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Tech News: Investors Change Their Relationship Status With Facebook To "It's Complicated"

2022-02-03 | 🔗

Yesterday, Meta/Facebook held an earnings call and things went poorly right out of the gate. By the time the call was over, the company was poised to shed 200 billion dollars in value. What happened? Plus, more news in tech.

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Hey there, I'm Jes Milady confetti. Here I am psyche than I am hey shady lady, and welcome to boss level podcast refit your conversations with gas to levelled up bringing an experienced to the table. We pick the brains of professionals, creators and bosses and industries across the globe, the hope our listeners achieve their own boss devil. We are not just creating a podcast but a game, a fight and engaged community. This into boss level. On I hurt radio at Apple podcast or ever you got your pockets. there's a recipe for getting your car running just ride and Ebay motors dot com as all the ingredients you need. They have over a hundred and twenty two million car parts and accessories in stock all at that prices. Now that's tasty. They motors dot com. Let's ride this episode of text up is brought to you by super popped. The battle for over the new Showtime series from the creators of billions based on the true story, strap
four Travis Callin Ex Wild ride there, Silicon Valley, with VC bill, Girly and board member Oriana Huffington Writing shot gun driven by disruption. Travis takes a win at all costs approach to transforming uber into a multi billion dollar tech, tighten the changes the world, but every surge comes at a price Joseph Gordon Levitt called Chandler and let them and star in super pumped the battles. Over now streaming Leon Showtime Welcome to textile production from I heart: radio, hey there and welcome to textile I'm your host job and Strickland. I'm an executive producer with I hurt radio and held the Tec Aria. is time for the tech news for Thursday February third, two thousand and twenty two so Meta Facebook held it
quarterly earnings call yesterday and things not go well for the company so a lot of today's news will be about you know breaking all of that down, but let's get the big ticket item out of the way. First, the collective. Had news and that urgent call prompted a more than twenty percent drop in facebooks stock price and then made the company law nearly two hundred billion dollars in value our beat the way New York magazine. Put it because it's mind boggling, so three hundred and fifty nine p dot m yesterday, the company. worth around nine hundred billion dollars and by four hundred and thirty p dot m. It was worth seven hundred and twenty billion dollars and actually, as I started,
in this episode, the valuation of the company was sitting at around six hundred seventy billion dollars. So it's even worse than what was being reported late yesterday afternoon. That's how badly that earnings call went cuz. A lot of that news was just the kind of stuff investors don't want to hear Now one of the many big issues covered during that meta earnings call was that for the first time, Facebook, the platform saw a decline in daily users in North America, which Represents the number one market where Facebook rigs than the advertising cash you know face has more than a billion users. We hear it all the time, nearly two billion users, but The ones in America are the ones that are really the the profit making revenue generating users for the company as well. It
and out that they have recently lost about a million users in North America, which is bad news for matter, because it hasn't seen much success in attracting new young user. Now, there's no doubt in my mind that the whole the company was developing Instagram apps, where the under thirteen crowd was because the that matter has right now that being Facebook Instagram, what's up bringing in new users at a pace that is going to give investors confidence and this kind of touches on something that drives me not when it comes to big business, and that is this. This applies to big business businesses in general, but its if you are not growing you effectively dying, so you need growth quarter over quarter and year over year to demonstrate value to investors.
