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#259: How You Can Help Transform America's Racial Karma | Dr. Larry Ward


What can you, as an individual, do to help break the cycles of rage, pain, fear, and violence that continue to grip America - and many other parts of the world - relating to the issue of race? Even though our guest this week was shot at by white police officers at the age of 11, and later had his house firebombed by racists, he is hopeful that now is a moment of true potential- an opportunity to transform what he calls "America’s racial karma," and, by extension, ourselves. Dr. Larry Ward is a lay minister in the lineage of the great Vietnamese Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh. He's an advisor to the Executive Mind Leadership Institute at the Peter F. Drucker School of Management. He has done consulting work with Fortune 500 companies around the world. And he has a PhD in religious studies with an emphasis on Buddhism. His forthcoming book is called America's Racial Karma.

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Website: https://www.thelotusinstitute.org/

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Blog Post Mentioned: America, The Business That Tried to Become A Country: https://www.thelotusinstitute.org/blog/thebusinessthatbecameacountry

Other Resources Mentioned: Margaret Mead: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Mead 8:46 - Dave Chappelle: https://youtu.be/3tR6mKcBbT4 Outliers by Malcom Gladwell: https://www.amazon.com/Outliers-Story-Success-Malcolm-Gladwell/dp/0316017930 Carl Jung: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Jung Tricycle Article: https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/racial-karma/ Lions Roar: https://www.lionsroar.com/race-reclamation-and-the-resilience-revolution/

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From Abc- is the ten percent happier podcast I'm dead hey guys. What can you HU as an individual due to help break the cycles of rage, pain, fear and violence that continue to. Grip, America and many other parts of the world relating to the issue of race. even though our guest this week was shot at by white police officers when he was only eleven and then later in his life had his house fire bombed, allegedly by local, racists and the town where he was living, even, though he's gone through? All of that, he is still hopeful that now is a moment of true potential and opportunity to transform what he calls America's racial karma and, by extension, ourselves
Doktor Larry Ward is a lay minister in the lineage of the great Vietnamese and master tick, not Han he's an adviser to the executive Mine Leadership Institute at the Peter F, Drucker School of management. He's done consulting work with fortune five hundred companies and he has a phd in religious studies with an emphasis on Buddhism. His forthcoming book is called America's racial karma, and here we go with Doktor, Larry Ward, whilst nice to meet you remotely and for doing this sure nice to meet. You do take good care. We have a lot of meditated, listen to the show, and so I'd love to know more about what you do in your own mind when you feel the. The kind of suffering where you're empathizing. With Families of these of these young people have been killed or when memories are coming up
from your own personal by Edward they gathered to pieces, are important, and this is also the intergenerational flow of trauma and it is also the trauma I experience on the land in which we live and somehow I practice caring, for myself different ways, depending on what I'm feeling etc. So sometimes is I put on just music listen to music? That will help me move energy. That may be somewhere in my body out or what do you like through well what kind of music I have a pretty wide, pretty wide range of music,
depending on the mood or what I'm feeling needs to be processed. Michael Jackson helps me a lot with some of this particular songs, especially the one he was was sung at Memorial Memorial. Will you be parable a fine day When I need to feel like beauty is still in the World CUP and the line No, I do try to remember I'm kind of a romantic at heart and so that that soothes. That part of me that help me remember, life is beautiful, that it can be captured and worded and sound and in vibration and in color. Sometimes I listen or observant. Natalie styles man, who's Brian conductor, especially in version of Andrei muffle, so sometimes I go.
classical rout and choose different maladies and symphonies that also can move energy all of our creative arts and methods from our ants. just in one way, is designed to do these things. But if we the larger master them adult learning to take the time to do them. We just as migrants,. He used to say, run around like chicken through their heads got off, see, put them, he's a gun and dance as a way to get the energy to move flow and yeah. Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I cry sometimes I lay down and just let the sound and the music music wash for my body sometime in inspires upon, etc or another song that I find feeling an energizing and recovering to listen to so I dont get lost at my pain.
