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Episode 153


A neighbor dispute turns deadly after a brain damaged war vet with PTSD finally snaps on Labor Day 2012. Did Billy Woodward plan his military style assault, or did he have no choice but to Stand His Ground?

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Jordan scale contains adult themes and violence, and is not intended for all audiences listeners Question is advised The wood hello and welcome the season sex and the final episode of twenty nineteen episode. One fifty three of sword and scale show that reveals that the worst monsters are real.
Well, here we are in the final episode of twenty nineteen, and in case you haven't noticed, there has been a bit of a common theme at the latter part of the seas and asked to stop being dicks to each other. We all have to live here on this planet it sometime. Get so consumed with how we ve been wrong, that we be blind to our own actions. We do to others during this holiday season. Let's take a minute to reflect on our own actions and see. We can enter the new year as reinvented individuals. Let's behind all this horrible fucking toxicity online and realise that at the core
even if we disagree with each other, where all just human beings and we all deserve a little compassion or don't I'm not your dad, but this story is very much about that sentiment in the meantime, dont forget to check out our sister shows soon and scale daily and so and scale rewind, and if you What more sword and scale check out our premium service called plus spat, sword and scale dot com, slash plus for instant access to sixty stories. You will not he on the regular feed, that's it and now on with the shell.
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or maybe they're the ecuadorians that moved into the house next door to mine and murmur, would play ragged time. Two clock in the morning on a Tuesday night, maybe Instead, they just like to do instruction alive at all. Sorts of unlicensed parts to their home struble the Kurds, let's put up an extra room, the song in the sand or going all night, but maybe there borders with a bunch of old furniture and car parts scattered on the lawn spilling on the street. You know that Lastly, joint, when they have an outdoor tv propped on a bucket next to a launcher and God help you if someone the door is in a bad, the worst thing, out of bad neighbour. Is that their right there? All the time constantly disturbing you in the one place, You should be most comfortable. The sanctity of your own home, I mean what do you do? You try confront
sing them about issues. Still got a lived there and then you're gonna have a neighbour that hates you all the time, next door. Given yes side. I ordeal so aggressively awkwardly flag them down as they're pulling out of their driveway d call the cops I mean. I have many many many times it made. A little uncomfortable. When you think about just how little you really know about people living right next door to you this story takes place in Titus Bill Florida, which is just EAST of Orlando, but it could be really any neighbourhood the occurs at an intersection
so generic its literally on the corner of Smith, Drive and Lane Avenue its labour day. Twenty twelve and on the northeast corner of Smith and Lane several be Ends and neighbours have been enjoying an all day, barbecue that stretched long into the night throughout the day kids have been chasing each other around the lawn wrestling and playing tag. Some of the adults or knocking back beers. Maybe, smoking a little and it's have in type of casual house party. You may have probably attended this past labour day Things may have gotten a little rowdy earlier, with some fireworks lawn the teens gotta jumped up when someone little palm fraud, but for the moment, seventeen year old, a little we'd. It's is sitting on the tailgate of a truck talking about fishing with his dad Roger and there store neighbour, Bruce Blake,
certainly aware that, let us say it in your old, just in particular, I was there talking house and my dad Roger and their next door. Neighbor, Bruce Well, come up William: Woodward is Justin's neighbour on the opposite side of the street, he lives on the Northwest corner of Smith and lame, and was, certainly not invited to the Labour day barbecue. It all happened so quickly just in seas, William in a flash of military camouflage, chow urging the yard, with nine millimeter pistol what were you? we say: there's someone under our must, we got shot first time where you see here
she's your service, just in Father, Roger core didn't have time to react as a bullet entered his right, cheekbone tearing, your tendons and jawbone and exiting temporal region near his left. Ear. Just in is just feet away, as is father drops to the ground So there is a real blacken shop and Bruce Blake RO, who just moments ago, was about to show off a fishing lore, has taken down by the second shot fired that night as he fleas towards his home. Just watches, Bruce's body crumbles in the car port states you're here
exactly ass, poor ass ever yes, that was my dad and deceive you move and then some of the gases shop again, the second pillar entering Roger P course head takes a fatal path. Littering the skull separating the natural structures of the bones as it blasts through his brain and exits. The left temporal. Bring it here, see. That's not do the camp fire in the Court of justice. Days there for a moment hiding behind the car, hoping to not be noticed
The first is where CS baby here. Just in his undone thirdly, holding his breath as the pair of black shoes, death itself approaches. Closer panic sets in he is coming towards the car. How so I hopped out- and I put my hands up most like don't, do anything and he walked up to me We still have a shot. Just in life had been spared, but he will, a witness to more suffering and death on this list. Per day night as his neighbor, William Woodward contain