Who won a return on their investment, which that makes sense right, but you invest in something you're, probably doing it because you're hoping to get a return on it, maybe you're doing it. as you believe, and whatever the company or whatever that's great, if you're doing For that reason, and not because you're hoping for a return, that's a different story, but, generally speaking, people are being that they get more money out than they put in. But all this mean constantly having to find ways to expand. Even when you start pushing up against tough borders around your business, you folks probably know that at one time one of the companies that sell stuff works was discovery, communications, so time I saw the cable gentle industry that companies tried to get a presence in more countries. They tried to expand by introducing services in countries where they did not exist because
had pretty much saturated the markets where they already were like in Europe and the United States. They could not expand into more households because they had pretty much touched every one they could in those countries, so they had to look elsewhere in order to come new to grow and pretty much. Every big industry faces this same challenge and with Facebook. So much of that, wrapped into dominating users time and keeping them on the various met, a black forms for as long as possible as frequently as fast oh well, you tend to hit a limit there as well, which means you really do need to get more users into the pool because actually you're gonna be dominating as much of people's time as you possibly can you need more people in order to continue to grow and
metal just hasn't been doing a good job at bringing in new users the verge published a great piece by Alex Heath about Facebook's challenges when it comes to reaching young folks and Heath cites a facebook researcher that found that Facebook's reach with teenagers in the United States declined by thirteen per cent between two thousand and nineteen to two thousand and twenty one. This was specifically with regard to the Facebook app and that the the researchers were projecting a drop of another forty five per cent in He nature reach over the next two years. He also says research shows that, while Instagram is still popular with younger users, the level of a gay but with the app is on the decline, so this is all bad news for the long term and really for the short term to four matter. But we're not done yet They're big issue in that earnings call was about how other companies are affecting met as revenue and numbers, for example, Apple made it
age to its. I s, system that introduce new privacy settings and that has hit men are hard said. Other companies hard to, but men in particular, was real upset about this, though, settings allow SOS users to opt out of what is called app tracking. Now, generally speaking, app tracking would lead developer, create an app that collects data about a user's activities on that device and it's kind of like how websites can use cookies track browser activities across the web. Except This was more about tracking what an Ios user was up to. Meta was using that data to build out its massive amount of information about folks. You know: users, Facebook, users and and it could use that information when making add deals with advertisers and could serve up more targeted ads to those
there's so the reason, medals and the big boxes, because the company knows what its users, like you. Just your look at their activities on the various platforms or in this case, by tracking what they're doing on their various devices or in their browsers. And then you can draw conclusions about what they like, and that means advertisers can have their ads more effectively. Reach target audiences, so Facebook is able to command very high at prices for the service. and the advertisers see their bit. Businesses benefit right because they see more activity because people who are more likely to react to their ads are getting their ads and all of this just costs a tiny bit. Okay, let's be fair. A lot of user, privacy and everybody wins except then Apple had to go and upset the
applecart by letting users actually choose to opt out of those services. When you being an app. They could turn off permissions for app tracking and met with no longer get that juicy juicy data That was just so mean of you apple. You hurt poor little matter which predicts that this change and apples policy is going to create a cordon quote headwind. That's quote! On the order of ten billion dollars, end quote according to met at sea: Oh Dave Winner, in other words, because Meta will not have access to those users It will not make ten in dollars. That should rightfully be met as all because users want privacy
I mean how unreasonable right, I guess y'all can probably tell I'm not feeling much empathy for meta here. The company protested Apple's announcement about this numerous times, taking out full page ads in newspapers. To cry out about it and also using the argument you're going to hurt small businesses because they be able to reach their customers because we can't track everything that their potential customers are doing and using small business to be like Your straw, man argument is pretty low, not surprising, but low, and keep in mind. I've tracking is not totally gone. It's not like apple got rid of it. It's just that users will be presented the option to opt out of it.
And some people won't opt out. So I mean it's not totally drying up, though you know, if you are presented with the option to opt out of app tracking, I recommend you do that anyway,. let's talk about something else. A song about meadows division called Ray Well, the labs! That's the part of the meta that is actually focused on building out metas version of a metaverse whatever that ends up being reality. Labs also covers hardware like the meta quest VR system well in twenty twenty one, the reality labs division brought in about two point: twenty seven billion dollars in revenue, and that is a lot of money. Two point: twenty seven billion, however, It had a net loss of ten. one: nine billion dollars he also so in twenty twenty Ellen that loss of six point six
