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"We lock our doors at night to keep the outside world, to keep evil out, right? ...but what happens when evil has a key?" Those were the words spoken by Nation Hahn, a man who knows first hand how evil can deceptively find its way into your home without warning.

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Hey did you know, there's a place ring it, although it is true Krim headlines five days a week called sorting scale daily and its hosted by me, Rain Williams, Maneater Friday. We break down all the craziest case is going on in the country in a round the globe. If you weren't notes going on before everyone talking about it subscriber sorted scale daily on Apple podcast, Spotify Sticker tune in or anywhere he was near podcast and stay safe Norton scale contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences listeners. Question. Is it bad
We lock doors at night to keep the house had world keep evil out right but what happens when evil has a key component for that. Of the season for episode. Ninety eight of sword in scale It reveals that the worst monsters are real
This story will break your heart, it's a story of love of friendship and a family, but at the same time it's a story of deceit of manipulation and the cruellest form of betrayal imaginable. But for now, let's start with a love story
I was a student at you and see and an email whenever less serve asking for volunteers for presidential campaign, so showed up at a meter that night backup emailing her at basically begging for a task. To be involved. And ass a finally, I think, out of exasperations. More than anything she gave me Something to do so showed up. This was probably end of January, two thousand seven for a fundraiser and Let me back to earn as where a matter that voice is a man named nation Han he's recounting the first We met Jamie Kirk, the woman who had become his wife. The two became close friend, While working on the John Edwards campaign. Together in thousand seven as their fur. Ship developed, the two that more and more time together and began developed feelings for each there was one instance in late December, where we went out to bar with France and she drove me home and we had one of those awkward moments. Rebirth set the car with one another in you're like right now
and she has denied like well I'll, see you tomorrow were soon she said and yeah me too, and we sat there, well good night and she D that did not again and then I got out of hand and I think that was probably the specific night. She wanted me to kiss her for the first time, but I was rather too stupid or too. Cowardly to do it after John Edwards, dropped out of the presidential race. He held up option to thank those who worked on his campaign and after I'm, John Elizabeth, spoke and thanked us for what you did for the campaign we want. The patio and my recollection she leaned and kiss me? She might tell you a different story: would have been cast at night and from their started dating and eventually things even more serious and may or early June, ordered an engagement ring, we had gone down to say Deborah Jamie's mom on Easter weekend and
Jamie told her you know. So this is the man I'm gonna marry and in, I think, never was a little surprised because I was new on the same, but about a month or two later. I ordered marrying. With intentions of waiting till Alike August or September October, today. It arrived, which was June eighteenth. I went up to had had it shipped in an hour around a pocket soon, as I got back to the office, I showed a coworker because we working together Jamie and us man. I really would ask her to night So I made her dinner and- and she I think she won't get announced on a while. I was while I was cooking for men and women. The battery in Charleston. But when we are down their manoeuvres, where you got the better of me at first, so we just kept walking and there wasn't really any clear reason for us to be walking and she was like. Well, you have got a headache feeder aching in these hills, You want to go home, and I said
but she was a little bit further and then I got in Rwanda and asked her and then she was feeling better. She didn't have a headache at her feet and bought her anymore ceja nation asked best friend, Jonathan Broil, to be the man at his wedding nation. It become with John in high school, when the two the church trip to Daytona together at seen him before around the charge, because our families, when the same charge about it, no one particularly well and all that trap you. Chaperone of youth answer It was in one room. I was in another room with an ordered, a guy who's chaperone and over the trip. We interact it and I think that was really when we began to be France. At the same time, John had just graduated high school, a nation was entering his freshman year of high school, they grew close. While nation was in high school and remain friends when nation went off to college at the University of North Carolina after nation and Jamie began dating John developed. Close Relationship with the couple in Jamie became close pretty quickly