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seventy five dollars off candid c: o dot com, slash sword code sword one month earlier: nine in sixty Psmith, Dr William Woodward Billy to most. The forty three year old, veteran of the Persian Gulf WAR he and his wife, Barbara, have two children, a son and daughter and had previously loved living in the whispering Oaks neighbourhood for thirteen years before that August, during that billion barbarous daughter had become friends with several of the children who lived across the street on the others of Lane Avenue at the home of Henry and his long time, girlfriend Kim sills as Barbara Woodward tells it her feet. Ways relationship with the neighbours was friendly during and summer period in twenty twelve, our children claims other alive and the children. The
families. All of their children what often come to our house to play. Many times that we fed them more. They would sometimes stated how's overnight. We even clothes for them on several occasions, times we paid their rent when they were having time, Barber and his daughter, EVA Woodward, found herself at the same bus. Stop as some of the kids from the Henry Household. There were six children living in the Hamburg home. Most of them were a break. Bunch mingling of Gary and Kim's kids, but Roger P Corps and his boys had recently moved in and Rogers girlfriend Jessica Nobles was a frequent visitor set of neighbours Bruce and carry Blake. Had you daughters of their out and lived right next door at nineteen, forty Psmith Drive
Barbara Woodward recalls the instances of funds sleep overs with the neighbours, but a feeling of mistrust began to develop when the Woodward's learned their neighbour Gary smoked pot in front of the kids, they bid their daughter, EVA from going on to his property and into his house. However, she could still way with every one in the front line of their home. Nothing were explicitly set about this arrangement as a way of keeping the peace, but over the course of ABLE Woodward's birthday weekend in early August, twenty twelve simple accusation will turn the one calm, neighbourhood, to a literal war zone. My daughter, her head, was celebrating her tall birthday and her birthday is always a really big deal on our house and work fund of mine had dropped off against their left. It on the doorstep
and the next day called me to ask you if we had gotten it: ok, I told her now we have not received the gift: the narrative of porch pirates, people stealing packages conveniently left on your front door. Step is a story. We are all familiar with. We ve seen the viral videos and recreations used by video My doorbell companies to sell you their product, then when it happened, to the Woodward family. Barbara, has any good hutch for who the culprit is. One the children was frequently stealing things from our property. And others property around the neighborhood. Day before that I had seemed one of while three of them
children trying to break in the house across the street. They were times, I had gone to Mister Henry and asked a doll packages. Had been left on my door. Sure. King delivery tracking had said it had been delivered as such and such a time, and it would not be there and then of course, these that they didn't have it, and then you would see one of the children with the items. Barbara tells her husband about her suspicions. Regarding Hamburg. Eight year old daughter, destiny. Billy, served for years in the army, including a too of duty in Saudi Arabia is part of field operation. Desert shield has pretty strong feelings about thievery. He feels It would be best if a police officer came with them when he approached his neighbor Gary, so that his questions and the Ex
age could be on record. What officer arrives. They walk across the street and approach Gary as he's working on his girlfriends car they asked for eight year old destiny Henry to step outside and when she saw the police officer she burst into tears it's an awkward moment. Gary extremely upset and Billy apologizes, explaining that it will and his intention to make destiny cry. It was just a means to for his daughters, gift back. Billy tells the officer that, at the very least he made his point known and ass. He walked back across the street to his home He considers the issue resolved, but shortly after On the same day bar observes Gary taking photographs of the woodwork home? extremely distressing for both Billy and Barbara, because of it
his beloved emotional support, chickens. Yeah, you are, you heard me right. Their emotional support, chickens We had chickens as pets and- and I was afraid that, they would call em meant and report the chickens just to be mean you have to check who votes great tat, ass husband had always wanted chickens. He bought a few chickens. There were twenty five seconds, in fact, which you know sometimes your emotional needs require twenty five chickens. All of them. Raised in the back yard illegally because stock is not permitted within the city limits of Titus Ville Florida. Not permitted in the,
community either. So I don't tell anyone about Maya Emotional Support ducks anyway. There issue with anybody in the neighborhood about chickens prior to this day, no. Everyone loves the chickens. The what words not only shared the eggs with the neighbours, but also the occasional backyard petting Zeus for everyone to enjoy Billy loved animals he considered his family's chicken coop his peace and serenity. Of course, if you ve ever heard a rooster crowing in the middle of night, you'll know that that serenity isn't really shared by every neighbour, your Billy had essentially reported Gary's baby to the police. It was time Bulgaria to do the same and at the threat of Co Enforcement arriving Billy's temper gets the better of em. When confronted him out why he was
