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Loving parents Jason and Julie live on the California coast with their three young children and have the dream life, or so it seems. Jason is a respected and loved teacher and coach while Julie earned a Harvard degree. But Julie is a hoarder who has given up on her stay-at-home role as a mom, and Jason has had enough. One of them is highly trained in firearms and one has no experience at all. One of them ends up dead, and the other claims no responsibility. Will the children be left with one parent, or no parents?

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This way on sorting scale. Rewired gets murdered button cabin to a here. I've seen people posting the comedy and murdered do not go well together, mainly obviously never heard the show that I have never seen murder. She wrote to that's one of the funniest show's over recent months. The one is unintentionally layer is now it's interesting. You know, I think its opinions and then our opinions can be funny bright. I think so I think so too. You know it is a little weird laugh about people who died or or whatever, but that's a lot of rolling the eyes. That's what I find when you listen to murder, as is the case in eighty. It please, I've disorder, scale, rewind and visit S, ass, rewind, dotcom, swords, it contains adult themes and violence. And is not intended for all audiences. Listen Discretion is advised
I'm still recovering from everything he has me all those years so hard. hello and welcome to season eight absurd wondering before I've sword and scale show that reveals the worst monsters are real.
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privilege what a word it seems to be a very popular word these days, but despite its over use and abuse in the political sphere, North South does have some meaning a privileged person. You have an advantage over others, whether you were born with it or it was handed to the kind of implies a you didn't necessarily earned disadvantage, for example, someone whose parents pay for their expensive college Education is privileged, or someone who inherits quite a lot of money and can buy new house without having to even think about it, let alone safer down payment. That's it Much person does not pay.
people and academia. These days telling bothers you, ve worked hard, their own lives to make a couple bucks that they're, the ones that are privileged instead. And who has it heard of the term Karen by now, the privileged white woman throwing a fit in the park or at the mall, because someone else is in doing what she wants them to the term. Privileged is a close neighbour to the word spoiled, but it's a little different when we think of spoiled. We tend to think of brandy little children, but have you ever met a spoiled adult, it's always about them and because they expect things to come easy for them, if no tantrum, when it does it, sometimes it's just a little bit of acting out, but sometimes when things get really tough for a spoiled adult, the only
reality check, the Gatt is a jail so. California dreaming California is one of those few states in which a lot of people. Love to live in a thick. It afforded benefit past, be rapid, homeless problem and political climate. speaking of climate Southern California especially boasts the perfect climate. Take cross bad for you Emma located between LOS Angeles in San Diego or the temperatures its beautifully between sixty four and seventy seven degrees. every single day doesn't that sound, lovely Minnesota add to that
was bad, is right on the ocean with magnificent cliffs and beaches. Glistening with I said, however, The price tag for a rather ordinary home in this land of paradise is about. Eight hunt grand, unless you want to live in a double wide trailer on a very small lot, Julian Jason Harper were lucky enough to afford a home on Badger Lane, one that would on a cool million and twenty twenty one and about forty thousand dollars at the time they purchased at twenty years ago, Jason and his wife lived in an upper middle class. Gated community, with everything going further and Jason had landed his ideal job here they beloved math teacher and volume coach Carlsbad, school. For many years, where he was loved by his students and his players and he had attended you see allay, but his childhood, he was raised by his parents to love education.
Did well in school. He was, excellent student- and he also enjoy playing the many sports that his loving parents put it into? He accept because of his height in bed, the ball in volleyball going into high school. He was over six feet tall. He began the captain of his volleyball team and is basketball team but he didn't just do well in sports when it was time to apply the college's. He did so well in his academics that he got into the nations top universities each was to attend. You see, outlay during his time at you see, allay he not only excelled academically, but one national, Petitions on the men's. Volleyball team after graduating he began teaching at crawls, bad, high school and so Dangerously studying for his postgraduate degree at Chapman University well, during this time the Jason was living after you see like living in El Segundo, working as a teacher and studying to get his masters degree that he may
a girl named Julie, see hack at a party they were very much from different worlds. Julie was a? U S, girl and she from a well to do. Family Jason was you sail a man and came from a working class family. but none the less they hit it off, and these dating and Julie was a good looking young blonde. Girl from you are seeing she came from money and she very appealing to Jason. Not only did Julie come into the picture loaded with piles of money, but she was also exceedingly bright Julia arbour. Through her own resume talks Tell she went to Harvard Universe. City study you see got her masters degree from cows, stay long beach and got into you see Davis LAW School Is a very smart woman on November. Fourth, two thousand one Jason and Julie married and moved to their carlsbad home two years later.
