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#255: The View of American Turmoil from the Other Side of the World | Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

We have spent the past few episodes talking with black and white Americans about race. But for this episode I wanted to get the view from outside. So I called up a man on the other side of the planet who is widely recognized to be one of the world's greatest living meditation masters. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche is the author of such books as The Joy of Living and In Love with the World. He’s only in his mid-forties - which is young by my standards - but as the child of another great meditation master, he began doing long retreats in his teens. He now teaches all over the world, with centers on five continents. He's known for his candor and humor. We cover an enormous range of topics here, including: love, hate, panic, boredom, relationships, death, and whether we humans are fundamentally good. And as a bonus, he guides a brief meditation toward the end. Quick audio note: Mingyur Rinpoche spoke to us from his busy home in Kathmandu, Nepal, so you'll occasionally hear some background noises, including barking dogs. Try to use your practice to just let it go. Where to find Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche online: Website: https://tergar.org/about/mingyur-rinpoche/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mingyurrinpoche Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mingyur.rinpoche/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mingyurrinpoche/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MingyurRinpoche Book Mentioned: In Love with the World: A Monk's Journey Through the Bardos of Living and Dying: https://www.amazon.com/Love-World-Journey-Through-Bardos/dp/0525512535 Additional Resources: Ten Percent Happier Live: https://tenpercent.com/live Coronavirus Sanity Guide: https://www.tenpercent.com/coronavirussanityguide Free App access for Health Care Workers: https://tenpercent.com/care Full Shownotes: https://www.tenpercent.com/podcast-episode/mingyur-rinpoche-255
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For maybe see the tent have your pockets and her fellow we have you may have noticed spent asked. You have decides on the show talking with black and white Americans about the issue of race, but for this Episode I wanted to get the view from outside way outside, so I called up a man on the other side of the planet, who is widely recognised to be one of the world's greatest living meditation masters young. A mere remember Shea is the author of such books as the joy of living and in love with the world is only in his mid forties, which is young by my standards, but as the child of another great medicine master he actually began doing long meditation retreats in his teens He now teaches all over the world with centres on five continents. He's known his candour and humor. We cover
an enormous range of topics here, including love, hate panic, boredom relationships, death and weather we humans are fundamentally good. and, as a bonus, see guides a brief meditation toward the end, quick, audio nope before diamond ear Ming urine Bashir spoke to us from his busy home in Katmandu Nepal, Oh! You will occasionally here some background noises, including barking dogs. Try to use your practice to just let it go here we go and Mr Ricochet hello, How does he believe TAT you d, like? How are you I'm doing well. How are you better, but so far, where are you in Nepal? Katmandu Oh well, Katmandu, so is it evening there? Yes, we now evening at PAN european level. Thank you. So much for making time for us must welcome. Will let me just ask you,
I beat just curious to hear how you are whereat appointed of so much pain and across the world. For human beings all over the world. So how are you taking all this? In yeah I mean there is so much suffering not up. I have no problem everywhere in the world. So for me, what I can do you I pray I'm doing now. Candlelight relax, meditation retreat. I did on the internet, but other than that. I pray all the time and I'm teaching meditation to whoever wonder and for my personal level, I'm doing quite well. Actually, I can study aloud. I came through my meditations retreat, I'm making farm you know a lot of organic waste arose during some exercise so upon my personal level is good.
I want to hear what kind of exercise you're doing, but I also want to know when you say, pray cause Didn't in my understanding of Buddhism today, limited extent to which I access in my own life there is, there is no. eight or God. So who do you pray to in in when you pray? I pray for this pandemic will soon I pray for world peace. I dedicated my meditation and all my meditation. I dedicate my virtue for the world to the people who suffer this ban, I make something like it, so it's not prayer in the way. A christian you're, a jewish or muslim person- might pray it's more cultivating the wish inside of yourself for the suffering of other beings to be diminished. Yes, yes, sir.
