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Ezra McCandless wove a web of complicated relationships for herself, getting involved romantically with many of the men in her coffee-shop clique in a hipster Wisconsin college town. Things were going well for her until they weren’t, and one person in the exclusive friend group ended up dead.

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we're back this season. Seven episode, one fifty four of sword and scale, a show that reveals the worse monsters, a real. You know we kept you waiting for a while, so we're gonna cut right to the chase, get right into the story which I think you're gonna find incredibly interesting. Welcome back for our seven season were so excited to have you back for our seven year, smile
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sword code sword It was a chilly evening on March twenty second, twenty eighteen in monotony March, and was godson, usually consistent cold days? and colder nights nineteen year old. Don Sippel was real axing inside of his rural singing, Story Home near monotony. That late afternoon, probably put going to eat his dinner. Maybe watch your little jeopardy. When he heard third, a knock on the door. Dongle up and open the door to find a young, thin blue need and muddy girl, prevent a and crying on its doorstep. She said
she'd, been attacked and her appearance shut up with her story. Don t you he had to get her to the hospital, But- and this good thing. I remember if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. He knew he should be the one to drive her himself. He didn't know this woman or where she came from you didn't know if she was dangerous, mentally announced able or even to in the truth about what happened to her so promptly old nine, when one for guidance and an ambulance. The time was, for fifteen p m one whatsoever for the emergency, oh god, oh calling- and I hereby all young lady, I just kinda my organ somebody, a tractor. You need a doctor
we're all to learn what only address Europe which have little or no ok, then she entered her cut up at the border on the overall Toulon and she'd by herself. By herself she walked my all. Ok. Can you ask her what her name is? What's your name
Well, you don't know about you. Dont know. Some officer started that. Where did she say? Who did this to her knock, you can't you gotta them and from your name is shooting where that happened. Now I didn't, I didn't get got that you understand the coroner begun gone away. Officers are on their way, I'll stand upon you going out on a good. So, besides you're bleeding from the mouth doing all whatever injuries is she likes? You injured anywhere else yeah. She looked a little bit more like you all gone, and how did you ever get? How will be confused older meeting
come on. You're gonna get help until she came on for correct you just want to my door. Can you ask your due to the shooter you having idea? Who did it? Do you know why you need some people get you something you could get her up her up album low, the Poland augured pocket. He don't have been issued on Tibet and Urban. All muddied pocket we walked quite away, they don't know without food help how she came, but bread
outside of your evidence there, where she got her entire entitled shivering and all he told me you had a good idea at the thought of the blanket around one, but I gotta get monitor, sounds good I'll. Keep them informed you of sharing population, one I've, never even our own long time keeping you called graduated overstates. Anyone Alan! When I got the daughter of water into the hall. She won't be the driver to hospital, but I didn't think I should be doing now. No maps publicly Triangle, Mogadishu helps you need. Your journal also looks you need to get your glasses on nineteen June. Did you do the blood on the marble plug? It was drier.
The article eleven guidelines for a month while ago walk away- or maybe I don't know she founded yearbook. Look you down here right now. You're right now, we're ok I'll! Let you go you sleep with him. Don't think you ve been dashed footage from responding officers unseen recorded the question in answer dialogue between themselves and the victim. It's difficult to hear the question. They're asking her, but what's more imports, is the way she responds to the officers questions with his stare core crying. Your home. Now everywhere I need to run away,
billina from anywhere we are working and the next clip you can. The officers talking with the homeowner Don Sippel. Dialogue is overshadowed by the woman's, cries you should also no then, No,
I don't know either after this woman fails to give officers any helpful information to aid them in identifying her don explain that she says she was attacked and she, must have walked quite a distance through the snow in her bare feet he had no driver's license. No shoes and clothing was shredded. Are you now the only thing she could tell them was that from a Clare Wisconsin, he couldn't remember her address or how long he lived there, but she
I knew she was from Clare. Remember getting I'm sorry let a man out of a car do work anywhere future for human family. By allowing all remember she didn't seem to know the answers to any questions. The officers Astor include her own name, but you but the name Jason mangle when they start Ask her. If she had any friends or family, they could call. She quickly told deputies that they could contact Jason officer.