he came visit us in Charleston once I think I'll just once and that was when he came out and told us both that he was gay for the first time Jamie was very understanding. Ours too, but James, very understanding and immediately, you know, had already begun friends or limit became closer friends. Nation and Jamie got married on April. Eighteenth. Two thousand nine, with John, and broil as their best man after the wedding? The couple moved from trust in South Carolina to rally North Carolina in the late summer or early followed. Two thousand nine John join them in rally Nation and Jamie helped him with the move, me sad while you're looking for Roma, you can use our gas bedroom and he would, and then he ultimately found place solo. We have find a roommate around this time. Jamie started. A political consulting company called Sky Blue was beginning take on more and more work. She needed I or someone to help her out. Socio
your friend John Bright Hill to work for sky, Luke you made. The decision when it was that spring to bring them home to help her with the workload particularly the Jane dire congressional campaigning after the dire came, and ended Skyblue was hired by Congress Brad Miller's campaign in two thousand eleven Jamie headed CARE pain, fund, raising and strategy, and John was yours, possible for filing reports. With the Federal Election Commission, checking the email and cutting the campaigns checks. Sky blue was, Thriving and Jamie were happily married. And Jamie got to work alongside John, whenever closest friends, seem like everything was going great, but then illness befell. This happy trio and in early two thousand and twelve, when John began to have problems related to call stoats. He started. Having got some gaullist on issues, he went into the doktor and the doktor basically advised him to change his diet as what you told us, so he would have been,
and to somebody else here in the spring of two thousand twelve Johns, situation became far more dire spring of twenty wealth. He started complaining, I'm not feeling right of being sluggish of having had eggs nausea and so he said you have drafted after this busy time, peered out there, the doktor and he certainly have doctors appointments in June and July. I think August, if I remember correctly,
just remember Jamie called me and I was at a meeting and she said: you'd come home I have to work, we need to talk. Was how to you in and when it happens. I will what's goin on since then- and I must tell you- must tell you, I was concern because he'd been complaining about health issues and so odd. If, greatly ass. Her put him on the phone lines on the map. He told us that aren't told me that he had been diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis or Ms Mass a big fan of this next sponsor. I use it every single day, I'm not kidding it's grub hub. You haven't used grub up, you gotta, give it a try. Every pulse, What type of cuisine in your area comes right to your door? I mean better than that and the best part of
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the diet, heavy and kill and certain nutrients helps like the slower mitigate the effects of them ass, for example, and Sir James, our cooking, more cow to mitigate the flew like symptoms of M S, treatment, John plan to do injections on Saturday on Sunday and be for work on Monday, but John symptoms were purveyor. Im aspects. You, our understanding, was making slower moving in the morning say coming in a little bit later, a man Jamie, usually at all and we're, not around nine thirty. Maybe ten and he's not coming Little bit later periodically. I remember a couple of is where he would complain of sort of finding headaches for other element, other symptoms were that were part of a mass and that look came home one day and he was lying upstairs with a web washcloth over his head over his face. He would we encouraged him to particular Jamie encouraged him to go and walks
I understand, understanding was the way works. Is it attacks your muscles overtime and helps breakdown muscles over time, and so Jamie encouraged him to go on long walks or do anything really physical. That would help him preserve as is muscle mass or his as his help for as long as well and the empress started, to affect his memory as well. He swore taking more copious notes and he would complain about. I remember one time being a camera. What had forgotten is not yet Dan. I forgot this and he would very frustrated, with himself about memory loss issues John met regularly with a friend of the HANS who battling Emma for years to help him deal with the day to day channel. Once he was diagnosed with our once. He told us sorry once he told It- was diagnosed with them ass. He would go, have coffee with PAM regularly in and she would give him tips on how to combat ass. She gave him resources.
Like to them. Ass society recommended support, group, Jones S, diagnosis also required him to go to medical appointments throughout the week. An afternoon offer aid needed come in light to go to his doctors, employment, Chapel Hill You know he, typically went alone her, I think I always one alone but yeah. He would say you he would fill us as he laughed I know at various points. He was concerned that there were lesions on his brain, which I think is a common occurrence from Mass and lesions were growing like there are more of them, and so he would share in a rather they stayed the same. They shrunk. They grew at some point. I believe it was when twenty twelve and this happened, has doctors advised him. Question infusion treatment, stop the injections which were ass herself down and switched infusions, which is where you go the hospital in your therefore rapid.