Then it sometimes always everyday. I go outside so one of my practices. the daily at morning, noon and night. If I can use to be outside of four walls and pay attention to the economic d of nature, One of the things I learned a long time ago is why I discovered my love for the natural world. Is I find it non judgmental? I could lay on a tree, I can sit on Iraq. I put my toes in a river and I've done. All those things all over the world many times now yet to be rejected, and so I find spending time in nature. Learning to rest in nature observe nature appreciate nature enclosing observing animals and their behaviors and insects it all these creatures. I spent upon. But my day doing, that in a guest to remain
he's mean that we're in a whirl much bigger, but that we are part of that process. I find that a helpful. Sometimes I read palm. Sometimes I write bombs. Then, of course I meditate daily and I have a different practices that for many years of of learning from many people around the world, four trauma specifically is meditation useful in and what kind of meditation, ok as a very good question, and that my colleague actor. That is not always because my experience has been in feedback from both new practitioners and even older practitioners is think traumatic. Things come up in meditation for many people, but when it comes up, they don't know how,
to care for it. So it ends up ray, triggering them, Retrim advising them, and so my approach based on what I ve been learning about myself, which is very consistent with the first foundation of practice in Buddhism. Is to understand the body not just as an external phenomena or a bunch of organs, though all that's very important, to understand our systems are biological emotional, says sums and learn how to master what we can of those learn, how to enhance what we can of those. So that's gonna how I'm learning and continue the practice, and so for some people, not now d meditation, maybe just relaxation meditation to begin but to go deeper. I find it helpful
now in this world at this moment, for people to have a sense of being able to be in their body be grounded in their body, no the sensation the whole movement of some attic experiencing this going on those are life skills, so they could become second nature to us. So I can take a walk and in taking a work of art, processing my trauma is the question is what is my mind doing when I'm walking and so one of the practices I have that. I really learned, from my dignan hand, is to do walking meditation and when I put my feet down, I let go of the energy, thus causing me harm. And when my feet touched the earth, then I receive the energy from the earth, which is pure equanimity, the earth energy and that I receive
I could feel that energy entering my body says very Kinesthetic practice Buddhism, not Abstract Buddhism, though I'm studied in all those things, but to me all that abstract stuff is pointing to practise otherwise like what good is. It is interesting to hear you described this moving meditation that you learn from technology on you as you step on the earth. You're letting go of pay. in suffering and receiving the support of the planet, it's in many ways: kind of em a mirror of the Tibet Tomlin practice where you're reading in other people's suffering, breathing out your wish, redder and and both sea necessary. We have to care for ourselves. We have declared or other people we do do the caravan people. If you're a mess. This current, that's correct.
And so so many of us burn out and justice work and health care work. Corporate work we could take any field. Educational work, especially if it gets close to the candle of justice, is easy for empathy to burn us out. If we don't know how to take our epoch, the energy and transmuted into compassion and so part of my regime I daily practice is due. allow my empathy to unfold, because I believe we basically have empathy insufficiency world across everywhere. I've been and I don't see much possibility Another way this, I think our next step is to recover our humanity in the sense of our basic empathy,
is this really the ground for a society or civilization? When Margaret me was ask once about what is she considered a civilization? She told a story about a thigh of a person found in the forest that you could tell somebody tried to care for this person. They didn't make it, and our point was carrying is the fundamental foundation of a society care for one another, and so we have let yet to learn how to do that here. Here, specifically, America specifically correct,
Nay, I can say that anywhere, but I'm here now and here for four hundred years with the same experience of insufficiency of empathy and there is consequences for the person whose empathy is shut down. It is so and when we think about trauma- and we have to remember that- perpetrators and witnesses and because in our human experience and neurological research, we know witnessing a trauma activate from in you as a witness, and I let alone the perpetrator whose and nervous systems have really been destroyed by their destruction. Our carriage, when you're doing a formal, seated meditation today, but I don't know what your breakfast looks like, but
whether your mostly removing moving meditation these days of what you say, you're doing seated meditation and some strong trauma comes up for you No granted you're, not a beginner, but how to to handle that in a moment, in them, what I do is I direct my attention to the sensations. Two inches below my naval time, Dan is its sometimes referred to, because that lower centre of gravity allows my nervous system in my entire breathing process. To begin to get more space began to get calmer, as I've said, hey there, and sometimes I hope, my hands on my stomach and just stay with the rising and falling sensation.