Kind of less ending my love, my compassion and sending my virtues from my heart. What impact is that kind of prayer, as you call it I have on you. I think for me. That really makes me come peaceful and there I get some kind of energy, although it is a lot of chaos around us. But this praise really helps me to be more peaceful and more easily and lighting, and then I can teach or saw at the same time and whatever I can help from limitation across from my side. So it's really help me out
I feel this helps us others in a way. It helps others, because it makes you more resourceful and ends and better able to help others, or it helps others just through the power of your mind. Of course, I think both bud south and others that independent you not so we all kind of late headline on each other, so the prey has very powerful motivation. This dedication has powerful love. compassion and that really I mean attends the where how we act to the others, the where how we help to the other. So if everybody has this love compassion, dedication, pray through heart, I didn't world become better place,
but it's not so much that you think if you cultivate, the wish for all beings you were leaves of their suffering that somehow it's going to happen simply because you can evaded the where shore, because some day, it will make it happen. It sounds like something more subtle than that he believed that the power of my in really stone. So what Do you believe that we all have this great? Indeed, goodness everybody has this wonderful Naser within asked, so one vehicle, everybody has wisdom, love, compassion, awareness, steel, positive energy, a lot of things within us around asked the problem is via we don't see it so nominal. What equal ten finger perception saw if we have
ten colleges within us, nine of them positive and one of them negative. What we see is only the negative. What we don't see: nine positive quality within ourselves. So if you don't see, then almost become, we don't have it. So if he had the best watch in the world, if you don't know, that is what what cannot tell your time, although what is the best in the world therefore the power or my it doesnt have limitation if they help to recognise within yourself, and it will help to other stuff.
if I was interested in doing this kind of practice? What what is that? What are the instructions? What is what is the practice? Look like in in sight of the individual mind I do first important is we need to begin by appreciation so tight appreciate just simple things. I had this a wonderful breath how nice and I have senses I can hear and see, or whatever you have wonderful, I'm still alive. Wonderful, such a simple thing, which is not simple across a really really great: to have this Abrek isn't it is like magic, actually,
but we don't see itself then also appreciate about people around you and about the world. What ever you can see then begin is real. Allows us to see things tat. We ve never seen before and appreciate. A lot of things are manifest, and you see this within others, then that is the real love. You know, I love really comes when their sense of love upper when their sense of sweetness within others. So It's not just the empathy and their sympathy, but there's a really opening hot interbedded. What do you mean. As it is a means of love and compassion new minute hot, chair, meaning cute lovable, precious. It's so interesting! You talk about love, Linda, something I think a lot about. We talk a lot,
about love on this show and yet again and a common theme among many of our guests you're talking about love, not the way Hollywood talks about of where this string music and a clever plot twist and misunderstandings that get resolved in a dream? Eric Way toward the end writer etc. It's not romantic love, it's the Basically, we all have to Jesse the best and other people yeah and yourself yourself and other people. Yes,. Well that's a key addition. You just made there and yourself, because I think I know you ve worked with western students in the west. We often overlooked that part,
have you seen that allowed in your western students, the overlooking the the love toward oneself? I mean they sometimes lay one time I give teaching about love and compassion, and I told everybody that love and compassion is there within us twenty four hours and then I'm in the many people are very happy about that. Then the soon as I finish, my teaching, I come out of the hole. There's a one men waiting there and he said to me, can I say something? I say yes, of course, and he set your teachings, wonder what you tell everybody that they all have love and compassion all the time. But I want to you know that I don't have that. I almost hate myself. Twenty four hours.
so I just want to let you know. Then I asked him why you come here and he said to learn from you. Then I asked him why you want to learn from me. He said I want to free this hatred, hate myself. I don't like this. I want to be happy. I told them tat is You have care by yourself. This care does love the came all the way and tag to this time. Energy them by this flight ticket said there's a lot of loving care there, but we. Not recognise the problem is, we know, recognise this idea within ourselves. Yes,. so these capacities that we ve talked about in what has thus carbon, a short conversation, but I hope we will continue for a while, We ve been talking about love. The capacity
to see the best and others and wish for the best for others and ourselves. Yeah so early and internally focused love which of course, love zombie directional. So it's all one thing, but I wonder for people listen to this they may they may feel not able to put this into practice. because I'm working under so much pressure, so we ve been, act in our homes. We may have lost our jobs, we may beef careful about losing our jobs in my the country, if we have black skin, we may look at the video which I suspect you have seen of George Floyd. Yes, I heard of that with his neck under the under the knee of a police officer for nearly nine minutes- and we may see ourselves in George Floored- face in here ourselves in his pain and we may be
under all this pressure and think I cant do what this nice gentlemen, this meditation teacher is advising I do. I don't feel up to it right now, caused us to whatever yes, what you mention, and I'm very said about that, and also I'm praying everyday whenever I meditate I dedicate for him and all the people who suffer through this, and yes, when we begin to learn meditation nominate for me. Also when the beginning, when I learned meditation actual, I had panic attacks when I was young around panicked, overload with me around seven years old and then continued, then my father told me that all the basic level of panic is love and compassion. I thought is impossible, because a panic is a lot of fear. I cannot sleep, I'm so much fear of strangers and funded storm snowstorm. So