in pictures of us and our House Billy says He came out unarmed shouting at gas. To come into the street. So big I could quote, what has ass, Gary says for Billy to come on to his property and make those threats, but Billy wants to fight on public property so The argument circles back to Asia, stolen birthday present and before other members who live at nineteen, fifty and nineteen forty Psmith DR come outside to backup Gary Henbury Gary's girlfriend recalls what happened next during the chicken confrontation threats were made towards, Mr Henry, Mr Pique then say your remark about Mister Henry. Having stability and that he should pick on Mr Peter and
I was trying to get both men's attention and inside that wasn't happening mister. Edward Ways, jazz Going back and forth with threats comments hopeful things like children, while the Woodward's adamantly dispute, this detail Kim others recall, Billy, lifting his shirt and showing off a gun referred are dream with tee and word and he also expressed he was going to listen to all our children police once again return to the intersection of some and lane to defuse the situation. Billy's chickens are removed,
and along with them any sense of goodwill between neighbours and once friends, neighbours gonna fast, pretty quickly became and what was the nature of their above, it started out, as just yelling at us from across the street. Yelling insults, and giving up and down the street haunting the horns and as much noise as they possibly could as didn't you yeah. I got us every time we walked outside. Will you try walk the dog when you're taking your child. So the bus stop you never stopped? It was constant who is doing I observed every person at both of those households participating and even their children over the next week, the wooden
I continue to be harassed by the families living at nineteen de and nineteen forty Psmith DR made up of Gary Henbury Roger P, core Bruce Blake, their girlfriends wives, and show back at nineteen, sixty Smith Drive the Woodward's understandably feel isolated and outnumbered made up children, are also beginning to shut down in the wake of constant bullying from the neighborhood kids. Their young minds unable to fully grasp why the adults are yelling at each other. All of the time barber recalls particularly emotional incident from about a week earlier on August, eleventh twenty twelve member. Exactly now she stood in the doorway insult me. She would sit my daughter, she would have them
She would tell them to harass my daughter until she could not function anymore. I may say so: question that help them make. You feel maybe he'll tell said this. My daughter. Shoes. We have already heard participate Why so hear the voices scream we in the street you that's that
She pay people and she had to My daughter alone, Billy's, father, William Woodward. The third was an hour to a son and frequently witness the verb. Harassment coming from across the street. Chances are hurting. The kind of thing like it before I didn't know some of these words. Those hearing many within four years, but was just very violent talk about all kinds of weapons in certain. The news, because I had really never witnessed this type of activity, group mentality of this nature and anybody who live in MILAN for seven days and hours, using their standard and I just
I had not seen that kind of behavior before I was made at the suggestion of Sergeant Thomas House of the tightest no police department, Billy's parents, just a security system for the Woodward House, Billy's dad William What were the third explains We went down and purchased a security. Camera night vision data decisions, it also had of you record audio to certain number feet away: wines under the eaves on the northeast corner of the house, and then there are a certain number of degrees, the camera. We see only from their land over to the right said, and we start so that was having he's right yard. The security camera footage originally intended to capture the threats and harassment from their neighbours would ultimate
captured the atrocities that unfolded less than a mile later on day. Twenty twelve on that night, the moments before seventeen year old, just in p, core witnessed his father's execution His dad we're leaning up against a truck bed talking with neighbor Bruce Blake, who was present at every confrontation up until that point Bruce and his wife carry Blake had moved on to Smith Drive in April of that year Billy had actually met Bruce through a mutual friend years earlier, when Bruce wife moved in down the street Billy dust. Bruce, is being an absolute joy to be around and considered him to be a friend. In fact, Bruce returned home one day and Billy came up to him saying he had paid for his water bill. Unprovoked tensions began to rise later that August it seemed Bruce
ride a certain level of pleasure from taunting the neighbour it suggested Bruce his wife carry Blake was heard, saying she, has been go home, drink and fuck with the new yours is a form of entertainment, carry says that Billy harass them just as much Bruce Blake, own colorful way of expressing his disdain towards his neighbor to his over here's. A sample read by an attorney in court. Clear we're throughout that evening. Security footage captures Bruce, saying quote we get em, step, we got it Ass end quote. Bruce is also heard laughing as teenagers at the Labour Day Party does The moon, Woodward's camera Bruce. Shouts out, quote it's a new movie fortune to the wind end quote.