billion dollars and then a year earlier and twenty nineteen that had a loss of four point. Five billion dollars so reality. Labs is growing in terms of how much money it's losing the company year over year, However, we have to keep in mind. We are talking division, thus trying to build something totally new and there are only a few avenues for revenue right now out of that division. So the value proposition, for the labs is that the better metaverse is presumably to be the future of online activity, and it will cover everything from commerce to entertainment, to socializing too how businesses conduct themselves. But for that to happen, it has to be built first, and that means you should expect to see losses from that kind of division, because men of the company has to poor. In the sources to actually make the din darn thing first, so the ten billion dollars, while a shocking number makes sense, it would have been
are more perplexity of reality. Labs had reported a profit because they don't really have anything to sell. Yet, apart from some hardware Dave winner, remember that met us see. F, o Archie financial officer said that the losses will quote likely increase meaningfully in quote this year, because they're still building this thing so I'm guessing scared off some investors as well, because the metaverse is most likely a long term project. It's not something there the launch by the end of twenty twenty do a lot of folks are pegging it as being in another decade or so before we get anything. You know significant in the space of Metaverse meanwhile, men of the company is showing a decline in users. As we just mentioned, people fewer people are using at least Facebook. Some of the other apps are doing fine, but in North America, kind of flatlined
Then you also have the problem that Meta is seeing difficulty in reaching new users and you've got these massive losses. Building out the next big thing like they're accumulating the next big things. Probably like can be ready for ten years or so this collective message probably told a lot of investors. The note that this was a dangerous or I used a very long term plan and a lot of them probably just said year, I think I'm just going to peace out for now and I'll check back later. Okay, let's wrap up the meta facebook stuff before we go to break Nikita Beer posted a great tweet which the verge shared in an article about this earnings call and in that tweet Nikita laid out some of Facebook's big. A couple of which we have actually touched on already and up Zuckerberg and his fellow executives covered a few of these. During that earnings call one
the challenges, is that a lot of folks have turned to alternatives when it comes to spending their time online, namely the tick tock platform. When will talk more about tiktok much later Subsidy, so matter has tried to fight back against that trend by introducing Tik Tok like features on plant, arms like Instagram, but it has. It really made a huge difference for younger users in particular. This also see to mark a shift in user preferences in general. Zuckerberg said that people are showing more of a tendency to shift away from interact with their friends on line which is kind of the bedrock of facebooks model and more toward consuming content that made by others, which is something you might expect on a platform like EC talk or Youtube so, in other words, instead of sharing stuff, a friend's folks are watching Tik Tok stars do whatever folks are doing on
talk now, I don't know. I deleted tik Tok off my phone ages ago, because I'm old and I dont understand kids, which we understand is the law Nikita also pointed out that tried and true method of growth among big companies. That is mergers and acquisitions, like the stuff or seeing with Microsoft, will talk more about that a bit too, that kind of thing is a lot more difficult for meta, because we are now in an era where antitrust measures have regained some importance we're seeing more regulatory bodies around the world, examine proposed acquisitions and push back against big companies, particularly big tech company, so that our new isn't really accessible to Facebook right. If the Facebook made a move to buy up another competitor like Tiktok, they would likely face
strong opposition among regulators around the world. So that's one method of growth. Facebook, just can't can't touch and as we've seen in lots of different companies, especially like cable but he's I remember when I talked about Comcast Comcast's main method of growth through most of its history has been. who acquire other cable companies. That's how come cast really grew. It wasn't so much organically growing the business as it was gobbling up regional competitors so that something the facebook can't really do any more. Because of this increased level of scrutiny, so yeah met us, get some big up the calls in the way. Now I am not saying that the company is at the beginning of the end, because it's still raked in thirty nine billion dollars in profit in twenty twenty one, not revenue profit near the forty billion dollars. It would be ludicrous to suggest a company that has that kind of profit is really
in danger of going under, but it's definitely at a point where the company is possibly too big to get much bigger and that's not great from an invest. their standpoint. Well, we've got a lot more to talk about, but let's take a quick break. I I I I I I I hey there. I'm Jess Malaria Confetti here, hi, I'm psyche- and I am a shady lady and welcome to boss level podcast, where we feature conversations with gas to have leveled up bring. And expertise to the table, there was always my response is like I'm like a unicorn here, Ray because there's not allowed oak like out of the closet we is supposed to say there has not been an increase. I know a lot of them like it was like a battlefield like this. Is our cool police club here, no sorry, honey.
