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The term "bluebeard" conveys images of pirates sailing the high seas, but the actual meaning of this term is much darker and there are examples of it all around us. You see, a "bluebeard" is a man that murders his wife. The term is derived from a French folktale dating back to the 1600's, making this horrible idea not a new one. The fact that this term isn't commonly used in North America is curious, since its female counterpart "black widow" is widely known worldwide. In this episode of Sword and Scale we examine some Bluebeard cases which you probably haven't heard about, including some recent ones that have shocked us in their pointlessness and brutality. But beware... After listening, you may never look at your husband the same way again.
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Hey, did you know, there's a place ring it, although it is true, Krim headlines, five days, weak called sorting scale daily and its hosted by me, Rain Williams, money through Friday we break down all the crazy case is going on in the country and around the globe. If you, what's going on before everyone talking about it, subscriber sort, unskilled daily on Apple podcast, Spotify Stitches tune in or anywhere you? He was near podcast and stay safe, Why the crowd tears europhile
hello and welcome to shorten scale episode. Twenty nine a show that reveals that the worst monsters are real in this episode, a term you probably have never heard before, although I'm sure you ve heard its female counterpart, the term Bluebeard is not very commonly used in american culture, although there is no lack of real life examples. This is a great episode to curl up on the couch with your hubby and listen to so stay too. I take you to
my lawfully waited wife to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse for richer for poorer, about taken every day by thousands, I looked it up there's an average of sixty three hundred weddings a day in the? U S this although sometimes taken seriously, is often broken and in some cases it is so badly broken that the ones. Want to protect, you becomes the one you should fear longer. Sanderson emergency worry. This is a nine. When one call placed by Kelly Ichor Samson seconds before her death, the story, just over a week ago and shocked everyone. It touched Kelly. Was a newlywed and she was, by the one person who
sort of love and protect her her husband fifty four year old, Doktor George Samson, and this happened hours after they exchanged their vows what I can't hear you You'll find real. Aren't you girls, I've killed three in a series of three nine one. One calls the stunned infused victim Kelly Sampson tells the operator that are high. Spend has threatened to kill her. The line goes dead, and she calls again now that is emerging t hardly for unified nuclear with one or Five North Korea, Tele is in shock
gives nine on one the wrong address, rather than for two o five North Korea. Her dress is actually for oh two, five North Korea. This mistake may have cost her her life have on their normal, for my hope is that what you think I like The line goes debt again, but there's one. I know- call what it does I found a trail tears europhile What do you? Twenty five more real, allow
Oh, you know the more. I hear these nine when one calls the more. I think these operators Just don't give a shit, you can clear here, the gunshots in the background that would end Kelly's life. Its police finally got there and entered the home. They found several rounds of ammunition. Kelly was found in a bedroom. She was dead. Her husband had retreat to the basement, with several rounds of ammunition police used a remote camera to look into the basement where they found Doktor Sampson unresponsive. He had died from itself in wicked gunshot wound to the head. Scots l We parrots and Kelly's twelve year old son were also the home and were quickly evacuated. The pictures, of the affluent brick home in the serene rural Indiana Neighbourhood of Terror, haute with the couples wedding tent still erected in. Frontline begs the question: what would cause thing like this to happen, a guess,
at the wedding reception claims that George Sampson a well too anesthesiologist was irritated near the end of the reception, the couples reception which took place on a Saturday October forth was real hated because the cold rainy weather that day the tent the front line was never used instead section took place at the Ohio building in downtown terror. Hope a few of the guests noted that the couple were not conversing with each other in some say that the groom left the reception without his bride, a report pushed in the daily mail states that Simpson said your get your hands on my money, although the sheriffs Department as discounted this, but there were is a pre nuptial agreement. And some believe that this had a lot to do with what happened that night after them, corruption, a small group of tender
Well, friends and family members gathered at the Samson home things were tents, a couple we're not speaking some notice, a disparity, but no one could have guessed that the night would. Four inviolate: an article posted by advance. Indiana states that the last Left the home as fighting broke out between the two, the last guest, the home at one seventeen em before she left noticing that there was an obvious problem. She asked Kelly if she wanted to leave the home Kelly. Declined the two great they would talk later, the fur nine one, one car would be placed Leslie fifteen minutes later by the what kind of a crappy guess sticks around in a newly what couples home till one fifteen in the morning on their wedding night, apart from being a wealthy doktor George Sampson with us, a registered firearms dealer with the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms and possessed a real firearms licence. There were
between ninety two hundred guns found in his home, store of ammunition police, have seized the weapons for safe keeping until investigation is complete, but for ITALY. We may never know what really happened. That night go county sheriff. Gregg Ewing said we're talking to the attendees at the wedding, but we will never know the reason why there's nobody? to ask this story. While shocking is just one of many many cases of a husband murdering his wife. One particular case that comes to mind happened in late. Two thousand for the murder of lorry.
