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On August 2nd, 2016, 30-year-old speech pathologist Karina Vetrano left her home to go for a late-afternoon jog through Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach, Queens. When she didn’t return, a lengthy police investigation and two murder trials would follow, revealing a strange motive rooted in misdirected anger and pure rage.

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hello SAS holes, we are back from fall, break and believe it or not. This is plus seventy eight yeah, so I decided to go ahead and and stop consuming the news. It was really starting to irritate me. It was really starting to bother me and I would find myself getting angry at things for absolutely no reason totally got off of social media as well. I think it's probably pretty healthy, there's something very toxic about constantly connecting with the rest of the world and finding out just how horrible people are all over it. Angry bitter resentful hateful people just waiting to take a swing at you, so I think I'm going to stay off for quite a bit longer. It's kind of nice out here. Ignorance is bliss as they say, and I think I'd rather be oblivious, but luckily, for you sword and scale is not going anywhere. This next story is about someone getting very, very angry and how poorly they handled it
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I would simply say: protect your whole, protect your family and everything you love in this. highly volatile, dangerous world that we live in. Do it right now sit safe, dot com, slash sword. Sixteen year old, retired fire fighter fill the Toronto as a proud new Yorker. He grew up in the big apple Racist family there, and was even a first response to ground zero on nine eleven for him all seem normal on August. Second, twenty sixteen another sunny summer day as he enjoyed his retirement at home and Howard Beach.
Middle to upper class neighborhood in the Borough of Queens. That afternoon, his thirty year old daughter, Carina Vitono, invited him to go jogging through Spring Creek Park, as they had many times before this particular day, however, Phil had a back egg and decided against going for a run, but this didn't discourage Karina. He was an avid runner and it was a beautiful day. He was going for a jog with or without him. Phil knew his his daughter's jogging trail that it was known to occasionally attract migrants expressed concerned about her going alone. I don't think it's a good idea. He told her, but Karina was being Karina. After all, she'd run the same trail by herself many times before. Don't worry daddy, she said before leaving I'll be. Okay, but worry would begin to set in when late afternoon, turned to e name and Karina had still not returned from her dog Phil called her cell phone no answer, then he called again and again and again still no answer and no return call. What Phil didn't know is that Karina was unable to answer her phone and she would never be coming home. I again,
anger revolve felt. It whether it's a short lived, annoyance of fallen rage or something between but how we manage our anger is different for everyone, Some people manage their anger by counting a ten or perhaps taking a moment to focus on your breathing go to the gym and lift wait. Sir punch punching bag, some I repeat, a mantra to call themselves down, while others talked with therapist. or take anger management classes whatever the method. Managing your anger is more important than you realize, because when something makes us angry and we deal with it, it can manifest lead us to taking out our anger on other people had nothing to do with what made us angry in the first place.
In psychology. This is known as displacement or more space. ethically displaced aggression, Interesting, yet scary thing about displaced aggression is that it is defence mechanism and it Liqueurs unconsciously pretend your boss yelled at you, for something that wasn't your fault and they just want, sin to reason. Bending Frustration at that point on them could get you fired. So you hold onto your anger until at home, where you find yourself almost without realizing it snapping your spouse or your children, or even your at some minor irritation that have caused The scenario is an example of displaced aggression when all frustration is built to a near breaking point and a small unrelated action tips it over unleash a disproportionate outpouring of anger. We ve,
been guilty of this behaviour at some point in our lives to varying degrees. But for me some of us. It's not really. Big problem I, for our brief, angry temper. If we need to move on but kinda placed aggression cause some one to do something that they can not apologise for something that they can't take back something. Violet could do Waste aggression cause someone to murder a complete stranger, unfortunately, as you'll soon learn. The answer is yes I'm an angel full of majority. I am an angel yearning for majority, I'm an angel These are so wide ready to take flight I am an angel with a dark side. This is correct. the troika reciting a poem she wrote called the paradox in the
two thousand and thirteen short film with the same name. I am an angel who smile is genuine. I am the sinner whose wild feminine or drags her closer to provocative situation. I am an angel who's, a victim of your unreasonable expectations. I am the sinner who meditates manipulations. I am an angel whose love is dedicated. I'm a girl with entire need of love on creators, Instagram Bio. She described yourself as a thrill seeker and date dreamer, but was quite obviously much more than that born why twelfth nineteen eighty six she grew up and lived in Queens grudge from the same high school as our father. She was thankful where the close on that they shared when a photo taken. Of her father on its sixtyth birthday, Corina posted the caption, I'm so glad to have a father. I can call my back
friend, Corina earned or masters degree in speech, pathology and twenty fifteen from Saint John University and worked in men. Hatton as a speech pathologist assisting children with autism green light to travel, and enjoyed the ocean posting pictures and videos online of herself vacationing in different countries and tanning on the beach and she loved butterflies previously Corina was also an aspiring writer, trained and extensive personal online blog. She titled collect of conversations, contradictions and poetic conflict in one of her posts, title my one, and only she writes about the love of her life. The love that she would never get to meet. I wonder what he looks like his style, how his voice sounds the shape of his teeth, his eyebrows and fingers. What our apartment will look like when we decorate it together, power
