain whatsoever. He had lost all consciousness. Do the hype of electric shock a rapid blood loss? This wouldn't be surprising. Jos. Ems records also show that he was exhibiting normal vital sites. Those lines. Indians as a result of violence. Yes, you were mister, Measure was his lack of consciousness. Until now, hers could not be due to high fulfilling your loss, something other than blood lost had caused Joe to lose Consciousness is the person
clearly, increasingly during the parasol, your person is not conscious in light of all the evidence, the possibility that Joe was unconscious during the attack was seeming. Lie and less absurd is also very his. I'm here, song you've been on the evening and early morning, hours of September, 21st, two thousand and ten, you were born here. And he asked what is voluntary, undertaking based upon your analysis, observation diagnosis of misdemeanor. Would you believe that his able to plan his actions or kerryon plans during the evening and early morning, hours of September. Two thousand what
spotting and that he was rendered medical in your life was unable to engage in those planning, the planning of those behaviors, and that in the backseat interpretation of the planned those barriers observations in diagnosis. Hey specific to kill, now inside taxation, in what I do not use forming, as was, of course, Jos and tired defence rested on the premise that he was telling the truth about what he could and could not remember, and the prosecution was quick to point out that Joe didn't have a great track record of honesty. The foreclosure wasn't the only thing that Joe, lied to his wife about the about.
Yes, What are you going, he was born within five years. He was few years. He did, he said that him and his siblings were all over the prosecutor. Do you know where he is
growth in Hawaii Joe told his wife, among others, that he had grown up in Hawaii and attended the University of Hawaii, where he played division, one football and baseball. As of the release of this episode, if you go to linked in and fine Joseph a Mitchell from Raleigh Durham North Carolina, you will see that he attended the Schindler College of business at the University of Hawaii from nineteen eighty three to nineteen, eighty eight. But despite what he listed on his resume and despite what he told his family France Joe, did not grow up in Hawaii and he did not have a college degree. Did you go home did. You ever tell your wife that you want to come
at the time she was she's- probably do the business. No forever Brown, so I don't know why he is one I never wanted to be but it's not gonna be exposed. Delighted, and when will we see live their lives in the bows? you my ass, so we can agree with huge. These aren't exactly
White lies Joe, had been lying to his wife about his background for over a decade, but even still, there's a huge differ. Between lying about where you went to college and faking amnesia to cover up a murder? As for the latter, there are psychological tests to determine whether or not someone is more lingering earth. Feigning memory loss, what is missing is on the Taos agree instrument that is used to ascertain, whether it is baking of malingering, the or of that you did that he was not thinking They re here according to Doktor Corbett, remains a very remote possibility that Mr Mitchell's conduct represented unintentional ACT of Phil. Aside that he,
Lied to us about his memories of those events, but it's unlikely. The prosecution argued Joe was motivated by financial stress,
that. A murder suicide was his way out of a difficult situation, but stress and sleep deprivation are also triggers for sleep walking, so that left the jury with the following question did stress: cause Joe Mitchell to snap or did stress, cause Joe Mitchell to sleep walk. We might never be able to answer that question with a hundred percent certainty, but on March Eleventh, twenty fifteen. The jury came to the decision that, at the very least, there was reasonable doubt that Joe Mitchell intended to kill his children. We, the twelve members of the union, as we found a thing to me, not guilty of first degree manner. Joe Mitchell was found not guilty on all counts. After hearing the verdict, Christine began hyper, ventilating and exclaiming. I failed. I couldn't
a hymn referring to her son. She later had to be wheeled out of the court house on a stretcher and her ex husband who took the life of their four year. Old son is now a free man, and that does it for this terrifying episode of certain scale, sweet dreams make sure you make that mortgage payment this one in all seriousness, Estonia. What to think of this think. How would you ve decided on a jury but a snow? The discussion is over at Facebook and Twitter. Tell us what you think: don't forget to some Bribe, if you want to hear more light, hearted thoughts, insight and opinion on our stories search and subscribe to see,
and scale rewind it'll cost him. Nothing will be in MID July. Thank you once yet for listening. Thank you for supporting until next time, they say you need something to listen to. You next will check out this other shell from cast media I am sure the I'm Jamie Baby and we are your house of certainly sucking reach up a show. We're gonna, bring you a new stocking case covering the ins and outs of each stalker their victim in there.
What a night she hated me. So might she found my stepmother blinded and then was caught, making a plan to attack me with my stepmother here up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes you look like just grab and lily from the Fidel and then at any looks at me very intense, leading US stock. You we hear about the cops, normally do anything or not. We carry about the crime. Strong wish a lot of the creditor
who had been stuck in me for forty four years was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom, a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my damn it was like I'm coming and I'll see you on this day. I was responding to them and then it was like a verification of a like. I said, all of a sudden, I hear a knock at the door, wide open the door and there they think point something element standing in front of me with a backpack, and he looked at me and he said a new era in kind of panic, because it isn't Larry report me my workplace, and he grabbed me put men.
The door opened with? I unblock may unblock may why'd. He brought me I'm jig detour time, Jamie Baby, strictly stocking mares uncanny. Recently we subscribe one apple pie cast spot of my readers and, like my god, this person will stop texting, means of calling me he'd shoring up everywhere. Then that's what it's like you're, like oh shit,.
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