But I leave my mind stay with the body cause. That's where the trauma as the mind is thinking about the drum, but the body is holding the trauma, and so that immediately what I do and if I'm a sitting position or family sitting position in that doesn't do it. I go lay down on the earth and do that same practice, but be as I begin and end starting to feel the earth energy radiating up coming up through my body, and so I'm feeling solid have some stability. Underneath me, as I, as I breathe, I hear too things there. One is you're, not gonna, do much in terms of taking carry yourself in the face of trauma if you're stuck in your own thinking and too the power of nature again, because if you lie on the earth, it's not going to judge or reject you
and learning how to feel that feeling that sensation of safety in your body and that's a very powerful sensation of safety That's his powerful in no small measure, because somebody black Americans right now do not feel safe. That's correct and part of what, for many people has and up in their consciousness. Where you know I have never felt safe, except through my own practice,. society has not given me any reason to feel safe for my whole life when I feel safe, I M grounded and safety, because my spiritual practice, and so that allows me to navigate my way through on safety, which is not just a personal experience or.
I experienced gonna- go to a human experience and that's why understanding how our nervous systems work, and you know, the nervous system of human is the same where wherever we are, but some people seem to have trouble understanding about the virus. But I've said to my wife. Recently more people should have paid attention in by gee, I'm really learning how important it is to, as I get older, especially to Understand more and more how to respect my body and information is giving the house communicating what is telling me, and then I get choices. What's I'm sensitive and after that, my range of choices of how to respond is expanded. You. Just when your Europe, your comment about more people, should have studied biology in relation to the virus. Reminds me I was on this. that of good morning. America recently were playing some videos of people, some swarm of
revellers Son Memorial Day, nobody wearing a mass- and I remember turning. What am I I might get in trouble for saying this bell said, say it returning to one of my co anchors and saying why? Yes, we have a constitutional right to be stupid, You know this sad because of worsted risk. mean their very lives at risk, and so I understand the challenges of trying to get it. I don't got your like ours that has strong habit patterns and energies, around doing what I want whenever anyone. If I can and so, The idea of you now, following a set of rules for whatever reason, is very difficult for some people to even understand why. We ve been so individuating fragment and our understanding of what it means to be human ear as individuals that we were
I got the glory as an individual, but we also take out the blame and pay too little attention as possible to the systems or the context that creates a situation in which were having these experiences. Let me go back to the Early part of this interview, because I want to ask a question that I suspect will in some way actually build them on a note. You ve been sounding me in undertone I've been hearing throughout this interview a hopefully my empathic sense is tuned enough, so that I've actually taking you that the direction want to go but one of the things you said very early on in the interview was when I was asking you how you're doing right now, one of you, you listed a lot of difficult emotions, but you also talked about feeling a sense of potential and so can you talk about why,
That is what the potential you see maybe well. There are several different framework. Second, it was dead, but these are only metaphors, but in the four noble truce, the buddhist tradition, our capacity for liberation. Turkey, liberation embodied in our life, goes through the doorway of suffering. It does not go on it, and so many is no different than me. Last week I was a visitor for an annual check up at the hospital, and so they check and me and did I did. I have a task and I get feedback. It says where your body is suffering here. Your body may be suffering there, and so for me to care for my body as it seems to care for my mind, to recognize myself free. Do not pretend it's not there. That's the most dangerous thing. One can do because then one internalize is it a mainfroy talked about there's no. The boom, we
we internalize our shadow, which is our suffering if we now handled with care, you'd be comes our shadow and when that shadow it is so intense, gets provoked. It terms primitive, irrational in responding to life issues and acts being human, human being so we have the potential, because we're suffering so at so many more of us are recognising the suffering. We have the potential to heal and transform the suffering, but if we cannot recognise, we can't healer transform it. It will just continue as it is in part, a wet. The Koran quote: I don't know what to call these. Aren't riots these aren't even protests. There there's something there