Three hours. Roughly now we always offered either one of us primarily Jamie offered to take him to those appointments, but our friend Carol Ericsson Headway I wish the Miller was out of a job come November and Social as someone who will ultimately take em. So she would so we were Carol, she'd Phyllis and she would take him up, drop him off. He would do with infusions for a couple of hours and she would go pick him up. Take him home and usually have cut him a male that she would leave with them and that sort of thing- and I think that so I guess, if was doing. There must have been December January February of of twenty December twenty twelve January February, twenty thirteen when he switched treatment through all the time It John Jamie and nation state close. They kept up a Monday night dinner tradition and joy. Jamie would watch dancing with the stars and the bachelor ET together, John frequently state over in the HANS Guest Room, Brad Miller's congressional campaign ended Jamie, couldn't afford to pay John anymore
February of two thousand thirteen John found it. You job in North rally with a company called lab core concern. Was working for lab court. That point in March, two thousand thirteen John took a trip with the who, and to Atlanta, but after eating Billy dogs at the varsity and other junk food on the trip, and started to feel sick when all of us got back from Atlanta? He started complaining about more more health issues, and so I mean issues with what a presume word: Garcons now here, throwing up going the restroom, alot at some point, he went into the doktor in MID March and emerging period and aid We need to have as Garcons removed forever the procedure as so he schedule the surgery it was. Schedule, for I think, maybe the last week a march I remember correctly and I remember it was scheduled later in the week because Jamie because she had fewer clients that point she had to nonprofit. She was working with offered to take him to the surgery
and so that would have been at aims on Thursday, so she had blocked off the whole day on Wednesday, I think it was he contact her and said. You know So sorry, I'm not gonna now. My blood pressure was too how, when and for pre up appointment- and these are my blood was too high really embarrassing. My blood pressure too high, but they said it wouldn't be safe for me to have surgery said the other give me some indication deal with that and they push my surgery back to the weak following on gallbladder surgery was pushed back to Tuesday. April. Second, two thousand thirteen following operation guest at the HANS guest room. He said that he gone through the surgery. He looked fatigue, but it was closed at eleven p really generally known, and I guess indicated where they had had an incision, and so he saw a move. Gingerly prompt himself up. He was almost When I came in here. Just generally had a conversation he said,
yeah. You know I've been fine. I feel ok, we now you have everything went well and we just had a pretty simple conversation and stayed in the guest room recovering until following Saturday April sixth, he said upstairs, I guess bedroom sort of for the duration of most of that weak. I want to say Thursday night was the first time he came stairs and he walked really gingerly any came downstairs and visit with us for a little bit, but generally April. Ninth John went over to the HANS House for dinner, but something was wrong to walk any look like he'd seen a ghost look, very weak sore white face and ass. He walked toward me. I swear ass. He walked toward man, swore a mouth what's wrong and he broke down in tears and sort of collapse against one chasse crying so hung up far. Now led him into the living room and he asked him what was wrong and he was. I was crying valley,
calm down. I sat down on the couch and I asked him what's wrong and so will you know it from a postal visit with Doktor today a short showed up. He said yet that they found a spot when they were when they were goin to remove. My girls are was surgery and surgery, and they wanted up biopsy that spot and then he said a start crying, and I said it's because they think I have pancreatic cancer, nation and Jamie were shaken thinking that pancreatic cancer would essentially be a death sentence for their dear friend. I think it just drove home to her how fragile life can be made, because it seemed like a death sentence for have. Even if we were optimistic- and I remember our member her tears- she turned to me and said: don't think we have a baby. Here's. The really for assumption were grown ups and distinctly. I just remember saying,
our. Why our child to know all that although we love and vicious basically that this draft home, then the people living on our way it with us, nation and Jamie had been planning a trip to the beach the following week to celebrate their April. Tenth anniversary, a nation twenty seventh birthday on April nineteen. They pushed the trip off in order to bring John to his biopsy appointment on Monday April, fifteenth at the Duke Cancer Centre. Jana came in locked in the lobby John was standing across the lobby. Looked to the far left. Talking to a nurse I was in her sector receptionist at a desk. He came up has taught us that that they need to think I'm back right then for tasks and that they would come get us if, if he needed us