but how did they afford a former thousand dollar home in two thousand one on Jason salary? As a teacher, That kind of house was way above Jason's Pegrenne at the time, in we wanted to be a state home mom in lieu of using her Harvard degree. I mean hey not knocking a woman's right to do anything. She wants, but Julie, wanted at all Jason's mother told us how she when she first met Julie. First dreadful. Was when they were dating and she broke up with him because she was sure she wanted to be with just a teacher. That comment told me that a teacher salary would not be enough. For her Julie's love for Jason, overcame her misgivings about his working class. Salary and they married anyway. You see. Julie was born with a silver spoon in her mouth remember that show silver spoons
young Little Ricky Schroeder. Writing is train around the living room and who can forget It was the early start of Alfonzo Ribeiro Career, the eighties anyway, that term silver spoon peasant, sting history explanation is that during the middle ages, before people learn how to set a proper table way before Martha Stewart Etiquette, of course, guests, work, spected to bring their own spoons, and I care spoon with them much wherever they went. Just like. Today we carry your keys or wallet. are doing now. Mister king s, silver spoon class up the place, If a person showed up to dinner with a silver spoon, it was clear they had certain social status like land ownership, but it did denote exceptionally high status. It is sir is more of an indicator that a person wasn't a surf or slave
turn under their fingernails from allow hard day at work. Julie no surf she. The kind of life she was accustomed to, but no worries There was already a safety net in place because Julie came from a family of money that they had an x, irritation that she was going to contribute because she continued, even in adult hood, thirty, nine years old or so getting allowance from her father and that she was expected to contribute you're fired their contributed to both of his daughters, adult daughters and would give them money even into their marriage, display Julie's prestigious, Harvard degree was to be a state home mom and the cup eventually created a family to boys. and a girl at the time. Joy seemed like any other mom in the neighborhood taking
However, first born boy packing lunches taking in the school and other activities, human Active role in the community and at the school The same was true for her second child: a girl Julie was changing by this point. might the financial help from her parents there? still seem to be enough money for her satisfaction and for her Spending habits, Julie, harbour spending excessively spending money that this family didn't have because they had purchase just a house in a very nice gated community of Carlsbad House. There was far too expensive for Jason Harbour. Enough of his full time. Teacher salary to somewhere in the range, I think of sixty some thing. Sixty thousand or more, but essentially it was not an extravagant salary and, at the same time, Julie. Harper was
ending in spending in spending came another baby boy by this time, Julie was in pain, much of the time from an auto immune condition causing arthritis the more steroids she needed, the less mothering she dead and the more she spent while Julie was becoming somewhat reclusive. Spending more and more time isolated in the bedroom, Jason Assuming more and more of her responsibilities, their kids remember they didn't realize other moms did most of the cooking and diaper changing, because in their house, Jason did those things. The point that Jason was the only one doing things when it was working. the neighbour, kids remembered being excited to go to the harbour house after school, because Jason would be around a shoot. Hoops with them was a loving and a very helpful son to me and to his father.
he had become a man of high character with high standards He was also a lover respected high school math teacher and coach. Most of all Jason was devoted and hands on father. Dearly loved his three children, while Jason was picking up the slack Julie, developing an addiction not only spending, but to prescription pain, medication which only exacerbated her isolation and quickly fed into other habits? Bad ones she started, buying things like clothing, that she didn't wear pretty soon these things. and a pile up, if you ve ever watched, the show hoarders. You know it Actually, what this looks like We also know that these vices can fit into the same picture together playing off of each other a vicious cycle. If you will if you ve never watched the show hoarders, my God go
it's actually pretty amazing, but here's an expert on the subject of a classic proof. The horrors of a person in their fifties. Who lacks clothing newspapers, magazines, lots and lots of containers bar His bags paper bags and so forth, and all those items are usually collected in the middle of the room and they're all dumped in a pile and so it is the turn of the three basic features that we see in hoarding, that better behaviors and experiences that it a little bit different than those of the rest of us. One is hazardous acquisition of these things and the acquisition, happens in a couple of different ways. Most people who horde
engage and excessive levels of acquisition, either by compulsively buying things or compulsively acquiring freedom remember in Julie's case she was used to a certain lifestyle kind of passion whereas they say these days boogie she liked to spend And this was getting out of hand much so that she wrapped up credit cards and jeopardize the family budget in a pretty big way. Jason Julie began arguing about our spending habits, her lack of involvement with household duties, her pills and are pile of junk the end of two thousand and nine. The master, bedroom and bathroom had become deeply cluttered and filled with bags boxes stacks of papers at a large shopping bag overflowing with her empty pill. Bottles at some point Julie contemplated getting a job or two to help manage the mounting bills, but these