and sometimes you know my name tight- I'm going to die right now, maybe I'm having heretic how come this is come from love and compassion. So of course, at the beginning we seem impossible but then I mean the love and compassion. It doesn't mean that you have to say everything even the wrong. You have to stay You're right, it's! even though you did wrong, but I have to say, you're right does not the way of love and compassion,
the real meaning of love and compassion is something which is a benefit and that benefit whatever you want to see this others and wished to help and wish to free them within yourself and other is kind of the opposite of the selfish saw dad develop slowly slowly up the first step. Eating important is: we need to see this love and compassion feeling within ourselves, and it s really important first step It's so interesting what your dad said to about looking at panic and seeing the loving compassionate in that what I Heard as somebody just so, you know, I've suffered from panic attacks for a while, but I both both when I'm in pubs, Public speaking is very scared for me, and I also have claustrophobia so elevators Gary and that when the
and comes on. It feels so treachery. Since so dangerous, but I guess what the way to think about it is this. Is my body trying to protect itself? Yes, although theirs of underneath all that and a new that yeah yeah, but we filled her our concept of mine, filter and exaggerated and the normally with this practice. What we the first step is. We need to kind of lake feel that the feeling of all of us wanting to be free wanting to have happiness. Looking for something good meaning for their sense of wanting to come home, that is always there within us and
Another sense is we don't want to have a problem with onawandah have suffering. We don't want obstacle. We don't want to have a kind of lake of meaningless, so dad too aspect to sizeable one point. So this kind of feeling. And ass all the time right now, I'm having conversation with you, this compromise This is why we want to have this coming out of this feeling. We should be happy wanting to free from problem suffering and each movement or my body is also coming from their normal nominated meditation and the baby sit life in across his hand like this.
On the outside and change and other hand put outside again and change the late position. Each movement is looking for happiness. If you said one position too long is become uncomfortable, become suffering you needed to avoid that you're looking for something else. So what I got a breath is looking for happiness. If you stop breath for a few seconds, you feel suffer not only the eager eyes, bling also looking for happiness, absolute, who we are, is the full of love and compassion, embodiment of love and compassion. So you don't see that force so, therefore, not only that behind each more behind its part is also love and compassion, though this is a really important to recognise, were missing.
Then that is the first step and there's another moment for me when I was young, so really nice to see this. I just want to pick up on that moment too make sure that I understand it yes, an end. Please excuse me because it takes me a while to understand things, but if- If I'm, if I'm listen, To this end I mean the United States of America, and I will, of course we do have listeners who are outside the United States of America so shut up. Do you guys? But if I'm here, and I'm looking at what is happening on tv and with the violence in the streets and I feel particularly if I'm black man I'm feeling like for honey, one years of trauma are all coming to the surface right now or If I'm anybody anywhere in the world and I'm feeling so much fear because of this pandemic- and I might tell myself a story- I can't do this work
What you are saying is even there. feeling of I can't do this work, yes or even the few of just wanting some sort of relief. Every shifting your chair, where you're looking for some level of comfort? That is all love? Yes, yes, a vaguely exactly so what what happened is the love is filtered by the Sufis? The eagle Stick, my the conceptual mine said. Then it is, it become hatred than is become panic abandoned to become self hated all these things, but when you says they met a b And just feel that feeling at the beginning, you will feel bad uncomfortable. You feel really real alight feelingly Better
embed of a feeling you can be with that feeling, but justice be with it. You don't try to control it, don't try to fade away, don't try to follow it. Just beard just pay with it. Then you can see underneath his love, actually just looking for happiness, wanting to be free one into something nice wanting to be helped, You yourself have to others. So that is the fundamental nature of all that emotion and the parts. right it doesn't mean it we're gonna go away this practice that yet as mean it's all gonna go away. I have to go through it through it. Yes, at the bigger Somebody get worse. Look like a worse, so much feeling that I am of at the beginning in the panic is looked like getting worse for me and my father said as a good sign
Like a he, he gave me a one example about like up the dirty cup, so that that things in the cup is dirty but event as a dry. It doesn't see so bad doesn't look so back then, of anyone to clean that top put a few drops of water and then move that the day will come out. Look lay the cup getting worse, but actual is process of key cleaning process up process appear. Vacation forever sometimes happens by the mass of the time when we feel is getting worse, because we are beginning to aware of that. Actually, I'm not getting worse, but we feel like getting worse because of the aware of that. So we need a bullet through that, ok to speed it be with David. That feeling is also meditation is aware
And then under immediately began discovered this love and compassion, I'm going keep asking you questions from the perspective of somebody in America. I apologise for that a but the stories here so powerful in our culture what's happening right now, but if we're talking about love income, Action which we certainly are yes, there's so much hatred, anger where I sit right now. Yes, I had protesters marching by by house last night. Not all those protesters are all motivated. Hatred or anger, gray, they're, not that lot of it is motivated by love, of course, but This is not a something that I'm just watching on tv designer real story for for many of us here and so there. so much political division. Here we we do some of us hates the people with whom we disagree.