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o k over in Europe there's a little thing called GDP are that stands for general data protection regulation and it applies across the European Union. Now. The purpose of this regulation is to provide protections. Eu citizens with regard to how companies can collect and use those citizens. Private data online, particularly like we want to give citizens more control over their personal information, and not
unknowingly just hand that, over to various parties on the internet, so, generally speaking, GDP are requires companies to give citizens in the EU the opportunity to opt out of data collection and the companies are also supposed to be transparent about how they use built user data. So if a company does collect data through things like cookies, it's supposed to say. Well, we collect your your information and this is how we use it and if you're cool with that just consent and if you're, not cool with that hit this other button- and you know we'll part as friends while the interactive advert as in Bureau of Europe or I be? Europe represents advertisers and marketers with businesses in the EU and as part of a be Europe's services. The group developed the transparency and consent framework or tcf, which essentially
It acts as a liaison for various companies, including big ones like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, and creates methods to the present pop ups and those pop ups are designed to get those users consent for data tracking and such. But now the belgian Data Protection Authority or D p a says that the tcf is not doing a good job that is violating GDP. Are the dps says that the pop up notifications, designed to get consent are not sufficiently clear or transparent enough, so a visitor is unable to make an informed decision about granting their consent in regard for data tracking, which is a big? No, no, like the ideas that the average person should under
and immediately what is being requested and be able to make a decision about whether or not they're cool with it and according to the dpj they're saying these pop ups are not doing that. In addition, the Dpj argues that the t c F serves as a data controller. Now that's just kind of a a formal designation within GDP. Are it would mean that Tcf would be held accountable for keeping, personal data safe anti see us at well. Well, we're we're not a debt controller, all we're doing is facilitating these consent requests. But one of the things tc of has been doing is that Iraq, cords user responses consent requests and shares that information with other companies that are part of the tc of ecosystem. So in other words, if someone in the EU you visits, let's say: Amazon, DOT, com and Amazon presents this consent. Request to the EU
and the user agrees to it. While tc off my chest that information was say. Google have dp, argues that this practice, which includes storing a cookie on the end users device That makes the end user personally identifiable, and that means that the consent data constitutes personal information and Tcf has not been a responsible steward of that information, the DP, a find I a b Europe, two hundred fifty thousand pounds which the organization can appeal and the Dpl has also demanded that Tcf be brought into compliance with GDP, are met so many acronyms and initialism that the way they're saying you have to get the service in
blind with Jd Pr within two months and that all the organisations that are currently using the Tc F services have to delete that consent. Data, boat without undue delay and quote now. This decision could force some really big changes in how companies have been obtaining consent for the use of cookies and such The EU, which I imagine will be nearly as disruptive as the actual ratification of GDP are, was in the first place. here in the United States Apple is trying to convince lawmakers to vote against a bill that would force. apple to allow users to download apps that are not in the actual apple store app store. So this is a practice that we usually call sideloading that you have your you know: standard approved method of getting apps that is going through the official store, but that you can also side load.
Apps that are not in the store onto your device that something that Android users can do. Google often advises caution for people to sideload apps, because there's no Protection system. In the way that means that you might be more likely to encounter malware, but you can do on Google Devices, but apple has long. Take that the only way was the apple way. So, since the launch of the app store for the Iphone, which happened way back in two thousand, eight apple has served as the gatekeeper for all apps on Ireland. Devices developers have to submit their acts to apple for it.
You and the company can choose to reject submissions for pretty much any reason they like. Sometimes it's practically impossible to figure out what that reason was, or sometimes even if there were a reason in the first place, but Apple says that this practice protects users and that without it, people would develop malicious apps for Ios devices and then try to trick Ios users into downloading those apps which would compromise those users. safety and privacy in the process. It would also mean the apple would lose a lucrative source of revenue for all those side, loaded apps, because the company in most regions any way currently forces app developers to use apple's own payment system for all in app purchases and apple, takes a cut out of each and every in app purchase so if you could sideload apps on your ios device, while the devel,
of those apps might have their own in app purchasing systems that don't use apple's approach and apple would not get a cut of those transactions. Also, I feel like it's sorry to point out, there's already malware for Ios devices that are out there There are some malicious apps that have made it through the app store, so apples argument about protecting pray if he loses a little bit of credence there, that being said, I do happen to agree that side loading will likely mean of the will see a big spike in malware targeting eyeless users in the future. If apple is in fact forced to allow it does just gonna happen, So I generally avoid sideloading apps. I have done it a few times in the past, usually to use an app that's in an early stage of development and hasn't yet been finalized and released, and I I trust-
