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16-year-old Emma Walker broke up with her boyfriend, 18-year-old Riley Gaul because she realized it wasn’t a healthy relationship and was tired of his controlling and abusive behavior. But when she needed help after a series of strange and frightening events, Riley was there to save her… or so she thought. On the morning of Monday, November 21, 2016, Emma is found dead in her bed and Riley is the number one person of interest. 

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This podcast is brought to you by Bear Bear is helping, make farming more efficient to preserve more wildlife habitats from advances in health to innovations in agriculture bears advancing science for a better life at bear. This is why we science so scale, contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences. Listen discretion is advised I know it's something on sleeping hello and welcome to season six episode, one thirty, five a sword and scale a show that reveals that the worst monsters are real
love can make you do crazy things. What's the term stupid in love, but makes a stupid, it's scientifically proven the thought of our significant other, taking up so much space in our minds. We can help, but let some things slide becoming forgetful. Just plain absent minded in this of flexion occurs. We do dumb things rejecting rational thoughts for emotional ones, but this story isn't about love. It's about all those other emotions that mimics love, actuation obsession, possession emotions that are just as powerful, if not more so in the under developed mind, have you when you're young, you think dumb things you do dumb things for most of us. We age we mature and realize just how misguided we were others. A dumb thought, turns into a dumb mistake, a mistake. You cannot take back the mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life.
In November of twenty sixteen Central High podcasts we're gearing up for the state playoffs on Friday November 18th Bobcats were taking on their crosstown rivals the Fulton High Falcons. The stands were packed, the excitement in the crowd was tangible. The Putting possession of the game led to a Falcons. Touchdown but the rest of the game was dominated by the Bobcats, Dawkins had won the state title three out of the last four seasons, but the Bob that's one of this year to be theirs the final what was Bob twenty falcon six. Bobcats had won their tenth game in a row, leaving only two games before winning it all. Tennessee state 4a championship the gold football trophy and all of the bragging rights that come with it
on the sidelines, cheering the team on to victory and keeping the pumped was junior year cheerleader Emma Walker. After the game, I'm a joint, some friends to have dinner and continue the celebration at Sarah Seaton's parents house. It was one thousand one hundred and twenty five pm am? I had only been at the party, a short while, when she how to text. From an anonymous number go to your car. With your keys go alone. Who is this? and most disturbed, to say the least, surrounded by Classmates and friends, eating snacks, watching tv and just reveling in their victory over the falcons, struck with a panic when she went to the bathroom for some privacy when she came out her
friend, is that green had just arrived check it out so a come. By Zach, I'm away outside to determine if the messages were real or just a cruel prank, it was quiet cold November night. The driveway was I love cars and the dimly lit streets were empty for a moment. They lingered, but then retreated back inside what part of alone wasn't clear yeah, I'm not 'cause, I don't know who this is lol somewhere. Out there in the residential neighborhood unseen someone was watching Emma and Zach. She hoped It was a joke but as the night wore on the mister, texts, became less and less amusing. You freaking out, but it did not hurt herself in the text that you texted back in. I do
want to hurt a loved one watt that it would make anyone's hair stand on end and it would be enough for most people to involve the police, but Emma didn't whether she was naive or felt she was in a safe place. She did not call the police She clung to the idea that this was just a. Herbal prank. Playing along relaying the bizarre messages to her friends I've got someone, you love. If you don't comply, I will hurt them. If you tell anyone about this, I'll hurt them still, show me lol. No pictures stop playing around and do, as I say, drive to the bottom of the driveway. If you don't by one thousand one hundred and fifty, I will hurt them bring. No one Now Emma was a smart kitten did well in school. She had
