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#1: Dalai Lama

How can you live a happier life? In our debut episode, Dan Harris sits down with the Dalai Lama and Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist and founder of the Center for Healthy Minds. His Holiness and Richardson have collaborated for years on research looking at the impact meditation can have on the brain. Please leave us a review! ----> http://bit.ly/2lkYXxT
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It is then Harris. I am a fidgety skeptical newsman who had a panic attack live on good morning, America, led me to something I always thought was ridiculous meditation. I wrote book about. It called ten percent happier started in F, and now I'm launching this podcast to try to figure out whether there is anything beyond ten percent basic. Here's what I'm assessment can you? an ambitious person and still strive for enlightened whatever? That means, as these times are pretty well known. Guy, his name is the Dalai Lama or more formally, holiness the Dalai Lama. I did, interview at the University of Wisconsin in Medicine and alongside the Dalai Lama during the interview is Richard Davidson also known as Richie Davidson. Richie is one of the leading neuroscientist one of the first guys really to take a look at the impact of meditation on the brain
And he's worked with the Dalai Lama in scientific research for quite a while now Be honest, I can- and I said this in my book- I've always been slightly careful above the Dalai Lama navigating he's a bad guy just because I'm firmly now in the smells and bells school of of Buddhism but I've now interviewed the Dama twice and both times he has impressed me. I would warn you as you, as you start to listen here. He can be a little bit hard to understand, but but bear with him because he makes some really interesting points and, after the interview concludes stick around. The House, because we then went up on stage. I moderated a discussion with the Dalai Lama and in which he made fun of me quite successfully in you'll, hear that is well. Thank you for joining us. The two of you have worked for a long time. collaboratively on science, around meditation on the brain
why is Europe religious leader? Why is this science so important to you actually? Firstly, since my shadowed personally, since childhood, I see one will might nature. Is curiosity, so it things interest to both sides to knowledge, then, secondly, signs Really, I think or white the well being of the world community, and there are several council open mind and to carry out research to.
Investigation the sea do something concrete evidence. There is your mind that I love I like that kind of attitude, so size very important for humanity for even corner were also recently that meantime, there more no signs up to now, mainly. blue with matters or buttercups, not sufficient. They are not sufficient to development day what a gold mine consciousness. So damn We are dealing with a human being,
we human beings, beside this physical. We have this experience whatever you call mind or consciousness, or something So we can also do a site isn't that its route so now now obviously physically healthy person, but actually people they, The boss was also physical. Medication fade to bring in a peace, so we have to. We have to deal with peace of mind. So since man, Saddam Destrier peace of mind, is on different emotion, so devil item. Obviously
Did drop Prague and alcohol probably did not necessarily you consider. These is something secular, something good, but some extent desperate. It is the pudding hope some injection drugs, I know that so this clearly shows a society, no matter householder, materially highly developed, but still some too much stress too much Woody Georgia anxiety.
we want. So if there's no way to deal with these problems and then ok, we have to rely on these draft or distance. But if there is way too did this problem, then we must exploit explored by tat. So then, what a golden meditation or some other training or mind I've they prefer general, might someday meditation I dont know, is simply to training and meditation Dove Rigel varieties or different kind. Woman addition based
Kelly, analytical imitation and singular pointed ferocity. Meditation so usually see people consider meditation means close eye by that and Mind Nottingham, sometimes recall thoughtlessness, Might I you your countrymen, all your life thoughtlessness? I can't do it for five seconds. I'm not sure I can do it for one second. So actually I dig. Sometimes I describe you see one of the best, a gift from God. Is So without using our intelligence is quite picture without using our intelligence or injured. So.
And did you get meditation? Goes very wet, analytical, imitation and of research and in intelligence go together. Actually I often easy mentioning my friend. They also ended. laboratory research work, they also easy use intensively aboard meditation during that period, fully concentrate on political subject. Hearing or these are spending not active, so use some nice come day. He manifold attended. It then pay attention the glasses in mind fully concentrate instead. Wind Andrews, stinking thinking. That is another. Didn't meditation ivy it. Why do my own experience? The emotions.
obviously have sunk, so low level of intelligence so combat or counterforce? Structural emotion, also, you see, need extensive intelligence that backing just thoughtless estate, thoughtlessness, temporary, ok, but. Nor am, I think, limited so you ve said a bunch of things there that I want to react you and get you to clarify a little bit further. to tell our listeners that occasionally, even though your English is very good, you do turn to your translator to help for words you if your hearing another voice there, that's what it is, and I want to talk about the difference between analytical meditation and The more traditional gotta meditation that most that today, and then everybody meditates most people do but before asking. I want to bring region with. I want to give you credit.