first never came to fruition. Meanwhile, sinking deeper and deeper interest created mess here, is a key figure in the story who became familiar with the Harpers family life, among others, so many prescription bottles from various pharmacies in again three stars in the area. I mean dozens and dozens of bottles, both full and empty, were closed. Strewn all over from their bedrooms and their closets, I think she was kind of a mess between the pills in being is organised and she seemed to have lots and lots of clothes. they were new, there's still Hanan closet with their tags on it and they are on the floors and the beds Elsie, looked disorganized pop in a lot of pills,
and she was trying to find yourself in the job market. I think she had had a lot of different jobs. She had gone to one for school USA. Sandro had a good education, I think initially to have some good jobs I dont know where, somewhere along the line, Thank started, the money was running out. Despite the thousands of dollars her own family, it contributed towards her adult allowance. Julie was becoming desperate to fund her indulgences, mostly consisting of clothing, purses and pills, How did husband, Jason react? Well, according to Julie. It wasn't good a c d another behind closed doors. My heart: wasn't it Man, I worse,
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that has been around for over ten years. We exist as the website on social on you too, and hosts kinds of engaging digital and imprison events. It's our belief that honest in health should be attainable for all the work we do on justice systems and barriers, preventing that from becoming a reality, Well being is birthright, while this is how you get their tune in and subscribe new episode of the longer podcast each Wednesday. Wherever you get your podcast. Julie and Jason Harper, should have had it all a beautiful home on the California Coast three young, beautiful children, a great community to live in, Support in families, Julie
and especially support of family, one that endorse Trow lifestyle with a step and to help out with their costly mortgage. but Juliet medical condition that led to a drug addiction, he had something else: a vote that she compulsively filled with stuff. Lots of stuff everywhere. Julie's issues had begun to cause serious problems in her marriage to Jason, and now Julie was finally admitting that Jason had been abusive to her for thirty years, proclaimed included, parading her be little Her and everything short of beating her case a trouble understanding, Jason, he yelled, but don't force into going somewhere until you give me my three thousand dollars the big had become so incessant that on August, second, twenty twelve Julie was the one who filed for divorce report.
That Jason was virtually abusive, views have been going on for thirty years he was swearing at her in front of the kids grabbing arrest stirring arguments any. pushing her. He also, had the audacity to cut the purse strings. shutting her out of their joint accounts, This wasn't going to stop Julie from continuing her out of control. Spending She began riding checks to herself fraudulently from Jason's personal bank account without hence of dollars, store, thousand dollars from Jason, Harpers solar. Can't you see this couple had a plan that maybe, unlike many other mare, traditional marriages, were times, they had separate bank accounts and they had agreements to contribute Britain money to the marriage
and Jason had his own solo account and on this day, Julie Harbour, went and fraudulently store money from him each time she did it very smart stay. Under the five thousand dollar fraud alert limit would trigger a red flag, Julie, heart, opened a brand new safety deposit Box with Jason's knowledge sharing stood herself as the sole renter, not Jason, and she missed P, o box as her dress, The badger lane address that they were living at replace three thousand dollars inside that safety, deposit Box, That same day, on that same bank, she also opened up to brand new savings accounts, one a thousand dollars in which she placed a thousand dollars and then and a second account and placed five hundred dollars into that. That's August boy. the third thing I want to tell you about it:
on Saturday August. Fourth, she and withdrew over eleven thousand dollars. She went to the hey spank and she withdrew ten thousand dollars out of daughter, Jackie's dormant, College Fund account in between shopping self, medicating, sleeping and stealing Julie. To play games with Jason we're not talking about the game of life for trouble or clue. But even monopoly. However, Propria these games would be we're talking about messing with his head Popular game that lots of women play. How do I get in trouble for that? Would in any case, at this point in their relationship. The bedroom had been divided in half by a mattress with Jake as part of the room neatly organized into an office on one side, and you these chaotic mess on the other that night listen flip the mattress down and slept on it well
Julie somehow found a spot on the nightmare of her messy bed. the morning of August, seventh, twenty twelve Julie, up to one of our spiteful tricks, She removed and essential piece from Jason's computer, rendering it unusable rather than engaging in the usual sparring match, Jason was going to purchase, another piece just before he left Julie, magically returned it. Started. A fight in the bedroom. You can tell by this time that the troubled marriage went both ways. Model. Ask Julie I'd, let herself turn into a bloated and lethargic blob, dude or opiate addiction. The house was a hoarder's layer. The kids were being completely cared for by Jason, who also worked a full time job and money and run out
thanks to Julie, stealing it and Jason's Part B, ranted and raved verbally assaulted, and sometimes grabbed. But you gotta, ask yourself which came first. that morning August, seventh, the kids were watching cartoons downstairs. While the parents were fighting upstairs, they were jolted out of tv land when they heard a huge clunk and screaming curious about what had happened. One of the kids went upstairs to check Julie, peaked nervously through the barely open door at simply said that their dad had fallen from a chair while going through his things. She had explained that he would need to sleep and prompted them to get ready for. Breakfast. Here is Julie's version of what happened that morning. Grabbed me eyes.