Hacking for seventy two hours, searchers look for lorry hacking and please help for any type of break. In the case that break came yesterday and now the investigation is shifted, squarely back out of the shoulders of lorries, husband market July nineteenth two thousand for ten o seven, a m, more hacking, ports, his wife missing tells family and lorries coworkers that he's in the park and has found lorries car at ten? me three he goes to. Furniture, store and buys a mattress during search police locate human blood on a knife that was found in the bedroom on the head of the bed and on the bed, rail police, also obtain a search warrant for lorry hacking car the crime. Add, finds blood flakes and swipes in lorries. Car that match the blood found in the apartment. Police, fine, address in a dumpster in hacking apartment the many actual numbers on the mattress match those of the box spring still located in hacking apartment but still
there is no sign of lorry mark hacking, eggs. An emotional plea for his wife, return to the media just hours after this family would commit him to a psych ward after he was allegedly found running around nude at night out a motel where he had taken a room. It doesn't take for the media to expose the fact that Mark was being alive- and I have no explanation for
This new development. I just can't understand its news. That raises a whole new set of questions in the search for lorry hacking. He never even applied to medical School North Carolina in a new conference Wednesday Lorries Father in law tells reporters the Delawares husband mark. Hacking lied about graduating from the University of Utah and lied about being accepted to medical school in North Carolina is still doesn't necessarily answer the question as to what happened the lorry it my impact as some have it right now. I don't know it's a piece of information that NATO us think that this is part of the puzzle and it only means that he's not enrolled in medical school, but at the hangings apartment crime scene take blocks the doorway please take some items and other pounded both of their cars. Meanwhile, the search for lorry continues. It has now moved out of the canyon and into nearby neighborhoods volunteer,
is now going door to door. There might be a clue anywhere. It might be the smallest thing, but it might be a hugely aid. More is still missing and there is nothing. But this time it is more important than that we plan lorry and bring her back mark had been lying to his family and his wife for ten years not only had he never graduated from the University of Utah, but he had also never been accepted to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Medical School. In fact, you'd never even enrolled in a bizarre waste of fate. Just forty eight hours before his wife's disappearance mark had been interviewed fur nursing documentary. Here you can hear him for yourself, lying
to social work started. Sociology changed the social areas so that, after I graduated even more than Asians, maybe because some good, so I felt like it was like if you like, I was born to do- is to work with my experience at least personally interview a reliable citizen, witness who spoke to mark hacking on July, twenty. Fourth, at the University of Utah Medical Center psychiatric unit marking time
the vis, reliable witness that he killed lorry while she was asleep in bed and disposed of her body in a dumpster hours after he disposed of her body. He told reporters he had. No idea where lorry was according to corn documents, her husband Mark hacking told a witness at a psychiatric ward. He murdered his wife while she was sleeping and put her body and dumpster annually really surveillance. Video shows the cobbled together just hours before her disappearance. Video in question shows lorry and mark entering a convenience store between six and nine p m mark hacking, return to the same convenience store. One a m by himself to purchase a pack of cigarettes he leaves in lorries vehicle. Has he he committed the murder or is he about two possible? Greece, as lorries older brother good morning, Mr Soares Good morning, I just want to offer our condolences and say we're so sorry for the loss of your sister. Thank you. Can you possibly
put into words what your family has been through over the last twenty four hours since markings arrest, really difficult to put into words the whole experience has been one that you could just imagine if something that is to describe a surreal and that's really how I feel a situation that you just can't believe that happening. Police say that the evidence indicates that marked did kill your sister in their apartment. Was there thing ever indicate that he was capable of such a thing. Are you shocked by this, You never really know somebody just come of the shock to me. Because we did not work for so long, but at the same token, you