And so I wonder what your thoughts are about from the outside from the other side of the world about how individual Americans can practice in the face of so much division and mistrust. Yeah yeah I've been that normally in them, my meditations tradition of cluster done be under control by hatred, but then to develop. To remember, got back to the the hour in knit goodness some guy what vehicle our true nature, our original nature, which is love, conversion, awareness, wisdom, skill saw many good. Things are their so called back into their and then you out. So then, when you do action death, what because four ways
Peaceful enrich magnetizing and powerful activities, so not just peaceful, everything's, ok busy in the later now, have always fighting inviting or like that. So really basic motivation, is love and compassion, then how to help sometime, peaceful, peaceful light, PS patients she'll, be nice sometime, develop something you'd increase somebody enhance, someday need in rich and some the man at ice in supplier role model magnetic power most comes from,
operations role model. You don't have to special make peace. You too have Rachel, give anything, says, role, model, just peace and sometime this powerful activities which has been followed them ground law. By due to the you start and you let go and really need to have some energy powerful things also need to be there. So bad. The important is really go back to this love and compassion and out of that, with their wisdom. Not with the stupid, the hatred he saw, the with the wisdom, even you become their powerful forceful, but it is true wisdom, I'm through compassion, sometimes ok So let me let me ask you: let me make this very practical So I'm sitting, I'm watching tv and somehow petition or some person
comes on and says something that I disagree with, and I notice that I get angry What do I do in that moment so for me, what do I do? I see this lot of bad news on the tv many times so then I got I look and that person's athlete we so them you have this hatred when he had this end up, do you have contracts? Can you conduct. Not very well, nobody's cannot conduct, but we want Oakland Nobody wants to be hate all, but a wonder, had panic now, all, but a wonder, had this kind of anger depression, but then, when we have this we're out of control because up because of this, you coasted my food it because of this strong negative emotion saw if you wonder, hate that person.
You should hate this hated this. He goes to my written that person, so you have to separate the person from the person's emotion or the action of that person. Maybe you need hate that person So for me, when I was young, my mother always said you actions is no. She never say you know what I think this is really important to see this fast so if there are people in our immediate environment or on television who were doing things that make us feel hatred to separate their actions. Or their egotistic mind from who they are fundamentally on your knees, yeah, it's ugly, but there would require us to believe, as you said before, that people are fundamentally good enough
our culture? As you know, there is this idea of original sin. What do you say to me? so who think that actually know we're not fundamentally good were fallen so for us? What we believe is on this basis. In goodness, so we don't believe that people are by nature. Is there so in pure? Sometimes one vehicle got that independent? What guy da meaning the urgent or purity soda meaning the origin of from beginning and tat many purity. So that's what we believe saw an. An absolute when you look around you can see that you know why People are really with two eminent people really excited to see bad news,
it was a bad news and not a normal. It is a bit of rare good news. I yes of course. Of course you can use a good news on the television. but there's somebody bad news, because This is really not normal. Some ninety, then, even though we are locked up hatred lot of ignorance is not a selfish at their service level, but still the manifesting. This cuttings ninety percent within us around us right. So it's back to what you said at the beginning that we overlook so much good, that's right there, but because of our negativity bias, we all look. the negative, because it's the most exciting in some ways: yeah yeah, sorry, see one negative. The exaggerate ninety percent ended nine good things they ignore. You don't see it.