its will play out and how our fucking will feel. I wonder what he majored them and where he wants to travel his favorite childhood memory, favorite movie, band, candy and ice cream flavour. I wonder what secret he's never feeling secure enough to share with any one. Until me, I wonder how I'll now where I meet him most of all wonder what his name is at thirty years old. All accounts, Corina was a lively young woman with hopes dreams and deep self reflections, intelligent, kind, artistic, quite a locker, I mean pretty stunning actually with beautiful smile and perfect teeth. That's one of the things. took pride in most Karina had a lot going for one thing she was particularly known for was being a fitness fanatic as a child, old Corina received surgery on our legs and was told by Doktor achieved never be able to run again. Despite
early setback through sheer determination, she became an avid runner, we found jogging on a near daily basis, but on art, Second, twenty, sixteen in the early evening, crew it would lay supper, running shoes and say goodbye to her father, velvet trodden and head out for a jog were the very last time when, didn't answer has repeated phone calls. Phil knew that something very wrong? You know that feeling you get in your stomach. When you just know something is wrong. This concern turned into panic. He quickly contacted his close friend John Cassidy, who, at the time and Nypd police officer An official search was launched to locate Corina having knowledge of the job. Trail and surrounding terrain Phil Accompanied and
listed police with the search. Only A few hours later bill would find his daughter, based down in a marsh just fifteen feet off the jogging path. She was Bird and dirt blood bruises, scratches Wet Marsh Phil, wailed hollered, my baby, my baby, he cried ass. He held his daughter in his arms police. Rushed Who is aid, but there was nothing anyone could do those daughter. Green of the troika. dead. Yeah
Why did you grant rifle with you, but since the father and went out Wasn't even dark out when this young lady left her home sometime after five hundred and thirty p dot m on August. Second of twenty. Sixteen You yeah A mile away from where she was born and raised. She went running below into a place that all come to altering the course of the trial and spread roof Spring Creek Park runs alongside the Jamaica Bay Shore line between the neighbourhoods of Howard, Beach, Queens and Spring Creek Brooklyn in New York city a massive nature preserve known to the locals as the weeds, it is full of extremely Paul in dense vegetation
and only a small portion of it is open to the public for recreation, which includes jogging trails. From her home with you you wanna magical, is young attractive. full of life with vision and sad you, with age, and I just fifty yeah you ve heard tat oh and to lie,
no face hunting around a mask hunting in a peace breaking fracture crapping of frontin she struggle. She tried to get away me, and paying most of his hands around her neck and he choked her. So you're saying in vicious attack, pull down resourceful. Exposing or a redis at some point. During this attack he removed her run, choice and panty leave me alone. So I urge you, but you know
as he sat on top of already put his hands around her neck and he choked her until she couldn't the charter, which struggle. each three but see performed on current. His body concluded that she was raped and died from strangulation. Her death was ruled a homicide. We began tonight with the market MR in Queens police coming the area around a jogging trail or thirty year, old in other drano, was found, actually assaulted and strangled. Today there Lord for information in the case raised
ten thousand dollars, then it's like the police are going through the victims. Social media accounts there analyzing her cell phone records and their checking on the movements of local sex offenders and their literally hacking their way through a memo park. Trying to pin point that could help them find a killer. Research for Corina killer would turn out to be lengthy and frustrating p d did indeed come through Korea's phone records, social media accounts and the tall weeds where she was found. The problem was it provided a definitive answer as to the identity of our killer or even Like me, suspects after clearing in his family, friends and ex boyfriend police had no choice but to assume that this was a random attack at a crime of opportunity. made the prospect of solving the case, especially daunting
Needless to say, Farinas pair its were distraught and angry unlike their daughters, killer, direct their anger. Exactly where it belongs all entire world knows what up tadic puny, weak piece of failed. that you are. This is cancer survivor, Cathy Matrona, speaking to her daughters killer at a press conference whose identity, at the time was still unknown. soon. We're gonna have a face to the dick piece of garbage that you are above and beyond the law,
You know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with, and I guarantee you, I guarantee you, you, mother, Fucker, that you will be reckoning with that force, not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity. As you fuckin burn in how hell hath, no fury like an angry New York City mother that he's pissed off? in August highs had given way to more moderate temperatures and on the sunny day, approximately two weeks after Korean of astronomers, battered and beaten corpse was found face down in the march of a public park or fair he was still desperately seeking justice. Nypd, along with the veterinary family, have been hard at work,
posters making media occurrences canvassing neighborhoods for leads by going door to door and hopes that someone had informed, vision that could help they have also set up a tip lie for the rest would be made. The reward money for information leading to communist killer would top two hundred thousand dollars, most of which would come from go fund may page established the return of family and friends. The money that we seek to raise here is too slow, The twenty thousand dollar reward curly but by the Nypd. While we go We appreciate the help of the police Howard Beach, a community not known for sitting back, while other people work on our behalf, Corina has become the daughter of the entire community, and we are committed to seeing justice served in her memory.