Bruce has also at some point, shown off his white knuckles from past fights and drunkenness Todd's Billy to fight him in the street to the death toll. Of their ongoing issues. Like men Bruce has no idea how seriously bilious taken these. Threats until Billy bursts onto their property and fires first at Roger. Core areas Joe one word film, yeah Bruce, has been shot a level times during the incident and ass. He could calls for his life drag
a trail of his own blood onto his carport. He watched in horror as Billy turns his tension towards neighbour Gary Henbury. There is another sneak peak into this nightmare just four days before the Labour Day holiday weekend by the mid of August. The wood word and Henry households have both legal injunctions against each other and on and stay August. Twenty nine, twenty twelve, parties attend a hearing to ask for orders of protection against the other party. The judge NICE, both sides and tells to all go home and play nice, Billy's, wife, Barbara
and Gary's girlfriend Kim both describe what happens next, just outside the courtroom. Doors who immediately after the hearing when we try to leave all of those people, standing in the hallway, preventing us from leaving we actually had to get a deputy from the court to when's the hallway and ask them to leave so that Thirdly, if we were afraid to walk past that we wait, just a moment for them to go outside their cars typing. They didn't do that day. Some of them laughed and Mister Henry and has offered stayed bar and until we get outside, in that Gary and we walked together out the front door, the Mai
our ways, parts they might find. The court house So all I had to do was crossed the road, and my car was heard in the first pillar. In these cases, I mean DIN, mark the driver's seat, door from Sir Henry I was lighting cigarette mister. Henry was packed right across the street Leaning against his car journeys. He was just my lad. These just seemed so proud of himself he made a comment to my husband I looked up Mr Henry opened up the drivers side door, through
window, I saw Mister Woodward coming out of the courthouse The same way we did. I third in Gary said Jerry turn around. He is behind you, he pointed out self and Gary and said: are you prepared to die, has one across the street and punished he then war. Grave. He was very quick across the street and he assaulted. Harry rather than saying assaulted. What did you see him do Mr Woodwork, had his thumbs in Mr Henry's eyes and his fingers. Behind his ears My hand, and I remember, jumping on em
Woodward's mother or wife. I don't know which one wound in the parking lot yelling about and grabbing the chest and stir Woodward's father me The ground in the parking lot as someone who was standing outside the courthouse came over and pepper, sprayed all of us not something. I recommend of the incident was captured on Gary Cellphone a court. The police report as thing calm down, Billy says quote arrest me. I just hit him end, quote the cops charge him with battery and then some backup. Smitten lay in that same evening of the engines. And hearing on August, twenty, ninth
Barbara Woodward. Recalls the hopelessness of it all there. Already out in the yard, waiting for us to come home. The system was not willing to help them with their name harassing them daily The very same neighbours see delighted by that appeared as now they were amused. They were I think they were like they had just been a quarter. Billy Woodward arriving later with his mother and father is greeted to a guy the ring of neighbours who taught him from across the street immediately started yelling at him laughing in your way, We can do anything to you now like it will not stop. I felt like we had to get away from completely well, then I I thought that we would.
Let the house forever. I thought that was all right with forever and I realise that that was We were never going to be safer later that night. On August twenty ninth A police officer arrives too the woodwork home to supervise and exchange that unbeknownst to all parties would lead to a double homicide and unattempted triple murder, just four days later earlier in August, when the Woodward and Henry Households first attempted to file restraining borders against each other. There was temporary injunction, which required parties too. And over any weapons they may possess to law enforcement, William Woodward, the third who was Billy Woodward's dad and a retired Titus fell floor police officer was given custody of Billy's guns during this time, but on the evening of August Twenty ninth with the Woodward's,
Junction officially denied Billy's weapons could be returned to him. In order to his house ahead weapons in my truck, call the police officer, and we had a police officer sit at the table with is, and he was there if he could have his weapons back in the US It certainly lead to better protect yourself. And I got his weapons and gave them back to both. During and after the injunction Billy was aware that his neighbor had access to firearms recently Roger P, core arrest, Gary Henry's house posted a facebook picture of himself holding an eight hour. Fifteen right at the camera lends. But just after midnight On the Monday of Labour Day weekend, twenty twelve Roger becomes the first person fired upon by Billy Woodward. We ve heard
Rogers teenage Son Justin, who watched in horror as his father was shot in the face. Revolves heard from Bruce Blake, who was gunned down by Billy two seconds later, but somehow recklessly survived, when we learn, let the massacre unfolding at nineteen. Fifty Smith, Dr Bruce, was crawling towards his carpet as Billy, turns his attention towards the front door of Gary Henry's House Kim those bearing Gary's. Often, who was part of the group that was pepper sprayed in the court House parking Lot earlier, that weak explained that she and Gary were inside the home when she here, allowed banging no that two of their kids are outside Kim heads towards front door with Gary behind her there's a feeling of salute chaos in this moment came looking for her kids in dead, finding teenager just in peace corps running for safety,
after witnessing his father's murder and the shooting of Bruce Blake thought, Jerry was right behind me, Buddy wasn, we're still inside the house in the present. In the doorway three hundred and he has varied under his arm yelled before the boys. Again inside the house. Nobody answered Turned around to go back outside and That was when Gary actually came out of the house behind me. One terrible moment Gary lift? his arm up and Billy. Immediately neutralizes the threat with a shot then another, then another. I remember hearing more gunshots and Gary.