Figured that they probably wouldn't get much information out of this traumatized teenager. Until they got her to the hospital and had her evaluated and stabilized. He was taken by a balance to the local hospital where doctors could better evaluate her condition. The arm echo staff, noticed a number of scratches and cuts all over the female victims body. She was now able to tell doctors, her name, Monica Carlin she had a number of sharp force injuries to the palms of her hands. Some around her valuable and inner thigh area and others clustered in various locations all around her body, all the cuts were deemed superficial the blood around them was crusted and dried ones, scratches, stood out to doctors, A group of minor lacerations on the victims arm they spent
out. The word boy plane as day She told doctors that attacker had cut the word into her at this point officials had no idea who her attacker was and when they looked into the name, Monica Carlin. They found but this was no longer the victims. Legal first and last name It actually originally been Monica J, but she had changed. It then changed at again to Azra. Mc candles, but mistakenly she had given one of her former names, two officers and medical staff when, as was finally identified. Take care of and calmed. It was I'm to sit down with her and figure out what happened the evening of March twenty six,
and how are you doing the same? Wages are. How are you doing something even join on house. I'm here to various kinda, try to figure out where Alex maybe So now we can find them along with, as MC canvasses car a men? Alex Woodworth. Also missing Alex was one of as rose on and off romantic partners and police. Do that He was whether, on March twenty second, they had. It Alex's home on a call reporting, a domestic disturbance. Just a few, as earlier that day As I was telling investigators she had little to no recollection of what happened to her that evening? That also that she didn't have any idea where Alex
ended up. Or where her car was Can we car either? that's what I'm here to Austria alone, but first, I want to know how you feeling how you doing now is mine. I wish the delegation they should be allowed. Impressions are heading in sunder, further, somehow them getting migration. I make you feel better. Now things are trying to hire me how to do things. Thinking he's getting Montel currently at this point, knowing Alex was with Ezra that evening, presumably had her car. They could
if we assume that Alex was the person who attacked Azra. I know your car is messing to Alex. You miss me, and I have no idea if you took them when someplace you crashed If you drive, you often worked, Celeron took off the car, I dont know something that we can. I would like to know dear how much gas was an entire just now recently I had my wallet and cultural ties and stuff He has worked with a few Our asian feel anxiety, it almost feels like Can I get somebody with a feeling so then you found him anomaly. Phenomena I do felt like I woke up
scared. So I just walking down own work life. What do you remember about there being care my fee, her belly, well. Your car. What do you remember about parlour was left Sri drilling holes The feeling was happening, scare. You just need a key. Walking, locking and running. In now. Hi scared animal. I don't know, how long do you think you're walking before someone follows you really he's very you trying to think about it. It feels like it just doesn't happen you. Try to think about it I can feel is just the feelings seeing so use
Didn't you gotta own park, one other particles, your conscience, Further what I mean. The partners baffling muse how you end up in monopoly. No me a postal order, something says covered a lot of blood. Did you drive into a swamp Did you drive into a lake. In that regard, did he driver nor swamp early? I don't think so. The term him. I can't find any part of find your car I was really scary- His fear of being heard
who, or what Alex invite him doing what they have. Hurry we may making me want What do you mean by that so instead of me with hindsight, says singing eyes for a while and used and here you have upset when I was too since the pain and suffering was Jason, was on Jason do something else. The aim did someone else to something else that he's not around? Who exactly Was this strange woman with Henbury amnesia to completely different identities and a host
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College students and Tony's typing, at their laptops, writing and talking about philosophy. The kind of place where someone who refuses to listen to problematic pod casts law to hang out at and bitch about the patriarchy. You might know few those people. This is a place that quickie, not unlike high school cafeterias, and also not unlike twitter. These days it two small circles of close friends chatting in various quarters of allowed. The same people could be found their day after day after day, the local summit and referred to them as racists rats. From a careless was a frequent patron of the coffee, lounge array cease rat where she met her boyfriend, Jason, mingle, Jason. Has salt and pepper hair. A clean shaven face,
and can often be seen sporting a flat cap, newsboys style, had he's the kind of that rights, his bicycle everywhere, these well bill good. Looking, and a military man, a medic for the army to be exact, based on his use of vocabulary? He comes off as intelligent. And he knows it as on the other hand, try to use big words often uses them incorrectly or displaced. Had grammar in general. Its nose grit that she probably struggled to keep up with Jason's, intellect No one was that in when, when did you guys, they're gone out and one like lashed nine months would have been in a what last summer we started NGO lie like ok, but we are doing each other, reliable alcohol, real real. You actually said like in a world. We will have to make it like Facebook official here apparent that there were decidedly see anybody else will share in unison.