You said you were doing a lot of teaching online since the pandemic began. What kind, questions are you getting from people. What are people your students concerned about struggling with this time, yeah citing the most people. The question is around this pandemic time: there palm? How did you read my bottom is how to deal with that of the woody and a panic. how to develop our relationship and how to meditate something like those questions, what do you say about boredom I said this is a great opportunity now really look into our ourselves. So of course everybody wonder had this time
for sell time for light this, but then we don't have it because of so much busy. We have some many too police and we had to follow that and is very expert. I heard of that to have time off, now is comes automatically, but this is a great opportunity to explore yourself. There's one vehicle, the Great Cheshire within yourself to discover to explore it so to sit with the boredom and What's there yet the end, then you can do something creative. You can do some study for me, I'm looking engine meditating books and you call my teachings way back twenty years back and then the dream everyday. Something
with my brother and mom family gathering and making waste of reform and doing exercise. What kind of exercise You do, I do mostly walking and I do little bit like I have this kind of like how to say I create myself. Jumping breath is almost like a low jumping rope but with that I'm late this anyway, the breeding so I created, jumping breath really help sunrise. More my conversation with men Uribe Shea. After this better help offers licensed professional councillors specialised in a week. Array of issues like depression, anxiety and grief, conduct with their profession
counselor and a safe private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help, dot com, slash happier fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with the counselor you'll love you mentioned garden a couple times. What's the what's the appeal of gardening for you, I have some land near. My house is empty land, so soviet plan lot of vegetables now is it become organic, And my mom really enjoying our sun dial for my mom and she said I am, you could create a good excellent example. you ve come a long way from when she told you. Your actions were bad. When you were a kid, You also said that a lot of your students are asking you questions about relationships. Relationships are hard,
manage right now because were worth seeing so much of one another or worse. Things are much of ourselves, because we were on our own, what kind of advice to give to people when they ask about relationships, I think so people has problem, but many of them what they said wow. This is a great time then we can really be with my husband why or family help each other discuss so many interesting things. Extra dear love become much more deeper bound by some people across the desert hundred like a lot of time. If they don't know each other then become more intensive. But what I I recommend, is normally one vehicle relationship is some in order to completion.
ship is really kind of like except the impermanent. So what vehicle life is like a wave of the ocean is got up and down a bender down nobody's perfect, so Norman. What I call is You're. Looking MR perfect and Mister Boffin, then you will never a fight, so just look mister or care, and MRS ok, he saw its accept everybody, some problem. It is a key and then another thing is because need to change our interests, our feeling we'll be barred. If we do, kind of like keep the interest so learn each other every day. Do something new things together to explore. Do some creative things
And so every day, there's something learning something dream explore their Sunday mutinous and that really helps to fighting the love become. What I see is because a lot of my students, many of them, want to have some interviews and not of questions, come to light that same recommend them, and they should be happy about it. Are you married now, I'm the in your lineage people during pitches, they do, they can get married right, yeah, some method, my brother's mattered and some of them from which is our mattered. Yes,. so have you made the decision not to get married or still think it? I thought that the long time back so then, I have decided to do not merit. Why I mean
I see, there's a lot of marriage people around me and there's a lot of sufferings around that so for me. What I think is if I remain single, I have a lot of time for teaching and helping many other people and also explore my what The one normally, as I wonder, do a lot of retreats. I wonder, do something like that, so that is a really kind of late come. I have put in my life I wish one year's Irene related Tits meditation, because when I was young, I a penny attacks and after that I learned meditation because of this meditation penny become my teacher. What I hope Pennant become my best friend, so I had a brick true saw so much benefit for me. I have deep appreciation about this linkage of meditation. I have always a patient with teaching
So when I just, I don't feel tired and I feel happy and another thing is, I wonder: do retreat for myself by solidarity so distressing I almost into my life it get for tax on Sudan, I fully appreciate and they'll be happy about what I'm doing. Yes, so you you may not, Remember this, but do you were on this podcast once before and you are in York City, we sat together and you told me about some of the long retreats you ve done, including a long wandering retreat. Were you when you left the money story and went sort of roaming by yourself. Very little resources and you got so sick it. the point that you nearly died and that that experience Was it meaningful to you to be that close to death yeah? I did
was one of the best time in my life. Actually I just walk out for my monastery from I have monastery in India by the Gaia, Sir. I just wonder just walk with their a few thousand India rubies other. Then I don't know much so I just walk out and then that food has a really finish within three weeks that have to back the food, and I got foot poison, saw him diarrhoea war meeting for a few days for five days. In the end, I feel like I'm dying and lose sensors cannot see, cannot here and my body become paralyze, but then I continued meditate saw just in awareness, so that is a great discovery. Awareness become more clear, their sense of love, the sense of joy
But this concept of mines gone now. What we normally bolabola Yadda yadda too does not. This is, God does not tie now from now back solve ass. Farmers in that state. About seven hours, no, when I come back, then I feel Labour Street become lay my home before. I feel why I'm scared, you know, that's not of dollars. Mosquitos, and Danger so when I come back, unsafe feelings got so first light: the street is lay my home, So what I call if you love the World WAR or loves your back, so I wrote a book about this. My got in love with a world saw, I mention about this. My story about my wonder.