so we then went sat in the lobby and he went back through double doors behind the receptionist, ass nation and Jamie sat in the lobby for around two hours waiting for John we're city, upstairs and are seated and win, and then we saw coming down the steps or lack of you walked, enter Perception area or what have you? The lobby, there's a steps of go down run and from the double doors you come in and he was coming down the steps we rushed over and he said you know they had rushed him through Russia men to the doktor visit and heat as he did indeed have pancreatic cancer, but the doktor for hopeful and we went in our car along, it, Tommy suggested that he had to combat first scope. I guess for further tasks in a couple of things: next, the twenty third, so weak almost a week in a day, and so we say of course, will be there, for you, John, would not make it to his appointment on April twenty third, nation and Jamie brought John to his house and headed for the beach where they see? aid at a friend's beach house. They invite
some friends to join them at the beach house for Nations birthday on Friday April. Nineteenth John went down the beach house, with a friend laid on Friday, he's dead with the HANS at the Beach house through Sunday and so the afternoon nation talked with John about how he was feeling John and walked out. The beach was sitting by himself staring at the oceans I walked out. If you want to walk up and down the beach, we then we had of Congress. Haitian. I just asked me: how are you really doing? How are you feeling he just shared in April fella three months. We're gonna be rough, but there come out on the other side. Ok, they really pretty how much we were supporting him in that things would be, would work out, Sunday April, twenty first, everyone
turned from the beach Action and Jamie volunteered to take John to his appointment for further tests on Tuesday April twenty third Jamie. Discovered a few financial discrepancies from the Brad Miller campaign, so she asked to come over and sort out the paperwork the night before his appointment, because job appointment was early on Tuesday morning. The HANS offered up there yes room for the night that Monday April twenty seconds nation came home a bitterly from work and saw that John was already at the house, be greeted John on his way I saw john- was talking the kitchen. So when I Damn hog asked me: how is doing doing ok? I asked Are you gonna stay with us tonight This procedure was hath, think schedule for seven thirty I thought nation was about to go for a run, so he headed upstairs to his bedroom could change out of his work, clothes for throwing on basketball, shorts and a t shirt nation to use the bathroom? I will use
s room and I heard Jamie scream. And I yelled out what turned leave the restroom and what again and shoot She called my name. She screamed nation but she also scream John my immediate assumption was Something had happened with him, the waste. Screaming. His name just sounded like you sound like something lacking passed out or something so? I started foresee through the bedroom as quickly as occurred, threw open the door. She was still bring alternating your names. Train man as a sort of com. Screaming. He is in a different way as halfway the stairs- and I was young waters I ran- are what's happening. Half way down the stairs and she screamed out he's trying to kill me. A cup I proceeded down. The stairs. This all around the corner of the stairs? They were right here
so around the corner, and immediately went there was there was blood on the floor and I could see. Jamie's lags sticking from toward behind, like here's the deal I could see her legs were an torso poking out from there as immediately went to that, and now I looked up and he John was standing over her with a knife you come home from work, and you greet your best friend whose spending the night at your house even and this man for half of your life. Since you met him on the church trip in high school. You chose him as the best man in your wedding, vacationed with them
you had dinner with them every Monday. For years you were there for him when he was diagnosed with a mass when he had surgery when he was I've noticed with pancreatic cancer. He was part of your family. You go upstairs to change. You hear screaming You go downstairs, and here he is your best man. Heatedly, stabbing your wife. He may they turn an and proceed towards towards me- asked now what the fuck are you doing? Sorry, he came toward me. Had a knife up report. I thought, and then he cited towards me, and my immediate reaction is best hacker members to try to grab the blade, grand towards it, because I was coming towards me and we immediately started so wrestling. I was trying to get the blade from him. At the same time owes hitting homes were open, face with power, my hand
screaming I'm anymore, you doing and no response. I was also screaming Jamie to get outhouse enshrining the night From him and elsewhere, I wanted to get to her screaming for her to leave. Eventually I mean she got up where wrestling. I could hear the side door swung open, and I'm still fighting handwriting? keep him from hurting me, in any real, as my hands had been cut at the time, it's hard to piece together all of except that we were. I was trying desperately to deny from him, I just know that created separation- I mean I don't. I think I shoved them with my side with my arm, but either way I immediately turned to run and ran through the dining room, and, as I ran ass, I am going down the hallway and through the house and on the side door I started in four Jamie I was now I can see her at the time. I don't remember distinctly haven. How appreciate how the house, except, I went out the side door and went, I think, down the driveway aiming for help. Nation ran towards its neighbour, Julie's house covered.