So now, she led them. Was here then, or should I say to you that So, I urge you guys go out. I want some say here, but then led her to say here and highly time, but now she was mostly commuting because I was one of the important who's going back to class. Welcome back to deal is doing for making. Ok patter buried under ok he's going to college and twenty seventeen Jason Mangle and as Roma Canvas began officially dating. She was nineteen. He was about thirty. Three a significant age gap. Jason, clarified that he didn't know how large the age gap was when he first met her the first time he rode in a car whither. He noticed
a tassel from a graduation cap hanging from Ezra Rearview, mirror you didn't it chairs to see what year it said she graduated and this time he was in a car. The task. Was gone. You didn't think much of it because All the stories Ezra told them about our life and art. Its is seem like things only a more mature woman and her mid too late twenties would have experienced, certainly not things have happened to a mere nineteen year old Azra has curly mousy brown hair, the hair cut self is very late eighties, early nineties nerd? She look like she's straight out of stranger things its shoulders very layered and she banks, but her natural curl causes them to curl irregularly around her face and her thick rimmed brown classes. One could easily peg her as a pseudo intellectual hipster.
One we're so inclined. In fact, a few The kind of person who likes to put a face to name go up and look her up, good instagram, its search for the user name, dirt underscore fiend Her page is up and its public you could see. All the Archie Pictures she's taken with paint on her face There is a side note. We wanted to include clips of Ezra herself talking about her name change in her identity in court. But we had a little issue here with the French is called court tv. I've been a big fat, Since the early days of court tv who is made a recent come back in the true crime scene and we were Bill excited the work with them. How we offered to have any politics on the show to discuss the case. But for some reason, court tv was everything except cooperative they weren't even willing. Let us see the archive footage from the courtroom.
Now. I know this is very behind the scenes in Lahti. Dont care about this custom protect us out pretty telling They wanted to try just five nor dollars per minute to use their footage of the public trial. Yeah, that's not a mistake. Five hundred dollars per minute, that's for audio of a trial that is public guard and for some reason, which I still can't figure out. No other news outlets were allowed to film the trial according to what we were told all the other media had to stream off the court tv feed at squatted. Business. They got there. So, needless to say, we are moving forward with this episode. Without them, it looks, We don't have a future working with court tv on any upcoming episodes, which is unfortunate. Despite this hiccup, though, hope you get a handle on the people involved in the story and they are like in real life
based on the audio, we did get our hands on and if you do get a chance to see part of the trial. I recommend you do it in this high profile. Trial Azra explains she chose to change her name before she was legally on adult she pulled her last name Mc Candlish from a non fiction book about a man named Christopher Mc Canvas. She said that she and Christopher his views on nature and the world aligned in many ways, he thought it be nice to honour him by taking his last name. To give you some contacts, Christopher MC was a young man who became the subject of a book and then a feature film. Called into the wild by John Crack, our Chris chose to leave behind his family. His friends is car and all his money and belonging to live in the alaskan wilderness be kept. An and took photos of his experiences,
and he eventually died of starvation and a sleeping bag and ninety. Ninety two is not so preciously millennial Oliver change your name to that of a protagonist From a popular movie, winds up dead, probably should set spoiler there anyway Azra shows her new first name while on a family vacation. She saw the name somewhere, he was look for a more unisex named the switchover to, and this one spoke to her visit, friend throughout the course of her life, a struggle with identity, she struggled with their sexual identity, her gender identity, in general, it seemed she yearn for a group of people to fit in with several. People in her life noted that she went back and forth between dressing in a more masculine way and in a or feminine way she preferred different pronouns at different points in our life.