I don't know whether he fell on me. He his body. We was on me chemist, knocked to the good and finds herself crawling under her car for protection I remember my knees buckled. I was underneath the car behind Mr Henry's had my my ringing I still haven't seen any of the boys fee from where I was. I was trying to get out. The other side of the car, but climbing out from under the car would mean certain death. I saw Mr one words fee come around the back tire of my car. You were shooting came, watches, try as Gary's body convulsive, with every bullet that tears through his body? what do the car I can see Mr Woodward's face. He was standing over there,
Seventeen shots were fired at Gary Henbury bullets traders body from his thighs to his head and do a reversed. Both damage to his brain spinal, cord, heart lungs and small intestines. All tone Billy Woodward's assault on nineteen. Fifty Smith, DR lasts less than one minute from the first shot to the last and It is captured on the secure camera, installed on Billy Woodward's own property it's a static. Vision, shot. Mostly whites and grace with a couple of birth. Of yellow light, reflecting from the street lamp across the way. The centre of the frame as Billy's white pickup truck and just beyond it
a slight raise an elevation as a grassy hill leads up to Gary Henry's house across an avenue at twelve. There, teen em Billy Woodward is seen creeping into the lower left hand, corner of the frame and a law sleeve camouflage jacket, with a nine millimeter pistol clipped to his Side Hebrew, his body low to the ground crawling hands and knees approaching his white truck in the center of the image and eventually going beyond it and out of frame at twelve thirty seven a m far in the back ground of the shot, a flash of Billy running from the left side to the right, and then
as Billy walked back across the street to his home. But calls out to make sure everything is all right. Billy's chill response echoes through the night. Billy returns home. And calmly removes is camouflaged jacket. As he hears sirens approaching, he then go? back outside and walked to the centre of the street where he said, down his weapon empty clips and jacket He turns a hundred and eighty degrees it's on his knees and law. His hands behind his head waiting for police to take him into custody hey. Are you hang out with your friends and family right now? Take a look around how many There are actually on their phone
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Lord and Scale Hunter killer, dot com. Oh code, sword, get twenty percent off today, hunt a killer, dot com, promo code sword, several hours later bill stands in the corner of a formal interview, room the size of an office supply closet. He asks if he can speak to his parents and police detect Sarah MAX Cassie tells him when their done with their questioning? He absolutely can Billy calmly sets down and Israel markedly candid about why he's there hers Now my wife, We won
Can you Seymour where the war Billy apologize to the detective and explains that he might ramble as he suffers from combat stress and is heavily medicated. He then begins his account of the events leading up to that terrible night, starting with his daughters, stolen birthday present and the reporting of his legal chickens so well,
what happened what means war, do remember what he Can you remember me remember, Spongebob? No, I the situation sitting here in the interrogation room thinking about how
peaceful? His son looked whilst sleeping he worries about what his kids are going to. Think of him now. He goes on to recall the constant stress. The neighbors put his family through and his frustrations with the police who never put the matter to rest, but God, damn He just really loved those chickens. You must go with me. Things had quickly escalated from a purse. Matter between him and Gary to the whole neighborhood getting involved. Yes? like? Wednesday.
What she was coming. Maybe the situation. Worse. Remember I intentionally. Tonight. as Billy This story to detective Mass Cassie he rests his elbows on the table and holds his handcuffed hands to his forehead. Concentrating continue I believe that a written? Ask her The stress tests, then, on hi.