Blood and screaming for help. I was in the kitchen what is behind the front door, and then daughters sorting elegant signs that the door, if someone's at the door and heroes, kind, chaotic Andy. Bad seen. Someone run up to the door which ended up being nation from the door. That point in time. I can see the doors glass, Sarkozy nation there, the door. I remember correctly used where remember teaser. His Petros color mess what a blood splattered, honest t, shirt and- yelling frantically, so no idea what's happening, but our stairs to go up to the bedrooms, are right behind that glass, so the first Sandoz at both girls a lot the back door to screen imports the door to the garage man. Front where the sex are pushed them behind me. Send them upstairs quickly and tell them the lock the door and stay there until someone came to get them, so about that time
spends office. We see them When no upstairs with where his office was, he had heard the motion as well that he was coming down steps about the same time as I was region towards the door The door Nato is not help. Someone please how my wife. At that time, we're both there at the door at the same time a look down and saw because Jane our figure lane at the bottom of the front, steps and seriously Where you see those bags and the town Is there so no delicacy. They shed on her. So quickly said Bell back up to get some towels, hey man and grabbed a few beats tells them was back downstairs again. We didn't know what had happened. I just assumed that someone who have been hit by a car or a bike accident and didn't anything yet so We got down to the bottom of the steps at the towers and knelt down, so that my head was right, but Jamie's head
we ass, they saw it happened, and she said that she had been stabbed. But then, took us both backed by surprise, not sex? To hear that? I think Bill asked who saved what he means he's been stabbed and he said on best friend are best friend and elsewhere. Where is he now? Is that we still in the house who stabbed her? It was my best friend my best friend at this point, another neighbour Angie had heard she screaming help and called nine one one amidst the key ass. You can hear Jamie moaning in the background still conscious. And talking to nation going one one of your very noble IRA what's Goin on
don't want them without over there. Why were you going? Ok, ok, ok, ok, I'm gettin, gaudy, I've got a moment all about. Hello, hello, I'm getting the paramedics. Another way right. Where did you get the help prevent obey? the way it all. Ok is the person who sat her still there. We appeal for more out. We ran your Brom. Ok would like. I don't know they are not a burden, tat her you still there
I don't know, I don't know who the earth that would write a number three countries. In fact improving like the pyramid drove away. How old are you pay him, about how my power are you? Ok, How old are you Are you ok You were right away Regarding the word all over her hair hurt, you got completely work. The current government now we need a boy the least accommodate well taken completely or work
no way I can get out of hand. The second on the pyramid herself the word: is there more than one moon anyhow? Is there in one word my country, the pyramid drove away to feel a little We might at the paramedic probability prepare mulatto exactly what to do. All right how old are coming under pressure of pornography with it? You know not with the house at work. Leave now the Mayor
Ok just reaffirmed that help is on the way you want to have anything to eat or drink. It could make a thicker cause problems for the doktor I'll be right now, don't move unless absolutely necessary power do still wait for unhealthy arrive to carry on with our citizens. Where is the house? Where is Your word Is there anybody with able to give it a disappointing ah Angie asks nation to describe the person who stab Jamie worker Google boy, knew what they were required
Are you? Ok, you complete romping, I'm fine! because if we are already real together here, ok I'll go Thank you. Thank you. And was still talking to Jamie ashram. Remember tired, laughter and we would say we set up back and forth Promising her that we would have a lot more anniversaries, a total we'd go back to the beaches and she was better no? It has had that kind of conversation. Officers showed up hanging up the phone Angie went over to Jamie. I just wanted. Per know that some ice their help r and to keep reading and shit started Saint. I can't breathe. I can't Eve and then it like she, just almost ways they overlook. The arrived and took nation and Jamie to the hospital police had The perimeter around the HANS House shouting
commands we'll? So anybody anybody can, if there's is anyone, saw make yourself known, and they also says come back towards the sound of my voice after three or four commands. John stepped out of the house office. Roy Psmith, commanded John to backup, words. The sound of his voice. After a few, seconds, John collapsed, an officer, Psmith approached When he was at my feet, I saw a self inflicted knife wound to both his wrist They were so severe that I can actually remember that August. Skin both sides of his arm rare flapping, that was on both both hands are both arms very deep? and I also noticed day would appear to be established to stomach I can see is intestines protruding through after EMS was called over Officer Smith. To the house and saw the aftermath of what had occurred minutes before once we confirmed that there was nobody else and heard nothing else was an endangered said, the home. I noticed
the kitchen there blood all over the walls, blood full of blood. I believe on the floor. Noticed a knife near or in the pool of blood. I can't remember exactly where was at this time. But I know, was right, thereby the pool of blood. I noticed a bully The chair turned over in the kitchen at that point as like all we get, we got to set up a crime scene and we accept the Jamie and nation were both taken to the hospital Jamie was put into surgery, a nation receive treatment for the knife, wounds on his hands nations at the hospital after his hands, were stitched up, hoping that Jamie would get because we had a conversation. She gonna the house because a conversation I just believed You know when I left her, and we said I love you and it. While she was complaining about her breathing, she was with us. And so
what time are the doctors told us that Jamie was going to make it, and so we were with with her in the in the hotel. I mean in the hospital room and then sat there a little bit before I am at one fifty three a m on Wednesday April twenty. Fourth, Jamie Hon died at the hospital murdered at the house. Heads of one of our closest friends. But there were some things about that friend that Jamie ever knew, let's start with John Bright Hills: employment with Skyblue strategies, Jamie's consulting firm on aid. Fifteenth, while nation and Jamie were on their way to the beach Jamie was in full armed by a debt collector named Charles Wilfred, that a cheque from Brad Mill congressional campaign account had bounced. She called Charles Wilfred,