We need your help in bringing this vicious animal to face the most severe punt meant allowable by law, desperation to find answers. Corina dad El, the Toronto makes an extraordinary offer directly, the killer as they can his role. earn yourselves and Make sure that we want money goes to the person of your choice, your sister, your father, your mother, so life changing. You will be calling so taken managed. Despite everyone's best efforts? No one would turn themselves in and for months there would be no solid leads then too much After the murder, police are called when a man by the name of Matthew, Fox spotted running naked through the park. Corina was found. You heard that right he was running through the park, completely new
upon his arrest, He began screaming the father. Did it I have nothing to do with it. But again, this would prove too a dead end when police cleared the naked man as a suspect in Korea. murder, then why PD had only one avenue left to pursue dna when Caritas, topsy was performed The same male dna was found on her neck her fingernails and on your cell phone. Where are we fighting this brutal coward and killed her Nypd is doing an excellent job. I mean they're breaking their, but every day, especially detective every day, hardly goes home this because of the location and the few Emily was no witnesses mean it is growing evidence. We have dna,
but again, a roadblock would present itself. When law enforcement, wouldn't be able to find a dna match in any database for months, including FBI's National Data base quotas? The male dna profile on current his body and cell phone matched. No one has prompted the means district attorney as well as the Toronto family, to seek legal approval familial dna testing which would enable law enforcement to identify criminal suspects through their relatives filled. The trial ways now going down a new path. One did believes could lead to a big break in finding his door. there's, kill arm familial dna testing is allowed in nine states, but not New York. In Korea's case, the killers dna from the scene didn't match any one. In the data bank, familial dna searching goes deeper, using special software to look for a similar, not exact match indicate
The suspect could be related to someone in this system familiar Dna testing is a fairly new technique and in time eighteen, it was used to identify and apprehend the golden State killer chose, de Angelo a caliph, a burglar cereal, rapists and cereal murderer. remained elusive for over four decades. The Korean of it a murder case would play a large part in New York States, eventually approving law enforcement use of the mill old dna testing, but police would identify her killer. before, they could use this technique. I want one way out of our rail our male like piecemeal Yoni in normal. a man. May wonder why does the address
one sixty Fourth avenue having street. How did this is why peaty veteran lieutenant commander, John Russo, calling not one one to report, says specious, mail and Howard Beach, Queens goddesses. She's piece of male assist This man walking back around the blogger, yards around the block by himself, now he's wandering around the block woken up above a block vote on we're talking about a good many people, but in fact, going back then wait a moment probable
Looking back at the help and the media on the way to have a few more frightened lottery. I bought a thirty nominal duty before this was a person. Ok, I'm wanted them that this community black wine has engaged in the real world. Peace is Barack Obama, so his male or skin, and you said, he's wearing a black and white track shop, correct he's, wearing black black black and white top, wouldn't be granded reports like this were taken seriously. I mean when just big grant, if we could have some process for dealing with creepy ass, weirdos obviously suspicious and clearly up to no good, rather than all that, constitutional civil rights nonsense. This call was based on the moral day, may thirtieth twenty sixteen
two months before Corina murder, at time. Lieutenant commander Russo was tasked with overseeing all active investigations in the city. Actually a resident of Howard Beach, and when you the call he was off duty Rousseau would, explain a trial that he had ever seen this person in his neighborhood before because they were dressed in long sleeves, with their hook up during specially warm weather. He was can that a burglary had or was about to take place the day after This nine, when one call Lieutenant Commander Rousseau, received an alert of a suspicious man wearing a hood sweatshirt in the same area of Howard, Beach. When Rousseau arrived at that area all the same man. He had reported the day before, so he called the go police precinct. Officers arrived, they didn't
make an arrest, but they did question the man taking his date of birth and his name he was twenty year old, Chanel. who s to say that was was somewhat of an odd duck, would be an your statement, unemployed and in the basement of a three story house in EAST New York: Brooklyn, mother and two sisters. He grabbed had from Martin the poor as high school in Rockaway Part Queens and was thought as a quiet loner with few friends spy his neighbours too get Louis with his life, he frame and often confused expression. That suggests some kind of mental impairment you probably wouldn't suspect he was the type of person that would brutally beat sexually assault. strangle the woman to death, none the less lieutenant commander. Russo recalled the encounter months after Corina murder any. Instead