you don't know what some he's capable of so yesterday as a shock but realistic to what they're telling us, as the search for her body continues. Can you describe how important it is to your family to find her very important? It's a situation that even though we believe that what's left in the landfill is basically an empty box in the sense that we believe that lorry has gone to a better place, it so important for us. We have that closure for lorries family. This emotional roller coaster was only heightened by the fact that they had known mark, for, such a long time and that the whole time he had been to that. I still haven't quite come to terms with it, because you know I've your mark for ten years and down the mark that I know and love is not them
that did this terrible thing and saw its difficult for me to reconcile in my mind two Marx. Who is there a mark found out? It was all a Sudan. Cecile is difficult for me to believe you, I feel, saw this saved because we live. This lie with him. For so long and at what point did you come to believe as these lies? It began to become apparent that he had been living in this alternate reality. Did you play that he actually could have killed? Your daughter thirsty I want the hospital to meet him. Or to see him and He was fine, was standing by his bad and he I was in the hospital they at the entirely new, went to say had it and he was standing by his bed and I went over and I said
You know that my love for you wasn't conditional upon you're being a doctor, you now you would have accepted the life only come forward here, and I said I left you because you are so good to lorry and because you are so good to me, we kind of sobbed at that moment a little bit and then he took me by the shoulders and look straight in the eye and Thelma I promise and then he where's my shoulders and baffled where I promise I had no, The two of us, they told us dad that did you believe him That was, I think, That was the moment. I death for only wanted to believe him but way down deep. I did there's one thing that makes this case much
much worse four days before lorry disappeared, she showed a positive at home pregnancy test to marxist lived in the same apartment. Complex lorry was pregnant She was overjoyed at the thought of having a baby. She was also very excited about the move to know Carolina. Where Mark said he had been accepted to medical school, the fall doing day, lorry calls the University of North Carolina to check on student housing
The phone rings at her office at Wells, Fargo Security Services, where she works as an assistant trading broker. She answers and listens to the administrator on the other end, must be some mistake, but there is it No application are ready. Duration remark. Hacking to their university. He is not enrolled. Boring up the phone and is clearly stunned. She began sobbing and leaves early two days later, she would disappear. Did the exposing of a lie. Led to the murder of a wife
an unborn child. Nearly nine months after lorry hacking vanished, her husband mark has admitted to committing a gruesome crime. I Friday, he pleaded guilty to first degree, murder and I saw wakes any court room. He told the judge that he intentionally shot his wife in the head, but offered no explanation for hacked
disappeared. Last July, prompting a massive week, long search police say hacking killed his wife after she caught him lying about being accepted to medical school. Salt were found months later in a salt Lake City, landfill and market. Is sentence. Two months from now. He faced. Six years to life. Prison Fella Suarez is lorry hacking mother good morning Thelma good morning Julie when you saw your former sign a law like hacking. Court on Friday? It was the first time you saw him. Since his arrest. What was that, like? Well, I actually saw him twenty plaid not guilty back in the fall. I was at that court hearing also, so I did see him. It was the same. It was it. The very chilling experience because I I had not been aware that he will have to verbally express this. I thought
guess I just haven't thought through when he- and I heard him say I intentionally shot- glory. In the head No time stop there for a minute was very emotional skinny. I'll. Take your time. I imagine, does not get any easier you bought. It to avoid a court with you how come? I I did- and I just this report you know it was. It was about lorry in my heart that day and because on the twenty second here next this week we will celebrate. Adoption day. It was on the twenty second of April twenty eight years ago that we got lorry and this it's just a very difficult time
this all came together and I just feel like I needed lorry close to me that day, so I just took her picture with me. How will you more? that day I don't know it's a work day. I have to go to work. I certainly will be thinking of her they were children. They were always allowed to go, do something that they wanted to do on their adoption day. We live in southern California, so they always want to go to Disneyland, of course, when they were children. Later on. You know they did other things, but I always called and told them a happy day and and as they did although I would maybe sand a money to take, go to dinner or something like that. So it's going. The difficult day, I'll probably just have by normal work day and go on, but I will be think of her all day because Hacking