Mr Byrne, no. Will enable us at all What? Is she to elaborate on Billy status as a disabled, veteran Billy's For years in the army, from nineteen eighty seven to ninety ninety one. In July of nineteen, eighty eight belief through a rotten piece of two by eight on top of a verandah that had vines going through it, he fell headfirst onto concrete, fracturing skull, suffering a nerve near his inner ear and killing all hearing an equilibrium in his right ear. Serving his tour of Duty and Saudi Arabia? His original
assessment was personnel clerk, but he was quickly to another platoon, where his duties were maintenance, vehicle operations and construction during this time at his station due west of the Persian Gulf, he had regular Exposure to missile attacks Billy was honourably discharged Ninety ninety one was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD in a day to his recent brain damage, adjusting back to billion life had always been a struggle, but what the hell, this family of e, a doctor and regulated medication he was able to maintain an even keel that is, unless he's being pushed her harassed like when neighbour carry blue threatened to have his daughter sodomized. On August eleven, twenty twelve
you have no idea what that those two smart. I can imagine anyone. I can't even tell you so so arranged tat my hands on her what's this about us about goods, but in the early morning, hours of Monday September, third detective MAX Cassie plans to read all of Europe Ports from the neighbors month long dispute, but questions now are focused on what Billy remembers from a few hours earlier. What follows abridged version of Billy's moment by moment account of what he refers to as the war zone, what
monetary policy stance. I used my Iraq. News. Slang, com. Listening to stream you can argue you can actually see tonight,
you coming across Yankee Al answer me the Supreme you I'm trying to get him. As you remember. The chain of events that you remember. What Why didn't you like. Strain our house, in it, me and her age.
Russia who listen in this way. Virtue, relations ashore Some months ago, a boy, toy do you? My neighbors, my backyard Englishman, my enemies. I crouched They are true
There traffic arose com Are you I to alone, I get it regarding. I know. Do you have to have No,
do you send your stalkers back when you saw me. Shut up Count Now I do good day. To his door, around Ambassador Rodger writing I'm going to anyone.
After she come here. There's just one name. Gary Hembree we have had In order to measure about children I did not go back and finish the job. Right now,
Used Jane Eyre, Billy explains that, as he walked back across the street, he didn't engage with any women or children, because you do not engage with women or children on the battlefield don't. You worry. If the course of the hour. Long questioning, Billy, sperience is moments of rage. Recalling everything that letter
to his assassination mission, but he manages to control his temper largely due to the full. That detective MAX Cassie is calm and kind roughly thirty minutes entity interview. Cassie asks Billy specially important question? I have asked, and I even I'm listening. So. Who
by saying. Me. I love him To press charges against me for possessing a firearm in which I did not have, but you did some and you didn't work so Come on and Mom. Each and and say yeah. Maybe.
Do you turn motherfukers deserve to go to jail for what they did to me and my family for the last month. Our own. I am by now Billy has lowered his hands from his face and explains with a heavy heart, how ungrateful The Americans are for the sacrifices made by our souls. Overseas. Getting angry again, circling back to confrontations over the past month. Replaying. The scenes in his mind on a loop leave me me me me me, Billy slams has had hard against the nearby wall. His military,
toughness overwhelmed and consumed with emotions. I understand, You look at me. I mean I can't hurt yourself Look at me. I can Take it easy, then you have with the situation. Laurie.
Three years later, it's twenty fifteen and the labour shooting from three years prior has once again made headlines, as a special session convenes and Titus Ville Florida neighbours are coming to the defence of a tight mailman charged with murder. They say the three and Billy Woodward is accused of shooting, threaten Woodward's life, an flow to stand Ground law gave him the right to shoot what you say in Belarus. I will County court house down. How are they Bruce helping Woodward's case journeys really what word or trying to show a judge that Woodward at a real fear that his life was in danger, but their testimony could backfire. These peoples that too, would neighbourhood enemies made life unbearable believe what mister wood we're? Ok, yes, I would have done the same thing one after
other Billy Woodward's defenders of painted a graphic picture of the threats and abuse in their Titus Veil neighbourhood with Woodward looking on it. Security video shown by his lawyers resin stalled. Outwood adversaries made gun gesture shouted threats, stand your ground law says for someone to legally shoot someone else. They must have a reasonable peer of imminent peril of death or great bodily harm. Not only was Woodward afraid his neighbor say they also were afraid to come out of their own houses. Roger had threatened to kill my wife, my dollar myself, but stand our ground also requires the shooter to believe and unlawful enforceable act was occur, looking at the time of the shooting so Woodward's There are going to be looking for a very broad interpretation of the stand, your ground law from the judge, in which the judge would have to rule that all of those threats constituted a forcible act. That was occurring at the time of the shooting a judge could make