Acknowledgements of a system where you moment Thompson, I used to teach at MIT at wrote about many years ago it here he talked about the utopian flaw that exist in the founding of every human organization or institution and we're having to confront our utopian flaw. We have put it off as long as we can wait up around that. As long as we can, we pretend it wasn't. There is we can, but enough people are witnessing the flaw our human interactions with one another and our capacity for living well together in a world in a society of justice and caring? The people are realizing how I want to live in a society with justice and carrying not that for me, that's potential, how exactly what you are taking a late hour? A utopian flaw where most recent
play the inside head into. It is the title of the most recent blog: is America, the business trying to become a country or an article last year in Wall Street Journal, your times wrote an editorial said: when did we become if we move from being having a market place to becoming a market culture, so translation, the economic function of our society in terms of how we value it dominates all of Allah, the functions of society, so they have meaning to be worth devils, value is accumulating economics. Power capacity exists
now. You don't have a society without economics, because you don't have food, you daddy your dad soldier me, that's not the issue. The issue is: what's happened to our whole social fabric if I social fabric, was a triangle I emphasise and dominance. Economic on our perceptions of what it means to be human, what is valuable than the human experience. What is our life purpose like our triangles, has a huge chunk of this as economics, in our politics has become an ally to that in that collapses. Our cultural sense, therefore, no unity possible, no shared meaning as possible, and then, if you, individual? All of that? We don't even know it's happening to. We have something like this occur, and this primacy of the market.
As it pertains to race is the root of that that we brought millions of people from Africa here, Solely for economic purposes, but that's part of it, but I'm talking about about the whole colonial enterprise all the way the doctrine of discovery that I was you know. Less bill wealth rightly began as a business endeavour, yeah exactly and so in. I liked business the Catholic, is important I enjoy doing and I enjoyed working with it. But business is not the final definition of what it means to be a human being. but weren't there lofty non economic
goals- and there I mean Jefferson himself- a slave owner. Let's not forget, talked about life liberty in the pursuit of happiness, although it began as life liberty in the pursuit of property ugly, but none the as life and liberty and then what he added in into of pursuit of happiness. Those are non economic goals right, but the way we ve designed this society is how we define what life liberty and what we should pursue, and so that those things now are defined by economic indicators
Yeah happiness is a Mig mansion and right. Eighty, exactly great insight from Jefferson. Very important, however, is how we take our insights from our founding from our teachers from philosophers from history is how we think about those insights and apply them and how we look underneath them, so we can see what how they get shifted and moved around. So we can ask ourselves, This is how we want to live right, so you ve brought us back to potential yeah and another way. You phrase the potential of this moment and in reading some of your blog posts. Recently, there are a couple of ways you phrased it. One that's coming to mind is that have an opportunity here. We have the potential to break your phrase here: America's racial karma, correct, You can use unpack that for us shore,
I have a book coming out of September and is right now it's a copy editor. I am happy to say with the title and what intrigues me about, as I studied in practice, Buddhism and in Europe in my Phd booty studies and Barbara. I I've been at this. Inevitably with choice at the race matter, my whole life so karma. In this sense, what I mean is repeating cycle that causes suffering a pattern of repeated cycles they create suffering and that the classic definition of karma is action. In my understanding of it in the book is, is action that
continue to live so part of what's happening now in the streets of data pill has put. It is that people are standing up and saying this living action of this kind of suffering needs to stop and com is just energy that then shows up in our thinking in our language boy. Can we see that, in our speech and in our physical behaviour and in our institutions and systems are being a society
so that hold thread of that hold energy. This is basically a business and they will try to make everything worked around. That principle is not sustainable for very long, especially as people wake up to themselves to their education to the nature of the world and a future that none of us, a big So we will I'm not doing this because I want to destroy sending I'm doing this because I want to create something and saw so I see that as politicians, and we can re direct that energy in a direction of creating something together that we'd be happy to live with and have our children live with.