assuming that there had been some sort of mistake. We You should be more careful tat. One view yeah today, you by saying the- we'll let no one there. By new data, call me You're back sure
we certainly want to desert check for five hundred and ninety one dollars and ten cents made out time Warner, cable had bounced Jimmy sounds so surprised in that phone call, because, according to her records, the campaign account should have had far more than enough money to cover that five hundred ninety one dollar check there were only three people. The rise to write checks for the Brad Miller campaign, one of whom was John Broil. Two thousand and eleven. Jamie would entrust the defendant with substantial financial responsibilities as Skyblue, signature, client? U S! Congress Brad Miller, sky Blue was now managing Congress. Miller's campaign account the division of labor was the following: Jamie would handle the fund raising side a business for Congress familiar
campaign in this I was responsible for the accounting and reporting side of the business and what TAT meant as the defendants responsibility was he was the one entrusted with the checking account of the campaign He was the one that we maintain. The checking account would write an issue checks as to the report. Your compliant side of the defendant responsibilities as to the Brad Miller campaign. What then, entailed was campaign the committee would have to report quarterly to the Effie see the Federal Election Commission, every quarter, how much money the campaign brought in how much money campaigns. Turn that relevant time period in them. Balance of the campaigns account the air, this will show within months of assuming that position of trust, begins to embezzle thou
dollars for constant Miller's account by writing himself checks, Reed, thirty. Nine checks from the Brad Miller Campaign account made payable to Jonathan Boy Hill and from Jonathan Brian, between the period of June, two thousand and eleven through more fifty thousand thirteen there thirty. Nine checks totalling more than forty six thousand five hundred dollars. John basil. Nearly fish two thousand dollars from the Miller campaign, leaving the campaign with a negative balance of more than three thousand dollars when he stopped working, four Skyblue. That's why time Warner cable check had bounced on April fifteenth in the weeks leading up to her death Jamie. Had trying to get John to help her straighten out the financial reports for the Miller campaign. However, she didn't want to push to me work on a given his health situation on the Jamie died,
she was meeting with John to discuss some of the financial discrepancies that were showing up at one o five p m that day she called John to see when he'd be over here hey it's me. She says I'm just calling check in on all this Brad stuff. I wonder If you want to come over here, maybe like flourish. Just for four hours after Jamie left that Voicemail John, would standing over her with a knife in her kitchen. I remember asking someone effectively. Why do this are what what happened and I knew there look at bank books, I said: do you take as money weapon and cheese well respond to them, as it turns out the impasse. It wasn't. The only thing that John had been hiding from the HANS There was also his job at lab core. He has never been employed at local and then the mould
boss Sclerosis invented illnesses and otters appointments. Day for day month four month year for year. Manipulating Jamie nation concerning their time, their energy and their good intentions towards Johns Mss diagnosis more than a year. Prior was a lie: the drought. Venus, the headache the memory loss, the knowledge of the muscle soreness, all of it was a sham, the injections and the infusions were made up all of the weekly doctors, appointments which the HANS friend Carol had driven him too, were fake.
When John had met the HANS friend PAM to talk about their shared diagnosis, he was learning how to better imitate someone with the disease at Johns trial nation was asked in regards to Johns Amass. Did you ever doubted knows her knowledge, Why would anyone doubt it per seemingly no reason John had advanced his family and friends than an incurable. Chronic condition was deteriorating his central nervous system, but it didn't. Out there John, had also lied about the gall surgery and likely a mess. It was not a simple lie. He went As far as to reschedule the operation due to high blood pressure and then stayed in the HANS guest Room to recover March 27th, two thousand two thousand thirteen at two: sorry, yes to toys, six twenty eight p m.
This is from Johnny Boy Hill Gmail account content is Jamie. I am sorry that you have tomorrow blocked off. So sorry I have to stay calm, If you are busy but I will definitely need to stay with you guys afterwards for light least too two. Three days stairs woman be a problem. Real continues on ok family my surgery, has been moved to Tuesday at nine a m pressure is way too high for surgery tomorrow, that embarrasses crap? Out of me, blood pressure, medicine now the nurse in instances, I would have broke out just surgery had governess plan as high as my bp was be state in bed at the HANS House for an entire week recover from a surgery that never happened. Not for you do you believe that
It did not intentionally knowingly lie about having a mass, intentionally, you know, lie about having go Blair surgery, they didn't know what he was doing when he did those things that he didn't desire to do what? In fact he did such recovering the HANS House, nonexistent surgery being wasted on regardless of age, depression or down days. He does he intends to do just like everything else: job royals life. He does exactly what he wants to do, what he plans to do what he intends to do whatever reason, no matter how strange that reason, maybe if you're, connecting the dots you might be realising that it stirring, Johns Gall removal surgery that doctors, discovered spot told Jamie, a nation about that potentially cancerous spot before dinner. April- ninth but
for he went over to tearfully deliver this news, he was doing a little Google research, a line to eight a search. Google first has been done on pancreatic cancer, Another Google search. Is it passed Oh for a thirty year old, two half pancreatic cancer, next search is what are the risk factors for pancreatic cancer, next sort, searches, all created cancer at a year Asia messages to night? to its Wikipedia. I don't know what that is another he answered. Looks like corrected, continues on pancreatic, malignant tumor, pancreatic cancer, doktor care, Noma, ductile and cook care, Noma ductile care have an opportunity to meet every one. They love old nation that they should have a baby so that Their child might have an opportunity to meet every one they love while they were still alive on this earth cancer.