aspirations of becoming a nurse and helping people, well. She was really freaked out by the text exchange. She was no dummy attack anonymous number saying they had someone she loved and would hurt them. She didn't comply that's not something she was just going to accept as reality, in fact, I'm like a plot line to a cheesy horror movie. They won't say who they have or prove they have anyone and they aren't even demanding money. The more I thought about it. The more she suspected. Her ex Here we have Riley's friends, but stop I won't harm you just do as I say, and he won't be hurt I'll just call the cops. Have it your way, in twenty fourteen when Emma was a freshman at central high school, and she was the only one in her class to make the cheerleading team It was then that her ex boyfriend noticed her for the first time
what is Temptu William Riley Gaul. By Riley was a junior at central and star player for the Bobcats football team, it wasn't long before the two began dating One of Riley's friends- I'm not stupid, and you won't hurt him, I'm blocking you, no one's friend. I have him now you have until one thousand one hundred and fifty in the beginning. They were the idyllic couple you the star football player and she was a cheerleader, the pair rip from pure americana, Emma's social media reflected that as well scrolling through other account you wouldn't as a young girl mature into a young woman posts of her and her friends are slowly replaced with cute selfies of her and Riley pictures from they took paddle boarding and pictures from please prom soon, however, Tale became another
stereotypical high school cliche the offer and on again couple. They argued a lot even when they were on again. I broke up with Riley so chill If you don't care about him anymore than it should, bother. You you've made your choice. I know Riley you up to this lol, I'm not dumb. We have him. Currently he hasn't put any one up to anything if ok with him getting hurt. That's your choice, I'm blocking you! This is bullship the way Riley treated Emma when they dating was, of course noticed by Emma's parents. Don't forget that one Matt Riley. She was fourteen years old and he was sixteen like any mother of a fourteen year old Jill Walker was watch full of Emma. She might all her communications with Riley, even on social media turn
point for Jill was when she discovered what Riley was saying to Emma During one of their arguments, dead did any month that way I hate you, I hate everything about you, you're the biggest bitch. I've ever come into contact with your dead to me I'll check the ob fuck you when Riley was angry, he was mean just even but when he wasn't, he was call Jake and Sweet Emma for, however, I act to you, I love you more than words can describe but his behavior worried, Emma's, mother Jill and her father mark. Gender things were saying either way. He spoke to her and. We just felt like we needed to be around more
doctors wanted to raise their daughter with mutual trust. And let her be independent but even so they knew they needed to interject into this toxic relationship. Yeah Bannon over while not take take her phone for awhile, you should ask mediation never received my periods of time, but does not appear to be realized spell sis situation. Wanted her to see the relationship for what it was and have her make up her own mind. They thought time would help me realize that Riley was controlling, vulgar and play abusive Emma, however, was a tan. Listing age and decided Riley was worth rebelling against her parents' rules. After phone was taken away Riley gave Emma an ipod touch which could send texts via Wi Fi. They were deterred,
keep in touch in spite of her parents wishes. Eventually she was caught with the odd and their communications came to a sudden and abrupt end. First, time that is at the end of October, when she was Turning back some of her parents, trust to take advantage of their leniency. Can you blame her Young love doesn't make any sense. It intoxicates, Emma was given permission to sleep over at a friend's house. In the middle of the night. Neighbor called the cops because of a suspicious vehicle inside. A car parked in the drive way of Emma's friend was Emma and Riley One can only imagine what they were doing who is to say, Emma was severely grounded. Jill and Mark put the hammer down. Forbidden to see Riley.