the developers, but I I I do not as a rule do it even though, I, even though, I'm I'm aware that I could get access to stuff that wouldn't make it through, say the original, the actual Android store. I have, I don't feel comfortable sideloading a lot of apps, largely because they can be pretty dicey in and shady so that part I actually do agree with apple with. However, I think that the main motivation has always been this. This revenue stream that apple gets through all the in app purchases, Of course, there are judges that have demanded apple, allow developers to offer alternative payment systems that would side step. Apples
Yes, that's something that the company is currently appealing so will have to wait and see where that goes, and we also have to see where this side loading issue goes. Let's go about something else that is kind of a malware that involves apple but doesn't involve. You know, people downloading a malicious app. So last year I talked a lot about Pegasus. That's a product from an israeli company called the Nsl group and it is a product that compromise as I was devices now again. This is not a malicious app. It doesn't involve tricking someone into downloading an app that's, actually a back door vulnerability for that device Pegasus instead, would let someone activate malware on another person's. I owe us device by sending a message through I message so the person and have to open. I message then have to click on it:
I think a joke. They just had to receive it, and this would trigger a vulnerability in the Ios system and the TA attacker would be able to do everything from track a person's phone activity to even activating the phone's cameras and microphones and turn the phone into a surveillance device from afar and and yeah creepy creepy stuff. That alone was a huge story, but then an assault group was upping the ante by selling this product to various government bodies and figures who, many of which would go on to target folks, like activists and journalists. With this malware like it, was being sold as an anti terrorist tool, but a lot of these governments are authoritarian in nature is a kind way to put it and they were making use of it to try and target any one who perhaps disagreed with their authoritarian approach,
anyway. Recently, news broke that a second israeli company. This one called Quad dream: that's q, you a dream, was selling a similar tool that also exploited this same. I message vulnerable, de and that this company was operating at the same time as in a sober quad dream also developed its product with government clients in mind. Now going to innocent group, the two companies didn't coordinate together and, if that's true, it would mean that you had to different companies independently able to develop a tool that leverage this vulnerability and apples. I owe s now Apple has since pushed out an update last September that neutralised both Pegasus an quad dreams, surveillance malware. I'm not sure what quadrant
all its product. That company, like I said much lower profile, that innocent group and apple is currently suing Inessa group for violating the company's user terms and services agreement. But there's no If apple will pursue similar legal action against the lower profile. Quad dream we a couple more news stories to get through before we get to that lets. Take another quick break. The moss does see Ex fifty is born of a reverence for nature, a vehicle to bring you more enriching and inspired experiences in the outdoors Mazda purposefully, built a vehicle for people to immerse themselves more in nature. Almost thirty four percent of roads in the United States are gravel of dirt and the first ever Mazda CX fifty was built to elegantly and confidently venture.
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dot com, commerce to learn what's possible for your business. Okay, I've got another story that involves apple and malware Microsoft. Researchers reported recently that a malicious piece of software called update agent has been out in the world and infecting MAC computers for perhaps as long as fourteen months. So more than a year and initially the malware appeared to be focused on stealing information like the infected machines model number and what version of Makko S it was running in such which you know that's concerning, but not not in the grand scheme of things the scariest outcome of malware and also in appeared to be fairly simple in its initial form, but over time,
the malware developers fleshed out update agent. So now it does all sorts of stuff, including giving it the ability to facilitate a payload delivery to infected computers that could potentially allow backdoor access to machines. So in other words, this was like getting the foot in the door and then a ups acquaint delivery of a payload which would be no. It would be difficult to prevent because the machines already been compromised by the subsequent payload would give hackers potential administrative access to infected machines. That's really bad, but even before that the malware was rate redirecting add traffic, so that infected computers. whenever they were supposed to have ads served up by legitimate servers. They were getting ads from the hackers,
servers instead, so they were redirecting streams of ad traffic and effectively stealing traffic from legitimate. Add servers. Trust me using the phrase legitimate servers has kind of an irony that has not lost upon me and, according to Microsoft, the mail where poses as typically light the legitimate app such as play a video app for the MAC, and it also sounds like a user. A MAC user first has to be tricked into installing. Our first like this, isn't a zero click vulnerability. It's more like you get a pop up ads that says: hey! We ve got this new video app that will work rate on MAC, Download. It please and turns out that this is just the gateway to download and install the update agent malware
you know it's interesting, because I remember a time when MAC Enthusiasm, one of the big things they would say, was made MAX us a period platform to Windows based machines was that the MAC was effectively immune to malware Now it's true that very there is very little malware that was designed for MAC computers, especially compared to windows based compute, However, you also have to remember that back in those days, the the MAC Market share of your computer users was really small. I guess there were lots of people who loved MAC computers, but they were dwarfed in number by windows, machine owners which meant that if you were developing malware and