they struck a plea deal. He has successfully avoided having his case go through the court system. How do you feel about that Oh I'm I'm happy about that. I didn't want to go through a trial that would have been very very difficult to have you noticed? to do that. So I am pleased that he finally has taken accountability and responsibility for its acts. I wish had done that sooner. But I guess now is better than not at all, so I am happy that he finally took account of them, for what he did for questions when unanswered for you Thelma? I have some questions. I'm I'm hoping now you know his lawyer would not allow him to contact me in any way. So I want I family haven't we
I want some answers from him. I want some answers from him and I probably have enough, but follow questions. What would you say to him well. The first question would, of course, be with all the alternatives that you had as zero. Our approach Did you choose to kill lorry? What major think this would be an ant or to your problems. Now I have no idea. Lorry hangings body was found. In the landfill on October. First, thirty three days of searching the condition of lorries remains was such that of pregnancy test no longer be done. This meant that, even though Mark had pledged guilty to his wife's murder and received life sentence, he would never have to answer for the murder of his unborn child, because there was proof that here existed. Just for sentencing mark.
Packing wrote to lorries family to tell them that he did know lorry was pregnant and then he kept fact that he was aware of her condition, a secret until after his guilty in order to escape the fetal homicide long in December of two thousand six mark hacking got a prison tattoo though inmates aren't allowed to get tattoos while incarcerated, they use makeshift needles and ink to make tattoos on each other actings tattoo, which is on chest is that bulldozer, the one used to move tons of garbage at the salt, valley, landfill during the search for his wife, spotty
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now. You may have heard of the term black widow which refers to women who kill their husbands, but allow people, don't realize that there is a male counterpart to that and that's the term blue beard, Comes from a french folk tail written by Charles Perrault. It tells the story of a violent nobleman in the habit of murdering his wives and the attempts of one wife to avoid the fate of our predecessors. There are several other tales very similar to Bluebeard the White Dove. Mr Fox features bird, are just some. Tale of Blue Beard was first published in January of sixteen fifty nine and the origin of the tail appears to be derived from a real life person. A fifth century Breton noblemen and later self confessed serial killer. His name was chilled array, although it
not kill his wife, the crimes for which he was convicted involved, the motive less brutal murder of children. It is said that he had between eighty two hundred victims aged thirty, five was here, until dead for his crimes on October? Twenty sixth fourteen boy, Mercer County New Jersey, The body of thirty nine year old, Melissa White is found in her own yard by one for young children. Her Has been William, PETE White has been considered a person of interest since that day, Melissa had filed order of protection against her strange husband shortly before her death court records,
old, PETE White was cited for violating that order. In July twenty eleven Melissa suffered a brutal death. She died of skull fractures as a result of a horrible beating, the impede white was formally charged on Wednesday October fifteenth twenty fourteen, but for three years White denied having anything to do with the murder this week suddenly changed his mind. What you have to say them unless the whites family beyond I'm sorry, there's anything else. Sorry, the misplaced addressed him William PETE White is dressed in your typical blackened gray, striped prisoner outfit. He is being scalded to prison after being charged. With first degree, murder on October, fifteenth twenty fourteen you denied at so many times. Why did you confess now do what should be done
go so you regret not omitting to it before the autumn. Question is Why the sudden change of heart, perhaps the case of the age old adage, loose slips. Six ships prosecutor, sad that in August and mate was interviewed. That inmate asked Peter White if he killed his wife and PETE White. Allegedly sad, yes I confession after three years of glory the real meat and bones of this story isn't the confession: it's the adamant denial. Now I want you to listen to this interview which took place years ago. When Melissa was found clinging to life in her yard, she would be dead. Than twenty four hours? I want you to hear the tears which to me sound genuine the reason behind them is anything. When did you find out about the
of your wife listen to me until midnight Saturday. Until that point, I was told by law enforcement that town she. Had illustration to the head: she'd been Airlift two peoria and ass. She was just in intensive care unit. Tar. During the day Saturday clock on them started get numerous phone calls the town Sorry to hear about. Melissa. Let us know- were the funeral- is gonna, be in. Well at midnight when I was talking to the police about my whereabouts and stuff: that's when they finally