this rolling later this week, it another way. If the judge rules Favor of Billy's stand your ground defence than the state. Cannot pursued their murder and attempted murder charges Billy would be a free man. The stakes couldn't be higher, and, as Billy takes the stand here, again questioned about the events, of that Labour Day Sunday early Monday morning. This time has the added advantage of his security camera footage at his disposal. The defence placed excerpt after excerpt of threats and harassment captured on tape, Attention, volleys back and forth between Billy and security hammer, video of the same unforgiving angle of Billy's, white, pickup truck and the hill leading up to Gary Hungary's place
they twine matter. I know because I won my dad used to a personal rights, let's go answer either for me and my. Another serious thought about with me here and they want to draw me out and road for life. Go to jail and just made encourage you to my property. Reference is written Maguire Just walked into the yard and test firing. The last time on the contrary, they get there. Let me him down the road Follow me Wasn't nothing to protect me. There's another home at captured on the camera. That's important, Billy, a spark fire and flame on the right hand, side of the image far in the background,
That in reality is a lit palm fraud. Watch this point, What right there when I see the buyer every time that is paid attention to title in my house? when I see the fire when I go. From my story. Place caused huge Because I didn't know that Malta picture come flew into my house for what of time after the fire. Do you continue to watch in your home what we say, I don't know exactly what. There's a period of time. Higher than leave my house
Where is this? You recall as long as you say in your house watching, before you decided that you needed to go outside of your house I don't believe it was very low. Maybe I'm out of a couple minutes payments Why did you decided at that point? convinced me that needed to be upset, to be a bar anxious about illegal workers. Again today, Various I'd ask the buyer if I make an encouraging Obama property with weapons in fire and manpower So you could you saw enjoying your eye? do you if some trap, like a rat in a cage. My decision to leave my house to surveillance
you're sure am I still one of the screen ok, right there, back in your life environment. Further. What you got a perfect lifestyle, and why I'm here dreadfully refund your reaction, here the ceiling. There is no single break. On my tree, Nowhere there's nothing to interfere with my hearing or my mobility, applause everything. That's all! That's! On there, is it
To see their coming before They can see me, that's all Billy goes on to describe overhearing what he refers to as a conspiracy to kill him from the neighbours who won allured him out to the street and shoot him with the gun. He swears. He heard them test firing earlier, though, the bangs may very well have been fireworks undeclared upon my house and family than myself now the only living link between well I've, been children I'm the only one on the only living link separates them from a horrible death, do you not understand, Sir there's another moment. Captured by the security footage, that's critical to Billy's defence. Remember peril and death have to be a minute at the time. Belief fires to legally stand his ground. You may
CALL Billy said during his police interview that when he first came upon Roger Peak WAR, he was wrestling with his teenage son now and call he says Roger was holding a baseball bat one. He had threatened father with at another point in time and that you can hear the hit the ground during the shooting, we'll replay that part for you, well it's hard to deny that some sort of metallic sound does occur. No bats were recovered from the house. Your section of Smith in Lane. In fact,. Billy spends eight painful quiet minutes on the stand. Flipping through crime scene photos
able to point to a single object to support his story of imminent danger. There are other awkward confessions and court like when Billy admits by the time he's armed himself and cross the street. He already understood it could not have been a molotov cocktails as Lit bomb would have already exploded. Or when Billy concedes He only understood after the fact that Gary Henry was not holding a twenty two caliber automatic, when shot a multiple times, but a coffee muck. Instead, The cross examination begins with a simple question that completely derails the notion that Billy fired in self defence. The military operation is far too your concern. Correct, would, with Edward again
so this is the gist observing I see myself between them with military training Well, you. Will be off so that you were back on the battlefield asked Craig. How much time you spell a battlefield? Yes, if you recall Are you married, question. No sixty two. Everywhere lead anywhere To his daughter now
So, what's going on Most of you personally, Sir, how much time. You personally spend in infantry combat on the battlefield, combat yes, a silver bullet. Ok, so you never actually engaged in actual battlefield, combat yourself an artist desert. Now you testify that you had advanced infant retraining. Destruction. Did you never actually engaged any any infantry combat the new president, I'll try but he's got a genteel. Ok, let's talk about training. Join you infantry train. You taught that is common practice and acceptable to.