Shaking me forcefully. I was so scared. He began shoving me, but she made toward them. Couch iconic chase, and he was yanking, my pants top off as he was coming toward me. He said, I'm gonna kill you you, I told him stop doing claimed years and physical abuse rape, yet there was no one, including her children who could verify these claims very embarrassed is very embarrassed that he is doing it. I didn't want to live on my family than now and not my neighbors. Now I don't want my friend
now the scenario as told by Julie to her children was that Jason had fallen from a chair, but she insisted actually happened. Was that he was coming towards her and got in the way of her gun in reality have not fallen and he was shot in the back. The six foot seven inch man crashed to the floor in a slump, face down and Julie, added him to her collection of horror, junk Julie was highly trained and weapons and knew just where the aim the bullet entered from the back and went through his heart at close range, killing him instantly the giant man, was motionless on the floor. Yet
he claimed she ran to the bathroom and fear he would jump up and come after her. She did not perform CPR and she did not call nine hundred and eleven. We asked one of the future jurors who wants to remain anonymous, what he thought of Julie but abused housewife, defending herself or something else Consider a monster Your husband, instead of divorcing them and leaving her two kids parentless, I don't know how those kids are going to the grandparents, were wonderful how they adjust to that. I don't know, I don't know how I turn out. So what did Julie do? Next? She took the kids to a coffee shop for breakfast. Pretended to be Jason and sent a message to his brother from Jason's phone, which she had taken from the house. The message ass Jason's brother, to relate to parents, the harbours, but
would be able to make it for the barbecue. She asked for a play date, but the kids at our sisters house and was denied. She went back Neighbourhood and called one of her friends, It did not answer because she knew it would mean an immediate played. that's the only relationship she had with Julie and after more unsuccessful. Attempts at play dates. She dropped two older kids off at a place centre. And supervised. When she finally arrived home again, she was spotted and the driveway looking frantic. Putting things into her vehicle. Finally, we met up with her mom by accident and together they took their back to her sister Amy's house. Meanwhile, Jason's blood was poor way to the front of his face, turning it dark purple and she read patches were forming on his chest. Ass he lay down covered. debris dead. Ironically,
sitting. On top of all the junk covering Jason was a box of thousand sex games by the time, the he's got to this house and found what they found. Jason harbour had already been dead all day and that during this entire day the defendant never called ways. So how did we find out about this well, at eleven o four p m z, love a fortnight getting close to the very next day August aid, the Carlsbad Police Department. We heaved, a phone call from defence attorney Paul thinks he can old and unrecorded line and asked us to the watch commander. He spoke The watch commander, Lieutenant Bruce, nay, looting. Bruce may really immediately recognized the name, because MR thinks, was the former years ago, elected district attorney
the county of San Diego and since then has gone on to have a very prominent high profile career as a criminal defence attorney, so Lieutenant Bruce May said what Can I do for you, MR thinks and Mister think said he do a welfare check at too or two zero badger lane. Lieutenant May said, Wall What do we need to do a welfare check for what are we doing? foreign, who are we checking on yours, trying to get more information two things said well You'll see when you get there and you'll need a warrant and there is a woman. And children that live there and you're not checking on their welfare and Lieutenant try to get more information to find out. Remember he doesn't know what happened to find out what this is all about, and he really couldn't get any more information, so they went
the stairs and went to the right and looked in the various children's rooms, which also work quite I mean just filled with stuff, but again they didn't see anything unusual other than a messy house. All lay down the hall to wear the master. Bedroom is located and they were, the open the door and why again What they found was an absolute mass just so much stuff, so many belongings had been stuffed into this master bedroom. Did, they know, Jason Harpers deceased body lay in wait, berry beneath blankets laundry baskets with clothing containers with miscellaneous items, a pregnant, see pillow. Box of sex games, so much stuff. They could barely open the door and it was hard for them to even move around this very large master bedroom and
The lieutenant as well as his fellow officers began searching all around the room. They choose over climbed over piles of staff looked around walked where they could and they all search the of the room, and these I couldn't find what miss two things had called them to look, therefore, they assembled in the middle of the room and said why Don T see why we're here What do you think we should do and the lieutenant says? Let's start just like overturning those piles of things, and just if there's anything under there. And ass. They removed more and more belongings, they realized that there was a human being under that pile and that human being with later turn out to them to be. other of this household Jason Harbour. Line face down in his own bedroom under a pile.