Your collaboration, which has brought some evidence, bind the practice of meditation, has eleven like me, does their meditating. I never would have meditated if there was an evidence I always thought it was only for weirdos, So I would, I would have been completely rejected the practice. Had you not come forth with this scientific evidence the original me just ask you in your work with his holiness, do you think your sparking, the next big public health revolution, you, Well, I do think that there is we view it is a public health issue. We. Take the position that health is not simply the absence of illness and most people really have some residual level of suffering, if their honest about their own state of mind, and we think that these kinds of practices that his holiness is describing could be used
in helping people to have more of a more peace of mind to generate more positive emotions. In ways that can affect their everyday life, And so I think that this is very much a public health issue and its public health, because Durban emotions, we know cause changes in the body that impact or physical health- and so there is evidence to suggest that people who are happier and who have higher levels of well being actually have biology, which is more conducive to health and so I think it's very much a public health issue and our Operation actually is that these practices can potentially whose health care costs, because it can enable people to be more healthy. So I want to state the obvious. I think we would all agree the most important evidence. Is the evidence you will gather if you do the practice so that this
scientific evidence is compelling, but I don't think it may get you to start meditating? I dont think people continue to meditate because they think they're prefrontal cortex is getting thicker. They continue to meditate because their less of a jerk to themselves and others, and it feel, better. So I think I just want to clarify. I do think the most important evidence ultimately is the evidence you will gather in your own personal experience, but along those lines, your own, as you were talking about the difference between the traditional Shabata meditation, which is kind of a term of art. the meditation and most of us are taught as beginners, which is to focus on our breath then we get loss, we start again, but there's a different kind of it
vision which is analytical meditation. What is that I do? Firstly, when you look, some worry then investigate what does worry come from where from were come and was in Asia. you can find so that itself, you see all evidence of emotions. Usually you see we ve some kind of
Solid or something absolutely was strong when we analyse what did nature or what wonder the very identity of sadness already, you can find and momentarily changing so rich in second reading, changing so analyze then did it been so something my sadness, something here something solid so, if I am feeling anger, which I do occasionally lodging Maria everybody, including as I have you said to me in the past- even the Dalai Lama, angry at times. you're, saying an analytical sale of meditation would look for who actually is angry, and where is the
can you find it and you won't find anything satellites, firstly, object site in the case of one human being, who creates your problem and you feed very negative and the debt burden? Consider your enemy, then your end really feed envy his body or his or her body or mind all sound or speech, and fees shy not once but easy appears is something independent that person that's a target of anger and
that ducked dissolve so end no longer find independent target, as some sort of scientists mentioned the errant back now.
ninety I do. Ninety six, seventy years old, he found to photos decades experience when person developed and their object with envy appears something very negative, but actually ninety percent of that negative, this is meant to protect, said so devil is it it analytical meditation analyse to whom? What's that was and is a kind of his also, the body appears something independent body: independent object.
analyze nothing. So nothing objectively exist. Solo observer. There things there so thinking these nature, then the person himself or herself from well from West Africa and what what what real entity of and you can't fight so desert. We reduce the intensity of anger or fear or even attachment like that. We all! Well, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you so devil. You see. I feel it is something you see dealing with route basis of these destructive motion, but simply thoughtlessness.
Do you mind not good that site justices remained something Newton trial at a fascinating, because I think most of us believe that meditation is just this gold to squash thoughts. But what you're saying is you can use the discursive mind the thinking mind to get at the root of our destructive we walk around with this subconscious assumption that there is some Dan here. Some Dalai Lama behind your eyes. But if you look for it, you won't find it, and that can be a revelation. Louis you personal and selfish question, because it's not every day that I get to sit down with the Dalai Lama and meditating for six years. I was doing about a half hour a day and then about nine months ago. I decided for reasons that I'm not even sure that I can are typically to go to two hours a day.