Or gender identification was fluid to the point that our closest friends and lovers really don't even know what to call her. They struggle to keep up with what pronouns she preferred at any. Given time was she fluid? non binary. Jason dont even really know during the course of their entire relationship. She later said that in high school she chose to address in a more masculine way and now the present day she chose to embrace her femininity and identify as a woman, I think we'll do stick to calling her her. So You can follow along the story without getting confused as this or of twenty seventeen came to a close Jason, and as relationship intensified, She was living with him full time They only been together a little over. Three months when, as we discovered that she was pregnant with twins,
Jason was not excited to be a father and base as recollection it seemed ass though he pushed her into having an abortion but Jason Recollection is quite a bit different in any case, the procedure- was carried out in October on address nineteenth birthday? How perfectly dramatic and morbid I was there, I did what she wanted, because in my understanding and like my boots, the whole situation, whether one of those and I was glad that my decision was like this he's drunk whatever decisions you can't, even though it will be open whatever you need, can't you that was then, however, that their release ship quickly changed. Jason began, sleeping in another room. The intimacy between the couple had virtually vanished, but they stayed together.
Through the winter months and Azra continued living with Jason. Now here where things start to get weird. One night back in August before her abortion while Ezra was hanging out at a bar called the joint she just a man with light brown hair and his mid twenties hunched over the bar very full based on what he was doing. He was alone drinking and writing as your was announced, to have always been in the state of mind where she was open to allowing new relationships and our life. Jenny lay. If someone is happy and secure in their romantic relationship yearning for nothing, they don't
and their free time striking a conversations with those of the opposite sex in bars? Believe me, I know I got some first hand, knowledge of that. Unfortunately, but I who am I to judge so as being Azra, Sheep, just over the man and hopped under the black leather stool right. Next to him and asked what are you about. Just tell me about it. It was then that the strange and complicated relationship between as Roma Canvas and this man Woodworth commenced Woodworth was a twenty four year old man with his at slurs in philosophy from you w O Clare, and he was process of moving onto graduate school to gain his phd an event. Become a professor of philosophy, sounds like a high paying GIG Al I did a lot of journaling, he wrote essay,
after essay on philosophical topics and Of course he was a nighttime Bristow at the notary. Racist coffee, lounge answer, boyfriend, Jason Mingle, New Alex Woodworth already through races. I walk in Homeboy belied her. He was kind of like Where was I like with this in mind, like very nihilistic lifetime gold rights, really weird uncouth, wriggle out of step with the bark was delayed. As a good you're out of college. Why you still writing studying everyone would write like philosophy. Paper is like all ok I'll read like the three like, you know, like, is just a rape like this matter. Like like there's just that, whatever we like how incredibly climate Naxos like peacekeepers, some kind of like optimism, said: Melick
here is how strange nihilist of optimism and ever was allotted. Entropy was allotted like disorder and help her pain and those like you. I don't know. I used to opening up. Let me completely aware made what is happening This is life decent recounts, a few things that are, here, too, understanding Alex as a person. First of all, he drank a lot and often secondly, was questioning sexuality seeming to lean towards being interested in men final. Like I mentioned before he was instantly writing and talking about his strange philosophies his journals we're off entitled as if they were published books. One titled, personal notes, research, ideas and the quest to understand another was called I met a man walking through a briar patch He was looking for the rose promised by the thorns.
He carried several of these journals with him everywhere. Often share the contents with, as close friends, and felt uneasy things is talk about something like what are you talking about. His own way, and king, he I started talk about I don't really agree with the philosophies that much cuz they're, just kind of there, a negative loss of face has like taken I take as much as you are out of philosophies and but he's, never hurt you the meeting naturally grabbed onto one particular essay and which Alex discusses the idea of cannibalism, news media just loves doing its job. Doesn't it just journalising? that's institutionalizing. Anything anyway, they were the peg him as someone who was quote interested in cannibalism, leading
well to assume that he planned to actually eat someone. Here's a passage, from this essay put your hip hats on and try to decode it. I am oddly preoccupied with the concept of cannibalism, not quite with actual cannibalism in practice, but rather with the indwelling metaphors are understanding. Actually works with cannibalism. Deals primarily with own awareness of our being flash that another human could literally eat me raise odd over what I actually em to another I can be rendered mere meet reduced to a body and the most vicious way.