his family's belongings, that first It truly did look as if Jason was sleeping because there appeared to be no injuries the play scrutinised little more? Firstly, they know it that there's blood come from his side in his back and they with his shirt and realise that there is what appears to be a bullet hole on his side towards back. Remember daddy Julie, was fanatically. Trying to find a place for her children to play would seem. an ordinary day of potential played. It was actually Jews attempt at keeping her children out of the house and occupied so that she can cover tracks, the house was law, and strangely Jason. Ford explorer was missing it would later be found several streets from the house. Most importantly, gun used to shoot Jason was also missing this war Julie's gun she was the one who owned it and
was trained to use firearms Jason. Did not have a single gun registered in his name. What did find amongst the debris and Jason's dead body were dozens of pills and pill, bottles and Julie's name. Oxy, cotton, oxy, Codeine, Hydro code out value and even morphine if you know anything about controlled substances, you know how hard they are to get from your doktor. They simply do not prescribe on these days? They know better, is actually almost impossible to get your hands on morphine, for example, after digging into Julie's closet, which was packed full of brand new clothing and other items guns and ammo were uncovered but the actual murder weapon, a thirty eight caliber was nowhere to be found The clothing was removed and literally stack to the ceiling to allow entry in the closet. A cleaning, kit,
and ammunition for a thirty. Eight caliber appeared this a clear sign that the gun existed and was missing, Julie, was missing too driving around desperately searching for someone to take her kids, so she could visit the one person who would help clean up this mess, as she shows up at her Mr Amy's house and she's, as do our sister Amy, hey we're here for the play day. The kids want to see their aunt and shit off the kids with Amy, who really didn't wanna watch that she doesn't have kids and didn't really want to watch the kids, but she agreed to do so and the defendant now without our children just leave she ends up our fathers office, her father is to do licensed real estate broker within
office in the normal heights area, which is near downtown of Santiago, his daughter came into the office and as to him I shot. Jason in self defence That's all she said: Julia had run to daddy there's a reason, Julie, harboured and reach out to her mother and instead chose her father to save the day. She knows that it daddy, who always bills her out and get her out of trouble is not going to call the police, but instead is going to help her to get away the best, they can with but she did. She would spend next eight hours at her father's house and according to her father, the only thing spoken was, I Jason in self defence, hardly believable what did
been included, calling a very high profile, defence attorney and meeting with him. Before going back to pick up her kids from her sisters home, they then the kids and went to her dad's house again. This is Julie's, dad and you didn't open the door. What happened, then, left. We ve been instructed by MR things to lead him handle the situation according to attorney sinks, Julie, to turn yourself in that day Julie gave her own advice to the attorney and her dad look for blue Backpack. This was, a bug out back Julie had carefully put together just after shooting her husband in the back in what she calls self defence just before witnesses of the coffee shop, saw her with her children. Looking calm and collected I recall was in the backpack was currency. Jewelry
cars Some travellers, eggs and a gun out a guy passports his passport. The currency in the bag mentioned by her father was nearly forty thousand dollars out of work. Julie, directed the attorney to remove his fees. There was so another form of currency in the bag get this over spoons on August eighth, after basically hiding for a day and a half ago. I came for Julie. Dad's house and there was nothing that even daddy could do about it.