just to pick up on what you said about Dave Chapelle of people, I want to recommend listeners check out the new clip you posted on you too, with his response to George Floyd gave chapels. One of my personal heroes quoted him in both books. I've written and my goal is to make sure I get a danish Millcote every book. I write straight sober check that out, but back to the economic That you're describing here. Do you see policy ramifications from Emmi you it's interesting tat here, a critique of capitalism from you, because, obviously you ve done so much work of fortune. Five hundred companies used at you just said you don't dislike business you're, not anti capitalist nurses, How would this rethink of the role of the market place in our life in our lives show
Up on a policy level oars or what is what you're talking about much more assertive psychological spiritual were the first instance. For me, it's psychological and spiritual because of our relations. two weeks, the meaning of life, oh, stays in the realm of materiality just one another way of describing what I'm talking about, we can never be fully human and our experience with ourselves, or with one another, because things are just things have a beautiful we'll have a grand, then you know- and I I think business is very important. The question Me about economics is how to bill wealth without creating suffering. You can do wonderful. Things was wealth. If one does, if one is willing, if one can in so far
the dilemma with with that, as we so individuating, the meaning of being wealthy, that we actually don't see our society as wealthy. That has consequences about how we think about policies. That's what I'm trying to say the psychological spiritual dimension, actually rules, how we design and think about systems and what we even conceive of as possible. So that the veneration in our society of the of the rugged individual YO sounds like you're. You think that that maybe that's a utopian flock. That's a piece of idiotic yeah, because You know, as a great book called outliers written some years ago, the great interview with bill gates in it, and he described his high school.
And how his unique high school experience contributed to him becoming aware is the teachers, environment, the equipment, and so we in Europe he capable of recognising how he did not create himself and that's what I'm talking about so that we understand how we contribute to each other's lives right now are frame for how we impact each other is framed in negativity. We have very little sharing communication news information about how we are packed each other's lives positively assigned astounding clip recently in the UK on Cue Tina,
work and never seen that, but it was a protest march. A second Londoner, Bristow someplace, like that in it was a confrontation between black lives matter. People, the spreading of other groups and corner quote the far right there. In in Europe and one of the far right white guys was being attacked and life was literally being physically threaten, and he the rescue by the black lives matter, guys who were there, but that's not on the news I mean this. How we feed our minds. Are we feed our emotions that Either redirect the energy, which is profound, I think, We have no idea how much energy we have the great the future in America us so much of it is going to managing. I stress, managing our shame, managing our guilt. We have a huge reservoir of energy and talent, which I have confidence in.
more. Ten percent happier after this, in terms of potential. There was something quite moving in a recent blog post from you about how, you ve been by the multi racial? nature of yours. we're going to find the word for protest sore or whatever. We're seeing whenever you want to call what were seeing that right now and an u posited there. What we're seeing right now, perhaps because we ve all been forced to slow down because of the pandemic, is just an awakening The empathy after we have all witnessed the George Floyd Video and then obviously taken in the facts of Brown, Taylor and Ahmad Armoury, etc, etc. It my describing your view
a correctly, and can you say more about? It is so yes, I think back to the Margaret Mead example than some others, but empathy as part of the fabric of human sodality. We wouldn't have survived as the species without the neurological capacity for empathy, so I think it's feeling someone's pain, but that also being able to feel someone's and so when we press or become deficient and our capacity to feel our own humanity, we rob ourselves of a very rich experience, a meaning. So I think that the the empathy and then flowing front and energy flowing from empathy to a larger sum.