Did Nypd officers to locate Louis questioned him and in a dna sample. When asked volunteered his dna and two days later realized that they'd found their match money, everybody is a chief Robert Voice, the chief of detectives in New York City. This is a very good day for Justice in New York City. Yesterday evening, Chanel Lewis, twenty year old male, who resides in EAST New York program, was taken into custody in connection with the August second, two thousand and sixteen murder of Karina Potato and Howard Beach cruise after an excessive six month, investigation during which over two hundred and fifty leads we're receiving and over seventeen hundred Leslie reports were prepared in numerous dna file searched the taxes were unable to without by Louis as suspected case. Followup investigation developed forensic evidence linking it to the current six
and two days after Corina death, Chanel Louis was arrested on February forth, when he seventeen and charged with second degree murder the following day. He would speak to queens the district attorney Peter Mccormick to be reading your rights and degrees. Being with me, you may You wish to make a statement and answer questions about this, that occurred on August. Second, twenty sixteen at this we should know Louis would be read as rights. He would agree talk to investigators and wave his right to have an attorney present which, as we ve before on. The show is somehow that you should never do if you're guilty. Don't talk to police if you're innocent don't talk,
the police, I know always lie with. I think it was on Tuesday evening on August. Second, twenty sixteen to remember that date, and that evening and where were you at that time It was in a way and spanking. Ok, bye gave way and spring cream more all right, what do creep always mumble. We inside the park ok, and was that with you or were you buy yourself by myself? about. What time did you get to the park above five o clock, and how did you into the hall from waste stream from nowhere
Oh, you know from one from with Bell Broadway entrances to the boy, and what kind of talk is this? What does it look like inside the trees, grass pansies one was a large glass tigress, undermining trails and the work and we want Israel you, when the grass on a trail ballgame stammered answers to the idea HU, as can be seen occasionally, reaching into a shirt collar and under a shirt oddly rubbing his chest, over and over again? Now I went upon this only happen is in my view in the park, Scrooge again one thing that to another, on the situation, the girl was jogging. Was he buys offer with anybody else myself you walking towards her
I was walking towards and then side to side and then anything on the when you first saw her, though, were you walking towards her or the same direction when you first order we thought it when she was jogging. He said when she got next you as you ass, he was running you walking what happened A situation angling in No Did you catch that twice Louis has mentioned a previous situation that made it upset. Remember that it'll be Orton later. When did you hit him a face in the face of the mouth before you did. You grab outages centre right away with grander than like how did you grab one line of her body? Did you did you grab
a study where, Did you dunes grammar before starting any rights? Was the first thing you did was the hidden? What was the first thing? You did it and how did you grab ever? Ok, with both hands and we were reminded a grand remember her shoulders were waste or nag to remember. I'll you're on the shoulders and when you grant what happened then Well. Did you hear it with both hands and one more of a body with her face. Just a vase when she fell to the ground and you will hitting or was he on the pathway? Was you off pathway
on the path. It's all right. When you were hitting her in the face, was she face up or face down? She was like free, so They saw this. He say anything at all did she screamed? as I might well. We must remember that all now the tooth the broke was it like in the front the top of the bottom? Do you remember? Okay? How long would you say you were hitting or for about how? Long in time I mean that about farming, you're following a long, and you realize that Chanel Louis has just come only told investigators that he spent five minutes punching this poor woman in the face breaking and cracking her per teeth in the process like a child, that's, been caught with his hand and the cookie jar Chanel
was proceeds to recount all the lurid details of his disgustingly evil deeds. Did you do anything else, while his eyes, he did you put your hands on any other part of the body, around her neck of anything? I'm sorry, yeah you put on there. I run a neck okay, dude number was it one hand in both hands, who both all right long, do you have your hands around her neck? the news. We react when you had your hands. yeah- you know, is under the law, known My dad incident do mad about an incident. Okay, we're gonna get to that in a little bit right. I just want to find out what happened right after admitting to investigators that he strangled. This woman Lewis again refers to some incident that occurred beforehand: something that set him off an incident?