Complete fabrication on April fifteenth, Jamie and nation took John to the Duke Cancer Centre for his biopsy that morning, likely in the car with Jamie and nation, on the way to his fabricated appointment John, Was doing some more Google research, Google search is being conducted. Medical oncologist at Duke continues on thirty list of pancreatic cancer doctors at Jamie and nation spent two hours waiting in the lobby. John was walking around the halls of the hospital. Jonathan Broil embezzled, nearly fifty thousand dollars through Jamie's consulting company. He lied finding a new job, he lied, about having multiple sclerosis. He lie. About having goldstone removal surgery and he lied having pancreatic cancer. Clearly, Jamie and nation. Never
Give this man the or touches only sting but legally relevant question of. Why How could he have done this? There were such your friends well to start, we need to re, evaluate the characterisation of best friends must be clear. Jamie Nation did not know Jonathan boil. Jamie nation do not know the real job and boil there was no real, genuine friendship that painfully obvious We know that now Jamie Nation did not know that Jonathan Boil was a strange. Self absorbed master, manipulator skilled effortlessly negotiating all his elaborate deceptions. We finally revealed himself on April twenty. Second, two thousand thirteen. So the reality, the now known reality is this was not a genuine mutual friendship based on any measure
the mutual trust, it was a betrayal. It was a betrayal in that betrayal burned for years. Why? Why can struck, a complex series of lies to convince friends that your seriously ill and why stab one of those friends to death. With a chefs knife on April, twenty sixth, four days after the murder rally police. Detective Zeke Morse Enteric did John at the hospital and asked him some of these questions John Response, so softly that it's difficult to make What he sang remained ass myself, at one time. I thought I did
it s. No use worry, was drawn struggles to piece together. A response starting and stuff being multiple times before, giving an answer Clearly, I'll have it. I dont know why I was telling people that he says you don't want to do why What happened at the doctors appointment? I just walked around detective. More, Asks John, when
started telling people that he had cancer ass? Will you the wheels were coming off the bus? I just felt like they were
He says well now women, their friends right right. What about that ah bladder surgery it wasn't true? Was it as of the attention. I didn't want it
and because I have a lot of wonderful friends. That's the thing that greatly concern me. I didn't mean it. Did you like the attention not really. I dont know what caused me to tell people that, because clearly it wasn't true and about the cancer, planning to tell nation and Jamie the truth lies. They would have been upset. Naturally, in time they were
understood, I think Detective Morse asked John. What start Did the embezzlement shore there really was a reason for detective more. Also asked about the murder weapon. The sixteenth chefs knife that John had been carrying around in his backpack this very soon there. How long Hazy John had carrying the knife around for two to three weeks. Why why by the knife. I was sing it down day, you might be thinking, maybe he killed Jamie because she'd uncovered the embezzlement. Well, detective Morse also asked
now that this money is wasted ass if it was just that if it was just embezzlement, I would have faced now how you been able to respond to do. You did not send them about the presentation, I think they would have understood and when when he remembered about the murder, where you were right Just remember stabbing her in the back in stab in the back by your best friend, both figuratively
early, whether Jonathan boilers twisted couch, a killer but whether he is despondent drunken person who made on characteristic violent decisions that day were either truth last somewhere in between is no legal consequence. Sure you will not resolve that question, although they could not resolve that question the jury did reach a verdict in the murder trial of Jonathan Broil. Madame clerk, would you announced the verdicts? Thirteen c r s, three, three: seven, with a jerk they found the defendant guilty of first degree, martyr, encase, number, thirteen c, R S, two zero, two thousand two, a count: one guilty of of
first degree motor encounter guilty of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious Andrey than at the sentencing hearing Jamie. Family members had the opportunity to address Jamie's. I say this now to James Killer. She gave a place to live she cares. For you you sat at her table for meals you alongside her in her business. You would trip together. You shared holidays, birthdays, special events, you favorite, shows and movies together. You part together. You share in her friends and her family christen. I accepted you enter our home and treated. You like family totally ingratiated yourself into every aspect of her and of our lives and then you murdered our daughter, you murdered Jamie, I know now first hand there's evil in the world and he sits