Secure. Help was wounded, enemy lying on the ground. The teacher training, yes, sir, Are you aware that work on showed your testimony that your train during your for army military training to secured the enemy lying helplessly ground. They should be united taught trade, you and taught you to do most of it. And, yes, you are good as new. After a week's worth of testimony, Judge James Herb determines that during the incident, Billy acted with a quote:
unreasonable and unnecessary use of deadly force and club, He goes on to say that the entire incident could have been avoided? Billy had only stayed inside of his home, accept from his ruling red quote. He said he tired of the taunting and he snapped, he ever stated that he felt any one was coming to do him harm. You never stated that under any sort of attack when he shot his victims. The evidence support. The conclusion that the defendant the aggressor, and that he and. Actually went onto the victims property in a canoe. The old manner in order to care, out his military style attack the defendant not exercise self defence. This defendant did not stand his ground end quote Three more years pass its January, many eighteen now and the state of four
verses. William Theodore Woodward has at long last come the trial. Billy's defence strategy is the same as it was in twenty fifteen play excerpts from the security footage and besides just how real an eminent the threats were coming from across the street and that had no choice but to kill in self defence, but the prosecution also uses the security footage to their advantage. They point out that while Billy was watching the palm fraud fire that he thought was a molotov cocktails cocktail, two different com cars drive by on surveillance, they ve, been on routine checks of the neighborhood because of complaints coming out of the area for the past month and every time Billy has called police in the past. They have shown up, even if it's not as proper, de as Billy would have liked. Dilly does not
take the stand in twenty eighteen, over his police interview and, stand your ground. Testimony are heard and seen by jurors after three weeks of emotional testimonies, the prosecuting turning sum up. The states position nicely. The danger was imminent danger could have been avoided. Another way there was another way he just didn't like it. It's include retribution. Vengeance, the defendant, was the aggressor when he left his house at a time that there was no threats being presented to him now was at or near his property, they were on their own property. Enjoy the tail end of whatever party they had did they have fun at the expense of the defendant. Yes, they did, but it wasn't criminal. Certainly wasn't so the level of an imminent threat to him, his wife, his daughter, his
parents, you weren't there or anyone else, there were no attempts, have his daughter sodomized on the second or third, there were no attempts to have is how spurned down or two him with a weapon or a bat or anything else. The defence doesn't get to kill his neighbours when he wants it Some remote time a threat was made by someone else on general thirty. First, twenty eighteen after a twelve person, jury spends about eight hours, deliberating Billy? What is convicted on two counts of second degree murder. For the slayings of Gary Henry and Roger P Corps. He's also found guilty of a third count of attempted for the shooting of his neighbour and once friend Bruce Blake. Three months later, the sentencing hearing on April eleven twenty eighteen Bruce is,
one of the many who provide the judge with a victim impact statement after life today, twenty twelve Bruce was hospitalized for eight days and underwent nine surgeries a medically induced coma. Two of the eleven bullets that were fired at em are still lodged in his body one near his spine and why in his left, calf Billy stare straight ahead. Bruce tells him I've handled what happened to me now now. To handle what happens to you then quote, but as with all violent crimes There are more than just the obvious victims other lives have been destroyed by these events and told through emotional statements from three different mothers, all of whom ass their son in one way or another on that Labour day night. There is
the mother of victim Gary Hamburg, I have never seen any more responsible for taking my son's life. He has never send any for his ass and further the heartbreak and destruction he has done I see freedom to move to another family. Then I believe with all my heart he would when the matter is allowed to give just for this and then there is the mother of perpetrator, Billy. What, your honour. Our son, is very loving uncaring. Man he's been brought to his love for Christ, its own way. He has always been surrounded by loving relatives and fairly.
Entire life. The wealthy ass for his family, run, one of us It is long since this wire, teach to show he's a wonderful husband and father, and I wouldn't be able to live with him and ask story opened, with the first hand, account of teenager just in p core. It seems a We close it with a statement from his mother she not only mourns the death of Roger Peak or the father of her son, but also her I'm just in himself who has in forever changed by that night. I can tell you, as is my everything, has changed in every possible way he's, been diagnosed with post from industry, this order
this behaviour as follows. I guess anyone where his father second were here because one experience that Labour day my he has given what a concentrated caused him to quit. School he's become withdrawal. On his friends and family holidays in and enjoy do any hangs on to its fishing. This worthy and Roger, enjoying together experiences. Ninety meters reliving nine this house, the gunshots Greece is depressed several anxiety will not only allow an twenty three still is unable to move on, always in fear for his own life Billy one word is sentenced to life terms both to be served concurrently. He's also sentenced to twenty five years for the attempted murder of Bruce Blake. Remember. Next time, your awoken by the sound of ecuadorean ragged time or
circular saw or the crowing a chicken every one of your neighbours has a story of their own, Then, if they drive, you crazy show a little compassion, maybe bring on the fruit cake or something every once in a while. We may think the worst of our neighbours in the greatness of Understanding them not getting to know them as human beings but you never know what they may think of you. It could be even worse. The safest bad is to be the better person be the better neighbour and in doing so staying safe in your own home
that does it for episode, one fifty three and season six of sword and scale. We wish you and your family, the very best of the holidays and we'll be back after the holidays, break and announced the debut episode of season. Seven. On our social media, so joint on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for details on that, and until next year be holidays.
And stay safe,
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