had nothing to do with Corinne of a trial? In fact was had never even met her before. So what was it worth it happened that was so horrible. It would Louis angry enough to come. A brutal violence, murder you said that it is because you had some anger is arise. Can you tell me mother anger I used to live in different address. currently live now. a new sometime this man comes around here, a lot of music and carry a lot of friends around here and didn't like it, because I feel unsafe and comfortable- and I, like my place private, peaceful, and there was someone they got. You angry to remember. That was
Don't that was One scoop men she knows infantile, mind is either provide a reason for his violent criminal behaviour, but when asked about inconsequential details such as a person's name, who, by the way, absolutely nothing to do with this case. He decides to hold back to that particular person. You don't tell us who he is, but did he make you angry that day on all the second Tuesday, because every day he keeps coming music by his friends and no we're just living in quite block. Don't like all of these types of stuff, if you did we hear that the incident- which was referring to the incident that led to this man's inhumanly, violent rage and the sexual assault and murder of an since young woman is his neighbor had friends
over, and they were playing loud music. That said, the aggravation of a noisy neighbour, caused in the murder, a woman, he had never met before with his bare hands and I can't get it Dorian neighbours, but still, We then likely this was the only thing that Louis was angry about? Nor was it the only factor that led to his violet homicidal behaviour, but who the hell knows why anyone does anything the entire point of the field of psychology is to attempt to explain human behavior, but forty one years after Ville him vaunt laid building blocks of introspection that would become the basis of this soft science we're still closer to being able to fully understand why people do what they do or more importantly, predict what someone will do.
given a set of similar or identical circle, stances? after his arrest, the media did a lot of digging into Louis is past and what they found wasn't especially surprising. However, it did I'd some insight into this young man's mental state. At fifteen years, old Louis, was a student at the high school for medical profession, in Brooklyn. It was, that he asked a teachers aid. What what but if he brought a knife to school and x a desire to stab all the girls police were called in. was was taken into custody as an emotionally disturbed person, he was evaluated at kings, county hospital and then released a month later police, were called to them? cool. Yet again, when Louis written to female students and again there was was taken in the custody. Avail.
made and then least but a great. system we have here in Amerika, eventually Louis transferred to Martin to poor as high school, a private school for students with emotional and behavioral issues. according to his schoolmates Louis, was often bullied by male and female students to which he would respond by smirking and then walking away? So while was a noisy neighbour. That would ultimately be the last straw, Louis, frustration had been apparently building for some time and on a sunny summer day in Spring Creek Park that restoration would come pouring out the mere sight of a boy a full young woman jogging alone unleashed and enraged, Chanel Louis who brutally beat, sexually assaulted, strangled the Toronto to death,
was he still moving when you had your has run an egg up into the water Okay. Well, when you had your hands around the neck, was she on the ground and standing on she's on the ground, face off her face down face so all right, and how did her face go in the water, and then in the ground, you were thinking the order and you put it down. She found the order. Okay and then my home is leading so when you wash off on the blood okay we have to remember Show me right. Did she the water, when you first through to the ground or when you're on the ground with her head. Nor did she liked move towards a war. She relation to the water so the next morning and
What did you do then, after that does version is fine of course, things I buy from back to burn the bushes shall answer her faces, nor a new paragraph in you Draeger. The weeds, the Schuman Plan or make any more noises. Well. What did she stopped and make any sense of the word? but she was under the water but read before April, Are you holding you under the web? At that point? Now I see it came off. The bedroom when you live there in the grass was too long What was the young stem status of clothing? I was. I was raised for Love Hello, always folklore,
advance without thinking to listen still made me me, ok when you say answered, pulled off with a totally level where they have a half of what one is Ok, when a down I mean romance down, what the world was down. Did you touch her in any way home? Ok, We ve seen this behaviour before haven't way a perpetrator that all too willing to admit to killing an innocent person, but heavens. No. I didn't rape, her says denial of sexually abusing Corina conflicted with the autopsy in case you were wondering, it revealed evidence consistent with section. Abuse, including lacerations to her vagina and contusions to her anus.