So I guess my question for you is: should I. A goal. In my practice, I do for a two day, gender speaking about wellbeing of humanity, that our goal should be happy life, firstly, start individual, then family level, then community level, then finally, entire seven billion be two events through education is bottom basic. Human nature is more compassionate, does allow scientists busy days are defined
Basic human nature is more compassionate, dad, Jerry City basis. How basic human nature is anger, negative than useless me effort. Any effort is a desert Deborah basic human nature is more positive, more compassionate so, This possibility to build more compassionate would compassionate humanity compassionate. So utilise our intelligence maximum way to promote basic human value, human nature compassionate It is interesting to me, but when I asked you should I have a goal you went directly to improving the situation, for all humans is but did my reading of the the suitors
early buddhist scriptures. The Buddha himself was talking about enlightenment. You don't use that word, I'm sure talking she made. If human and tie humanity a Buddhist, then I will talk about books, but does not case. but for for an individual like me who practices buddhist meditation, my goal be to try to ensure the well being of all sentient beings, or should my goal be I mean what is in my men anyway, individual gaze because, generally speaking historically, lesson would not with his country, but is in historically bronze to EAST mandatory India And then China saw these countries, but now in modern times the causal laws
medication. Other information now as a human being is, if the people who really showing J, in interest and not only interest, they find some benefit individual case then. Similarly, in Asia, traditionally not christian country, look christian country or muslim country, but large level. Christians lies, novel Muslims, Jews, ok is region is concerned. Individuals right, culture is in need of. It
community. So it's on the number of westerners who really follow this practice. So if you re Saudis Office, they have the right now one important I always make clear individual who really found some effective civil research through prospectus is his or her right to follow that. At the same time, you must respect your own tradition and at the time we really making efforts to promote peace,
So wish I'm buddhist from childhood, I never see, Buddhism is best. No accounting is indifferent. People to some people is a certain region is more effective so that wasn't that is best low food. We pharmacy thousands differences, definite meals. You can see this is the best or medicine business. It's the best. Not mechanics according individuals of diesel meant a disposition. So therefore, if you, if you have genius of interest about two hundred major tradition, tell about the tradition or body tradition, there's a foundation of Buddha done then another level, the sausage tradition. Obviously polities Bali tradition is mainly relying on, but this word quotation: do something tradition,
It's just simply use reasons so displeasure text logic. Also there so devil. I usually described the proper unique, but this practice is utilised human intelligence maximum. We too deadweight gospel bush, then our ultimate goal is this mind which up to now sleeve these destructive emotion. Ultimately, ignorance is not nature of the mind if.
This is an issue of the mind and we can learn obviously, two times we learn many things. So that means they soon nature. Mind is clearly clear knowing knowing so now, but the means enlightened means the evil is bought, reduce finally completely eliminated, then the philosopher wisdom or Venice. That's so the basis but the hood is clear: like mine, can I get there? Can I go beyond ten percent happier and get to what you're describing in this lifetime will certainly do you. much younger than me pop ups or even even unity.
Have you any old person is making an effort to achieve some some level of enlightenment. Sunday. When are you you, ve, made by day. They are telling us world we're out of time, but I can't resist this can ask one last question and this is a more earthly question. I know you follow the news and you listen to be BC. just curious. If you have any views on the present, Canada in this country was making the most noise Donald Trump. Or does your business firstly I don't know the right right right. All opinion did reward, and then secondly, shots visit here. So I do not know the whole subtle their ground. These things the summit I hated to us personal criticism that I feed
This is a discussion about borders, the matter as youth, but the sometimes limits of the business of these things is their looks limit, cheek I feel ok, so that's the end of the interview, the formal interview, but then, after the interview we went up on stage moderated a discussion among scientists and the Dalai Lama. and it was the end of the discussion, I had a chance to ask him some more questions during which, using me pretty good. So here a listen to as soon as were illustrates yet having inner peace during parenthood is difficult. Shortly after we had our first baby, I found it in the middle of the night holding this screaming peace in the region poop everywhere, and I thought
The name of my next book is gonna, be everything in my last book was Bologna Lamb translate that several somewhat on combating it seems so dead if Mary Cecil there's the instigation of your excuse us, meditation still in Now is confirmed. the terrible meditate or even the Dalai Lama think so, like the opposite of cross bachelor from Kadesh Axel was told that the Dalai Lama has guaranteed him total consciousness on his death bed.
Thank you for listening and check out the new package that we just posted with the lead singer of Whizzer Rivers, Cuomo, who. in a very serious meditated, as it turns out two hours a day so early in the morning and evening have done that every day since two thousand three, except for one day in two thousand nine, when our two a bus crashed, but you did the two hours we have an office in the hospital bed like what we're doing place subscribe. Please write us, please give us a good review and we'll be back with much more, very soon figure
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