After a while, it seemed like the for separation worked Changes in that here, That brings us back to the Post game celebration on November eighteenth just weeks. After Emma called it quits with Riley a flood of tech. Sport in with a uh desperation after Emma threatened to block the anonymous number you may want to answer his call, we're letting him have his phone. To call anyone before we heard him. Four minutes the police and he dies your choice. We're allowing him one last chance to get ahold of you. You've made your choice,
you'd like to hear his crying and screams. Give him a call until next time numbers, one thousand one hundred and fifty deadline had come and gone at two seventeen. Am another text came through in the ditch beside our house. It's a shame. You can all of a sudden, not value someone else's life. And most likely distraught over the whole situation. Whether she believes it or not. Someone is harassing her via text both pos outcomes are not good ones on the one hand, unknown person has taken someone, she loves and is going to hurt them. If doesn't comply On the other hand, It could all be an ill advised ruse perpetrated by her ex boyfriend to what end she doesn't spawn to the kidnappers reset message. Two minutes later at twelve Nineteen am
which, beside her house, it's a shame. You can all of a sudden, not value someone else's life, you might want to check on him, since you don't care just Let him lay there. He was on Con this when we left him She can't stop. Thinking like that was going outside to walk outside and see if they're like down the ground. Take another look this time They saw someone outside people from inside the house, including Berry Seton Flood, the front yard to see who exactly was outside at the End of the driveway is a dark figure lying face down in the ditch. The figure lying in the yard was Riley. Gaul
she said that she's asking why. Why would be better right here? He is pulling his head. Like I don't know I got here and I was kidding down. I don't know what happened. Where am? I really was faking it. It was kind of obvious riley. However, let up the charade, he held his head as if it hurt from being hit and knocked out, No one believed this far fetched tail and likely chalked it up to Riley being Riley. In spite of, It's disturbing incident, no We called the police no CALL Jill and Mark Walker, but They should have Riley leaves walking alone down the road away from the seitens and back Where is the city Emma? Is a wreck she's crying and really shaken up thirty six minutes after the last text, arrived the kidnapper
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secure, VPN, so you're connected to all my privacy for as low as three dollars and thirty three cents a month with annual subscription just go to Norton dot com, slash v, P, n sword terms, apply. Stay Saturday November 19th almost meet her mother. Starchy elementary for some volunteer work, she was on her way home from the Seton's house when she, This Turkey, hill, neighborhood or neighborhood, She noticed a man dressed in all black I'm down the street. No creepy at all. She took but continued home to change and go meet her mother before get ready to leave, Doorbell rang, was the man in black. Home alone and frightened, especially what happened the previous night, she texted her friends I'm home alone and somebody in all black walk down
Street and came to my door and rang the doorbell. Over and over again, I thought I was going to die once again Emma didn't call police, even though, is a stranger at her door. Instead, she texted Riley, ng and crying, I hate but I need you right now. You replied I'm coming. I'm speeding. Just give me a minute Meanwhile, at Turchi, Elementary Emma's mother Jill had a feeling, when she didn't show up at the agreed upon time, Jill Jump the car and headed home to see what was keeping Emma Anna is parking driveway. She is standing right next to her car and Bradley falls mixture, and make sure she is ok, Riley and banned from the walkers home and Emma had broken up with him. Yet she, next to them. When she felt in danger, came running suspiciously quick
Emma was genuinely frightened and repair now where to that night, for first time in her life, I'm going to ask her it's to make sure the alarm system was activated. She didn't feel safe even in her own home. The following morning, Sunday November 20th Msp decided to escort her to work and back home, afraid that Riley might show up again. That Sunday evening life went on and the family enjoy each others company? How much word tender moment with her father over ice cream and then went to bed at about. Thirty Pm Jill checked on Emma we're going to better self all was well and the family settled into slumber, anyway, but it's not just check on them in the middle or not.
Is there I think I've got meds between them, other ones? Already sorry was on it looking around trying to tv off many times before, Joe woke up in the middle of the night and checked in on her sleeping children, numbers Their Evan was asleep, and so is Emma later that night, more walker awoke to a noise I quite sure, he'd heard anything until seconds later, when he heard another loud noise as you are over this lower at first Mark thought. It was his son slamming his bedroom door, Mark explain the noise you heard, and after checking on his children. He went back to bed. He only had a short time before he had to get up for work. The next morning, Mark got up and got ready for work quietly as not to weigh his wife and kids at fifteen Jill went to Emma's room to wake her.
