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In Ohio, a mother of five has been arrested and charged with a 2012 murder. Erika Stephanko is accused of helping her ex-husband murder his former girlfriend.

A Philadelphia woman is charged with abusing and murdering a four-year-old girl in her custody, after claiming the child was hurt in a fall.

Finally, in Newark, New Jersey, an alleged serial killer is on trial for the murder of three women and the attempted murder of a fourth. The crimes all took place in the fall of 2016, and the alleged killer was caught after the family and friends of his final victim set a trap for him on social media.

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hello and welcome the sword and scale daily. I'm your host Rhine Williams, it's Thursday November fourteen- and this is your daily true crime report coming up my sword and scale daily in Ohio. A mother of five has been arrested and charged with a two thousand swelled. Murder Erica's to follow is accused of helping her ex husband murder. His former girlfriend of Philadelphia woman is charged with abusing and murdering a four year old girl in her custody. After claiming the child was heard in a fall Finally, in Newark, New Jersey and alleged serial killer is on trial for the murder of three women and the attempted murder of one slash. Four, the alleged killer was finally caught after the family and friends of his final victim set a trap. All this and more coming up on sword and scale daily.
Thirty six year old, Erika the fond GO, was arrested Monday morning and is facing twelve charges in relation with the June two thousand while murder of twenty five year old, Ashley bigs include charges of aggravated murder and kidnapping the time of the murder arrogance, the funk I went by the name, Erika Lions and was married to Chad, Cobb with whom she shares three children, Ashley Bigs, an army veteran who worked as a dominoes pizza delivery, driver and Cobb, who had a cable installation business had once stated and shared a six year old daughter, in two thousand seven Cobb gains we'll custody of the child. Who then moved in with him lion and their children without issue until two thousand and eleven
in two thousand eleven bigs and Cobb entered into a custody battle that quickly turned ugly. This motivated the murder of bigs, whose body was discovered in a cornfield on June, twenty first, two thousand twelve bigs call to deliver a pizza to an uninhabited address in isolated location on June 20th, the following day. Her car was abandoned in a field in shipping township with her body in the back seat. She'd been strangled with a four foot. Zip tie the kind used for installing cable. Please quickly focus their suspicions on Chad, Cobb, who owns installation company. In fact, ray, two thousand thirteen Chad completed guilty to the murder of actually bigs and was What's the life in prison without the possibility of parole,
Minute lying in wait for bigs hitting or over the head and strangling her. This uprising, arrest of arrogance, the funk of six years later comes after police received new evidence and the case reports news five Cleveland its alleged that's the fog, it was the one place. The order luring bigs into an ambush more details are expected in the news next week. In other news, ABC reports that thirty eight year old Somalia, Brown from North Philadelphia, was arrested and charged with murder and neglected the welfare of the child. This Tuesday the charges relate to the death a four year old, see a single ten who had been entrusted to Browns care and be seen news ten report that zero biological mother Jasmine Singleton transferred custody of the child to brown two years ago, because you cannot take care of the child. Singleton trusted Somalia, Brown, who is our God sister and married to her step. Brother, children of her own,
the two women made an notoriety agreement that Singleton would take back custody of Zaire when she had the resources, Hilton did not know about the abuse and believe that by making this arrangement she was acting Zia from going into foster care, Singleton had spent the last year trying unsuccessfully to see her daughter on October, through if two thousand nineteen Somalia Brown called nine one one to report, the zero had injured herself in a fall. She told me, MT fell out of a second story: window taken to a hospital where she died from her injuries on November. Third, in the hospital doctors, diseases, injuries, we're not consistent with a fall she'd been set ring for malnourished meant and had multiple cigarette burns and bite marks on her body. Various wounds in different stages of healing
some of which have been poorly stitched at home. That's creating infections. On November 13th Samilia Brown was arrested and charged with the murder of the little girl. According to the Attorney sia, never sustained a fall, and that was attempt to cover the truth of what had been done to her Jasmine Singleton told NBC News ten. I blame myself to be honest. I deal with this every day, but no one will understand the pain I go through. Knowing that I will never see my daughter again. Human services have removed Brown's biological children from her home. None of them showed signs of physical abuse. After the break
the jury in the trial of accused New Jersey, serial killer, Khalil Wheeler Weaver how he was captured thanks to a sting set up by his final victims, family and friends. Now for our final story, twenty three, Collegial Wheeler Weaver is on trial in New York, New Jersey for the murder of three women and the attempted murder of a fourth. The attacks took place in the all of two thousand sixteen engine dot com reports of a prosecution claims, Wheeler Weaver, is a serial killer and that all crimes were sexually motivated, Khalil, has pleaded not guilty on September. Fourth,