Julian Jason, Harbor of Carlsbad California, had three small children in an upper middle class neighbourhood on the beautiful sunny coast, Jason was dead and Julie was in jail when were placed in temporary custody through children services. and Julie had brought forth a secret she'd been hiding The reason she actually shot her husband, the seek was that she had been abused and raped by her It's been Jason for years or silver defence team would present but she had any. bigger secret. A love of my life here Julie is describing her ex boyfriend. Jeremy he called from jail and sent a postcard to seventeen days after murdering her husband in it
She referred to Jeremy as the love of her life and also admitted that she had been in touch with him during the marriage, a marriage in which she claims she was repeatedly raved. In fact, she kept her diary of the rapes but when the diary appeared in court It never mentioned the word rape. Instead, the detailed days and times that she and Jason had sex Saturday March that I am back then talk discussion for five hours in the evening marital topics Jus explained. The word sex was code for rape. its understood that many women do not report being raped for various personal reasons, but I'm scratching my head because she was raped, but did not its closeness this to anyone deny. Documented in her diary in a way that anyone would understand did not reply
it's a police, but instead pet along. discussion following morning sex as she referred to it in her diary lesson? in writing down when it was regular, sex Miss Harbour, although she does very bizarre things. She a person whose documents a lot of things in her life and she, It's these letters that are essentially journals in which she documents her every fought thing. She eats what's happening in her life. What, families doing documents things about the marriage. Just every my new show in detail of their life. She would write it down in these journals, or letters after she was arrested and placed into jail seventeen days. For the murder. She wrote a letter wrong Torres up from the jail
and seventeen days later, you're going to be able to the latter, in which she shows no remorse at all or no care for her husband who is killed on August seven and for She is in custody. you will see that the end of the letter she signs it tee, o o l Julie, which stands for the love of my life. Not only was she sending him friendly letters or maybe even love letters She was also sending him her journals with details of her life, If she was being physically abused or raped. Why would she not, this close to the love of her life. Even though she was contacting this love of her life Jeremy, and had shot her husband because he was about to rape her There was one more weird item, then her get bag. Naked pictures of Jason.
This is gonna, get graphic here. Folks, so put the kiddies away. not that they should be here anyway, honestly, the show Jason lying prone on the bad alone. Looking at the ceiling, his hands at his sides obvious they just before or after sex. backpack also containing passports and birth certificates. Of Jason Cell phones and wallet a gun. That was not the murder weapon, family, heirloom, silver spoons, forty thousand dollars and nay, He had photos of Jason, were we discovered by Julie's father on his premises. That's embarrassing, after meeting with the defence attorney bag went missing for a period of time, only to resurface during a second police search at the Harper residents, where it was discovered the garage attic for some reason in court,
It was revealed that the defence attorney had suggested they put it in a safe place to preserve it attorney thing had also removed the forty thousand dollars for his attorney fee and another attorney. And gave some money to Julie's dad ass for the guy. that killed, Jason and according to Miss Harbour, You went to MR thinks, his office with a gun in her car. has the murder weapon, which She removed it from the crime scene. it is already incriminating enough. Places in a car, and she drives it to the parking lot across from her lawyers office. That's according to her own Similarly, she has the gun and she says she didn't take. The gun incited stayed in the car, but whatever the cases she has the gun in your car. At that point this sounds like she,
trying to cover up her actions, and we know she met with her attorney from four sixteen to six, forty five, because the self tower records. Show them at the downtown office of MR things on a street. That's a long time. According to her, the gun is still in the car and what how immediately after she leaves Mr Fixes office after six. Forty five p m She immediately goes and destroy. Is of the murder weapon two testimony she was told by MR thanks to preserve the gun, just like the backpack for evidence, of course, to this day. The gun has never been found Julie claim to have buried it and then at the location. Do. Location, however, was jail. Even then, daddy, prepared to bail her out
about Julie's mother. You might ask This dynamic between the parent is pretty obvious. You heard testimony of John C hack he was willing to bail, Daughter out, put up money, and collateral to bail out of two million dollars when she was in jail for four hundred something days, but it was the mother's side. The mother's side that wasn't willing to release these funds. The mother is notably absent from this courtroom. And from this story, because Miss Harbour did not want her. Mothers help that morning because her mother would have done what all of us would have done, which is go to the police. I guy went upstairs and had a big fat. You went Pappas House and Israel and Julie told us that he lists that when he fell office
He got dad, I think, by the time of Julie's trial, it was twenty fourteen and Jason had been gone for two years: the children were now referring to their own mother by four name. Julie rather than mom or mommy, or anything that resembled anything like that, and it was clear how they felt like cause she called my father despite the heartbreak testimony of Jason's children, his parents, and his brother Julie, he was acquitted, first degree, murder and I was a hung worry for the remaining charges. Women always get off easy talk about privilege by the way, would be retried first, second degree, murder and the means I'm her doting dad bailed, her out of jail, and she would be free until her second trial- would take place in twenty fifteen Even though Julie was free, her kids wanted nothing to do with her