School as it served on earth underlays trying to wake her up, there's no way she likes that pretty quickly or my fifteen hour or something sorry. With this change. What is your name? What's going on there, thank you, How old are you? unresponsive Ok, I will stay on the line I'm transferring to roll Metro,
Can you tell me what Ok is she breathing dpr I'll. Tell you how to build up your man If you ain't on her back and if we find another back, then. Her time with her mouth and there is something on it, but she can't. She like she was sleeping. Emma was dead. Mark Walker got the news that something was wrong. Mark arrived at home, the sheriff's it was already there when asked. If
there was anyone he could think of that might want to hurt his daughter, the only name. Came to mind was Riley Gaul Jill's mind immediately thought of one message: Riley had sent Emma you're dead to me I'll check the obituaries Buck you the sheriff's turned. The Walker family's home crime scene and found some critical pieces of evidence. Two bullet holes, Emma's, bedroom walls and two shell casings, in the yard, outside that someone had shot through the walls of the house killing Emma. As detectives interviewed Emma's parents and friends. The same name kept coming up. Riley Gaul
everyone saw how he had treated her when they Gather and how much worse, it got after they broke up, as news quickly around town, Riley to social media to profess his love and expressed his grief one. Most read I'll, do anything Have it all back? He caps the photo with that's my beautiful Emma rest, easy now, sweetheart one Corinthians, thirteen eight. Love never fails, be sure to remind God about our verse. I love you. Forever and always He also tweeted to think that, every memory. We have every happy special moment. We shared can't ever be relived. I love you Emma Jane Walker. The amount of pain. Family me, an the community are in because of this is insurmountable, every time we held hands, kissed hugged too
Imagine that I'll never have that ever again, hasn't quite hit me yet I'll, never forget those times. We talked about our future and what kind of dog we'd get and how awesome are fam It would be I'll, never forget, sitting on the couch watching, doctor pimple popper, an making, popcorn and laughing and holding you when I can light vigil was held for Emma that Monday night Riley posted. I love you Emma. I can't be around any of that, yet it's too soon. I know you know I'm dying to be there but understand. I can't I love many people knew how badly he had taken the break up, but not as much his family and as news reached his family and closest friends. They began to worry. What would really do when he found out MO is dead in the week? getting up to Monday, the 21st Riley had been so distraught over the break up, he hadn't, and weight a problem
or a star wide receiver. He had even attend. Suicide, Riley take a bunch of vicodin and chased it with booze his family was worried that he might try to hurt himself again law offices, Riley was held for twenty four hours then released, apparently rally had always been a bit emotional. His whole life and threatened suicide before this time was different, though because James nine Millimeter Glock had gone missing from his car. A car He had left with Riley America Mama first thing James did was ask Riley Do you know James question himself and went back home to look the weapon, even though
He always kept it in the holster and the holster I was still in the car with things didn't know. Is that Riley was lying and had the pistol even showed his friends on Saturday night, claiming that after the kidnapping he was so afraid for his life. He He needed it for protection Monday morning. Grand Father James did two things here but is gun, stolen and went to tell Riley the NEWS of Emma he never the connection that Riley actually stole the gun. Meanwhile, Riley was texting his friend Noah, He also asked me for his remaining. If I'm having an I am sorry Why aren't you asking something like that? I obviously have no idea into not ever ask us something like that again
this was a red flag to Noah and the rest of Riley's friend group. When detectives interviewed them, they told from what they knew. Riley had a gun. The evening of Monday, the 21st Riley voluntarily came in for questioning, detective said they wanted to know, He was for the seventy two hours. Previous, but really they were king for the gun. In the interview Riley did what any inexperienced teenager would do. He lied and denied it all detective merit did a grieving ex boyfriend, but instead found a distant detached. Emotionless Riley, you have no idea what grandfather again side and you you do not
hold the hand gun crew. What? If I told you, someone told us that they saw you with again a mortgage bank about science. Wonder he said that an where they saw him beyond. Ok, horse alone tell us that you show my anger. How also wanna know who and when I showed them again, um Alex Mccarthy said that you showed him handgun when I was there, for example, I do not know You understand that for us alex- has no reason to lie about something like that yeah. But I'm telling you. I don't know where that I understand that but he said that you showed him the gun, you told him that you had it can you tell him that you got it from your granddad? Don't have to go,