But denial or no denial police a matching dna profile that linked Louis to the murder and a full murder confession You might assume at this point case closed. Well, not quite not at all actually deciding what to say to us before we arrived at all where do we go from here? I can see In its turn. My analysis- yes, yes, then turn it in Chinese on with some way somewhere. Yet, later on can surprise was gonna. mobile, say, ok, restitution. Why, when it's difficult to make out, at the end of his interview with investigators, Louis the eighty eight what happens next
inquires about a possible restitution programme again the child, like meant, howdy of this man thinking he's gonna go off to some camp, where they're gonna make em all better and release him back into the wild. after he's literally raped and killed someone there's no quest in that, at the time of this interview, Louis didn't realize the severity of the situation. He was in an the restitution in programme that he was facing was life in prison at some point there He must have realised what awaited him if he pledged guilty to this crime and despite the overwhelming evidence against him Louis would ultimately plead not guilty too. murder and sex abuse charges denied any involvement at all with the incident
is against him would go to trial on November fifth, twenty eighteen over two years after Corinne as murder, This message four, He was What events sound. So next Why she's a word. no He just saw he told his team go through into the ground and then he
Poster was heated in effect and he about and then he broke her cheeks. He told investigate his and then as soon as to his world I strongly urge today George I will tell you air. plastic bags To make sure there was no more from France. See examined is always where are we go it dies of old apps that a Margaret trial so tell you that she Korea is saying it is those things. usually see all
and the office Gmail why do, a deal, how the descendants and she will tell you that everyone in out of six point, eight trillion. The sea is six point: eight true There aren't six point, eight trillion people in the face of dessert and he never happened. In fact, I will tell you that is the equivalent of about ninety planet earth. Ninety planet: earth- one in six point: eight trillion, that's how accurate dna evidence is.
In addition, a Louis his confession and indisputable dna evidence prosecute attorney, Brad Levin thought would place Louis at the crime scene, through cell phone records. Show that Louis's phone pinged near Spring Creek Park around that I am of the murder. You would also resent the jury with hospital records which showed Louis was treated for a bruised right hand at Sunni, Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn Day after coming as murder, if you recall Louis, told investigators during his confession that he injured his hand during the attack. Finally, Prosecutor would use Louis's internet search history to show that law researched Miranda rights, arraignments, felony convictions and familial dna testing after news broke that State of New York was seeking its legal approval in relief into the Toronto murder case likewise
would call Nypd Computer crimes detective Joseph Rivera to the stand to testify that Louis's cellphone contain two pictures of korean of a trot out, along with a photo of her crime scene, pulled from an online news: article Farinas Parrots, Phil, Kathy but Trot who were present at trial, and they both testified. But when the group bloody photos of Corina dead body, were shown to the jury. It was too much for them and they had to leave the court room. Likewise, when Chanel Lewis, Louis's murder. Confession was played for the jury, his mother, Veda Louis couldn't handle it. So she left the court room as well. On November twentieth, twenty eighteen, Chanel, Louis's trial came to an end and the results
to say the least, was unexpected this done to parents of greed of a trot, I walked out of the court room, followed by relative some of them crying after hearing the judge, declare a mistrial by reason of Hungary in a case that made headlines across the country, the jury, deciding the fate of Channel Louis on the murder charge deliberated a day and a half before saying they were hopelessly deadlocked. Remember what I was saying about human behavior, despite the confession despite the DNA, this the ninety planet earths, when you put, of human beings in that jury box. you never know. What's going to happen, and in this case what did happen was that they failed to agree that the sky was blue. and the oceans were wet. Justice would have to wait
despite overwhelming evidence, Hungary, and subsequent mistrial would mean that the heart broken the Toronto family would be so. to yet another round of emotional torture in the pursuit of justice, further departed loved one Corina. Trot now Chanel Louis would remain in jail until his retrial. began March. Twelve, twenty nineteen. In front of a brand new jury, the poor the commission would lay out its case all over again and painstaking detail, hoping that this time they would return a sane decision and on April, first, twenty nineteen after five hours of deliberations, they would do just that
yeah Two no Louis was found guilty on all four counts against him. One count first degree: murder to council, second degree? Murder and one count? sexual assault, and they also cynicism once again, lost. My didn't lose Chanel Louis has maintained his innocence. He was represent. by the legal aid society trials? His attorneys would argue that Louis confession was coerced and that his finished mental capacity made him vulnerable to aggressive police interrogation which to their credit, is something we ve seen happened many times before, and our judicial system
and even covered at length here on certain scale from the Central Park five to the West, Memphis three and many others, the united Its judicial system is no stranger to coerce confessions and police apartments across this country deserve every ounce of scrutiny that they get as it relates to their interrogation tactics, especially in cases where the suspects are young with a history of mental problems. Furthermore, it was his attorneys would challenge the dna evidence suggesting that it could have and transferred if Corina, Toronto and Chanel Louis touched the same surface. Of course they would have to touch the same surface with all the different parts of her body that had his dna on them and US I'll phone would have had to touch that same sir, it's two! His attorneys would also argue that Louis is internet searches on familial dna were circumstantial. And states