some are being raised by Jason's parents. In the absence of her husband, Jason and now devoid of her children. Julie had yet another surprise for everyone. Carlsbad woman, charged with killing her teach her husband is celebrating a legal victory. As we first told you at midday, Julie, Harpers Retrial is being postponed because she's pregnant, the bigger secret was the fraternity Of this baby, rumour circulated that she had used Jason sperm through in He drove fertilisation and prosecutor hope so because This could work against her in the retrial. It was also very possible Julie, reunited with her ex boyfriend. Jeremy No one knows but Julie. we asked the girl we spoke to earlier what he thought. Julie's new baby, to be welcome a person, as this directive already got. Two kids that are going to be raised,
without parents and now you're bringing in another child. This world, who have far from a normal life, then we're really surprised and disappointed to hear that she was pregnant and I dont know how she didn't. However, she did at the retrial was delayed because of Julie's high risk pregnancy and many had their suspicions that this was an intentional stall tactic, or maybe it was a tactic to garner sympathy, regardless Julie finally had to face the jury and the judge for what she did. It was difficult to find jurors who had not heard of this case. They were out there. We we're ask three four questions. Eads primarily, as do you think you can tell when p are lying. Are you able to tell the difference? The answer I says: well, I think so I don't know anybody in this rumour
think I can tell when people are lying and they asked. Do you remember anything about the first trial and I said you know I did not. I might have been working at the time this you're may have been working at his job during the first trial, but now it was time to take his job as a adjure seriously. I just looked at her and I assume that sea was innocent until I start hearing thee. Information from both sides
I really wanted her to have a fair trial, since this was a murder case. I know what the consequences were: probably life in prison because there was a gun, a gun charge added to it. So I and all the people I served with our very serious about getting this right during a retrial. The defense argued that Julie had been abused, was about to be raped the morning of the murder and was just defending herself according to Julie, the gun accidentally fired.
As she says, Jason move towards her. However, the prosecution brought in the gun expert, who made it very clear just how difficult it would have been for this to have been an accident. They even let jurors, hold and test the same type of gun to see for themselves at the sound of the trigger quaking as Julie Harbour watched, while each juror got a chance to hold and pull the trigger, oven, unloaded double barrel. Daringly, like the one you ll see in this picture, that's the same kind of gun, police, say Julie, Arbour used when she shot husband. It was concluded that it would take eleven pounds of forced to pull the trigger and too much for it to have been an accident, since the previous jury was not afforded the opportunity to pull the trigger themselves, there may have been the turning point for the second set of jurors the
The commission also presented the staggering number of pills Julie was taking every day this amounted to four thousand twenty five narcotic pills in three hundred thirty five days to break this doubt even further. She was self medicating with ten narcotic opiates and we too sleeping pills every single day. It's no wonder the kids of Julian Jason testify that their mother was sleeping most of the time and barely interacted with them did the oldest child Jake, for example. Remember that by the time his sister was born, she was dirty most of the time and sometimes what without clean clothes, or that the baby was showing disturbing sides of gross motor delays from being confined newest crab. Until his dad could arrive home from his teaching job one, was clear. During the summer trial. They had no love for their mom tyrant, usury blessing
You're on your own. You, yes, yes, because I don't want to say that she is my mother. That's exactly what the second jury decided. Julie Harbour killed her husband, Jason and it wasn't self defense. She was given fifteen to life for secondary murder and an extra twenty five years for a gun enhancement charge
Victim impact statements were being given by Jason's grief, stricken family at the sentencing, Julie, visibly smart and grimaced Jason was devoted sun and we are proud of the man he had become. He was ass, a gull dedicated to his teaching for the success of his students. He was easy, going extremely patient and very responsible. We saw him on a frequent basis. We knew as we age we could count on him to help us. We no longer have Jason's help. Jason was a fantastic hands on father every day. I miss him as I watch is children Jake London Josh, grow, develop and succeeded school and their extracurricular activities. The ripples of this horrible experience extended so many directions. These children need to be safe from
her own mother. She needs to be imprisoned until they are all adults so that they feel safe so that they can put this behind them, and so they can move on in their lives. in the most positive way as possible. These are wonderful and precious children. They need, just as in our interview with Jason's mother. She added these tearful remarks, even though it has been almost nine years since Jason was murdered. We miss him so much pain keeps resurfacing, is so unfair that he can be with his children as they grow an accomplished. Their goals, barely shutting it's here at the loss of her husband. Much of teacher coach, father, brother, sun and friend, she sobbed and shock for forty. Its while discussing herself,
in a rambling stream of consciousness, monologue and I never even. How does social media account or anything like that? I'm not guilty of the charge who, Oh that's, nice a girl in school. geometry, oh you always worked very hard work, use incited by some moves. They want to able to have a good career.