Rigid earlier on. In our conversation, you talked about how you ve been using this time during the lock down. until look at ancient books. Yes in the buddhist tradition and you say more about that. That's interesting to me yeah! So we have this a five kind of late men subjects about the ancient book. One is to be done. I believe my ears, I tell you about how our mind walks. What do you call there? Some a mine debts must, as a matter of mine, which is done now feeling level and conceptual level and the habitue level, and just pure conscious level to do what we got five scandals. The matter is first kinder and then feeling all the feeling filling the six cents feelings with. I here knows tongue body mine,
better data level of their feelings, mine, then this concept to my accorded to mine and then the habit, your mind which is unconscious lower and that really drives us with the anvil address it in involuntary, yes, yeah, then there's pure consciousness saw their five scandal saw a lot of about those. This epidemic. and another is the vital commissions, the logic to really underlies the nature of the reality. So I'm a little green meditation. Another is the Medea Muggah, meaning the middle way. Everything should be balance, and this talks about the independent, an emptiness sent in his meaning kind of like to see the nature of ourselves. Is his unborne actually are not bones. Are you
not going to die, so it's kind of low, really interesting. There is living nasty, there's a clarity. This awareness so I'll be the middle way, the muddy a middle way or my dear mother, and there's a branch of parameters. The wisdom- and this explains the stage of the kind of late meditation experience step by step, the wisdom. There's a lot of wisdom, meditation experienced it by states last is the beneath the rules that discipline about them. the ethics saw. We have this five Belgium's ye. I started to read a you know: you you mention the Prussian apart a meter, there was the fourth of the valley you mentioned, and I started to read actual just last night, the book of cancellation and commentary on the diamond sutra hard sutra right if it could be interesting for a lot of, both in the West
they either study, mindfulness or meditation from a secular standpoint, or we have a big influences, country, as you know, of. Terawatt our insight meditation, but the least in my world. There are a lot of people. Don't know much about these. The later teachings in the present parameters I wonder if you could talk a little bit about those yeah in the pan, deprived Meda. Is there really talk about the wisdom? So I mentioned before, we all have a ban. Is wisdom, love and compassion? Isn't it so that is that what we are talking about? The wisdom said the wisdom. This basic emit wisdom within all of us is there, but there are so according to principles. Meta you're, perfect right now, right here saw to discover this wisdom. First, we just
be aware. So what behold? The clarity of mine, the clarity of mine, meaning the mine, is lay land, is just like lamp than the candle Lamb, so the Lamb has through quality. One is land is the light. So what we got, south luminosity another one is the Lamb luminous? you things around, so that is the your consciousness you're mine. Actually so here the consciousness, the mine, the awareness and meaning. So, right now you can hear this my my my talk and you can see things that you can smell. You can taste. So this is the illuminating others, everything that comes in the awareness, but at the same time you're. My is awareness you're, my is clarity or mine is luminosity.