I was trying to get me phone calls they're telling me this whole time that Melissa still alive. Well, I've got people colonies. Numerous people call me and this is dead well. Finally, I let loose on him in and they went in probably called the coroner's office and they came back to me. Said that there sorry we miss them stood, but she is. Clinically dead and she's just being. She's just on the scene to keep her guy he was daughter so midnight as when they officially told me You guys have been separated for some time since the middle of July. Restraining order, when done that's the basis, everybody. Suspicion of me is. This restraining order, whether restraining order
she took. Our army was because of affordable and mental abuse, see noise and I dont know I have. I have a foul mouth and eyes get some meaning hateful things sometimes to her in, and you know take it back, and I regretted the butter There was never any accusations of me. Coming her or my children and now and then it's the last time that I physically spoke tours back into line. Have you ever broken that restraining order in the past, One time I see and I called out earning that's a violation another time? was trying to send her money the kids and I sent some flowers to her and they would
They rested before because its third party contact, as far as owing to her home or going up to her. I I seen her numerous times. I seen her at Walmart. I seen her at the gas station. I was five feet away from her I haven't never sense tried to. With. Our own touch or anything. I know one ordered you know if I want to stay out of jail in a better stay away, or so I started followed, What the judge said you know the city enough on your plate and thin. The I sure do I mean, why do you think everyone started pointing the finger at you immediately because I'm a bad man in all my life. I've been the bad man. I've been to prison Dr Unaware, revoke licence is main thing
and plus also the way I treated Melissa. As far as some things I said to her in all Until a week ago I you know I've I've professed love for an hour then, together about almost ten years by nine years and when medical association? She took me off the street was a bad drug at it, and now I You know it the way I treated her with the verbal abuse in I admit to it, but doing something to physically it it's beyond me, I said two things I mean I, as you know now, NED, I you know, I things that people would believe. I one would want harm to come to her, but I got allowed mouth and down.
Beyond that, though I have not done nothing, things were finally starting to turn around the North Sea and the kids in get ready to have weakened visits, and then she was operating. We were. Everything was open enough as far as get with life when I found out to sea just didn't, want anything to do, with me was a week ago when I went to court. Setting me for driving on or revoke license. I was driving along more and they want he wants to see me go to prison for it and When I figured out what was it, she just don't care about me no more, and so I the more dirty things collar just collars and bad names? No Does that mean that I would do to my wife. There are a million years and the reason
That is because I know how much less cement some kids, they were both Melissa was always she's always. Happy and she never she was all about. I won't take that away what kind of a mom was she you know I was grown up. I was with a lot of women they got, I never had any children tore because he is the number one you could pick you couldn't take a better mother when she followed, She was pregnant with both of em with smoke. Cigarettes did drink
do nothing. It was all about the kids. She was number one kid fights matter when it comes to a man. Now it's hard fully convey this over audio, but I don't the feeling that his tears are acting. In fact, I don't This man is intelligent enough to know how to act. I think his tears, except genuine sorrow for the horrible crime, he committed. However, actions in denying what he did are completely despicable. And he goes on and on and on for three years, not allowing his wife's family closure to this horrible episode in there I would have police said to you do they. Consider you a suspect. Last I spoke with the police
What keeps coming out of their mouth is. Give us somebody ought to look at should we look at four ain't, you who is it well, I can't tell them I haven't talked to my wife. I mean we have not talked we're, not even in the court house since July, like a love, and I think it was the police are telling me that if we don't have nowhere else to look, then you're our suspect. You are our prime suspect. Because they don't have somewhere else to go, then that's the further going to go with me. Say you start looking at these other guys. Whoever start looking at other people, instead of just quit, concentrating on them put me in jail for for driving.