Graduate school myself out of order future family by now. You get the gist of her message. She worked very hard and it wasn't her fault, but she had much more to say believe me, american dream, I never imagined when George my whole life, let alone murder and let's not forget its true, that she was firmly abused. Here's a link, or verbal abuse for Julie, fuck, you doing you some shit slob you ok, use only be button words and phrases
started into a long diatribe about how unfair the system is with regards to the placement of children, the judge, was rightfully annoyed so he interrupted her. Mr Harbour, in interrupt for just a moment. This is your after you express your views about sentencing in your feelings towards that and I wanted to be every opportunity. Beaver appears at your inventing about job Services must not is not the appropriate forum for you in advance about your children, in the decision process and bring it back to the case yes! Well, I bring it back to the case because you are inventing about about the process. Continuing the rest strive for now, but you ve got the just a boy. bring it back to me, so she did so
when I hear is shoes were behind Now we There were many children in hindsight it would have been so much better for me or how it would have lived I urge to you do one called nine hundred and eleven right away, but Maybe you need in the world. however hard it is for me to go one. laws, maybe more
Then I will and just like that. The court room rolled out the red carpet and the award goes to Julie Harper. My first jury routine, the true Maybe maybe they stereo in room looking at the laws time, Ranger instruction, don't listen to An eye is Ryan. the way. My has these really me. At least It was some glimpse of what my life was re. Why? jewish defence team attempted to lessen the sentence, but it was too late
The judge had already made up his mind, gathers claim She had been repeatedly views and rape, the marriage and the court has the independently way and consider all the evidence it was received at the trial and determine whether its efficient supporting a verdict of second degree murder, not exactly what this court is done. I know that the only added as it was presented, to establish or support the Eba passion argument is the testimony of the defendant, the courthouse to consider all the credible evidence. The turn of the credible evidence supports the verdict. I want to emphasise the word credible, because the defendant story that she told from this witness stand. The most important element when it comes to Warren anchoring testimony nasty element of credibility in the core listen carefully to the defendants, testimony and finds that the testimony of the defendant
is inherently untrustworthy in not worthy of belief. In America. The justice system does usually work depend on a jury of our peers, two way all the evidence and consider reasonable doubt in the minds of this jury. There was no doubt everybody's got to get a fair trial, regardless of how evil the person looks or acts already been accused of you really have to sit in judgment with an open, open mind and gather all the facts and discuss it with the people you're on the jury with, and try to leave out any personal opinions about the person, just make the decision on the facts and give the person a fair trial, regardless of how you think about
if she ever Julie ever here's. This too should be arranged reassured that I think the twelve of us were very. fair. We listened to her attorney and prosecuting prosecutor. And we read their room for three days talking about it for two and a half days and we found a guilty without it was Julie. Harpers spoiled seems like it seems, like those literal silver spoons she carried around with her really had a picture of whom she was daddy, handed her a lot of privilege and ultimately bailed her out of jail for two million dollars. So it's you like. She grew up with this feeling that You could get away with anything and deserved everything and nothing was reformed
Let me ask you something: if you were in jail, would your parents hand over two million dollars to get you out? I would even be able to Julie may have reached sociopath status in it. She refused to see that she had done anything wrong that she was We have said that it would have looked better if he had called nine one one right away. Did you catch that, in the testimony Julie had everything and even when she had made a mess of her life. She still had everything and then some but till she crossed the line and to do one thing that could not be replaced not even by her daddy as human life. I doubt she gets to use those pretty little silver spoons in prison.
That's going to do it for this episode of sorting scale. Thank you for joining us in until next time fishery take ageratums, since they save my cat Nicky. I just heard here can period of land where you up Boy role, a fifty year old, eighty, three little old, lady and live with me go after them random elderly person. To fifty two I mean give me up for Haiti is not a little old lady. Ok, now The sand in about ten.
a mere boy, a thin anymore people. You need that doing that bad I think that the third one ninety feel and war world is a fifty year old elderly. Either you guys need new rider that have a more diaper accident, relax or perhaps you need them better examples of eighteen. Fifty two is not elderly. Thank you! What are your must have an investment partner who understands and saving for someone, not something reliability. Coffers. Get to enjoy life. I worked so hard for to be treated like a person, not a portfolio ever for trust company, were invested in you. We get to know you and your life to make a plan that
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