Or a compassionate sense of was possible for our world and our planet friend of mine as a book called the compassionate civilization. I think that's was trying to be born, I think of another way to say that kind of negativity is an on Frederick Jerry World in terms of both our relationship to one another and to nature. This is a big shift in our human conditioning and neurological patterning to date. That's why it's so hard. The reason I also see this, this potential impossible is because genetically neurologically- we we have these things within us already- is not like you can go, get it from somewhere. as already within us all, so how do we nourish that? How do we care for that? How do we protect that in our cell,
in our children in our society, I've been around the world many times and in many places in my basic. If experience has been great. And I ve been in Burma. Villages in I've, been in Calcutta than in Hong Kong Then you know Mexico, steady Caracas, Toronto, I can go on and on Brussels, Ferris, etc up in them. in ITALY. Working with village people there and socio economic development projects, as well as in Kenya, and Ghana, etc. Everywhere I've been my fundamental experience of humanity has been great, but part of one I'm trying to say to us is: we need to tell that story to ourselves.
We tell ourselves a very different story, my wife, when I wanted on a trip to China, they go steady, it some temples, temples there and it so happened to be the day after the EU. I said accidentally bomb. The chinese embassy in Belgrade and so people don't go, we even have a problem, and so we couldn't afford neither goes way I take it. So we went and and we got emails from my friend saying what problems do you have with the big and China two things some people grievous at the airport? Who could speak English and it well and said? Please, don't confuse us with our government We want confuse you with yours, as I'm really talking about how we, as citizens, civil society, think about ourselves,
not simply, turn over how we shape the future to people in whatever position, because this obvious we need to change and grow the planet, telling us that our social structures are telling us that people bodies in the streets. In camps in cages, are all telling us that, and I think that's possible.
I see no reason is not possible, but unless we choose to change, our cells will stay in the pattern that will repeat itself of what we are seeing right now, which has been going on. I just got a list of all the similar events that have happened over the last ten years alone is predictable, is sadly predictable and so to be willing to live in a society where that sad prediction harms us all in it
quite tragic. Some people, don't understand mean human enough. Yet to get that, I imagine many people listening to us are. Thank you. I want to be part of this. I wanna power to be part of the breaking of these cycles. To what extent can meditation for an individual help us be productive players right now? We want one of the key dementias meditation practice be on. Relaxation and getting com is learning what how you're mine has actually been constructed by your own experience by your society by your history. And and and learning a court, those energy
are in your own mind and selectively. Choosing which are those energies are gonna, get your most attention and if you don't make conscious choices like that through Europe,. Practice the energies that had the most momentum or the most habituation in your past thinking speaking, inaction will carry on that to me, as it is a piece of it and so learning to recognise and myself or deconstruct working on a new course, my wife to university deconstructing the colonial mind, and so when people say that they tend to think the United States. The images of ships and soldiers were the colonial mine as nothing to do with how somebody's addressed predicted rate is a way of thinking about main human is a way of thinking about the world is a way of thinking about how to
Together the society, and so we need to look at our own internal, I structures of suffering and decide and choose what we want to deconstruct. But deconstruction is not enough. My image for this is the rosebush rather right outside our house, that deconstruct itself and reconstruction self at the same time. So if not, the construction is only a part of the energy energy has to finally be focused and grounded in construction. If the colonial mind isn't isn't just somebody with a try, corner hat and Euro five and Drum CORE Howard I recognize a colonial mind in myself. What one of the aspects of it that I should be on the lookout for the way I am learning to describe a piece of it is the mind, the patriarchy, the male centred view.