Why the target, as many people as possible, you were gonna, be developing for windows based machines, so a lot of the immunity was through what we sometimes call security through obscurity, not them the MAC didn't have other anti malware systems in place, but do it just it didn't make sense to develop malware for the MAC platform. If you really want to hit as many people as possible, now MAX have enough of a user base where the datum unity is gone, doesn't mean. The MAC is incredibly vulnerable to malware, but rather is now worth the time to develop malware that can affect a MAC. Computer, so were likely to see those kinds of things, continue in the future, not only in the supposition mentioned Tik Tok and if your men
here in the United States, Tik Tok was under a ton of scrutiny during Donald Trump Administration, Tik Tok parent company is bite, dance and that is based out of China and the trumpet ministration begin to push for bite danced to sell Tik Tok to an american company citing concerns that a popular social networking app in the United States, which presumably would end up collecting a lot of personal information. Of U S, users. Might send that data on back to China, something Tik Tok denied, and several analysts also pointed out. The trumps administration at the time was deep in a trade war with China and that perhaps the pressure Tiktok had more to do with the trade war than a genuine concern for Us Citizen the sea, but either way it will be. The government was dead, set on Tik, Tok, saying by to bite, dance or shutting down exempt people,
pointing out that there might not be any legal grounds or legal enforcement that could make that happen and, ultimately, the whole thing fell through, but there is pressure on Tiktok again this time from the Biden in US Sean and not just tiktok, there's a proposed regulation of the commerce department. Here, the? U s that, if passed, would require apps that originate out of foreign countries The share source code and data logs with a third party auditor named by the commerce depart and in order to make sure that the app is not. You know, siphoning US citizen data for nefarious or exploitative purposes because come on. That's a right that we reserve for US companies to do to US citizens. We don't cotton to Ding, dang foreigners, doing it to us to know. We want american companies stealing her information. That was my sad attempt at sat
air anyway. The commerce department identifies China as a quote. Unquote, foreign adversary, so presumably as a region aiding from China would qualify for this kind of regulation. I'm looking at you ten cent now earlier this week. I talked about how Sony is acquiring video game studio bungee for more than three point: five billion dollars and, of course, Microsoft is currently biting its nails as it waits for it moving from regulators around the world so that it can close its deal on Activision Blizzard but whither I hear you ask, goes Nintendo, isn't indo all oh gearing up to purchase various game companies around the world in an attempt to keep pace with Sony and Microsoft. In a word, no that's acquainted and hinder President should Torah Fer a collar who said the company's philosophy is to pursue organic growth rather than growing threat resistance. He said quote our brand was built
upon products, crafted with dedication by our employees and having a large number of people who don't possess. Nintendo DNA in our group would not be a plus to the company and quote now dismissing for a moment that this particular phrasing, which I should add, could be the result of interpretive inflation gets a little bit creepy I mean it kind of sounds like Nintendo has some sort of genetic issues going on from that phrasing. We can put that aside. I think that this is an interesting approach to business so way back in the A before I was upon Gaster or even a writer for Housetop works. I was employed at a human resources, consulting firm if you ve seen office space, you might remember the characters of the Bob's, the consultants who come in to help clear out the info Tex employee list or what
I worked for a company that was effectively the bobs and, through the company. I saw a lot of cases where you would have say a big company acquiring a smaller company and the two companies were very different corporate cheers. So, inevitably, you had a culture clash following that would be an awkward period in which the two entities tried to find some common ground and it almost always went poorly, or at least it created lots of rough patches. There's a lot of friction. So from that perspective, I do see how focusing on your in house workforce and growing that way by hiring more people and you're just constantly feeding into a uniform corporate culture that can make a lot of sense. It removes the need to find that common ground with another company that has its own history and its own culture, because
if you just keep it all in house everyone's already on the same ground. To start with anyway also feel like this is the most nintendo of Nintendo approaches, so it makes sense from that perspective, now. I also think that Nintendo is, like you could say: yes, Nintendo Tony and Microsoft are all in the video games space, which makes them all competitors with each other, but in many ways I dont think of the tender as competing with Sony and Microsoft there it's almost like they're playing a different kind of game to Sony and Microsoft and that they focused more on creating unique user experience, some of which appeal to me in some of which don't, but that seems to be their their course of action, as opposed to Sony and Microsoft, which are constantly pushing like the bleed.
get of what is possible on video game platforms to very different approaches. I'm not saying one is automatically better or worse than another I'll. Like a lot of Nintendo's approaches have, but I also like a lot of what Sony and Microsoft typically do as well. So I think, there's a place for everybody, any way that wraps up the tech news for Thursday February third, twenty twenty two. This was a long one. I blame Facebook because I blame Facebook for everything. Let's be honest: if you have suggestions for topics, I should cover in future episodes of tech stuff, whether it's a trend in tech, a company or person who's important in tech. Maybe it's a specific technology and you just want to learn about it's history and how it works. Let me know sir a message via twitter to the head of the show is tax. Stuff, H, Us W and I'll talk to you again. Releasing text
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