before us in this courtroom is Jamie's killer, John Jago Jamie, a death sentence. You gave all the rest of us, a life sentence and now you can share and that life sentence, John and then nation addressed his high school friend, is best. Man wife's murderer, who static? ass from him. With his head, down refusing to look we ve learned so much about the evil that exists in this world evil. Represented today, with this murderer in front of us, he won't look up It will also one much about the good everyone who is here today. Everyone who's been there from the beginning, have helped us survive the and survival MR harbour. Yesterday, you said your client was at a point where he was ready to die of yet to take our lives, and it shows that but why make appointed? Can empathize
Those feelings you are describing because of you client. I was ready to die from a very very long time. The water on buildings and thought about jumping off at them and then, when my see back their hopes- and I would hit me sack and empathy his feelings you described That is what the feelings of wanting to die What does it have? You ve had some one who you love taken from me. You'Ll- never know what it is to hit about so deep tat. You can't see a way out. So deep, but you can imagine every single had again but because of so many we ve points of light. Without a Jamie's like we ve survived. The surrounding world, without her thanks to your client, believes around. So what we ve laundered eve on the world, we have also learned so much about the essential bitterness of others I hope that people will take a lesson from the way Jamie.
It's easy to trust. Less ceases to be suspicious sees. You did not take people face value and because of your client, I've done a that, Mr Harbour. But Think. The lesson that Jamie would want to sell to note is that we should still be open to the US, your goodness of so many. Do you also lies not because she was, two trusting or to open She also life because John Brown hair level we lock our doors at night, keep the house had world keep evil out right What happens when evil has a key can prepare for that Johnny tried you killed her. He tried to kill me Well, you can't kill her spirit. You can't kill. Made her so special. You can't spirit, help that knife? stop forty hidden. If you tried, for the first very martyr, Jamie Hon,
deliberation, premeditation and malice. I order you incarcerated for the remainder of your life without the possibility of parole for the it empted first degree, murder of nation Hon. Deliberation, premeditation and malice, I order you incarcerated for a period of one honey, Fifty seven months, Minimum two hundred and one month's maximum in custody vision of a dark corrections for the offence of assault with a deadly weapon with the internet, kill inflicting serious injury, or do you incarcerated for a period of seventy three months minimum one hundred month maximum in the division of adult corrections, Each of these judgments are entered separately in each day. Census would be served consecutively. Jonathan Broil was given life without parole, but that life patents pails in comparison to the life time of suffering that he inflicted on gene
family and friends in two thousand Fifteen, the Jamie Kirk. On foundation was founded to, in their words, create an active and diverse network of emerging leaders equipped to change their communities, an army of Jamie's guided by Jamie's values of love, humility and public service, the Jamie com. Hon Foundation seeks address some of the biggest challenges faced by the state of with Carolina, including poverty food insecurity, and find out more about the foundation at Jamie Kirk, Hon Foundation, DOT org and with that we have reached The end of this horrible story,
but to keep your friends close, but that close Thank you for joining us in until next time stay safe
Do you need something to listen to next will check out this other show from cast media? I am Jacob tool. I'm Jamie, be me your house of certainly sucking reachable. We're gonna, bring you a new stocking case covering the ins and outs of each stalker. Their victim in there
What does she hated me? So might she found my stepmother blinded and then was caught making a plan to attack me with my stepmother? He shows up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes you look like just a rabbit and lily from the fifth element hasn't. He looks at me very intense, leading US stock. You will hear what the commissioner will do anything or not. We carry about the crime strong. We applaud obligation, predator who's, been stuck in me for forty four years was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my idea. It was like I'm coming and I'll see you on this day I was responding and then it was like a verification of, like I said all of a sudden, I hear a knock at the door. I opened the door and there they exploit something element standing in front of me with a backpack, and he looked at me and he said a new era of panic because it isn't Larry followed me my work play and he grabbed me for men to the door and with thy Unblock they unblock may body blow me, I'm due to Time Jamie Baby strictly stocking mares. On January, we subscribe one apple tallgrass spot of my words like God. This person will stop texting news, of course,
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