but I understand that Do you ever remember having a conversation with not a lot about getting fingerprints off again? How do you get fingerprints off again? Ok, and I suspect in our passing, should you do it? Then I just feel like I'm being mad, questions, and I don't want you to know that I don't have a battery of questions. To God, I'm not a suspect in her dad did not so I hope you don't think it's because I wouldn't hurt that girl. First, I would hurt myself about her and that's what I've done. Did you shoot into himself? very long interview Riley like Idiot he was in me. We texted his friends asking them. Why I told the detectives about the gun. Why did you tell him about the gun? They think I shot her because of it. I didn't fucking kill,
and I'm probably going to jail. We are convinced that he was hiding something so Monday night Alex Mccoy call detective merit What about you Listen! No outward tired of the lies. If Riley really did do it, which it seems, like he did they weren't going to let him get away with it. The sheriff's partments set up a sting. And even though there was a substantial risk for Alex and Noah, they were determine to do the right thing detective It provided a key fob with a secret recording device embedded then he came over ready to dispose of his grandfather's gun what he didn't know as,
drove to his friends house was that he passed several unmarked sheriff's vehicles along the way whenever you talk to them to be like? You were too afraid to tell them that you were on asking, because you test your going in trouble. That's true. That would never mentioned that yeah yeah and if anything about that gun just say, I must have misunderstood or something because I was tripping balls. I really don't know what was going on. He was just like rally was just complaining to me about some stuff. Yes, I thought I heard something about a gun and his grand father thinking that he took it. You know well and then I was scared, his book friend, to take the heat coming talking yeah, just as long as you tell them that you were. If you tell them, you're on LSD, you were drunk in your high dear mine was altered. Whatever statement you give them wasn't a straightforward answer: Riley. Had to cover his bases and get his friends to lie for him
so lots of luggage is giving me good. Just it just needs to be gone, whether it was obvious to Riley or not. It was obvious to his friends that only a guilty person would want to get rid of a gun in there.
Runs really deserved what he was going to get a startup said like we found a missed out around and back their yard, with two shots discharged in her house like through a wall, and they said they found my grandfathers fingerprint on one of the bullets, but if they had actually found a fingerprint, he would be in custody. So they obviously lied to me trying to get something out of it, because they think that I use my grandfathers going to shoot up in this house. They don't have anything because if they did, I would be in jail right in his pants are crazy too, like so they gonna come after you like every everybody that his friends with her. That doesn't like me, because it's like our past or whatever they have said she killed herself like she shot herself because of Maine or the I shudder, or that it's up to like and then there's a whole another category of blame where they some people that understood the situation said she killed herself because of me and her parents, or
discover stuff because her parents, but she didn't, kill herself. She didn't nobody knows that, but me an U2 in my grandparents. They haven't released that thing by people just make up ship people Just make up.
Specially Riley again. I really I want to be so upset and I can because I'm more worried about getting arrested and putting away from murder that I didn't commit. If she would not shocked in wall, you don't just get shot and die instantly unless you get hit in the throat her in the head in less you got shot directly in the heart, but still even that, like you're, going to feel that and wake up and be able to try and like crawl in your bed. Yet it doesn't mention slots to to understand how she died. I don't either, but if I really got shot there wall, then she would like say it hit her in the stomach say some I shot her in awhile later in the stomach. She's done she's going to wake up from that you don't just get shot and it's late. There yeah, I don't see how she wouldn't scream or something like anything and she just laid in less. It was just like a ridiculous shot if it hit her in the head and they would have thought that. But I'm trusting you guys like with my life 'cause, I mean this is seventy years in jail. If I get convicted of something I didn't do, then
building up to getting rid of the weapon, but Alex and Noah tried to get Riley to turn the gun in if he was innocent, then it didn't matter. Actually gave them that gun at this yeah, maybe it's five thousand and fifty it may give them reason to say: ok the finger. In this bullet don't match cool, but at the same time they could have never had fingerprints in the first place to be like. Oh This is based on this walkthrough super common this this this or this will fit in this magazine. This magazine business, gallon hey. If we shoot this wall, it does the same thing with ballistics told us yeah. So that's why I just want to eliminate that from the equation as a whole, the trio then left with the intent of driving to the bluffs, overlooking the Tennessee River, a perfect spot to dump a murder Oh my god Alex and no one knew the detectives were listening and were
cueing the sheriff's deputies to stop them the current okay. I'm on what the problem with the full. I think we would well only five days. Yes, Riley was arrested in the process of getting rid of the murder weapon.