Beyond anxiety. The phenomenon reaches an otter truth, an uncanny awareness that cannibalism is not merely eating a corpse deprived of its humanness, but is precisely consumption of a human by a human cannibalism reaches a route as old as birth. My flesh is my humanity, for both are what is at stake in it. What made me being is precisely what lets me lose myself. So viscerally luck, clearly riding along essays about cannibalism in a coffee, stopper hipster bar should raise a few red, text, anyone whose had discovery idea for more than a few seconds, even in the back ironing or making a sandwich. But as was not scared away she was drawn to Alex and his peculiar essays. Alex is unique, philosophies donor and there he was injured
primarily in a concept known as nihilism made fame, by the well known philosopher, Frederick niece, a man and with the largest mustache you ve ever seen, he's known for saying things like to live, is to suffer and to survive is defined, meaning in the suffering catchy her people with chronic Existential depression tend to be big proponents of nihilistic philosophy. Modern day America, everyone's depressed all the time in another essay Alex Rights. This do I wish desire to die in a way. Yes in another. No four, the first life is misery each days, the same exhausting for the second, a wager of experiences that outweigh any present pain, the form.
Is inexplicable. The latter in need of comment Alex, did, however, deeply enjoy physical and sexual relations with other people. He cried and was obsessed with the prospect of having physical closeness with someone. He mentions that physical intimacy literally gives him a reason to live without it per perhaps he would have already offered himself there is little I've enjoyed more than physical intimacy. The contact under covers, whilst watching a film, for example, These have a way of grounding and shattering conscience, regardless of any a Porsche of reflection. Her presence her breath against me the he's of her chest cement me pull me back together. Indeed, bliss is her heartbeat.
Fill this is so private, so singular a phenomenon that the reasons for its value are difficult to articulate. Yet, I suspect, You can understand that little moments of your own in a way the very possibility of experiencing such a state again motivates future life, a funnier that a future cuddle. Keeps me alive that particular passage was written before he and Ezra met But he began to experience these feelings the deeper became involved with her. As he and Ezra began, seeing each other more often and spending more time together the relationship, naturally progressed into a sexual one. You may be thinking if Alex thought he was gay wisely consistently sleeping with a woman. That's where rose? Gender fluidity comes into play as written,
aimed she and Alex only had sex a couple of times. But more recently has divulged that they were carrying on sexual relations regularly, alongside as relationship with Jason, welcomed, twenty twenty. This will ship with Alex Thou was entirely secret? Azra was cheating on J. Will you say them feel I was right. What do you mean enalux, we've been friends for a while, but also it escalated a few times to like it was. Something that may help I'm comfortable, anxious, wasn one of those times in central between the two of you still really wrong for me Really I got afterwards yeah. I don't really anxious made me feel really like girls in my craw. Things like that mentions like, feel anxious and something tat to repeat
Lee cheating on your boyfriend makes you feel uncomfortable in anxious weird. You'll notice, Ezra uses words like uncomfortable and anxious quite frequently, and She uses these words to describe her sexual relationship with Alex two investigators. A time. She describes the relationship as one hundred percent consensual and extremely intimate Oh, my God help me once allowing uncomfortable when you click a link, that's gonna go interviews with alarm and elaborate here. Why would you do it Why was he putting his arm around your neck from behind? Is that the best way to describe it so you're, standing out and he's behind you in his arms around it was alive during a time when things like getting ok. So I was in earnest sexual act, meaning I uncomfortable.
And it really like to feel our size and that I was to sense evidence that he said a few times because he didn't get tonight. Very true inciting when you didn't like financial extra something he had a couple times. It has happened I, along with it closely, but other. Let him put his arm around you doing at times there is no other physical harm. Do you know, once you like, I said our kid, you slapped you did you. That was a failure and sexual act as well. So other than injury sexual ass There is nothing that Castro psychophysical fighter. Anything goes I now at the beginning of their sexual relationship. Azra has discussed the sexes being simply vanilla.