the universe and to me the most powerful thing about this is its now the power position, in privilege, etc. It is the power of defining, humanity means for everyone else. That's one piece of a definition of the human hierarchy, A second part of it is an orientation towards status and wealth and affirmations through material acquisition and then at. I think that third part of it is power power over Power to control- and we all have these urges Innis. We call them colonial, but I'm speaking in a specific context, without the book and our discussion here by american races,
I hope that all adventure of colonialism and this tragic results for many many people. So the idea you, as a male I'm continuing gotta. A male I'm continuing to learn when I think I know what to do. I suppose take charger. Oh I'm and I remember more and more recognise these patterns, and myself and- as I have done that over the years and I'm still learning for all my days, but I discovered I am less stressful. I don't have to be in charge. I can support the process. I can support other people. I don't have to tell anybody. What to do. I can ask
but what they think should be done, and so that's how I, in a daily basis, Dominica you're married, have a partnership whatever Ceta relationships. These energies are in US women condition by commercialized society imovies and what we read a blah blah blah. So it did not HANS great insight hear one of them. It's whatever unhealthy pattern. I heal in myself I heal in the world, but also whatever healthy patterns I create and generate in myself, are healthy patterns into being generated and created in the world. If we get past the idea that we passed the illusion of separateness,
he calls it. If we get past that can really see ourselves not just a matter, but also as energy back sector thermodynamic laws, we can begin to really see who we are, and therefore the cable will ever so. My sadness that I mixed everything I know is the sadness of many people. And so my joy that says my kindness. So as my so that my experiences A human being is not a separate experience from other humans being human, and so that's a part of my sense of safety and I've been in some not so safe situations, as many people have might just to restate what you're saying erudite,
as I understand it is. We think we are separate from the world were just like this fretful little ego peering out at the world through through these two I holes in our skull, but if we have site that is. but in fact we are moving through the world and in impacting it and impacted by other people, and so when we do work on our own mind and up route, unwholesome tendencies or strengthen wholesome one. Well then that will ripple out. Inevitably it always does. Buddhism there, something called leaks and whatever What goes on in my language, ever goes on in our heart and mind, be wholesome unwholesome, as the negative leaks out into society, and so
what how we care for our own internal life, not in the sense of navel gazing, but in the sense of healing and transforming so that our best possible qualities are released into the world. Our best possible energies are released. We were still vague, the plan we have a planet and then there's us upsets me. That's that deception of separation. Again, we are the planet. We are children of the planet and dumb does a powerful insight. They can occur in meditation if one practice is paying attention deeply to one one observes, especially in the net, World course the world is a drawback in the sense of rivers and mountains and streams and trees and bees and very dogs like we have here
a lot of people right now, just to pick up on your on the foregoing, alot of people right now, really Kind of figure out, how can I help you write about this into rewritten blog posts? You know in no one of us has got a fix. This problem were seen, but what I'm here for view is that by taking care of our own minds by training, our own minds, which is possible? and though that may seem small, it actually is a real and an important thing that we can do right now. Yes, it's real unimportant, but only if this embody. This is not yet intellectual exercise because the embodiment of a transformed and changed mine becomes. The bases of attract form and change system
by embodied. You mean, like I actually act on it here. I actually feel itself of my hair. Both idiots in your body is in it became began, become second nature. Kindness can become second nature, if it's not your first nature, because you are to have other genealogy to be kind, but it has been suppressed, and you ve been rewarded for being cruel. You have to unpack your conditioning around cruelty and whatever you expect it's from that and began to have the new expensive. What what is it like to be kind? Many people have not had that experienced either Going one way or another, let alone between I said there and And this, for me, is more than politeness, though Politenesses great and wonderful place wonderful place to start I the editor, Let to me hear it ever is not embodied. It won't change anything.
It was not in our thinking in our new when we have so much to rethink, which I find exact where to re, imagine to remove the slow but thought some philosophers say so Our way of thinking about education, people are I'm on the board of the American School of Bangkok and interact with the that principals there from time to time in education is so very important. It's been a couple years that working with the schools and the administration and owners in the parents and the kids and we're children, four hundred and forty four nationalities and what Me, the very first week I was there is none of them thought they were supposed to harm each other is an astounding experiences. They all these children from all these parts of the world.