Just like lab is light, so then we begin to recognise that and then we lose as it is to listing my subject, an object but when we lose do listing my it doesn't mean you cannot see you gonna here you can see, you can hear everything, even these centres even open up, but what loses its grasping? The ignorant, as I mentioned before, the indian love compassion, wisdom is filter by a conceptual my. So this conceptual my nose is, but you are not loss. You have wisdom. Why you have love, have compassion. So does the really meaning apparently parameter supplanted by midday, meaning but I made a meaning wisdom Brenda and be on wisdom beyond knowledge, great Vista,
right. The phrase I think is gone beyond. Yes, that's the month at the time that the idea, but I got the so does the name over the mantra- gone gone, gone beyond meaning. grandpa barometer, something so so gone beyond of desert conceptual, my circle, wisdom, mine, it so inches. because we need the conceptual mind yes to to get us into practice, to understand the concept to understand the concepts, of course to understand them. A six and then we are in some ways using the conceptual mind to go beyond itself is of my stating that correctly
the mind beyond concept. Is there with you actually without that mine? You cannot have concept of mine. The concepts or mine is the layer outside that. So what we have example wave and all so wave is concept or mine, but without ocean you cannot help. Wake saw ITALY's just there, and for that we don't have to do anything with whom we have to know how to be with it. So when we let go of dream just being discovered, we will just be really just there. It just occurred to me: I didn't go into this interview with a whole plan. I've just been trying to listen to what you say and react to it. Yes, respond to it. You talk to earlier about how much you love teaching meditation. Would you be open to doing a little boy? this right now yeah? Why not.
So maybe today we have a lot of discussion about the basic any Good NEWS and the printer parameter wisdom of a demo. Maybe I will do what we call them. Open awareness, meditation, witches sub, just be you're mine with your mind itself, so you don't have to do, you just let it go drop, so we have a lot of like I'm doing a lot of time. Create try to control, try to increase something try to ignore or avoid something bad lot of distance. There are actually not need because you perfect
your fundamental fundamental measures or kid such as top everything be with the what ever we are so then what happens? Is that moment? You're mine is just like a sky, although this cloud by the cloud cannot change the nature of sky. So let's try this together and please keep your spine, lose this trade and relax your muscles in the body and what ever feeling sensation just let her lip. Let them come. Let them be. You don't need to
pretend to be anybody. You don't need to act to be someone or somebody beer. So deeply. If you don't understand why you don't need me, if you want to cry, you can cry now slowly breathe in that go it s just be.
That's all they had so funny. You say that's all, because this is it's simple, but its incredibly its incredibly deep and we should just be doing. We should in my opinion, be developing the habit of doing that over and over and over again. Yes, yes, it's time, you learn more, it's time you learn more. Even you feel you cannot be allowed that you cannot be Even you feel you dream mistake. Allow two big mistake: even you feel You cannot replace allowed that you cannot elect then you allowed that you cannot relax. That means your relax, we're that's love right, because a move,
I've been trying to rescue love from the land of cliche, but the way you talk about love it's again. It doesn't need string music. It's like I sat here. I'm in my wife's closet- and I were came up for me- is I started planning what I'm doing later today and that I felt a little trapped in the closet and ok, it's ok that sets. I heard your voice in my ears and- and I felt okay with whatever was coming up. That's that's love. Yes! Does that love so you allowed your mistake of an enemy, it is a really meaning of forgiveness. You're allowed that the pay.
Your allow whatever allowing you don't need to control you do a new to suppress, you don't have to worry just top just painted. It said that is the real, excepting great exit to accept, and I think what I feel is this the kind of like unconditional love, but you were clear before and I think it's worth restating this before we can was here your clear before that this acceptance, this love this unconditional love? Yet he is not resignation or Passivity in the face of the problems of the world, so it helps if you task
normally, then there really influence great influence comes, so you, maybe it s kind of a continuous. You know we have the biased continues. Why not contagious? Yes, your judges. We have love and compassion contagious awareness. Continuous. So this is up. If you want to change the world, then it will be chaotic, but you change yourself, everybody wonder: tended themselves were opened. better place, so that is even more powerful than Edinburgh, more powerful number We can change ourselves. We can be ok with ourselves. We can develop the capacity to be ok with other people and that will allow us to get off far cushion out of order, hair and engage in the world in a way where the world really needs people were same Lee, trying to help others so
you know you don't need a change. That means yet it Well, that's a beautiful, no two ended on rubbish. I thank you. very, very, very much, three or died. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm real appreciate for you work too. I can't I can't get free to do this with my hands, but there were no. They do. by that was me trying to raise my answer for a bow for repaying the combined space of my wife's closet, big, Thank you to Mr Rehn. Impish go check out. His books really appreciate him spending time with us during this time, big things, of course, to the team who works incredibly, to make. This show a reality. Samuel Johnson early producer are sound, designers are met buoyant and on yeah of ultraviolet Audio Maria were tell is our production coordinator. We get
an enormous amount of valuable input from our tpa colleagues. Gent point than Reuben, Nay, Toby. Also big thing: you two Ryan Kessler and Josh CO hand from ABC News, we'll see you on Friday with a bonus episode.