It began to escalate throughout the months they continued their affair venture into the media, SAM Realm, and in some other kinky stuff, you may not be able to wrap your head around now for those of you get up buddy about king, shaming, whatever the hell. That is, it's not like! That's what, trying to do here, a knock your Ricky selves out. All you want, but it is worth, noting that in this particular case, the sex behaviors of Alex the Intellectual and Ezra the pseudo intellectual, our cringe inducing by the fact that Ezra says to the detective, is too sensitive and that out holding or a certain way while having sex made her uncomfortable She then goes on to say that she encouraged Alex to explore his desires sexually. He began To prefer the prone position commonly as prone bone yeah we're going there.
For those of you that don't have a premium subscription, the porn hub or art avid renders the prone Our position is when the girl or guy lies completely flat, face down, while their male partner enters from behind, can go doggie style if the dog were lets a dead, during the sexual act Alex began, calling her his boy and use exclusively male pronouns to describe her after she told him she identified as a male in high school. Now, luck in in this day and age? There are a lot of people out there who are trans and are just try to live their best lives, sure and that's fine, but it seems pretty where to any reasonable person that do also seem to be a lot of the younger population. These days. That are hopping onto the Trans bandwagon because it seems to be popular and that's what the kids are doing
Alex seem to want to put as rose masculinity at the forefront of their relationship. He preferred that side of her he wanted to have her as a mail so In her relationship with Jason, she was done a in presenting herself as female and without it she was identifying as male about fluid as you could get really according to Ezra. Ouch enjoyed when Ezra didn't have her glasses on during sex. He liked to blind folder during sex He also like the room to have soft light. A candle burning, not much ability, presumably to blur the gender lines. Some more in the cover of darkness, though, but blindfolded, dim, wiser, very calm and things to include in the average sex life those things certainly not where Alex and Azra drew the line during instances. That seemed straight out of an episode of the Handmaids tale.
Alex, would read passages from sore Kirk guards book fear trembling which discussed is a biblical tale of Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac. A real aphrodisiac, her picture. It dim light blind holds prone bones and a young and normal looking man squinting his eyes over philosophical texts, reader passages during the active almost like a ritual in his eyes. Is dramatic nature AL, became worn down by the longing to be in a real relationship with Azra and desire. For her relationship with Jason to come to an end in one of his many drunken nights He slit his own wrists and called Azra for help it was a while ago,
is out drinking, he drinks a lot at night, and then he went home and he cut his wrists and stuff. It me a nearby instead, there is talk about, Cadillac being overwhelmed she's, his house, he didn't have much about his past research. Using a he's too. So he's been violence on both occasions, stuff and he was younger things. I got his parents, Did I ever surprise you when I talk to, you seem like a very media law, laid back kind of guy, really surprised me when he talked about it and he talked about remember the night on the day after himself, ass Jason. If he could help myself I was concerned. I really talk about his parents exercise their child
That really surprised me. It's just been kind of like I don't know much about him, but I know a few. Things were said. The boy I wonder whether the house- and I months ago one by her This room and then all of a sudden going to do something, and people are not going to understand that this was Is it that I got drunk relax now I got myself for the night, but I got the Christmas as like This is a really weird placed. Actually I got my arrest. How can I was like this is not a place you actually put yourself out he's like nor, yet believe me, it was an accident I was holding his hands. I knew you. Children, like I know, We knew what was going on relationship figure out. I didn't you the m? Okay, what we were still all jason- an army medic was eventually the one to help bandage Alex up Jason.