And there was no way to talk his way out of it. The detectives heard everything and the lying was over in court the prosecution laid out exactly what happened. The night Emma died. And on that Sunday night, camera I'm doing homework today, at one thousand two hundred and thirty he's on his way back taxes, comma after midnight on his way up an article in that brief period when he's coming back to Knoxville before he kills her on his way to kill her. In terms of model heading. However, money gun. Leaving it rain model says no. Our creating trouble, trying to get away with it
Our goal is your the latter He enters the backyard guns residents calculated actions interacting with murder weapon. Peter regulate black women with black shoes, with duct tape around shoes going under the Martian over twenty, where the plan is for the latest game that extra traction, Is that right, Interesting all our LOL dolls, don't kidnap Riley off his own man in black running out telling your friend she thinks she's going to die. So those events
you should happen. The man in black with a barely got the homicide were intended. Approval show She said her. What are you doing, Whatever his efforts are for to matter talk to him or to love him, Riley. Dressed in all black and tissues onto his feet for better traction while running. He walked in Emma's backyard through the gate armed his pistol, where bed would be on the other side of the wall and fired. Then he jumped the six foot high fence. And fired again through another wall. The first bullet had already killed her striking her just below her left ear, killing her instantaneously. The second this stud in the wall and was diverted lodging into her pillow in court right
defense team admitted to the shooting he did it, but he claim that he only did it to scare Emma hoping. Call him to rescue her. After the trial, it barely took four hours for the jury to deliberate, define incense charging independently first degree. Murder, Mysteries Bergen was recording, two charging engine This is especially aggravated song and for the lesser included sense of aggravated stalking didn't Jerry region, or did we did? What is your vertical document
the less chance of star on the the universe Riley. Was found guilty and to life in prison after sentencing? He spoke for the first time in a prepared apology to the Walker fan. First and foremost, Apologize. Hours make a little snow value that I found it imperative blushing. Over truth, sorry, I think in my way there are experience of being able to watch daughter grow up again. I'm sorry, I don't know apologize to my family for the pain and embarrassment. I love you. I know that nothing I can do about bringing back or alleviate pain, got cars. What I can do said truth of what happened that night,
messages were not never had been causing any physical harm. I was there for President I caused her emotional and psychological pain. After two years of living together, yeah, I didn't even imagine, cause her harm whenever the harmony sex, robot. I want to scare her so bad. She had no choice but to talk to me again. Chicken pie. I will be there to comfort her when her back there's not a day. That goes by that. I don't think about her or what I do. I know that I can't be forgiven. Truthout not to show that I have anything in his life. Yeah, I'm sorry! highly stuck to his story, claiming he never meant to hurt Emma. But of course,
we know he lies Emma's legacy will live on EAST Tennessee. Children's hospital named a room in the neonatal intensive care unit after her the Walker. Road Riley killed girl he loved, because she rejected him. He felt that his wants we're the only ones that mattered, but he got the age old saying which is a lyric to one of my favorite songs. Actually,. If you love someone set them free, Control isn't love. Possession, isn't love Obsession isn't love, of course, when you're, dumb teenager it's hard to tell the difference. That does it for this episode of sword and scale
until next time stay safe.
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