and that none of is blood or fingerprints were found at the crime scene. Despite creed, is apparent, vigorous and violent attempts to fend off her attacker the media had also jumped on board to the defence of Chanel Louis article in the New York Times criticizes investing procedures. scribes, the DNA search for Corina Killer as a race biased dragnet. It appear that some lives matter more than others to periodicals such as this to further complicate this case, just before closing arguments at the retrial Louis's too Its team received a detailed letter. from an anonymous person claiming to be a police officer. The letter ledges that the prosecution withheld evidence favourable to the defendant, which constitutes Brady violation. You see a trial,
the prosecution has to turn over any scope tory or impeaching information and evidence that is material, to the guilt or innocence of the defendant. The term com from a nineteen sixty three? U S Supreme Court case Brady V, Maryland than any is a Brady violation, is grounds for a mistrial. This letter included claim that at the start of the investigation being I pity was searching for two jacked up white guys from Howard Beach, but detail that, defence team was never made aware of below with a claim that the DNA failed on Korea's body in cell phone were a result of secondary transfer. Louis attorneys requested a Brady hearing, arguing that execution did not turn over information about alternative suspects the prosecution denied this and argued that the reliability of the letter couldn't be verified by the court
its anonymous nature and its claim about the DNA evidence indicated obvious agenda to derail the trial. Ultimately, the judge, ruled in favour of the prosecution denying the motion for a Brady hearing and as you I expect His mother and members of the community also insist that Louis is innocent position that they maintain to this day. he's not. A monster is about fear and loving kine person you're telling me that a woman's jogging of all the people in the universe she could have bumped engineer while jogging absolutely happen in dna experts, it can happen. Dna will, we believe, was planet. In addition to his family. There are a lot of people on the internet that believe to know Louis to be innocent.
There are many independent news websites that sway in that direction and if you search Youtube for videos on the case, you'll find an endless stream of comments from people that are absolutely convinced of Louis's innocence, some of them with theories of their own. don't you just love those amateur web sleuth sat there you'll find everything from theories that Corina murder was a mafia related hit as a result of her fathers gambling debt or that the defendant in the courtroom wasn't Chanel Louis at all. Was, in fact an impostor since it can make this stuff up, people are absolutely batch it, but most insensitive and heinous of all the majority of these online comets ignorantly point the finger at Cardenas Father. bill, the Toronto
but using him of murdering his own daughter. So let's get this out of the way for anyone who thinks that something fishy is going on. With this case, it is not suspiciously convenient that a retired, New York City, fire fighter would call his Nypd friend when his daughter goes missing. If anything, it makes logical sense. If your family member were missing and you had a close friend, there was a high ranking police officer. Would they be the first person you'd think to call an addition? It's not suspiciously convenient that fill the trotter would assist police with the search of his own daughter and then find her body near the jogging trail that they would often used to go running together.
I found his daughter because he knew where she would be going. And finally, it's not suspiciously convenient that lieutenant commander. John Russo would recall his nine hundred and eleven call about a suspicious person when the Vetrano murder case began to grow cold Both incidents occurred in Howard, Beach, queens and, given that police had little else to go on at the time, there was no reason not to follow up. Another argument, often used to suggest lose, is that Zakharino Trot was visibly physically fit and would have been able to overpower the somewhat scrawny looking Chanel Louis. In reality, Thou Corina was for foot eleven and wait a hundred and twelve pounds. Louis is five: nine
the time of his arrest wait about a hundred and fifty five pounds. That makes him nearly a foot taller than her and about forty pounds heavier. It's not a stretch, it all to believe he was capable of overpowering Corina if Chanel Louis is innocent. Any reasonable person that is looked closely at this case will tell you that's a big if, but if it is indeed innocent Then there is no question that the result of this case is a horrible miscarriage of justice not only for Louis but also for Korean of Toronto. However, evidence is clearly stacked against Louis and the likelihood of his innocence,
is very slim. Ninety planet earths, slim but seems to confuse people most about loses case is the motive. It doesn't make any sense. You told police that he was angry because his neighbor was playing loud music and that's what drove him to murder a complete stranger important to remember is that Louis was not consciously choosing to express his angry emotions in that way. Some
completely unrelated to his previous prostration, triggered his violent outburst. That's how displaced aggression works. This does not excuse his behaviour as adults. We are responsible for our anger and, if need be, we must develop coping skills before our anger gets out of control and hurts some body. We can act like the child, who gets angry at their parents than goes to school and beats up a classmate or like Chanel Louis, who got angry at his neighbour and then strangled and innocent women to death for want of a trot o knew this. She had her own method for dealing with anger and frustration which she expressed in her online blog. You little microscopic things that I let bother me parking tickets and unanswered tax, the guy who didn't notice blinker on I met these things. Concern me. It's all these authentic pieces of my everyday life that will give me so much grief, and I put my running sneakers on. I put my headphones into my ears.