The authorities that he knew about Azra, Alex's infidelity, and yet, friends with Alex and stayed in our relationship with Azra Are you starting get a sense of just how batshit crazy everyone in the story is if you're so on the fence about it and think everyone sounds completely normal justice, Eric and his apple pie then hold up because after the break will discuss even more layers of madness. To this insane story. Stay with I love researching true crime, but what I'm? Taking a break I like to play games on my phone and one of those games which I play to is best feeds
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I know that I am not your property, I'm secondary to you. I believe that you love me. But your love for another is what you place your faith in my love but in a way that you can always give up, you believe that things can get better with the love you prioritize, and that means that you believe you will abandon me some day. I am so much pain because you love me and still you hope, to ban me too, my loneliness again. Can you see that your desire for your priority is also a desire? from my annihilation. Can I show you this? is my only hope to be that your priority ceases to be so for the development of my own significance Can you realise that I am your significant other in a way that I benefit from
This is an entry from Alex's Journal about Ezra in case you pick up on it, he's expressing his desire that she or he leave you Recent to be solely within this entry was December, and at this point, Zira and Alex had only begun sleeping together a little over a month prior Ships seem to move very quickly in this particular circle of friends, Two months later, in February of twenty eighteen Jason had to leave for military training for two weeks since, as early full time in the apartment She went on about our life as usual way. For him. The return on the EU king of February forth, as you without drinking with one of Jason's best friends, John Hansen and Jason's roommate? They were drinking that evening and the men were giving Azra some flack for not being able to keep up with them
she panted down some more booze being sought, girl. She is, as we begin throwing up in the toilet when she arrived back at the apartment, with the two guys she was visibly intoxicated ass. She claims have climbed in the bed and try to go to sleep. It was and that she felt John Hansen in bed with her taking advantage of her inebriated state was allegedly sliding down her pantyhose and trying to rape, her she's, where did telling Jason at first but when she finally did he began. Am I rate and insisted that should go to the police apparel. Was ok for Alex to have sex with his girlfriend, but John no FUCK, John, if that Jason was the reason this entire investigation was lodged surrounding the sexual assault allegation. One source even says. A Jason himself was the one who found the police report against his friend.
Furthermore, investigation has to one region How do you figure out? What happened? What did you do to help you make sure esper things then, you told the inshore serve his text messages Accidents at sea and colonel kindness, TAT early, say anything into it more like they say you're just like. Are you Today, our exchanges have asked us, He says and that's one of these- is the author of the working and your fallen down notice, hi mom labs. Actually now would you give us intend to drive home depending on the following should be done in a short? Is a half an hour might take a few hours of the day?
Things like you do I am to do. His sledge areas, islands have studied. This is like a real saw, her everything that was really just makes me uncomfortable. It makes Azra unkind. Trouble whatever she said that night was so on. Comfortable that she, not only deleted the texts. She deleted the app used to send things, but I cited because I find lacking table for a formal sitting, and now they look like ass, not even me. He has accepted my brain and they took part in the formal stuff those motions she blame someone fur picking her do things she didn't want to do.
Hormones, excellence is hard. Lazily things never told you every day that you're always like you super. Let me tell you a greener Lisbon Daily They want to see horrible poor little Azra, always being victimized time sharing hey you drinking wine, and I didn't he asked also you son. We ask you. He is Let me answer: let me I think this idea about himself. He smiled glad you just do. But his animals they cause. I was there has to be that way, because my ass Thus, when he realizes what he wants,
really understood. Dad The old world waiting times and talking about lion there's still, really. You really really Gypsy Wait throughout the nicer throwing up so Johnson saying so so, as they remain friends Remember that night do you know, It was really areas there is some community law Street probably I was in bed
I can tell you stay long, John Hume, was entirely soon telling me to require Lish showing me the sage, he's just hesitatingly call your little girl kept saying my little girl and then he said finish inside you, I use the word here being a frightening together. Just drawing me, you know little about was terrified me here through Alex Azra Jason John and a few others were interview during the course of this rape investigation. A big deal was made out of the whole thing, and rightfully so
the problem was that these allegations were surprise, surprise apps. Lately false. Alex Woodworth later told a thing. Bodies that Azra had confided in him? that she had simply engaged and consensual sex with John Hansen while drunk and later regretted it so the astrogation was closed, and despite the false rape accusation everyone what merrily on their way when as talking at the officer about the disappearance of her car and Alex Woodworth, and she describes her relationship with Alex It should now be clear why the officer seems a little wary of what she's telling him it's, because this false rape allegation It's important to mention that as raw cats active journals as well, not as many as that thespian Alex and definitely not philosophical, but
recollections of her past experiences and let me tell you this when claims she's experienced a lot of sexual assault. This is the kind of woman you probably would be well advised to get assigned and notaries consent form before taking her hand one of our journal entries titled, silence, broken recounts, her voice first experience of alleged sexual assault. I was very young first time I was abused came nightmares, sleepless nights and self. A driving my mind. Deep within an endless imagination, I was only seven and had already contemplated ending my life. I was I more than once in the home of my neighbour by their sick, strange daughter. There is spelled t h, e already
made confused about my body in my mind he remembered his shame. Frustration I had, I would say, I dont want to play these games anymore with clear anger area, my small voice. This was not the the best. For me. It wasn't long after a family member had taken advantage of me Wouldn't let me leave the room until they were finished with me. Confused angry scared. A small child mine tried grasping why someone, I was taught only to trust, could become the monster. I was disgusted by I learned at a young age. How did not speak up and accept what was happening, even though I knew it was wrong when other It speaks of a friend abusing her later on in high school. I would have never thought a best friend. Could he used me the way he did when I was drunk one day, I was crying and terrified by my boyfriend held forcibly by him. Once again, I got free.