Fences if they ve got evidence that says that item bad. My wife, then so be it, but they have nothing. They dont have nothing. This says that I'd harmed my wife until that time they should look everywhere, are the kids foreign sex. Our user names are neither my boy. He returned seven, my little girl in return fire what grades and then is just entering inverse there you wouldn't happen to have a picture of mullah? So would you know that nay, the police, to serve a restraining order on me. I had ten minutes to get out with whatever closer.
Grab and then not more so was in charge of getting any possessions to me and she never obviously never sent me no pictures of herself was mainly in broader Sunday. You know now Johnson was made Johnson over. I just looked on Facebook to see if I could see finder, but I couldn't I found a broader sense, but I didn't know if that was her. Not more summary terms. Are they going to allow you to go to the funeral? I mean, have you draw general, you are we going we're not divorced her families and you get that right taken away from me, but that's not happening. I'm having the funeral and then I'm home. Whether they think that I
somewhere. Not I really pray said tat unless we want to set their faintness despicable to think that there's gonna be a brawl that a few but I have the right to to keep them from coming in. I don't wanna do Adam. Martha would want her mom, her sister and Erika. Her sister made the comment to the funeral home there. There's gonna, be trouble and dad talked to dad on that on the phone and he says he's started swearing. Amy and I know you did it. You had but I do it now again: don't wanna keep her family away, but I will I will And not out of hate, but out of respect for my wife
What was all were like says, he's happy, go lucky in the last time that anybody Caesar see when you want one was one of my favorite things to do. I guess what the kids I've had a lot of mom stealer day. Tell me that she is always out in the yard plant more so in the garden ass. She does. She loved you, everything with kids plant in the garden
plain flowers just running around Guph an hour she like they're, paying out had with the kids, had anything to do with kids. She loved those kids were her life, so they making you got a quarterly there are they they haven't, giving any information information. All the I have
Thursday, this Thursday, at eleven a m they want. The judge, give them custody my kids again. The purpose for that is because I get sense for driver on revoke licence. In January, so automatically their assuming they won't he's gotta go to prison for driving They're saying invested there, the kids welfare. If I go to prison, that's what the worry about is where the kids will be. I know if I want to say the present for driving them alone, more than what they're going to do when they. Time comes. Then you will have to discuss where the kids will be for right now than kids need to be with me. They need to not just for me the free them and my wife,
They need to have some kind of normalcy, and it's just not normal for them to be ripped out of there. And now they live, Grandma's so they allow you do I go back into our house and get some of the blind for the kids and stuff like that, since you are, I don't live Nikolay Mary right now as of right now the stands there still are order, protection, keeping me from Viola and in the house now I have been allowed to talk to my children seem not to in the house and nothing but the that's all things Thursday hopes. Are there the kids can return home can be around,
be around what they know be around Melissa. Somehow I just don't think it's right just because you have it people have it in their heads. They had done something. You know you can suspect any until that time, then kids should be with their father. That's crazy that they can keep a restraining order. I guess going even though she passed plague. Well, that's what my attorney so once was, one the people are gone protection of restraining order. Whatever is null and void theirs Nothing less anymore but
I'm doing what my attorney told me to, and he said, stay away from there until we go to court right. That's what I'm going to do. I'm trying to do everything I can do to further the NGO. Negation and then find out who done this, but in time. Then kids they go home. We need to go home
You can't live with them. Live without em. Take my wife, please dad How much does it cost to get married I dont know son, I'm still paying list of cheesy. Probably misogynistic jokes goes on and on and on
is the list of husbands that have committed the ultimate betrayal and murdered there. Wives. We could spend weeks on this topic I'll tell you one more story and let you go back to sleep, with the enemy Ladys. While an end to or murder that's what Lakewood police are trying to figure out after a J Violette soldier allegedly shot his wife in the head. Twenty year old, liquid man, Schuyler Nimitz is charged with shooting his wife in the back of the head, Sat using a computer. It was booked early, this Friday October, seventeenth two thousand fourteen to the pierce. The jail on suspicion of manslaughter he was ordered held without bail for three while police continue to investigate further charges or pen Additional charges could come as early as next week, but when I spoke with some of his close personal friends, they say there are absent.