Hit the pavement and it all goes on mute Farinas outlet for anger and frustration was running. and, on a sunny summer Day and Howard Beach Queens Chanel Louis's inability to find his own healthy, but for the same emotions made it so She would never run again. Lee three years later after Louis, his convictions on April, twenty third, twenty nineteen Korea's father, mother and sister would give their impact statements to the court? To imagine the thing Fine, swollen and boost the owner, He was dead. It will help to put in Canada has any for one this month
for people and for the second time headed. What It will die emerging No one you know who he is No more. Normal life wash No, why those who buy back rapist You know I have no doubt at all that you are fully and completely king. Kindly and everything that I am stadia Russia is merely a reflection on tax and saw
over again, you I'm very slack, came in our complain into news reporters The thing about page notoriety, Socrates, especially those made a vow Italian? Submitting their dna reveal results see you in external needs powers God here in my mind agent, Lawson Hand, God daughter, my anything. Do you in the Holy Spirit and care, one thing, angels, wear and tear out
why did you torture and impose the most brutal and merciless laying a mine Eighty seven the idea that last year can be created in the south by laws. Like a sweater away and nine will be welcome. that will happen your honor. I fully appreciate the public address, whereas the limited upon me and my family can steal my treasure, clean and after fragile rate has endeavoured to gestation created by the month.
Murder, you know made it impossible for Myanmar to cloud high daphnis trading relations we agreed to households, have told me that includes losing herself What month to stay how the brutal murder of my sister has enacted. My life is nearly impossible. She now Louis My view and inside during her days two trials, the gas. My family and a circus
my baby sister, you know always like this mercy- and I ask that show no mercy. shortly after their impact statements, were red justice Michael Alois spoke to the court Chanel Lewis, before passing down his sentence. I've been personally involved in the criminal justice system, virtually my entire life, and I got to take quite honestly that sometimes difficult not to become maybe or even sometimes now now lies in luck, I'm virtually down base, but a case like this can dispel the fallacy. As long as we confine ourselves
to our neighbourhood and do what we do on a daily basis in the presence of art what one's neighbours will some day the not too distant future. Even wake up, let me by stuff very, very long, but I will say one thing we need You- and if you do come to that decision, it will do so That's a guarantee it respects the first, since it is one that we spend less with life in jail, any possible law in addition to the life sentence, without the possibility of parole, the judge? that thirty two years in prison for this second degree, murder, charges and sex abuse charge as Louis was let out of court chance justice. First Chanel were shouted across the courtroom. then quickly faded away,
The legal legally society has filed an appeal on Louis's behalf to quote secure, Mr Louis, the justice that he deserves end quote As I am concerned, he's living that justice right now by spending, the rest of his life in prison.
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when I go back, I keep up item where for all already deal he might is Courtney and Central Oklahoma love listening to you listen to me on the way to work on the way home. Sometimes take the long way arms like unfinished vodka keeping watch Don't thank you. They say I love your show. I actually listen to it every single night when I'm at work- and it makes me really be more aware of people and more aware of my surroundings and what I, I really appreciate your so late, me. about murder of the, so I mean it's actually helpful. So am I Keep it going dying. My name is China from Delaware
social worker for reproductive purposes in Delaware. I have listened to every single one of your emphasis to wear. Starving for more at every weekend. look for a new attitude and armor patron of Florence. Helpless and I think you're amazing, voices, amazing. Your stories are agree, and I just can't get enough of it, and I just wanted to say thank you. like. What's going on Justin from Jersey Shore, I'm going to show my brother just keep doing what you do. Don't let the haters It contained a football reprogramming good people. people in Benito enjoy rowdy about. He thought My name is Jessica. I live in northern California.
Really wanted to reach out and tell you thank you you are one of the first podcast that I discovered and been ten year and my number one favour it. Your story. There are always, though, grip. and incredibly made- and I
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