Pleaded for his brother to drive me to my grandmother's. He was driving home and I was drunk and sobbing of anxiety and he slipped his. And down my shorts, telling me this for me, This will make it quiet yeah sounds really believable their azra. Sounds exactly like what some japanese anime billing would say right before getting all hen tie on you. He then proceeded to find a job road and sexually assaulted me cried in the shower that night wondering why I cause this to happen. My body again finally writes a journal entry about her fabricated experience being raped by John Handsome that person here I cried tail grabbed my throat with our asking it procrastinate. Body was taken advantage of without protection. Just after I had been throwing up drunk and stumbling, he knew the pain and fear. This would bring well aware of my operation, I cried, As I heard him shush me and call me little girl.
That morning I lie in bed, cold and confused racing to grasp what had happened in the dark. He described me ass. His I've fetish and, once again I was haunted, as I say, the ceiling. My mind told me that I had to accept this because who would love me if I did and become for many months, I was told to a monster mentally I broke and submitted, and my body was abused again, not long after the night of vomiting. Again he proceeded to endanger my bind and my body, but the possibility of becoming pregnant, I knew what had happened and one for my other friend for advice and concerns voicing
anxiety and count towards our friendship to only once again for its return to his desires of making me the boy he want add. I could only think of. Maybe this is what I was so severe now and slept with the parallel of my abuser increase you, MR in the world, Few sentences she's talking about how she went to Alex so that she could about our allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of on Hanson. She claims Alex responded by also sexually abusing her everybody rape in here. So she went to this man. She claims loved her to cry about alleged rape and Man responds by raping her totes believable. As a road energy or journals of at least these five instances of sexual abuse There could have been more from what I've seen to be. Is you're as possible. Here something out. There need constant and repeated clarification. We aren't so
that Ezra was never or could never have been sexually assaulted, sure she could have been, but someone is caught in multiple accusatory, lies and repeat These changes are mined and says she feels dirty and uncomfortable after self admitted, consensual, sex with multiple partners. It may Any reasonable person start to question subsequent allegations scrutinise them with a metaphorical, magnifying glass. It causes question the validity of all of Ashraf claimed experiences, including the fuzzy nests of her memory. The day she was retreat from dance. People's house again. The boy who cried Wolf doesn't anyone ever read? Fables anymore? I suppose it's because true crime, podcast such as this to serve as modern day fables. For the lessons that everyone should learn and take to heart. First of those lessons should probably be don't, kill people
too. Bad Azra doesn't seem to have been a true crime fan or a fan of fables, on the same day that, as the countless showed up, bloody and bruised and covered in mud on the doorstep. Of a good Samaritan, but no memory of what happened on that. Same day March, twenty third, a body was found. It was hanging half way out of the open, rear door of Ashraf Car that was Alex. He was dead and it was a mess. Death a colossal, an overwhelming crime scene, and just like that, the predator had become
the prey next time, on sword and scale last letter as a hindrance, How much do you remember Adrian scared and the allies Want me to do this, we can't you do know what happened. Okay, we need an truth. Yes, that's right part: two of the as room a canvas story will be coming up on episode. One fifty five, but if you will here it right now. Consider joining plus you'll get we commercial free access to regular show's over sixty additional plus episodes of stories. You won't hear on the regular show a pristine.
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