Shock that something like this could happen in. They just don't understand how it could happen factors every year, Kyle trip is a long time friend of Kyler Nimitz Way and how I mean Ireland has never do anything like that limit who is an active duty soldier at the joint base. Louis Mccord shot his wife with an air. Fifteen rifle she probably didn't even have a chance to process what was happening before she slipped. Way, neighbour and fellow soldier Ben Burg, Mark said he heard, arguing before the single gun shot, was fired His friends had a good marriage when questioned by Taxes, policing mammoths, gave several different accounts on how his wife was shot. Nimitz claims he was clean,
in his gun and at one point he admits intentionally pointing the rifle and his wife, placing it on fire and pulling the trigger, never told detectives, he thought it wasn't, load it. Now I don't know much about military training, but I do know that Any training involving arms involves the your understanding that you have to treat any weapon as if it's loaded at all times, if Nimitz pointed a gun at the back of his wife's head and poor. The trigger he had to have known that. That was possibility and his carelessness lack of regard for human life is worthy of at least a manslaughter charge. Again. I really just. I just can't believe how she would ever do it. Like MRS Schuyler and Daniel had a loving relationship, they met in high school and were met.
Reed shortly thereafter limits as a specialist with these Seventh Infantry division on Joint based, Louis Mccord, here I've there in March, two thousand thirteen and never saw combat overseas hundred percent, because I mean I've got my whole way. We're ok, isler is just twenty years old, lovely wife, Daniele Nimitz was just nineteen Their whole lives ahead of them. Their whole lives destroyed due to the ghost of blue beard,
That's gonna have to do for this episode of sorting scale thanks so much for joining us and special thanks to everybody, who's gonna. Nineteen in the last couple of weeks and left us awesome reviews we have a hundred and seventeen five star views as if this recording we have zero forced our views, zero. Three star reviews, zero to start. Will you get the point, and I know that as soon as I see this will probably gonna get a whole bunch of black
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allow allow.
Allow. How do you need something to listen to next? Will check out this other show from cast media. I am Jacob tool, I'm Jamie Baby and we are your house of certainly sucking reach up a show. Gonna, bring you a new stocking case covering the ins and outs of each stalker their victim in there What a night she hated me! So might she found my stepmother blinded and then was caught, making a plan to attack me with my stepmother here
up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes you look like just grab and lily from the Fidel and then at any looks at me very intense, leading US stock. You we hear about the cops, normally do anything or not. We carry about the crime. Strong, wish a lot of the creditor who had been stuck in me for forty four years was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom, a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my damn it was like I'm coming and I'll see you on this day. I was responding to them and then it was like a verification of a like. I said, all of a sudden, I hear a knock at the door, wide open the door and there they think point something element standing in front of me with a backpack, and he looked at me and he said a new era in kind of panic, because it isn't Larry report me my workplace, and he grabbed me put men.
The door opened with I unblock may unblock may why'd. He brought me I'm jig, detour time, Jamie Baby, strictly stocking mares uncanny. Recently we subscribe one apple pie cast spot of my readers and, like my god, this person will stop texting, means of calling me he'd shoring up everywhere. Then that's what it's like you're, like oh shit,.
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