Casually and calmly, playing getting along course you get upset. Course you get hurt, but There was never this intention of harm and that energy. of harm or any other negative energy permeates our bodies. We don't escaped stuff like that. You can walk in a room and have a feeling of what happened before you got there where there was. we wish you had been there earlier or comes later, on the energy that still present. So we must learn to be censored to our whole humanity will be hijacked by Unregulated nervous system will be hijacked by some ideology. or any other model of thought that we know critique and therefore to me, if we now critique our thanking our
speech in our action were not free, we're just living out a conditioning. I wanted of economics for a second you, as as reference to work with major corporations, yeah, on a number of issues, including diversity and inclusion What is the role of what we're seeing all these corporations issue statements? Some of them have been criticised for we know these statements being either tone deaf or re. Just wrote, recitations of Meda bromides an end of it. some of the statements have been well received, etc, etc, but everybody all the corporations feel like they need to say something. What did your view do? Do corpse. We need to do right now and can corporations be part of the solution, as we think about America's racial karma.
I hear a winch I'm in the background yet is slow. It's got a nice breeze coming through down from the mountain today. Well, that's a complex question. Let me share a few thoughts. Corporations can either help or hurt any institutional power, can help or hurt, contribute or not contribute to the continuation of America's Rachel comment: so choices are made. We make choices. Part the dilemma is: is systems this more about from from car young after his distrust and institutions, because institutions dont have conscience And so I think any cooperation who tries to do the right thing will for many people will be suspect because past patterns, I thank corporations, can help profound.
And must help, and one of the ways I think corporations must help, is demonstrate what you said. I want to see your camphor someone. I see your workforce, I wanna see you're bored one is embody, the US has gone, they embody the change. You say you want to say that to me is how cooperation can help or any institution can help, or I can help you. I can act A new family just moved and download. I could walk down there and meet them. I may so. It doesn't have to be, and this saying, if it's not embodied it won't relic in neutral, is not for me, an option neutral continues. The pattern contained
is the negative karma. Is there anything I should have asked, but I fail to ask not especially I appreciate you for what you have asked. I appreciate you for what you have answered it's been a pleasure to spend some time with you. I want to make sure I didn't fail to steer. in the direction that you were thinking that might be useful to go. No, that was great but part of my practices, dharmu teacher, is whenever I q and a question and answers. I just try to be open. Can you before we close p? I I
have a suspicion that people having listened to you for while we want to be able to learn more about you. Can you tell us where we can? You know, learn more about you and from you in terms of on the internet, books, urine books, you're, you're, about to publish, etc, etc. Okay, the priest are now America's racial karma. And a publisher is Parallax Press in Berkeley in cooperation with some other publishing prizes? I and my wonderful team of people can be reached W W W the Lotus Institute that Org don't take it to our website and there's videos and exercises
an online course or managing learning. How to work with trauma at the first level and understanding body systems and mindfulness of the body is also. There is called the earth gate. It may be very helpful for some people and the blog that we keep referencing. That's there too. Yes, great, and I just said my aberrations director three weeks ago suggest I do a blog had never done one before such like. Ok, I try to follow me was instructs is as much as again, because they're, usually wise pray January. Thank you. Thank you, Daniel some great reflective questions. Thank you. I could tell you you prepared. Thank you.
Well, you too, they thanks. Doktor, Larry Ward also want to thank the the folks who worked so hard to put together. This show Samuel Johns is our lead. Producer are sound, designers are met point and on your sheikh of ultraviolet, audio Maria were tell is our production coordinator. We get a ton of valuable input from Tpa. Colleagues such as gent point it, Levin, Nay, Toby than Reuben, and of course, hardy shut out. To my guys, maybe see news, Ryan, Kessler and Josh and we'll see you all on Friday for a bonus and then will be back on Monday with another fresh episode,