two thousand and sixteen emergency units in Orange New Jersey responded to a fire in an abandoned house inside they found burns body of nineteen year old, Robin West, who was originally from Philadelphia? She suffer mental illness, Tommy on and was a sex worker, body was so badly damaged, West had to be identified using only dental records. The second victim you're. All Joanne Brown was last seen climbing into colleagues car in October. Two thousand. Sixteen joy body was discovered in November. Two thousand, sixteen in another abandoned house in Orange, there was done tape around her mouth and nose. Her cause of death, was strangulation on now, we're fifteenth thirty four year old woman only identified as TT reported that colleagues kidnapped her try to kill her tedious pregnant and struggling financially
meet Cleo at the motel, where she was living at the time she falling really got into his car but told Polly it was planning on taking the money and running Colleagues, Dan drove them to an isolated location and he sexually assaulted, her in the backseat of his car. Then he covered her face with duct tape and strangled. Her he went in and out of consciousness and finally managed to loosen the tape around her mouth and convey collegial to take her back to our motel room under the pretext retrieving her phone when the got to her room DE slammed the door locking outside and called nine one one tedious. To testify against colleague in this trial. Sadly, time of the attack police did not find her story credible and seemed more interested in arresting her for prostitution, We're twenty second, one week later, Cleo logically killed his last victim twenty year old, Sarah Butler
all of the other victims were homeless or suffered from some type of mental illness and the prosecution if that colleagues picked them. For that reason, here, I plead, believed that nobody looked for people like that when they disappeared. However, he made a critic was stake in selecting Sarah Butler was a college freshman at Jersey, city, university, studying media started, YMCA with a local dance theater on the day of her death Mother Laverne picked her up at college and drove off for thanks, giving break later that evening, Sir pastor, mother, to borrow the car for a couple of hours, so she could go meet a friend when she was backed by morning her famine reported her missing and started a search of their own looking through computer and social media accounts. They found that just before leaving home, I've been chatting with Kaleo on the Tagged app, which is often for financial sexual transactions.
Family discovered that the two had communicated in the past, but she knew agreed to meet him on the day of disappearance. Offered her five hundred dollars to meet him for sex. She replied wow a serial killer right, at which point she did agree to meet him prosecutes she told the jury that, after making plans to meet Sarah Butler is found for date, rape, drugs and poisons. In early December. Body was discovered in equal rock nature. Preserve her cause of death was the election she was elsewhere before being transported to the park the trial butler family and friends testified how they set a trap for collegial. After finding the converse It had with her. They created a fake profile Taylor peal of Collegial Wheeler Weaver. They agreed to meet LEO for sex and had policing sing for him upon his arrival?
Khalil was arrested at his apartment on December sixth, two thousand and sixteen died on February two thousand seventeen. He is pleaded not to all counts and Tabs is full cooperation with police as proof of his innocence, although he admits to having been in the company of each of the victims shortly before they died, claims he left, all of them safe and sound. His lawyer the jury that the women lived, a dangerous lifestyle and that left them open to many predators. He stated quote: they put them cells and vulnerable positions. What how to them later is not in the hands of Khalil Wheeler Weaver. The iqushion, on the other hand, claims they have digital evidence that contradicts this defense. For example, I am of Robin West Murder location track uncle LEO's phone showed him at the abandoned house. The fire was set at then showed him leaving my car, but turn around and returning to the scene to watch the firefighters. They all
have evidence that Cleo carried out lengthy searches on line first, terms such as how to make poisons to kill humans. What chemical could you put rag and hold the summons face to make them go to sleep immediately, Can you erase your phone's location data, not calm. Reports that clean who worked as a security guard at a grocery store had also search for practice test for the police entry exam. The trial is a Did to continue for several weeks. Finally Before we leave you, we have an update on the investigation into the fatal stabbing of twenty. Eight year old, Kevin Tyrrell Davis, Kevin was During an argument about cutting the line at a Popeye's in Maryland, ABC New seven reports that police are seeking a suspect. Thirty year old Regal Maclean, a connection with the incident. Maclean, in charge in absentia with first and second degree, murder charges and there currently a warrant out for his arrest. Well, that's it for
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